TTG Chapter 211

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 211: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (42)

“That’s a small idea.”

Looking at Yu Hehui’s smiling expression, Wei Xun rarely feels guilty. Indeed, it was not his wish to make Polygonum multiflorum essence look like this, but——

Wei Xun said, “he was badly hurt.”

Yu Hehui sighed, looked at the pile of debris on the ground painfully and anxiously, and murmured, “you’re right, otherwise he won’t be like this…”

Mountain essence and mountain spirit belong to wood. The wood nature is main, and the resilience is very strong. it’s not that he Shouwu Jing himself is seriously injured. Even if he tries his best to assassinate Wei Xun, it’s not that the spirit collapses because he tries too hard.

Yu Hehui was afraid of such a situation.

Fortunately, there is a ghost bug – but when is the ghost bug so strong? Can you eat mountain Weng?

“As you said, are you going to use samadhi fire to refine him directly?”

Although he was full of doubts about the strength of the evil ghost insect, Yu Hehui quickly adjusted his mood and asked. After turning, he said to himself: “if you practice like this, it may really play a better role.”

It’s like grinding a certain medicinal material and boiling it up. It can be better integrated with other drugs. In particular, the three spiritual objects that Tong Hege has become now think of themselves as big brother, second brother and third brother, that is to say, they think they are independent individuals.

If you rashly let them integrate the golden elixir as the core, it may be a little tricky. But now one side is the golden pill and the other is the broken slag, which is better integration.


But Wei Xun denied: “this is not a good time to receive the corn shoots into the ball of magic insects.”

If the integration starts now, the corn shoots must stay here for a period of time and cannot move, which increases the risk.

Wei Xun was not in a hurry.

“Besides, the other half of the mountain Weng hasn’t been found yet. Now he’s still useful.”

Wei Xun’s idea is to use some of his own clay to bond the shanweng debris and pinch him into a small clay figurine for the time being.

“He injected a lot of toxins into his body.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “it’s just used to stick himself.”

Wei Xun’s gambling punishment had already passed. It was nezhaling’s lotus seed that made him still look like a clay figurine. Although mud is not afraid of being injected with toxins, lotus seeds are afraid. While the toxin is still in the middle layer and not completely immersed in the interior, Wei Xunshi must peel off the mud contaminated with the poison.

“You change the mud several times.”

Yu Hehui frowned, but did not let go for the first time: “ask the dreamer. Is there a problem?”

Since Wei Xuncheng became a clay figurine, he did not cherish his body (he didn’t seem to cherish it before), and often tore off a ball of clay to feed corn shoots. Yu Hehui was very worried.

Although it seems no problem now, these are Wei Xun’s “flesh and blood” after all. Even if the props bought in the hotel can be restored, the newly grown “meat” is different from the old “meat”.

Now it’s mud. I can’t see it. I’m afraid there will be a big problem when Wei Xun recovers.

Wei Xun followed Yu Hehui’s advice, but he first shook the broken residues of Polygonum multiflorum into the alchemy furnace – let the two brothers meet and know that they were too old to die. The provincial Polygonum multiflorum essence is full of death ambition and does not cooperate well.

The two things went on at the same time without delay, and then he asked the dreamer.

“What Yu Hehui said really makes sense.”

The dreamer agrees with Yu Hehui’s statement: “when you turn into a clay figurine, you peel off too many clay lumps in your body, just like updating your flesh and blood.”

“For example, if you say that your original flesh and blood is full of the power of the abyss and the smell of demons, there is no new flesh and blood. It takes time and exercise to make it fill your new flesh and blood again.”

“This speed may be very fast. For example, if you use restorative agent and growth agent under normal circumstances, the blood and flesh will soon be the same as the blood and flesh in the past. But clay figuring slows down this speed. Moreover, you peel off too much mud from your whole body.”

The dreamer warned: “in fact, there is no problem in the clay figurine state, but when you release the clay figurine state, you must make the ‘mud’ in your body a normal peak state, and do not have new mud. Otherwise, your strength is likely to decline significantly.”

“No wonder I’m a little tired near here.”

Wei Xun. He had a “big change of mud” before, and then he often felt tired.

“Oh? I think you’re tired because you haven’t had a rest for a long time.”

Yu Hehui cold hum a help. Wei Xun has never slept since he entered the underground palace!

Tour guides and tourists are not Superman. Even demons need to rest. Although it seems that Wei Xun always has endless energy, once he is tired in the key battle, or even just a temporary blank in his brain, he may cause extremely bad afterlife!

“I went to bed, but I don’t have time now.”

After calming Yu Hehui, Wei Xun asked, “chasing dreams, did you find the puppet master’s incarnation?”

“She is very careful.”

Dream chasing humanity: “and it’s difficult to tell who is the puppet and who is the body. You can’t scare the snake.”

“Clay figurine Zhang is good at making puppets.”

After the short conversation, the dreamer left temporarily. When Wei Xun and Yu Hehui returned to the room, he asked about the puppet.

“The dreamer and clay figurine Zhang are even more familiar. He should have a good understanding of the puppet. Even so, he can’t understand the puppet master’s body?”

“You should find that every time the puppet master comes out, he doesn’t wear a mask.”

Yu Hehui said to Wei Xun from another angle: “she shows her face every time she comes out, right?”

“what she wears is □□.”

Wei Xun said frankly.

The hotel is so strange. How can the mask be serious? □□, face masks and so on, should also exist.

“No, that’s her face, but it’s not her.”

Yu Hehui shook his head: “that face is her face, but it’s not her face. The brain… The brain may be different. No one can find her real identity. Do you know what it means?”

“Twins? No, No.”

Wei Xun frowned and said, “you are twins with the same appearance, which absolutely does not exist in the case that you can’t find your identity according to your face. What’s more, Yu Hehui specially said that the brain may be different.

“Is this a puppet?”

“People always suspected that she had teratoma.”

Wei Xun and Yu Hehui spoke at the same time. Wei Xun was stunned, but Yu Hehui continued: “tour guides are dying people. Except for those accidents, car accidents, falling off a cliff and drowning, most of the others are diseases, which is normal.”

Teratoma is a rare tumor originated from primordial germ cells. There is a risk of disease in men, women, old and young. It is characterized by abnormal human tissues or organs inside the tumor. Hair, teeth, eyes, bones and even brain tissue may grow inside the tumor. The brain tissue in the teratoma may even be connected to the nerve.

Its name comes from Greek and is called monster.

“The initial title of the Ministry’s tour guide originates from his disease. Generally speaking, this type of initial title has an advanced type, which is likely to reach the ultimate title.”

Yu Hehui said solemnly, “the puppet master’s puppet is actually different from those paper puppets and clay puppets. She is more like the brain of a puppet and put it into the puppet. Or those powerful puppets may be herself.”

“Even if she is a dreamer, it is difficult for her to identify her body. Or, does she still have a body?”

Speaking of this, Yu Hehui sighed: “although it looks very low-key, it doesn’t seem very strong. But this man’s life is difficult to find and kill.”

The puppet master never wears a mask. Her face is always the same, beautiful, mature and charming, but no one can find her real identity in reality according to this face. It’s strange that she can’t be found even with the development of science and technology.

Maybe this is another face where teratomas grow in her body.

The title of Puppet Master is very subtle. Does it mean that she is good at manipulating puppets, or is she a “puppet” manipulated by tumors in her body?

Yu Hehui cited so many examples. The first is to explain why the dreamer can’t find the puppet master’s body. The second is to remind Wei Xun.

Although Wei Xun now has a series of tasks related to the ultimate title (orange title), if his initial title is related to his real disease, it is suitable for Wei Xun and is likely to become his code name in the hotel.

It’s the same as the hotel pays attention to the talents of tourists and brings them into the hotel. If the hotel is interested in the tour guide, it is very likely that they are interested in their illness.

But some tour guides can get the basic Title related to disease, but some tour guides can’t. But when they can reach the high point, they may find that their initial title is ultimately related to the disease that led to their death.

The initial title of “devil merchant” seems to have nothing to do with disease. However, his pink variant left eye may indicate that the disease that made him dying is related to the eye, or some symptoms are manifested in the eye.

Based on the initial title of the devil merchant, at first glance, it has nothing to do with the disease, so he should belong to the type with deeper Title hiding, that is to say, his disease is unlikely to be related to the eye, and it is more likely to be the latter.

“The title of tour guide comes from disease.”

Wei Xun frowned. He had a lot of diseases. The most obvious one should be albinism. However, albinism did not kill him. It was the genetic disease that made him “painless” that worsened his condition to the point of death.

His initial green title “painless” is obviously related to his real diseases.

But Wei Xun is his brother now.

The purple title of painless person who moves up two steps is cold-blooded person. Before Wang pengpai, they said that the playful man was once the purple title, but also a cold-blooded man. However, the title of Wei Xun’s line, the end of the mission, is not a person playing with life, but a “master”.

“Can the same early Title lead to a different ultimate title?”

Wei Xun casually asks Yu Hehui when he Xun observes the situation of Polygonum multiflorum and Tai Sui by the fireside.

“Although it is possible, just as the same symptoms point to different end-of-life diseases.”

Yu Hehui casually raised the tentacle of a corn shoot and looked into the furnace with concern.

At the moment, Wei Xun didn’t throw samadhi fire into the Dan furnace, only a little Phoenix Fire was burning slowly. The temperature is not high. Although the dried Polygonum multiflorum was burned into a liquid like black sesame paste, it was not integrated with the golden elixir‘ Black sesame paste ‘spontaneously formed a circle, surrounded by Taisui golden elixir in the middle.

When Wei Xun looked at it before, the Taisui gold elixir was still round, just like a serious gold elixir. But now the golden elixir “wakes up” and becomes a human shape. It looks like a fat little doll.

The baby is crying now.

“Sobbing, sobbing, you are so miserable. Sobbing, which little fool made you sobbing like this. Wait, I will avenge you – ah, second brother, you fan?”

I saw that the liquid of Polygonum multiflorum was condensed into a palm out of thin air, and the hard palm rolled the golden pill doll fan three times. Then it spread out powerlessly and scared the little doll to hold the liquid anxiously and cry louder. His tears were full of tears. They fell on the weak and fading pulp of Polygonum multiflorum, which soon made Polygonum multiflorum slow down.

Just listen to the trembling sound of the tired man with countless complex emotions: “you… Are not dead…”

“That’s right. Why do you die? But you’re dying, second brother. Sobbing!”


He Shouwu choked. He was so weak that he couldn’t say a word. His mind was full of “why was it made like this?”.

But it’s okay, it’s okay. They’re not dead. So, did the man in the light blue cloak actually hurt their three brothers?

Taisui is a chatterbox. Shanweng easily learns a lot of information from him. For example, brother Shenjing’s White Deer friend is also here. For example, he sees that Tianhu is very pleasant to his eyes and feels very lucky. Again, the light blue cloak is the owner of the sky Fox and the client of the white deer. It’s to save brother Shenjing – and help their two brothers by the way.

He Shouwu was very embarrassed when he attacked others secretly. But, but

Mingming is ready to apologize and thank him, but when he sees this man again, shanweng is full of endless sea of insects that chew up and swallow him.

It’s terrible. It’s really terrible.

“I feel that shanweng is a little afraid.”

Throwing the poisoned mud into the “alchemy furnace”, Wei Xun was a little surprised after a short communication with shanweng. Didn’t Taisui Jindan tell him all kinds of things?

According to Wei Xun’s prediction, with the character of Polygonum multiflorum, he should be full of guilt and gratitude. But now, at first glance, that instinctive resistance still accounts for the majority.

“Ha ha.”

You’ve been bitten to pieces by insects. Try it.

Yu Hehui laughed at Wei Xun’s words.

“On the other hand, take shanweng to the rehearsal.”

It’s time for Wei Xun to see. The rehearsal starts at 8 p.m. and it’s already 7:45 p.m.

“Old lady Bai may go, or she may search her room on the other side of the plane. So you stay here.”

“The important thing is to take back the other half of the mountain Weng as soon as possible. Before tomorrow, we should have a complete mountain Weng.”


Yu Hehui responded with a clear mind.

Taisui, Polygonum multiflorum essence and ginseng essence are now three completely different individuals, each with a spirit. To integrate them perfectly, it either takes a long time of fierce fire or strength.

Tomorrow is the day after they stay in Xiaotangshan. According to the hotel’s consistent design, it is very likely that Shenjing will be born tomorrow night. At the same time, at 12 o’clock tomorrow night, it is also the time for Wei Xun’s third heavenly punishment to come.

Team leader assessment, performance of scenic spot projects, birth of ginseng essence, underground palace turmoil and heavenly punishment. One ring after another, cleverly arranged and linked.

It may not be a punishment to turn an ordinary ginseng essence into a spiritual ginseng, but this ginseng essence has a human spirit, so it will die nine times this time. The demons in the underground palace, heaven’s punishment, and even the death of the originally very likely brother are the disaster of Lingshen.

But there were also a few planes in the disaster. In Wei Xun’s opinion, the sky thunder is the power that can split the three brothers of Shanling together.

If you can’t catch up this time, you’ll have to wait for the next time. After the end of Xiaotangshan scenic spot, there are only four days left for the ten day journey.

Can you catch up with a natural punishment in the next four days? This is unknown. Wei Xun likes to arrange everything.

But Yu Hehui and Wei Xun have different opinions.

“At twelve tomorrow night… I’m still in a hurry.”

Yu Hehui said solemnly, “moreover, Shenjing, Polygonum multiflorum and Taisui spirit are integrated. Tong Hege’s reply will definitely cause great movement and even lead to heavenly punishment.”

Unlike Yu Hehui, when Chu Weixun received him, Yu Hehui only needed a vanishing ghost. Get the broken pieces of Tianhu Neidan. This is also what happened after returning to the hotel.

There was also the sound of Tianlei’s help when he was in early depression and HuiFu, but it was Wei Xun’s residence in the hotel, and Tianlei didn’t break down.

Tong Hege is not sure this time.

“Either go back to the hotel and recover, or… Ɋ I hope Tong Hege’s recovery can be your back hand.”

If you use it well, Wei xunxiang is in control of a natural punishment and robbery thunder.

When you chop, you can chop.

* *

“Hey, you’re late.”

When Wei Xun arrived at the east side hall, it was almost half past eight. When the devil businessman at the guide seat saw him, he stood up to meet him and whispered, “are you okay?”

Xiaocui’s lateness must have something to do with the prey he caught. That bitter, astringent and poisonous smell makes the devil businessman feel itchy now.

“Very good.”

Wei Xun put his hand in his pocket, sat down, looked around and saw that the east side hall, which had been ruined by the fierce battle last night, was now restored to its original shape. Even the stage was rebuilt, and everything was the same as before.

“I feel the breath of my body, right here”

He put it in his pocket. It was a small black clay figure. Combining Weixun’s mud with all Polygonum multiflorum liquid, the reduced version of shanweng is much better than before. He sat uneasily in Wei Xun’s hand, held a finger of Wei Xun, asked Wei Xun to help cover his breath and felt it carefully.

Another half of the essence of Polygonum multiflorum is in the East Hall, but Wei Xun looked around for the first time, but he couldn’t find the figure of old lady Bai.

It’s a little strange.

Wei Xun chatted with the devil merchant while watching.

“It’s you. How are you?”

“Barely good.”

The devil merchant shook his head. Xiaocui’s “OK” obviously asked about the devil businessman’s oral claim of “wife” and “Princess”. The devil merchant feels pretty good now. Obviously, he has recognized his identity as “wife of a senior official”. He also has some respect for the devil merchant and gives him more strength——

But when the devil merchant ran away, she and Xiaocui asked him if he had betrayed him, and let the Skinner start with some other subtle methods.

Those little moves were not brilliant. They were all noticed by the devil merchant, but he was not ready to expose them immediately, because it was also in his plan.

“Is the puppet master in this team?”

I don’t know what stage the rehearsal is at. The white cloth screen reflected by the oil cleaning lamp is bright, but there is no shadow play behind the white cloth screen. There were no passengers in the audience this time. Except for a few odd monsters, there are only two guides.

Wei Xun noticed that old lady Bai was not here, but there was a bent, thin and sinister black figure sitting in the audience near the stage. The devil merchant noticed that the Tianhu who had been following Xiaocui didn’t appear this time.

However, Yu Hehui’s “disappearance” is more alarming than Yu Hehui’s appearance. After all, Tianhu is a clever assassin.

The previous conversation with Xiaocui had been in the mind of the devil merchant for countless times. After that, he made a conclusion – Xiaocui’s serious injury should be false, but at the beginning, Xiaocui was wrong, trying to find out whether he had any contact with the puppet master.

In other words, the puppet master sneaked into this journey.

Somehow, when he heard a high-ranking A-2 guide sneak into the journey, the devil businessman didn’t feel very excited.

Just kind of ‘Oh? Is that so? ” The feeling of.

At present, the concentration of top tour guides in this brigade is too high.

“Why didn’t the black widow tell you?”

Wei Xun didn’t answer positively, but his questions made the devil merchant a little speechless.

“In fact, I’m also surprised how you can make the dreamer talk to you.”

Normal guardians and guides, like dreamers and Xiaocui?


The devil merchant can even say that the black widow’s teaching and help to him has completely exceeded his early elephant, but compared with Xiaocui

Hey, why should people be full of comparison.

“Excuse me, are you C250 first?”

While Wei Xun was talking to the devil merchant, a shrill child help sounded. The sound came from below. Wei Xun looked down and found a very short paper doll standing in front of him.

The paper doll bowed to him with a stiff smile on her face: “the host invites you to come forward and watch. The position in front is better.”


Wei Xun and the devil merchant looked forward at the same time. They saw that the black figure sitting in the front row felt something. Looking sideways, he was dressed in a black robe, but the place where his face should have been was a black nothingness.

This is an old monster.

The devil merchant didn’t pay much attention to each other – it’s the same as when playing games and tasks, people subconsciously ignore irrelevant NPCs. Moreover, they are tour guides, not tourists who directly participate in the “game”. This kind of neglect is more.

An old monster took the initiative to deal with the guide and invited the guide to sit in front?

Either it’s impossible, or he doesn’t set a plan in this regard at all.

“Thank you for your hospitality.”

Wei Xun was generous and answered: “the position and perspective in front is really good. Devil businessman, why don’t you go and have a look?”

Shanweng could sense the breath of his half body, but he could not confirm the specific position of the other party. Obviously, there should be special restrictions on the other party. The old monster sitting in the front row of Wei Xun attracted Wei Xun’s attention. Even if the other party didn’t take the initiative to invite, Wei Xun would go to see it.

However, this active invitation, on the contrary, let Wei Xun do more.

“Be safe.”

The devil merchant thought this face was strange, but he didn’t say much, but secretly paid more attention to the front.

“Thank you for your invitation.”

Wei Xun went to the front of the screen and saw a shadow shadow behind the white cloth screen. The shadow puppet is a yellow snake. It curls and lies flat. It moves very flexibly.

It seems that it is still the display stage for each passenger to make shadow puppets. If animal shadow puppets are made, they should be made by Zhou Xiyang’s Taoist camp. The shadow puppet is a snake… The maker and controller of this shadow puppet are from the east side.

Because the shadow snake is so smart that it even has more aura than a straight snake. It seems that there is the soul of a snake spirit hidden in the shadow – except for the snake green seven in the underground palace, green seven is protected by Meckel, and there can be no accident. The source of the snake’s “soul” is naturally a fragment of the spirit snake bone.

On the side of the Taoist camp, except for the white werewolf olaine, the other people in the East have the spirit snake bone fragments. However, due to the flexibility of snake control and a good means to activate the soul in the snake bone fragments, Wei Xun feels that the controller behind the white cloth screen is more likely to be a half life Taoist.

Activate the soul in the spirit snake bone? Half life Taoist still has this skill?

Wei Xun felt that he should have a good communication with the half life Taoist after waiting. After all, white deer was thinking about the spirit snake. Now that the snake bone was in hand, there was a little possibility of recovery. White deer was absolutely happy. As for now——

Wei Xun’s eyes fell on the old demon in black.

The second nigger, who once stole the coffin but was swallowed up by corn shoots, is the ancestor of Yinshan. And the strength of the old monster is not the same as that of the white old lady.

Now he invites Wei Xun to the theatre. I don’t know what he’s going to do.

“The fourth Prince laughs. Your identity, where do you go to the front to see the play? You still need an invitation.”

Unexpectedly, when the ancestor of Yinshan spoke, he was a quite young woman!

Banshee? No, monster men and women imitate the help line casually. Only one help sound can’t determine men and women at all. Moreover, compared with the real nature of Yinshan’s ancestors, Wei Xun cares more about his calling Wei Xun the fourth prince.

“My grandfather’s name is C 250.”

Wei Xun was polite but alienated.

Nezhaling is the third prince, so the brother of the third prince is naturally the fourth prince. The ancestor of Yinshan probably thought this way, but just as old lady Bai understood this reason, she never called the fourth Prince Wei Xun. This name is not what anyone can call it.

The ancestor of Yinshan called it that way. It has the smell of friendship.

This is different from Wei Xun’s material.

He did not move to help. While watching the shadow play rehearsal, he talked with Yinshan’s ancestors one by one. In the next conversation, the other party’s attitude became more and more clear.

“Maybe you’ve heard of the newly collected nigger two. These two demons came from yangshou town and lived in Deqing class B & B.”

However, the ancestor of Yinshan mentioned the missing big nigger II. But I didn’t find fault with Wei Xun to beg them!

“These two demons don’t know the rules. They stole the coffin of your team C 250. They were overheard by you and killed by you.”

The ancestor of Yinshan took it lightly. He clapped his hands. Four paper men appeared out of thin air in pairs, each carrying a large sandalwood box. When the two boxes were carried to Wei Xun, the lid opened naturally and the treasure light was bright. One box is full of gold and silver ingots, while the other box is full of spirit snake bones!

The spirit snake bone piece snatched by the forces of Yin Mountain ancestors last night!

“This is an apology for C 250.”


Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. The ancestor of Yinshan is really interesting.

Not only did he not pursue the disappearance of nigger two, he also directly focused on himself about “killing them”, and offered generous gifts to compensate for his crime. He also offered precious snake bones as compensation gifts to him.

What the hell does the old demon do?

“Lao Zu is bright.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, but he refused according to the words of Yinshan’s ancestors: “since they just set up a house and didn’t steal, they deserve to kill it. It’s not my fault. There’s no need to make compensation at all.”

“I apologize to you. You don’t know about it at all. I don’t need to apologize.”


After Wei Xun finished his speech, he asked to see what kind of medicine gourd, the ancestor of Yinshan, sold.

I’m not making friends with him or my brother for you. What are you doing?

“It seems that you still have too much vigilance against it.”

The ancestor of Yinshan was not annoyed and didn’t let the paper boy take back the heavy gift. She lowered her voice and said faintly, “grandma Bai wants ginseng essence, but ginseng essence is useless. It’s a poison. That’s honey.”

“Take away the spirit bone of the white snake. Originally, you should awaken the spirit in the bone and be a white bone slave. But you have the spirit snake skull. Although the remaining spirit bone of the White Snake also has spirit, it can’t be used much. It’s just chicken ribs for you.”

“Not for ginseng essence, what are you doing in Xiaotang mountain?”

Wei Xun asked. At the moment, the yellow snake shadow play on the white cloth screen of the stage has come to an end, and the new one is a personal shadow play. It’s just that the makeup on the shadow puppet’s face is too much, the dress on his body is too plain, and there is no color on his face. He looks like a paper man.

It should be Meckel… Eh?

Wei Xun was surprised. He couldn’t help thinking about the second place. While paying attention to the ancestor of Yinshan, his attention fell on the paper man shadow play.

He watched the paper shadow figure toss and jump on the white cloth screen, split and stand, and make various movements flexibly. But somehow, Wei Xun felt that the shadow puppet showed an evil spirit.

Its eyes are like two black holes, without any action, laughing and scolding. These eyes have been staring directly at the ground, looking very strange.

Not only that, this paper puppet should be the last one. Soon after it appeared on the stage, other shadow puppets also came up. There are animals and people. They add up to ten.

However, these ten shadow puppets are reflected on the white cloth screen. After each performance, the shadows under their feet are gradually connected together.

No, it’s not a shadow. Why does a shadow shadow have a shadow?

The black lines became thicker and thicker, just like those drawn by Mark’s pen. No, it’s more like an evil thing with life. It connects ten shadow puppets in series and walks at the foot of each shadow puppet. Gradually, the shadow puppets with different actions begin to be consistent, as if they were controlled by the same person.

They knelt down. There was no drum music in the rehearsal. The shadow puppets kowtowed and kept kowtowing in silence. The thick black line is under their feet. When the shadow puppets kowtow, their heads contact the black line. At first glance, the black line looks like the blood knocked out by the shadow puppets.

“C250, you should know that there is a keel hidden in the depths of the underground palace.”

In the eerie silence, the voice of Yinshan’s ancestors was clear.

“This land is full of dragon Qi, but it is also full of strong evil and dead Qi. It is only contaminated by Tianlei and Shenjing Qi.”

“During the performance last night, the underground monster, like a corpse like mountain god boy, was impregnated with the Dragon Spirit… The underground keel and the dragon vein in the mountain have been ‘dead’.”

The keel has a spirit. Although it is still dead, the keel is dying. When it is polluted again, its strong dead Qi and evil Qi will pollute the land.

Why does Shenjing become a spirit here?

This is also the cause of heaven and earth. I hope you can participate in the spiritual Qi of essence and purify the dead Qi in the earth.

That is to say, the ginseng essence is doomed to be unable to transform the spirit. It will die here because of various difficulties. The ginseng essence who knows that he is in a situation of death does not want to be caught and eaten by monsters. It is very likely that the ginseng essence will simply integrate into the earth.

Integrate into the earth. After hundreds or thousands of years, there may be another ginseng essence on the earth.

Ginseng essence must die to neutralize the dead spirit of the keel. The monsters were also doomed not to get the ginseng essence. Fortunately, they were able to leave the mountain. Unfortunately, they were killed by Tianlei on the night of the birth of the ginseng essence.

In the end, it was nothing to draw water with a bamboo basket.

“You should learn essence and keels.”

“Look, what’s this?” said the ancestor of Yinshan

The ancestor of Yinshan opened his hand and had a wooden box in his hand. A crystal is embedded in the wooden box. Through the crystal, you can see half of the dark brown plants in the box – it is half of the Polygonum multiflorum essence!

Half of the Polygonum multiflorum essence that should be in the hands of old lady Bai somehow fell into the hands of the ancestors of Yinshan!

“If you get the keel, you don’t have to integrate the ginseng essence into the earth.”

“Don’t take chances. Look at those shadow puppets. They’ve been kowtowing to the keel. These things are not dead, but they are also affected by the dead Qi of the keel. Especially now, the ginseng essence is about to be born. Its” Qi “is getting heavier and heavier, but it also stimulates the dead Qi of the keel in the underground palace.”

“These dead gas soaked in the soil, earth, rock stratum and underground palace are the fortress of the rear, but Xiaotangshan on the front is almost dead. After Xiaotangshan is completely soaked in the dead gas, the dead gas will be added to the counter control underground palace, you see -”

The ancestor of Yinshan pointed to the stage and said faintly, “look at those shadow puppet operators. They can’t control these shadow puppets. If you don’t solve the influence of the keel, tomorrow’s shadow puppet performance will only fail. Cooperate with you to solve the problem of the keel. You have to be refined. This is the beauty of both.”

“Thank you for telling me the news.”

Wei Xun’s expression was a little subtle and murmured, “originally, no wonder…”

“You –”

The ancestor of Yinshan didn’t hear what was said behind C 250. He had to say it again, but the next moment he was shocked!

“You’re dead…”

Wei Xun backhanded touched a ghost insect hidden underground – it was the ghost insect that ate shanweng, not in the underground palace.

No wonder he always felt that the evil ghost insects kept in Xiaotang mountain to eat soil became stronger, even stronger than the evil ghost insects hidden in the underground palace and floor tiles. Can chew the mountain Weng. And the mountain Weng was completely unable to resist under the bite of the evil ghost insect!

But Wei Xun has to make sure.

Wei Xun pinched the devil’s worm and took away the residue. Without warning, he suddenly spread his hand to the ancestor of Yinshan and showed the dead black soup at a close distance!

“Is that what you mean by death?”

Yinshan ancestor:?!!


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