TTG Chapter 212

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 212: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (43)

“Yes -!”

The ancestors of Yinshan rarely lost their manners. However, the unbelievable shock and the sudden cry in the east hall were suppressed. Somehow, all the shadow puppets on the stage cried in pain. They were like crazy people. Their limbs trembled and their heads bent at their feet. Whether animal or human shadow puppets, they were all crazy and distorted models of pain.

The madness of the audience on the stage attracted the attention of all the audience in the east side hall. Some little demons simply ran away, some demons stood up, looked forward, and saw what was going on in the bottom, health and health. However, the commotion failed to attract the attention of the two people in the front row.

When the ancestor of Yinshan looked down at the dead black liquid from a close distance, Wei Xun held his hand in time and took it back without asking him to see more.

“Now, we can talk about cooperation.”

Wei Xun said calmly. His face was so unfathomable in the eyes of Yinshan ancestors that it even showed a sense of joking about evil. It was originally the initiative held by the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain, Wei Xun.

“How did you get such pure stillness?”

But unexpectedly, the reaction of Yinshan’s ancestors was very different from that of Wei Xun. He calmed down quickly, and was somewhat alert and admonished to Wei Xun’s tone: “if you are in the depths of the underground palace and seduced by the dead sleeping there, you are looking for your own death.”

“It’s absolutely not advisable to allow death to spread to Xiaotangshan. If you really do it, you will definitely die in it.”

Yinshan’s face was foggy and dark, but Wei Xun felt that he was staring at himself and paying attention to all his expressions.

“If it’s  I won’t die with you.”

From the voice of Yinshan’s ancestors, Wei Xun ran.

It seems that the dead spirit must not spread completely in Xiaotang mountain. Whether it is the ginseng essence integrated into the earth and neutralized with Reiki, or he and the ancestor of Yinshan take the ginseng essence and the keel, we must not let the keel continue to release the dead spirit.

What’s more, according to the ancestor of Yinshan, I’m afraid there’s an extremely pure breath of death around the keel deep in the underground palace – just like the juice in the body of an evil ghost. And where pure stillness lies, there are dead spirits that will tempt people’s hearts.

“You know, my brother is the third prince.”

It was only a second or two to think and judge together. Wei Xun looked unchanged, as if he was not affected by the vigilance and vigilance of the ancestors of Yinshan, and his tone was even a little light:

“There are three princes… What do you think I will be tempted by?”

How can pure stillness not be on the table?!

The ancestor of Yinshan just wanted to refute, but the next moment he saw a flame in bing250’s hand. The true and pure samadhi will burn up the dark liquid directly.

This kind of fire is indeed the bane of death. Compared with last night, C250 has completely controlled the samadhi true fire. He really won’t be tempted by the dead.

Maybe he can’t see the temptation given by the dead spirit. After all, his brother is the Third Prince of Nezha spirit.

“So you promised to cooperate with me?”


However, Wei Xun was noncommittal and said, “I do know that you chose me because of your brother?”

The first time Yinshan’s ancestors approached and talked about cooperation was obviously planned. Although the demons like old lady Bai dared to live in the underground palace temporarily, they would never dare to indulge in the keel, and even dare not go down the fourth and fifth floors of the underground palace.

The ancestor of Yinshan asked him to cooperate with Wei Xun. He should have a crush on Nezha Ling. But Wei Xun also knows that what is the background of the old demon? How dare he covet the keel?

To tell the truth, the voice of Yinshan’s ancestor is a young woman, with black robes covering his body and fog blocking his face. It’s a mysterious dress, which really makes Wei Xun suspicious——

“No, it’s not.”

The ancestor of Yinshan said with great interest, “the third prince is very strong, but he is too destructive to dragons, even if it’s just a keel.”

“What’s more, it’s not necessary for the third prince to do it.”

The ancestor of Yinshan leaned over and was no more than half a palm away from Wei Xun. Wei Xun didn’t look back. He felt that the ancestor of Yinshan stuffed the box containing half of the essence of Polygonum multiflorum to him. At the same time, he whispered in his ear, “I’m more familiar with the Dragon next to you.”

“Boom -!”

Wei Xun’s pupil shrank suddenly, but as soon as the voice of Yinshan’s ancestor fell, he heard a loud noise, which destroyed the stage where the crazy shadow puppets were located and collapsed again! The violent tremor hit from the depths of the earth, causing the crazy tremor of the whole east side hall. The second vibration was more terrible than before, and the gravel fell from the top of the head like rain.

Wei Xun suddenly retreated to avoid the collapsed pillar. In the violent vibration, he looked in the direction of the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain, but he saw that the old demon had already become a black fog and disappeared. The four paper boys carrying the sandalwood box crushed the boulders one after another, the box cracked, and the gold, silver and precious snake bones rolled to the ground.

Wei Xun quickly fished back the spirit snake bone in the confusion, and then withdrew from the east side hall first. He retreated in time, because then in the next second, the whole east side hall completely cracked. The immeasurable huge crack runs through the east side hall, like a knife mark splitting the earth.

Thick black fog floated out of the crack, and the black fog was saturated with the smell of death.

It seems that there is a dark and deep eye socket, looking up from the very depths of the crack.

[Woo -]

A whimper came from the depths of the earth.

[di! Hotel notice!]

[for the event variation of funeral palace scenic spot in yangshou Town, please inform every passenger with tour guide C 250, and inform every passenger with tour guide C 250!]

Event variability?

Wei Xun is no stranger to the word “Xiao Lin”. During his journey in northern Tibet, the scenic spot of Xiaolin temple had an event variation, from Xiaolin temple to “Xiao Lin Temple burned by fire”. Add the word “event” in front of the scenic spot.

In fact, when the ground buildings of the funeral palace in yangshou town disappeared and the underground palace appeared, Wei Xun suspected that there were variations in scenic spots and health. It’s just that there’s also the influence of the leader assessment of the devil merchant in the tour. In addition, the hotel didn’t remind him, so Wei Xun didn’t go to the tour.

Now the earth of the east side hall is cracked. I’m afraid that the extremely deep crack involves the keel in the depths of the underground palace, which is also the ‘event word’ of the variation of secondary scenic spots!

[funeral palace in yangshou town with dying keel!]

The question is, who triggered the event variation?

During the earthquake, Wei Xun stood very stable. He took off the gloves that had crushed the evil ghost insects, gathered them up and put them in the garbage bag. His eyes narrowed slightly and looked towards the turbulent and collapsed stage.

He Weixun had many adventures in northern Tibet before. He became a demon eliminator under the common protection of the Buddha, the Dragon God, Dapeng golden winged bird, etc. in the mouth of the Lama. He was a long-awaited demon eliminator of the Xiaolin Lama, so he was involved in the variation of the fire burning Xiaolin Temple.

Now, who activated the variation of scenic spots?

“Come on! Grab the shadow play and withdraw from the east side hall!”

Zhou Xiyang snapped, but with a crazy struggling shadow in one hand, he shot at the crack of the earth with a gun in one hand. I saw that all the black dead gas was extinguished by the sunset embers. In the vast dead gas, there were several particularly deep, almost ghostly shadows of the dead gas. When he was ejected, he would scream sharply.

The strong breath of death is something that can never be shaped, but they are born by relying on the dragon vein, so they have the terrible posture of being like a ghost rather than a ghost, like a demon rather than a demon at the moment.

Zhou Xiyang’s face was dignified. He pressed the array at the end and shot to kill the dead. The chaos was only three minutes, but he fired nearly 100 bullets in three minutes. Fortunately  it’s a hotel prop □□, otherwise how can you have almost unlimited clips.

Three minutes later, the earthquake finally stopped and the east side hall became a mess again. The most terrible thing is the deep crack that runs through the ground, but there are no more dead Qi and dead spirits in the crack.

Everything was temporarily calm.

Zhou Xiyang withdrew from the east side hall and looked behind him. When he manipulated the shadow puppet behind the white cloth screen, he paid attention to C250, thanks to his sitting in the first row. Later, Zhou Xiyang also saw that he successfully withdrew from the east side hall at the first time, so he left behind.

Seeing that C 250 was all right, Zhou Xiyang breathed a sigh of relief, but soon he raised it again.

“Limitless Heavenly Master, how can it be an event variation!”

When the tour guide informed the tourists of the change of the scenic spot, more than half of the passengers collapsed. The half life Taoist took the lead and asked aggressively, “o’lain, you’re the first crazy shadow puppet, aren’t you?”

When the crowd looked, they saw olaine’s face was gloomy. He was holding a crane shadow puppet in his hand. The crane shadow puppet flapped its wings wildly. It had no elegant and quiet posture at all, as if it were a living crane.

Before the show, the veteran tourists were surprised. Their final performance is likely to be a shadow play on the first day. After all, they are “new shadow puppets” and come to experience an old craft in the scenic spot. Arrange a shadow play that they have never seen before, so that they can learn to perform in just one day, which really does not affect the passenger experience.

As a hotel, it is common sense for tourists to watch a shadow play first, then make it, then perform on the last day, and then reproduce the performance on the first day. Therefore, most of the shadow puppets prepared by passengers were seen on the stage on the first day.

For example, half life Taoist’s yellow snake shadow play, Yun Lianghan’s White Deer shadow play, olaine’s crane shadow play and so on.

During the last rehearsal just now, half life Taoist priest and o’lain stood together. First, now, his crane shadow figure twisted like crazy, and soon all the shadow figures were out of control.

Only the event name of [funeral palace in yangshou town with dying keel] cannot represent anything. You must immediately find out the person who activates the variation of the scenic spot event, and then you can lock the key point as soon as possible!

“I didn’t activate it.”

Olaine’s face was ugly. He didn’t refute the words of half life Taoist, but denied that he was the first person. Even though his shadow crane was indeed the first crazy, o’lain firmly claimed that he had not listened to any hotel tips.

“Is that Meckel’s group?”

Half life Taoist was suspicious.

There are special settings on the stage. During the rehearsal, Meckel and their camp are from the right, and half life Taoist and their camp are from the left. Even the final rehearsal, the two camps are separated. Now, only the people from their camp gather at the side of  Meckel and they are not in .

However, for the activator of event mutation, both camps should have one, and the tasks of both sides should be opposite. Only one can be balanced.

“Yun Lianghan, your shadow play is very quiet.”

When the atmosphere was deadlocked, Zhou Xiyang suddenly opened his mouth and attracted everyone’s attention. The passengers looked down. Sure enough, compared with other crazy and struggling shadow puppets, the shadow puppet in Yun Lianghan’s hand was very quiet. However, he burst into tears in the silence, showing a bit strange.

“White deer is an important role.”

Half life Taoist was thoughtful, but Yun Lianghan’s face was expressionless. The shadow puppet in his hand was cut into a model of a white deer. The skin came from a silly roe deer. It is also the demon closest to the white deer that Yun Lianghan can catch in the underground palace. White deer and yellow snake (white snake) are the two most important roles in the original shadow play.

Compared with struggling, crying does not appear for the first time in rehearsal. Perhaps the first crazy is not o’lain’s crane shadow puppet, but the reaction to death is too strong.

“I have a special task.”

Zhou Xiyang was quite intimidating. Yun Lianghan, who was staring at him, was no longer silent. He snorted coldly, and then raised the White Deer shadow on his hand.

“ White Deer shadow puppet and white deer psychic ,  perception  the spread of dead gas in the underground palace. In the long run, it will definitely affect the whole Xiaotang mountain, even the Yanshan Mountains, and make it a dead land.  asked me to help sacrifice the keel, so as to understand the dead gas in the underground palace.”

“I don’t know whether to activate the event mutation. Anyway, I just take a task.”

Although Yun Lianghan said so, the three key words of death, keel and sacrifice are likely to be stable. It’s easy to understand that the former Yun Lianghan didn’t say it. After all, which passenger will casually tell others about his special task, even if they are in the same camp, but to tell the truth, Yun Lianghan is not friends with them.

It’s also because the scenic spots that are likely to mutate from the event are different.

“Good luck.”

The half life Taoist sighed. Zhou Xiyang’s choice of ordinary monster shadow puppets is that all their thoughts are on C 250, so they don’t make waves again. Half life chooses the yellow snake as a shadow puppet, which may activate some special tasks – after all, the performance is called the legend of the White Snake, and the spirit bone of the white snake is the protagonist in the underground palace.

However, the treasure still falls into the hands of Yun Lianghan. It seems that it is the real white deer spirit, the underground palace, and the White Deer shadow play in his hands can communicate with him.

Of course, white deer shadow play is not the same as white deer spirit. It’s just a medium for promulgating tasks. Memory and wisdom will not communicate with the White Deer spirit.

“The event of a scenic spot turned out to be a keel.”

When determining the task bias of the incident, Zhou Xiyang frowned: “I thought…”

He thought it was a special task of white snake resurrection, or scenic spot variation. Dragon and keel are two kinds of things. They are a difficult scenic spot that could not have been designed——


Zhou Xiyang  the entrustment of nezhaling of C250 connection and the leader assessment keepsake of C250.

The seven emperors who were buried under the emperor’s share went to the imperial mausoleum. It was from a dragon to a dragon. The keel… Hiss

No, No.

However, Zhou Xiyang knows that in order to activate an event scenic spot, all the conditions involved must be met.

Just looking at their passengers, no one really goes with the keel.

But look at director Cui


Maybe the keel has something to do with whether the seven emperors can return to the imperial mausoleum.

“How can I relieve the keel stagnation?”

“The purer the aura, the better to sacrifice with spirit objects.”

Yun Lianghan didn’t hesitate: “the frequency and duration of dead breath will increase. When using spirit objects to suppress dead breath, if it can’t be completely suppressed, we must deal with the dead breath and dead spirit and prevent them from spreading out.”

“What difficult special task do you want to complete alone?”

Half life make complaints about Tucao: “tease!”

We should not only find spiritual objects for sacrifice, but also deal with dead Qi and dead spirits. We also have to complete the original scenic spots at the same time. Only when their metaphysical team comes can we do it at the same time.

Yun Lianghan’s strength is average, but his is quite beautiful.

Yun Lianghan was gloomy and didn’t speak. Yes, the difficulty is very high, but in the scenic spots at the level of  there are team leaders’ assessment and blessings. Shouldn’t  the difficulty be normal.

The more difficult the special task is, the more rewards will be given. Although it is too difficult, Yun Lianghan is still trying to spell out a high-level Title task.

“OK, say less.”

Zhou Xiyang rebuked lightly. He looked at Yun Lianghan with his thick eyebrows tightly locked. His tone was unexpectedly calm: “say it, what can we do?”

Activation event scenic spot, the most special is always the activator. For example, only Yun Lianghan can offer sacrifices to the keels deep in the cracks.

But they are now in the same camp and can help each other to a certain extent.  some benefits can also be obtained when the final reward settlement is made. Moreover, the speed must be as fast as possible. You have to suppress the dead spirit of the keel before the performance at 8 p.m.

After all, if they have crazy shadow puppets in their hands, they can never perform shadow puppets.

“Collect spirit objects. The more, the better.”

Now Yun Lianghan didn’t refuse. He simply said, “no, monsters can’t. They have to be spirit objects or something full of spirit. They must not have blood.”

Yun Lianghan said solemnly: “there is a dragon soul beside the keel. The dragon soul is polluted by the dead gas. If it is stained with blood, it may be used as a blood dragon soul. Sacrificing with spirit can calm the dragon soul, clean the keel and bring peace to both sides.”

You should be a spirit, not a monster, without blood.

“There are so many requirements. Do you want Nezha spirit?”

Half life make complaints about the standard of “Tucao”, and “the most qualified” is vegetative people.

It should be Shenjing.

Zhou Xiyang knew well, but the next moment, Zhou Xiyang was stunned.

“Fast, the next death explosion will take three hours.” Yun Lianghan said, “of course, if you sacrifice ginseng essence to the keel, it will perfectly neutralize the death of the keel. If you sacrifice ginseng essence, Polygonum multiflorum essence and Taisui essence to the keel, it may even revive the keel – what are you doing?”

When no one reacted, Zhou Xiyang stepped in front of Yun Lianghan, grabbed his collar, stared at him with dark eyes, and asked word by word, “what did you say?”

All the momentum of the super four-star passengers poured out. Zhou Xiyang seemed to burn dark red embers in the bottom of his eyes. The terrible momentum made Yun Lianghan almost out of breath. He dodged the shadow at the first time, but Zhou Xiyang’s title was so overwhelming that Yun Lianghan was trembling.

“I said keel resurrection.”

However, Yun Lianghan is also a veteran traveler with a big heart. Under such momentum, he can still keep basic calm and answer Zhou Xiyang’s questions. But Zhou Xiyang was not satisfied with his answer.

“The front, what’s the front?!”

How excited is Zhou Xiyang? What’s wrong with the three spirits? Yun Lianghan turned his head around and replied honestly, “give the three sacrifices to the keel, namely, ginseng essence, Polygonum multiflorum essence and Taisui essence.”

At the same time, he was on guard against Zhou Xiyang’s violent attack and was ready to escape at any time. But unexpectedly, after several deep breaths, Zhou Xiyang calmed down and let go of him. When he opened his mouth again, he didn’t mention what he had just asked, but continued to press: “go on, what’s the hint?”


Yun Lianghan felt something was wrong with Zhou Xiyang. If he didn’t provoke him again, Yun Lianghan didn’t hide it at all and said, “White Deer shadow puppet said that the keel was in the wrong state. It shouldn’t have died so soon.”

The “death” of the keel in the underground palace should have been an extremely long process, and the dead gas in the keel will be released bit by bit.  not much dead gas is released each time, which can be neutralized by plants and animals in nature. This kind of ‘death’ may last for hundreds of years, or even thousands of years.

When the dead gas is released to a certain extent and the keel really wants to “die”, the dying dragon soul will eventually □□. The surging dead gas will lead to natural disasters for months or even a year, and then the keel will finally collapse and disappear into the world.

But now, the speed is inexplicably accelerating.

Originally  the keel in the underground palace was also fast  when the dead gas □ □ was completely released  but  there are at least a few months left.

However, looking at the cracking of the underground palace now, it’s almost like coming soon.

Who accelerated the process of keel collapse?

* *

“The lightning and thunder outside will kill the dead spirit.”

On the other side, the residence of Augustus and Mia werewolves became a temporary meeting point for the monster camp. Wei Xun no longer allows them to have a meeting in their own house. Meckel and they are now wanted by old lady Bai. On October 10, he didn’t fit in with yuntianhe. It was only Augustus and Mia who were still “enthusiastic”.

In particular, the event of the sub monster camp and the activator of the scenic spot are MIA.

What bad luck.

Meckel sighed in her heart, but seriously asked for all kinds of details. Unlike Yun Lianghan, Mia can be said to know everything and say everything. From the beginning, she said that she had received a special task, suspected activation event and mutation.

“My shadow play is a blood werewolf, soaked in blood.”

Mia picked up her shadow, but the struggling shadow in her hand was white and could not see any blood at all.

“In the rehearsal, before all the shadow puppets went crazy, all the blood on  disappeared  as if  what sucked  dry  one  and then I took  special task .”

Mia’s task is to prepare as much blood food as possible to sacrifice the dragon soul.

Although the dragon is dead, the keel and dragon soul are suppressed and become dragon veins under the underground palace. Now the keel will die, and the weak dragon soul will die. If you are not willing, you should break away from the keel and drink blood as a blood dragon soul.

The blood on Mia’s shadow puppet is full of energy and activates the dragon soul, so there is a task.

“Not only that, the dragon soul also hopes that we can find out who is speeding up the keel dead gas explosion.”

As expected, the dragon soul had several months to fuse the dead spirit and planned to leave the keel and not die with the keel that was about to collapse.

But even the dragon soul is not good. The good keel is going to collapse with the rocket!

who can bear the misfortune that falls on themselves? Anyway, I can’t bear it!

Mia said briefly about the release of dead gas from the lower keel and the explosion, and then said, “the dragon soul suspects that someone outside is wantonly collecting dead gas!”

The original dead spirit on Xiaotang mountain is greatly reduced, and the natural ecology on the mountain is good. Then the keel that releases dead gas outside according to the amount before will naturally make up another wave. As a result, the greedy dog swallowed her dead breath again.

Just swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow!

At the end of the dead gas, the keel will naturally begin to collapse. When the keel collapses, the dragon soul can’t run away.

“Who is it? It’s not swish.”

After hearing Mia’s words, even Meckel couldn’t cry. He originally thought that the variation of the event involving the keel might be related to the return of the seven emperors to the imperial mausoleum in C 250.

As a result, there was a dead guy outside who took care of it for a long time? And C 250 don’t have a system at all!

“Kill the man, recapture the dead spirit he robbed, and sacrifice it to the keel. There will be no riots for a while.”

As long as the keel doesn’t riot, their performance can go on smoothly. As for the keel that gets dead again, it will collapse in a few months □□?

That’s also the problem to be solved by the next brigade! Another sequel journey, anyway, it’s not related to them!

“I think maybe it’s the ancestor of Yinshan. He’s the deadliest. He’s not a living creature into a spirit.”

“I think it’s possible for old lady Bai. If Xiaotangshan is too angry, Shenjing won’t come. Maybe she was planning ahead of time…”

When the discussion among the passengers was in full swing, the less whizzing guide hid his merit and reputation and slipped back to his room with a low profile.

“Why, are you okay?”

As soon as he entered the door, Yu Hehui greeted her. Wei Xun looked around her. She found that the room was messy and there were some signs of fighting. Especially on the alchemy stove in the middle of the room, there were several blood marks.

“When you go out to see the rehearsal, a demon comes to attack you.”

Yu Hehui said casually, “it should be under old lady Bai. They are like death squads. None of them are alive. Several tried to block me. One of them went to peek at the alchemy furnace.”

Then the samadhi fire burned to ashes.

“I deliberately let one go.”

The demon also saw the alchemy furnace. Fortunately, he only burned half of the alchemy furnace. He saw that there was a spirit snake skull in the alchemy furnace. When he fled back, he would certainly tell old lady Bai the news.

The rehearsal is only one hour and will end at nine. Old lady Bai is afraid of the brother of the third prince. She will send someone to investigate after Wei Xun leaves. It happened that Wei Xun went out at 8:30, and the time when the Raider started was between 8:30 and 9:00.

The tentacles cut from the corn shoots can last for half an hour. Wei Xun deliberately stuck for a period of time. In the alchemy furnace in the house, the tentacles of the corn shoots became, and the corn shoots were already in the ball of Wei Xun, the devil and the worm.

Yu Hehui put forward the calculation that the Raider has a tight time and heavy task. He will definitely pay attention to the most conspicuous things in the house at the first time. An alchemy furnace can attract all their attention.

Moreover, there are no monsters in Wei Xun’s house, no monster channels (corn shoots are filled with mud every time), no huge spirit snake bones, and no spirit smell.

What is refined in the alchemy furnace is the spirit snake skull, not anything else.

After  times of searching, if you are lucky, you will leave Xiaotangshan, and old lady Bai may not do it.

“But it’s crooked, you see.”

In front of the alchemy furnace, Yu Hehui showed Wei Xun the spirit snake skull burned by samadhi fire in the furnace. In order to put the skull into the alchemy furnace, Yu Hehui chopped the skull into small pieces, ground a part of bone powder, and filled the gap.

Originally, burning the snake bone was just a cover for the snake bone, but perhaps the bone powder was really easy to burn. After burning the snake bone in samadhi for half an hour, the snake bone slices in the stove were really easy to melt.

When Yu Hehui opened the furnace cover, Wei Xun saw that several small snow-white things rushed under the snake bone and hid themselves.

“Most of the spirits of the spirit snake are in the skull!”

Yu Hehui said, “maybe you can have a real spirit snake in the future.”

Moreover, if the spirit snake can recover, the white deer will certainly give Wei Xun many benefits. Maybe you can turn a deer.

“Very good.”

Wei Xun nodded. When he talked with the ancestor of Yinshan, the other party had roughly hinted that the spirits of the white snake were at the skull. Wei Xun was not surprised that things could be refined in the alchemy furnace.

The main reason is that Wei Xun’s heart is full of more important things.

“I have three things to tell you.”

“Well, you said.”

Because Wei Xun’s tone was very light, Yu Hehui didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Swallow the snake bone in the alchemy furnace first, or the alchemy furnace will be broken later.”

“No problem!”

Yu Hehui, a small fox with a critical face, broke down when Ping Xiaoli said he swallowed something, but he agreed to it for the first time. Then Wei Xun saw him touch a golden elixir from Ping Xiaoli.

Yes, Tai Sui’s golden elixir is Yu Hehui’s, and he Shouwu’s essence is Wei Xun’s. the separation of the two, from the crown hall emperor, is to save one pot, from a real point of view——

The separation of two brothers can activate each other’s enthusiasm. It’s a fool to get together.

“I can’t help it. I can only ask you.”

As soon as he took out the Taisui golden elixir, Yu Hehui changed his expression. He seemed a little hesitant and helpless.

“Hey, you have to let me fix it!”

I don’t know what kind of ecstasy Yu Hehui gave to Taisui golden elixir. Little dolls can be positive and bad. They jumped directly from Yu Hehui’s hands and swallowed a pot of snake skulls without saying a word.

He is a golden elixir. He is introverted in space. He also has Taisui’s pure aura. He can have spirituality. Unlike Yu Hehui, he can only swallow dead things.

To be honest, it’s really better than Yu Hehui.

“I pretended that the spirit snake bone was very important.”

Yu Hehui whispered to Wei Xun.

“He felt that swallowing our important things was like holding hostages. He felt more relieved when he coughed and coughed.”

little Taisui is very good. No, Yu Hehui is worse.

“About snake bones, please.”

Wei Xun glanced at Yu Hehui as if he were not. He squatted down and took out some snake bones from the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain.

Sure enough, he had been secretly watching his Taisui golden pill since he came out. Without saying anything, he swallowed the precious snake bones of Wei Xun. He seemed to be familiar with Wei Xun. He jumped directly into his hand, looked up and looked forward to him: “where’s the second brother, where’s the second brother?”

“Here you are.”

Wei Xun took the small clay figurine of shanweng out of his pocket – since Wei Xun picked up an evil ghost worm from the ground and crushed it, the small clay figurine of shanweng has always been self-conscious, and the whole spirit has closed his eyes and eyes very peacefully.

“, yes?!”

After Wei Xun handed the small clay figurine of shanweng to Taisui Jindan, and then took out a box containing half of the essence of Polygonum multiflorum, Yu Hehui was stunned and couldn’t believe standing in place.

“Well, the first thing to tell you.”

Wei Xun wrote lightly, “I’ll find the other half of Polygonum multiflorum essence.”

Yu Hehui:!!!

How can there be Wei Xun? What an efficient and good person!

At the moment, Yu Hehui was speechless. He stared at Wei Xun and looked at half of Polygonum multiflorum in the box. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help raising, but his eyes were sour. Wei Xun immediately blocked the live broadcast when he entered the house. Yu Hehui guessed that he might have to say something secret.

But no, it’s a!

“I don’t have  I really don’t have .”

He’s really not as fast as he can!

It was almost yesterday that she made the decision to help Tong Hege revive. Today she has collected three points and two points!

“Hey, you can’t open it first, and you can’t let shanweng and  be one for the time being.”

“Why, someone tampered with you?”

When Yu Hehui listened to her talk, Yu Hehui regained his consciousness and looked painfully at half of Polygonum multiflorum in her eye box. He became serious.

“I got the banduan mountain Weng from the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain.”

Shouldn’t the remaining half of Polygonum multiflorum be in the hands of old lady Bai? How do you get there?


Wei Xun said “get it”, not “grab it”. Yu Hehui’s consciousness is different because of the different subtle words.

“I suspect that the ancestor of Yinshan is a puppet master, or a puppet of you. You are the second thing I want to tell you.”

Yu Hehui’s pupils contracted suddenly, but Wei Xun’s calm tone made him calm down quickly. Wei Xun said that the most important point of his own judgment is that the ancestor of Yinshan said, “I am more familiar with the Dragon next to you.”.

The Dragon beside Wei Xun’s dream is only a dreamer. It is not difficult to connect the various characteristics of the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain again.

“Go outside to pursue your dreams. I heard there was a little turbulence in the west side.”

Yu Hehui frowned. It’s a pity that the dreamer didn’t come to Wei Xun’s side when he had a good chance to determine the puppet master’s share.

“The unrest in the western region can spread to the East. It must be a big event.”

The dreamer didn’t come back, and Yu Hehui didn’t know what he knew. Wei Xun skipped the topic of  in two simple sentences.

“The puppet master chose to cooperate with you… It is indeed a character that you will have. However, what you put in front of you should not be the most important puppet.”

After all, C250 is the blood relatives of people who play life. With the vigilant character of the puppet master, it was definitely a less important puppet who could immediately get rid of Wei Xun for cooperation.

If the ancestor of Yinshan is really a puppet of the puppet master, half of the Polygonum multiflorum spirit that has passed through his hand can not immediately integrate with the other half. You have to check whether there is a puppet silk.

And Yu Hehui is more concerned about——

“What can I do with you?”

“That’s the third thing I told you.”

Wei Xun said: “ there is a keel deep in the underground palace, and the passengers have activated the event  different scenic spots  you should cooperate with me to steal the keel.”


Yu Hehui was surprised at first and immediately turned his head, but then he said Oh, yes, Wei Xun was not a tourist. In fact, the scenic spot was not much related to the tour guide. Yu Hehui relaxed a little.

But then he frowned and felt bad: “ when did something happen  scenic spots… It won’t be rebirth. Tong Hege is in trouble again.”

“Yes, a little.”

Wei Xun talked about the need for the spirit to sacrifice the keel, and talked about the tasks of both camps.

“It’s not dead, it’s alive!”

Yu Hehui listened carefully and finally relaxed after thinking. “Both camps mentioned that there was a large loss of dead gas, and the key was the guy who collected dead gas.”

“As long as you find him, kill him or master him, it’s no problem!”

In the underground palace, apart from the ginseng essence Polygonum multiflorum, where are there any spirits? In other words, the way to solve this problem, if you don’t sacrifice them, you have to solve a guy who collects dead Qi. There’s no other choice at all.

But the tour guide and his Yu Hehui have no problem! Tonight, yes, when Wei Xun and Nezha Ling were practicing alone tonight, he Yu Hehui also went out to patrol the mountain. No matter how tough the guy is, Yu Hehui vowed to catch him——

“… I have mastered it.”


Yu Hehui looks at Wei Xun and sees his right hand holding his left wrist. Wei Xun doesn’t often do this. Yu Hehui subconsciously worried and frowned: “what happened to your wrist? Injured?”

“I said…”

Wei Xun coughed softly, held his wrist, shook his hand in front of Yu Hehui, and slowed down his speed: “master, hold your hand.”

Yu Hehui:?

Yu Hehui:?!?!


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