TTG Chapter 213

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 213: 470000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

“I have to find a way to handcuff you away…”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean –”

Yu Hehui, who was muttering in a low voice just now, showed an expression of toothache and asked cautiously, “what you said should be what I guessed.”

“Can you guess?”


Even though she had made preparations, Yu Hehui could not help but cover her face when she saw Wei Xun smiling. She murmured in pain, “I remember this journey. I have to follow you in my eBay.”

Strangely, Yu Hehui felt relieved that “sure enough, it’s really a big deal. It’s really a relationship with Wei Xun”, and he felt unimaginable.

In addition to the night practice with nezhaling last night and Wei Xun’s going to the rehearsal tonight, Yu Hehui follows him on eBay almost every time! They were separated from each other for more than an hour!

Why? What will happen? Where did Wei Xun squeeze out time to do things??

“So, what’s going on?”

“Actually, I also thought of it.”

Wei Xun coughed softly and told Yu Hehui his guess about the devil bug.

With his words, Yu Hehui’s expression was unpredictable. He looked at the mountain Weng who was trembling subconsciously when Wei Xun said the word “insect”.

Yu Hehui:

“How did I say it…”

How can the evil ghost insect devour shanweng? Even if the evil ghost insect is a demon insect now, is shanweng a spirit with a divine soul? Is it devoured by a small insect?

Originally, there was a dead gas blessing.

“I think their aura should be weak to a point… In this scene, they should have been swallowed by death.”

Yu Hehui frowned. He quickly thought it over. Yu Hehui’s emotions are surging, and he knows whether it’s luck or panic – to the normal spirit, the three brothers of Shenjing should be afraid of death. They have so much spirit and anger, how can they be defeated by the death spirit infiltrated by a dragon bone near death?

But the problem is that the three people know that their spirits are not complete, but divided into three from the integrity, so their spirits are naturally weak and more vulnerable to death.

When they were on the eBay, they saw what happened, but one of them died – Bi said that in order to force Shen Jing to show up, old lady Bai killed he Shouwu Ling. Or she damaged the snake bone and accidentally damaged the Taisui in the snake bone.

Tong Hege’s death was almost certain… Even if it was certain, Wei Xun pulled out the nail.

“Now that he Shouwu’s spirit is integrated, it’s impossible to know who drove him to kidnap Zhi Guolao Guan for the time being.”

“Yes, indeed.”

Wei Xun looked at the mountain Weng who was holding the Taisui golden elixir and stood solemnly beside the wooden box. He looked in. He knew that he was looking at his half body. He knew that he thought it was taking his children to sweep the grave.

“Shanweng’s memory is complete.”

The old lady Bai gave him the forbidden poison before. Shanweng broke off his body and fled. Naturally, he paid a great price. In addition to the fragility of the divine soul, his memory is also vague and clear, leaving only the obsession of “avenging his brother” and a little intelligence of Ben.

To tell you the truth, shanweng is already strong. If his demons were like him, he would have become a dementia madman. Why do you still keep fighting like this except being stupid? From this, we can see how strong the life of wooden spirits is.

“Shanweng’s half body fell into the hands of Yinshan’s ancestors, and Zhi  Lao Guan  may also be in her hands.”

Yu Hehui speculated, frowning slightly: “it’s back to the original beginning.”

Who is the user of this matter? Originally, Yu Hehui guessed that it was a puppet master. Now it seems that it should be a puppet master… But it still makes sense.

“What we suspected before was Zhi Kui.”

Wei Xun analyzed slowly. Indeed, in the previous case of the disappearance of Zhi Kui and Lao Guan, their most suspected target was Zhi Kui Kui. On that night, the ancestor of Yinshan appeared in front of Wei Xun, almost directly revealing his identity related to the puppet master.

“Some are too fast.”

seems to hide people’s eyes and ears and make people divert their attention. That’s why the ancestor of Yinshan revealed the secret so quickly. Of course, it’s the best night for the ancestors of Yinshan to talk about cooperation with Wei Xun.

But all this is really a coincidence. They really collide with each other.

“If so -”

The ancestor of Guoyin mountain is really a puppet master. He used it to divert his attention. There is definitely something wrong with Zhikui. Most importantly, it also shows that the puppet master expected the disappearance of Zhi Kui’s old Guan, which led to Zhi Kui’s exposure.

In other words, the screen name drives shanweng to kidnap the person who is in charge of Zhi’s old pipe. He is a puppet master, but another person.

“What a pity.”

Yu Hehui sighed. Unfortunately, as long as shanweng found out the truth, but now they are afraid of puppet masters, shanweng will be integrated immediately.

“Merge now.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “old lady Bai should be crazy looking for shanweng now.”

Indeed, about the battle for shanweng, old lady Bai is the real happy and tragic person.

“Fusion mountain Weng said that there must be something strange.”

Wei Xun calmly said: “integrate it immediately and let the ancestors of Yinshan continue to attract fire. You know, I need this time.”

Wei Xun backhanded took out a ghost worm: “I have to study it.”

To tell the truth, Wei Xun has put too little thought on the evil ghost insect recently. Corn shoots, Tong Hege, puppet master, devourer, team leader assessment, Nezha spirit, title tasks, etc. too many more important things occupied his attention.

It’s important to swallow Polygonum multiflorum essence with evil ghost insects this time. Wei Xun’s eBay noticed the change of evil ghost insects! is——

“If you look at it this way, every evil ghost worm will change greatly.”

Yu Hehui took a bug, put it in his hand and observed it for a long time. He concluded: “it’s even advanced in eBay.”

Every evil ghost bug is still a bad devil bug. It has evolution, and what’s special about it? It has a change. It’s more dead – but this is also the original characteristic of evil ghost bugs.

When they were in northern Tibet, they were a swarm of insects catalyzed and mutated by radiation. The evil spirits devoured the radioactive Blackstone mine in northern Tibet and just filled their stomachs, also in order to absorb the radioactive substances in them.

These radioactive substances will be integrated into the venom in the poison gland by the special body structure of the evil ghost insect. Once attacked, the evil ghost insect will release toxins through biting or hair on the body.

This characteristic is more obvious when they become a magic bug.

They eat soil rich in dead gas – of course, there is a lot of dead gas in each soil, which is digested by the natural environment. But the evil insects swallow too much. Like earthworms, they eat soil, rocks and minerals. The dead gas turns into liquid and exists in their poison glands. What they pull out is pure soil stones.

It’s strange that white deer has hit the wall again recently!

I’m afraid it’s the first thing to find that Xiaotangshan’s dead spirit is gradually decreasing!

Nature’s cleaner, huh?

Yu Hehui has a plug. He pinches and explodes a ghost insect. The black liquid falling into his palm is more than the amount of three soybeans.

These evil ghost insects are the result of Xiaocui’s integration into Wang Ji, the fallen horse scorpion. The venom gland is larger, storing more ‘venom’, and the conversion efficiency is amazing. It is because the dead gas is stored in the venom gland by the evil ghost insects, and the poison is absorbed by them, so the changes of the evil ghost insects are not as big as they are.

Yu Hehui even breathed a sigh of relief. The situation was particularly bad.

He is most afraid that these evil spirits will mutate and break away from the control of Wei Xun and Xiaocui. Now look at the situation, how is it?


“How many evil spirits are there on Xiaotang mountain now?”

5954?? Moreover, they have only been on Xiaotang mountain for two days!


Wei Xun coughed gently. He said gently: “about 20000?”

Yu Hehui became stiff, and so did shanweng, who eavesdropped on their conversation.

Do you know what it means to be born from zero to 20000 in only two days.

We usually only use two words to describe such people: Xiaocui.

“This, this… God…”

Yu Hehui’s voice trembled. Wei Xun saw that his eyes were distracted and shanweng was trembling. It was rare to have the meaning of “giving birth to a child”. He respected Xiaocui: “is it really a child? She is also born once an hour now.”

One thousand eggs were born at a time. Each egg was buried in the soil for half an hour. It hatched into a ghost insect, but the user began to eat the soil crazily. Moreover, the vast majority of the evil ghost insects are put in Xiaotang mountain by Wei Xun. After all, the corn shoots are in the underground palace, which has its authority. All the evil ghost insects in the underground palace only hide their grievances in stone bricks.

“And it’s also important.”

Wei Xun’s reason: “they are too weak. Even if they form a swarm, a corn shoot will kill them all. It’s mainly luck this time.”

Luck, just in time, swallowed up the dead gas in the soil and said how strong the evil insects are, which is really their characteristic – and Xiaocui believed that Wei Xun wanted to plant the whole Xiaotang mountain full of insects and kept trying to grow, but Wei Xun provided her with unlimited amount of pollen, white jade Scorpion nectar, magic honey and so on.

Just let Xiaocui have 20000 children.

“You… This… I…”

Yu Hehui was speechless for a moment. For a long time, he took a deep breath: “Wei Xun, that Hydrangea, you must ask Nezha Ling tonight. Is it the most important thing to make, learn, and learn about this journey?”

“You must take away these 20000, 20000 dead ghost insects.”

Now these evil spirits buried in the soil are like regular bombs. This is the amount of dead gas released by the keel for several months. A single, even dozens, hundreds of evil spirits died. But Guo Weixun manipulated the 20000 evil spirits to explode at the same time——

Yu Hehui looked at Wei Xun and saw that Wei Xun was listening to him carefully. Unexpectedly, he said that he was clever——

Wei Xun should have done this.

Yu Hehui thought for sure, but he didn’t know what to do, and he put it under the top.

I think so. Do you dare to force Wei Xun? He put his words first. If anyone dares to force Wei Xun to a desperate situation——

This man will be sorry.

* *

“Brother, do you still want to learn samadhi true fire tonight?”

That night, near midnight, the night practice with Nezha Ling began again. This time, some passengers are surprised. The big eBay is in a mess and is dealing with the outbreak of death again. At the end of the rehearsal last night, the earth cracked, and the dead gas broke out for the first time. Three hours is the second time, and it’s also the twelfth night.

Hearing that Wei Xun had to learn samadhi true fire, nezhaling regretted: “I wanted to tell you about the keel.”

Obviously, although nezhaling had been making waves outside all the time, nezhaling had a clear understanding of what happened in the underground palace.

“Practice samadhi real fire first, then talk about the keel.”

Wei Xun said with a smile: “brother, it’s a long time tonight.”


A cry of “brother” filled Nezha’s spirit with movement. On the spot, he was ready to roll his sleeves and beat his brother. However, Wei Xun’s appeal tonight is the same as that of last night.

“Hydrangea? The magic weapon with samadhi true fire as the core?”


Wei Xun carefully observed Nezha Ling’s expression. He saw that Nezha Ling looked like he was in a dilemma, but he was also particularly in a dilemma. There was a number in the dilemma.

“I can teach you, but if I teach you this, our special training may have to be terminated temporarily.”

Sure enough, nezhaling agreed. He was serious: “brother, although I want to teach you many things, you are so annoying in this hotel. Do you understand what I mean?”

Wei Xun knew that he had completed the entrusted task and cleaned up the dirt like Nezha spirit, so he returned several times of Nezha spirit’s help and instructions.

However, Nezha’s Spirit gave him too much help in refining magic weapons with samadhi real fire, which would directly exhaust the opportunities he obtained from Nezha’s spirit. This is also the rule of the brigade. You must abide by it during the journey.

“OK, please, brother, tonight.”

Wei Xun hesitated so much that he thought about how many questions to ask together tonight. Seeing his response, nezhaling was also happy: “brother, do you have any bias, Hydrangea?”

“Large capacity, enough live animals.”

“,  problem.”

Nezha Ling patted his chest and promised that when his hand turned over, a true fire of samadhi ignited. Compared with Wei Xun’s, the true fire of samadhi is bigger and more prosperous. In the flame, I vaguely see an embroidered ball the size of a table tennis ball, decorated with five Tassels and floating in the flame.

“Although it’s small, my Hydrangea is full of five thousand magic soldiers and ghost generals!”

Nezha Spirit said proudly.

But Wei Xun wanted to stop talking.

“Why, five thousand yuan is enough?”

Nezha’s spirit looked at his words and expressions. He quickly found Wei Xun’s expression and comforted him: “don’t worry, my magic weapon exists, but it also attacks. If you give up the attack and use it to expand the capacity, you can double it.”

Wei Xun stopped talking.

“What? Ten thousand eBay is enough?”

Nezhaling was surprised: “brother, how much do you want to install?”


The number turned around in Wei Xun’s mind. 20000 is only the current number. There will be more people in the current user name. What’s more, Wei Xun will definitely have other insects.

If it’s once and for all, it’s the best.

Wei Xun’s user name said:

“Install a hundred thousand first?”

Nezha Ling:??


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