TTG Chapter 214

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 214: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (44)


Nezhaling’s small face was full of great doubts. He almost suspected that his ears were broken.

“Brother, did you just say a number?”


Wei Xun sighed, “I want to say one million…”

Clearly, firmly, and hesitant, this will make sure that Zha Ling is full of an indescribable complex desire. He does not understand this feeling. He wants to make complaints about it. He only feels like he has a little itch. He wants to play his brother’s head as a racket, so that his brother can calm down and calm himself down.

“Brother, how do you calculate your Hydrangea?”

When Nezha’s spirit was ready to slap people, Wei Xunshi asked, “by quantity, volume, or the number of living bodies?”


Nezhaling uttered another interrogative modal particle. Obviously, he also thought so much.

After all, although the Hydrangea in his hand claimed to be able to hold 5000 divine soldiers and ghosts, Nezha’s spirit had fought with gods and ghosts. Before, he cut off the spiritual body of negative emotions and dared to put it in the hydrangea. After all, the core of this magic weapon is samadhi true fire. I’m afraid it won’t burn all of it.

So Nezha Ling’s Hydrangea was full, and five thousand Hydrangea was like an imaginary number representing large capacity.

“The number of living bodies… Is also wrong.”

Wei Xun asked, which made Nezha’s spirit think carefully. Then he scattered the true fire of samadhi and revealed the original appearance of Hydrangea: “look at these five tassels, brother.”

There are tassels on the hydrangea, which Wei Xun found long ago. The number of tassels seems to correspond to the volume of Hydrangea, so Wei Xun asked what the maximum limit is.

If he had the upper limit, he could inlay the hydrangea with tassels!

“The tassel is for the purpose of placing the head, and the hydrangea is for the plague ghost soldiers brought by the head.”

Nezha Ling explained, “each tassel is divided into yin and Yang, and each is equipped with a leader. The two leaders are one. There are eight and sixteen leaders in total, so this Hydrangea is also called eight petal ball.”

In other words, normally, there should be eight yin-yang tassels on the hydrangea, but there are only five on nezhaling’s hydrangea. As for why Wei Xun asked, Nezha Ling took the initiative to tell him that he was not the real Nezha. According to the legend, Nezha should have mythical weapons, which he would own only according to various legends in the eight armed Nezha city.

This Hydrangea is an example. It was made from the flame in the mixed sky silk extracted by Nezha Ling and condensed with the flame. It can be said that Hydrangea is the only magic weapon refined by Nezha spirit. Although it is different from the legendary appearance, Nezha Ling has the deepest understanding of it.

So I can teach Wei Xun how to practice, but I can’t use other magic weapons.

“Brother means that how many ‘ghost soldiers’ can be put in the hydrangea depends on the leader in the tassel?”


Nezha spirit looked at the evil ghost insect Wei Xun gave him – he didn’t care that what Wei Xun wanted to pack was an insect: “you’re a demon soldier, which is different from the magic soldier and the ghost general. How many ghost soldiers can the leader in the tassel control? You can pack as many as you can in the hydrangea.”

“Of course, that’s the theory. But if you want to install too many magic soldiers…”

Nezha’s spirit frowned, “with your samadhi fire, I’m afraid you can suppress only one or two thousand.”

Wei Xun asked carefully and confirmed the function of hydrangea. First, how many magic insects it can hold is related to the leader in the tassel. This is not a problem. The devil bug and the ghost soldier God will be different. As long as Wei Xun puts Xiaocui in the tassel, most devil bugs can be perfectly controlled by her.

The second problem is tricky and involves the magic weapon Ben. This Hydrangea can be said to be a magic weapon for growth. How strong the original samadhi true fire is, how strong its capacity and attack are. For example, the hydrangea of Nezha spirit now has five yin-yang tassels, which can hold ten leaders.

But Wei Xun’s samadhi fire… Hiss, Nezha spirit can refine a yin-yang tassel at most. What’s more, the magic soldiers inside the hydrangea can’t be loaded too much, otherwise once the magic pressure passes through the flame, this magic weapon will collapse by itself.

“Of course, you can also integrate all kinds of natural materials and earth treasures, Xuanjin meteorite iron and so on, but it involves forging, I don’t know.”

Nezha Ling said frankly that he could only rub the ball with samadhi real fire, but he didn’t really know how to refine magic weapons.



Wei Xun thought a little and lit a flame. It is not only samadhi true fire, but also the fusion flame of samadhi true fire, Phoenix Fire and three color magic flame: “brother, look at this fire.”

“Can you use the fusion flame as the core of Hydrangea?”

The fusion flame is stronger than the single samadhi true fire. The most important thing is that there are three color magic flames in it. Compared with the pure and rigid samadhi true fire, magic fire is simply an alternative flame full of strong magic gas. This kind of fire must have a high tolerance for demons and insects. Supplemented by a stable nirvana, the hydrangea should be better than the pure samadhi true fire.

Moreover, Wei Xun always felt that the ghost soldiers of the plague array mentioned by nezhaling had stayed in the hydrangea for a long time, and he was afraid that their strength or life would be damaged. After all, samadhi true fire can limit them and suppress them. It’s like keeping penguins in the tropics for a long time. Who can stand it.

Evil Qi is also restrained by fire, which is the same truth. Now these evil spirits are dead again. Wei Xun really suspects that they will burn down.

“Eh, your aura in the flame is heavy. You must have refined it. It’s a treasure of heaven and earth.”

The fusion flame was fought by Nezha Spirit himself to Wei Xun last night. Now he was not surprised to see Wei Xun take it out. He just looked at it carefully and praised it: “the aura is good, and I think there are two auras, one strong and one weak, but they are harmonious, as if they come from one body.”

“Is it your special role of” golden elixir ”

“Yes, No.”

He asked Nezha Ling for a golden elixir, but Wei Xun didn’t hide it. Nezha’s spirit could see the aura in the fusion flame. Of course, the strong one belonged to the Taisui golden elixir, and the weak one was the essence of Polygonum multiflorum. After all, shanweng had been refined.

But Wei Xun thought, “after refining the spirit, there will be something on the flame?”

Be careful when using fusion flame in the future.

“Of course, anything burned by fire will naturally affect the flame.”

Nezha Ling had his own saying. According to him, what was burned by fire lost its original appearance. No matter what happened before, it will only turn into a mass of ashes. Its original essence, Qi and spirit are half scattered in the natural world and half integrated into the fire.

Wei Xun listened thoughtfully and thought that Wang pengpai seemed to have said the rules of driving corpses in Xiangxi before, and the corpses burned in the fire could not be driven.

However, ordinary flames always go out. When the flame goes out, the essence and spirit integrated into the flame will return to nature again, and perhaps a Yin Fire will remain. But samadhi true fire is different from this special flame.

As long as you don’t think about it, it will burn down forever, and the essence, Qi and spirit of the things burned by samadhi true fire will also be preserved in the fire.

“But don’t worry, most people can’t see it.”

Nezha’s spirit comforted, “I can see that it’s just that I feel the imbalance of aura in your flame.”

If ginseng essence, Polygonum multiflorum and Taisui were refined to connect the three spirits, the difference in the flame would not be found again.

The most ingenious thing is that there are three kinds of flames fused by Wei Xun, and there are also three kinds of top spirit objects. His flames are hard pounded together. Although they are integrated, they are not perfect. However, although the auras of the three spirits seem different, they have the same origin.

The most wonderful thing is the wood fire aid. If the fire burns these three spirit objects, it will truly integrate perfectly.

“To be on the safe side, I don’t suggest you build Hydrangea with fusion flame. It’s too unstable and it’s easy to fall short.”

Nezha’s Spirit said positively, “but you have good luck, so this method is feasible for you. You just have to burn other spirit objects as soon as possible.”

After saying this, Nezha Ling smiled again: “good brother, I think there is a fire in your fusion flame. There is a fire that has an endless power of rebirth. If you use this fire to refine Hydrangea, the magic soldiers you deposit in Hydrangea won’t be much damaged in the future.”

Sure enough, Wei Xun was relieved. He had been worried about this before. But then Wei Xun frowned: “will it be refined in the future?”

“Yes, it will be refined in the future.”

Nezha Ling said naturally and handed the flame back to Wei Xun. He didn’t seem to think what he said was wrong: “I’ll teach you the pithy formula and key points of refining hydrangea. Take your time. With your understanding and talent, you may have been able to refine it long ago without saying ninety-nine and eighty-one days.”

“How early is it?”

“Hey, brother, are you in a hurry?”

Nezha Ling was surprised and asked subconsciously, “do you want to use it?”

Wei Xun said bluntly, “just tonight.”

“I want to use it tonight. Please help me.”

“Hiss -”

Nezhaling took a breath of air-conditioning on the spot and faintly produced PTSD to the sentence “brother, help me”. Listening, he wanted to escape: “I said brother, you are not an impatient person. Now you are not perfect to integrate the flame!”

“But brother, I’m really in a hurry.”

Wei Xun sighed and looked worried. Turn to the dying keel.

“It has been a dragon vein for thousands of years, but it is different from ordinary evil dragons.”

When nezhaling talked about the dragon bone, his attitude was different from that of other Dragons: “it is reasonable to say that it has become a dragon vein for thousands of years, which is a great merit. The mountain god here should start to reshape the dragon body for it.”

But the mountain god disappeared thousands of years ago. The mountain god disappeared, but the mountain god underground palace that suppressed the dragon vein is still there. The keel is dead. When the old promise comes, it’s no wonder that the dragon soul is full of resentment. He doesn’t even want to be a dragon pulse. He wants to turn into a blood dragon soul and escape.

“This turned into a blood dragon soul, which is an evil thing that everyone can kill. Heaven will punish it day and night until it is chopped to death.”

Nezha’s spirit thought deeply. What he thought was whether the blood dragon soul could attract the attention of some heavenly punishments if it was born? In this way, it will be easy for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum.

The evil dragon and the blood dragon soul that belong to the imperial mausoleum are also included. The latter is definitely concerned by heaven.

“I think so. If the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty had a ready-made keel, would it be easy to accept it in the imperial mausoleum?”

Wei Xun was considerate and said, “this is my brother’s humble opinion, but I also think that there are many dangers for the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum. The most difficult thing should be the pass of Hualong.”

Sacrifice, imperial mausoleum, once the will of the Ming emperor, there are many difficult problems. However, it was obvious that the only reason Wei Xun was punished by heaven was that Jiao turned into a dragon.

“Yes, but it’s not feasible.”

Nezha’s spirit thought  Wei Xun deviated a little, but when he thought about it, he shook his head again: “the keel is dying, releasing a lot of dead Qi. The keel can’t be used…”

“Yes, so I let my magic soldiers absorb the dead spirit and wonder if I can get a clean keel out -”

“Did you say…?”

Nezha Ling was shocked and lost his voice. He stared at Wei Xun: “did you say it again?! magic soldier, absorb the dead breath…  bug?!”

Nezhaling suddenly recalled what Wei Xun had just said, from Hydrangea to magic soldiers to large capacity, and then to urgent use tonight. It took a long time for him to find his voice: “100000?”

“You buried hundreds of thousands of insects in this mountain?! they were all full of magic gas?!”

Wei Xunyi said at the beginning that the capacity of Hydrangea is 100000! Although he said a million later

Nezha’s spirit rarely dared to think about it again.

“There are so many, really so many.”

Wei Xuncheng modestly raised two fingers: “only 20000 people have died.”

Oh, only 20000. Fortunately, only 20000.

Nezha Ling was strangely relieved. He thought his brother was really reliable. He was a man who knew how to be measured, but 20000 magic soldiers… 20000 people have died.

“You, your 20000 magic soldiers are underground in Xiaotang mountain…”

“Yes, they are very obedient. They hide in the ground of Xiaotangshan and come out.”

Listening and speaking

Even if Nezha Ling didn’t have to breathe, he subconsciously gasped and almost asked his brother – since he was obedient, why should he refine embroidered balls to pack them?

Are you really obedient!

“I originally wanted to absorb the dead spirit on the keel. Can this keel help the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum?”

Wei Xun was nervous and sorry: “but now it seems that I was too reckless and took it for granted.”

“No, no, no, it’s not your fault.”

Seeing his brother’s rare depression, Nezha Ling’s first reaction was comfort. On second thought, many feelings rose in his heart.

Let the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum, the only thing is his obsession. My brother had done enough before. Nezhaling also thought that Wei Xun could do more. However, his brother always kept this in mind and wanted to help him all the time!

Twenty thousand magic soldiers… Twenty thousand magic soldiers who devour the dead spirit should be very difficult to control. Otherwise, my brother won’t be anxious to ask him about the refining method of Hydrangea tonight. If this is a demon soldier riot, it is also a difficult disaster to deal with.

But, but

However, Nezha Ling blamed him in his heart. He was only moved and mixed. He opened his mouth, but he felt that simple praise and moving could not repay his brother for his efforts.

“Say hydrangea.”

Nezha spirit took a deep breath and slowly vomited out: “the top priority is to hide your magic soldiers.”

Yes, hide! The dragon soul will never give up when the keel is fast approaching death. If the magic soldiers gather in Xiaotang mountain again, once they find out, they are likely to involve their younger brother!

Or if a person with a heart wants to harm his brother, just kill the weak but evil soldiers who can swallow the evil gas – kill half, and let Xiaotangshan completely pollute the dead gas. This is a great sin, and his brother will be killed alive!

Nezhaling repeatedly confirmed that Wei Xun had a leader who could control all the magic soldiers. After receiving the confirmation reply, he said decisively: “if you determine that one leader can control all the magic soldiers, you can refine only one yin-yang tassel, and the other focus is on the hydrangea book.”

It can carry 20000 magic soldiers… No, no, look at my brother’s meaning. Maybe the magic soldiers are out of control and growing rapidly.

50000… 100000.

According to the number of 100000, Rao and Nezha spirit felt difficult. Thinking about it, he asked, “brother, do you have a magic weapon for storage? Such as Mrs. Wang’s wind bag?”

Last night, Wei Xun took out the maniac’s sword. Nezhaling knew that his brother had magic weapons on it. Although not top-level, most of them are rare growth departments.

“If you can integrate a magic weapon, you may greatly reduce the refining speed.”

“Magic weapon…”

Wei Xun pondered that he had been thinking about this before, but he had been weighing the pros and cons and could make up his mind.

“Brother, look at this.”

Finally, Wei Xun took out the magic insect ball and a storage prop and gave it to Nezha spirit to watch. The most important thing is the magic bug ball.

“I think it’s the most appropriate magic weapon.”

It can store magic insects without feeding. It can also maintain the vitality and vitality of magic insects, regardless of size, only in terms of quantity. It can also feed back the characteristics of magic insects in the ball to the swarm and Wei Xun. In Wei Xun’s opinion, the ball of magic insects is the best insect storage prop in his heart.

It’s just that it can hold too few magic bugs. The magic bug controller has the title of “one step up purple”, and Wei Xun still has a clue. Nor can it complement the “broken magic bug ball”.

Wei Xun observed nezhaling’s expression and saw that he didn’t move other storage props at all. He paid attention to the magic bug ball. He knew that his speculation was good. The magic bug ball was the most suitable for transformation.

“But I want it to keep its original characteristics.”

The responsibility aura of the responsible devil bug, the talent of Ladybug three generations to see the joy value and responsibility system, and the hidden person of the magic mosquito Xiaojin all rely on the ball of the devil bug.

Oh, and of course Xiaocui’s breeders. Wei Xun suspected that Xiaocui was also catalyzed by the ball of magic insects.

It would be a pity if it became a simple insect storage prop.

Wei Xun solemnly asked, “brother, can you do this?”

* *

“Have you decided to transform the orb of the devil bug?”

At 3:30 a.m., Wei Xun returned to the underground palace. Yu Hehui greeted him and listened to him briefly talk about tonight’s night practice. He grasped the key point.


Wei Xun said, “it’s not refining Hydrangea, it’s embedding the fusion flame into  transforming the devil’s ball into a double-layer ball.”

Wei Xun generally said that Yu Hehui understood. Nezha Ling suggested that the fusion flame be condensed into a small Hydrangea and stuffed into the ball of magic insects. The ball of the devil insect surrounding the small Hydrangea has played the role of the original “tassel”.

In other words, if the transformation is successful, the effect of the magic bug ball will remain unchanged, and the magic bugs put into the magic bug ball by Wei Xun will be equivalent to the leader. Like the swarm of evil spirits, they can be stored in the small Hydrangea inside.

After that, Wei Xun can get the worm swarm, magic mosquito swarm, bee swarm and so on, which can also be stored like this!

“This kind of magic insect ball must be a legendary or peak prop.”

Listening to Wei Xun’s description, it’s good everywhere, but Yu Hehui thought deeply: “the ball of the devil bug is your exclusive prop. Your title is still in the order of the order of the order of the order. It’s difficult to go up the order of the order.”

Wei Xun’s title of magic bug is still dark blue, and the corresponding magic bug ball is also difficult to improve. Forced lifting may lead to the collapse of props, which is not worth the loss.

“I think so. Hehui, you should have more experience in this area.”

Wei Xun asked, “can exclusive props be embedded together?”


Yu Hehui frowned, thought for a moment, and said in surprise: “do you mean… You want Hydrangea to become the exclusive prop of a mythical flame title???”

“This, this is a little…”

Wei Xun’s imagination is really strong, but the hydrangea with the fusion of fire as the core can really bear the title of exclusive props. Even though Wei Xun has completed the task completely, he has won the orange title. But at least it’s a serious name.

Yu Hehui was not optimistic about refining hydrangea. In this hotel, except that Wang Yushu has the orange title of “replicator” and can imitate all kinds of props, regardless of categories. Unless others have corresponding titles, such as “arms dealer” manufacturing arms, “Maoshan Taoist” pictorial symbol, “clay figurine Zhang” kneading clay figurine, it is difficult to make Taoist tools.

Wei Xun also has the titles of refining and creation. He wants to refine a prop out of thin air. It will be very difficult, but with the name “creating a title exclusive prop”, he wants to refine hydrangea. Maybe the hotel will also provide some help.

After all, if Wei Xun is really created, the hotel will not have to distribute special props to him in the future.

Save money.

“Exclusive props are chimeric and do not affect each other…”

Yu Hehui’s thinking has changed. Unexpectedly, he is really thinking about the possibility of this matter. The result of thinking is——

“I think it’s possible.”

The first is that Wei Xun’s magic insect ball is currently in a “damaged” state. Its damaged state is better than that of the full version, which is conducive to transformation and repair. Originally, the direct impact of its damage was that there were only five magic insects. Why don’t you add a small Hydrangea inner tank that can carry the multi magic insects? It’s not ‘repaired’.

This was also mentioned by Nezha Ling. The broken magic insect ball made it possible to build a small Hydrangea inside. The “Nirvana” of Phoenix Fire and the “magic” of three color magic flame are very consistent with the ball of magic insects and transformation and repair.

“The second is that the title task of your mythical flame has not been completed yet.”

Yu Hehui said seriously, “even if you really practice Hydrangea, the hotel won’t let it have too high a level.”

The exclusive props of the orange title must at least be the highest level of the legendary peak. However, when Wei Xun’s task is completed and the title is in hand, the hotel also has a certain judgment standard.

Wei Xun combines three kinds of flames, and already has two characteristics of ‘fire extinguishing’ (three color magic flame) and ‘stealing fire’ (Phoenix Fire). The degree of task completion should not be too low.

 the hydrangea made by him with fusion flame is probably at the level of “amazing” under legend, or at the level of “special” below, and the probability of “amazing” is relatively high.

The damaged magic insect ball is probably in the “special” file.

That is to say, even if Wei Xun puts a Hydrangea in the magic insect ball and uses Phoenix Fire as lubrication, the apparent level difference between the two is not much. Perhaps, it seems that the probability of success is not very low!

“Just succeed.”

Wei Xun nodded with satisfaction. The biggest advantage of transforming the magic insect ball is the short time. This is not a magic weapon made out of thin air. It is to repair the existing props. Of course, it is easier.

“If only there were professional advice.”

Yu Hehui hooked the corner of his mouth and said steadily, “if you have enough time, it’s best for the dreamer to ask Wang Yushu. But…”

“What happened again?”

Wei Xun asked keenly.

“At three o’clock, there was another outbreak of death.”

Yu Hehui was serious: “I helped. Zhou Xiyang and Augustus had a fight, and the momentum was not small.”

It is said that Yu Hehui wanted to help. Yu Hehui wanted five points to help and five points to spy on Wei Xun.

After all, Wei Xun is behind the change of scenic spots. This kind of scenic spots is too scary. Yu Hehui needs to confirm the information that passengers on both sides have and ensure that they think of Wei Xun.

But Yu Hehui saw it with her own eyes, but found that the situation was not optimistic.

“Zhou Xiyang, they only took out half of the root whiskers of Polygonum multiflorum, and this was obtained by the ancestors of Yinshan. There are other spirits in the underground palace.”

“But Augustus, they brought a lot of blood, and the outbreak of death shocked nearly 100 dead spirits. Among them, the most powerful one has almost super four-star power.”

Blood food strengthens the dragon soul. The dead spirit is with the dragon soul… Or the dead spirit is made by the dragon soul.

Wei Xun knows clearly and continues to listen to Yu Hehui’s report.

“Xiyang, he’s ready to go to the ground.”

Yu Hehui whispered, “although Xiyang won the confrontation, this is not the way.”

Mia activated the “materialized vision”, but she and Augustus became the core of the monster camp. But the core is the core, and the key combat power is still on Meckel’s side. Meike’er rowed and yuntianhe looked around for C 250. He simply appeared on October 10. No wonder they couldn’t win under the blessing of many dead spirits.

But the problem of the collapse of the underground keel must be solved, otherwise it will definitely affect the performance at night.

“He’s going to come to the ground after the death outbreak at 6 a.m. to catch the behind the scenes.”

Yu Hehui looked at Wei Xun’s wrist and thought of his “grasp”. He was very upset.

“Zhou Xiyang noticed Tong Hege.”

As soon as the three key words Shenjing, Polygonum multiflorum and Taisui come out, I’m afraid the first generation of tourists and tour guides, especially those who have dealt with the initial return journey, will be impressed. Zhou Xiyang can’t miss this news.

Especially after Yu Hehui came back to life, they have many hopes in their hearts and will pay special attention to this aspect.

The pain is that even if they pay more attention, they can’t step in and do it.

Fortunately, C250 can be done.

“He would never sacrifice them with ginseng essence.”

Yu Hehui looked at Wei Xun again and felt that he was completely wrong no matter what he did. Even if 20000 were released this time, 20000 evil ghost insects

Twenty thousand is still too much.

Yu Hehui’s face was expressionless: “so the only way for the Taoist camp to solve the problem is to solve the behind the scenes and let the dead spirit return to the dragon bone again.”


Wei Xun replied, it’s 3:30 now, and Zhou Xiyang leaves at 6:00… There’s not much time left for him to refine the magic bug ball. An Xuefeng left a deep impression on Wei Xun. Wei Xun never underestimated such a person who came out of the criminal police.

Even if the evil spirits are hidden deep underground, it is inevitable that Zhou Xiyang will find clues.

But if you directly tell Zhou Xiyang that Wei Xun is behind the scenes, this is not Wei Xun’s style. Moreover, telling Zhou Xiyang this will not have any beneficial impact on the situation.

Would he, Wei Xun, throw back his dead breath?

Joke, think beautiful.

“The next time death breaks out, you hold Zhou Xiyang… No, it’s me.”

Wei Xun gave Yu Hehui a small box and told him, “you secretly throw this into the crack. If you come back from chasing your dream, you’ll go with him. Don’t let the puppet master find out, Ming.”

“Here is -”

As a result, Yu Hehui had an ominous premonition and subtle resistance in his tone.

“This is Xiaocui’s 3000 eggs.”

Wei Xun said casually that from early morning to three o’clock, Xiaocui gave birth to 3000, which is very reasonable. But he buried the egg in Xiaotangshan and put it away.

“Wait, forget it.”

Wei Xun was immersed in his thoughts. Seeing Yu Hehui’s suffocating expression, he took back his eggs again. The concentration of dead gas in the ground fissure is too high. There should be no survivors.

“Mix the royal jelly with the dead gas thick slurry one by one and soak the insect eggs.”

Wei Xun said decisively that he was reluctant to let his children catch the wolf. After such treatment, the vitality of the eggs will be tenacious. Even one or two of the hatched evil ghost insects can only survive in the crack and mutate. From then on, if they can stand the dead breath, Xiaocui can extract this base and give birth to new and mutated magic insects.

“There’s another room.”

Wei Xun reckons that there is an outbreak of death in the three hours, that is, once at 6:00, once at 9:00 and once at 12:00 noon. Three times of mutation, three times of rebirth and three times of screening. In this way, Xiaocui’s regenerated ghost insect may be able to withstand the dead pressure in the underground palace.

Wei Xun plans to take back all the evil insects around Xiaotang mountain, and then send a new mutant evil insect to eat and drink at home.

“Do you think this method is feasible?”

Yu Hehui… Yu Hehui didn’t want to talk and was even a little confused. He then heard Wei Xun regret: “if only she could send Xiaocui down directly, would you say she could have some dragon soul breath and have a baby with the dragon soul? But I’m not sure. I can’t leave her alone. If I do it myself… Eh, wait.”

As soon as Wei Xun’s eyes shine, someone will suffer.

“I forgot the puppet master, puppet master… The ancestor of Yinshan… That’s right.”

Wei Xun asked, “Shan Weng’s theft is now on Yin Mountain’s ancestral home, isn’t it?”


Yu Hehui said: “6143

She took the initiative to stand up and show everyone that shanweng is on her! In particular, she gave Zhou Xiyang half of the root of Polygonum multiflorum, and she took this point.

“She’s an interesting person.”

Wei Xun was interested and tapped his finger.

At three o’clock in the morning, Yu Hehui died and was present. The ancestor of Yinshan gave the root of Polygonum multiflorum to Zhou Xiyang. Yu Hehui made a noise. She may have judged that C250 and told Zhou Xiyang about Polygonum multiflorum, so she came out to bear it by herself.

And she might also hint that Zhou Xiyang is the puppet of the puppet master like Wei Xun.

Don’t think it’s silly. There are many advantages.

First, her performance will make Zhou Xiyang mistakenly think that the puppet master wants to help Tong Hege. No matter what the puppet master behind him does, even if the real ownership of Polygonum multiflorum explodes, this is also an attitude. It is a yangmou. It will certainly be rewarded by the return journey and the sunset Brigade in the future.

Second, she was charged with stealing Polygonum multiflorum essence and attracted all the firepower of Mrs. Wang for C 250. From this point of view alone, she really lightened Wei Xun’s burden, so that he didn’t have to tangle with his wife.

Third, she stood up so high-profile that Wei Xun suspected that it was also related to the puppet master who wanted to lead out Zhikui’s work.

As for the battle between “Yao” and “madam”, there is no difference. In the underground palace, Zhongwei and so on are all small people in the side of the ground.

This person is smooth and cautious. No one offends him. He makes a good return trip, makes a good friend with the sunset brigade, indirectly makes a good friend with the dream chaser, and is good for the blood relative C 250 of the life seeker.

“The best of both worlds.”

Wei Xun smiled.


During the discussion between Wei Xun and Yu Hehui, the dreamer came back. Dream chasing Bruce Lee lies on Wei Xun’s shoulder and casually tells them about the performance of the butcher alliance to save Zhang xingzang in front of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. The puppet master meets the needs of both sides and master duanshui.

“She is such a person. But be careful, this person has a heart.”

The dreamer warned, “she looks good to you, but she can throw you to hell. To her, everyone is like a puppet. Never believe that she will treat others sincerely.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t believe her.”

Wei Xun has deep meaning: “I just like this mature and smooth person.”

People who are smooth, mature and rational and will not be angry with you are good.

Such people are best suited to be ‘behind the scenes’.

“Hehui, the ancestor of Yinshan is interested in the underground keel. Let’s spread it out.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “don’t say anything else, just pass on this one.”

When the news came out, the puppet master would feel that C 250 did not trust her. Although he promised to cooperate with her, he still needed a guarantee. But she should take it for granted – the brother of a life – playing man should be so suspicious.

Especially after Wei Xun showed her pure and dead spirit, the puppet master will be smooth and treat him carefully.

After the news comes out, the passengers are likely to connect the puppet master with the behind the scenes man who collects dead breath. But the puppet master is also very likely not to make any excuse, but to carry the black pot silently.

She’s so smooth that she can’t even carry the pot alone.

and if she really tolerates it, she can confirm that the ancestor of Yinshan is indeed related to the puppet master.

Puppet Master, it’s very useful.

Yu Hehui said silently that although Wei Xun said it bluntly, that’s how Wei Xun looked.

“Hehui, please.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, turned his eyes, held the dream chaser’s paw and said intimately, “I’m really not familiar with chasing dreams and refining props. Please give me some advice.”

The mantra and key points of flame condensation Hydrangea have been explained to Wei Xun in detail. The key is how to integrate it into the magic insect ball without damaging the magic insect ball.

“You are so brave.”

The dreamer could not help laughing and shaking his head. From C 250, he was so bold that he let the puppet master bear the black pot. The dreamer felt a little cunning. What he did was a kind of indifference and arrogance to the class.

People will subconsciously have an instinctive awe of the characters above the class, but the word awe never seems to go with C 250. This makes the dreamer think of the playful man.

But looking at shanweng and Taisui Jindan who are reluctant to leave, the dreamer feels that C250 is not like a life playing man.

“Let me see.”

* *

At 5:30 in the morning, the fourth floor of the underground palace.

The ancestor of Yinshan is in a daze.

She feels that the development direction of the current situation is a little different from what she imagined.


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