TTG Chapter 215

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 215: 480000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

Didn’t you notice her hint? Just think of her as the ancestor of Yinshan?

No, no, my blood relatives shouldn’t be fools.

Then he did it on purpose. Or test, test her attitude.

Is this a little guide? Test me?

Yinshan Zhizu felt ridiculous, even some unimaginable. She was a little funny after a long time of absence. Familiar tour guides rarely get angry because of this problem – if C250 thinks it will make her angry and make her do something unexpected, it’s a big mistake.

Isn’t it just a black pot?

“So you’re collecting dead gas?”

Zhou Xiyang frowned. He felt that Yin Shan’s command Zu’s silence was too long to make him think more.

If you want her, she is behind the scenes. If you want her, she has close contact with the behind the scenes!

Zhou Xiyang, who originally made an appointment to talk about the essence of Polygonum multiflorum with her, accidentally found new clues, but he only felt bad.

Toss, trouble!  besides, it will complicate the original simple ——

Ginseng essence, they must not sacrifice the keel. The only way to keep them is to catch the behind the scenes person who collects the dead Qi, pour the dead Qi into the keel and delay its outbreak. Of course, if you are with your own serious brigade, Zhou Xiyang may also want to take away the keel and collect dragon souls.

But now he doesn’t want to get involved at all.

No matter how powerful and cunning the behind the scenes, as long as the problems that can be solved by force and conspiracy are not involved outside the journey, it is a simple problem for Zhou Xiyang.

But on the way to find it, detective Zhou Xiyang heard the news that “Yin Mountain order Zu wants to seek the keel”, and his heart suddenly clicked.

He went down to the fourth floor of the underground palace and inadvertently brought the news when talking with Yinshan commando Zu, which caused an unexpected pause of Yinshan commando Zu.

This made Zhou Xiyang raise his bad idea.


Yinshan commander Zu chuckled. She sat lazily on the stone stool, with her slender fingers exposed from the wide robe sleeves and put her fingertips on the overlapping knees: “do I need to collect death – of course, I am really interested in the keel in the underground palace.”

The black fog still covered her face and couldn’t see any expression clearly. She could only hear from her voice. “If collecting dead gas can help me get the keel, yes, of course I will collect dead gas.”

It should not be down, nor should he deny it, but his tone is ambiguous, which is the swing philosophy of Yin Shan’s ancestors.

She did not deny it immediately because if she denied it, she would regard it as a signal of “refusal to cooperate” in the eyes of C250.

No, she suspected that she would step into the calculation of C250.

Blur this problem and only talk to Zhou Xiyang.

“As long as we solve the problem of the keel… There’s no need to worry about the death of the keel, huh?

Yinshan command Zu smiled with interest: “do you think I’m right?”

“Ah… Speaking of it, I have some friendship with C250 in your team. He also promised to collect keel with me.”

Yes, I just want to get the keel. Will you help me?

Your relationship with C 250, and your attitude towards playing life and blood relatives on your way home, is it good or just playing games?

A few days ago, in order to avoid the censorship of the hotel to the greatest extent, the puppet master had been shielding his own ideological influence, almost sleeping, and “woke up” in the past two days. Therefore, the puppet master’s impression of what happened a few days ago was actually vague.

She needs to master these key information quickly. After all, she is going to Tianshou mountain to be assessed by the team leader of C 250.

The examiner behind him should also be in the field.

“You have the essence of Polygonum multiflorum?”

After listening to the order of Yinshan, Zhou Xiyang’s face was gloomy, and a sharp light seemed to flash in his eyes. Soon he straightened his face and completely closed his mood: “let me see.”

“Don’t worry, it’s time for a Dead Riot right now.”

Strange, difficult, Zhou Xiyang actually has a bad relationship with C 250?

If the ancestor of Yinshan thought about it, he played Tai Chi on the surface: “if I take it and let it be polluted by dead gas or lead to underground dragon soul riots, it will not be beautiful.”

It needs spirit to purify the keel and neutralize the dead Qi, but it’s not good for the dragon soul. It will die if the keel is dead, and it will be purified if the keel is purified – it doesn’t want to be purified and disappear. It wants to be free from the keel, even if it becomes a blood dragon soul!

If the spirits appear in advance, the dragon soul riot can be very powerful. It needs to eradicate all these spirits first!

Yin Shan’s commander Zu said these words not only to cover up that she couldn’t get the “Polygonum multiflorum essence” immediately, but also to remind Zhou Xiyang that the situation is critical – the situation of the three spirits is very dangerous, and distorted the important words to “if Zhou Xiyang wants to save Tong Hege, the only way is to solve the keel!”

Cooperating with her can definitely get rid of the keel as soon as possible. Yinshan Zhizu believes that Zhou Xiyang has this understanding. But——

“Hand over the collected dead gas.”

Zhou Xiyang didn’t like it at all. No matter how she pulled the topic to the keel, Zhou Xiyang insisted on being dead. Unlike the command of the head of the sunset brigade, this man became cold and severe. Like the interrogator, he was more cynical: “don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking!”

What was my idea? You said I was trying to test the attitude relationship between you.

Yinshan Zhizu is also drunk. However, she is a high-quality tour guide, firmly implements her original route, only listens with a smile and does not refute, but gradually, her smile is not hanging.

“Do you want to clean up the underground palace, not only the keel, but also the three spirits?”

“Or do you want to take the keel to the imperial mausoleum and find a chance to turn it into a dragon in the imperial mausoleum?”

“Do you want to collect dead Qi and see the time to detonate them all?”

“You –”

“What do I do when I detonate my anger?”

Yinshan’s command is unimaginable. I just think Zhou Xiyang’s brain is a “problem”.

Well, the first two are right. She has such an idea, but she doesn’t intend to do it by herself, but wants to see the practice of C 250 – she always feels that there is a shadow of playing life, not only the relationship between blood relatives, his every move, some thoughts and choices, and traces of playing life’s teaching.

After all, Xi Mingxiang has been trapped in the Inca Sun Gate for too long. In recent years, although the butcher alliance has been encroaching on the shepherd alliance, the puppet master has never fought with Xi Mingxiang once. The long-term concealment of the other party not only did not relax the puppet master, but made her more cautious and cautious.

Especially after he thought that the examiner of C 250 was very likely to be a playful master, Yin Shan chose to cooperate with C 250 here. He not only wanted the keel, but also wanted to know more about him and understand him through this close cooperation.

But what Zhou Xiyang said just now made the puppet master feel strange.

“Team Zhou, I’m not a terrorist · minute · son.”

The puppet master smiled and said gently, “you don’t have to be so wary of me -”

“You cooperate with C 250. What else can you do?”

Zhou Xiyang said a word and asked her to go. The ancestor of the Yinshan command didn’t think about it for a long time after Zhou Xiyang left.

Is he against her or against C 250?

What exactly does Zhou Xiyang mean?

It’s hard. He actually has a bad attitude towards C 250. He just plays on the spot outside?


If Zu Ruo thought about it, he finally smiled.

C 250, it’s an interesting one.

* *

“Do you think I can control 20000 evil spirits and insects at the same time? Now in one place, and then detonate them together? It’s like a bomb?”

Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief and stared at the magic insect ball in his hand. After three hours of transformation and dream chasing, he just let Wei Xun find out the internal structure of the ball and where the damage and crack of the ball are.

At the same time, a light red “Hydrangea” the size of a table tennis ball “rolled and floated in the fusion flame. Taisui Jindan sat on it and giggled like riding a Trojan horse.

With the help of Taisui’s golden elixir aura, the embryo of Hydrangea congeals well, but it is still far from the magic weapon “Zhengyi”. Fortunately, Wei Xun wants its embryo. The next key is to send the embryo of Hydrangea into the ball of magic insects through the broken crack of the ball.

It’s about to arrive at the sixth day, and another deadly riot is about to attack. Wei Xun takes advantage of the situation to collect the seeds of Hydrangea and Taisui golden elixir, relax and pursue dreams, and have a chat.

But I can’t relax after listening to C 250 talking to him about chasing dreams.

“I suggest you don’t do this.”

Take a deep breath: “don’t destroy the surrounding environment during the journey, do you remember?”

“I remember. You can’t even throw away the packaging paper.”

Then why do you still want to detonate a dead bomb?!

“But you’re right.”

It’s really not easy to call 20000 evil spirits and let them explode at the same time. Such an explosion has a wide range and wide influence, but Wei Xun is not a devil. His back hand is to bomb a future enemy, not to pollute the environment.

“In fact, it’s better to extract the dead gas, but -”

But he doesn’t have a suitable container that can carry a large amount of pure dead gas slurry.

“Hiss, wait, let me think.”

Suddenly, Wei Xun’s eyes brightened. The corn shoots should not be afraid of death. What if they squeeze the thick slurry of death and then put it in its mouth? The corn shoots can drill into the ground silently. When the battle is fierce, it will blow out dead gas at the enemy – or let the enemy plant it in its mouth full of death.

This seems to be a good choice.

“Come on, let’s go to the crack.”

Put this idea down for a while, and Wei Xun is ready to see the underground palace crack leading to the keel with his own eyes. See how his “education” plan arranged by Yu Hehui is going.

However, when the six spirits uprising hit and Wei Xun took dream chasing Bruce Lee outside the east side hall, the first thing he noticed was not Zhou Xiyang and others who were calming down the spirits and fighting with them, but the devil merchant guarding the edge of a crack.

The devil dealer is carrying a dead soul mopping the floor. At first glance, it looks like carrying a big plastic bag or jellyfish.

“Yo! Xiaocui!”


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