TTG Chapter 216

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 216: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (45)

“Yo! Xiaocui!”

In his busy schedule, the devil merchant turned back and said hello to Wei Xun. But the next second he hurried back to his hand.

“Ah –!”

The shrill scream was deafening and made the head buzzing. The dead in the hands of the devil merchant struggled and screamed wildly. The scream was more like a shrill sound after the air was compressed to the extreme, completely like a scream made by creatures.

For a moment, Wei Xun San was crazy, his movements began to become slow, and his joints made an aging clicking sound. His tight and smooth skin was dried, and there were some fine lines like water, even his hair——

Well, Wei Xun’s hair is white, but it may be white again. But the devil merchant’s black hair turned white rapidly. His dark hair turned dark gray with white hair, and the dark gray was still changing to light gray because his white hair became more and more gray. The devil merchant’s momentum is getting weaker and weaker – but he still hasn’t let go of the dead.

The majestic death spirit burst out from the dead spirit, almost as if there was substance. The black fog was like the God of death, holding the devil merchant in his hand. The prey turns into a hunter. It crazily absorbs the vitality of the devil merchant’s body, instills the dead spirit into it, and even is gradually squeezing into the devil merchant’s body in an attempt to replace him.

The front situation was extremely dangerous, but Wei Xun did not take action, but paid attention to the front scene with great interest. However, when the devil businessman’s life opportunity was reduced to the lowest and his whole body was full of death, like a dying man, the situation took a turn for the better.

When it declined to the extreme, the momentum suddenly increased, and the flesh and bones disappeared again, but the Pearl halo belonging to the ghost leaked out from the gap of the cloak. In a short moment, the devil merchant’s momentum soared to the extreme. He suddenly shook his hand, but this time it was the devil merchant who crushed the dead!

Those scattered dead Qi were swallowed and absorbed by him, and only a small group of dead Qi was left by him. Just now he was holding the Necromancer’s hand, and his right hand was open, revealing a drop like crystal in the palm of his hand. The devil merchant shrouded the faint breath of death. In a few seconds, the crystal changed.

Floating dead spirit surrounds, wraps and grows around it, but death breeds new life, and a new dead spirit is about to be born.

But then Wei Xun saw that the devil merchant took the crystal.

“Hoo – I said Xiaocui, my friend is in danger. Do you just stand there and watch?”

Complained the devil merchant.

“Are you sure you need my help?”

Wei Xun asked with a smile. The devil merchant’s voice was slightly panting, and his tone showed a sense of fatigue and weakness. Without scruples, he directly took out several recovery potions he bought from the hotel and drank them. It was obvious that the action just now cost him less energy.

“Come on, I know you can do it, can’t you?”

Wei Xun took the first few steps, but stopped at a safe distance. When he said this, the devil merchant chuckled and felt happy. After slowly and gracefully drinking the medicine, Wei Xun stopped five steps away. He joked: “Hey, what monster am I? Why are you standing so far?”

“Yes, you are really a monster now.”

Wei Xun did not cover up and said with deep meaning: “what? Mr. monster, are you ready to let me do it?”

When a normal person sees that the devil merchant is weak after a fierce battle with the dead, he may recover his strength with medicine. After all, this is a “mission resistant” competitive relationship. Wei Xun could see that he was really weak, a disguise, and even the little girl who had disappeared before reappeared, suddenly sleeping on the edge of the crack, as if the wind would roll into the abyss.

But Wei Xun didn’t do it. He seemed to keep a safe distance. In fact, the safe distance was not the devil merchant, but himself.

A tour guide in a weak and dying state is actually more terrible than a tour guide in a full state.

“Of course, you are my king.”

The devil merchant played with Shixiang Gong and joked. He even joked about the hem of his cloak and gave a lady salute to Wei Xun.

“At the king’s service.”

It means that the ghost’s Pearl brilliance gradually disappears in him. At the same time, it disappears, and there is a sense of weakness. The hotel’s “restore props and accumulate” exchange for death countdown “is enough to quickly pull a guide back from the edge of death.

Similarly, after the devil merchant regained his vitality, Wei Xun could feel that the sense of terror and danger that lingered around the devil merchant disappeared. The devil merchant changed from a monster to a princess.

Wei Xun is paying attention to their movements, and Zhou Xiyang and others are back. Seeing that there was no conflict between the devil merchant and C 250, Zhou Xiyang and his colleagues once again turned their attention to the outbreak of “dead breath” and the gushing “dead spirit”.

It can be seen from this that there is a gap in the hard power between the two sides. The outbreak of a dead spirit can make the devil merchant near death and affect Wei Xun. But Zhou Xiyang and his followers had hundreds of dead souls, but they changed their colors. Most of them were shot and killed before they flew out of the crack.

“Even if you return to zero, you don’t directly participate in the battle at that level.”

The devil merchant followed Xiaocui’s eyes and saw there. His tone was calm. Yes, they are dangerous. They are just dead spirits, and there is a surge of dead breath from them. It was originally a third-order extremely dangerous journey, which became more and more dangerous after the incident of the scenic spot, and almost broke away from the scope of traditional supernatural.

In this case, no matter the devil businessman or Wei Xun, it is difficult for them to get involved in this kind of battle alone – of course, they are tour guides. According to common sense, as long as they are opening up new scenic spots and protected by tour guide cloak, these dead spirits have caused too much influence on them.

The key lies in the assessment of the tour guide leader. It only increases the difficulty and reduces the privilege of tour guide. Even the tour guide’s cloak can resist the danger, which makes the tour guide fall into a similar position to the passengers.

There will also be more danger.


Taking back his eyes, Wei Xun asked with great interest: “return to zero, but… Can also be regarded as pseudo return to zero?”

He saw it clearly, and the dead breath poured into the devil merchant’s body. In an instant, his vitality was weakened to the extreme. But this is still near death, because the devil merchant has control and has entered the state of ghost alienation. However, it is completely irrational and disorderly change.

From man to ghost, is this death?

At this moment, he burst out that his strength was five or six times higher than that of the ordinary. And this is still in front of Wei Xun. Who knows if the devil merchant is hiding his foolishness.

“It’s a little skill.”

The devil merchant said casually that there was no principle of concealment. After all, Xiao Cui is a demon dissimilation. Even if he says it, he can use it.

“The ghost itself represents death, from the normal state to the alienated state. As long as the countdown to death is low enough, it can be regarded as’ from life to death ‘. Does returning to zero fix human life in the moment from life to death, so the two are interlinked.”

“Of course, if you want to hide from the hotel, it’s simple. It’s a matter of a moment. Therefore, with some dead gas assistance, the success rate can be high enough.”

The devil merchant said that Wei Xun didn’t believe all his words. “You need a dead spirit to show it.” maybe this is what the devil merchant did. However, Wei Xun was interested in the devil businessman’s theory. He thought carefully and agreed:

“Indeed, you say it makes sense – it’s like your style.”

The devil businessman made a false return to zero. The most dangerous thing is to grasp the point between dying and death, but “deceive the hotel!”. If he was a man who used to deceive hotels, the devil businessman would hesitate to take into account the night when he called Mr. paper and Skinner in the drum beating alley.

Wei Xun looks at people fairly accurately. The devil businessman has always been a cautious man.

“Yes, it’s my style. It’s easy enough to use.”

The devil merchant said vaguely, but indirectly reflected Wei Xun’s thoughts.

Well, for example, he had already mastered this skill, but was taught by some people. In view of the fact that Wei Xun had never seen the devil businessman use this skill in the previous scenic spot, and he did not use this skill in the key duel moment, but showed it in front of Wei Xun and even told him the principle

Wei Xun knows.

It was also the alienation of ghost state, which should be taught by the Devourer.

The devil merchant is careful to doubt and trust the Devourer. He can be sure and deliberately show it. This is to ask Wei Xun to help him.

It’s strange that the devil businessman is too careful. It really involves cheating the hotel. No one will be surprised. Even if there is no punishment, it is like a sword of Damocles hanging overhead.

“Hey, would you like a bottle?”

Seeing that Xiaocui didn’t answer, the devil merchant didn’t say any more. He changed his medicine and continued to drink, which made his gray hair turn black gradually. It seems that this is a potion to replenish vitality and so on. But Wei Xun didn’t see it in the hotel mall. Just thinking about the devil’s business, Wei Xun saw the devil’s businessman throw a small bottle.

“The little witch makes a witch potion. Would you like some?”

The guide made it by himself.

“Replenish vitality? This is a precious potion.”

Wei Xun raised his hand and caught it. He ordered a small bottle of medicine. He casually asked the hotel to estimate the price. Even if the guide sold the items of the hotel, the price would be reduced, and the recovery price of this bottle of potion could reach 10000 yuan.

If you sell them, you have to double the size. The devil merchant took the bottle of potion to him, showing his intention.

“Really love me?”


The devil merchant came to him and said, “do you think your voice is strong?”


Wei Xun snorted and smiled. If there was a violin in his chest. Just now, the spirit of death broke out, and the death spread to him. Wei Xun, who was originally 20 years old, is now 30 years old. This makes his voice deep, mature and more attractive.

Although the voice was changed through the guide’s cloak, which was the same as Wei Xun’s original voice, the subtle voice still changed significantly in his low smile.

However, the strength is still the original strength and has not been enhanced. After all, this only consumed Wei Xun’s vitality in advance, making his body appear to be in a state of 30 years old, and “fast forward” is a fast forward between the two.

But Wei Xun doesn’t care. Anyway, he’s in clay figurine state now. It’s just a problem to change Bo Ni’s: “does it sound good?”

“Sounds good.”

The devil merchant sighed: “it’s just a little strange. It’s too adaptive.”

It’s all small things. From young to mature, it’s better to adapt than from women to men. Xiaocui didn’t mind. The devil merchant shrugged and changed the topic: “what do you think?”

“Yes, you’re in a good position.”

Wei Xun went to the edge of the crack – the crack is a new small crack at the entrance of the east side hall, which is thicker than the palm of his hand. The dead spirit is as easy to squeeze out of the crack as a cat, but the devil merchant shields the breath and Wei Xun is also a clay figurine. In this case, the dead spirit has no interest at all. They fly straight to the crack and participate in the battle.

Small cracks like this occupy almost half of the whole east side hall, making it look like a tiger skin cake. Obviously, even if Zhou Xiyang can suppress the riots of dead Qi and dead spirits every time, as long as the problem of keel is completely solved, the cracks in the east side hall will become more and more serious.

In the end, the whole east side hall may sink deep and become a black hole. There was no stage there, and naturally there was no evening performance. However, according to the current trend, the east side hall may collapse completely when it is late.

But at the same time, the devil merchant is very beneficial.

“Can you transform the dead?”

“Sort of.”

The devil merchant is less modest, just like Wei Xun. He goes to the crack, but the devil merchant’s attention is on his “little girl’s illusion” sleeping by the crack. It seems that the devil merchant is approaching, and the little girl floats. She lies on her side in mid air, but her eyes are completely closed, but half closed and half open.

This kind of half closed and half open feeling is more terrible than that of completely closed and with people.

“She inflated?”


The devil merchant responded with high interest. Yes, after the little girl came, they could clearly see that she expanded like a hydrogen balloon, but only her head expanded. The proportion was very normal, like a strange disease.

However, Wei Xun’s focus is on this. The illusion can best reflect the mental state of the devil businessman. The little girl is so. I’m afraid the mental state of the devil businessman is even worse.

“I’ve never cheated the hotel.”

The tour guides were speechless and stood side by side in a fierce battle with the passengers looking far away. After a while, Wei Xun said casually, “I’ve always been the most sincere.”

“Come on.”

The devil merchant scoffed, “you are the best liar.”

After that, the devil merchant said in a complicated tone: “I thought it was my thought and understanding.”

only low death count down  have a lot of dead Qi, and turn into ghost alienation in an instant. Only by realizing that ‘I have reached a desperate situation’ and ‘I am dead’ can we deceive the hotel. This is what the devil businessman originally wanted.

Xiaocui means that he is also white. As long as he really “thinks” that he is returning to zero and the conditions are met, the hotel will see any loopholes.

In Wei Xun’s opinion, “death” is the same as returning to zero.

What is death for a tour guide? The body is dead (death counts down to zero), and the spirit. Mental death (completely out of control), that is the real death. As long as we grasp the death of the body and the death of the spirit, we still have reason. Perhaps with the alienation of the body, this is zero.

In that case, the false return to zero can also be used? Although alienation is a ghost state and does not change instantaneously from birth to death, I’m afraid the hotel can’t be deceived by the fact that “death countdown is very low” and “death is dead”.

However, Wei Xun is asking Yu Hehui to select the dead spirit insects – the devils that have mutated under the influence of many dead spirits. Wei Xun first named them.

If you can really cultivate it, put it in the magic bug ball when you arrive, and say that you will have new features that will surprise him.

Thinking in his heart, Wei Xun grabbed a dead spirit who had just emerged from the crack without warning.

“Hey, you –”

The devil merchant was not surprised, but he saw that Xiaocui suddenly lit a fire in her hand, which directly burned the dead spirit! Death erupted like a tide, trying to put out the flame several times. Although the samadhi true fire was the bane of the dead gas at the beginning of Zhiyang, the dead spirit was very tenacious under the outbreak of the dead gas. In the end, it broke free from the shackles of the fire and fled back to the crack!

“You — how did you let it escape?!”

Compared with raising her hand and having a barbecue for the dead, Xiaocui let the dead escape, which shocked the devil merchant even more! In his impression, Xiaocui has never failed. The word is completely related to him. How could there be such a serious mistake this time??

Well, actually, it’s a mistake, and it can burn away the dead spirit, which also proves that Xiaocui flame is powerful. I’m sure he just wants to try the flame this time – or is it already.

Xiaocui will never do anything that is not good. The devil merchant is convinced. And this time, the spirits of the dead fled, and Xiaocui’s flame was dimmer. It seems that you are completely compensated. The key point is that you are running away at the other end, the dead?

For example – Xiaocui has controlled the dead when he knows? Did you deliberately put the dead back to find out the information about the keel deep in the underground palace?

The devil merchant thinks so because he plans to do the same! This is his “team leader assessment scenic spot”. He must control all places and know something about them. Before, the devil merchant received the dead spirit, which was ready to do it.

I’m ashamed to be Xiaocui. It’s reasonable to think so. In this way, when I think back to Xiaocui’s relaxed freehand brushwork, I admire her and add pressure. But on the surface, he was distressed: “this is the last dead soul in our crack!”

“It’s a pity to let it go!”

There was too much death in the east side hall. They had no way to go in. He can only crouch at the small crack at the door. Obviously, the devil merchant has mastered some rules. As he said, no other dead spirit came out except that he was caught by the devil merchant at first, let go by their people in the middle, and finally burned by Wei Xun.

That’s all. The bloody escape, the soul of the dead, was still on fire. It escaped with sparks and lightning all the way, burning the whole small crack, and even the death gas that occasionally leaked, just like a normal crack.

“This crack is gone. Just go to the next crack.”

Wei Xun, however, had a snack and fell into thinking. Just now he was going to throw some insect eggs into the small crack by burning the dead spirit. But Wei Xun threw more than ten insect eggs into the dead on a whim.

To his surprise, it was originally an illusory and formless dead spirit. Perhaps it was because the dead breath broke out and the dead breath in the body was too heavy to hold the insect eggs! Of course, as soon as the eggs of these mutant evil spirits entered the dead spirit, they were rushed by the dead Qi and died two-thirds of them.

But one of the three remaining survivors survived because he was close to the flame. Success was brought down by the dead.

However, even if it is taken down, it is difficult to hatch. After all, the dead spirit is full of dead Qi, no earth, ore and radiation. It is difficult to hatch normally. But Wei Xun was inspired.

There is a crack deep in the east side hall. Wei Xun is talking to Xiaocui, who focuses on production.

“Your eggs melt some parasitic wasp genes.”

At present, Wei Xun has only one parasitic wasp, the only one left in Shuo mountain from northern Tibet. It is the unique skill of the bee Taoist to transform the magic bee into a parasitic bee through the queen bee. Wei Xun will.

But he doesn’t need to change.

With Xiaocui, a parasitic wasp is enough.

‘OK! No problem! ”

Xiaocui is full of vitality. Even if she has given birth to half of these eggs, she still agrees to the master’s requirements! How can you find such a good master. The most important thing for mother insects is to improve their strength and realm as soon as possible. Good health, health, health, like this time she gave birth to ten thousand, which makes wild females faint with envy!

It’s dangerous in the wild. The mother insect has no attack power at all and has no mental state. More importantly, it takes a lot of physical strength to lay eggs! Even if you know that the birth of wild insects can make you master your talent faster, the vast number of wild females can only have fewer and better births, and they can not start to form their own swarm until the later stage of the birth.

But Xiaocui is the same!

Wei Xun gave her all the best conditions, which also made Xiaocui make rapid progress!

Before that, she began to lay a batch of eggs, which were shaped. It’s like now that she’s half pregnant and still has eggs in her stomach for fine-tuning.

This is the ability and talent of the mother, which she mastered in her life!

Only five magic insects can be stored in the magic insect ball. Wei Xun now puts Xiaocui, corn shoots, responsible magic insect Golden Circle, ladybug third generation and queen bee. Later, except that the magic bees have their own portable hives, other magic insects are easy to use, such as magic mosquito Xiaojin, maggot, etc. hidden under Wei Xun’s cloak, a special hidden bag is set for them, In order to score the magic bug ball with you.

The rest, such as the outdated Mantis three brothers, parasitic wasps, and other common wasps used to feed magic wasps, are all in a sleeping turtle state, with completely zero life representation and carried in the storage space.

To wake up the parasitic wasps, Wei Xun quickly took a few steps and left a sentence “I’m going to find Zhou Xiyang”, so he threw away the devil merchant. The devil merchant also learned that he didn’t go with him. He stayed where he was and continued to transform the dead crystal.

It’s difficult to turn a dead spirit into a ghost. For example, disguise the ghost as a dead spirit so that it can sneak into the depths of the underground palace. This is what the devil merchant should consider.

Xiaocui has started, and he can fall too far behind. In particular, the outbreak of dead breath is longer than one. With plenty of dead breath, this is a great opportunity for him to transform the dead spirit.


But when a golden ball appeared beside him, even if he was lost in thought, the devil merchant put down his business and saluted obediently.

“He will realize the false return to zero.”

Golden slim spoke lazily, but it was a tender child voice. It is far from the elegant and alienated male voice of the Devourer, but it is even more feared by the devil merchant. Slym’s body tilted, like looking in the direction of Xiaocui’s departure.

“I have some understanding.”

The devil merchant thought for a long time and asked tentatively.

If the Devourer himself is here, he dares to ask. It’s a S1 guide. There’s a filter in the devil merchant’s book. What’s more, the Devourer himself is silent and will answer even if asked.

However, his “shrem” is the same. Although it is said that this is the incarnation of the king of shrem in the abyss. The devoured people surrender to it after being defeated, and their identity is more terrible, but after a few days together, the devil merchant found that the party who has been killed is not as terrible as he imagined, except for some laziness.

Yes, the Devourer didn’t appear next to him this day. Occasionally, it was this shrem.

“Oh? You know why I taught you false zero, and let you use it in front of him.”

Devil merchant:.

This is really where his doubts lie. The examiner can teach the examinee some new things according to the examinee’s performance in the scenic spot and the difficulty of the scenic spot. Of course, it depends on the examiner’s own mood and the examinee’s preference.

The unique skill of “false return to zero” is taught by slim, and the requirement is that the devil businessman should show it in front of C 250 in the case of dead gas riots.

According to the understanding of the devil businessman Xiaocui, even if he is a ghost, with his intelligence and ambition, he can see that this move is practical and will learn.

This also makes the devil businessman suspect shrem… Or the intention of the Devourer behind it.

What is the potential harm of this false return to zero? Deliberately letting Xiaocui learn is actually harming him – is it an ambush pen for the already anti task near her eyebrow?

The devil merchant has a subtle wish in his heart. Just now, he and Xiaocui have spoken and reminded him of the Ministry. But even if she knew that Xiaocui would find a dreamer to check, the devil merchant was still at ease.

Although the dreamer is A-3, the Devourer is S1. Moreover, to some extent, he can be called “the second time to ascend the throne of” S1 “, and his strength can be limited.

“Don’t worry, it’s all right. People who extradited often used it.”

Shrem casually said that the name of “once” was the person of “once”. Hearing that false return to zero was once a unique skill commonly used by extradition people, the devil businessman was surging, but calmed down faster.

For example, this move is no problem. He knows why slim wants Xiao Cui to learn this move.

Or can this move only be used for ghost alienation, and once devil alienation is used, there will be problems?

“You know, after all, my old friend’s brother always needs some care.”

But shrem only said this speciously, then trembled all over and muttered like an exclamation:

“emperor, he laughs. Is that so?”

* *


Butcher alliance, psychic media, hotel residence. The psychic’s hands trembled slightly. He was only watching the live broadcast, but in the same mobile phone, he kept playing back the “C 250” and “C 250” with a hum and smile.

Bing250 is a tour guide who likes to laugh. He is the same as those who package themselves with cruelty. In the face of high-quality passengers, even the devil businessman subconsciously disguised himself with “seriousness” and “smile”, but this is the case with C250.

He wears a half mask, which only covers half of his face. Others can easily see what he is smiling. And C 250 is indeed always smiling. Even at the most tense and critical moment, he seldom sees him close his mouth, but more importantly, he is smiling calmly.

Happy life, people laugh, come on, will this be the case?

After all, a playful man never laughs. He has always been a harsh, indifferent, tough and cruel man. No one has ever seen a hippie’s face – even the lower half.

It is said that there was a time – it was a long time ago. In the butcher League, the jokers only wear hoods and masks, but no one dares to look him in the face, or even look up.

Weeping, psychic medium has been following the life frolicker for a long time. He has heard the anger of the life frolicker, but he has not heard his laughter. At some point, he will think, life is fun, people are laughing, people are always making noises, just hanging around the corners of their mouths?

The psychic media, who has been chasing the live broadcast, can’t help imagining. People who play with life, like C 250, like to only hook the corners of their mouths – C 250 often laughs, which can be heard from his tone.

It’s still the same.

Although C250 changed its voice, it can also be heard as a young man of 20 years old. Like a playful man, the voice is lower and more mature——

Until the psychic media heard that they were about thirty years old and twenty-five years old, humming and laughing because they were affected by death.


He as like as two peas in laughter.

* *

“Mom, it’s really creepy.”

On the way home, Wang pengpai broke and rubbed his arm. Subconsciously, he scolded: “what a fucking brother!”

Reasonably speaking, tour guides can change their disguised voice, male to female, old to young. If only a tour guide’s voice can distinguish his age and gender, it will only outline the image of the tour guide.

For example, C 250 is a young man in his twenties.

If you can be sure, judge first according to what he shows, and keep an eye on it, which is the habit of veteran passengers.

But Wang pengpai didn’t expect that even if it was the same disguised sound, the mature sound line was surprisingly similar to the life playing people! When he said this, he smiled. It was really a smile. Wang’s surging scalp was numb.

“His body hasn’t changed. It may be a coincidence.”

Universal spring condensation track.

“That’s a coincidence. Even brothers may choose the same pseudo voice.”

Wang Yushu tutted and rubbed his chin: “I’ve seen the relationship between the devourer and the life playing man… It seems that it’s as good as imagined.”

Just now, everything was in the “people on the way home”. It was a subtle and careful test! Even if shrem finally said, “this is the care of an old friend’s brother”, it is full of subtlety in the journey home.

“This is to understand the character of C 250.”

Wang pengpai is a little worried and a little worried.

C 250 this person likes to join the fun! This is a summary of the live broadcast as a study of 30 degrees north latitude and Wanxiang spring. In other words, when C250 saw the devil businessman catching the dead, he would certainly look at it before he saw it. However, if the candidate is changed and the devil businessman sees C250 catching the dead, he will be vigilant and look around carefully first.

The formation of this character stems from his natural love of adventure and his pursuit of unknown. Therefore, when he realized that the devil businessman showed the power of “false return to zero”, he would definitely look forward to it – of course, the five-step “safe distance” can make C250 ready for all sudden crises.

However, five steps are enough to make him infected with the death spirit after the outbreak of the death spirit, and make him about ten years older.

This kind of subtlety is close to art. It is full of vitality and death. Only the top ghost like dissimilation tour guide can do it, or it has the title of top undead / ghost king.

Therefore, this is a trial of the “C 250” test, to test him – whether it is a “puppet” set up by the hippies long ago.

“So did the Devourer.”

Wang pengpai touched his just cut inch and said, “it’s really suspicious.”

Ma Xiang has reached the node of ten years. Suddenly, a playful man’s brother pops up. Who feels suspicious!

In particular, before that, every C-9 was a puppet of life playing people. This brother just took the position of C-9, which made people more worried.

The most important feature of a puppet is that it will grow old. For example, if “C 250” is completely affected by the dead gas, he may have the props to completely defend the dead gas, or it may be a puppet – the master has his own judgment. Whether it is a title, a prop, or a puppet, or whether he can distinguish it.

But C250 will age, there is another possibility. The Devourer’s design has increased by more than ten years, which is the closest to the current age of the hippie.

C 250 is young. He said that he must be a puppet. He hasn’t developed yet. When he is the same age as a hippie, his physical state will definitely change.

But neither.

“To tell you the truth, our safety team will be connected with C 250, which can say that he is a playful man.”

Mao Xiaole said straight. He frowned and asserted, “the safety team is absolutely possible to connect with the life playing people.”

“The Devourer can believe it. He’s worried that’s it.”

Wanxiang Chun hit the nail on the head: “for example, it’s really fun to ask people to stay behind. He connected with an team and said that he would be able to stay with an team in some way after this decade.”

“When you get there, the strongest one is in the East, the tourists and tour guides are still there, and there is only S1 in the west, which is a reshuffle. What’s more, say -”

“Furthermore, although we will be happy after the celebration at the end of this year, you are still there.”

Wang pengpai put his arm around Mao Xiaole’s shoulder and counted: “team an, me, Xiaole, and Xiyang… We’re gone, and there are only three of you left on the way home. It’s enough for the minimum standard of passenger team building, and the way home will be dissolved.”

Therefore, there is no way to return before. Adding new people has fallen into a desperate situation. Desperate means the next generation.

Even after the dissolution of the return journey, the formation of a new return journey is still strong, but if you want to participate in the ranking of the brigade again, it must be after the celebration at the end of next year. Things will happen in a year. Everyone is right.

But now——

“When he Hui comes back, he will be recalculated. He is still on his way home.”

Wang pengpai smiled with relief. He stared at the live screen and held his hand by himself. I’ve always kept my hands steady, but I’m trembling.

Such as  and  can be saved. Even if the chance is slim, but, but——

Yu Hehui, Tong Hege, Tong hele, and Wu Le orange. Four dead old people on the way home, plus three people on the way home in ten years, including Lu Shu orange, Wang Yushu and Wanxiang spring, are exactly seven more.

Seven people, on their way home, will be dissolved again. This figure is too coincidental and perfect. People can’t help thinking.

“Brother Tong, I think I can –”

“Shut up!”

Wang pengpai lost his color and directly covered Mao Xiaole’s mouth. Even if he is talking with a lucky charm!


“Also want poisonous milk!”

Wang pengpai taught a serious lesson: “even if you want to think about it, is it white? The less we are involved, the more – anyway, we are less involved!”

Speaking of this, he even breathed a sigh of relief: “it’s OK to be the examiner at C 250. It’s a hippie slicing. If the captain goes in, will it be burnt?”

“Yes, Xiao Le, don’t mention this.”

Wang Yushu said with a smile, “let’s just wish Cuidao luck -”


Wang pengpai put his other hand firmly on his face and covered his mouth.


Wang pengpai was distressed: “ if you want to talk, you two, look, look, just like this, the situation has changed!”

I saw a sharp change in the situation in the live broadcast picture. Originally, I low-key bypassed the crack and approached Zhou Xiyang and others. At the moment, I was suddenly robbed by old lady Bai!

“You’re coming!”

Of course, when you listen to C 250 and you have time to shout this sentence, and you immediately alienate yourself to zero, or you call Yu Hehui and Zhou Xiyang, or you play Yin moves to attack old lady Bai, you know that C 250 may have been “voluntarily” robbed, which has his own reason.


The whole journey home was quiet, as if something amazing had happened. Everyone’s face is indescribable.

“Hey, hey, I recorded it.”

Finally, Wang Yushu tried to break away from Wang pengpai’s hand, laughed at the thief, and pressed the props in his hand to replay.

* *


“You’re coming!”


“You’re coming!”

The butcher alliance circulates this extremely similar to the life playing human voice line, the voice bar, and the psychic media have completely failed to manage their expressions and show a giggle.


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