TTG Chapter 217

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 217: 490000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

Wei Xun in the funeral Palace on the outskirts of Beijing is still fully aware of the spread of the “Xi Ming Ren” voice message on behalf of the guests from the high-level tour guides of the hotel. He said that he had not really seen a life playing man since he entered the hotel. He knew that his disguised voice was very similar to him.

Wei Xun’s attention is all on Bai Lao’s body at the moment.

Wei Xun had almost reached the big crack in the east side hall when he robbed him. He temporarily took the third generation of ladles, put the parasitic wasps in the ball of magic insects, and asked Xiaocui to communicate with the parasitic wasps. If this is the case, Wei Xun can definitely see a column of [joy value] and [sense of responsibility] approaching him from the ground for the first time.

Yes, the talent of the third generation can only be used by Wei Xun to observe and estimate the attitude of others. It can also be used to see if someone hides their body shape and approaches! Of course, if the other party deliberately hides hang, such as October 10 and Bai Xiaotian, who hide their strength, the third generation can’t see it. After all, its strength is still limited.

“Bai Laoxiang” is not deliberately hidden. It suddenly appears from the ground or disappears underground. It is the supernatural place of the legendary hedgehog. There is often a folklore about catching a hedgehog and fastening it to the ground with a winnowing basket. As a result, early the next morning, the winnowing basket was still in place and the ground was still flat. The hedgehog disappeared and disappeared.

“If you want to catch a hedgehog, you can let it touch the land.” this is the understanding that has been spread in many places.

Therefore, Bai Laoxiang can suddenly appear from the ground when the death riot is the most violent, and then directly grasp Wei Xun into the ground.

“You want to know where the old paper man is.”

Wei Xun wanted to move, but a whisper made him change his attention.

The old hedgehog should be good at magic and witchcraft. This section of hiding place suddenly took him away in the chaos. It’s like killing him or kidnapping him, but it’s like talking to him secretly.

“You only have three minutes.”

Bai Laoxiang brought Wei Xun all the way back to his nest, that is, the deepest part of the third floor of the underground palace. The architectural style here is completely the same as that of the first floor. The wall is composed of large stones, just like heaven. There are brownish red original murals on the stone wall, which makes everything rough and atmospheric.

Wei Xun saw the statues of the white deer and the White Snake again. On the first floor, there was a standing statue, and on the third floor, there was a kneeling posture. And at first glance, there is no artificial trace on the statue. It’s almost natural.

“In three minutes, he will definitely find me.”

Wei Xun smiled and said Zhou Xiyang and Yu Hehui. Before, when he plundered into the ground, although he didn’t struggle, he shouted, ‘come on, come on!’. Wei xunluo believed Zhou Xiyang that he heard it and was sure that Zhou Xiyang would take care of everything to “save people”.

The previous outbreak was actually the end of the deadly riot at six o’clock. Zhou Xiyang could come down to him immediately.

Of course, if Wei Xun shouted that sentence, Zhou Xiyang might move it directly. I will never let old Bai take him underground. He shouted, which also implied that he had something to talk to Bai Laoxiang, who immediately disturbed him.

Smart people can think of it.

Even so, Zhou Xiyang was still extremely worried about C250.

Three minutes, or five minutes, is the limit time he can give.

“Hum, it’s still a baby.”

The white old man snorted coldly and said Nezha for C250. She turned around and sat down, looking at Wei Xun. At the same time, Wei Xun was also observing Bai Laoxiang.

Compared with before, the old demon’s speech attitude has no apparent hypocritical respect, but more crazy. Her pale hair looked a little messy. She was as thin as firewood. Her nervous grip was tight and loose. Her fingertips were like chicken claws.

From the day before yesterday to now, or from the time the human brigade lived in the underground palace to now, Bai Laoxiang has suffered many blows.

It seems that the spirit snake bone hiding the spirit object is broken. The mountain Weng who used the fishing ginseng essence and white deer spirit escaped half, and the man robbed half. The damn Yinshan ancestor even openly challenged her to suppress her prestige in the underground palace. All this is unacceptable to Bai Laoxiang.

Rage, 60450.

“Shanweng is in your house, yes, yes.”

Bai Laoxiang’s voice was sharp, and she nervously came up to Wei Xun – good eyesight, Bai Laoxiang’s close observation, and he didn’t change his expression.

“That bitch wants to cooperate with you, right? Right.”

Bitch · Zi was talking about the ancestor of Yinshan. When he said this, Bai Laoxiang’s tone was filled with poisonous hatred. Wei Xun just looked back. The saved spitting stars of Bai Laoxiang spread to him, and a slight smile hung around his mouth.

“You know, I have no interest in shanweng.”

While talking, Wei Xun’s mind turned rapidly. From the reason why Bai Laoxiang robbed him to why she would use “the whereabouts of the old paper man” as a bait – it seems that this is surprisingly similar to the reason why he Shouwu robbed the old housekeeper of Zhi family.

It was someone who told him and made him believe that the “old paper man” was very important to C250, so he would do this.

Who the hell is this man.

Wei Xun thinks that many people, these people, can perfectly match.

The most important thing is, is the other party’s purpose?

“I’m just a tour guide and a bystander.”

Wei Xun said gracefully and politely that even though Bai Laoxiang was full of doubts and letters, he was still calm: “you see, I will participate in these things. I only pay attention to the integrity of the journey.”

“Hotels, tour guides, tourists, hum.” they are birds of a feather. ”

Sure enough, Bai Laoxiang also knows the hotel. Judging from her tone, she is an old demon who lives in seclusion in the mountains and forests and has no desire and desire. Should she be involved with the hotel?

At least not as much as Nezha Ling knows about the hotel.

“I said that the old housekeeper of Zhi family was an important person in this journey. I am really concerned about its disappearance.”

When saying this, Wei Xun’s eyes fell on Bai Laoxiang’s face and paid close attention to her expression.

Wei Xun found that Bai Laoxiang showed a scornful sneer, which was the sneer of “come on, I’ve seen through your tricks”.

It seems that in Bai Laoxiang’s heart, the importance of the old housekeeper of Zhi family to him is here.


Sure enough, the next moment Bai Laoxiang sneered with deep meaning: “the relationship between you and him is hidden from me.”

“Why, is that bitch? Does she mean to give him back to you? Ha, she lied to you. She didn’t care about the life or death of that old thing when she stole my mountain Weng shamelessly and despicably!”

Bai Laoxiang is mobilizing his emotions. Wei Xun cooperates to make worry, tension, dare to believe and doubt, although his heart is full of question marks.

Can he have anything to do with the old housekeeper of Zhi family?

With all due respect, Mr. Bai’s tone is just like that the old housekeeper of Zhi family is his little lover!

Wei Xun’s moving voice and color perfectly followed the tone of Bai Lao’s voice. He added a mask to cover it. As for Bai Lao’s voice, which was already excited, he didn’t find anything different.

“Want to see him? Huh?”

Time was pressing. Bai Laoxiang delayed. She pulled out a white jade hairpin from her bun – perhaps it was a thorn of hers. She pinched it with her middle finger and drew a circle out of thin air.

Round light illusion, white fog billows in the circle, gradually outlining a scene.

It was hanging upside down, lifeless, like a real paper man’s Zhi family old housekeeper.

“Let go of all your luck. Only I know where he is locked up.”

After threatening Sheng, Bai Lao’s tone suddenly became soft and soft: “don’t worry, he’s fine, the situation is still good.”

“She went to the fifth floor of the underground palace with you, right?”

“If you just do this, I’ll return it to you completely.”

Bai Laoxiang whispered to Wei Xun, and Wei Xun’s expression changed slightly.

What Bai Laoxiang wanted to do was to use a secret method to provoke the dragon soul when the ancestor of Yinshan and the underground palace of bing25 zero, so that the ancestor of Yinshan could die without a place to bury!

Of course, she knows a secret way to leave from the underground palace and how to completely close the door from the fifth floor to the fourth floor of the underground palace. The secret way can help Bing 250 leave safely, and the pass can make the ancestor of Yinshan unable to escape.

She died in Yinshan!

Maybe this morning is when Shenjing is born. She will let any unexpected elements exist!

In the remaining tens of seconds, Bai Lao gave both power and power, and soft promised to give him many treasures deep in the underground palace. Wei Xun’s face showed anger, hostility, hesitation and thinking in turn. At the last moment, Wei Xun reluctantly agreed to her.

Don’t worry about the white man!

“I swear to God and sign a contract.”

“You’ve got a score.”

Wei Xun clenched his teeth and forced out this sentence from between his teeth. His tone was full of anger: “I’m the third son’s brother. Do you doubt my integrity?!”

The white old man really wanted to annoy him. His attitude immediately calmed down and he gave in completely. The two sides exchanged words and talked about more conditions. Finally, Bai Laoxiang endured the pain, and finally coaxed Wei Xun to sign the contract at the cost of her eight basic life white thorn.

Heaven and earth testify, the violator is thunderous!

“When it’s done, will you really let him give it back to me?”

Finally, Wei Xun asked hesitantly.

“Of course, did I say it when I swore?”

Bai Lao looked at him with a sigh of relief. “I know you’re in a hurry. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

It’s strange. Think about it. The tone of Bai Lao’s voice is really strange.

“Team Zhou, are you here?”

Wei Xun’s time calculation was very accurate. Just three minutes later, the hot red light was reflected from the outer corridor. Before the man arrived, the momentum had arrived. Zhou Xiyang came to pick him up.

The old man’s face showed a little fear.

Even the light of sunset will become extremely dazzling under the anger of one party. Hedgehog itself is a nocturnal animal. Compared with the thunder, fire and strong light feared by other demons, white old hedgehog is more afraid of the light representing Yang.

The setting sun that reflects the whole corridor is a deterrent to Bai Laoxiang!

A quarter of an hour later, Wei Xun sent Zhou Xiyang back to the guide’s residence. On the way, he chatted about some things. Although Zhou Xiyang was worried, he didn’t take the initiative to ask. He respected the privacy of the tour guide.

Wei Xun took the initiative to tell him something, not about the assassination of Yinshan ancestor by Bai Laoxiang and Bai Laoxiang, but only about exclusive props.

The original white thorn of Bai Laoxiang is full of evil spirit. Is it more suitable for Yu Hehui to eat, or is it more suitable to integrate into props?

Wang Yushu, the replicator, was on his way home. Zhou Xiyang also made some research on these and gave Wei Xun few suggestions.

“By the way, captain. There are some rumors in the underground palace recently. Have you paid attention to Sheng?”


Zhou Xiyang became serious. C 250 usually called him “team Zhou”. This time, it was more formal to call him captain. Did something happen?

Is it the puppet master of Yinshan ancestors? Is it a keel? Or “dead gas bomb”?

Zhou Xiyang turned all the information he had in his mind. Then he listened to C 250 euphemistically:

“For example, is there any rumor about my affair with the old housekeeper of Zhi family?”

Zhou Xiyang:?

Zhou Xiyang:???


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