TTG Chapter 218

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 218: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (46)

“What are you talking about?”

Rare, Zhou Xiyang asked in confusion. He didn’t miss it, but ♪——

Well, whether it’s C 250, which is very similar to the voice line of life playing, or what he just said, it’s fucking weird!

Strange Zhou Xiyang had goose bumps all over. He almost couldn’t help drawing back his gun, but he asked again with verification under the surging emotion. In fact, I heard C 250 say, “don’t come here!” Zhou Xiyang thought the sound was a little strange. Now listen closely——

That’s fucking weird!

He suspected that C250 had entered the team leader’s assessment in advance, and the happy life slice appeared!


Sometimes you don’t need an answer. You can judge the answer only by your look and response. But Wei Xun was even more surprised.

Zhou Xiyang’s strength and acuity are top-notch, so don’t doubt it. In other words, his “special relationship” with the old housekeeper of the Zhi family is really only transmitted on a small scale, perhaps only shanweng and old lady Bai know.

Maybe even the ancestor of Yinshan didn’t know, otherwise she wouldn’t throw away the old housekeeper of Zhi family.

After all, there is Zhi Kui. An old housekeeper of Zhi family is gone. In fact, the next journey will not have much impact.

That’s the problem.

Who is it? The key to accurate message delivery is to make both of them believe it?

Shanweng may be a little silly, but old lady Bai is not a fool.


Maybe it’s a prop.

So what is the purpose of the party?

Wei Xun made a calculation in his heart, but he sank down again and looked at the present.

If there is no accident, the current situation has developed all the way from shanweng’s escape.

What is the result now?

After pulling out the cocoon, Wei Xun’s thoughts became clearer and clearer.

Of course, old lady Bai suffered the most, but she was a “victim” as soon as she appeared, and she began to be damaged.

Of course, Wei Xun is the most benefited. Regardless of the outcome, the mountain Weng who threw himself into the net, the father of Yinshan who took the initiative to reveal his identity in order to cover up Zhikui, gave him another half root mountain Weng in order to reach cooperation with Wei Xun. Now we are on the way of old lady Bai, and there are all kinds of benefits.

In addition to Mrs. Bai, it seems that the “puppet master” is also the most damaged.

Zhikui Kui’s identity is suspected. The ancestor of Yinshan is a puppet and completely exposed. Moreover, Wei Xun signed a contract with old lady Bai and vowed to jointly kill the ancestor of Yinshan.

If the immediate situation is an important development——

“Please me and be hostile to her?”

Wei Xun, if you exclude old lady Bai and only consider the factors in the brigade, the puppet master’s point of concern is too obvious.

The puppet’s identity, which had no judgment even in pursuit of dreams, suddenly revealed two.

“Team Zhou, you said –”

Wei Xun looked up at Zhou Xiyang. As soon as he talked to him about it, he saw Zhou Xiyang shivering in front of him.

Wei Xun:?


Zhou Xiyang forbeared and forbeared. He couldn’t help but politely asked, “how did your voice become like?”

“Ah, you say voice. It’s a small thing.”

Wei Xun said casually, “just change the mud. Why, isn’t it good?”

“… sounds good.”

Zhou Xiyang went against his heart and felt a little sour. He never knew that one day he would ask him in a playful voice, ‘does my voice sound good’, but he replied, ‘it sounds good’.

What the fuck is it.

Zhou Xiyang’s reaction was a little weak.

Wei Xun was stunned, looked at him subtly, and took a step forward — Zhou Xiyang was suddenly tense!

The action of conditioned reflex can’t be fooled.


Wei Xun was very interested. If he stroked his throat, combined with a series of reactions of Zhou Xiyang, he guessed the truth.

Can I say that my false voice is like playing life?


He stroked his throat with his fingertips, and his fingers crossed the Adam’s apple. The devil species parasitic there moved slightly, as if a small tentacle stretched out and intimately wrapped around Wei Xun’s fingers. Half intimacy, half dissatisfaction – the abyss power in the muddy body is still too little, not to mention Wei xungang’s baptism of death. It’s hard for the demon species who have been quiet to protest.

The scene of tentacles growing out of the Adam’s apple was actually quite sad, but Zhou Xiyang was relieved to see it. There is a smell of * * on his tentacles. He doesn’t know, but he can still feel it.

It’s C 250 right now, although I don’t know why he changed his voice.

“Tell me about the cracks in the underground palace.”

Instead of wasting money, Wei Xun directly ordered: “I want to know more information.”

He changed the pseudo sound to the original sound. But he secretly remembered a sound line.

The key question is, let’s hear it later. It may be of great use. They can’t get used to it now.


C 250 changed his voice, and Zhou Xiyang was relieved. He didn’t feel anything wrong with his command. He told C 250 all the crack news he knew.

At 0:00, 3:00 and 6:00 in the morning, he personally experienced three deadly riots and clearly understood that the situation was not good at the moment.

“The dead breath is too strong. The dead breath erupted at the moment when the keel was dying is not comparable to those leaked outside Xiaotangshan.”

You should know that although the keel has been leaking dead gas to Xiaotangshan, the amount of dead gas can be offset by the natural environment. Even if it is a number of months, it is not really . Wei Xun’s 20000 mutant ghost insects absorbed 7788.

But its dying breath is hundreds or even thousands of times. No wonder the ancestors of Yinshan would find Zhou Xiyang and Bing 250.

Finding Bing 250 may be a test. Finding Zhou Xiyang is really seeking cooperation.

After all, the ancestor of Yinshan is just a puppet. She can’t bear the dead spirit, plus countless dead spirits and dragon souls.

“If you enter the fifth floor of the underground palace to collect dead Qi and let the keel die, the dragon soul of the underground palace will riot.”

Zhou Xiyang looked deeply at C 250: “that’s a monster of heaven.”

The monsters of heaven, the thousands of papers that have just entered the journey, Mr. Skinner, and the Yu Hui in the heyday are all levels.

“You can’t reach the five stars.”

They talked at the door for too long. Yu Huihui was puzzled for a long time. After listening to their discussion, he joined the topic.

“The keel is dying, and the dragon soul also has influence. Coupled with the birth of Shenjing in the early morning tonight, the double suppression of heaven’s punishment, Reiki and lightning, the dragon soul’s strength is above the sky.”

Yu Yu, Hui, Sheng Yu, in terms of the strength of the demon body, are the five stars of the heaven level. He said that the dragon soul appeared in the sky, that is, about one or two stars in the sky.

It is also difficult.

It is by no means the enemy of Zhou Xiyang at this level.

“This should not be a common solution.”

Somehow, in the face of “C 250”, Zhou Xiyang said the words “shouldn’t be” and “often”, which added extra emphasis.


He always felt that the little tour guide didn’t hold his fart about the cooperation between bing250 and Yinshan ancestors and the fact that bing250 was just taken away by old lady Bai.

“What I want is sacrifice.”

Zhou Xiyang didn’t mention the item in the spirit thing at all. He said it was impossible.

“Tonight is a shadow play performance – performance, but also sacrifice.”

He said with deep meaning: “the dragon soul wants a bloody sacrifice?”

“I think Mr. Skinner is good.”


Yu Huihui agreed and said, “I’ve done the same.”

Wei Xun knows that Zhou Xiyang’s “Mei Ke Er” and their tasks are similar but different.

Meckel’s mission is to collect the blood food from the dragon to sacrifice the dragon soul and make it fall into a blood dragon soul. Zhou Xiyang also made use of it.

The blood gas on Mr. Skinner is extremely strong. It can be seen from the plasma alone. Wei Xun even saved some plasma.

Tonight’s most exciting performance is the end of the assessment of the devil’s business team leader. It will never lead to Mr. Skinner.

Throw the shadow play of the performance into the crack, or use other tempting methods to lure Mr. Skinner down. The dragon soul will be satisfied with the ‘blood food’.

But Mr. Skinner is actually a monster of mental pollution. His “blood gas” and “plasma” are all mental pollution. Not only does the dragon soul that eats blood plasma become a blood dragon soul, I’m afraid it will be weak, crazy, or have other variations.

But anyway, as long as the dragon soul keel is safe, let them spend the show. No matter what the blood dragon soul becomes, it will be a problem to be solved by the brigade in the future.

“And the dragon soul devours the spirit polluted plasma. It is very likely to be paid attention to by heaven.”

Zhou Xiyang and Yu Huihui discussed the details, just as they used to be teammates. .

“Pay attention to the punishment in the early morning tonight.”

The divine punishment of Shen Jing’s birth and the divine punishment of C 250 may come together in the early morning of this evening. It’s dangerous.

If the dragon soul Skinner can attract fire, it would be great.

Of course, the problem of dragon soul has not been completely solved. Their completion of event scenic spots may not be high, but what’s the problem?

Zhou Xiyang doesn’t care about any loss. There are more important things in his eyes.

“There is a devourer. It is also possible for the devil merchant to take Mr. Skinner for his own use.”

Yu Yuhui reminded.

Indeed, Mr. Skinner appears in different ways. It may appear alone. As the “reviewer” of tonight’s performance, he will skin and kill the performers who think they have failed. It is also possible to integrate into every shadow play, making tonight’s performance a problem.

If it is the former, with the help of the Devourer, it is possible for the devil merchant to use Mr. Skinner as a whole. If it’s a puppeteer, although Mr. Skinner is scattered and it’s difficult to collect devil merchants, Zhou Xiyang and others are also difficult to control the situation – after all, the shadow play performance also involves three western districts.

“Why haven’t you spoken?”

Simple communication, Zhou Xiyang left. Passengers are really busy, especially during the first trip, Zhou Xiyang bears unlimited pressure.

Yu Yuhui was keenly aware of Wei Xun’s distraction and went back to the house. He asked.

“The Devourer is the examiner.”

Wei Xun’s focus is out of touch: “can he help the devil business?”

“If you pass the assessment, there will always be rewards.”

Yu Huihui said, “besides, it’s not good to say it’s help – it’s good to say it’s a test.”

“For example, circle Mr. Skinner, suppress its strength, and make it higher than the devil’s business, but the devil’s business can defeat it.”

“Isn’t it a test to defeat the final boss?”

Help, reduce difficulty, test and reward?

There are countless ways to answer, but it is easy to tell whether the examinee is good or bad.

To say that the examiner is important.

“Xiaocui, your relationship with life…”

Speaking of Yu Huihui, he started Wei Xun’s team leader assessment. He was full of worry and a little subtle hope.

If it is Wei Xun, then Xi Ming, as the examiner, should be able to——

“Brother Jue will severely assess me. He will do his best.”

Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly and his mask said: “never show mercy, never let go, oppressing me to the limit -”

I can’t wait.

“No, my God!”

Before Wei Xun finished his last sentence, he was interrupted by Yu Huihui’s voice of despair and shock. He even rarely burst out rude words!

“You, me, I mean.”

Yu Huihui was incoherent, holding the most hope: “well, are you really sure that the examiner will be him? It can’t be…”

It can’t be * * *!

My old swan!

Yu Yuhui hardly breathed. After that, he looked like the next scenic spot – to be honest, won’t he die? No, no?

It’s possible!

If Xi Ming doesn’t ask Wei Xun to be a tour guide on the way home… Hiss… If he can’t get the tour guide certificate and be a tour guide, Wei Xun won’t be connected with the whole return Tour team!

You don’t really have an idea!

No wonder Wei Xun has to prepare all the dead gas bombs and bombs in advance!

Yu Yuhui has a reason for Wei Xun’s various preparations. Can it be said that even Wei Xun is not sure about the next scenic spot!

“Since you can all speculate what the Devourer might do, he may not necessarily…”

Yu Yuhui was shocked and worried about different things. Wei Xun was worried about other things. Yu Yuhui’s very good advantage in his eyes is that even if he is shocked, he is always quiet. The more shocked, the more quiet, even if his heart is like a volcanic eruption.

A quiet environment is more conducive to Wei Xun’s examination.

If yu, Hui, Zhou and Xiyang can all get to the point, as the protagonist of the team leader’s assessment, the devil quotient will also get to the point.

Just from the “false return to zero” he just took out, we can see that the Devourer, the devil merchant and the absolute are helpful.

So will the devil dealer agree?

Wei Xun’s direction is strange. It is a strange problem in front of any guide. S1 the tour guide will help you. Won’t you agree?

Are you a fool?

But I have to say that the devil’s business is really different. At least from Wei Xun’s point of view, on the left is the Devourer, on the right is the black widow, and in the brigade there are the three wolves of the league. When the devil merchant may not feel “flattered”.

It’s depression.

He really has no background and no backer, because he didn’t choose the other side. He wanted independence, but he was coerced by major forces. At present, the Devourer is not necessarily optimistic about him, but takes him as a tool against C250.

In other words, it is a tool to fight against the “C 250” taught by the playful life.

Their East-West area and anti task may reach a higher level when the examiner joins them. In any case, C250 has performed well enough in the first journey to undoubtedly capture the attention of countless viewers.

In contrast, the devil’s business is a little mediocre.

In particular, the scenic spot is clearly his own team leader assessment task scenic spot, but the devil business is extremely low-key, and the limelight is not even corn shoots.

Unless the devil dealer is controlled and kidnapped, it does not comply with Wei Xun’s vision.

“What are you doing?”

Seeing that Wei Xun fell into his own thoughts, he was silent for a long time. Yu Huihui didn’t bother first. She went to shanweng and Taisui Jindan to have a conversation. But when he came back, he saw that Wei Xun was still sinking, and Yu Huihui couldn’t hold his breath.

Wei Xun is quiet and must be a demon.

He won’t have done anything shocking when he was robbed by old lady Bai!

“I am…”

When Wei Xun regained his mind, he saw Yu Huihui’s worried and vigilant eyes. Somehow, Wei Xun suddenly fell asleep and joked, “my clothes are the same as yours now.”

He could see that Yu Yuhui’s words were straightforward, and Yu Yuhui didn’t hide them.

Then change to the devil dealer – the devil dealer is quiet. If he is also a demon in secret, why can’t he?

“You, did you kill old lady Bai?”

Yu Yuhui took a breath of the air conditioner, but he didn’t seem surprised?

To what extent should it be acceptable?

No, no, no, Wei Xun will never be ordinary.

“Or do you borrow old lady Bai to kill the ancestor of Yinshan and then kill old lady Bai?”

“Or with the help of old lady Bai, the ancestor of Yinshan first got the keel, and then he killed them?”

In a word, Yu Yuhui thinks he’s really got it! When he came back, he saw Wei Xun looking at him in surprise. With great interest, he slowly said, “yes, just like that.”

Wei Xun’s tone was even full of encouragement – but Yu Huihui, who has always been conservative, took a step!

Tacit understanding is important for Wei Xun, especially for those who stay with him. Wei Xun is really happy to see that Yu Huihui’s works fit him more and more.

Yu Huihui: hehe.

“First melt the hydrangea into it and collect all the evil spirits and insects in Xiaotang mountain.”

Yu Yuhui advised painstakingly: “there is not enough space, Zhou Xiyang won’t go outside, but he will certainly go in the next space.”

Let’s get 250 first, and then discuss the performance tonight. In the blink of an eye, it’s half a little past. Nine o’clock is the next stage of death. When the outbreak subsides, Zhou Xiyang will go out to explore.

Even if the ancestor of Yinshan is ambiguous, it seems that he has accepted the identity of “dead gas collector”. Zhou Xiyang’s caution and caution will never let him go out again.

The animals in the monster camp are extremely low-key. Wei Xun can master their whereabouts. Don’t worry. Zhou Xiyang will probably act together with the half life Taoist priest. On the other hand, Wei Xun in the Taoist camp pays most attention to olaine – white wolf. His sister MIA has hidden her strength, and Wei Xun has not forgotten.

But there is a small day, you should not worry too much.

“I got eight old white lady’s life spikes.”

Wei Xun blocked the live broadcast, took out the new materials and began the discussion of Yu Hui. It’s because Wei Xun made the eight petal ball. Even now, the hydrangea is only a rudiment, without eight petals, and the “tassel” can only be counted as the ball of magic insects outside. But Wei Xun still plans to make trouble first and set up the prototype.

In this way, it’s easy to add more — maybe if he kills seven travelers with the title of demon bug dominator and gets seven broken demon bug balls, he can gather eight petals?

Just do what you say. Wei Xun has been embedding props in the next few small pieces. Among them, he only paused once, that is, he gave Yu Huihui a batch of mutated evil ghost eggs newly transformed by Xiaocui’s fusion of parasitic wasp gene.

It is rare that 1% of the eggs in the batch are dead. The fusion of genes is too reluctant and messy. Parasitic wasps, ghost insects, inverted horses, scorpion king, death and dizziness, plus the eggs of female milala insects, such as “you”, are monsters.

Only one percent of the dead egg rate can even be said to be strong. With 3000 new eggs, Yu Huihui is numb. Before that, he had put the 3000 eggs into the cracks, but the survival rate was not optimistic. He thought Wei Xun could give up the plan. After all, the loss was too great.

However – okay.

“First soak and screen with the thick slurry of dead gas, and then let them parasitize on the dead spirit.”

Speaking of Wei Xun, he was a little sorry: “if only he could catch a dead spirit alive.”

* *

The devil merchant shuddered. He thought it was the influence of being surrounded by death for a long time.

In fact, the ghosts of the dead are different. The dead are complaining spirits composed of pure dead Qi. They don’t have a test and have no instinct. They will spontaneously gather in the place with strong dead Qi and are easy to be manipulated by the dead.

But ghosts are a kind of soul. They have reason, have memories and memories. It can be said that they are no different from the “normal” except that there is no body and the blood no longer flows.

The unique breath of the ghost is ghost gas according to the half life path.

Ghosts also dislike the dead, even more than the living. The living animal at least has a vibrant body to resist death, but the ghost has nothing and is easier to be infected.

But in the hands of the devil dealer, the dead spirit has been completely transformed by him. Never listen to orders. It can be used as long as it is lowered into the crack.

The devil’s business keeps improving and adds a dead spirit to it. The latest process has come to an end. The devil merchant appreciated the finished products in his hand. When he came to Xiaocui inadvertently, he couldn’t help evoking a trace of light in the corners of his mouth.

“You have to hide some plasma.”

He murmured and hid a bag of Skinner’s plasma in the dead body by special means. If necessary, the necromancer can become a bait to seduce the dragon soul.

Just in  devil’s business  eyes are moving.

In the crack of the floor tile under him, he was quietly stuffed into a note by someone.

The note is very thin and narrow. It easily passes through the floor tiles that seem to have no gaps and reaches under the devil merchant. The falling cloak covered everything. The devil merchant seemed to be still carefully carving the dead in front of him, but quietly put away the note.

“Well, that’s it.”

When he finished, it was close to nine o’clock.

“Just drop the dead at the next node.”

The devil merchant put away the dead spirit, stretched his waist and moved his muscles and bones: “Xiaocui will go too.”

It’s not safe to have only one dead soul. The devil dealer’s plan is to put about ten dead spirits, and Xiaocui should be the same.

With the happy mood of seeing Xiaocui again, the devil merchant was in high spirits and went to the east side hall again. Unfortunately, he didn’t see Xiaocui when he looked left and right. Instead, he saw Yu Huihui.


I was a little lost in the devil’s business, but Yu Huihui rarely took the initiative to come to him and stretched out his hand directly.

“Good day.”

The devil merchant shook hands with him politely, and then he heard Yu Hui say, “chasing dreams says that false return to zero is really a unique skill commonly used by ghost alienated tour guides. The crying psychic media of the butcher alliance will also.”

Ah, it seems that Xiaocui really cares about him.

It’s really cost-effective to exchange a bottle of little witch’s medicine for the news from the two sides of the dream chasing alliance and the butcher alliance.

“Say hello to Xiaocui for me.”

The devil merchant was happy, but he didn’t say hello. The deadly riot began. He nodded politely to Yu Huihui to leave, but he went to the crack in the distance, ready to catch the dead – pay attention to Yu Huihui’s trend with him.

Fang is Xiaocui’s escort, but not Xiaocui. Xiaocui doesn’t hurt him, but Yu Yuhui can.

The spirit of the devil merchant was tense, and his heart was alert, but Yu Huihui also stood close to the crack on the other side, far away from him.

It seems that it should be for Xiao Cui who didn’t show up to catch the dead.

The devil merchant was a little relaxed. He was almost dead. When the riot began, he became absorbed and lost his mind. He was no longer blind.

“Smell it and remember the smell.”

Yu Huihui whispered and put 500 of the 1200 eggs that had been treated by the thick slurry of dead gas into the palm of his hand to let them remember the smell of the devil quotient.

When you are not sure whether you can control the dead spirit of the parasite, the effect of throwing eggs directly at the dead spirit is too poor. What if the eggs haven’t hatched yet and Fang runs to Zhou Xiyang like a Death Squadron?

Yu Yuhui is going to catch all the dead spirits parasitized by eggs, confirm that the eggs can hatch, and then put them back. But seeing the devil merchant, he changed his mind.

It is Yu Huihui’s habit to never underestimate any tour guide, especially a low-key and seemingly weak tour guide.

It’s enough to have Wei Xun on the journey. There’s no need to have another devil dealer.

Yu Yuhui is a ruthless person. From the devil’s business, he returns to his warm micro.

It’s best to quietly control the dead spirits of the devil merchant. If not, some eggs have the gene of the inverted horse Scorpion King and can explode themselves.

* *

“How does it feel to try?”

In front of Wei Xun is the ball of magic insects just embedded. Before getting the magic bug ball, the hotel prompted him that the magic bug ball needs a carrier. When Wei Xun hid the magic bug ball in Xiaocui’s stomach, it was also the way to damage the maintenance function of the magic bug ball.

But if the hydrangea is embedded inside, it can no longer hide in Xiaocui’s stomach. The ball of the devil insect in front of us is a dark green ball, as dark green as emerald, with the luster of seduction.

The damage is at the lower right, and the hole occupying almost a quarter of the whole spherical surface has not been repaired. Through it, you can vaguely see the pale curved thorn like a rib – that is the original sharp thorn of the white old lady. The end point of the overlapping eight spikes is a red ball like a heart.


Wei Xun’s hand was short, and he tried to touch the hydrangea with his finger through the hole, but he was blocked by invisible force.

Now the magic insect ball is neither damaged nor repaired. It is a wonderful transformation.

He first tried to put the three brothers of mantis in, and then put some magic bees. There was no problem with the test, and Wei Xun put 150 mutant ghost insects into the hydrangea.

After all, the three brothers of Mantis have drunk the variation of Butterfly Tattoo blood, which is still better than the evil ghost insect with genetic variation. However, the strength is limited to the following. One hundred and fifty, each of which should be fifty, is the limit that the three brothers of mantis can control suppression.

If you want to take in more than 20000 evil spirits, you must have Xiaocui out.

Because Xiaocui was involved, Wei xuncai was extremely cautious and careful to test.

“Father, father!”

After Wei Xun tried again and again, a bright yellow tentacle emerged from the pottery pot in the corner of Fang Xun, swayed like a blooming little yellow flower and hooked him.

Since the golden elixir of Taisui swallowed the spirit snake bone, the corn shoots can be regarded as liberating the mouth and can eat happily – not.

In the twinkling of an eye, Wei Xun put it into the magic bug ball. Although it won’t be hungry, it can’t eat QAQ

It’s not easy to be released again. In just half a day, the corn shoots have lost ten circles!

If you don’t do it, you have to eat a lot during the rapid growth period, and the corn shoots don’t have a lot of energy accumulated by traditional worms in their infancy. Its body can grow and expand as fast as a balloon, and naturally it can shrivel as suddenly as a balloon leaks – of course, its length has not changed, it just becomes thinner.

Getting thinner is so convenient! Wei Xun directly gave it a task – to dig some secret roads from his residence to the fifth floor of the underground palace.

Old lady Bai said she had a secret way to escape safely, but when Wei Xun the old hare, the cunning rabbit cave is necessary.

In order not to let Mrs. Bai seal all the doors of the secret way and let him die down the ancestors of Yinshan, but he planted it for the ancestors of Yinshan and asked the angry Nezha spirit to destroy the ancestors of Yinshan. He was powerful (Wei Xun brought it into himself, what would he do). He didn’t believe Mrs. Bai. He should prepare some for himself.

Yes, he is ready to cooperate with the ancestors of Yinshan to deal with the keel on the fifth floor of the underground palace, and he is also ready to cooperate with Mrs. Bai to kill the ancestors of Yinshan. Mrs. Bai is not talking nonsense about cooperation. Wei Xun also wants to see the real strength of puppets.

In particular, it seems that he is not the only one doing the puppet master. Wei Xun’s meal is more comfortable.

The third floor of the underground palace goes down, and the third floor goes up, which is a different concept. The corn shoots are quietly dug from the first floor to the third floor in only ten minutes, but it wastes a little effort to dig from the third floor to the fifth floor. And when I came back, I was still covered with injuries.

Those black rotten bruises are wounds caused by death. The golden wound, like a knife, axe and chisel, is the Dragon Spirit in the earth. Fortunately, the pain of corn shoots is slow, the recovery is very strong, and the wounds have grown well. Maybe the pain is not in place.

Wei Xun paid attention several times. When he saw that the corn shoots were alive and kicking, he was no longer worried. Instead, he gave it bags of jelly powder.

From the hidden path dug by the corn shoots, there are traces of tender yellow jelly and ‘shrem’ everywhere.

Since the Devourer has a friendship with his brother, it’s not too much to dig some tunnels for his brother.

“White deer, come.”

“What’s the matter, sir?”

The White Deer spirit hopped over with the Taisui golden elixir and asked meekly. His title hasn’t been decided yet. Instead of calling him “the fourth Prince” or “two hundred and fifty”, Wei Xun directly asked Bai Lu and Shan Weng to call him “Sir”.

Of course, ferrets don’t have a privilege. They still have to call the Lord.

“How is the White Snake recovering?”

“Significant progress!”

The White Deer Spirit said happily and arched the back of the arch. It turned the golden elixir on its back, and the little doll was not happy to catch the antlers. Secretly glanced at Wei Xun – his eyes fell on the magic bug ball in Wei Xun’s hands, but he shrank and shivered.

At the age of Tai, Jin Dan began to be inexplicably afraid of himself. To be exact, he was afraid of insects. Yu Huihui is actually very optimistic, which shows that his perception of shanweng is beginning to blend!

Although it has long been uncertain that the three spirits are Tong’s songs, Yu Huihui will feel more relieved every time he sees a new stone hammer. Shanweng’s Taisui golden elixir has been tempered by samadhi true fire. Because they first appeared the situation of perceptual integration, it can be said that the point of fear of insects has been deeply engraved into shanweng’s heart and synchronously affected the Taisui golden elixir.

So that Taisui felt afraid when he saw Wei Xun. He hid himself in the head of the white deer, but he opened his mouth and quickly pulled out a white snake from his mouth.

The picture is really a little scary. You know, the white snake is two meters long! However, Wei Xun was very focused. He was a little disappointed when he found that the closer he was to the white snake’s head, the more the white snake’s body was damaged. At the most, his head was still a vague aura.

It’s not a complete white snake spirit bone. Even if there is a snake head and sufficient aura, I’m afraid it’s difficult to recover to normal.

Bai Luling is satisfied with the degree of planting, but Wei Xun is still not satisfied. The complete recovery of Wuxing often means that the white snake spirit may not recover its memory.

He should be well prepared before exploring the dungeon keel.

“There was a fierce conflict between the two camps during the deadly riots.”

When Yu Huihui came back, he looked serious and didn’t bring much optimistic news: “Augustus broke through the siege and sacrificed a blood food in the big crack while taking advantage of the deadliest riot!”

Blood food is a newly killed, energetic prey with blood and fresh meat.

“The riot ended ahead of time, but there was blood in the crack. Team Zhou said that the next dead may change.”

Yu Hui’s eyebrows and heart were locked, but it was also expected. No, find the dead spirit in the spirit. The dead spirit riot will only become more and more serious. The stronger the riot is, the more chaotic the situation is, and the more opportunities Augustus will have for them to fish in troubled waters.

“Are you really ready to wait?”

Looking at Wei Xun, Yu Yuhui wants to talk and stops. It’s not a good machine. The dragon soul contaminated with blood is very likely to change, and the risk is very high!

“For me, the more chaos the better, isn’t it?”

Wei Xun said, his eyes were quiet. Under Yu Huihui’s eyes, Wei Xun held the corn shoot tentacle in his hand and sent it in half – no problem.

However, he put the magic mosquito Xiaojin, the ladybug three, the responsible magic insect, and the most important Wei Xun released Xiaocui.

no problem.

“Everything is ready.”

Wei Xun gave Yu Huihui the ball of the devil bug and asked him to collect 20000 mutant devil bugs outside. He said, “take the White Deer spirit and the white weasel out.”

Yu Huihui frowned and obviously resisted: “I’ll go out, and Zhou Xiyang will go out too. It’s not good. In case something happens to you -”

“In case something happens to the underground palace.”

Wei Xun followed his words and said, “in case something big happens in the underground palace later, you’ll be safe outside.”

What do you mean you’re safe outside!

What kind of big event will happen? Make it clear!

Yu Yuhui has countless words in his heart, but in the end he can only look back step by step. Worried, Zhou Xiyang came to the underground palace together.

“Why, don’t worry?”

Although countless thoughts were pressed in his heart, Zhou Xiyang still joked easily: “just for a while, there will be no accident. Let’s go back as soon as we have a little time.”

Hehe, a little, a little

“I seem to have forgotten something?”

Yu Huihui murmured. He followed Zhou Xiyang closely. It seemed that he was an old teammate talking about the past. In fact, he was secretly interfering with Fang’s exploration while quickly collecting the devils and insects into the ball of devils and insects. After walking side by side for a while, Yu huiwan did not relax, but became more anxious.

He always feels like he’s forgotten something.

What did you forget?

Zhou Xiyang is outside. The rest of the underground palace is either in the west area, hiding strength, or backing. Even if the underground palace really collapses, some of them should be fine.


Yu Hui slammed on the brake.

“Half life! Meckel!”

Two guys are still in the underground palace!

Meckel is fine. He’s used to running away, but half life, half life——

* *

“You’re not allowed to follow me. You know, it’s too dangerous down there.”

Before going out, he told Bai Xiaotian seriously. He was worried that he had told him several times.

The three Mao Ling card in his hand is incomplete and needs to be repaired with various precious materials. Among them, dragon pulse Qi is an extremely rare but very useful thing.

A few days and a half life path. As long as you have nothing to do, rub it secretly. Insert the token into the soil and let it absorb the dragon vein Qi to repair itself. But today, the damn Augustus threw blood food into the crack in the ground. Half life was worried that the dragon soul would mutate and the dragon vein Qi would be polluted.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Half life is unwilling to give up. In addition, there is still a hard battle to fight in the four scenic spots. If you don’t prepare in advance, you may not survive –  again and again, half life is finally determined to make a wave.

“It’s a good section. It’s calculated. It’s the best section of the day.”

After closing the door, half life talks to Yu Xiangyang. On weekdays, he talks to Yu Xiangyang, but once the zombie is not around, half life talks to cheer himself up.

“It’s dangerous in the afternoon.”

If anyone wants to explore the underground, they should not choose the most dangerous time when the blood food just enters the ground crack and the dead breath changes and churns, right?

But the most dangerous time is the most safe time!

Half life road tightened Xiao Huang’s burden, held the seven star sword and looked serious. Without knowing it, he walked to the fifth floor of the underground palace.


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