TTG Chapter 219

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 219: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (47)

“You can put on that cloak.”

At the junction of the third floor to the fourth floor of the underground palace, Wei Xun stood here and looked at the underground palace.

Unlike the first three floors, which are connected by stairs, Wei Xun was still surprised when he saw the general structure of the underground palace from the mouth of corn shoots.

There are no stairs. In the center of the three-story hall is a huge eight trigrams plate, which can hold more than 100 people standing on it. In the middle of it is a dark hole that goes straight to the bottom.

This reminds Wei Xun of the huge underground cave where the evil spirits and insects in northern Tibet live. The cave is not as deep or as big as there, but it is full of heavy dead breath that he can feel standing at the entrance. Sen Han’s cold air surged up, with a unique smell of wet soil, but it didn’t smell bad. Wei Xun even felt that the smell was a little clear.

“You mean death?”

“That’s right.”

Although the face of Yinshan’s ancestors was still shrouded in a layer of black fog, Wei Xun keenly felt that she glanced at them and said with a smile: “someone threw blood food in. Now there is a deadly riot, but it’s very powerful.”

“No wonder Mrs. Bai Xiang only lives on the third floor of the underground palace.”

Wei Xun sighed, “is death leaking out from the fourth floor of the underground palace?”

“That’s right.”

Yinshan’s ancestor was not surprised by the sharpness of C 250. She got along with C 250 in just a few days, so she didn’t give any more meaningless explanation: “the place where the dragon vein and the dragon soul are located is definitely sealed. Go and follow me later.”

She was called “powerful” by the ancestors of Yin Mountain (Puppet Masters). I’m afraid the fifth floor of the underground palace is extremely dangerous, and she should have tested the fifth floor of the underground palace.

The seal is broken, or the seal has cracks, so that the dead gas overflows? It is known that the first three floors and the fourth and fifth floors of the underground palace are completely isolated… No, they are not completely isolated.

There are spiral white stone stairs on the wall of the front deep hole, which looks like man-made buildings. But anyway, the underground cave looks unusual. Maybe it used to be a restricted area.

There are absolutely essential differences between the fourth and fifth floors and the first three floors.

Wei Xun’s brain rotates rapidly, but he is not thinking about death or keel.

He was thinking about the mountain god.

According to Wei Xun, all the origins of Xiaotangshan underground palace come from the mountain god who disappeared hundreds of years ago. According to Bai Luling, there was a disaster hundreds of years ago. The mountain god returned to the underground palace and never came out again.

Is the mountain god really missing? Is the top still in the underground palace, or

The mountain god is dead.

“I don’t understand.”

Wei Xun asked suspiciously, “you’ve collected all the dead Qi outside. When the keel’s dead Qi is exhausted, it finally erupts – really, it erupts so many times a day? Did you make so many dead spirits?”

From the early morning until now, death broke out every three hours, and it became more and more terrible.

Is the keel really too strong and contains too much dead gas? Is there another reason?

“Of course the keel is so strong.”

Bing25000 was so brazen that she made Yinshan zudu stop. However, if she had nothing to do, she smiled and said, “you’ll understand later.”

“Since the keel is so strong, it’s no use for me to go.”

Wei Xun asked, “is it necessary to cooperate with me? Otherwise, we will go our separate ways, so that I won’t drag you down.”

“Ha ha.”

The ancestor of Yinshan smiled but did not speak. She noticed that C250 seemed to be delaying time, but she was not in a hurry. Yinshan Zuzu is happy to get a piece of information from mouth C 250. In her opinion, this thing is more precious than the keel.

“You just go with me.”

Yinshan Zu smiled and said, “I will protect you.

When she saw C 250 and heard this sentence, the corners of her mouth drew a polite arc, and there was no expected expression of disdain for skimming her mouth. A talented tour guide should be proud. Even if it is not a genius or a cowardly person in reality, he will gradually be spoiled by the privileges of the hotel and the fear and obedience of passengers as long as he does not die.

But C 250 is not such a person. He is also different from the life playing people.

Every ambitious tour guide is eager to stand in a higher place. Even if he is already a Class A, he is still suppressed by the butcher alliance. The puppet master has kept a low profile and smooth for a long time, and his reputation is even lower than that of A-3 dreamers.

But tact and forbearance are for a greater goal.

Why did the hippie succeed? Why did he always hold the position of A-1?

Why did C250 also succeed? And he was more aggressive than the hippies of that year?

Research and comparison, at first glance, you find many similarities between the two people, but when you look carefully, you find more differences.

That’s interesting.

Yinshan smile.

Perhaps the first impression of the audience watching the live broadcast outside is that “because C 250 is the blood brother of the life playing man, he is successful”, just like “the tiger father has no dog son” and “the mouse son can make a hole”.

But Yinshan’s ancestors felt that the people were deceived and confused by appearances.

The gap between C 250 and Xi Ming people may be as large as that between an Xuefeng and Xi Ming people.

“There are a lot of dead Qi on the fourth floor of the underground palace. I know you have the means to restrain dead Qi.”

The ancestor of Yin Mountain walked briskly and said in a cheerful tone, “help me protect the Dharma when I hit the passage leading to the fifth floor of the underground palace.”

That’s it?

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. He didn’t say that he couldn’t do it, nor did he say that Yinshan’s ancestors could trust him to give it back to him. He thought it was ridiculous. He just asked, “good?”

“I remember, I seem to have killed half of you and a snake bone before you?”

Yinshan, Zu Yijie, gently reminded.

“Yes, so I agree to cooperate with you.”

Of course, Wei Xunli said, “it’s frightening that you directly said you would give me your back. I have reason to suspect that you want to frame me and plot to harm you from your back, but you go back and kill me directly.”

Wei Xun said with deep meaning: “I only meet people on the front, but this is the first time.”

You have to pay more.

Yinshan Zuding looked at him for a moment. The silence made the audience in the live studio worried.

[C250 this is death! Has he forgotten how strong the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain are?]

[too greedy, too greedy. Really, he has so many forces behind him. How can he be so mean!]

[the half life deputy regiment has reached the fourth floor! How can they stay on the third floor]

[how can this be called petty? It’s called temptation! He’s trying to test the bottom line of Yin Mountain’s ancestors!]

[come on, don’t you really think there’s something wrong with Yinshan’s ancestor? There’s no way to ask people who have just met several times to help protect the Dharma!]

[I think Bing 250 is clever. Maybe the ancestor of Yinshan really thinks so.]

[after all, Mrs. Bai Xiang also wants to hang out with Bing 2500. It’s normal 23333]

[according to rational analysis, C250 is so weak. Is there a conspiracy for Yinshan’s ancestors to find him?]

[? C250 weak?]

[? C250 weak?]

[? C25 weak zero?]

[; who sent the weak zero? Ha ha ha ha]

[laugh off your big teeth, brother. You said C250 was weak. The butcher’s guide will come to your house tonight!]

[however, up to now, C250 is weak but strong, which should have been widely recognized]

[weak but strong. JPG]

[not to mention anything else, it’s reasonable for Yinshan’s ancestors to select him just by looking at the samadhi true fire and the Nezha spirit on his back of bing250.]

[I suspect that the fourth floor of the underground palace is full of dead spirits. The dead spirits that rushed out of the ground crack and the dead Qi that broke out should all go out from there]

[if so, it’s better to find team Zhou]

[yes, the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain has been with team Zhou. But team Zhou doesn’t care. There’s no way.]

[alas, team Zhou and Yu Hehui are out. I suspect that Bing 250 will do something big again]

[it’s strange. Isn’t it well known that C 250 made a big deal – it’s known from the fact that he and Mrs. Bai’s spy wanted to assassinate Yinshan’s ancestor!]

[no, no, C250 really wants to assassinate Yinshan’s ancestor with Mrs. Bai. I suspect Yinshan’s ancestor is stronger than Mrs. Bai, alas!]

[it’s because of Qiang Suo that we have to kill him first!]

[I’m afraid of an accident. I always feel that the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain is wrong. Mrs. Bai Xiang only lives on the third floor of the underground palace, and the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain lives on the fourth floor of the underground palace. Will Mrs. Bai Xiang’s master of the “secret door” be noticed by the ancestor of Yinshan in advance?]

[shit! It’s like Yinshan’s ancestor wants to take the opportunity to kill Mrs. Bai and C 250!]

[well, is it my illusion? It seems that the words “front closing” and “back closing” in C 250 seem to accentuate the tone? Is he suggesting anything?]

[you think too much]

[I didn’t hear any change in tone]

[what’s the hint? Does the top hint that he is in harmony with the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain on the front and Mrs. Bai on the back? Is he stupid to disclose the news himself? Does he want to be hit by five thunders?]

[ah, this, this, I, I think that’s what C250 means?]

[if Yinshan’s ancestor really found out Mrs. Bai’s secret move, then bing250 would be right. But to tell the truth, if Yinshan’s ancestor had really found out, it would be a conspiracy to invite bing250 to protect the Dharma!]


The debate among the audience in the live broadcast room was boiling. On the third floor of the underground palace, the ancestor of Yinshan looked at C 250 quietly for a while, but he smiled.

“Well, it’s your first time – you have to be serious.”

The ancestor of Yinshan Mountain plays with the taste and breathes like orchid. She holds her arms and chest. There is a hint of laziness in her words: “what you want, I’ll tell you what you want. Even if it’s — what are you doing?”

“It’s time to go.”

Just now, I was discussing the reward of the combination, but in one second, Wei Xun walked into the vertical hole. This huge hole occupying almost the whole hall floor. The wall of the hole is embedded with uneven white stones, which makes people step on it like walking stairs.

The white stone steps protruding from the cave wall spiral around the cave wall until they are covered by thick black dead gas.

[San value: 32]

At the first step of stepping on the stone steps, Wei Xun found that his low San value had dropped a little. He had been maintaining a low death countdown and low San value for a long time, and the decline of San value was also normal. But at the same time, Wei Xun found that his task progress of “killing” began to increase slowly!

Sure enough, it’s not an illusion.

Just now, standing at the entrance of the cave, Wei Xun noticed that the task progress of “xingzhui” had increased a little. Although it was very few, it was almost a breakthrough in this journey! It seems that there is no devil businessman here, and his team leader assessment is not involved for the time being, so the task progress of “xingzhui” finally began to move.

But there is only a little bit. Lai Weixun has delayed for a long time and has not changed.

So before Yinshan’s ancestors found something different, Wei Xun took the stone steps first. Sure enough, the task progress increased again, and the San value decreased as well.

Resentment, mental pollution? What kind is it here?

The resentment of the dragon soul?

But the San value has dropped. It should be mental pollution.

“How could you walk on this?”

When the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain was unimaginable, Wei Xun had taken three steps. He walked steadily and kept alert at all times, but the white stone embedded in the cave wall was not different or loose. He was very stable when stepping on it.

Hearing what Yinshan’s ancestor said, Wei Xun’s heart moved slightly and asked, “why don’t you go?”

He hasn’t found any difference between the foot stone steps and the dead spirit, and the task progress of the title of “line slaughter” is rising slowly, but this time it’s rare to remind him what he has observed.

This makes Wei Xun very curious.

What did the ancestor of Yinshan find?

“… let’s go.”

However, the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain didn’t say much. When Wei Xun returned to Yinshan Mountain, he saw that the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain also followed him and walked on the white stone steps. Wei Xun doesn’t like the position of one person in front of another, but the white stone steps are too short and narrow to allow two people to move forward side by side

No problem.

Wei Xun withdrew his eyes thoughtfully and focused on the white stone steps of Yinshan, Zuzu and foot, respectively, but he didn’t find any problems until he reached the stone step fault. But now I have no time to care about this.

Wei Xun stepped on the first-class stone steps and looked up at him. He saw only numb, pale and terrible faces looking up at him with sunken double actuators like melted ice cream. They were dense and covered the whole cave wall like scale insects.

All dead!!

* *

“Boundless God, that’s really disgusting.”

The half life Taoist chanted , holding a seven-star sword and skimming the dirty white cloth hanging like a dense cobweb in front of the crane. This is not a white cloth, but a part of a huge, dead spirit.

The white ashes floating like spores in the air, there was no light in the dark underground palace, and the half life Taoist did not light the light. A piece of yellow cloth soaked in cinnabar and incense ash was tied in front of him like a mask, which blocked the floating ashes in the air.

Yes, it’s ashes, full of strong breath of death, like seeds of dead spirits, and like insect eggs. When the breath gathers on it, it becomes a dead spirit. If inhaled, I’m afraid this person will gradually lose Yang and become a walking corpse.

“Not good, not good.”

Half life Taoist held his breath, his eyebrows were locked, and his pupils were slightly enlarged. He studied Yin and Yang, and could see the scene in the underground palace without light.

The situation here is worse than he thought.

The place where the keel and dragon vein are located should be heavily sealed. But now the dying ashes of the keel are floating all over the fourth floor of the underground palace. Even the passage from the fourth floor to the third floor was covered with ashes.

Half life Taoist walked through the same passage as Wei Xun, of course. The hall with a huge underground cave is located in the core of the third floor of the underground palace. The goal of half life Taoist is to sneak away in a low-key way. He doesn’t intend to bump into others accidentally, nor does he want to be outside the festival!

He used the compass to calculate a passage, which was in another side hall opposite the main hall. It also leads directly to the underground cave, but it is a smaller one. What makes people unbearable is the dense ashes covered with the cave wall.

Dragon bones, even dragon ashes, are excellent materials. But half life Taoist didn’t move a little. Because the ashes have been polluted by the abnormal dead gas, and they are covered with thick and dirty gray slurry. If the slurry had any, bubbles slowly burst out like life. When each bubble burst, a “spore” of the dead spirit floated out.

This “spore” book will extinguish everything nearby; Qi, even if the half life Taoist temporarily disguised as a zombie with the technique of ossification, it is still very difficult, and even lost a cloth shoe.

In retrospect, the extremely viscous, damp, dark and rotten smell made his skin numb. The situation on the fourth floor of the underground palace is even worse. The surfaces of all buildings are covered with a layer of bone ash mixed with the dirty white slurry of resentment and death. The original shape of the building can not be seen at all, making people seem to be in an extremely bad water channel full of fat floating debris.

Even if the half life Taoist wears a “Mask”, the terrible smell still floats in his nose.

“No, it seems that the keel is dead. The dragon vein is also choking.”

Half life Taoist was worried and held a compass to avoid the disorderly flying dead spirits according to the direction. Almost all the dead are floating to the middle hall on the fourth floor of the underground palace. Vaguely enough to see a huge, dead figure.

The normal necromancers are very small beside it, like the comparison between the hatched little spider and the adult female spider. It is thick and terrible, like a polymer of thousands of dead souls, such as an extremely huge jellyfish. The thick gray and white thick slurry is its shot one by one. The death spirits gathered more and more, and the dead spirit became stronger and stronger, and the huge death spirit began to tremble.



Every tremor is an accumulation and surge of dead breath. When enough dead gas is accumulated, the gushing dead gas will rush out of the fourth floor of the underground palace and out of the big crack, resulting in another outbreak of dead gas!

“No, it’s not good.”

The giant ghost trembled and seemed to turn around. Half life Taoist immediately buried him in a low-key way and trotted all the way to his destination. However, his anxiety became more and more serious.

It doesn’t just look like the keel is dying

Half life Taoist was a little discouraged.

He has seen the dragon bone. When he first went to the Kunlun Mountains, he was the top in strength and was in the metaphysics brigade.

He lost half his life and destroyed most of his exclusive props. His strength declined sharply, so he retired to Laoshan to raise him. It’s also very good to raise the train. It’s also very good to cultivate a small dry land train and take the train passengers. The half life Taoist is happy and supports the Buddhist system. It’s said that Xiang Yang got up. He retired directly and began to be a deputy regiment. Life is really good.

But it’s good that this ten-year cycle is coming to an end and it’s time to go to war. Half life Taoist priest wants to fight for the top, not to mention recovering all his strength, at least repair the Sanmao token.

“Here we are.”

Half life Taoist Fu encouraged himself. Although he has abdicated for a long time, he is also a person who has seen big scenes. Kunlun Mountains have been up, where will the top be stumped by a small underground palace?

With the help of the compass, he finally found the connection point between the fourth floor and the fifth floor of the underground palace.


This connection point is right in the body of the giant necromancer.

However, when the half life Taoist was at a loss and thought hard, there was a big movement on the fourth floor of the underground palace. The fire was burning. Even a star flame was very obvious in the completely dark underground palace! Countless dead souls flew past, and even the attention of giant dead souls was attracted!


As soon as the giant necromancer turned around, hundreds of giant tentacles covered with thick slurry naturally swung, and a narrow gap appeared in the originally airtight body, just for two people to enter!

The opportunity must not be lost. Half life Taoist set up a rune paper in the secret place outside, but he rushed in resolutely!

* *

“Ignite samadhi true fire!”

At the moment, it is Wei Xun and Yinshan’s ancestors who attract the attention of the dead on the fourth floor of the underground palace! As a matter of fact, Wei Xun was asked by the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain to light a fire just when she finished her work on the stone steps, but Wei Xun didn’t listen to her jokes at all. He wasn’t a fool. If you light a samadhi true fire here, so many dead spirits have to surround him completely.

The dead have no thought, no reason, only extinguishing; the essence of opportunity and Yang Qi. Wei Xun is now a clay figurine. As long as he doesn’t ignite and move, he won’t be the target of the siege of the dead.

Once again, Wei Xun talked with the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain. During the discussion, Wei Xun looked at the buildings in front of the accelerator. They seem to have appeared in a side hall for sacrifice. The blue stone bricks constituting the ground and walls are never seen before, which is different from the upper three floors. Even ghosts and insects can’t lurk in.

The walls are full of simple and primitive murals, and the patterns of the top painting are complex and exquisite, so it is difficult to distinguish the dynasties. Even if Wei Xun carries the title of “archaeological expert”, he gets “the year cannot be tested”.

No, that is, before the existing history, or a cultural relic that has not been found in human beings. Wei Xun felt the black crow badge (ancient) and the witness of the destruction of the country (badge) trembling. He was excited, but not particularly excited.

That means that the things once represented by the underground palace have been destroyed and dead. However, the whole huge and magnificent ancient country behind the underground palace is still standing firm.

Destruction, past culture

Wei Xun stared thoughtfully at the mural on the top of the mural. There were wind, frost, rain, snow, fire and lightning, like all the years that this mountain had naturally experienced. The line corners of the mural were rare. They were not people, but strange shapes and animal standard human shapes. They should be spirit and strange.

This is the underground palace belonging to the mountain god. The murals are all natural situations. When you look at it, in addition to the paintings on the top wall, many of the paintings on the four stone walls of the side hall are water flow patterns, sometimes fish, shrimp and a strange water animal.

If this side hall represents water, should there be a side hall representing fire?

Wei Xun was excited. He rubbed his fingers and wanted to set fire. He wanted to try any ancient culture involving fire. This mountain god underground palace is a wonderful opportunity.

“Why, do you think it’s not enough?”

The ancestor of Yinshan Mountain didn’t show any sign when he saw bing250. He was only rubbing his fingers. There was another unexpected tightness – stomach Fei in his heart.

Do people who play with life never spend change? No, no, this person won’t be so stingy!

But strangely, I think of C 250 greed because people are stingy. Yinshan’s strange mood is much better and no longer angry at all.

It’s as if the powerful “non-human” that originally seemed to have no shortcomings fell back into the category of human beings.

“If you use fire, I’ll choose the fire path when I open the passage.”

Yinshan’s ancestral function was cold at the end. Hum, he said impatiently, “it’s good for you.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows when he heard Yan and looked back at the ancestor of Yin Mountain. He heard her brief introduction and said that the four floors of the underground palace were actually part of the seal array. There were seven major arrays, including gold, wood, water, fire, earth, five elements, sky, thunder and earth, and Yin. There were overlapping changes between the arrays, which were extremely complex.

“Now the Yin array is broken. The spirit of the array is polluted. The strange monster is stronger than the fox around you.”

Yin Shan’s ancestral tone was also dignified: “now the whole underground palace is polluted by dead gas on the fourth floor, and the arrays everywhere are seriously damaged. You light the fire to attract their attention, I’ll restart the fire array quickly and hit the channel.”

As expected, the ancestor of Yinshan has studied the fourth floor of the underground palace for a long time. Under normal circumstances, Mrs. Bai’s attempt to kill her is completely wishful thinking. Moreover, she may not be unaware of Mrs. Bai’s mind.

Wei Xun knew that the puppet master knew what he meant by “combining the front with the back”, but revealing the ancestor of Yinshan did not mean that he would “destroy his promise”.

Low San makes the whole world shake, and the devil’s crazy voice roars in his mind. Even if Wei Xun is not a passenger now, the maniac’s knife is still buzzing – he wants to challenge and kill the strong. The more powerful the prey is, the more excited it is when it is killed and swallowed.

How strong my brother is.

How strong an Xuefeng is.

Since the suspected brother’s slice appeared that day, and Wei Xun was controlled by an Xuefeng and couldn’t return to him, this thought has hidden in Wei Xun’s heart.

How strong are they?

Like a hunter who examines his prey, Wei Xun carefully selects the comparison target.

Chasing dreams is an acquaintance, and it’s just a conscious spirit.

The Devourer is the examiner of the devil merchant, and it is not the real body.

October 10 and Baixiao; don’t do it.

Mia and olaine are hiding.

And he can’t even fight with this one.

But Wei Xun is eager to know how strong the first-class tour guide is.

A scenic spot – there will be a brother or * * to assess him.

To tell the truth, Wei Xun is really too unfamiliar with life playing people now. Strength and means are too unfamiliar.

After all, I haven’t seen it in so many years.

With many comparisons, Yinshan is a wonderful goal.

A puppet of the puppet division.

Even now, she hasn’t specifically exposed her identity, and she doesn’t use the unique skill that will be found and expelled by the hotel. However, Wei Xun judges many things through her.

Really, it works well.

If you kill her – that’s even better.

Reason confronts sensibility, and the brain is not calm enough. Wei Xun rubbed his fingers again. It’s hard to fight. He wants to set fire.

“Two minutes.”

Wei Xun said that his calm tone suppressed the great war spirit that was about to overflow, which made the calm tone become cold and solemn: “it’s two more minutes. Once two minutes arrive, I’ll leave immediately. You know, I have a way to get out.”

“You can’t hold on for ten minutes?”

Yinshan Zu was surprised. He seemed to remember that he was a class C tour guide who had just arrived at the silver stage.

“Ten minutes is not enough.”

Yinshan Zhuzu insisted: “ten minutes, hold on, we’ll go to the fifth floor. You know, all arrays are polluted by dead gas. It takes a lot of effort to find and confirm.”

Dead gas pollution?

Wei Xun looked around the reducer consciously. He didn’t see any pollution except the floating dead.

“Yes, that’s what you see.”

The ancestor of Yinshan was determined as if Wei Xun had seen something and continued: “it will be of great benefit to you to experience the fire array. Moreover, if you maintain the fire here, ten minutes will also be of great benefit to you.”

“No, I refuse. Two and a half more.”

“Nine minutes, no, it’s shorter!”


After a brief confrontation, the two sides reached a consensus. This is the scene that half life Taoist saw.

Wei Xun Zhang Gu’s demon wings fly in the underground palace. He ignites samadhi fire in his hands and chases a large number of dead souls. Even the huge necromancer monster was lured by him and began to encircle, chase and intercept him.

While Wei Xun was flying rapidly, he was also observing the situation on the fourth floor of the underground palace. No, no, he didn’t see any pollution. He only saw the towering ancient palaces. No matter how many dead souls block it, it can’t hide the grandeur of the palace.

Wei Xun was in a critical situation. He avoided the fast approaching dead spirit and fell into thinking.

There was a faint sense of disobedience in his heart. Wei Xun wondered whether everything he saw in the driver would be different from what Yinshan saw.

But I don’t have time to think about it. There are too many dead souls here. They chase the fire crazily and do everything to put it out! The earth is shaking violently, and the buildings are groaning under heavy load. It is the huge dead spirit.

It is devouring the approaching dead, like a huge black hole. It almost occupied the whole hall. Its huge body made it unable to move easily, but its terrible tentacles like touch and hand appeared on Wei Xun’s body at a very fast speed and silently, giving him a fatal blow!

However, in one minute, Wei Xun had more than ten dangerous situations. Samadhi’s true fire in his hand was in danger of death, and almost went out several times!

No, no, go on like this.

As soon as Wei Xun thought about it, he pretended that he took out the phoenix feathers and lit the Phoenix Fire. The transformation of the flame did not attract the attention of the dead. They just chased the flame madly, but they chased empty!

Wei Xun took out the Phoenix Fire, his speed suddenly accelerated, and the fire spread to his demon wings, plated with a layer of golden red brilliance. It is clearly a devil, but it is holy and solemn like a god!

You bet right!

The eyes of the sensor are slightly bright, and the fire light flashes in the eyes. Phoenix Fire is stealing fire. Wei Xun is like a fire thief chased and killed by the gods because of stealing fire. Only if he is faster and runs faster can he give the flame stolen through thousands of hardships to people who are waiting in darkness and ignorance!

Cough, cough, of course, there are also things. The thief who stole the fire must run away quickly.

Steal fire and encounter strong enemies to chase and kill – especially the strong enemies to chase and kill the fire, which makes him faster.

Remember this, the accelerated Wei Xun continued to hold the Phoenix Fire and deal with thousands of dead spirits on the fourth floor of the underground palace. The task related to the title of mythical flame has not been completed. He has to study the three characteristics of flame by himself. During the discussion with Yu Hehui, Wei Xun said that stealing fire may correspond to spreading civilization and Prometheus, but that’s just speculation.

Try again and again to make him more sure!

With this speed, Wei Xun completely escaped from the fourth floor of the underground palace, returned to the third floor, and threw the ancestor of Yin Mountain to her — but what’s the significance.

Did the fourth floor of the underground palace kill her? Wei Xun is not so naive. And he also wants to go to the fifth floor of the underground palace.

In his mind, he made another extreme turn. The golden red flame dragged out a gorgeous tail line and threw the dead spirit who almost touched his feet. This scene seemed natural and unrestrained, but Wei Xun was still in danger.

Too strong dead breath is soaked in the body made of mud. Even if it has no vitality, the soil will “decay” and fossilize. The Phoenix Fire cage covers the whole body. This situation is much better. However, once Wei Xun is caught up by the dead spirit and contacted closely, he will die!

Because there are too many dead here, too many, too many. Moreover, Wei Xun keenly found that his circle was shrinking – it was the tentacles of the giant dead!

More and more giant tentacles were raised, and the polar tentacles blocked the road when chasing Wei Xun. Like a greedy snake in a circle, the prey trapped in it only dies in despair. Even the dead along the road were swallowed up by it and melted into the giant dead, making this tentacle more and more !

The current situation is extremely bad. If the flame is extinguished, Wei Xun will not be able to maintain such a fast speed and will be hit by countless dead spirits immediately! If you don’t put out the flame, he will definitely be trapped here in circles.

Is this the third order extremely dangerous difficulty?

Are you leaving? Do you want to leave now?

But Wei Xun didn’t intend to leave and escape. He was even laughing, flying wantonly, rotating his body and stretching the wings of the devil. He smelled the smell of death, stronger than every time before. The strong smell of death surrounded him, and the body of the clay figurine was not even human.

Is he dead or alive? His heart stopped beating. What’s the difference between him and the dead?

No props, no titles. Just body alienation, holding a flame. The movement of the body reminds Wei Xun of the night when he practiced alone with Nezha spirit. Nezha spirit’s guidance sound is like above his ears.

Use the power of your body to squeeze the power of your body!

Fight with this book, fight with intuition! Go hard!

But Wei Xun said, no!

He likes to use his head.

He suddenly accelerated, made a circle, and temporarily threw away the dead spirits chasing at his feet, but he couldn’t throw away the tentacles of the giant dead spirits. The giant tentacles close at hand almost penetrated Wei Xun’s skull, but Wei Xun suddenly fell and rushed to a pile of moving and slow dead spirits gathered at the edge of the hall like suicide.

Yes, Wei Xun sensed that there were hatching ghosts and insects in the bodies of the dead. The above is Xiaocui’s improved version!

The things in the body are constantly absorbing the dead Qi, making them move slowly and send; the evil spirits are cunning and multi-faceted, and the unconscious dead will not eliminate them at all.

Wei Xun has long found this special group of dead spirits, but they move too slowly. Did they manipulate the ghost worm explosion to hurt the giant tentacles? Or are they blocked by evil ghosts and insects?

no Wei Xun has another idea——

“Boom -!”

“When Wei Xun was close to the ground, he suddenly rose up, but the tentacles of the giant necromancers directly split on the group of necromancers – of course, they would not be killed. As Wei Xun observed, the giant tentacles swallowed them all and integrated them into himself.

At this moment, the sun speed sensor is extremely bright, like flashing green light. He felt it——

The evil spirits and insects all entered the body of the giant dead.

* *


On the first floor of the underground palace, the devil merchant suddenly turned pale.

The dead he controls – just a moment ago, most of them were swallowed!


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