TTG Chapter 22

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (22)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 22: Driving corpses in Xiangxi

“Brother, don’t be angry. We have points. We can buy more things from director C. We can eliminate more small profits.”

Yu Hehui comforted him and said that many people agreed with him.

“Yes, brother nine has helped us so much all the way. We can’t be ungrateful bastards!”

The king roared with righteous words and slapped the table.

“, who would have thought that we all survived!”

Miao Fangfei’s beautiful eyes are bright and bright. Compared with the beginning, it seems that “there is some more spiritual power:” without C guide, we will die at least half! ”

“It’s too frivolous to say thank you.”

Hou Feihu looked around with his head and said softly, “no matter how expensive the price is, you have to buy props. This is for the sake of our next journey. There are props. After all, Fang is also… ”

Not only for their own “safety”, but also for director C.


The crowd thought that Zhao Hongtu snorted coldly, but there was no counter bar.

“ can you start buying it later?”

Yu he’an has become an acute person when he comes here. He can’t wait to get his points to the third nine face immediately.

“It depends on director C.”

It has the final say to buy a guide.

“Or ask?”

“Ask guide C what you want? When will it start?”

“Let’s find director C together?”

After Wang pengpai’s suggestion, there was silence. For a long time, the passengers looked at each other. Shitao Gamba Road:

“Ha, ha ha, bother brother nine. It’s not very good.”

“Yes, yes.”

Miao Fangfei also made a ha ha and looked a little embarrassed: “director C has worked hard all the way and needs a rest.”

“Yes, yes.”


All passengers follow the train.


Lin Xi laughed loudly and disdained to say, “look at your advice. Each of you is like wanting to see the Lord of hell. Brother nine can’t eat people!”

After saying that, he didn’t know what he thought of. He relaxed, his eyes were blurred, and said to himself, “if you want to eat him, you can only ‘eat’ me.”


Everyone is used to Lin Xi’s character. Except Zhao Hongtu, who is obviously backward, others ignored him and discussed it for themselves. It’s better not to disturb Bingjiu. When his old man has a good rest and is comfortable, when he wants to sell it, he will sell it.

It’s true that they are still afraid.

I don’t know why. I just, ah, feel that director C is not an ordinary person.

Dare not take the initiative to find him.

* *

“Shopping”? “What the hell?”

Over there, under the VIP experience ticket, he stayed in the presidential suite again. Wei Xun tried his best to wash himself five times. Finally, he couldn’t smell the smell again, so he finally stepped into the bathtub to take a bath.

Just back in the house, Wei Xun gave a prompt to the hotel.

[you have received a 20% discount]

20% off? What’s the discount?

You can’t have leisure until you wash yourself. Go to see the tips of the hotel. The sight made him almost stand up from the bathtub.

[you have obtained a 20% discount. You can purchase goods from wulaoliu at a 20% discount, and then sell them to passengers with “points” no more than three times the purchase price]

[as an employee of the hotel, the tour guide represents the image of the hotel. Please keep clean and do not slide into the abyss of corruption!]

“20% off?”

Wei Xun opened his forefinger and thumb, curled up his other fingers and compared them with a ‘gun’. Then he opened the door again: “50% off?”

“Oh –!”

He suddenly realized, “is that dirty old man bargaining with me?”

“Shit, I didn’t understand before!”

Wow, Wei Xun stood up from the bathtub. He was so angry that his mask could not cover his anger. He was indignant: “Damn it, let him take advantage of it!”

Wei Xun wanted to go to Wu Laoliu for a theory on the spot. Look at his body just washed. Think about those dirty blood and maggots, rotting and smelling. He

He sat angrily back in the bathtub.

“The old man is dirty.”

Wei Xun thought of the scene of “original price, no discount” when the old man first gave his fist

Then Wei Xun shoveled his head down directly.

The old man should be very strong. Although Wei Xun shoveled off his head, it obviously couldn’t kill him. Later, the old man buckled and searched and gave a 10% discount. It’s not necessarily because Wei Xun shoveled off his head and was afraid.

He was looking at Wei Xun’s left arm.

Left arm, left arm again.

Wei Xun looks at his left wrist and blue purple butterfly tattoo——


Wei Xun blinked, compared the butterfly tattoo in the “position”, then picked up the “wrist”, touched the “Chin” and pondered: “this tattoo… Climbing towards the” position? ”

Wei Xun clearly remembered that the tattoo was originally in the middle of his left wrist, just enough to block the edge of his exposed finger sleeve. Now, the tattoo has “climbed” about five centimeters in the direction of his forearm.

It can’t be on the wrist now. It’s on the inner side of the forearm.

“Is it something?”

Wei Xun became curious. Whether the customer service found that Wu Laoliu’s performance, or before he took a flagpole in his left arm, gave full play to his strength, and now he is quietly climbing to the top, it shows that this thing is not simple.

Wei Xun tried to ask the hotel, but he didn’t get any response. Up to now, he doesn’t know what the essence of butterfly fragments is.

If this is something from the hotel, how did his family get it and leave the fragments behind – did they leave the hotel and forget to take it away, or were they sure that Wei Xun would go to the hotel in the future?

“It’s like huluwa saving Grandpa.”

Wei Xunfei didn’t find it strange and creepy. He was in the mood to be here, heartless and heartless.

If his parents and brother really lost everything in the hotel, and he has entered the hotel now, their family is not like huluwa saving Grandpa. Do they send them one by one? It’s a complete set of hotels.

But Wei Xun doesn’t feel any pressure – his brother is much better than him. He knew it since he was a child.

In the past, he was ill and had been hospitalized. However, his brother grew up under elite education. He was a real genius. On the theory of ability, my brother can always do his best. It’s inhuman. He is the one who will eventually inherit his parents’ family.

If even his brother can’t help it, Wei Xun doesn’t think he can do it.

If his brother were there, he would see the meaning of Wu Laoliu at a glance and would not fool him.

Thinking of this, Wei Xun was angry again. He was so angry that he only cut a 20% discount.

It’s mainly about face, not integral. Now Wei Xun has a lot of integral.

This is Wei Xun’s current information——

[guide information]

[Code: Bingjiu (only in this journey)]

[rank: Silver five stars (rank of C 9  6 +)

[death countdown 23:28:56]

[points: 1855]

[mental pollution value (SAN): 53]

Compared with killing the left commander of corpse flying fox and completing the random task, Wei Xun has 1500 points more!

These 1500 points are not task rewards, but all brought by live broadcast

[live, live!]

Here, where Wei Xun can’t see it for the time being, the bullet screen audience is still celebrating wildly in the live broadcasting room on the 5th night of the 6th in Western Hunan.

[my God, I won the bet, I won the bet! No one is dead! I’m a fucking immortal!]

Shit! I didn’t expect, I really didn’t expect that they all survived!]

[he doesn’t have a strong man in the brigade. Why did he survive?! I can’t believe it!]

[it’s as good as Bingjiu. I can go as a guide! Fucking cool!]

[59? It’s a step-by-step porcelain touch. Even if they are drunk in Western Hunan, the difficulty of the trip is absolutely different, okay]

This is luck! It’s just luck. It really makes you high tide?]

As soon as these sour words and sarcastic barrages appeared, they were suppressed by other Carnival barrages.

[why, I can’t afford to lose. I lost my pants]

[ die, Penguin meat. Just now I said it’s hard to get drunk in Western Hunan, and Bingjiu must destroy the regiment. Why do you start talking about simplicity one by one now? Just open your mouth and come]

[it’s not a shame to lose it. Go back to your b 49 live studio. At least it’s the recommendation of the home page. Does the popularity all come to us? – Oh, I forgot. He PK didn’t call us C 9 just now. Now it seems that he has dropped the recommendation of the home page]

[ha ha ha ha]


Although the C-9 live broadcasting room is boiling now, more than 46000 audience are celebrating for the C-9 brigade. The actual situation is that a few hours ago, that is, when Wei Xun and his team just drove away the corpse, Xiaolong Yizhuang, the barrage in the live broadcasting room was also one-sided——

A large number of bullets poured into the barrage, all of which were not optimistic about C 9 and ridiculed them.

At that time, the C 9 live broadcast room and B 49 live broadcast room were all recommended by the home page of “Asia” in the live broadcast section of thriller global hotels!

Thriller global hotels span the world and have a huge volume. It is beyond imagination. The daily activity in Asia alone can be stable under one million, of which the live broadcast section is the most active.

Every recommended tour guide on the home page is a little famous and can attract the attention of countless people.

“Good guy, this is a challenge arena.”

In a small town in southern China, on the sixth floor of an ordinary residential building, Lao Li sneaked out of bed to watch the live broadcast while his wife was asleep.

The thriller global hotel app can be projected to any software. Except for the tourists or tour guides selected into the global hotel, other ordinary people can’t see it.

Lao Li’s live broadcast section is projected to the TV, and he is seeing the screen divided into two, one on the left and one on the right.

The poster on the left is [Xiangxi corpse removal], the white haired tour guide in the lower left corner of the poster holds a bright red tour guide flag, wears a bronze ghost mask, and only shows half of his chin. Pale as a vampire, lips slightly hooked.

He is naked, half white to shiny, thin, thin, with thorns and rose like elegant dark lines faintly visible in his small abdomen. He is vaguely demonized and branded on his pale skin, which is very beautiful.

Behind him was a line of zombies dressed up in the Qing Dynasty with black faces. The heavy rain poured down, the mountains were covered with blue and fog, and the zombies stood in long lines on the passengers’ shoulders and walked on the winding and dangerous mountain road. In the right corner of the poster, behind the body removal team, countless pale rotten corpses can be seen, quietly following behind with malice.

The poster on the right is [Tianmen cave turn], and the poster on the left is like a mirror. In the lower right corner of the poster is a tour guide holding a dark green tour guide flag. His face is sallow, his cheekbones are protruding, and he looks like a Southeast Asian tour guide. His eyes are like pills, black water and silver. He looks crazy outside the poster.

The guide’s black hair was raised, and the tail of each strand of hair wrapped around the neck of a passenger. He wrapped around the passenger like a puppet, his face like pain and numbness. Behind him is the main peak of Tianmen Mountain, with a huge cave in the middle.

The green and faint fire light burns from the side at the foot of the mountain to the huge cave in the middle of the Tianmen cave. The full moon is like a plate. It is in the middle of the Tianmen cave. The full moon shines, but it vaguely outlines the white hair and hair removal. The eyebrows and eyes are slender, like a fox’s head.

Right below this poster, there are several lines of natural and unrestrained posters called scarlet characters, which are:

[mystery of Yizhuang, mystery of fierce bones]

[tortured corpse, Centennial hero]

[the bell is faint. Who can get what he wants?]

[Shh, drive away the corpses in Western Hunan. Strangers should stay away!]

Here are:

[hanging forest corpse waterfall, hidden trace of miasma]

[a hundred year old soul, a thousand year old fox fairy]

[there is a lot of ghost fire. Who can become an immortal?]

[sigh, Millennium wonder, Tianmen cave turn!]

“Fat ghost B 49 recommended the home page again.”

Lao Li muttered and looked ugly. There will be an open Screen Poster only after the home page recommendation. After the poster disappeared into the dark, he became familiar with the home page recommendation of the live broadcast section in Asia. On the other side of the wechat group, several of his close friends have connected the wheat and watched the live broadcast together.

“Shit, you’re not dead yet.”

Someone complained, his tone full of hatred and disgust.

“Hum, all the passengers are dead. No one can die.”

Some people are cold, but there is some helplessness in their voice.

Fagui B 49 is a quite famous tour guide in Southeast Asia. Among the golden stage tour guides, he likes to broadcast live, take the group frequently, and retain a lot of vlog. Lao Li and them, but most of them dislike fear and even feel afraid at a glance.

That is, when they return to reality, they dare to scold. When they really meet on the journey, they can only pinch their nose and admit bad luck.

The forty ninth section of Fagui B is tough, cruel and bloody. Every passenger will kill a wave and exploit the last drop of oil and water in the last scene. Passengers who disobey him cannot come back alive.

There are many pig raising tour guides, but “B 49” is the most infamous one. Once the passenger is dissatisfied with his contribution of “points”, or the passenger disobeys, he will abuse the passenger alive, and finally control it and practice it into a puppet torture.

If the passenger’s relatives and friends want to redeem them, “they have to pay thousands of times of” points “and lose their wealth. B 49. You have to squeeze some oil from the withered bones in this fierce period of making money!

“How many scenes are these? Why are there only five people left? ”

Someone wondered, “in the end?”

Although the pig breeding tour guide is disgusting, it is so excellent that other tour guide tourists are even very welcome. After all, pigs are not fat enough until the end. There are no accidents, and tour guides will not “kill pigs” in advance.

Many passengers are satisfied that they can live smoothly until the end of the journey. As for the points and props obtained during the journey, they will be presented to the tour guide. Most pig breeding tour guides will not exploit them too hard. After all, they should maintain sustainable development.

Except for special trips, each trip is also a group of at least eight people. B. There are only five people in the poster. The audience will see the problem as soon as they see it.

The pig was not raised to the end, but he was willing to kill it?

“ Oh, I’ve just arrived at a scene!”

The companion was shocked. He looked at the profile carefully and kowtowed: “good guy, drunk, drunk, beautiful Xiangxi?”

“All the tour guides bring us Xiangxi tour group?! Fuck, no wonder you can recommend the home page and put it in the challenge arena! ”

In the Asian region, tourism can be roughly divided into five difficulty levels: safety level, difficulty level, danger level, extreme danger level and no solution level. From danger level to safety level, there are five levels of “a, B, C, D and E”. Generally, it is impossible to broadcast the live broadcast of dangerous journey “on the home page of the Asian region, and you can only rotate in a small recommendation position in the channel.

There are several ‘special’ journeys that are different.

Each level of journey has several special journeys, such as dangerous level of journey [drunk in Western Hunan], [Jiulong stronghold], [Mexican day of the dead], extremely dangerous level of journey [Icelandic thriller], [Bermuda ghost ship], [California Death Valley], etc.

This kind of special journey is divided into “super difficult” journey and “super difficult” journey. The real difficulty is more difficult than the original difficulty, at least a short paragraph!

Once you are on this “super difficult” journey, it is easy to get beyond the recommended position of live broadcast, “let alone this time, a tour guide with drunk Western Hunan!

“Good guy, three people died before one scene?”

The companion mocked and sent a barrage: “B 49 dishes, how dare the golden goalkeeper pick up drunk Xiangxi? I’m not afraid to die by myself. Compare with others. Look at the guide next door. What a fool! ”

[who’s stupid? Brother nine is so strong. The guide should take the super difficult group!]

[don’t force without knowledge. Be careful that our ninth brother cuts you!]

[brother nine, come on, you must be drunk in Western Hunan!]

The man just fired a barrage in the live broadcasting room, which attracted a group of people to rush and attack. He was very embarrassed. He was panting in the wheat: “fool… They are all tourists. How can you help that garbage guide!”

“Well, calm down. Don’t argue with those things. Our brothers just complain. Go to the live broadcasting room and send a barrage. Isn’t that scolding?”

Lao Li advised him. He shook his head. “Alas, they are all miserable people.”

This is not a strange thing. It is clear that the section B 49 is cruel and bloody, and the exploitation of passengers is the most serious. He has a lot of crazy fans, which is like Stockholm. Every time he summarizes vlog, he marks the sky high price points, but every time someone competes for fear first and then grabs to buy!

“Raising pigs is like raising insects. The passengers who raise pigs are not normal.”

Someone said objectively: “in their eyes, pig guides are at least better than butchers and cold-blooded.”

Even Meryton was silent, and Lao Li sighed at the vicissitudes of life. Their brothers have been through many consultations with tour guides.

The low-level tour guides are not so ruthless and dark. They occasionally help tourists and make it easier to stay in them.

In the face of those strong brigades, they all have their own tour leaders and guides. They can barely be regarded as mutual cooperation and won’t tear their faces easily.

The worst thing is that they are middle-level tourists. They are not qualified to join large tour groups. They have no points and contacts to form their own tour groups. They can only participate in scattered tour groups alone or with friends. What kind of tour guides they encounter depends on the will of heaven.

The guides are all crazy, butchers and demons.

In contrast, the pig breeding tour guide, at least with a layer of fig cloth, is the type of tour guide that passengers most want to meet. At least if they don’t kill passengers, they will “raise” passengers until the end. They have the strength to raise pigs and guide tourists. The harder they are, the more they are sought after by countless tourists.

For example, B 49, for example, many like him, are pig guides.

“It is said that in reality, there are several local tyrant tourists dedicated to providing them. They are like the emperor.”

“Oh, this bastard is in the world.”

Lao Li is also a little discouraged. They haven’t experienced much journey. Several brothers are together every time, and they don’t have much experience. If they go on like this, they may become like this one day.

In a dark and foul smelling mud pool, if you occasionally find a piece of mud that is not so foul smelling, you will rush to apply it to your body for fear that others will grab it.

You have to suffer like that.

“Who’s the other guide? I haven’t seen him. Let me see… Oh, eight people are still there. ”

Just after spraying a wave of food in the live broadcasting room, people were not convinced, and went to send a barrage: “look, people’s strength can feed pigs in drunk America and Western Hunan. What about your forty-nine brother? I’m dead. I haven’t seen a scene. Three pigs have died! ”

What he said was true. A barrage didn’t scold him much. The man hummed and jumped to the live broadcast room of “chasing corpses in Western Hunan” and rewarded 500 points. The amount of his reward was even reported by the official barrage. When Lao Li saw it, he advised him:

“Lin Zi, don’t be impulsive. You can still keep your points. Those big tour guides can’t see it. Let’s –”

Lao Li’s voice suddenly broke, and the forest didn’t pay attention. After the passionate reward, he regretted it. He said, “hum, I’m gambling.”. You see, I vote for the whole staff to survive. I think this big tour guide has strength. If it can survive, it will make a lot of money. Why are all B-9 tour guides — ”

“No, not…”

Lao Li’s voice was ethereal, like forcing him from his throat. He couldn’t believe it. He panicked at a loss: “no, no, no, fuck me, no, Lin Zi, you, look at the guide code on the left?”

“Code? I didn’t look carefully, but I saw that I brought a nine. Isn’t it B nine or B nineteen? Hey, are you okay? What’s your voice — ”

Lin Zi, worried about his friends, glanced carelessly at the title of the live broadcasting room: “it’s B 9. It’s rare. His level is still open for live broadcasting… No, no!”

The whole man in the forest was stunned. His eyes stared like a goldfish, his mouth opened, and his throat seemed to be stuck. He made a meaningless noise. For a long time, he suddenly took a breath of cold air, and the whole man seemed to smoke like a fish, talking about three sleeping slots.

“Sleeping trough! what the fuck!! Horizontal groove!!! ”

“Yes, it’s Bingjiu. This guide is Bingjiu!”

“He’s just a silver five-star tour guide! Shit, my mother! ”

The whole live broadcasting room was fried, and countless bullets surged across the screen. If it weren’t for the vast magic power of the thriller Hotel, the live broadcasting room would be forced to get stuck!

[silver level tour guide leads Zui Mei Xiangxi tour group?? Am I crazy or is the hotel crazy?]

[shit, it’s impossible. I’m hallucinating now?]

[Bingjiu is also equipped with “Jiuge”?? Also compare with B 49?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[it’s impossible. The people in the ninth regiment of C are still Qi Xiang, which can’t be a silver tour guide!]

[doubles? Mask code  props ? Puppet? Human dummy?]

[fake, absolutely fake! I’ve been with the Bingjiu tour group. He’s a butcher tour guide. It’s impossible for all the passengers to live to this day. It’s impossible!]

[butcher tour guide]?? Do you think he has the characteristics of a half butcher tour guide! Absolutely, it’s outrageous!]

“Butcher flow guide? It’s impossible! ”

Lin Zi exclaimed and looked at it in the live broadcast room of “chasing corpses in Western Hunan”: “Bingjiu doesn’t look like a madman. He didn’t hurt the passengers. This, this, pig raising tour guides can’t do better than him.”

“How could it be a butcher’s guide!”

Butcher tour guide is the last tour guide that tourists want to meet. At the same time, it is also a kind of tour guide with less quantity. Their real strength is always at the real level. In battle, they can explode great power, and even challenge to kill monsters. They never die. They are the most powerful guides in battle!

Similarly, they are also called “crazy people”. A group of people are crazy, cruel and ruthless. There is no doubt that tourists are like animals in their eyes. Every butcher leads the tour guide to lead the tour group, and the final result is almost group destruction!

* *

“Bingjiu has strong strength. According to rough estimation, at least it has reached the level of golden four-star. The death countdown is roughly estimated to be less than three days, which is lower than the safety value specified by the hotel. This is a significant feature of the butcher flow tour guide.”

In the virtual Hall of the hotel, some people are paying attention to the live broadcast. The speaker’s face is ordinary and his body is ordinary. He can’t be found in the sea. He took a light gold feather pen in his pen and wrote quickly on parchment. Occasionally, he looked up and his eyes glittered with gold.

Although the tour guide picture is not clear, because C 9 is shielded by “yellow”, the audience can see how dangerous the mission is only through the passengers’ lens.

“The butcher’s guide is strong because the death countdown is too low, and crazy because the death countdown is too low. The strange thing is that Bingjiu seems to only enjoy the benefits of a strong countdown, and his madness is still under self-control.”

“Interesting, really interesting.”

The man muttered to himself, his eyes were always staring at the screen, and his tone was focused on fanaticism. This made the man sitting next to him want to talk several times, but he was afraid of interrupting. Finally, he stood up and turned around in a hurry.

He is tall and thin, with ape arms and bee waist, dressed as a jungle hunter, cold and handsome. At his feet, a black and yellow hound revolved round and round, whining like comforting its owner.

The man endured again and again. Finally, when he saw the corpse driving team and rotten corpses starting to fight on the narrow plank road in the live camera, he finally couldn’t help it. He said anxiously, “has the probability of my brother living through drunk Western Hunan increased this time?”

“Your brother? Who’s your brother? ”

Obsessed with observing Bingjiu’s face, showing a trace of confusion, the man had been used to him for a long time, but he was not angry, and hurriedly said, “Shi Tao!”

“Shi Tao, oh, Shi Tao, I think, I remember.”

He knocked his head with a quill pen and suddenly realized that with a random sweep of the tip of the pen, the original seemingly single parchment crashed and turned over, and in the twinkling of an eye, it became three fingers thick. He buried his head in the sheepskin book and wrote it very quickly. He didn’t lift his head. Shi Xiao said:

“I can’t guarantee the whole journey. The survival rate of Shi Tao is more than 80 percent.”

“Eighty percent?!”

Shi Xiao was not surprised when he got there. Obviously, he was worried about gain and loss for a long time: “didn’t you just say that Liu Hu, the regiment with the highest survival rate in B 49, had a survival rate of less than 60%? He’s a high-level four-star passenger. ”

“Taotao is only the second star of the middle level, and he meets the silver level tour guide” Bingjiu “. He is the lowest level in the historical” Drunken Beauty Xiangxi regiment “. If it weren’t for… Hum, how could Taotao possibly this regiment!”

A cruel light flashed in Shi Xiao’s eyes and disappeared rapidly. He spent a lot of points to invite people from all parties, but he won’t forget the business: “can Taotao’s survival rate be so high. Mr. Bai, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but, alas. ”

Shi xiaoku shook his head: “even if he asked for life-saving props from the captain, I don’t know if Taotao can survive…”

He is so anxious about his brother’s affairs that he doesn’t know what to say now.

“In the ninth regiment and the forty ninth regiment, the situation is different.”

Not angry with Shi Xiao’s suspicions, the analytical tone remained calm: “it can be said that since getting off the bus, there was no mistake in Bingjiu’s choice of food.”

Shi Xiao was surprised to know that the tour guide who got such high praise for the first time was still “that person”. Bingjiu is just a silver butcher guide. It looks like good luck. Is it worth saying?

He held his breath, did not refute, and waited for further analysis.

“Originally, I observed that when climbing Wuluo mountain, the ninth regiment of C would die at least one person.”

He means that there is a virtual screen next to the live broadcast screen, which is the “journey review” of the ninth regiment C. This is the benefit of the passengers who only watch the live broadcast in the virtual hall. After all, they spent a lot of points here to watch it.

Although the screen can also be projected in the real live broadcast, the picture is far worse than looking directly in the virtual hall. Passengers / tour guides with assets, or local brigades in the virtual hall are “like watching live broadcast in the virtual hall”.

With Shi Xiao’s financial resources, he wanted to rent a box with good concealment and would not be disturbed. He has a quirk – he likes to broadcast the analysis live in the virtual hall, and Shi Xiao followed him.

So now, a circle of people came around them. Thanks to Shi Xiao’s hunting clothes, the bows and arrows behind him looked very difficult to provoke. Only then did those “people” spontaneously keep a safe distance without shouting and incline their ears.

“Shi Tao died because he couldn’t follow the brigade. Miao Fangfei died of a corpse turned into a flying fox. ”

In front of the small virtual screen, on the left is the scene of Shi Tao kneeling humbly in front of Bingjiu, and on the right is Miao Fangfei’s figure of corpse flying fox entangled in despair and bleeding.

“Shi Tao can’t die with the brigade. It’s not that he can’t keep up with his physical strength, but that he is too weak to see through the supernatural problems such as ghosts hitting the wall. He will eventually be unable to follow the brigade and die of despair.”

“Although Miao Fangfei is a Gu woman, she ignores the poison and Gu insects. She can’t show her greatest strength. She has severe abdominal pain in melee. Finally, she is killed by the corpse flying fox.”

“If there were no exceptions, all of them would die while climbing Wuluo mountain.”

The purple light twinkled in his eyes. It was the faint light brought by the purple Title [observer]. He referred to another scene. The scene of the virtual screen became the main house of Xiaolong Yizhuang. Miao Fangfei led the passengers to kneel in front of the twelve coffins

“If Miao Fangfei dies while climbing Wuluo mountain, no one will react to him and kneel down to promise. The heroes in the coffin will be angry and drive them out of the main house. Miao Fangfei can react because she has participated in the journey of “pit 4 of the terracotta warriors and horses” and has experience. No one else. ”

“After they catch up with the main house, they will have one choice – first, pray at the door of the main house, swear to admit their mistakes and wait for the hero’s forgiveness. Second, I think the main house is actually a journey, and then I go to the courtyard to observe the rotten corpses. They have a 62% chance of making two choices. ”

“Hiss -”

Shi Xiao understood and took a breath of air-conditioning. The onlookers didn’t think clearly. Some people dared to ask, “normal people should know that the coffin over the front room is reliable. Why, why? Is it high to choose the two kinds of coffins?”

“Between, character.”

The feather pen knocked on the parchment: “after Miao Fangfei’s death, her strength is the strongest. Zhao Hongtu will be the captain. Zhao Hongtu, a medium-level five-star, aged 16, has participated in the “safety level”, five difficult level and three dangerous level “journeys. There are main titles of shooting category and auxiliary titles of suspected emotion category. Irritable, stubborn and conceited, it is difficult to think calmly in difficulties. ”

“So it is!”

The man suddenly realized that the person next to him received the analysis: “more than that, if Miao Fangfei is dead, it’s time for Zhao Hongtu to investigate the dangerous rotten corpses while others investigate the main house.”

“Hou Feihu knows Zhao Hongtu’s temper. He must be worried. He will investigate the rotten corpse with him. In this way, in terms of communication and Zhao Hongtu’s personality, it may not be possible to investigate the words of the main house passengers. ”

This is very likely!

The brigade has the best relationship with Zhao Hongtu. The only person he can talk to is Hou Feihu. In this live broadcast, Zhao Hongtu and Miao Fangfei investigate the rotten corpses, Hou Feihu and others investigate the main house. After the meeting, Hou Feihu also told the situation of the main house, and Zhao Hongtu was very careful.

If someone else said, he would not have this attitude. Make the worst inference, which is likely to happen!

“If you catch the wrong body and waste your room, they will all die.”

Someone muttered to himself: “it’s so difficult to get drunk in Western Hunan. B 49’s regiment is also poor. The whole army was destroyed in Taohua gorge, and all his passengers turned into puppets, so they barely passed the pass…”

“Behind the scenes! This must be the dark side of the hotel! ”

Some people were not angry and shouted. At first glance, they were crazy fans of B 49: “it’s all drunk in Western Hunan. Why is it so difficult for nine brothers! This class C tour guide is so simple! They came all the way smoothly and asked me to do the same! ”

“Yes, it’s true. I also think the C 9 regiment is not very difficult.”

Someone echoed: “will you get drunk in Western Hunan? The difficulty is the change in the overall strength of the brigade?”


Shi Xiao disdained to sneer at him, saying childish things for this man. The hotel is not a charity, super dangerous journey. Can the difficulty change with the strength of the overall brigade?

I lost my big teeth!


“Hee hee, ha ha ha.”

There was a faint noise around him, which made his face red and couldn’t swallow it. He couldn’t hurt people by relying on the virtual hall, and his neck was strange: “your brother just knelt down for Bingjiu. His knees are so soft that he can’t face our passengers –”


He suddenly froze and stared at the tip of his nose. A turquoise feather arrow was only half a centimeter away from the tip of his nose! The sharp arrow with strange shape hung in front of him with cold light. The sense of death crisis deterred him and couldn’t move.

Help… Help me

He had a gurgling noise in his throat. Somehow, he had a runny nose and tears. When the hound bumped over and took away the feather arrow, he found that he didn’t know why he knelt on the ground.

Knee, knee soft, can’t get up

In the dark, he passed out and disappeared from the virtual hall. Others seemed to have not seen the farce. They were still talking about themselves, but their voices were much lower.

“I asked Shi Tao to do so.”

Shi Xiao looked around with cold eyes: “if he wants to survive, I can kneel down for Bingjiu.”

As soon as he said this, the onlookers had complex eyes, but they rarely had that look of contempt. Shi Tao knelt down to Bingjiu too quickly, which also caused many people’s ridicule in the forum. Shi Xiao’s words made those people feel bad.

Yes, you are here to ridicule Shi Tao’s soft knees. He can survive. He has a brother like Shi Xiao and the experience of drunk beauty in Western Hunan. As long as Shi Tao can survive, the future will be immeasurable.

This is a mockery, like a dark sour dog. “What’s the matter with Shi Tao’s kneeling? There are more passengers than he licked the guide.

Yes, in the eyes of normal people, they are despised and have no dignity, but in the dangerous environment of hotels, who can keep their heart to the end.

“All the changes come from C 9.”

He didn’t pay any attention to the farce just now. He is still in the crazy record. The parchment in the parchment is thick again: “Bingjiu seems to be outside the journey. In fact, he received the task of opening up a new scene, which is the key to everything.”

“Tour guides open up new sights”, there are kinds. i. deviate from the normal journey path.  second, save the passengers. ”

Speak quickly: “the surface of the hotel is to protect passengers. When the tour guide saves passengers, the tourism society gives implicit rewards to the tour guide. C 95% of them received the task related to corpse flying fox on wuluoshan road. ”

When the quill pen was picked, it pulled down a series of scenes, which was obviously the result of his calculation just now.

“Wuluoshan road kills corpses and turns flying foxes to save Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao.”

“Xiaolong Yizhuang kills the corpse and turns it into a flying fox. He gets something and relieves the coffin’s resentment crisis.”

“The fierce bone plank road has attracted the attention of all corpse flying foxes, allowing the brigade to pass through the pepper tree smoothly.”

Said: “the fierce bone plank road is dangerous. There are risks. First, wild pepper trees. Even if the passengers choose corpses, they have lived in Xiaolong Yizhuang for a day and a night. They must be smelled of rotten corpses. They will definitely attract the attention of corpse flying foxes and enemies. This is one of them. ”

“Without C-9 attracting all the hostility of corpse flying foxes, the brigade could not get through this level so easily. The corpse flying fox is closely related to Pingping. If passengers kill the corpse flying fox, it is 51% possible, which will reduce the “favor” of the heroic martyr

“Second, after arriving at the fierce bone plank road, the rotten corpse will do everything to stop passengers. Here, if the “goodwill” of the martyrs and passengers is not enough, it is impossible to help them stop the rotten corpses. ”

The picture returns to the live camera, just when Lin Xi steps into the air, the zombie accidentally hangs on the stone wall, so that he doesn’t fall into the canyon. It turned out that these passengers didn’t think that Bingjiu had done the “three things”. After such an analysis, they suddenly found that everything Bingjiu did was really closely related to the fate of the passengers!

Combine the sheep skin paper and make the final summary: “the group strength of the C-9 team is not strong. The comprehensive evaluation is at most C +. Only with the C-9, can they survive.”

“A powerful tour guide can turn the world around on his own.”

Shi Xiao whispered with complicated eyes: “yes…”

“Yes, Bingjiu won’t live long.”

Return to the live broadcast and watch “C 9 extremely long”, “dark nails” and “patterns on the abdomen”: “the possibility of Western demon title is 7%, the possibility of alienation is 85%, and the rest is 8%

“The power of C 9 is not in its own strength, but in the countdown to death.”

Without hesitation, he said, “he has entered the San state now, and he is in a loose group.”

“Without a strong brigade leader to connect with him, Bingjiu can’t be comforted and relieved, and can’t restore San value.”

“Losing San will greatly affect Bingjiu’s spirit and will. Even if he has the title of cold-blooded person, he will not be afraid. The more San is worth losing, the more Bingjiu will be crazy.”

“Even if you successfully pass one scene, even two or even three scenes -”

“Bingjiu will eventually destroy itself in madness.”


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