TTG Chapter 220

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 220: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (48)

“What happened?”

The devil merchant was so angry that he let out a dull hum. His face was still abnormally pale and his lips were deep red, as if there was blood to overflow – these dead spirits died suddenly, and he was devoured.

Although the reverse bite is not heavy,  – he received ten dead souls in total! Seven heads died in that moment!

After being shocked and angry, the devil merchant gradually calmed down, wandered around the room and fell into meditation.

“The fourth floor of the underground palace…”

These necromancers will go to the fourth floor of the underground palace, and the fourth floor of the underground palace has a level of terror comparable to thousands of papers or Mr. Skinner, so the devil merchants hardly contact them, so they don’t reveal the truth.


“Is it still exposed?”

The devil merchant murmured that the dead he controlled were targeted because they were exposed?



Just now the underground palace vibrated and the concentration of dead gas soared. There must be something big underground!

The devil merchant no longer hesitated. He broke off contact with one of the only three dead spirits. Then his expression was unpredictable. Doubt and sudden enlightenment coexisted, and he couldn’t return to his mind for a time.


The news from the dead is very simple. After all, they have no IQ, only instinct. It’s the devil merchant’s keen sense of fear and disgust. What do you know.

Fire invaded the fourth floor of the underground palace, causing chaos on the fourth floor of the underground palace?

“Ah –!”

With a faint and inaudible scream, the devil merchant turned pale, and the dead spirit he controlled broke off contact. At the same time, the devil merchant’s mind is swollen and his ears are talking nonsense. The San value has fallen to a dangerous point. It’s because he doesn’t have enough power to feel the same with the dead, otherwise he can definitely get more information.

Now it’s not easy to get information, and the dead died because of forced contact. The devil merchant took a deep breath and didn’t contact the only two dead souls in Shuo.

Fire, fire.

“Xiao Cui?”

Unexpectedly, after the chaos on the fourth floor of the underground palace, the devil merchant thought that the first person to flash was Xiaocui! Obviously, Zhou Xiyang’s power is stronger, and the dark red sunset light can also be regarded as fire. Mo Yu, the devil businessman, thinks that Xiaocui did it!

“The underground palace is going to be in chaos.”

If Xiaocui really did it——

The devil merchant’s lips were slightly hooked, but he showed a smile.

just right.

Xiaocui can definitely attract everyone’s attention. The underground palace is in chaos, which is just right for him.

The devil merchant waited patiently until the underground palace began to vibrate violently. The dead breath was as strong as the heavy water vapor before the downpour. It was chaotic and completely chaotic. The original three hour round of dead breath broke out, which should be advanced!

He went out of the door and looked into the east side hall. The devil merchant saw Zhou Xiyang and Yu Hehui who hurried back, as well as Augustus who was bloody and ready to sacrifice blood food again. The passengers gathered to suppress their anger, and I’m afraid they will make some arrangements for the fourth floor of the underground palace this time.

Xiaocui’s every move will definitely involve the nerves of all passengers, and even the Devourer will be attracted by him. The devil merchant saw a Golden Shadow at the entrance of the east side hall, which can only represent the Devourer King slim.

“The devil merchant did not go to the east side hall this time, and did not even take the opportunity to control the dead. He left quietly like a shadow, and no one noticed his trace. At the moment of death, the devil merchant came to the place where the coffin was dead.

However, the death burst out so suddenly that there was no guard beside the coffin – or from the rehearsal, there was no guard beside the coffin after the passengers were completely divided into camps.

The five-to-five competition is an event-based scenic spot. No one can be left alone, nor can the power be dispersed.

Moreover, if the coffin is really lost or stolen by someone, it is also part of the scenic spot arrangement. At the end of the journey, even if the coffin is really missing and grandpa Zhi is no longer found, it will not be regarded as a failure of the scenic spot. It will be more difficult to top the next scenic spot.

Things have priorities, and Zhou Xiyang is the most clear. If he wants to limit his play because of guarding the coffin, it will be quite a prison.

Letting go is a kind of confidence, and letting go is also a strategy.

“Anyway, it makes the devil businessman relaxed.

“God, I’m” Why are you nervous? ”

Walking to the coffin, the devil merchant laughed at himself. The moment he came here just now, his question was not “is there anyone guarding the coffin”, but “will Xiaocui come here?”.

Xiaocui, Xiaocui – obviously this scenic spot is his team leader’s assessment, and Xiaocui is also very low-key. Everyone’s eyes are on Xiaocui, and even the devil businessman will visit him from time to time.

He is really an extraordinary person, but the devil businessman has no feelings of jealousy and unwillingness.

He’s even full.

Look at him, all look at Xiaocui. The ghost should have hidden the shadow.

“I got some news about your granddaughter Zhi Kui.”

The devil merchant’s lips are lightly hooked, his tone is neither humble nor overbearing, and he is very calm.

“Maybe you’ll be interested.”

“Squeak –”

When the devil merchant whispered, the dark and heavy coffin in front of him made a harsh friction sound, like a crack in the tightly closed lid nailed by the coffin.

* *


The dull roar is not as deafening as the thunder, but it contains the power of infinite terror, which makes people’s chest very stuffy and heart beat suddenly. It’s like a giant’s big hand pressed down from the sky, suffocating and painful.

The outbreak of death came early! At the moment, the scene on the fourth floor of the underground palace is like the end. The top of the head is a crack completely split from left to right, not only  wide  deep. Looking up from it, it seems that you can see the first floor of the underground palace from a distance and the passengers fighting around the giant crack!

Wei Xun has no time to see it. At the moment, he is in a terrible state. The demon wing on the left is twisted like a fracture, and there are black spots caused by the corrosion of heavy dead gas everywhere. The thick dead breath was like water, which made his body rotten and terrible, and he could hardly see the human shape again. Even the flame was as small as the wind, and the residual candle could only barely protect Wei Xun’s head and hands and the wings of the devil, but he could not do more.

How long has he been? Five or ten minutes? Or more? There was no news from the ancestor of Yinshan for a long time. Wei Xun never expected it. At the moment, his spirit is highly concentrated. He can’t feel pain, no negative emotions and clay body. Together, these three bring Wei Xun extreme calm.

Even the nonsense and illusion brought by alienation, restless emotion and almost boiling war and blood can not affect his spirit!


The murmur of boundless chaos and riots sounded more like a resonance than the sound from Wei Xun’s mouth. Xiao cuiben still stayed in the ball of magic insects, but his mental state turned out and sat on Wei Xun’s shoulder. An elf like boy with drooping eyes is born, but his eyes are sharp. His maternal nature is mixed with dignity. Although he is still young, he is like the empress in power at the beginning!


Wei Xun’s whisper and Xiaocui’s spirit wave swing away at the same time. Their goals are all the huge undead in front of them! The closer the distance, the more terrible the huge undead appears. They are like sparrows flying around giants, which will be swallowed and broken in an instant. This is more dangerous and difficult than flying around the hall to avoid the dead.

Even if he was not photographed by the tentacles of the giant necromancer, the dead breath floating around him was so strong that it almost turned into liquid, which embarrassed Wei Xun. However, Wei Xun didn’t want to die. He avoided and flew around again and again, but he was getting closer and closer to the giant Necromancer!

“No, it failed!”

Xiaocui anxiously said that the hatching order failed again. Just now, Wei Xun lured the giant necromancers to fuse more than ten necromancers containing parasitic eggs, so that these eggs can enter the giant necromancers smoothly!

Originally, they were all in the same tentacle. It was Wei Xun who flew low and dived again and again regardless of life and death. If he was a pilot doing difficult stunts, he made more than ten attempts, and finally attracted the master who shot the giant ghost himself – of course, the giant ghost would not be injured, Hundreds of insect eggs on the tip of the tentacle were successfully transferred to the master of the giant necromancer!

“Blow it up, master!”

The tentacles with a strong breath of death rub their shoulders, which is like a face-to-face dance with the God of death. Xiaocui’s face turned white with fear. She was not afraid of dying. After all, it was just a mental state. I’m worried about Wei Xun!

Wei Xun was really badly hurt! Even if he still flies rapidly and hides from the attack of the dead again and again, it all depends on the characteristics of Phoenix Fire Nirvana and clay figurine body!

The most dangerous is the lotus seed belonging to nezhaling in Wei Xun’s body. Only with the lotus seed can he maintain his clay figurine state. Now Wei Xun’s body is full of dead Qi, and a large amount of dead Qi has penetrated into it, which has begun to pollute the lotus seeds. Once the lotus seed dies, he will instantly lift the clay figurine state and return to zero according to Wei Xun’s current tragedy!

“Under this dead spirit! The channel should be under this dead spirit!!”

Xiaocui screamed and desperately showed Wei Xun the way: “blow it up and rush!”

Wei Xun doesn’t blow up! Xiaocui doesn’t understand at all. When the eggs of evil spirits enter the tentacles of the giant necromancers, Wei Xun can blow them up! Even if they are only eggs with low explosion power, they can at least disorder the tentacles of the dead spirit. They can take the opportunity to escape or escape into the giant dead spirit!

Yes, it’s under the giant dead spirit. When he danced his tentacles wildly, Wei Xun had already found that there was another heaven and earth under him. It was the array eye, and there was a man – half life Taoist!

Half life Taoist took the initiative to show up. When Wei Xun took out the Phoenix Fire, half life Taoist felt something was wrong. However, the death on the fourth floor of the underground palace was too strong to judge accurately. “Wei Xun began to circle around the giant dead spirit at close range, which half life Taoist could feel clearly.

Dead! How did C 250 get down?!


The half life Taoist who was stunned was burning with anxiety, “but he couldn’t rush out. The passage from four to five was half opened. Now he let go is to waste all his previous achievements!

It should have been successful for a long time. The half life Taoist opens a waterway. The five elements water is soft. Under the giant dead spirit, the waterway is best to open.

The water channel is about to open, but someone stepped in and opened the fire channel! Water and fire were intolerable and restrained each other. This time, the half life Taoist priest threw up blood excitedly and scolded madly.

What a fool!

The waterway has been opened for more than half. You can’t let go, otherwise he will be seriously injured, but you won’t let him go at all. As soon as they came and went, they were deadlocked.

No matter how deadlocked, it’s not as important as the safety of C 250! Half life Taoist vomited a mouthful of blood, clenched his teeth and let him go to meet C 250. First, he received a relatively safe array of eyes.

“C 250” doesn’t come down!

“Try again.”

After another circle, Wei Xun felt that the speed of the clay figurine was obviously slowed down, not only the injured demon wing, but also the lotus seeds in his clay figurine were soaked with dead gas, and gradually could not maintain the state of the clay figurine.

Wei Xun was still calm.

He wants to blow up the eggs of evil spirits, which has long been blown up. Red stiff response, the safety zone under the giant dead, he also noted.

“Explosion cannot seek the best interests of Wei Xun!

The insect egg explosion of this evil ghost can’t hurt the giant dead spirit at all. Even if he gets a chance to breathe, he escapes to the array eye and down to the fifth floor. There is a giant dead spirit. The door on the fourth floor is blocked. He has to get ready for his retreat!

The passage dug by corn shoots may not be able to survive the huge necromancer riots. If there is any best way, that is to control the giant dead!

The dead spirit has no reason, no brain, only instinct. As long as it breaks through its terrible death, as long as a parasitic level demon bug or countless parasitic low-level demons invade its main hatch, it is very likely to be able to control it!

It’s too hard, it’s too hard to let the eggs hatch in the giant necromancer. Even if they are transformed and more suitable for dead eggs, they can’t hatch!

Xiaocui has done her best, and sometimes the mother worm is limited. The insect eggs are too far away from you, and you are too dead. Most importantly, Wei Xun’s title of ‘demon insect controller’ is too low!

The title of dark blue is too low to support Xiaocui and catalyze insect eggs in the face of enemies of giant Necromancers. This is the disadvantage that alienation does not match the title!

Demonic alienation also has many branches, such as magic bees and insects. Wei Xun is the purest devil! Some of the titles of magic insects are focused on, such as the bee Taoist, the queen of spiders, but Wei Xun is a wider range of “magic insect controller!”

Sometimes it doesn’t taste good, but it also doesn’t taste expert enough. All aspects are extremely average. On average, sometimes it means failure!

For example, now!

‘This time – you try to attach it to me. ‘

Quick evasion: Wei Xun has no time to be distracted. His brain can calculate the next evasion path and the longest time he can last.  he can communicate with Xiaocui spiritually.

Why not blow it up?

Why do you have to hatch eggs?

Not just to control the giant dead.

This is a rare opportunity!

How can the title of demon bug controller be upgraded? How can I advance? Xiaocui, responsible devil bug, ladybug three generations, human skin maggot, devil bee and corn shoot have become the means of Wei Xunchang’s, but the current title of dark blue rank can no longer control them well.

In particular, the emergence of corn shoots made Wei Xun realize this!

Twenty thousand devils were collected into the hydrangea, but the title still couldn’t be advanced. Now Wei Xun’s subordinates are full of worms. This means that it’s impossible to upgrade the title of demon insect controller just by taking the service contract.


It’s time to choose the devils and the life demons!

The responsibility devil bug is very good, very good. It has long been associated with the Mutual Aid Association, and its mental state is still unstable. Wei Xun will not choose it as his own Devil bug.

When choosing Xiaocui, he is now “the greatest, the most common, the devil and the worm”. Xiaocui is born. Xiaocui with a stable mental state is the best choice.

Without the alienation of magic insects, Wei Xun can’t integrate with the magic insects themselves, and the success rate of melting essence is the highest!

It’s dangerous to integrate Xiaocui, hatch insect eggs and control giant dead spirits. “This is also an opportunity! In the dangerous situation, Wei Xun put on a scarlet cloak, and the whole person was like a burning flame.


Master, you’re not a monster, you, you’re not even a mother!

Xiao Cuixin screamed. Up to now, he would not question Wei Xun’s decision. Wei Xun ordered Xiao Cuixin to answer:


A green light, integrated into Weixun, is so inconspicuous: flame and thick black dead gas. Wei Xun’s face was suddenly distorted. The next moment, he was all enemies. In an extremely dangerous moment, his body hovered in the air and no longer flew to avoid!

This stagnation was fatal, and the following giant dead tentacles did not stop. The fastest javelin, like a throwing javelin, ran through Wei Xun!



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