TTG Chapter 221

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 221: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (49)


Looking through the red stiffness, the giant necromancer caught and ran through his chest. The dying half life Taoist couldn’t stay any longer. He clenched his teeth and abruptly stopped, and hardened his scalp to break the curse. The red color representing the flame replaced the water blue in an instant. The color of the three Mao token in his hand was suddenly dim. The half life Taoist vomited a mouthful of blood and turned pale.

“Cast beans into soldiers!”

However, regardless of the injury, he rushed out and spilled more than 100 soybeans. Soybeans rise in the wind and become soldiers, but they are too seriously injured. They can maintain their strength. As soon as they are formed, they are corroded by heavy dead gas, and they can completely form their combat strength – but that’s enough!

Half life Taoist priest wants to attract the attention of the dead with his sudden anger!


However, at this moment, the pupil of the half life Taoist suddenly shrank, because he saw that the C250 with a big hole in his chest fell in the air, and at the same time, the tentacles of the giant dead spirit fell down!

Without enough time to think about it, he immediately returned to the Taoist priest with his hands red and stiff. He took half his life on his back, jumped on the broken sacrificial utensils on the ground in three steps, and the falling boulders jumped in the air. Half life Taoist stared at the falling C 250. When he jumped to the highest place in Hongjiang, C 250 just reached out and hugged a.

Ah, my hand is broken!

The C250 in hand is heavier than expected! The half life Taoist’s cheek twitched and his color was ferocious, and he grabbed C 250. The heavy suffocating breath came over his head, and the red stiff suddenly fell. The half life Taoist with the huge impact coughed up another mouthful of blood.

“Boom -!”

Crazy, crazy, the deafening earthquake is like continuous terrible thunder. The half life Taoist who just landed clings to C250 and commands Hongjiang to dodge. He anxiously lowers his head to see the situation of C250.

“Oh, my God!”

Half life Taoist bowed his head, but looked at the terrible scarlet cloak! This scarlet cloak is too unique and representative. Now it is a dangerous moment. I can’t think much. I saw that half life was shocked and turned pale. It was a conditioned reflex. I threw out C 250 with my backhand!

“The trough is wrong!”

As soon as a person takes half his life, the Taoist priest realizes that he is wrong, but unfortunately, at the same time, the heavy dead gas pours down. He throws it too hard, and the shadow of C250 disappears in the heavy dead gas in the blink of an eye!


The regretful half life Taoist clenched his teeth and stopped talking when he was in crisis. He was full of thick black ash and was extremely embarrassed. His blood stained the lower half of his face, but his eyes were extremely sharp.

The spirit of death quickly chased after him. Red stiff threw him to the south. The Taoist priest in mid air held the Sanmao token and threw the precious token back at him like a sharp arrow!

“Thunder, fire!”


More than ten pieces of thunder and fire symbols were thrown down, and the nearby death spirits were swept away under the electric light flame. The half life Taoist returned with a move, and the flashing Sanmao Ling card returned to his hands. All the original water marks on the token had disappeared, replaced by the red fire marks.

The fire is due south!


Taking the token, the half life Taoist vomited a mouthful of blood essence in an instant. On his extremely pale face, his dark eyes were very threatening, and his eyes were like flames.


If there is no hint from the hotel, C250 is not dead!


“Boom –!”

The magnificent and distant roar is very different from every time before, as if it came from ancient times and sounded in the depths of the earth. Time seemed to be at a standstill for a moment, and the originally crazy and violent dead stopped for a moment. Not an illusion, even the movements of the giant dead slowed down, as time slowed down.

The token of Sanmao flickered, and the red fire pattern flew up and turned into a red word “Li”. Half life Taoist tried his best. Without the obstruction of water, there was a flash of red in the dark. The raging fire finally ignited on the fourth floor of the underground palace.

It’s the fire tunnel opening!

At the moment of the fire, the four floors of the underground palace were completely disordered. The dead instinctively sent out harsh and sharp wails, but those who suffered from the fire were instantly reduced to ashes. Even the giant dead spirit is moving. It is as huge as an ancient beast. Even if the flame burns the dead Qi and makes it struggle, it can’t destroy it – it was the spirit of the Yin array after all!

If you want to kill it, you have to start all the arrays, but half life Taoist didn’t intend to kill it. In the chaos, he was anxiously looking for the shadow of C250, and his hand holding the token trembled nervously.

C 250 also uses fire. Whether it is samadhi true fire or Phoenix Fire, it should be induced.

But no, not at all. The half life Taoist holding the Sanmao token didn’t feel the flame belonging to C250!

“Hoo –!”

The thick Yin Qi surged in. Half life Taoist priest looked up and saw a dark shadow flying down, not far from the side of A. The flaming flame entangled her Zhou Yin Qi, devouring and biting the thick black Yin Qi, but under the red flame, the man was unharmed – it was the other person who opened the flame channel!

“Yinshan ancestor?!”

The man’s clothes made half life Taoist instantly recognize who she was, and half life Taoist thought a lot for a moment. Yin Qi opposes fire. It takes her several times to open the fire channel that is unfavorable to herself? Bing2501 people should come down according to the law. Is it the cooperation between the ancestors of Yinshan and a?

C250 ignited outside to lure the dead. Is it time for the ancestors of Yinshan to open the channel?!

“The flame passage will be completely opened in ten seconds. At that time, the dead on the fourth floor of the underground palace will riot.”

The ancestor of Yinshan spoke to the half life Taoist: “the huge dead spirit is blocking the road. If you want to completely suppress it, you must destroy half of it. You and I work together -”

“Who the hell wants this!”

The half life Taoist angrily scolded, opened the channel and managed the giant dead spirit. Now the key is to find the C250! Without a word of speculation, the commander Hong Jiang took a chance to catch up with the place where C 250 fell just now. Ten seconds, no, maybe only nine seconds or eight seconds are left. He must hide in the channel before the Dead Riot starts completely.

Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll die in the place of burial!

“C 250, C 250!”

Half life road, people are anxious like burning, and their eyes are constantly searching in the thick black dead gas and red flame.

No, there’s no front left or right. Where’s the bottom of C250?!

“Roar -”

In the twinkling of an eye, the situation in the underground palace became more and more serious. The dead breath of suppression and terror opposed the flame. Even if the opposite energy disappeared from each other during the impact, the whole four floors of the underground palace exploded like a fireworks factory on fire.

While avoiding the impact, he tried his best to find it. Several times, the dead gas of the roaring explosion almost spread to him, but the half life Taoist didn’t suffer any more injuries, as if he was suddenly lucky. But even with good luck, half life Taoist still didn’t find it!

Looking for the shadow of Zhongyuan Yuanjian, the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain, the other party is also looking for it, but there is no shadow of C250 beside her shadow.

I didn’t find it!

Six seconds, five seconds, the half life Taoist who had been counting down in his heart was about to despair, but at this time, Hongjiang suddenly stopped, raised his head and roared. Half life Taoist who was proficient in zombie language immediately understood its meaning.

Look, look?!


Without much thought, half life Taoist immediately looked up, but as soon as he looked up, he said something bad. All over the head and in sight are the terrible tentacles of the giant dead! The fire was burning in the earth, and the opening of the fire channel really angered it. Its huge body grew bigger and bigger like slowly blooming flowers, like bubbles blown by the thick breath of death.

The swollen tentacle and body completely occupied the whole hall. There was a raging fire on the ground, but there was a thick black death on the head. At this time, the scene was like a magic blockbuster, but the half life Taoist was like falling into an ice cave.

Did the huge necromancer of C 250 devour it?!

Damn it, that’s terrible! But in the middle of tension and anxiety, the half life Taoist doubted whether the bottom of his own opinion was C250. After all, this scenic spot, this event turned abnormal, and the huge dead in front of him were actually more like the chance of a devil businessman!

No, it’s C 250. Half life Taoist remembers to catch the red cloak at the moment when you see it. Moreover, the devil merchant is a ghost alienation, and C250 is a devil alienation. You will never admit your mistake.

This is terrible. The devil merchant wants to swallow the dead spirit. There is still a chance to break through the change, but C 250, if it is C 250——

“Well, what’s that?”

Holding the most lucky psychology, the half life Taoist risked the corrosion of dead gas to make Hongjiang jump up again with a / R on his back. The jump was so high that it almost touched the top, almost flush with the top of the giant dead. Not only is it “a” but also the half life Taoist consciousness “and the ancestor of Yinshan is not far away, almost integrated into the dark and dead spirit.

But in the next second and a half, the Taoist priest couldn’t care to see the ancestor of Yinshan. All his attention was attracted by the giant dead over his head.

There was a faint green light on its head!

* *

Even though he felt the pain, Wei Xun fainted at the moment when he fused with Xiaocui Jing’s expression. The wound penetrating his chest is not fatal to him. The scarlet cloak removes most of his strength and blocks the dead breath, while Wei Xun’s clay figurine body will not bleed.

The most dangerous thing is actually fainting, which is fatal in this fierce war. With the return to zero, Wei Xun was not afraid of death, and his willpower was very firm. At the moment when he was caught by the half life Taoist, Wei Xun woke up.

But… Not good.

[the fake guide is seriously damaged! The function is lost, please repair it in time!]

[the fake guide is seriously damaged! The function is lost, please repair it in time!]

At the moment he caught him, Wei Xun almost started to recognize him as a half life Taoist. He turned his face to one side, and his cloak and hood blocked his face.

The face was numb and hot. The newly grown insect patterns were rejected by Wei Xun. The pure devil extremely rejected the humble devil insect and refused to integrate with her. The fierce resistance made Wei Xun’s body appear various symptoms like severe allergy.

The hot skin, the faint brain, the demonic alienation of instinct, the bone spurs and demon bone armor growing on the tour guide, and the fierce impact of magic gas completely broke the damaged tour guide fake tour guide.

However, on how much rejection, as long as you can integrate into Xiaocui Jing’s expression, it is good news.

What’s more, the half life Taoist threw out the “a” as soon as he landed! Throw out the avant-garde Xun’s secret medicine and put a lucky charm around the half life Taoist priest’s waist. Just now, the half life Taoist priest flew to pick up a debt. It’s clear that he wants to save a debt. Wei Xun keeps it in his heart. Half life Taoist was so unlucky that Wei Xun was afraid of dying halfway.

After leaving the half life Taoist priest and swallowing his anger again, Wei Xun can finally concentrate on the change of his life! I felt that I was getting smaller and smaller. When I was caught by the half life Taoist, I was still in normal shape, but when I threw it out, Wei Xun had become the same as when I was just 20! Now a few seconds later, Wei Xun’s age seems to be going backwards until he stops at a certain moment.

Wei Xun estimated that it was about 17 years old!

Fusion females are too risky, especially when sex is different. And this is only the fusion of mental state, not with the complete devil bug. Some changes have taken place in Wei Xun’s body, but the pure blood devil in the alienated state is stronger, which is far from the point of denaturation.

But if you want to integrate the mother and control her power, you must make some compromises!

Under Wei Xun’s choice, the body of a / C finally presents a retrogressive trend – retrogressing the stage of minors! Many magic insects are uncertain when they are minors, such as corn shoots and even some mother insects. This stage is the form that Wei Xun can accept and most agree with Xiaocui!

[you have successfully integrated the mental state of mother Milara, and your dark blue title ‘demon bug controller’ is in the process of upgrading! Please note that your next actions will affect the advanced bias of the title. Success and failure are in your control!]


Sure enough, at the same time when the hotel prompt sounded, the power of the nearly collapsed devil insect in Wei Xun’s body finally eased down. The devil was unwilling to roar, but Wei Xun pressed down and could only learn to live in harmony with each other patiently.

The clothes on the clothes are a little loose, and the damaged clothes seem to be a circle larger. The edge of the long scarlet cloak is hanging down, and the skin seems to become tighter and younger, while the back is itchy, as if a pair of tender and soft new wings different from the wings of the devil are being born and stretched.

However, the time was too short for Wei Xun to thoroughly analyze his changes at the moment. He was absorbed and focused on the giant dead!


In the eyes of outsiders, it is a dirty black gray giant dead spirit, which is completely transparent in Wei Xun’s eyes. Wei Xun can clearly see hundreds of light spots gathered in the middle of its main body, flashing like a light in the dark. It is a mutant evil ghost insect just hatched!

At the moment when Wei Xun integrated Xiaocui’s spirit, Xiaocui’s power increased by more than ten times, which directly hatched all the mutant ghost eggs in the giant dead! The giant tentacle running through Wei Xun’s chest was retracted, and his tentacle hesitated to no longer attack, including the slow movement of the giant necromancer, were all affected by the hatching of insect eggs!

But at that time, Wei Xun was dizzy and fainted, and he couldn’t control the eggs. Giant necromancers act more instinctively, but now it’s different. Wei Xun held out his hand, and his gloves were in a strange change. His sharp nails were cut and broken. At the moment, Wei Xun’s fingers are slender and pale, and the tip of his nails is light green, like a newborn leaf.

The more you go to the root of the nail, the thicker the green is, and the most green is dark green. But in this dark green, it is dotted with pure gold insect patterns, which are like the Queen’s noble crown. The gold and green intertwined lines, like rings and tattoos, surround a finger, overlap on the back of a hand, and finally surround the wrist.

When Wei Xun reached out to point at the giant dead, it was like releasing a signal. The evil spirits and insects that used to act disorderly in the giant dead have gathered, floated and changed. At the most, they gathered at the head of the giant dead, just like a brain composed of several larvae.

Yes, the larvae, forced to hatch in the giant dead, consumed the evolutionary prospect of these eggs and overdrawn their future. In fact, in the chaos just now, nearly a hundred young evil ghost insects have died. They are social evil insects. In such a strong spirit of death, fighting alone is equivalent to dying.

But Wei Xun gathered them together and they can last longer. But even if the time is extended, they can only live for one day at most.

It’s a pity, but it’s worth it.

One day is enough.

It’s enough for Wei Xun. Hundreds of young evil spirits can perfectly control the giant dead. It’s enough that he can forcibly change his instinct, but can affect it.

For example, now, it is clear that the giant necromancer is still expanding its territory, extinguishing the flame and madly integrating more necromancers, but secretly there is an insignificant tentacle supporting Wei Xun, which converges all the flames in Wei Xun. This tentacle, like an elevator, safely supports the giant Necromancer’s head.

Too strong dead breath and terrible spiritual pollution make the giant undead not like a soul creature, but more like a physical monster like a giant octopus in the deep sea. On his head, Wei Xun pulled out a nail and buried a tube of butterfly blood in his head.

The nail full of mother insect energy and the blood of butterfly pattern, if swallowed by these hundreds of larvae, can make them grow into adults in an instant, and there will be mutations controlled by the law. But they have too much dead gas in their bodies. Even in this way, they can’t survive, and even shorten the survival time again. But that’s enough.

Hundreds of adult mutant ghost insects are enough to completely control the giant dead temporarily. It might be useful to plan ahead.

“Emperor, Emperor!”


Nails and a tube of blood caused a commotion among the larvae, but the larvae were very obedient and hid them in the swarm. In a trance, Wei Xun seems to have listened to the call of many young children. The devil is not a smart devil, but stupidity represents pure childish loyalty.

In their eyes, Wei Xun, who integrates Xiaocui, is the emperor of the highest family. They are born to protect, obey, live and die.

This title made Wei Xun frown.

[the master is great! The babies used to only call me mother!]

Xiaocui Xiaoyin wanted to please Wei Xun with a trace of uneasiness in his mind: [really, only the top mother can become a king! She is worthy of being the master and really powerful!]

Xiaocui’s words with strong desire for survival failed to attract Wei Xun’s attention. A is deeper and deeper resonating with these larvae. A is testing and looking for the advanced direction of his title.

“Hungry, hungry, so hungry!”

Many larvae are crying hungry. In a trance, Wei Xun seems to see the food these larvae really need. Look at the evolutionary direction of eating different foods.

Magic insect nutritionist, purple title! If you choose this direction, you can easily see the needs of magic insects, guide their evolution, and produce some unique magic insect food every day!

No, no, it’s too slow to guide evolution through food. There is a female insect Xiaocui, which can fully obtain more ancient magic insect breath, and carry out various breath fusion experiments to directly produce evolutionary mutant insect eggs.

‘war! War! ”

Many larvae are eager to fight. They are eager to fight for their mother! Ghost insects are naturally belligerent. They are eager to conquer larger territories and hunt more prey. However, they dedicate them all to the most noble mother emperor.

Wei Xun seems to see that a is among the insects. He personally leads the terrorist insects to fight. When a is in charge, the magic insects will be invincible and unable to attack!

Demon bug commander, purple title! If you choose this direction, there will be more soldiers and insects in the insect group, who are better at group combat, and even the most independent and hostile demons can fight together!

This is better, but Wei Xun still hesitates. The integration of a and Xiaocui is doomed to be like those real devils and insects dissimilated tour guides, and more importantly, the conflict between demon blood and devils and insects. The title of war scientist, which can control the scope of the insect corps, depends on the power of “integration”.

This is Wei Xun’s weakness! Who chooses titles according to their weaknesses? If you choose this title, you will encounter similar tour guides in the future. If the other party also has mother insects, I’m afraid it will completely crush the other party’s momentum. This title will be abandoned and useless!

Wei Xun ruled out all the titles, but the deeper the resonance with the larva, the calmer the mood of a / R. These seemingly terrible demons are like newborn babies in a’s eyes. They are ignorant and know that they are naturally aggressive and wild, but they are also naturally absolutely loyal.

There seems to be an invisible connection between the mother insect and the child insect. These connections connect every demon insect. Whether it is weak or strong, Wei Xun feels Xiaocui’s love.

Xiaocui’s love for the larva is not a cold queen. The mother feels abundant and rich. She is no less in love than human beings. But this kind of love is unique to demons and is very distorted in people’s eyes,

She loves the worms, but she doesn’t care about their sense of sacrifice, sadness and pain. Instead, she will feel happiness, pride, the strength and pride of the insects. The worms try their best to protect her and be happy. Similarly, they are numb to death and will not have any pain and fear. They will also feel happy when they find food, protect their mother, and fight with strong enemies.

Twisted happiness, a special bond between mother and son. The mother will only feel pain and despair when she is dying, and the daughter will only feel pain and despair when she is dying.

The sense of inequality seems to be a thin thread in the puppet master’s hand, but it is more shaped than between the puppet master and the puppet.

Distorted happiness, terrible happiness, real happiness.

[lead wire (purple title) : you are holding the silk thread. The people you bind with the silk thread will not feel pain, sadness, but full of happiness. If you get more happiness, you / she / it will fight for you! Of course, if you are not happy enough, you will be separated from your silk thread. So from today on, please learn to be a great mother!]

[Note: why? Are you male? Oh, I’m really sorry. If you don’t want to change sex, this title can only play half the role]

[times of wire pulling for human and humanoid: 0 / 6]

[times of pulling wires to magic insects: 0 / 200]

[when you are male, the number of wire pulling is halved!]

Lead wire! It is not only aimed at magic insects, but has more functions, which is essentially different from the “nutritionist” and “commander”! This is the evolutionary direction of the title that can only be owned by a demon insect controller who has a rare mother insect and integrates with the mother insect!

Even if there are many restrictions, we can fully see the strength of this title!

No pain, no sense of responsibility, loyalty, and fighting for happiness – perfection and responsibility can complement each other and be used at the same time!

Moreover, Wei Xun found that “a” when integrating Xiaocui’s mental state can enjoy the role of a complete title. Even if Xiaocui is not integrated, the number of wire pulling by half is barely enough. A: now, there are Yu Hehui in the neighborhood. Maybe we can add Tong Hege. Three times is enough.

The original dark blue title of demon bug controller disappears and the purple title of “lead silk” replaces it!

This is Wei Xun’s first purple title!

Wei Xun opened his eyes, and the faint green silk thread wound around his wrist and finally disappeared. The choice of Title advanced direction seems to be a long time, but in fact it’s just not half a minute. I didn’t try to use the title of “just hand”, because I felt the mania of the giant dead through the larvae and more and more flames in the hall.

The passage is about to open!

When the sharp wind hit, Wei Xun’s head tilted and avoided the “hidden weapon” hit by the brain, but when he looked down, he found that it was not a hidden weapon, but a round black bean! The black bean fell in front of the “a” and grew in the wind and became a little black. The black skin perfectly imitated the dead spirit and did not attract the attention of the dead spirit, but it still withered in a few seconds after the huge dead spirit was too strong.

But before it withered, it tried to jump and jump in front of Wei Xun, pointing down with its hands.

Wei Xun pulled down his hood and looked back. He saw the half life Taoist riding on the red stiff cloth, dancing wildly, desperately pointing down at the hint.

Lower , channel is lower !

“Roar -!”

The deafening roar suddenly sounded, and the whole underground palace began to vibrate violently! Half life Taoist almost bit his tongue. As soon as he saw the surprise of turning his head, he turned into anxiety and panic.

The channel is formed, and the giant necromancers are rioting!

It’s too late to compete with C250. Hongjiang suddenly falls down, and the heavy dead gas pressed down makes him stay high again. Even if half life Taoist wants to stay, protecting the safety of half life Taoist is Hongjiang’s core instinct!

But in an instant, the people fell to the ground, and now the whole hall is completely different. The burning flame was forced to one side, and there was no longer the huge potential before. The flame also turned dark red, as if it would be extinguished at any time. On the contrary, the death became more and more intense, almost dyeing the whole hall black!

The fire array can suppress the dead spirit. Even if the channel is opened, it can only last for five seconds. Then the whole fourth floor of the underground palace will completely fall into the darkness of death!

The half life Taoist trembled nervously every time he heard the roar and sound of the outside. Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds — someone finally entered the tunnel. Half life Taoist looked with hope and saw that the ancestor of Yinshan and the one before bing2501 came into the channel.

“Go, go, go!”

Half life Taoist looked warily at the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain. However, he pushed her away from the side of bing250 and pushed him. However, they almost fell to the ground as soon as they ran.

Channel, closed. We have no choice but to move on.

“Drink this quickly, this is to return to vitality, this is in addition to death, and this, this is to go to bad luck!”

Half life Taoist walked around C 250. He took out a pile of things from his yellow cloth bag and stuffed them all into him: “ be polite to me, eat quickly, and you’ll be on my way home on credit!  Liang Tianzun, why did you run here? It’s too dangerous!”

“Thank you.”

Wei Xun thanked him and looked at the half life Taoist deeply. He didn’t refuse much. He took down all kinds of props given by a / R and adjusted the state.

Is it getting smaller? Half life Taoist looked at C 250 suspiciously and felt that it seemed to be getting smaller… No, it became younger? However, in the process of drinking medicine, Wei Xun dissolved his integration with Xiaocui and returned to the original state. It looks like a change caused by serious injury, healing and recovery.

“This is the potion given to me by the devil merchant. It is said to replenish vitality.”

Without help, the half life Taoist thought deeply. Wei Xun threw a bottle of potion to him and politely said, “can you help me have a look?”

“OK, no problem.”

The honorific title of C 250 made the half life Taoist very happy. He wondered if it could be regarded as an elder of the life playing man even if rounded. He looked at the potion in his hand, tasted another drop and smacked his mouth.

“The little witch’s No. 5 medicine, which restores vitality, is purer than those on the market. It is not for sale. It is a good thing.”

“You have a good relationship with the devil merchant.”

Wei Xun took the medicine and drank it. Half life Taoist turned his head and figured out the origin of the medicine. Well, the only one in our team who can get this thing is the devil businessman who is said to have a good relationship with the little witch. Even the werewolves of Augustus couldn’t get it. Because the little witch is a member of the black widow force, this potion seems to be for internal use.

Even in the hands of the devil merchant, this medicine is precious. I’m willing to give C 2501. It’s definitely not just a transaction.


Wei Xun said casually, “otherwise, I can’t find the orifices of the giant dead spirit and survive by chance.”

Well, take out the little witch’s Potion. It’s just a potion. Half the life Taoist talked about the devil merchant!

The orifices are the key points shared by the undead, and they are the place where their upper and lower dead Qi / Yin Qi is the weakest. Ghost monsters are basically immune to physical attacks and are very difficult to deal with. Only when you find the orifices can you be killed in one shot.

However, C250 was looking for a point of enlightenment. With the help of the characteristics of weak vitality there, he survived, thanks to his good friend, the devil businessman – of course, he made it up.

Well, I’m afraid the half life Taoist priest and the ancestor of Yinshan have discovered that it appeared on the head of the giant dead. The good thing is that with their strength, they can’t deal with this huge dead spirit and can’t find the evil insect in it.

But half life Taoist doesn’t mention that the ancestor of Yinshan may have doubts about the giant dead.

Wei Xun thought that he carelessly revealed the ring – a Western-style ring. It looks like it has been for some years. It looks very frightening, but in fact, it was a prop given by the devil merchant before, carrying thousands of paper pulp and Mr. Skinner’s dirty blood. There is no other use except storage.

Moreover, this ring is not the standard money sold by the hotel. It was transformed by the devil merchant with all kinds of jewelry uploaded by his ancestors. After all, people who know the standard props may be able to understand its role at a glance. Therefore, the devil merchant is more used to using this kind of personal transformation props——

In this way, at first glance, the other party can’t confirm whether the bottom of the jewelry is used for storage, defensive props, attack props, etc.

For example, Wei Xun’s display now gives people the feeling that “this ring is a prop that can see the orifices”.

“Wealth is not exposed!”

Unexpectedly, the half life Taoist was nervous and directly covered Wei Xun’s hand. He looked at the ancestors of Yinshan, Xiao Xiao Xiao and Wei Xun and bit his ears: “you don’t have to explain how many people there are, and you don’t have to show them, okay? You’re a tour guide. Needless to say, there are so many people! You’re just too…”

Half life Taoist glanced at the tour guide cloak of C 250 and put back the light blue cloak without the dazzling scarlet. Half life Taoist subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief and finished his words: “… Too sincere.”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and found that he still underestimated the status of tour guides. Even the old tourists like half life passers-by obviously talk more to the tour guide, which is not very obvious.

Think about the dreamers. They seem to have little to say in front of the passengers? Even though he is familiar with Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist, the dreamer is really quiet. He didn’t even talk much in front of Zhang xingzang.

When Wei Xun and a were alone, dreamers said a lot.

Wei Xun thought that the relationship between tour guides and tourists in this hotel is more complete in his heart. The tour guide seems to be born with the “law” to discuss and communicate harmoniously with tourists. This is not just a personal character, but more like a normal.

The tour guide is the “staff” of the hotel, and the tourists want to pass many tests and finally leave the hotel.

Unequal status leads to unequal relationship. The preferential treatment given by the hotel to the tour guide, the privilege of the tour guide during the journey, and the strange appearance of the tour guide make people gradually forget that the tour guide is also a person and a “R 04”; People in hotels in the real world.

Monsters, people, guides, tourists.

Like a half life Taoist, even if a has been nagging and caring for a long time, even if it involves a confrontation task, a will not persuade C 250 not to die and not to take risks. Zhou Xiyang always takes “C 250” first and protects everywhere, but he doesn’t say you should be like “like”.

On the contrary, the dreamer advised a few times openly and secretly, and solemnly warned a not to fall into a desperate situation.

“Next, you can’t go back the same way. You can only go to the next  to have a look.”

Wei Xun lost himself in thought and stopped talking. Half life Taoist became more used to it. “I’m afraid the dragon vein on the fifth floor of the underground is broken… Alas, let’s go step by step.”

However, Wei Xun saw that the half life Taoist was used to walking. He was like a guide leading the way – well, when Wei Xun looked back at him, the half life Taoist reacted and coughed shamelessly. He walked in front of him like a chicken mother with a copper coin sword in one hand and a Sanmao token in the other.

Wei Xun looked at the ancestor of Yinshan and didn’t investigate her. She didn’t open the channel for ten minutes, forcing him to almost return to zero. However, the ancestor of Yinshan took the initiative to apologize to you.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

The old ancestor of Yinshan said slowly. His tone was unexpected. He was much more gentle than before, and even had a trace of appreciation and unspeakable temptation.

“If you like, I can give you my unique professor.”

What is the puppet master’s unique skill?

Manipulation of puppets, of course.

Sure enough… She looked at the wire.

Wei Xun knew that when he got the new title of “Yin” on the head of the giant undead, the green line appeared for a moment. Although it disappeared in the twinkling of an eye, it was noticed by the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain.

Lead the wire, lead the wire, it really makes people think of the way to manipulate the puppet.

“Hiss, you’ll fart, goblin, shut up and seduce people!”

Before Wei Xun answered, the half life Taoist opened his mouth directly and choked. He protected Wei Xun in front of him and made a gesture with a seven star sword as a deterrent.

Half of the Taoist priest was angry about the Yinshan ancestor’s abduction of bing250. Even if she and Mrs. white are similar in strength, or even better than Mrs. white? Half life Taoist saw at a glance that the ancestor of Yinshan was a thing that turned Yin Qi into essence, just like a ghost king. Many ghost kings of this level have also been killed.

With a spectrum in mind, half life Taoist is rarely cold: “dare to move, kill you.”


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