TTG Chapter 222

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 222: Supplement 1

Half life Taoist really didn’t know that the ancestor of Yinshan was the puppet of the puppet master.

Wei Xun came here from time to time on the next road.

Otherwise, it’s hard to explain the performance of the half life Taoist. The performance of the copper coin sword in front of the Yinshan ancestor was so handsome that the Yinshan ancestor was stunned for a moment.

“I’ll find the way after a while. Let’s leave, shall we?”

Half life Taoist kukouzi, who was still nagging in Wei Xun’s ear all the way, advised: “don’t worry about the ancestor of Yinshan, even if you sign a labor contract with her, don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

It seems that at present, only he and Zhou Xiyang may know the true identity of the ancestor of Yinshan. Yes, the guide who sneaks into the journey must be more careful. Even the dreamer can’t be sure.

Wei Xun hooked his lip and came up with an interesting idea.

If half life Taoist knows… He should report it directly to the hotel. As the deputy head of Laoshan brigade, he should have the authority to contact the hotel directly. Will the puppet division be expelled directly from the brigade?

“If you are interested in the keel, I can take you to have a sneak look. It’s OK to have two eyes, but it’s not easy to provoke the dragon soul.”

forget it.

He looked at the half life Taoist and saw his fractured hand. Wei Xun couldn’t bear to pit him when he was desperate to save people.

So it’s better for the enemy to use it. There’s no need to fuck when it’s dug up.

“Hiss, little Taoist, I don’t know heaven and earth.”

The ancestor of Yinshan finally opened his mouth. His voice was very cold, with a little contempt and displeasure: “we’re here to steal the keel!”

“Ah? Steal the keel? It’s up to you?”

Half life Taoist just yelled at the woman to shut up and was surprised to hear her speak. He didn’t believe in Yinshan’s ancestors. He subconsciously looked at C 250, but saw him nod and acquiesce.

Ah, this, this???

“Keel? Ah? Do you want to move the keel?”

He was so stunned that half life Taoist almost heard an absurd remark: “I don’t think you really understand? It can be the keel of the dragon vein!”

“What’s the difference?”

Wei Xun asked with great interest. The half life Taoist sounded like he had seen a keel?

“Of course, it’s different from our ancestors. This kind of thing that will affect the surrounding environment is the most difficult.”

Half life Taoist Guan Nai said to Wei Xun in a low voice: “don’t touch the water and soil in the keel town. If it’s natural apoptosis, even if the dead gas overflows again, it’s none of our business. But once you touch it, it’s dead, the Dragon pulse is broken, the dead gas is vertical and horizontal, and Xiaotang mountain becomes a dead place, you’ll be absolutely finished, you know!”

“The society of tourism killed you! I think the ancestor of Yinshan is to take you to the pot. She will definitely do some evil moves such as transferring sins. Really, I think you are emitting black gas on your head!”

“I signed a contract with her.”

Wei Xun lowered his voice and remained calm, but seemed to hesitate, as if he had been persuaded to waver: “can you tell me in detail?”

After listening to him, in order to persuade Bing 250 to change his mind, half life Taoist took great pains to tell Wei Xun all the important and serious information such as keel, dragon soul and dragon vein. He was a thief when he spoke. He gave Wei Xun a mung bean and let him put it in his ears.

Mung beans are heard, and the ancestors of Yinshan province eavesdrop.

“In a word, follow me later and I’ll take you out.”

There is always an end to the corridor. When you see a very high and huge warm jade tower in front from a distance, the half life Taoist stopped talking anxiously. He grabbed Wei Xun’s hand, but he didn’t dare to stretch out his hand. Finally, he grabbed the red stiff hand and stuffed it into Wei Xun’s hand.

“Grab him… You should have prepared San’s props?”

Like the parents who sent the candidates to the examination room, the half life Taoist would like to give thousands of instructions: “including the last one, or holding one in your hand, ah, as soon as the situation is wrong, you swallow it immediately. By the way, how is your San value now?”

“Fairly stable.”

Wei Xun said vaguely that, in fact, it was the same as when he just saw the passage from the number floor of the underground palace to the fourth floor. Wei Xun’s San value had been falling steadily and evenly. In fact, he had already drunk purified magic honey water, and there was a drop of purified royal jelly under the tip of his tongue for emergencies.

But Wei Xun really couldn’t tell what made him fall out of San. Like this corridor, there are murals and monsters. There are winding fire patterns on the black ground of unknown material at his feet, which seems to symbolize that they are walking through the fire channel. But there’s nothing else besides the.

Is there any hidden secret mechanism?

Both the ancestor of Yinshan and the half life Taoist priest were extremely cautious. They only walked along the fire line like a cat walk. If someone took a ruler to measure, they would be surprised to find that they were walking in a pure straight line with a half deviation.

In Wei Xun’s eyes, he suspected that only fire lines can step on here, and there are trap mechanisms nearby. It’s hard to be honest.

But this added to his doubts.

Losing San all the time means that it is full of mental pollution, or someone is staring at him in the dark. However, the ancestor of Yinshan and the half life Taoist did not do anything special except walking on the line of fire. The fourth floor of Lianxiang, which had just entered the underground palace before, was the performance of the ancestors of Yinshan. Wei Xun took the initiative to ask questions, but followed.

Half life Taoist is so talkative that he will always turn off the San value problem.

As expected, Wei Xun took the opportunity to test, but the answer of half life Taoist made him feel a little heavy.

“Don’t try to be brave. Your San value is really good?”

Seeing the sign that C 250 was completely out of control, half life Taoist subconsciously looked left and right, and couldn’t help showing his disgust and resistance. When he looked at C 250, he looked calm. He couldn’t help muttering, “this can keep calm, and his rational quality is really strong. No wonder he can connect with the safety team and be raised by playful people.”

Wei Xun:.

Ignoring the muttering words of half life Taoist, Wei Xun wrote down what he had just done. Quietly, he scanned the left and right with the remaining light from the corner of his eye –  there were any strange, simple and clean stone walls. It should not arouse people’s disgust and resistance.

Unless there is something he can’t see, and both the ancestor of Yinshan and the half life Taoist can see.


Wei Xun lowered his eyes and walked forward quietly.

The severity is different from before. If there is anything that only the ancestor of Yinshan can see, but Wei Xun can’t see, he can also excuse that he is a guide and belongs to the hotel. After all, the ancestor of Yinshan is a local monster. Or the hotel vaguely realized the difference of Yinshan’s ancestor and tried to test her.

But now even the half life Taoist can see it. In this temporary number group, only he can’t see it.

Not seeing means the unknown, and the unknown represents fear. For a long time, people’s fear of the unknown is far more than the evil and distorted things they can really see. People are group animals. Once they realize the ‘particularity’ of their own, it is an unbearable pressure, irritability and panic.

However, Wei Xun has no negative emotions at all. He is still calm, even more.

What’s the difference between him and the ancestor of Yinshan and the half life Taoist?

What caused him not to see?

The declining San value makes Wei Xun give priority to this area. If you want to do so, there is no doubt that the ancestors of Yinshan and half life Taoist have San values. Even if half life Taoist is a passenger, he will be affected by mental pollution, but his state should be better than that of Wei Xun.

After all, the team leader’s assessment task is limited, and the maximum value of Wei Xun San can only be 50 . Now it has been hovering around 30.

Is the problem caused by low San?

Wei Xun pressed the drop of purified royal jelly on the tip of his tongue, and the hot, sour and salty smell came. As soon as Wei Xun was clear, his San value reached 50. He closed his eyes and then opened them. In a trance, there seemed to be some inconspicuous and distorted shadows around him.

“Here we are.”

However, when Wei Xun watched carefully, the passage had come to an end. In front of him, it was like a natural cavity, completely supported by a huge warm jade tower with a width of 10 meters and a height of 5 meters. The jade seems to be high to the end and deep into the rock and soil above the head. Various complicated array patterns are drawn on it.

However, there is a very obvious gap in the lower left corner of the warm jade box, which should have been opened by the law, and can allow one person to drill into the box. Even the array on the jade basket looks dim. The jade basket is like a broken stone basket.

If the half life Taoist didn’t explain in a low voice, Wei Xun couldn’t recognize that the rough and gray material was jade.

“This is Kunlun warm jade, produced 100 feet below Kunlun unfrozen spring.”

Half life Taoist said solemnly. Here he became completely serious. Holding the number Mao token in hand, the half life Taoist population chanted words, but it was like a jade who solemnly saluted the number.

“Xiaocui, it’s dangerous ahead. It can be said that this is the most dangerous place in the whole journey. Even the Ming Tombs in the next scene will not be more terrible than here.”

The half life Taoist whispered, “don’t make a noise for a while…  don’t make a noise whatever you see.”


The ancestor of Yinshan is also rarely serious: “close your eyes, cover your ears, and even close the five senses. They are used in front of the keel and the dragon soul. Don’t try to be clever. Face it face to face, there is still a glimmer of vitality.”

What they said was very serious. Wei Xunmei was so tight that he was rarely nervous and took the green title of strong resentment resistance. Finally, in the order of Yinshan’s ancestor, the half life Taoist, Wei Xun and Hong Jiang at the end of the team, they successively drilled through the crack of nuanyu da.

“Hiss -”

Entering avant-garde Xun, I seemed to hear the sound of half life Taoist sucking air conditioner. That doesn’t seem to bode well,

When Wei Xun finally stood on the fifth floor of the underground palace after warming the jade, he found that there was a cliff of up to half a meter in front of him. It was too close. If someone ran through the jade, he might rush out of the earth.

The ancestor of Yinshan and the half life Taoist stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down. They were dull, like two stone statues.

“Call -”

The dull exhalation came from behind his ears. Wei Xun turned his head and looked at him with red eyes, but saw that he was staring straight ahead. His stiff and red face was dense and covered with black oily liquid. No, it’s not rising. It should be that the space in the warm jade box is full of such evil things, covering the red and stiff face.


Wei Xun stopped holding his breath. He smelled tentatively.

Smell and clear the air. It makes people energetic and happy. It seems that they are not in the depths of the earth, but wandering in the sea of flowers. Different from the four floors of the dark underground palace, the fifth floor of the underground palace is a bright hall. Several thick gold dragon columns of unknown material stand tall and upright. The column body is wrapped with strange animals like dragons and lanterns.

The bright light, golden and majestic animal head, strange, will not bring people a gloomy and terrible feeling. It is directly majestic and magnificent, as if you were in the palace and temple.

“Cluck – cluck -”

Wei Xun heard the uncontrollable Qi sound from the throat of half life Taoist, which can only be made in great fear. His face was twisted and his eyes were wide open, as if he had seen something incredible and terrible.

But Wei Xun looked down from the cliff – it seemed that there was nothing terrible.

Wei Xun has a clear underground spring, which is blue. There are even green grass around. There are scattered animals like snow-white rabbits playing in the grass. It’s beautiful. It doesn’t seem to be deep underground.

On the edge of the spring, there is a golden little dragon. Its golden tail tip is immersed in the spring. It is very beautiful. The golden dragon is intimately intertwined with a white dragon.

However, Wei Xun knew that what he saw might be an illusion.

[San value: 10 ]

At the moment Wei Xun looked at the bottom of the pit, his San value plummeted by 40 !

Not only as——

[di! Congratulations, your master series task progress has reached 50%! When you complete the assessment task, you will be awarded the advanced purple title ‘cold-blooded’!]

Stay at about 40% and dominate a series of Title tasks for a long time. The progress has been directly raised to 50%


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