TTG Chapter 223

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 223: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (50)

Assessment task?

For a long time, the title of series tasks can be obtained automatically when the task progress is reached. What dominates the title of series so special that it can be obtained only by completing special assessment tasks?

What makes the task progress soar?

All these questions were mixed in too messy and crazy thoughts. The 10 point San value was an unprecedented and extremely low number. Wei Xun’s brain flashed and his ears were full of endless buzzing. I can’t see any scene at present, only bright and pure color blocks.

Bright color blocks, large and small, are filled with all the vision, and every breath is full of fragrant fragrance that can make people drunk. It was different from the feeling of “low San” every time before. When Wei Xun had a low San, he had always seen “thrillers, ghosts and terrible noises, but this time there were flowers and flowers in front of him.

It seems that the whole person has been thrown into a kaleidoscope, but constantly changing from beginning to end. The gorgeous and extraordinary color blocks not only don’t make him feel agitated and disordered, but feel energetic, relaxed and happy. He can’t help but want to indulge in it, just like an absolutely beautiful dream.

Wei Xun was attracted by these colorful blocks and subconsciously wanted to take a step, but he couldn’t move. His body was like a strange rope wrapped around him, which bound his actions.

Before Wei Xun acted again, the next second he saw the golden red light covering countless colorful color blocks, the round red sun rising like a simple stroke, and the outward bending radiation of the sun pierced each gorgeous color block if there was substance.

“Ah –!”

It seems that there is a sharp and harsh cry one after another. Some color blocks tremble, struggle and moan like life, but they are still pierced and broken by the sun. The falling pigments give out distorted and intermittent crying, which is the same sound as the hum of the sun.

“Wei Xun, Wei Xun…”

“Wei Xun”

It’s a famous brand!

Wei Xun suddenly remembered that he suddenly felt that he was familiar with the sun with a famous name and the singing sound! If you don’t listen to it recite its name, just listen to the buzzing, which is very similar to the illusion sounded under the spiritual pollution of the crazy sun!

However, without waiting for Wei Xun to take a closer look at the sun, the sun in the colorful blocks disappeared and disappeared. Together with some colorful blocks, it only left a burning shining mark on the retina.

[San value: 1 point]

After locking San, Wei Xun immediately swallowed the purified royal jelly in his mouth. The San value of a famous brand with a surname will not return to zero, but a drop in the San value is enough to prove how dangerous it was just now. This is the first time Wei Xun saw the virtual shadow of the name card in his illusion!

Wei Xun didn’t open his eyes. Even if he swallowed purified royal jelly, the San value increased very slowly. According to common sense, it should have been full quickly, but now Wei Xun counted ten numbers in his heart, but the San value will return to 30.

No, it’s not that the royal jelly returns to San quickly, but that Wei Xun still drops San quickly! He also contained several drops of royal jelly to ensure that he could return to San at any time. Wei Xun opened his eyes.

He found himself being carried by a half life man, and Hong Jiang led the way. The ancestor of Yinshan didn’t know where he was, but the red stiff and half life people, like a rock sheep, carefully stepped on the raised stones on the rock wall, walked hard at a height of nearly ten meters from the bottom of the pit, avoided the middle hall and walked around him carefully.


Wei Xun fretted, and the half life man suddenly became stiff, and the mung bean hissed in his ear. Wei Xun stopped moving at the right time, watched the half life people communicate with Hong Jiang, changed his route one by one, found a pit on the rock wall as soon as possible, and temporarily hid in the rock wall.

When the pit entered, Wei Xun found that it was not naturally generated, but more like being dug by people. One person was tall and half a meter wide, just enough for people to enter. When entering the hall, one person changed his position, including half life people, behind the red hall. After fully entering, the entrance was blocked like a stone closing the door.


With a soft sound, the faint fire lit up, reflecting the worried expression of half life people. It is a red candle, only half of which is left. The candle flickered, and the half life man put down C250, frowned and looked at it carefully.

Before, Wei Xun felt strange when he was half a life. After being put down, he moved a little and realized that he was tied up by a pure black ink rope.

And there is no alienation. After all, this pit can barely squeeze in for normal people, but if it is the alienated devil Wei Xun, it is absolutely impossible for him to come in.

It seemed that there was an invisible rope binding him when he was in the low San dreamland, which made Wei Xun unable to touch some colorful blocks. It should be this rope. The function is similar to the name card, so that the tour guide will not completely get out of control.

The other end of the rope is in the hands of half life people sweating.

C 250 is not heavy, but it’s also an adult man. Walking on a steep cliff with a life-long man on his back, he is also under great psychological pressure. No wonder half-life people are tired and sweating.

After studying C 250 for half a day, the half life man’s expression was slightly relaxed, but he still held his heart, index finger and thumb around, and compared “OK” in front of Wei Xun

“What time is this?”

Wei Xun:

“It’s all right now.”

Wei Xun’s dumb voice: “let go.”

Half life people have their own judgment criteria. He took another Rune and lit it in front of Wei Xun. He stared at the rising smoke and chanted words for a long time. Then he relaxed his brow and untied Wei Xun. The position of the two of them is that Hong Jiang blocks the pit mouth, the half life man is in the innermost part, and Wei Xun is between the half life man and Hong Jiang.

The hole is narrow and was completely blocked by half life people just now. However, when he bent down to solve the ink rope for Wei Xun, the scene behind the half life man was exposed in Wei Xun’s eyes.

Behind the shoulders of half life people, there is a green twisted ghost face.

The candle light is dim. The ghost face is at the junction of weak light and darkness. The ghost eyes are wide open. There is a black hole between the eyes. His face is ferocious, like crying. It is extremely deformed and twisted. Its wide mouth occupies three thirds of the whole face. It has sharp teeth and leans forward, as if it was going to swallow the whole head of a half life person.

But Wei Xun didn’t move or make a sound.

“How are you feeling now?”

Then Wei Xun saw that the half life man turned back calmly, and half of the happy candle was inserted into the big mouth of the green ghost face.

This ghost like bronze statue is actually a lamp.


Wei Xun was brief. He looked at him with his eyes. The half life man looked at the lamp behind him again. Hey, ran: “be scared? Not afraid. It’s just a sacrificial lamp for a ghost.”

“The mountain god is in charge of the mountains, rivers and forests. Before, there was a hidden word engraved on the warm Jade Gate, called ‘Yanshan’, which is the honorary name of the mountain god here.”

“Yanshan Mountain God is the eighth Mountain God in the mountain and river spectrum. There are two spirit children under his hands,” Tong “and 81 mountain ghosts. This Mao ghost is the ghost in charge of the willows in the mountain forest.”

Willow is a ghost tree, which is different from other trees. Half life people calculate the direction and choose the lamp where it is located to rest temporarily. It is the safest. Of course, this is not the time to show off school hours. After a brief talk, the half life people were worried and asked about C250.

“You almost fell down just now.”

A lingering fear in the heart of half life: “fortunately, you have brought an ink rope, which can tie you up. However, if you are crazy about this strength, you can’t save it.”

Therefore, Wei Xun’s San value has not returned to zero, but he still owes his surname to the famous brand. Half life people are honest and don’t hire more workers. They don’t take the initiative to say or ask more when they see C 250. In a few simple sentences, I explained what had just happened.

From entering the fifth floor of the underground palace to Wei Xun waking up, it has just been ten minutes.

“The ancestors of Yinshan Mountain are not small. This land boundary dare to jump directly.”

“Fortunately, she still knew the weight of the dragon’s soul and didn’t wake up the dragon’s soul keel. Otherwise, we would see the king of hell.”

“Dragon soul keel?”

Wei Xun thought of the scene he saw in the cliff, the clear spring surging in the middle of the deep pit hall, the entangled Golden Dragon and white Jiao, and the white rabbit running and jumping in the green grass. These things may be the same as some colorful blocks. Wei Xun wants to know what these things are in the eyes of half-life people.

Now that the ancestor of Yinshan is away, it is a good opportunity to test.

“Hiss -”

Half life people are wiping sweat, and their painful faces are distorted when they rub one place. Wei Xun raised his eyes and saw that he took off his robe and wore a thin shoulder back. There was a terrible black spot with a large bowl mouth on the right side of his neck to the collarbone.

The black spot was sunken and festered, full of dirty pus. The rot was almost visible to the bone, and spread outward at a speed visible to the naked eye. The half life man clenched his teeth, and the copper coin sword was like a sharp blade in his hand. The half life man dug up the pus and black meat until he could see the blood color, and then applied the incense ash.

It was obviously very painful. The half life man couldn’t help humming. He was sweating like rain, his green tendons were tight, and his face was pale. Seeing that he was holding the bandage in his mouth, the painful movement was deformed, like he had to wrap up the affected part himself, but it was very difficult, so Wei Xun helped.

The half life man hesitated a little, and then handed the other half of the bandage to Wei Xun.

With the help of bandaging, Wei Xun was able to observe the injuries of half life people from a close distance. Although the half life people dug up all the black and rotten meat and applied incense ashes in time, the edges were still yellow and black again——

It has a clear fragrance.

“Doesn’t it smell good?”

Half life people looked at the silence of C 250 and thought that after all, they were still young tour guides and had never seen the world. Now the situation was severe and they could not avoid being frightened. They joked about the active atmosphere: “does it smell like rotten pork? I tell you, it’s good. The smell in the Pharaoh’s body wrapping cloth is really smoked, and you can’t stand it!”

“As soon as you lift the coffin, good guy, it’s like tens of thousands of herring cans were blown up. An Dui was standing in the front and was stunned for three seconds. Later, you said you were trapped in the illusion of the Pharaoh. Hey, you don’t believe it. You must have been smoked out and hindered your face. It’s hard to say.”

“the coffin cover pried with the return knife. I heard that the knife was pickled. I haven’t touched the return knife for a whole year after I returned.”

Half life people say they are happy. They wrap the rest of the bandages around them and praise themselves in their hearts.

Sample, and the atmosphere that can’t be activated?

However, unexpectedly, he was stunned by the next sentence of C 250.

“Is this the smell of the abyss?”

The half life man looked up in amazement. When Wei Xun saw this expression, he thought he might have guessed something.

What makes stink fragrant, ugliness beautiful and terror clean and beautiful?

At first, Wei Xun recognized that the San value was low, but if the San was low, it would cause this impact. The “half life” people and the ancestors of Yinshan should know it. I know that the scene in the eyes of C250 is different. But judging from the performance of these two people, I’m afraid it’s not because of this. Or more than that.

Wei Xun wondered whether it was related to his Ming Dynasty token and the identity of the tomb keeper, but the significant increase in the progress of the task of dominating the series of titles made him think of the abyss.

Sure enough.

“Yes, it’s the stench of the abyss.”

Half life people hesitated, as if they were thinking about whether to talk to C250 so much, but they thought again that if they didn’t make it clear, C250 might still want to grab the keel.

“It is the smell of the abyss and the smell of God after his death.”

The half life man finally lowered his voice: “you see a black swamp like churning rotten meat pulp.”

“Yanshan is red.”


After this sentence was uttered, there seemed to be an overcast wind blowing. The candle flickered, suddenly dim and trembled, as if it would go out at any time. Wei Xun raised his eyes to see the ghost lights behind the half life people. His eyes were gloomy and seemed to be staring at the people.

Wei Xun didn’t see any swamps, but he could also think of what half life people said.

There is a clear spring in the middle of the hall.

If it was the mark left by the death of the mountain god, Wei Xun saw that the tail of the golden dragon was immersed in the spring, which probably represented an extremely terrible thing.

Sure enough, then he listened to the half life man: “it’s too bad that the dragon vein has been fused by the mountain god pollution of the dead man. What someone collected the dead man is not the most important reason for the collapse of the keel.”

The half life man scolded. He was rarely excited and had a dignified expression: “it’s really dangerous here. It’s more difficult than level 5. It’s extremely dangerous and even higher. You must leave immediately!”

The fifth order is extremely dangerous. Except that it is not 30 degrees north latitude, it can be called the unsolvable level. Wei Xun frowned and thought of the ancestor of Yinshan.

Does the puppet master know the real situation on the fifth floor of the underground palace?

It should be known.

 what is her ultimate goal in stealing the keel.

“Does it hurt?”

Half life people were in a hurry. They took out gourds containing pills and took a lot of drugs as if they had seven gourds with them. These drugs don’t look like they are sold in the travel mall, but the effect is excellent. Originally, it kept seeping thick black and dirty blood, but it completely soaked the wound of the bandage in two minutes, and finally no longer seeped blood.

Wei Xun changed the bandage for the half life person again, but the half life person who always had a good face shed tears this time.

“Of course it hurts. It hurts to death.”

He choked and wiped away his tears. “Maybe he’s going to die here. It’s a good old-age care. It’s really embarrassing to want to lose his all-time fame.”

Half life people cry into tears, immersed in abnormal sadness. Wei Xun feels wrong. The smell of nose is getting thicker and thicker. It’s almost like someone spilled a whole bottle of perfume. The strong fragrance came from the pit mouth blocked by red stiffness. Wei Xun looked back and saw a terrible scene.

Red stiff is melting!

The scarlet mucus flows down from his body like drops of blood and tears. His broad shoulders and back are now shriveled and thin. The most terrible thing is that his chest has been completely corroded. The viscous and oily liquid occupies the cavity of his chest and merges with the scarlet mucus to become an earthy brown black paste.

A green grass sprouted in the “soil” and was exposed in front of Wei Xun.

No, the situation is deteriorating rapidly. Did the ancestor of Yinshan do it? Half life people are still crying. Their eyes are sometimes awake and sometimes sad. Wei Xun sees that he is struggling. The struggling half life man desperately took out the Sanmao token, but the incomplete token was soaked with a layer of dirty black and could not be used.

“Alas, if you really want to die, you should put on your scarlet cloak to stab you. You’ll be stabbed to death by a hippie. Stabbing you in the heart is better than dying in this small smelly ditch QAQ”

The half life man held Wei Xun’s hand from behind and held his teeth tightly in his sorrow and crying. Wei Xun and Xiao looked at each other and saw the determination in the eyes of the half life man – Xiao didn’t lie, just to let C250 stab him! At the critical moment, half life people are so cruel that they have to recover their mind at all costs!

Poke, poke!

At the moment, half life people seem to be schizophrenic. They are crying in a mess on the surface, but they are anxious and fierce in the heart. When he saw that C250 didn’t draw a knife, but directly pressed his chest with his hand, the tears of half life people became more fierce, but he was yelling at in his heart.

Poke! Take out the situation of killing people and stab them! No, no, no, C 250 can’t do it——


The half life man burped, and the sadness in his heart suddenly disappeared. The tears on his face haven’t stopped yet. He wiped away his tears with a strange look and looked at a light green line connected between himself and C250.

The half life man moved his hands and feet, calmed down and took some drugs. Then he touched the very thin silk thread with his finger.

“Not a puppet?”


“What do you say?”

It can restrain emotions, silk thread and half life. People’s first reaction is to think of puppets. Like ghost B, 19, the doll of the shepherd alliance, and the puppet Division A and B, “the puppet road to go”.

But the most important thing about puppets is that they are subject to ideological constraints and have no privacy at all. Half life people have their own ways to check themselves. They find that this silk thread is different from puppets.

“Connected or broken.”

Wei Xun, this is the first time to use the lead wire, so he found that it is difficult to connect. Like a half life person, a powerful passenger, although he can connect the lead wire, the other party can easily disconnect the lead wire.

You can’t use it to plot against the ancestors of Yinshan.

Wei Xun thought regretfully. After all, this is not a puppet line. Even if it can connect for a moment, it plays a role in eliminating positive buffs such as fear and sadness, rather than directly controlling each other.

“Connect it. Something’s wrong outside.”

Wei Xun showed the title of “pulling silk” to half life people. Of course, Wei Xun reserved it. He only showed “you are affecting the silk thread. The people bound by your silk thread will not feel pain, sadness, but full of happiness. To get more happiness,  / she / it will fight for you! ” The first half.

I didn’t show you the number of times to pull silk, the male effect was halved, and “so from today on, please learn to be a great mother!” Notes like that.

“Good title. It’s very suitable to be a tour guide.”

Half life people smack their mouths and are excited about C 250 again. Half life people are well-informed and have poisonous eyes. It can be seen at a glance that it is clearly a top team gain title, especially for high-end journeys full of spiritual pollution!

The light green filament betweenand C250 disappears after ten seconds, which means that the traction between the two people is established.

“Your strength is weak now. If the enemy is Yin, the lead wire is easy to break and can’t fall. It’s better to play auxiliary and strengthen your teammates.”

It would be nice if Bing 250 could be abducted to metaphysics. Really, according to the observation of this way, Bing 250 and the playful people really don’t go the same way! Really suitable for group!

Half life people are wringing their wrists. A single powerful tour guide and a tour guide with team gain have a completely different position in their eyes! The latter is rarer and more precious. In particular, the title of “pulling silk” does not have too many negative effects. Of course, “the more fighting, the happier” is actually a terrible detail, but it is still good by comparison.

Wei Xun tried out the potential rules of more titles by having a half life person, a very cooperative test object.

“Body” and “men” affect all aspects, such as the time when the traction wire is established. If you fuse with Xiaocui, the ten seconds can be reduced to five seconds. If Xiaocui is advanced and her strength is improved, this wire can be pulled as fast as seconds.

When the lead wire is not established, it is the easiest to disconnect. Although half life people have doubts, they have no resistance at all. If you meet a strong person who is full of vigilance and hostility to you, the lead wire may be disconnected immediately.

If the lead wire is disconnected before it is established, Wei Xun will be backfired. However, if the lead wire is established, the initiative will come to Wei Xun. You can choose when to break the wire, and both sides will not be damaged. If the other party chooses to forcibly break the silk, it will be swallowed by the suppressed pain, sadness and countless negative emotions between the silk.

“It was the mountain god crying just now. There was a priest. He was too deeply affected.”

The half life man explained that he sealed the Sanmao token in his hand. Painfully, he went to Hongjiang and stared at his chest. In the eyes of half life people, only the head is almost corroded. From its neck down, the red skin bag is filled with greasy lumps like rotten grease lumps, emitting a stench.

These hard blocks fluctuate like breathing, move back and forth, whirl around like a circle, full of bulges like grease particles, but they are deeply concave as a whole, like a giant hair follicle.

What grows out of the hair follicle is a terrible spike that runs through its whole chest and nails the red stiff into the pit mouth.

“The mountain god cried and the Dragon mane grew out.”

Half life people should have been nervous and worried, but without negative emotions, half life people even said to C250: “the dragon’s mane is very long, it’s just the tip of the hair.”

“But the fifth floor of the underground palace is full of dragon meat. Soon, the dragon’s mane will be covered with holes. We must leave as soon as possible.”

Dragon mane, dragon meat.

Wei Xun looked at the brown and black “soil” on his red and stiff chest and the delicate grass leaves growing in the soil. If he thought deeply, he suddenly asked, “soil is dragon meat and grass is dragon mane?”

“Yes, do you understand that, too?”

The half life man carefully cut off the red and stiff head with a copper coin sword and put it away – the body can’t take it, but the head is still there. He can cultivate it again after returning to the house.

“The dragon is the vein of the mountain, the earth is the meat of the dragon, the stone is the bone of the dragon, and the vegetation is the hair of the Dragon *”

“The mountain god cries and sees the rain. After the rain, plants and trees grow and dragon bristles breed – do you want to carry you?”

“No, let’s go together.”

Wei Xun refused, and Hong Jiang couldn’t go to war. He relied on two people, i.e. the army and the half life army. It’s not light. If you carry it half your life, your strength will definitely be affected.


Although I know that C250 is right to do so, I can’t carry it back and touch it closely, which still makes half life people a little unhappy – no, no, C250. This is for the sake of C250. If we fight later, we have to rely on C250 to protect it!

On this thought, the half life man was full of fighting spirit. The wound was no longer painful, and his heart was no longer sad and anxious – you know, he was still a little painful just now. The strength of C250 is weak. It can’t give the best play to the effect of pulling silk, and it’s not 100% to suppress sadness and negative emotions.

However, as long as you work hard with your whole life thinking about “C 250”, and use your ideas to make up for the deficiencies, you won’t hurt at all!

This title is a little scary.

Half life is a good character, but I don’t have time to think about it now. He thought hard about the battle of C250, vowed to protect C250 to the death, and adjusted his state to the best. Here Wei Xun looked at the figure of the half life man, as if thinking.

[qualified task object detected!]

[qualified task object detected!]

The prompt of “travel” rang out in Wei Xun’s mind.

[cold blooded Title Assessment Task]

[task name: real cold blood]

[task description: how can the blood be cooled down? When a person who really loves you, trusts you, is loyal to you and feels happy because of your existence is betrayed and killed by you personally.  cold and desperate tears can freeze all hot blood.]

[reward: Purple Title cold-blooded!]

Wei Xun moved his fingers and wound the wire around the lead wire. The half life man quickly combed his mood. One by one, they didn’t get out of the red, stiff and disabled body with dragon mane, but turned around. The half life man changed his Liu Mu sword, chanted and pinched his hands. Finally, the ashes of Liu Mu sword were enshrined in the lamp of the devil.

Then, the Mao ghost lamp turned its back, revealing a secret hidden in the mountain wall!

“Among the eighty-one mountain ghosts, Mao ghost and Zhao ghost are friends and Huai ghost are enemies.”

The strip seal is not long, and a pink ghost face lamp is blocked at the exit. The half life man repeated his old skills, took out a red peach wood sword and burned it, offered sacrifices to the trillion ghost, and successfully let the trillion ghost lamp give way.

From the hole where the trillion ghost lamp is located, Wei Xun glanced and saw that the cave wall on the opposite half was covered with brown “soil”, covered with green grass, and sometimes there were more than a dozen small trees, looking full of vitality.

However, in the eyes of normal people, this scene is by no means “full of vitality”. Half life people’s expression is blank for a moment, and there is a thread. Wei Xun can vaguely feel the fear, anxiety and instinctive disgust in his heart.

The lamp of Kunlun wood is the only way out

The mung bean in my ear sounded the advice of a half life person.

[follow up]

Wei Xun showed some alienation and walked steadily on the steep cliff. The half life people take delicate steps, elegant and light as white cranes, leading the way ahead. They held their breath and were silent.

All negative emotions are no longer affected by the mountain god’s crying. Half life people are extremely calm. Their brains are running rapidly, calculating the location of Kunlun wooden lamps. They can’t be distracted by the way they walk.

But Wei Xun was distracted. He followed the half life man quietly forward, but his eyes fell on the hall deep underground. Earth is the flesh of the dragon, rocks are the keel, and vegetation is the hair of the Dragon – the scene of natural harmony in the hall has a specific counterpart in Wei Xun.

Maybe when they walked along, they found black stone with unknown material and keel. This underground palace, the whole Xiaotang mountain, and even Tianshou mountain, the next scenic spot.

What is the Golden Dragon and silver dragon by the spring water? Is it a dragon soul? What is this attitude?

Yin Jiao… This reminds Wei Xun of the white snake spirit that disappeared in the underground palace. Even if there is a complete white snake skull, most of its snake bones, and the spirit of Taisui mountain Weng, it cannot be completely restored.

Will some white snake spirits be imprisoned here?

Wei Xun looked at the middle of the hall again. He saw things differently from half life people, but he saw more clearly. It can be said that without the influence of some dirty mental pollution, what Wei Xun sees is the essence.  I want to take a closer look at the winding posture of the Golden Dragon and silver Jiao. Whether it is helping each other, resisting death, or swallowing each other.

But at this glance, Wei Xun was moved in his heart.

I saw the ancestor of Yinshan.

The ancestor of Yinshan hid behind a newly grown and lush bush. She held a tight black thin line in her hand and moved her wrist like a kite to carefully control the movement of the thin line.

This tight black line is hidden in the green grass – if these grass are all meters long ‘Dragon bristles’ and wrapped with thick rotten and viscous’ dragon meat’, this black line is really hidden.

But in Wei Xun’s eyes, a black line in the soft grassland is really conspicuous.

What does the ancestor of Yinshan want to do?

The black line meanders across the grass and finally immerses in the wangquan water. Is the ancestor of Yinshan trying to secretly entangle the tail of the golden dragon that falls into the spring?


Wei Xun narrowed his eyes, his eyes became scarlet pupils, and he had better eyesight. I saw a dark shadow at the end of the black line of the ancestors of Yinshan in the spring.

If the spring water is thick black in the eyes of half life people, like a swamp like churning rotten meat pulp, no one can find something hidden in it. But in Wei Xun’s eyes, the spring water is extremely clear, so you can see it clearly——

There are people in the spring!

* *

[… In scenic spots full of mental pollution, people with different mental states will see different underground palace scenes. The closer the spirit is to collapse, the closer it is to the abyss, the better it is to see]

On the first floor of the underground palace, Bai Xiaotian quietly turned over the black ancient books in his hand. The half life people were not there, and the room was very quiet. The live broadcast is blocked, but even if the live broadcast is not blocked, the audience in the live broadcast room will not be able to see what is recorded in the sheepskin roll.

[however, if you want to approach the abyss, you need unparalleled “talent”. Even an ordinary guide who is completely alienated or even completely crazy can’t really approach the abyss and see the “truth”]

[in this decade, the guide closest to the abyss is the Devourer, but I think the life playing people are closer to the abyss than the Devourer]

[ have a pair of eyes given by the abyss]

“Olaine is missing.”

The figure of October 10 appeared quietly in front of Bai Xiaotian.

“MIA is still there?”


On October 10, he whispered, “the outbreak of the dead was too strong just now. Zhou Xiyang suspected that there was something wrong with the underground palace. C250 is not there, and he is likely to start looking for it.”

“MIA is still on the ground. Zhou Xiyang can’t go down.”

Bai Xiaotian calmly put away the book and took out an old, slightly incomplete book, which seemed to be made of bamboo skin. The cover of the book is clear ink.

Yu Gong

[in Yu Gong, Dayu controls the flood, divides nine mountains and nine rivers, and turns these nine mountains into three main branches and dragon veins in the north, middle and South]

The origin of the mountains is Kunlun mountain. Kunlun Mountain is the ancestral mountain. Kunlun mountain range is the ancestral dragon vein. It originates from five mountains, three of which enter China to the southeast, namely the three main dragons in the north, middle and south*

The dragon vein behind the eight armed Nezha city is the longest Beigan dragon in the world. It originated in Kunlun, passed through Taihang and Yanshan, and finally reached Tianshou mountain. After passing Tianshou mountain, it is a plain, and the dragon vein is hidden underground*

“To find the dragon, you need to find the ancestral mountain. Take Zhou Xiyang to the Kunlun position in the north. There are half-life people. The guild will choose to come out of the mountain.”


On October 10, I was puzzled: “I think I should go down.”

Bai Xiaotian, who was with half life people, told Zhou Xiyang that it was normal, and Bai Xiaotian deliberately exposed a trace of trickery before, which made Zhou Xiyang suspect that he might have hidden his strength. At the moment, she came forward to dissuade Zhou Xiyang, and she went to the underground palace to secretly protect C 250, which is reasonable.


Bai Xiaotian shook his head: “ next ”

For so many years, life playing people have been unable to obtain the title of crazy devil thriller. Although they are imprisoned in the Inca Sun Gate and cannot participate in the year-end celebration, they have long been suspicious of it.

The similarities between C 250 and life playing people are too strange. It’s just that blood brothers can’t get to this point. Long Shengjiu is different. Even twins will never be synchronized like this.

But you are not the same person or puppet, which shows that there are deep fetters between you——

At the next scenic spot, Bai Xiaotian must confirm in person before the team leader of C 250 is assessed.

A pair of eyes given by the abyss

* *

Half life people feel hairy behind their backs, as if they are stared at by some ghost in the abyss. Frown slightly in the middle of the eyebrow and reach back – according to the agreement between the eyebrow and C250, once the half life person reaches back, C250 should hold the hand of the eyebrow.

But no, C250 didn’t hold your hand.

Half life people are worried, but they know that the more dangerous they are, the more they must never turn back. The fluctuation from the lead wire reassures them that C250 should be all right. ‌——

The half life man slowed down, quietly touched out a mirror, looked back and looked at it with the rest of his eyes.

Half life person:.

I saw C250 changing clothes.

Pale to almost transparent skin flashed by, and then it was covered by a scarlet cloak, and C250 put on a hippie cloak, and——

Seems to be getting taller? Why didn’t the cloak mop the floor?

The half life man thought indeterminate, and then he heard C250 like trying wheat and coughed.


Half life person:??

Half life people:!!!


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