TTG Chapter 224

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 224: Supplement 2

The cough of C250 exploded like thunder in the heart of half life Taoist! If it hadn’t been for the wire pulling effect and the half life Taoist was forced to be calm in his heart, he would have been scared. The conditioned reflex ran away from him and avoided him!

No, no, the lead wire is still there. This is c-50 behind the back.

[you, how dumb is your voice?]

Half life Taoist was still in shock. He tried to sound with mung beans carefully.


Wei Xun didn’t answer, but answered without comment. The situation is more serious than he thought. Now there is not only a puppet master on the fifth floor of the underground palace, but also a mysterious man who can hide in the swamp of the God of death!

This man did not sign a contract on October 10 or Bai Xiaotian. All the people returning were shining in Wei Xun’s eyes. This person is either an Aboriginal demon who has been staying on the fifth floor of the underground palace, or it is very likely to be one of MIA or olaine who hide her strength.

No matter who he is, he is definitely an enemy rather than a friend. I’m afraid it’s not easy to leave the fifth floor of the underground palace, and Wei Xun doesn’t intend to return empty handed.

The more chaotic the situation is, the more favorable it is for him to come! In Wei Xun’s heart, a plan has taken shape.

At this time, half life Taoist priest has calmed down. He rarely wears this cloak. He suddenly wears this. Something bad has definitely happened.

Half life Taoist priest saw that Bingjie 50 looked at the middle of the hall, narrowed his eyes along his line of sight, and then subconsciously approached the stone wall behind him.

The coarse, dirty and rotten dragon’s mane occupied all the vision, like a dark forest. They were extremely tall and terrible, like giant pillars through the sky.

The dragon’s mane grows wantonly, and the rock wall becomes unsafe. Half life Taoist turned around, and the nearest dragon beard in front of them was only half a meter away, completely blocking the way ahead. Half life Taoist could clearly see the rotten and broken surface of the dragon beard, the “dragon meat” adhered to the surface like viscous fat blocks, and thick black oily liquid floated in the air.

[there’s a dragon’s mane in front of us. Let’s make a detour]

Just stay here for a moment, the whole body seems to be covered with a layer of oil, sticky and depressing, making people almost unable to breathe. Before Lin Lin came, he ordered the Taoist priest to evenly pat a layer of incense ash on his body, but now these incense ashes have turned gray black, soaked with oil, and rolled down like a mixture of mud and oil.

  1. the cloak of 50 may be used to prevent oil.

While he stopped, half life Taoist patted himself a layer of incense ash. Do you want to continue walking on the stone wall?

Half life Taoist made a difficult choice, but at this time——


With a soft sound, Wei Xun looked at the nearest green tree in front of him. It looks like a welcoming pine in Huangshan. It grows from the rock wall in an inclined field. At the moment, the bark cracked, and the amber resin flowed from the middle stream. The fine golden dust overflowed from the resin, like a mushroom releasing spores, or someone sprinkled a circle of bright gold powder from the air, floating and enveloping them.

Half life Taoist pupil suddenly shrinks!

As soon as the half life Taoist grabbed the hand of binggu 50, he took him directly from the rock wall without hesitation! The fifth floor of the underground palace is deep underground, and this floor is more than ten meters high. What’s it like to jump down from a rock wall more than ten meters high? But half life Taoist doesn’t jump!

Just now the dragon’s mane cracked without warning and sprayed a thick black smelly liquid like oil! The dark liquid is full of pale, slender and twisted fragments like maggots. This is the dander of the alienated dead dragon. It is highly toxic!


“Boo boo -”

Strange sounds echoed on the fifth floor of the underground palace.

More and more dragon bristles began to release dandruff, and the thick black slurry like oil sprayed on their heads. It rained down. Half life Taoist made the right decision. The higher the stone wall, the more it was covered by the slurry, especially in the pits with lamps. If they were late, they would be completely surrounded by black pulp and cut apart by fragments!

This is released to kill the invaders!

intruder! Has anyone been found!

Half life Taoist has a heavy heartbeat, shortness of breath and slightly dilated pupils, which is the impact of spiritual pollution! Originally, he should have a splitting headache now – but with the lead wire, half life Taoist half life doesn’t hurt, and there is also a heart test.

This time, c-50 was around him all the time. He was very good. It was definitely not c-50! So the person who feels bad is the Yinshan ancestor who doesn’t know the heaven and earth?

In the heart of half life Taoist, the puppet master scolded him a thousand times and estimated the landing time. As soon as he reached the end, he grabbed the waist of “C” 50, held his breath and stepped on the steps of Ti yunzong – he hadn’t brought anyone for a long time, but he didn’t mention the building. Fortunately, C “50 cooperated and spread his wings at the same time.

They jumped to a raised boulder without being strung into meat by the dense dragon mane tips at the bottom of the pit. But now the situation is extremely bad. The top of the fifth floor of the underground palace is completely covered with thick slurry. They can’t take the road of Kunlun wooden lamps! The slurry is still flowing downward. I’m afraid it will submerge the whole underground palace in ten minutes!

“Go to the mountain god’s death mark!”

The half life Taoist urgently said that the dead dragon on the fifth floor of the underground palace had rioted! The only place not affected for the time being is the mountain god’s death mark in the middle of the hall! Wei Xun didn’t have any clothes, but just nodded. He hasn’t had any clothes since he put on his scarlet cloak, but the situation is critical and half life Taoist doesn’t care about them.

They shuttle between the rotten and ferocious dragon mane and dragon meat, and pull it to the fastest speed on the premise of caution. The half life Taoist sprinkled a white bean when he could not pass through a place completely blocked by rotten meat. Countless white beans sprouted and grew rapidly. The tender buds woven into a very narrow road, and were swallowed by the dragon meat in less than half a second.

But half a second is enough. The half life Taoist is like a swallow skimming over the water. He runs lightly on the road woven by bean vines with his back on his toes. But when they first run halfway, they encounter a slow passenger!

The ancestor of Yinshan is also running in the direction of the mark of death! The dark mist on her face disappeared, revealing a face that was completely skeleton and without half skin and flesh. When the touch of scarlet passed in front of him, the ancestor of Yinshan gave a meal first. When he saw that the other party was actually carried away by half life Taoist, he was calm and relieved.

“It’s the damn hedgehog.”

The ancestor of Yinshan said coldly, the bones rubbed and made a creepy click. There was not much tension and worry in her voice, but only a sense of displeasure, like seeing a bug falling on her body.

“She has something good in her hand to block the underground palace.”

“Hiss, even if she blocks the fifth floor of the underground palace, it’s because the underground palace is really damaged.”

Half life Taoist retorted, hit the nail on the head, and said firmly, “you stole the keel.”

The keel turned into a dragon vein is the most sacred and pure thing. The Yin Qi and black fog blocking the face in front of the ancestor of Yinshan dissipated. The first thing half life Taoist thought was that this man stole part of the keel!

“Keel? It’s just rotten stone. I’ll give you what I want.”

The ancestor of Yinshan laughed and threw a black stone at him. At the same time, the half life Taoist heart had a sense of wisdom to avoid the keel.

“Still want to pull us into the partnership. You want to do good things.”

Half life Taoist ridiculed, while mung bean transmitted to C  50:

[you can’t take the keel, you can’t take the half thing inside, or you will be sealed here with the old witch!]

“Really don’t answer? Don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

The ancestor of Yinshan smiled carelessly, and the skeleton’s fingers hooked. The keel just thrown away seemed to be pulled back into her hands by invisible silk thread.

“The dead Mountain God and the dragon vein merge. If you want to leave there, you can’t find it without a keel.”

She looked deeply at her eyes. Unfortunately, his face was covered by a scarlet hood, showing only his pale and thin jaw and the tip of his nose.

  1. 50, the blood brother of the playful man, is really similar to the alienation of his homology. Yes, the puppet master wants to dig his eyes and put them in his eyes to see if he also has a pair of eyes given by the abyss.

Of course, it’s just a pair of eyes. C. 50 won’t die. If she had more time, she wouldn’t be so rude.

This year is the tenth year. Even if she has patience to hibernate, she can’t help it. The fifth floor of the underground palace completely soaked by spiritual pollution, the mountain god of death and the place close to the abyss are the best experimental places.

Capturing the keel is secondary. The ancestor of Yinshan didn’t intend to affect the fifth floor of the underground palace too much. After all, it’s very difficult here, which is very easy to attract the attention of the hotel.


There was a sharp light in the dark eye socket of the old ancestor of Yinshan.

Before you start, you should first get rid of the animal that sneaked in and the hedgehog that ruined her good deeds.

But when she cleaned up the pests, make sure that the little sweetheart “C” 50 won’t run away – the half life Taoist is in the way.

Once a top passenger, even if he is now ill and weak, no one can guess how many back hands half life Taoist has. Just from the fact that he is still calm and has not been affected by mental pollution, we can know that this person can never be underestimated.

“Do you want to cooperate?”

During the escape, the ancestor of Yinshan seemed to avoid the dragon’s mane and the black liquid dripping from the sky, constantly narrowing the distance between him and the half life Taoist. Half life Taoist feels bad. He wants to speed up, but he can’t get rid of her. There are clusters of dragon manes around him, so he can’t change his way.

“Don’t come here!”

Half life Taoist was fierce and weak, so he threatened and scolded: “be careful, Taoist priest, a thunder sign, you kill!”

“Don’t be so nervous. I have a contract with you for a long time, right?”

The ancestor of Yinshan smiled and approached for the second time – she suddenly flashed aside and avoided a light green silk thread.

The sneak attack really failed, and Wei Xun was not disappointed. He didn’t take back the lead wire, but still controlled her to float around the ancestors of Yinshan.

Half life Taoist saw this scene in his busy schedule and immediately understood: “we don’t believe you. If you want to cooperate, you should first connect silk!”

“Otherwise, we will never cooperate with you even if we explode!”


The ancestor of Yinshan is not afraid of any threat, but the half life Taoist’s “self explosion” reminds her of the dead gas collected by “c-50” – if he really collected all the dead gas disappeared from Xiaotangshan’s house, she will find it difficult to explode on the fifth floor of the underground palace.

Even silk… The light green silk thread was seen by the ancestor of Yinshan when he was on the fourth floor of the underground palace. He also tested the c-50 at that time.

It’s not a prop. She’s sure. It’s like a title.

If it’s a title, she’s not afraid. She has the strongest orange puppet title and is the king of such titles. No such title can have an impact on her. Yinshan ancestor is her puppet and will not be controlled by other puppet titles.

“Lian Si, good.”

She slipped the light green silk thread into her wrist and thought about it,

Different from what she imagined, it was not an ordinary puppet title. However, it has no effect on her coming. What “if you choose to forcibly break the silk after connecting the silk, you will be bitten by the pain, sadness and countless negative emotions repressed between the silk.” the ancestor of Yinshan is a puppet and has no such emotions at all.

If she wants to break the wire, she can break it at any time.

“Now you can rest assured.”

It’s interesting to fight for “50” and get a sense of happiness. In order to test the title, the ancestors of Yinshan calmly replaced “kill white old man low low” and “kill invaders” with “kill white old man low for the sake of c-50!”‘ To kill the invaders for the sake of “50!”

On such a thought, I really feel endless warmth and happiness pouring from the bottom of my heart, making people feel warm, energetic and full of fighting spirit.

Can even puppets influence?

She was a little surprised, but it was good for her. The better she is, the sooner she can clean up the garbage. After all, there is not much time left for her now.

“Fight for you.”

The ancestor of Yinshan smiled lightly, accelerated suddenly, and rushed to the front in an instant, leaving the half life Taoist and C  50 behind.

“Hiss, the old witch’s Yin Qi becomes essence. I’m afraid she won’t be affected by many negative emotions.”

Seeing that she accepted the lead so decisively, the half life Taoist was worried.

When Wei Xun lowered his eyes, he lifted the corners of his lips and showed a deep smile.

[qualified task object detected x2!]

[please complete the cold-blooded assessment task as soon as possible!]


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