TTG Chapter 225

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 225: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (51)

Sure enough, the title of pulling silk is really matched with the assessment task of cold-blooded people.

Wei XunXin: in this way, if you kill the ancestor of Yinshan, the assessment task can be completed. But how to kill her still needs to be carefully considered – this person must be killed. Just now Wei Xun didn’t ignore her constant approach to the half life Taoist priest and the subtle killing intention she felt from holding the silk.

She killed half of the Taoist priest. According to the logic of normal strength, once the half life Taoist died in such a place, he was completely helpless. Although I don’t know what the real purpose of “Yinshan” is for the time being, it’s always bad.

“Do you have a contract with her?”

“Yin Mountain” ancestors rushed to the mountain god’s death mark, and half life Taoist did not hurry to chase. He asked in a low voice, “what contract? I’ll see if I can get rid of it.”

If Bing 250 really has a contract with the ancestor of Yinshan to steal the keel, he is really on the thief ship!

Half life Taoist held bing250 in one hand and gave one hand to pinch his fingers.

Seeing that the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain had gone far away, Wei Xun said, “it’s just a contract.”

“No, you really have a contract on you…”

After listening to the opening of C 250, the half life Taoist subconsciously tensed all over. After listening to it, he relaxed – it’s normal, the sound of C 250! He said that the previous cough of C 250 should be hoarse. Coupled with the scarlet cloak, it sounds like a playful man.

Fortunately, he didn’t show timidity at that time, otherwise he would lose face.

“It’s still the kind of poison oath.”

Thinking turned, half life Taoist became nervous. The contract he can count is not the kind of contract in the hotel or the contract composed of Title props. It’s the kind of traditional contract that swears to heaven and earth. It’s something like being divided into five parts and thundering.

If C 250 and the earth demons make a deed and swear, it will be such an oath. Just a moment ago, he felt his fingertips numb, and his five fingers seemed to have been struck by lightning.

Five thunders!

It is the oath of five thunders! C 250 can’t be sworn by someone. This oath is really effective. It’s not a joke!

“It’s an oath to others.”

Wei Xun patted the half life Taoist on the right shoulder, motioned him to turn right and go to the place where he was with Mrs. Bai.

“Let’s go get her.”

Block the underground palace. It’s just an appetizer. The secret method of provoking the dragon soul is the killing move prepared by Mrs. Bai’s real ancestor of Yinshan.

But how can a hedgehog understand this?

Wei Xun always had a guess in his mind, but he finally confirmed his guess when he really reached the place where he made an appointment with Mrs. Bai. There is still a riot on the fifth floor of the underground palace, and the situation is getting worse and worse. In Wei Xun’s eyes, the gold powder above their heads was as bright as stars. Those gold powders floated and fell, leaving less than five meters from the ground.

Such a close distance is just a few minutes. The half life Taoist is to hurry to the mountain god’s death mark, but there is a wolf in front (the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain) and a tiger (the vower of C2505 thunder). He thinks in his heart –  he doesn’t think much. There is a thread. The half life Taoist is subject to the meaning of C250.

This thing has been holding on for a long time. People have to become fools.

Half life is the way of the people’s heart, and the C250 is entrusted upward.

He has been in the hotel for so many years and has never recited people for so long! But now he is willing to recite C 250 and let him go down after finishing the procedure.

But it’s also good. This spiritual pollution is too strong. Who knows if C250 will go crazy. Half life Taoist is afraid that C250 will go away.

“Tie it up?”

Half life Taoist Fu tied himself with C250 with ink rope, so that at least he could free up his hands to fight.


After entering the hotel for so many days, Wei Xun, who started riding (Shi Tao) from the first journey, said that he was very used to it. However, in more than ten seconds, they walked and adjusted their back posture. After tying the ink rope, the destination was also changed.

In front of him was a rare stone wall without a dragon’s mane. The stone wall is slightly concave inward, such as a pit for lamps. But it was much shallower than those pits. What was placed inside was a demon introverted horizontal bone.

“Is this the big demon horizontal bone?”

Half life Taoist was surprised: “how could it be here!”

When a monster is formed, it is first necessary to refine the transverse bone in the brain. Only by refining the transverse bone can you speak to others. The refined horizontal bones are tightly hidden by the demon and will never fall into the hands of outsiders.

If a powerful person grasps the demon’s transverse bone, it is equivalent to completely controlling the demon. No matter how far it cultivates, pulling out the transverse bone is a big demon, and inserting the transverse bone will immediately dissipate the demon’s power. It is said to be extremely vicious.

“It’s natural that she committed a felony and I took her horizontal bone.”

A melancholy and cold male voice sounded. Wei Xun saw that the shadow of a Bai Jiao appeared on the side of the horizontal bone and surrounded it.

“Hiss -”

Half life Taoist took a breath, and his pupils shrank and retreated sharply. Wei Xun didn’t know what the Jiao shadow looked like in his eyes, but it was definitely an extremely terrible thing. The silk pulling between him and half life Taoist priest was a little convulsed.


Wei Xun held the half life Taoist’s shoulder heavily and simply stuffed him with a pollen ball. Pollen balls from yin-yang butterflies have different effects from purified magic honey. They are used to soothe nerves and relax people. It’s most suitable for you to make flower tea. Wei Xun simply fed the whole one to half life Taoist priest.

With the silk in his hand, half life was not frightened. He was “calm” to avoid danger. He ate pollen to relieve his nerves. With the sound of C250, even though his eyebrows were still locked, half life Taoist stood still and did not retreat. He looked at “Bai Jiao” with vigilant and dignified eyes and lowered his voice: “can you understand what it said?”

“What did you hear?”

Wei Xun looked at it. Its snow-white slender body was like a man’s bony fingers, a little on the horizontal bone. The horizontal bone suddenly turned into streamer and flew into a shriveled, snow-white hedgehog.

“Now that she has made atonement, it is clear.”

“Roar, scream, wail.”

Half life Taoist’s eyes narrowed slightly. The things in front of him were too scary and strange. It was a pure mass without any shadow. It was huge white. It was more than three meters high and seemed to have no end. It was a dizzy behemoth.

The pure white is inlaid in the black thick slurry, which is like on the black canvas. The huge brush is covered with titanium white, which is abruptly separated from the left to the right, giving people a strong sense of oppression.

What’s more frightening is that it is covered with countless slender pointed feet like centipede limbs. These pointed feet are as sharp as a javelin and can easily pierce the “mountain rocks” cemented by the dark keel. The monster looked down at them. Even if the half life Taoist stepped back a few steps just now, he didn’t exit the shadow range under the monster.

Looking up, there are hundreds of elongated, olive like dark green pupils in the roots of dense arthropods and pointed feet.

Bai Jiao has a pair of emerald green eyes, which are a little deeper than the indifference of the snake.

“You have the breath of mountain spirit, deer boy and my spirit bone.”

“That’s right.”

Sure enough, this white dragon is a white snake. Wei Xun looked at Mrs. Bai Xiang, who had a strong bone. She seemed to be scared out of her courage and didn’t dare to go straight away. It seemed that she was afraid of Bai Jiao and her bones.

Mrs. Bai Xiang knows so many clues about the fifth floor of the underground palace. Wei Xun thought there was someone behind it. If he was a hedgehog essence, how could he enter the underground palace first and have a complete white snake spirit bone?

It makes sense if the main messenger behind her is the white snake spirit who went deep into the fifth floor of the underground palace.

“Deer boy, please let me save you. Mrs. Bai said you are eager to turn into a dragon and come down to steal the keel.”

Wei Xun said with deep meaning: “now it seems that it is different from the image.”

Wei Xun carefully observed Bai Jiao’s pupil and found that he despised it.

“I am a thousand year old white snake. If I hadn’t sworn allegiance to Lord Yanshan and my merit in protecting Sichuan, Ze, mountains and forests, I would have grown dragon horns and turned white dragons.”

He disdains stealing keels and doesn’t need to be rescued.

Wei Xun heard clearly, but Bai Jiao’s words sounded like “crooked bibbabu” to the half life Taoist? It’s similar to the noise like “Babu”, and the “C 250” makes the half life Taoist’s heart beat.

Is the monster in front of you a white snake?

Really? Or what illusion did C250 see? This kind of mental pollution monster is the most deceptive. Once you start communicating with him, you fall into a scam! The spirit is broken, and even can be seriously polluted by it!

This is the heart of half life——

There was peace and quiet in my heart.

There’s nothing like anxiety and tension.

“In the past, I was the snake boy under the seat of Lord Yanshan to protect the river. After the disaster, the adult fell, leaving me and the deer boy to see Gu Shanlin.”

The snake boy said coldly and spoke quickly: “the time is getting longer and longer. I feel that the situation is wrong.”

When a mountain god dies, the divine power should return to nature and melt into the mountains and rivers. A hundred years later, a new mountain god will be born. Yanshan fell into the depths of the underground palace. It should be thinking of his old covenant with the keel. The power released when he died helped the keel escape, reincarnate and incarnate into the dragon.

But there was an accident.

The white snake spirit has long been qualified to incarnate into the dragon. It was after listening to the painful roar of the keel that it insisted on going deep into the underground palace. But I didn’t see the body of the mountain god.

After the fall of the mountain god, instead of returning to nature, it condensed into a ‘corpse’! This kind of God born of faith has never had a corpse. This “corpse” is more like a dirty and evil force. The corpse of the mountain god pollutes the keel and the dragon vein. In this way, the situation is not reversed and runs in the direction of deterioration.

“In a hurry, I turned into a dragon, but I fell short. I can only use the dragon body to help the dragon vein continue, and let Xiaobai shed my bones to find all kinds of spiritual objects to supplement the aura.”

No wonder Wei Xun looked at the winding Golden Dragon and silver Jiao before, but it was not like fighting and swallowing, but more like interdependence and mutual help.

The little white in the white snake spirit is Mrs. white. Hedgehog essence is good at hiding, so white snake spirit chose her. But who knows? For thousands of years, Mrs. Bai’s ambition has been expanding. Unexpectedly, she wants to go deep underground and seize a trace of dragon vein!

Bai Jiao didn’t elaborate on this. In short, the situation has deteriorated so far, which is also affected by Mrs. Bai Xiang. So he took Mrs. Bai’s transverse bone, tortured her and asked her to look for all kinds of sacrifices.

What ginseng essence was born? It was directed by Mrs. Bai. What attracted many demons to sacrifice the keel. The Taisui in the spirit snake’s bone was also found and placed by Mrs. Bai.

“Are you looking for a way to let her go now?”

Wei Xun is light, and Bai Jiao returns Mrs. Bai’s transverse bone. Obviously, he confesses that she has redeemed enough. And Mrs. Bai’s latest masterpiece – the first is Yinshan’s ancestor, and the second is his C250.

Half life Taoist should not count.

“She is dead, or she can replace the keel and sacrifice to the mountain god.”

Bai Jiao stared at Wei Xun closely: “and you have dragon Qi protection. You have samadhi true fire. You must be a royal man from Nezha city with eight arms.”

Bai Jiao has always said one thing and one thing. The reason why he has the patience to say so much is not only because the person in front of him can understand his words and see through the truth under his pollution, but also because of the breath revealed by him!

As soon as Wei Xun entered the fifth floor of the underground palace, he was noticed by Bai Jiao!

“The mountain god has nine words. I will complete the adult’s thoughts and help Jackie Chan.”

His purpose is only one – I hope to take this opportunity to help the keel get rid of the end of being polluted and collapsed!


But just as Bai Jiao Zhang Zhen was about to say something, he suddenly turned his head and looked at the middle of the hall.



While Wei Xun and Bai Jiao were talking, there was a fierce battle in the middle of the five storey Hall of the underground palace! The mountain god’s death mark is cemented. There is no dragon mane around the swamp like churning mud. The air wave caused by energy impact even sets off a strong dead gas in the swamp!

The two dark figures were tangled together. I didn’t know how many rounds they had fought in an instant. They are as fast as ghosts, and human flesh can’t catch their figure. Even the surging air waves are slower than their movements by half a beat!


It was a fierce confrontation. The two figures suddenly separated in the thick black and dead spirit. One of them stepped back a few steps, but the other fell into a disadvantage and flew out!


The enemy is the ancestor of Yinshan! She hit the dragon’s mane heavily, and her back was covered with greasy and viscous juice. The dirty liquid corroded her black robe and stained her bones in an instant, but the ancestors of Yinshan didn’t care about it.

With a dull click, the bones of the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain were disassembled and fell in an instant. The next moment, the snow and silver flashed, and a machete appeared like a silver moon, cutting to the position where the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain had just been located!


The black robe that had not fallen was cut off by the silver machete. The blade was castrated, but it was directly cut on the Dragon mane.

This dragon’s mane was directly split by the waist!


The broken dragon’s mane exploded from it, blowing out a thick white and sharp dander, such as the snow all over the sky, like a rotating silver-white sharp knife. Anyone can only temporarily avoid the edge!

Just listen to the gurgling sound, the scattered white bones of the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain move rapidly. Three meters away, they form a human shape, shrouded in dark Yin, and then form a black robe. The silver machete whirled back as if it was involved and fell into the hands of the extremely high silver and white figure – only he had long silver hair, covered his body like a guide, wore a pure white mask, and a Silver Crescent Moon engraved on the left half of the mask.

It’s the silver moon killer!

The ancestor of Yinshan gnawed his teeth and said in secret that he was unlucky. How did the silver moon killer get in?! He is the second leader of the Western butcher alliance, the highest ranking passenger in the butcher alliance and the only connecting passenger!

The real identity of the silver moon killer has always been a mystery. The representative symbol is the silver moon machete in his hand. It is only under an Xuefeng’s return knife. It is the second exclusive offensive weapon in the hotel! Besides, he is as mysterious and unpredictable as a guide.

But now the ancestor of Yinshan knows that this man is definitely one of the three west side passengers in the brigade!

What a kick!

The ancestors of Yinshan Mountain gnash their teeth. Now the fifth floor of the underground palace is completely chaotic, and there is mental pollution everywhere. The live broadcast of the hotel should be blocked, and even the sight of the hotel is hard to see here – no wonder this boy dares to liberate his power and exert his power!

But he dared her, but she couldn’t. first, it was just her puppet, and her strength was insufficient. Second, the tour guide was qualitatively different from the tourists. If she tried her best to show her alienation, she would be the first to deal with the spiritual pollution on the fifth floor of the whole underground Palace.

Yinshan’s ancestral heart retreats, but the current situation cannot be controlled by her. The situation turned around, the sharp silver light came, and the ancestral bones of the Yinshan Mountain cut before the blade was cut — hey, with the lead wire, she won’t feel the pain, and she doesn’t have any negative emotions.

Now the silver moon killer is going to kill her and keep it a secret!


The ancestor of Yinshan Mountain scolded and gathered a thick dead spirit. However, the dead Qi was strong outside but weak in the middle. As soon as the blade fell, the dead Qi dispersed. However, the figure of the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain also disappeared from its original place and hid in the dead Qi inspired by the turbulence of the death mark of the mountain god. Facing the enemy in the front is purely a short shot, and her strength is to control the dead spirit from a long distance.

“Damn the thief!”

There are no more reasons for the silver moon killer to sneak in. First, steal the valuables on the fifth floor of the underground palace. Second, I’m afraid I have to deal with C 250! Even if there is a confrontation mission, he can’t kill C250, but as long as he seriously injures him, C250 will surely die on the fifth floor of such a dangerous underground palace!

Yes, she fought to protect C 250!

The thought was repeatedly emphasized in her heart to hypnotize herself. Yinshan’s ancestor really found that the original procedure still felt faint pain, and now the procedures have disappeared – C250’s strength is not enough, and the lead wire can’t play the effect of completing the procedures, so she has to take the initiative to supplement the procedures.

Yinshan Xiangzu, who is good at manipulating puppets, is also familiar with self psychological cues. The stronger the silk pulling effect, she quietly liberates her power. The impact of mental pollution did come, but Yinshan’s ancestors have rich experience and know that this degree of mental pollution brings emotional impact and emotional collapse.

But with the lead wire, she doesn’t feel any negative emotion!


In a confrontation, the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain came from behind to catch up. Unexpectedly, they reversed from the downwind and were evenly matched! She felt that although the spiritual pollution in the fifth floor of the underground palace was aimed at her, it was more aimed at the silver moon killer.

He definitely won something from the mountain god’s death mark. The underground palace will never let him leave!


Surging, dead, cunning, wrapped in a skeleton bone whip, he fiercely pulled at the silver moon killer. The other party suddenly cut off across the machete, and the bone whip made a clicking sound that was on the verge of breaking, but this time it was not cut off, but wrapped around the silver moon machete like a snake! Yin Shan’s ancestor pulled, and his bone whip was tight. Although he didn’t pull the machete, he was in a stalemate with him.

At the same time, the bone finger hidden under the robe sleeve of Yinshan ‘.

But seeing victory waving to her, Yinshan’s ancestors were not half happy, but only dignified. She knows that she can’t kill the silver moon killer with her current strength. She can fight with him at most. But there is not much time left for them – seven minutes have passed since the underground palace was blocked, the mountain god shed tears and the keel riot.

In the last three minutes, the underground palace will be completely blocked! The blood and flesh of the heavily polluted dragon will fill the whole hall. Coupled with the catalysis of the death mark of the mountain god, I’m afraid a terrible spiritual pollution monster will be born here!

You have to leave here in three minutes, but Yin Shan’s ancestor continued to control the puppet and fight with the silver moon killer as if he didn’t know the time was pressing. Lead silk to her absolute calm, she knows that now the most anxious is not her, but the silver moon killer!

If the underground palace is completely blocked and they are trapped in the underground palace, if there is a chance to survive, it will definitely be in the hands of the East! The more critical the moment, the smaller the difference between the original version and the original version will be enlarged. As a man from the west side, if the underground palace is blocked, unless the silver moon killer has the strength to kill the spirit polluting monster, he will die.

“The silver moon killer is about to break through. God, he’s really calm.”

There was a fierce battle here, and the half life Taoist was watching nervously with Wei Xun on his back. At this moment, Wei Xun holds a dead Ming token to inspire the Dragon Qi to surround himself. In Wei Xun’s eyes, as soon as the Dragon Qi came out, those slowly falling golden bright dust in the air immediately floated towards them, which was a terrible scene in the eyes of half life Taoist priest.

Of course, the dust did not hurt them, but allowed them to hide and observe the battle closely. One of them was a silver moon killer. Half life Taoist almost had myocardial infarction – calm, calm.

“What is he afraid of?”

“There’s nothing he’s afraid of in the world. The silver moon machete is also a crazy knife that won 99 victories in a hundred battles – to say, the only thing he’s afraid of is the guitu Dao. The only thing it can’t defeat is the guitu Dao.”

The half life Taoist shook his head and thought the situation was very difficult: “it’s not easy to fight with the silver moon killer for so long. This white bone puppet is really beautiful. I doubt it’s a little puppet master.”

Half life Taoist lowered his voice and said with regret, “if they die, it’s best. If they die, we’ll have sacrifices.”

At the last moment, Bai Jiao told Wei Xun that the only way to leave here is to take the death mark of the mountain god before the complete riots in the underground palace! This mark was originally the birth gate of the four-layer Yin array in the underground palace. Because the Mountain God died here, it led to the variation of the four-layer Yin array in the underground palace and gave birth to the array spirit feared by the giant dead spirit.

As long as something is sacrificed to mark the mountain god, it can be passed from here to the fourth floor of the underground palace! You should be satisfied with the corpse of Mountain God, either blood food or something full of dead Qi.

The silver moon killer and the ancestor of Yinshan are very consistent. However, with the eyesight of half life Taoist priest and Wei Xun, we can see that these two people have left strength and will never be foolish to decide life and death here.

“Catch that hedgehog.”

There was thick slurry shrouding them, and outsiders could not find them. However, the half life Taoist looked at the outside with impunity. He was talking about the white shadow squatting nearby – Mrs. Bai, who can only go the way of Mountain God’s mark when he goes out. Once upon a time, Bai Jiao was a traitor. It’s good that he didn’t kill her. He would never give her anything cheap.

She also waited for the silver moon killer and Yinshan’s ancestor. They were both hurt. They took the opportunity to attack and sacrifice and left. But there was no mantis catching cicadas and yellow finches, and he was watched by others.

It’s hard to divide her alone. Half life Taoist and C250 have to go out, and at least two have to sacrifice. But it’s good to catch at least one first. In this way, it’s the most safe.

Wei Xun patted his left shoulder and motioned the half life Taoist to go to the left – the left side is the opposite direction to Mrs. Bai Xiang, opposite her!

“It’s risky. Alas, it’s safer to catch her.”

The half life Taoist sighed and advised Bing 250, but his body honestly went to the opposite side of Mrs. Bai, and slightly adjusted the angle. He understood what the “C 250” did. The pair of “C 250” didn’t last for half a minute in total, but it seemed as if they were performing according to the “drama”. Almost half life Taoist just stood firm, a golden and bright thing came out and flew towards them!

It was thrown by the silver moon killer in the fierce battle. It was thrown in the opposite direction to Mrs. Bai! Similarly, like a tacit understanding, the two people who were still fighting suddenly separated. The silver moon killer threw a machete to kill Mrs. Bai, while the ancestor of Yinshan came after the golden thing!

At the last moment, the silver moon killer really chose to withdraw. Just now, Yinshan’s ancestor was desperate to fight with him, which was just an indication of his attitude. Therefore, he finally decided to throw down the treasure captured from the mountain god’s death mark and kill Mrs. Bai’s wife. He wanted to sacrifice the mountain god’s mark with her sacrifice and leave the underground palace.

Accordingly, the ancestor of Yinshan no longer tangled with each other and gave up robbing his wife, but chased the treasure. The confrontation of smart people is between eye contact!

Here, Mrs. Bai Xiang was looking around, narrowing her eyes and trembling, waiting for the end of the battle ahead. She picked up the corpse herself, but unexpectedly, the sharp silver light flashed across the ground. She immediately separated her head and neck and convulsed into a corpse.

The silver moon killer waved and picked up Mrs. Bai’s body, but his machete went around like a boomerang, but he attacked Yinshan’s ancestor like a ghost!

Yinshan’s face is very ugly.

Before she was about to chase the golden treasure, there was a brazen man waiting there long ago. As soon as she reached out and took it, she cut off the baby’s beard!

“Hey, what a coincidence.”

Half life Taoist changed hands and stuffed things into C250. He said hello and ran away at the same time! He was not only afraid of the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain, but also saw the sharp silver light galloping!

The silver moon machete that originally attacked the ancestor of Yin Mountain seemed to have set sail. After the half life Taoist grabbed the treasure, he turned an arc, bypassed the ancestor of Yin Mountain and attacked them both. Half life Taoist, a double leg can’t run better than silver moon machete. Almost in an instant, the knife Qi will come, and the stabbing person’s scalp will be numb!

“Throw it away, throw it away -”

The death crisis suddenly came. The terrible Sabre gas came like a huge wave. The half life Taoist rushed out and threw back the scarecrow, iron zombie skin and other props, but the whole process was cut off by the sabre gas. The silver moon machete was so terrible. Obviously, it came for the baby thrown by the silver moon killer!

The silver moon killer is as cunning as a wolf and as domineering as a wolf. He will never let go of the treasure he has won. The blade suddenly came. Death’s sickle almost cut their throats. It was a critical moment. Wei Xun threw out an object without any golden light, but it was a light blue cloak!

This is his prepared Guide cloak. There is a hole in it. This hole is the hole poked by his return knife when he was sent to an Xuefeng when he rescued Zhang xingzang in the past!

The only invincible opponent of Yinyue machete in this life is guitu Dao. These powerful exclusive weapons have their own consciousness. Although it is only a broken cloak, it has the residual smell of guitu Dao! Throwing out the cloak resulted in two results: the first was the retreat of silver moon machete, and the second was the madness of silver moon machete——


The blade suddenly fell and Wei Xun raised his hand. He felt a little more hesitation and weakness in the invincible blade spirit of the original – he was right! However, the huge force of the falling blade was still extremely terrible. The pressed Wei Xunhu collapsed. The Taoist priest with half his life on his back suddenly bent down and was almost pressed to the ground.


Even when Wei Xun came to hold the blade, the dark copper token made an unbearable groan, as if it would break in the next moment. But fortunately, they finally held on!

“Call -”

The silver moon machete that failed to cut off the enemy suddenly turned around, like a wisp of moonlight falling back into the hands of the silver moon killer. He stood beside the mountain god’s death mark and seemed to look here from a distance. Then he threw out Mrs. Bai’s body for sacrifice and jumped into the swamp.

He left the fifth floor of the underground palace on the verge of riots, and there was not much time left for Wei Xun!

“It seems that what he won from the mountain god’s death mark is not damaged at all. The real soul and keel of the dragon vein.”

The ancestor of Yinshan appeared quietly beside them, and his eyes fell on the dead Ming token in the hands of C 250. The original token with a vague appearance has a bright golden dragon shadow on it. It is its existence that makes the dead Ming token resist the attack of silver moon machete!

But that’s it. Seeing the reluctance of the dead Ming token to the silver moon machete, the ancestor of Yinshan can’t kill her.

In fact, it is true. If Wei Xun didn’t throw out his cloak and use the momentum of the return knife to stop it, I’m afraid the token would be cut off by the silver moon machete. Because the Dragon above is not a serious and intact dragon, it has two virtual shadows.

One is the pale keel, the other is the golden dragon soul. The two are not integrated, but strangely separated, just like a dragon skin and a keel walking upstream of the token. Under both, there is an ominous shadow.

[you have completed Bai Jiao’s entrustment and recaptured the flawless dragon soul and keel!]

[Yanshan Mountain God is ashamed of the keel. When he died, he did his best to save a keel and the dragon soul from pollution. Bai Jiao has exhausted his strength for hundreds of years, and the mountain god will guard them. He hopes to revive him one day, but unfortunately, they are still polluted]

[you have obtained the Ming Dynasty death token that reposes the dragon soul keel!]

[♪ said: the dead Ming token of the dragon soul keel]

[quality: task (only after completing the corresponding task can you take  out of the journey)]

[as: mental pollution]


[1. The spiritual pollution of the dead Ming Dynasty, you will strive to revive the Ming Dynasty until death!]

[2. The spiritual pollution of the God of death mountain and the strength of the God of death depend on his power in people’s hearts. His strength comes from the fear in people’s hearts – when the enemy thinks you can kill him, you can kill him!]

That’s good. Wei Xun frowned in his heart. He originally planned to kill the bomb, but now it seems that he can save it.

“There is only the last thirty seconds to leave. Let’s go to the mountain god mark!”

In front of the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain, C250 never said it. The ancestor of Yinshan Mountain was used to it and said it directly to the half life Taoist.

“Hoo – you’re right. Let’s go.”

Just now, the pressure of C 250 directly broke the backbone of the half life Taoist. I’m afraid ordinary people will be paralyzed from now on. Fortunately, the half life Taoist took drugs in time and forcibly grew the backbone back – Hey, it’s just playing, but it doesn’t hurt. Now he knows what the C 250 is so adventurous and what the life playing people are so crazy and terrible.

If he doesn’t feel pain after completing the procedure, he can be fearless and challenge all kinds of limits.

The three of them walked quickly towards the death mark of the mountain god. At the moment, the situation was extremely dangerous. The black liquor thick slurry full of spiritual pollution swallowed up most of the space on the fifth floor of the underground palace. The sutra was not high on their heads, even the half life Taoist priest and the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain, but the pus was close to their hair!

What’s more terrible is that on the thick black slurry, you can vaguely see two terrible and huge figures. One side is pure white and the other side is dirty grayish brown. They are like two special-shaped mountains on the left and right. Countless twisted and ferocious limbs hang on the mountains and fall down, like hanging ropes, around the neck of Yin Mountain ancestors and half life Taoist!

There is no more than 20 seconds left. To leave the mountain god’s death mark, there must be sacrifices! C250 has a death Ming token and the protection of the dragon soul. It can definitely pass the mountain god’s death mark.

But one must die between the ancestor of Yin Mountain and the half life Taoist!

The ancestor of Yin Mountain and the half life Taoist almost bent over at the same time to avoid the falling and twisted limbs, but the next moment they shot almost at the same time, and the seemingly harmonious atmosphere was broken in an instant.

The fire roared up, and half life Taoist priest did not hesitate to directly sacrifice the Dan fire! This Dan fire is only an ordinary flame for alchemy, which is not special, but half life Taoist priest mixed the ashes of spirit snake bones in this Dan fire.

It is always the flame from Zhigang to Yang that most restrains the Yin Qi and death Qi. The spirit snake ashes burned by samadhi real fire carry turbulent fire, and the fire is burning fiercely, even the thick slurry on the top of the head is forced back a little. The fire suddenly rolled towards the ancestor of Yin mountain. At the same time, half life Taoist priest played more than ten strong fire symbols, but he made the means out in half a second!

But at the next moment, the pupil of half life Taoist suddenly shrinks, and two pale bone hands are stretched out in the flame. The flame is burning on it, but it can’t burn the bone hands! One bone hand is fiercely dug into the heart of half life Taoist, and the other is dug into the eye socket of Wei Xun!

At the moment when the bone hand appeared, the samadhi true fire lit up. This was the moment Wei Xun and others who had not shot at the same time with the half life Taoist just now. The samadhi true fire wrapped the Phoenix flame and burned the bone hand with a fire ten times hotter than before. The bone hand that could not be burned by the Dan fire immediately turned into ashes, but there were few thin lines hidden in the ashes.

Puppet line!

The flame can burn the ghosts who become evil spirits, but it can’t completely destroy the top puppets! The puppet line hidden in the bones of the hand is like a stray arrow, and the one attacking Wei Xun is blocked by the scarlet cloak, but the one attacking the half life Taoist runs through his chest!


Half life Taoist turned pale and vomited blood. His heart was like a big fish caught by a fish hook and kept pulling outward! But the most fatal thing was that he was gradually losing control of his body. It was like paralysis, but he was more afraid than paralysis. His uncontrolled left hand held a copper coin sword and was about to cut his head in a moment!

But at the moment when the copper coin sword was about to be cut off, it was blocked by one hand. The round copper coin was like a sharp blade, cutting deep blood marks on that hand. But the other party felt the same pain after finishing the procedure, elegant, careless, calmly holding the blade with his hand, like picking flowers.

The half life Taoist lost control and the flame had long dispersed. The ancestor of Yinshan clearly saw this scene. The real painless is different from the patient who does not show it. No matter how many times she has seen it, even if she knows that the person in front of her is C250, she will still shudder at the performance of ignoring pain and suffering.

Wait… Is C250 that high?

Yinshan suddenly froze.

He has always been on the back of the half life Taoist and has never been down. Now he stands on the ground. The scarlet cloak that should have dragged the ground is just right now, and the back of the cloak falls a little below his knee.

This height is closer to the ancestral heart of Yin Mountain. The man standing at the top is afraid of men.


With a cold hum, half life Taoist shivered. The voice was wrong! It seemed, like, very much like someone’s voice line! Half life Taoist looked frightened – calm. Bing 250 stood behind him, and he couldn’t see what he had done. But Yin Mountain’s ancestor stood opposite him!

She could clearly see that the man in the scarlet cloak raised his hand and touched the thick slurry full of fatal mental pollution on his head!

Wei Xun poked the scattered gold powder on his head, and his fingertips crossed Bai Jiao’s claws. He wanted to lift the corners of his lips, but his brother never did, so he was cold.

Wei Xun is just playing the role of a playful man! What he did was to exert psychological pressure on the ancestors of Yinshan Mountain. At the same time, Wei Xun was fascinated by the scenery above his head when he was on a dangerous battlefield.

What’s wrong? It’s so beautiful. Those terrible scenes in the eyes of normal people are bright and magnificent in the eyes of madmen. What is real and what is crazy. How can we share them with others?

Even Wei Xun didn’t know anything about it. When he was “sharing and scenery”, the Mariah butterfly tattoo on his chest jumped like another heartbeat.

“Hiss -!”

Yinshan’s ancestors fiercely inhaled the cold air and stared at the man’s hand. A little golden light bloomed at his fingertips. In a trance, those thick black and muddy mucus seemed to change into light and magnificent gold powder for a moment. This moment was very short, but it took only half a second, but Yinshan’s ancestors were so dark that they almost sank into the abyss, and there was no peace to lead the wire Dharma overwhelmed the shock and fear in her heart.


This is the most classic killing move of life playing people!


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