TTG Chapter 226

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 226: Supplement 3

That honey, I arsenic, for top tour guides, the most terrible killing move of life playing is to let the abyss show!

The reality of his eyes is different from that of his neighbors. If he wants to see the same scene as him, he will definitely have a mental breakdown! Even though the ancestor of Yinshan was not the original Buddha, but a puppet, the fear deeply imprinted in her heart still made her almost collapse.

“Ah –!”

I heard this sad scream from the ancestors of Yinshan, and Rao Shifu was shocked. Wei Xun was even more surprised. Of course, he didn’t know the change of dark thick slurry in the eyes of the ancestors of Yinshan, but now he will investigate this matter again. Wei XunXin kept counting the time when the fifth floor of the underground palace was completely blocked.

Ten seconds left!

One step, he approached the ancestor of Yinshan, pointed a hook, and the light green silk line on the fingertip appeared.

“Does it look good?”

The male voice is cold and indifferent, with the banter of separation. After seeing his brother for several years, Wei Xun didn’t know whether he was playing with life or abnormal in the hotel. Adhering to the principle of “life”, he didn’t know whether he had learned like it or not.

Who knows, when I heard his voice, I was half dead, and my heart went crazy.

Who’s this NIMA? Ah? Isn’t it c 250?!

What’s wrong with the sound of playing life? Ah?! Who’s hugging his waist?!

If the body was not still controlled by the puppet line, half life had to resist with stress. But at this moment, Wei Xun’s eyes are only the ancestors of Yinshan, cloak, body, unique skill, and the sound is only the last straw to crush the camel.

The calmness of holding the ribbon was the last calmness of Yinshan ancestors, but the voice of playing life distracted Yinshan ancestors subconsciously and noticed holding the silk. Maybe the ancestors of Yinshan still found that the fear and deterrence brought to her by “playing with life” in front of her was not strong.

But pulling the silk made everything calm. In a hurry, the ancestor of Xiayin mountain couldn’t find it. The calmer she was, the more frightened she was!

Five seconds.

I don’t want to be crazy, I don’t want to be crazy!

No, no, no, it doesn’t matter if a puppet is destroyed. There must be no connection with him!

Who could have thought that he could control the puppet master himself through the puppet!

“Whoosh -”

“Clang buzz -”

Four seconds.

The sound of the sharp wind and the sound of the broken silk thread sounded at the same time. Taking advantage of the distraction of the ancestor of Yinshan, Wei Xun did not hesitate to throw out the dead Ming token. The dark copper token is still a dark copper sharp knife, with the token as the blade, the spiritual pollution of the mountain god as the blade, and the fear of the enemy’s heart as the poison!

[whether the God of death is strong or not depends on his strength in the heart. His strength comes from the fear in the heart – when the enemy thinks you can kill him, you can kill him!]

Can you kill the puppet master?

If the puppet master is in a desperate situation of death, I’m afraid he will have the tenacity to break the boat. If I want to live, I must live. No one can kill me!

But the ancestor of Yinshan is just a puppet of the puppet master. Can you kill the puppet of the puppet master?

Of course! One finger can crush it!

Three seconds.


The dead Ming token suddenly stabbed into the body of the old ancestor of Yinshan. Obviously, it was cut into a crack by the silver moon machete. It was very fragile, but when it touched the body of the old ancestor of Yinshan, it was like a strong explosive. The bones of the old ancestor of Yinshan burst!

Two seconds.

It’s a masterpiece of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Each bone is only as big as a small nail cap, and the edge is smooth. It’s not like being blown apart, but like some carefully polished art. The puppet silk is broken and weakly adhered to the bone, like the tentacles of a butterfly.

Snow white bones are flying, just like a few white butterflies flying.

This is the strength of the puppet master’s heart and life!

Yinshan ancestor, die!

The bones in the sky were swallowed by thick black slurry and turned into sacrifices to the mountain god of death. At the last second, Wei Xun took his waist and dragged him into the mountain god’s death mark.

“Boom -!”

In the next moment, the darkness completely enveloped the five layers of the underground palace. It was thick, dark, scary and scary. It was the same as the abyss. The mountain god’s death mark is a quagmire for half life, but it is like a clear spring for Wei Xun. He turned over and looked at the fifth floor of the underground palace through the clear spring water.

In his eyes, the underground palace has five layers of trees, green grass blankets and dazzling gold powder. He smashes the sun into gold particles and flies in a bright golden glow. The white Jiao and the golden dragon are intertwined. This scene is like a dream, like a dream.

Bai Jiao, who was flying in mid air, was also looking at him. He looked at each other for a moment. Wei Xun felt that his left eye was sour and hot, as if it were burning.

He subconsciously closed his eyes, but the last residual light seemed to see the gold powder change color and turn into darkness. The white Jiao expanded and diffused, and a mass of overturned white pigment flowed out hundreds of thin hanging rope like limbs, which hung in the dark.

Is this what half life sees as’ real ‘?

Can he see different scenes because he dominates a series of Title tasks?


Since the task of inspiring the Master Series in Western Hunan, the only one that can improve the progress of the task is “observation”. Wei Xun still remembers that he alienated the devil’s two corners for the first time, instinctively absorbed grievances and led them to his left eye, and observed those grievances and truths.

Thinking was just a flash, and Bai Jiao’s last words lingered in Wei Xun’s ears.

“Don’t tell the deer boy,%*%#~&…”

He could only hear the former sentence clearly, but the latter became a thick Symphony like noise, but Wei Xun could understand Bai Jiao’s meaning.

Don’t tell Lu Tong that Bai Jiao stayed on the fifth floor of the underground palace. Let it still wholeheartedly revive the residual thoughts of the white snake in the bones of the white snake spirit, thinking that it can revive the white snake spirit. That’s good.

Ben is not very strong. He has been here for hundreds of years and has become weaker. He must try his best to rescue him and save his life.

Millennium  – only deer boy remains on Xiaotang mountain.

“Boom –!”

Wei Xun and half life disappeared in the mountain god’s death mark. But although they left, the changes in the fifth floor of the underground palace continued. He gave out the final obsession and sent out the last pure dragon soul and keel. Bai Jiao and the dead dragon will be kept again!

There was a strong breath of death around the golden dragon, and the bones from the ancestors of Yinshan also surrounded it. On the other side, Bai Jiao roared in pain. Around him appeared the body of old lady Bai, thousands of blood food collected in the past century.

Death, blood food, they all want. Xiang Shu’s blood red suddenly fused together and poured into Bai Jiao’s body. He dyed pure white into scarlet red. His blood gas suddenly surged out. His skin and flesh had already rotted, and the spirit snake bones were left outside. There were only gods and souls here.

The dragon soul on the fifth floor of the underground palace has long been polluted by the mountain god’s body. Bai Jiao is going to turn into a new dragon soul with the help of bloody power!

But at this moment, the mountain god’s death mark “quietly” stretched out a blue gray giant “which was covered with abscesses and blue gray iron. As soon as it appeared, the figures of white Jiao and Golden Dragon suddenly became illusory, and there was a faint image of collapse!


The light was bright, there were 81 pits on the rock wall, and 81 lamps turned into mountain ghosts lit up at the same time at this moment. The light reflected on the giant crane and stopped it for a moment! It was at this moment that Bai Jiao transformed successfully!

The dead keel is combined with the bloody dragon soul. Only in this way can the mountain god’s body be suppressed. Even in this way, fighting poison with poison will make the situation worse, but at least we won’t let the mountain god corpse explode now, which can delay the disaster!

Now, if you can get rid of the mountain god, you can definitely get rid of the mountain god.

Reason was torn and swallowed by blood. In a trance, Bai Jiao seemed to see the gentle and powerful God with peach branches and white clothes thousands of years ago.

He doesn’t want to be like this

What went wrong.

Bai Jiao’s green eyes are gradually covered with blood, and his mind is devoid. Pain, regret, sadness and attachment are all turned into emptiness. The blood in front of him is more colorful than the peach branches in the dark hair of Yanshan mountain. Its last eyes looked to the East, where the lamp of Zhaogui was lit, Zhaogui and Taoyao. In a trance, it seemed to see a shadow standing there, just like Taoyao with a bright smile in the past… No!

In front of this ghost lamp, you really stand in front of it!

“Mountain God, Yanshan.”

Everyone can’t imagine that someone can stay on the fifth floor of today’s horrible underground palace! Whether it’s mental pollution, anger, resentment, or violent blood, it can make the young scholar’s face calm and moving.

Bai Xiaotian stood there quietly, still looking like a bystander and seeing his head and tail. In addition to the moment when the C-250 stretched out to make the abyss real, his face changed slightly. In the rest of the time, his expression was always calm. On his face, he held a Golden Crescent like machete.

A replica of the returning knife.

As soon as the knife light came out, the orange light came out, and the time was almost stagnant. Bai Jiao, who was almost to incarnate into the soul of the blood dragon, retained the last point of consciousness!

But not enough.

One move was another golden light. The mire of the death mark of the mountain god flew out, and it was still stained with a silver glow like moonlight.

It’s also a replica of the return path Dao, but it’s stained with the silver glow of the silver moon machete.

When C 250 threw out the cloak pierced by the returning knife, he took the opportunity to move his feet on the mountain god’s death mark and designed to transfer the silver moon killing method to the fourth floor of the underground palace – the silver moon machete, which defeated the returning knife, suddenly saw the replica of the returning knife buried in the deep part of the mountain god’s death mark. He was either afraid to flee or ran away.

Subtle changes will bring big trouble to Yinyue kill. It is very likely that he will delay a lot of time in the mountain god’s seal. It also saves him to go out first and wait for the rabbit on the fourth floor of the underground palace. After hunting, he will arrive at C250.

“Snake boy, keel.”

Just listen to the clang, the two copies of the “return way knife” are combined into one, and the orange light on the blade is more beautiful. Wang Yushu used up all his efforts to copy the return path sabre. He can only produce a defective product that is 100 times weaker. Fortunately, they can increase their power through fusion and series connection, but they also have limits.

This time he brought some knives with him. He closed his eyes and opened them again. A golden red flame flickered, like a burst of power sealed in his eyes. At this moment, his eyes had a bit of an Xuefeng’s charm!

“It’s not your way home to dedicate yourself to integration and seal the mountain god.”

The next moment, the bright orange light swept over and threw the return knife. The light of the knife was an orange lightning, which suddenly cut into the giant corpse of the mountain god!

However, after the knife light, there was a trace of scar on the giant crane. When you look carefully, you can find that it was covered with golden orange chains! The dead breath suddenly closed, as if they were all sealed in the mountain god giant.

“Cut off the way home.”

Return knife, break the return path!


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