TTG Chapter 227

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 227: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (52)

No matter how dangerous the situation is, he always looks on and doesn’t do anything.

He knows the bottom line of the hotel. Even on the fifth floor of the underground palace, which is now in great chaos, he can deceive the hotel, but the returning people are marked by the hotel and have the same feelings with the passengers such as the silver moon killer. He wants to unseal the hotel and has only one chance on the fifth floor of the underground palace.

Choose to do it now and cut off the “way back” of integrating the blood dragon soul with the dead keel and suppressing the mountain’s corpse

There are many ways to answer the word “return, destiny and destination”. Today, in Xiaotang mountain, the corpse of the mountain will be sealed. The fusion of the blood dragon soul and the dead keel is a solution.

They will destroy the soul of the mountain and become immortal forever. They pay such a price to completely integrate together and become a lock to seal the mountain. In this way, their sacrifice will be exchanged for years of suppressing the corpses of the mountain. In this way, the crisis of Xiaotangshan will be lifted and the gas will break out.

But in this way, it will have a reversible impact on this journey!

Old lady Bai lured the old demons to the underground palace to become blood food by the birth of ginseng essence, but this time it is also that ginseng essence is really going to be born! The underground palace should also be the disaster of Shenjing, but it neutralizes the Qi of Shenjing, but neutralizes the Yin Qi on the fourth floor of the underground palace!

The Yin veins on the fourth floor of the underground palace and the mountain corpse necklace. If you sacrifice ginseng essence and neutralize the Yin Qi with magnificent and flawless aura, the mountain corpse riot will be postponed and more time will be saved for the dragon soul keel.

But now if the blood dragon soul is fused with the dead keel sacrifice to seal the mountain corpse, then use the ginseng essence! When the corpse of the mountain is no longer in danger of insurrection, the Xiaotangshan crisis is relieved. Since the mountain, you need to integrate the essence into the land, and then you need to use it to neutralize the Reiki. In this way, the disaster of the essence is gone.

Is it a good thing that there is no disaster?

No, this is a bad thing!

It’s good to have a disaster. Even if the process is difficult, it’s possible to save Shenjing as long as you get through the disaster.

Once there is no disaster, it is very likely that there will be no solution!

It’s possible that the corpse of the mountain can’t be completely sealed, showing a trace of gloom. Only the ginseng essence can solve it. At that time, either sacrifice the ginseng essence or the brigade will destroy the regiment.

It may be the Yin Qi riot on the fourth floor of the underground palace, and the giant spirit explodes, which makes the spirit objects on Xiaotang mountain suddenly disappear and Shenjing die suddenly.

There are too many possibilities. I know that now Bing 250 has a contract with Yu Hehui and an Xuefeng. He has a brand of returning home. This time, Tong Hege is several times more difficult than Yu Hehui.

Gamble with the possibility of new changes, if it remains the same. According to the original event alienation, participating in essence sacrifice is the only solution. Collecting enough blood food and enough Qi can be used to support the dead keel and blood dragon soul, so that they can last longer!

The second is that if the blood dragon soul and the dead keel seal the mountain corpse at the cost of the complete extinction of the super life, the alienation of the event scenic spot will be re established!

The soul of the blood dragon and the death of the dragon’s keel are gone. Passengers need one side to look for Qi and the other side to look for blood food. They will also encounter difficulties when they perform on the stage at 8 o’clock tonight. In this way, the hotel will have the judgment of “simple scenic spot”!

The hotel will definitely let passengers take advantage of the loophole. If it is judged that “the current scenic spot is difficult enough to test passengers”, the scenic spot will definitely change in a more difficult direction!

It’s already afternoon. There’s not much time for the evening performance. At this juncture, another new change is more terrible than the mountain corpse riot and the dragon dragon soul variation. It is a sign of mass destruction!

Therefore, the crisis deep in the underground palace can never be truly solved!

Therefore, for the next journey, the blood dragon soul and the “dead keel” can disappear, so we used the return knife to cut off this ending!

“Buzz -”

The strange and twisted buzzing sound is on the fifth floor of the underground palace, and everything is almost static. Staring at the huge palm of the mountain corpse, I saw that the golden orange chain on it gradually penetrated into the cyan gray skin.

If you want to cut off the corpse or seal it directly, an Xuefeng should come in person and use the return knife.

He only has a copy of the guitu Dao, and he is the real person of the guitu Dao. He can only speculate and borrow the characteristics of the guitu Dao.

This is more like a correction. The corpse of the mountain dragon, which was taken away by C 250, has no last obsession. It may riot or restore a little reason due to the change, so as to restrain itself.

It’s all possible! Just like Wei Xun’s adventure, only the variability of the adventure is more certain, but the return knife can go further. At the moment when the return knife takes effect, if an Xuefeng is there, he can see the whole outcome and make a choice.

But now, even if he borrowed some of an Xuefeng’s power, he can only see three possible outcomes.

He chose one of them decisively.

* *


It seems that the buzzing on the fifth floor of the underground palace is still echoing in my mind. After endless falling, it is a strong suction, such as being drawn into a drum washing machine. After a whirl, the guard Xun fell to the ground. There was a cold and Yin atmosphere around him. Mo Xiang was a little familiar.

It’s the fourth floor of the underground palace!

In an instant, the landing guard Xun forcibly merged with Xiaocui Jing, contacted the evil spirits inside the giant spirit, and became extremely vigilant – but his vigilance didn’t happen.

No, the silver moon killer who stepped into the mountain did not ambush here, or even appeared.

Is it the end of the mountain and the road to the same place? Or did he change his way to hide his identity?

The live broadcast on the fifth floor of the underground palace was blocked, but everything on the fourth floor of the underground palace was restored. If the silver moon killer wants to be found and kicked out of the journey by the hotel, he will be prepared.

After examining and confirming that the silver moon killer is in, Wei Xun releases his integration with Xiaocui and looks to the ground if there is any. His fingers moved and bits of Phoenix fire burned at his fingertips.

Jumping, happy and attached, the Phoenix Fire suddenly became a little excited, and Wei Xun also vaguely felt the familiar power from the fifth floor of the underground palace.

An Xuefeng?

An Xuefeng is on the fifth floor of the underground palace?



Using the power of an Xuefeng? What did he do?

“Cough -”

Wei Xun looked up and looked at the giant spirit floating in place. The corpses of the mountain are connected with the Yin array. They are transmitted to the point on the fourth floor of the underground palace and have the same time difference as entering. They are all under the giant spirit body.

The evil spirits and insects in the giant spirit have lost nearly half of their lives again, but apart from that, it has not changed much – this is the most important problem! The mountain corpse is connected to the Yin array, and the spirit of the change array is related to the mountain Qi. If the mountain corpse is sealed by the blood dragon soul and the dead keel, the giant spirit will definitely be affected!

Either he was sealed, or he was driven crazy. No matter what kind of change, Wei Xun was ready to leave evil insects in the giant spirit, and he could barely control one or two.

But now there is no change in the giant spirit, but it is said that there is definitely another change under the fifth floor of the underground palace!


Suddenly, he seemed to hear something. Wei Xun’s feelings changed subtly.

“Cough cough!!”

The half-life man next to him coughed again. He coughed too much, which attracted the attention of Wei Xun.

“Are you okay?”

Still holding the half life man’s hand tightly around his waist, Wei Xun directly turned the half life man to his face by virtue of his height, raised his hand and touched his chest——

Why do you cough so badly? Is the puppet line of the ancestors of Yinshan still causing trouble?


[horizontal groove horizontal groove?!]

Wei Xun’s action was from the ground floor, but he didn’t expect that the audience in the live broadcast room had been completely crazy since he came out of the fifth floor of the underground palace! Today is the sixth day of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. Friday, September 25, is also jokingly called Black Friday by the audience watching the live broadcast.

Because the whole brigade, whether tour guides or tourists, their live broadcasting rooms are blocked!

What kind of hotel is shielded by itself or the passengers themselves? The audience doesn’t care. Looking at the dark live broadcasting room in front of the hotel is as painful as scratching their heart and liver.

Your mother refunds the money! There’s no way to let the audience watch the black screen!

Hey, this is a three-level extremely dangerous live broadcast once in a century. There are also confrontation missions. Moreover, there have been three people in the journey (dream chaser, devourer and black widow)! There are still cameras! Not to mention sometimes the blood brother of a hippie in a red cloak!

Look, you must look, even if the screen is black! The audience in the live studio is not less than a little. They are afraid to miss the wonderful pictures one by one. Some people even think that at this time, the black screen of the whole brigade is definitely engaged in business, gambling at the beginning, gambling on the East-West confrontation meeting, and the outcome will be decided here.

C 250 and the devil merchant must be one!

Even if they are exploited by the tour guides, the tourists always have some scattered leisure points. For a time, the gambling game is “hot” and the odds of both sides are close, but if you look carefully, the odds of C250 are slightly higher!

Obviously, even if the audience in the eastern district should support C250 with emotion and reason, and the number is much higher than that in the Western District, the vast majority of people are still rational. Now S1 devourer comes out, and it’s the leader of the devil merchant’s team to assess the scenic spot. If confrontation and competition really break out at this time, the devil merchant’s probability of winning is definitely higher.

That’s a S1 level guide! The horror and strength of the tour guide are deeply engraved in the hearts of most tourists. Even if someone popularizes science against the rules, this kind of guide can directly influence the opponents, but with the Devourer, the audience fully believe that the devil businessman will fall into the wind.

Countless viewers were worried about C250. They stared at the live screen as if they wanted to see something from the darkness.

It can be imagined how excited the audience was when the live split screen of C 250 lit up again! For a moment, the live broadcast screen was completely brushed by a dense barrage of bullets and various gifts.

[woo Hoo! I think I’m beginning to like the red cloak! This color looks like joy!]



[brother, listen to my advice. You are still young. Don’t be misled by the red cloak]

[that’s the butcher guide, alas!  I said in a low voice. I felt relieved when I saw C 250 wearing a scarlet cloak]

[it’s okay, it’s a confrontation task. The harder the tour guide is, the more stable the position is!]

only the live split screen of C250 lights up, and the live split screen of half life people is also unblocked! Seeing C 250 and half life people together, the audience was relieved.

[the live broadcast split screen of the half life deputy regiment is also on! The deputy regiment is actually together with director C, so it’s reliable!]

[it’s said that half life people used to be peak travelers. It’s just that they’re average! It’s so reliable!]

[wuwuwulaoshan brigade is so strong that half life people are my idol. I also want to join Laoshan!]

No one knows how many soldiers of Laoshan are mixed in the barrage of the live broadcasting room, but there are also several harmonious notes in the boasting.

[half life vice regiment is very good, but it seems, seems, a little short]

[what’s short? Half life Deputy 177 is good! Even if it’s 1.88 meters, it’s the height of a normal man!]

[don’t roll, don’t roll, strong strength is enough, don’t roll height]


[!! is the half life Deputy hurt?! is he held?]

[I don’t think so… From the live broadcast, he stands upright]

[ yes, do you think this C250 has become higher.]

[that’s right! I can assure you, how high is the difference between him and half life people!]

[… Is it amazing to use this? The tour guide can change his height and body shape at will. If C250 gets higher, he will get higher]

[yes, it’s better to wear this cloak when it gets higher]

[… That’s the problem. I’m too tall to wear this cloak. To tell you the truth, I feel a little scared]

There are many people who have found this. Most of the audience have not really come into close contact with life playing people, and are sensitive to height. The few high-level tourists and tour guides who were lucky to have seen the life-saving people either stood up or frowned directly when they looked at the live studio.

And when the tall man in a scarlet cloak drove up, the low and indifferent voice set off a storm in the hearts of countless people!

It’s so similar – it’s so similar!

Wei Xun often blocked the live broadcast, especially when he plotted with the ancestors of Yinshan and Mrs. Bai. He knew that guardians like the black widow and the dreamer could watch the live broadcast when they left!

Who knows if the black widow has the means to send a secret message to the devil merchant. Therefore, Wei Xun has always blocked the live broadcast of transactions involving important roles such as the ancestor of Yinshan and the old lady Bai.

This is the first time for the audience in the live studio to hear his specially changed voice!


[the sound of the sleeping trough is a little familiar!]

[I must have heard it somewhere. I remember it very clearly! Really, I’ve heard it somewhere!]

[rule book! Sleeping slot, hotel rule book!]

This indifferent male voice brings more profound memories to passengers than the image of life playing people! Because every passenger or guide who is successfully selected into the hotel, normal newcomers will go to the hotel’s newcomer’s gift bag after the first journey! Even if the prizes in the gift bag are the same according to the passenger’s performance, there is only one thing in each gift bag.

That’s the Rules Book of the hotel!

The rules book only records all kinds of rules in the hotel, and the last page of the home page is the publicity page of the strongest Tour team and the strongest tour guide alliance! It is both propaganda and encouragement. On the propaganda page of the strongest brigade, it is all kinds of great achievements of the first brigade on the way home. With the warm golden orange as the background, it is branded with the team training on the way home at the end.

“Victory will eventually belong to us.”

This sentence is written by an Xuefeng, the leader of the return journey. His voice of firm movement is recorded in the rule book, as if it contains the power of great strength. I know how many passengers have listened to this sentence repeatedly when they are afraid of collapse, drawing a trace of strength from it, so as to support them to continue to move to the airport.

On the leaflet of the strongest tour guide alliance, the butcher alliance is printed, and the background is a dazzling scarlet.

“Butcher alliance.”

There is no sign or creed. In just four words, the tone of ice indifference is like a demon, which makes people tremble.

Just because this is the strongest tour guide, the voice of a life playing man!

Whether tourists or tour guides, almost all newcomers have heard this sentence repeatedly. Danger brings charm, and the unknown brings a sense of mystery. People who can be selected into hotels are born curious and curious about the unknown.

Even if there are rumors that some people go crazy after listening to the voice of life playing people, some commit suicide, and some go in their sleep, the more new people listen to this voice, the more they listen to it.

The identity of the tour guide, the strength of the tour guide, the cold desert of life, death and plunder, and the identity of the Secret Super Tour Guide are even more fascinating.

If an Xuefeng’s voice can bring people firm will and strength, so that veteran passengers can find themselves again in the case of near collapse, rally and continue to walk.

However, novice travelers are not afraid of those who know. Those experienced travelers who have traveled many times, the group with strength in the middle, are those who dare to listen to the voice of life playing people again.

Because of his voice, what he said was like the hotel itself. Even if we give many benefits to passengers and show care for passengers in terms of health, the hotel is still cold in essence.

Butcher, slaughterhouse.

Human life is extremely humble here. People go away all the time, and new people enter the hotel all the time. It starts again and again and never ends. Since entering the hotel, they can see the end of their life at a glance.

That’s death.

[this is… This is the man’s voice!]

Like a hotel that can never get rid of, the voice of life playing people and the butcher alliance are deeply branded in the hearts of every tourist and guide!

[really, I dare say, is this really the man’s voice?]

[shit, what’s going on? This, this, I see!]

[I was scared and rolled out of bed!]

[peace of mind, I will hold a half life man. This man is definitely C250]

[although I know this, I can hardly breathe!]

[sobbing, sobbing, I’m so sad that he asked the half life man, ‘are you okay?’ and the half life man was cared about by the half life man! Does he deserve it!]

Half life people deserve it, half life people deserve it, and half life people deserve it. Anyway, the psychic almost dropped the camera worth millions of points in his hand. When he was screened again from the live broadcast room C 250, the psychic stood up and subconsciously looked at the opposite Sun Pendant——

It’s so similar. It’s really so similar. It gives him a stronger sense of shock than when C250 becomes an alienated state!

When he opened the ladder, the familiar cold voice sounded, and the psychic almost burst into tears. He looked at the live screen and blinked for a moment. It was like immersing himself in an incomparably beautiful dream.

Ah, he thought he would never hear it in his life. People’s voices are always cold and indifferent, and there are few emotional fluctuations. Even if the psychic can be rated as the language level 10 of the life playing people, they can’t figure out the real emotion of the life playing people.

But now, he really heard a concern from that voice.

“Are you okay?”

Yes, really! Tears flow down. The weeping psychic is difficult to control his tears. He is so excited that his body is almost half transparent and almost alienated. The psychic lips stammered, almost forcing him to respond.

I’m fine. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.

But the half life people in the live picture are very eye-catching!

This talent is the one who is really concerned by people! Half life man, half life man, why should he, he——

“Boom –!”

The roar suddenly rose. With the sharp and piercing cry, the tears just shed by the psychic media instantly turned into shrill monsters. This is a alienation riot! But at the moment, the psychic emotion was so strong that he couldn’t control them at all. He stared at the live screen and almost had to use his eyes to delay half his life.

Look what half life people are doing!

* *

“allowable movement!”

Wei Xun was stunned and stopped his hand towards the half life man’s chest. At the moment, he hugged the body position of the half life man, and Wei Xun felt a hard object against his waist.

It’s a half life man’s copper coin sword!

After holding Bi Zhuo and determined to control the people around him with a copper coin sword, the half life Zhuo suddenly lifted the scarlet cloak and looked inside——

He saw a light blue cloak under the scarlet cloak.

“Call -”

Fortunately, the man in the eye is C250. What is the life playing devil.

The half life man was relieved. He slapped C250 on the shoulder and complained: “you scared me.”

To tell you the truth, even if there is a lead wire. However, the killing of Yinshan’s ancestor with Bing 2501 token still frightened the half life people. Coupled with the voice of the life playing people, he couldn’t help thinking more.

“When I’m young, I’m also afraid of people who play with life.”

I felt a little counselled when I spoke just now. I thought it was a live broadcast, and half life people made up for it: “I’m afraid you’re under pollution control by playful people.”

Fine pollution is fatal to tour guides, especially high-level tour guides to low-level tour guides. It is likely that you will become the shape of each other when you want to. Although there are corresponding rules to protect the hotel, C250 has been wearing this scarlet cloak for too long. Who knows what’s wrong with the hotel.

Half life people can’t help looking at C 250 more eyes… It’s strange. Take another look. Wei Xun knew what this man was thinking when he lifted his cloak just now. Seeing that he was still influenced by the puppet line, he let go without expression.

As a result, the half life man took his hand and shook it. Wei Xun felt that the half life man had stuffed him with something.

It’s a puppet silk.

The half life man winked at him and didn’t speak. The battle there made him sure that the ancestor of Yinshan was the embodiment of the puppet master! The ancestor of Yinshan was dead, but the puppet silk who once controlled half life was pulled out by him and did not disappear. This is a good thing. It is priceless for tourists or tour guides with the title of puppet!

But the half life man gave it directly to bing250 – he killed the ancestor of Yinshan, and it should be his. Although “C250” did not take the path of puppet, it is said that “C250” will be useful for wire drawing.

It can only be said that it is illegal for the puppet master to sneak into the journey. If it is said here, even if the puppet master will be punished, I’m afraid the things they get from the puppet master will be confiscated by the hotel.

“Eh, this giant spirit has not been sealed?”

“The task of event scenic spots is still there?”

After uncovering this stubble, half life people quickly found the key point and frowned.

Obviously, the development of today’s situation is completely beyond his imagination, but the riots on the fifth floor of the underground palace, which should have caused drastic changes in the journey, seems to have had no impact. The underground palace didn’t collapse and the journey task didn’t change. It was like a white riot.

“Go out and talk about it.”

Wei Xun changed to normal height and put away his scarlet cloak. Seeing his normal and low-key appearance, half life people still feel that they are used to it. They quickly left the fourth floor of the underground palace and returned to the ground. They met Zhou Xiyang and others who were anxiously waiting for him.

“You went to the fourth floor of the underground palace?!”

Zhou Xiyang’s face was completely black. He anxiously measured Bing 250 from head to foot for countless times. After confirming that he was all right, he turned to the half life man and slapped him on the back. His strength almost turned him over.

“Half life brother, you’re here too. Have you been together?”

Zhou Xiyang clenched his teeth, smiled and hugged the half life man’s shoulder: “tell me what happened next.” he pulled the half life man aside like a chicken.

“You went to the fourth floor of the underground palace?”

The two men went to talk, and Yu Hehui quickly walked to Wei Xun and asked him in a low voice. The same question, but it is completely the same as Zhou Xiyang’s tone.

How can Wei Xun only go to the fourth floor of the underground palace? According to Yu Hehui’s understanding of Wei Xun, he has definitely been to the fifth floor of the underground palace!

But the underground palace didn’t collapse, everything was as usual, and the ground didn’t even feel much vibration, which really made him understand.

No wonder Zhou Xiyang only thought that Wei Xun had gone to the fourth floor, because there were not many other problems except the air riots on the fourth floor of the underground palace, the giant undead stretched out a tentacle almost from the crack on the first floor of the underground palace, and the earthquake like violent vibration.

“Go back.”

Wei Xun looked at him and stood far away on October 10. He confirmed that the man left on the fifth floor of the underground palace after they left.

“What’s happening on the west side.”

Instead of going back to the underground palace, they walked in Xiaotang mountain. The mountain road is wet, covered with moss and fresh rain. It didn’t rain and the sun came out this afternoon, but it didn’t make people feel too warm. The autumn wind is chilly.

“Augustus and Mia disappeared, but olaine appeared and took his hand when Zhou Xiyang cut off the tentacles extended by the giant spirit.”

Wei Xun nodded. Mia and olena both hid their identities. Just now MIA disappeared and olene was still there, but she could judge MIA as the silver moon killer. Even he can temporarily play the role of playboy. Mia and olaine are siblings. They say there must be some way to exchange identities.

Judging by color alone, o’lain is more suspected than MIA.

“Where’s the devil merchant.”

When Wei Xun left, he asked Yu Hehui to pay attention to the devil merchant, and Yu Hehui didn’t disappoint him.

“The devil merchant went to the room where grandpa Zhi’s coffin was stored.”

Yu Hehui whispered, “he may have reached some deals with Grandpa Zhi.”

Even though the devil merchant’s actions were secret and even blocked the live broadcast, he could hide from his passengers and the audience, but Yu Hehui, who focused on him, still found clues.

“Old lady white is gone.”

Wei Xun.

Mrs. Bai is still missing, but only the whereabouts of the old housekeeper of the Zhi family is still missing. The arrangement of the relationship between C 250 and the old housekeeper of the Zhi family misled shanweng and Mrs. Bai, but they still haven’t been found.

“The ancestors of Yinshan are gone.”


Yu Hehui lost his job for a short time, and old lady Bai didn’t respond to him, but the ancestor of Yinshan did it, which really surprised him!

“What happened to the ancestors of Yinshan?”

The dream chasing Bruce Lee appeared on Wei Xun’s shoulder and was surprised. Wei Xun didn’t take him to the fifth floor of the underground palace because he was afraid of being discovered by the ancestor of Yinshan and aroused her vigilance.

If you take the dreamer down, I’m afraid the ancestor of Yinshan will want to fight Wei Xun at all.

“Yes, I did.”

Wei Xun played it down and handed the changed death token to Yu Hehui and his dreamers.

He doesn’t mind revealing this because Wei Xun really needs their advice.

This time, Wei Xun’s party really gained a lot. He successfully integrated with Xiaocui Jing. The evil spirit insect controlled the giant undead, killed the ancestor of Yinshan, completed Bai Jiao’s entrustment, and obtained the death token of the dragon soul keel.

In addition, there are two purple titles.

Purple is called ‘lead silk’, and purple is called ‘cold-blooded’!

[you have completed the assessment task and won the purple Title: cold-blooded]

[cold blooded person (purple title): you are a real cold-blooded person, you will feel pain, and you will be affected by any negative emotions. But your blood is so cold that you always feel warm around you!]

The title of “trial” in drunk Western Hunan is now really in Wei Xun’s pocket. This time, it was really dangerous, because Wei Xun was using the lead wire to stimulate the ancestor of Yinshan and finally killed her. At the same time, the ancestor of Yinshan was decisive and broke the lead wire directly!

Without the silk pulling function, the ancestor of Yinshan can never be the object of the assessment task. Fortunately, Wei Xun was faster. He killed her and completed the assessment task. He won the title.

But on the other hand, it was also the hotel prompt that Wei Xun came to after leaving the fifth floor of the underground palace and returning to the fourth floor of the underground palace.

[rule task: entrustment of the company]

[task level: rule]

[mission Description: Why did the mountain, which should have been integrated into the mountain from the mountain, turn into a body full of resentment and pollution? The departure of the flawless keel and dragon soul, which have been guarding all the time, restored Shan’s reason for a moment. He felt the residual breath of the abyss, used his last strength to project part of himself into the abyss, and then continued to collapse]

[but there is a time limit for the suspension. Shan entrusted the people of the abyss to find out the real reason why he turned into a corpse and free him]

At that time, Wei Xun’s face changed slightly when he saw here. He immediately felt his abyss node – Guo, from which he felt the terrible power, and this power was cutting off pollution and eroding his abyss node, and the speed was slow.

If he makes any impact, I’m afraid his abyss will be completely polluted by mountain corpses in only half a year!

But correspondingly, the final reward of the task is extremely attractive.


  1. Yamamoto promises to work for you (when you complete the first, third and sixth rings of the task, you can get Yamamoto’s help once!)
  2. Maybe you will be eligible for “access to hotel rules”

Hotel rules? Access to hotel rules? Qualified?

Wei Xun’s first reaction was to think of the parties and members!

Is the task in this direction!

Wei Xun’s eyes are bright, but he is patient. This task is smelly and long at first sight, and each link is extremely difficult. It is reasonable to say that the simplest first link task is extremely difficult.

[the first part of the task: Resurrection keel]

“The dragon soul keel is here, but it is seriously damaged and needs nourishment.”

Wei Xun didn’t mention the rule task. He told them about the task of resurrection keel. The dreamer was ashamed of being alienated into a dragon. He saw the key at a glance: “nourish the dragon soul keel and remove the deadly essence pollution. It’s easy.”

“If you want to get rid of fine pollution… Tonight is really an opportunity.”

Yu Hehui lowered his voice: “punishment, plus… Measuring Reiki.”

He said “measuring aura”, when “measuring aura” refers to the integration of three spirits and things, and the Pang aura of Tong Hege’s resurrection.

“This is really a good time.”

The dreamer nodded. Although it seems to me that the time choice is simply strange, how can it make it so difficult for me? But you should know that Tong Hege’s rebirth is extremely difficult. If you choose an ordinary time, who knows what stumbling block the tourism society makes. It’s time to choose the right one.

Although it is difficult, it can be controlled. C250 has the experience of being split. Besides, he must be the only one who was split tonight.

There is also a skinned animal in the devil merchant, and the blood dragon soul and the dead keel are also there, and the giant animal spirit is also there. They are all split households one by one.

On a little thought, Rao Shiwei Xun felt his scalp numb – how terrible the punishment is tonight.

“Let’s melt shanweng and Taisui Jindan.”

After going out long enough, they began to go to the underground palace. On the way back, Yu Hehui suggested.

But Wei Xun shook his head: “OK.”

He didn’t melt the other half of the mountain man because he was afraid that the ancestor of Yinshan would move his hands and feet on it. Now that the ancestors of Yinshan have gone, Wei Xun still hasn’t relaxed his vigilance – Zhikui is still here.

You should know that the puppet master he doubted most was Zhi Kui Kui!


Suddenly, Wei Xun stood still and thought of something. He saw the devil merchant from a distance. He was like a industrious little bee collecting the leaked gas.

Devil merchant, coffin, Grandpa Zhi, Kui Zhi, emotional arrangement misleading

“Zhikui is Grandpa Zhi’s only ‘granddaughter'”

Wei Xun murmured.

If the granddaughter has a problem, such as becoming someone’s puppet, will grandpa Zhi find out?

It’s related to the devil merchant… Yes, that’s the problem? Like investigating Zhikui? At the meeting when the old housekeeper of Zhi family disappeared, Zhi Kui’s performance was more obvious. It is a rumor that makes shanweng kidnap the old housekeeper of Zhi family, which leads Zhi Kui to show his feet.

If it is confirmed that there is a problem with Zhi Kui, with Grandpa Zhi’s character, he has paid so much for the return of the seven emperors to the imperial mausoleum. He will definitely tolerate people with different hearts around him or in such a close position. What will he do?

I’m going to Shoushan.

Is it imprisonment? Pressing questions? Or

Just kill her?

Grandpa Zhi probably did it himself, so——

Wei Xun’s eyes became brighter and brighter. He walked briskly to the devil merchant and said, “ghost, are you collecting Qi?”

If so

Then there will be a good play tonight.

“Let me help you.”


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