TTG Chapter 228

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 228: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (53)

“Ghost, are you collecting dead gas?”

The devil merchant who was collecting the dead spirit was stunned. Looking back, he saw Xiaocui smiling and looking at him.

“Let me help you.”

Ghost? Why do you call me a ghost instead of a devil merchant?

The devil merchant’s heart gave birth to secret joy for this unexpected intimate address, while he was skeptical and subconsciously vigilant.

What is Xiaocui planning? Who do you want to calculate? Me?


The devil merchant straightened up, smiled at Xiaocui and said, “I’ve almost collected it.”

“It’s more than two hours before the next deadly riot.”

Wei Xun went down to the fourth floor of the underground palace after the 12:00 dead gas riot. He came back at more than three o’clock. After the conversation, it is close to 4 p.m.

Wei Xun went to his side and glanced at the place where the devil merchant had just stood. The riot of the giant dead on the fourth floor of the former underground palace had a great impact. It was clearly outside the underground palace, and there were dead gas cracks in the former underground palace.

But this crack is very small, not much thicker than an earthworm. It’s the devil merchant who collects dead breath here. Wei Xun doesn’t believe it.

“Maybe the interval between riots will change.”

The devil merchant looked behind Xiaocui and Yu Zihui didn’t follow. Tourists will naturally avoid talking between tour guides. However, Yu Huihui has been protecting Xiaocui closely, which is different from ordinary passengers. She didn’t come, which means Xiaocui had to talk to her privately.

In this way, the devil merchant’s tone is more tentative:

“Really, the riots before the war were unusual.”


Wei Xun said lightly, “after all, the ancestor of Yinshan is dead, but she has a lot of death.”

“The ancestor of Yinshan is dead!”

The devil merchant was stunned. Wei Xun caught the real feeling revealed in an instant – three generations of lads were placed on the ball of the devil bug, which can clearly see the joy of the devil merchant.

The joy value, which originally floated up and down at 60, floated up ten digits at the moment of hearing this.

This was the most real first reaction. The devil merchant was happy, but he was not particularly excited. It seemed that he had expected it earlier, and he was not as surprised as he showed!

“Yinshan ancestor is so strong, how did he die?”

The devil merchant frowned: “she is very strong. She is still Yin Qi into essence. Is she really dead?”

“Yes, I died together with Bai Lao.”

Wei Xun never likes lies, especially in Hotels with all kinds of strange props. Lies are the most stupid and easy to be exposed. It’s the truth. The ancestor of Yinshan really died together with Bai Lao. Let’s see how others understand it.

“Bai Lao died together…”

The devil merchant murmured, and his hand hidden under his cloak secretly rubbed the magic mirror.

Xiaocui didn’t lie. The devil’s mirror was there. The devil merchant could confirm that what he said was true.

The “* ¥%# * magic mirror” is the strongest prop in the hands of the devil merchant. It was once a legendary prop. Even if it is damaged now, it is still only one level lower and still at the “amazing” level.

But in the past, the devil merchants were not strong enough to suppress the ghost monarch in the magic mirror. They could only use the function of “luck divination”. The devil merchant can infer the current situation by judging who is unlucky for Xiaocui. But for this function, the use of more ghost monarchs makes it possible to get rid of riots.

But since joining the Mutual Aid Association, krypton has become a member and randomly (hard krypton) to the rule of [members of the mutual aid association will gain more advantages in the fight against the ancient!], the life of the devil businessman has embarked on a free ride.

It is no longer difficult to suppress and communicate with the ghost monarch, and the exercise and breakthrough between life and death in this journey have also improved the strength of the devil merchant, which has been recognized by the ghost monarch and successfully obtained more authority of the magic mirror.

[Avril’s divining mirror], this is the real name of the mirror. Avril was once the favorite of the ghost monarch and finally died‘ The first function of the divination mirror is luck divination. It is also the only one that can be used by the former devil merchant.

The two new functions are related to the ghost monarch.

The ghost monarch in the magic mirror has suffered from love. He once loved more and hated more after death. However, in the long years, loneliness was sealed in this magic mirror and sank into the sea. No matter how much love or hate, no matter how much feeling, finally faded and became an eternal scar.

The scar will not disappear, it will exist forever, and it has become the function of the magic mirror.

The two new functions are related to “love”.

[Name: Avril’s divination mirror (broken)]

[quality: Amazing]

[function 1: fortune telling]

[function 2: sincerity]

[function 3: lie]

[sincerity] it enables the devil merchant to judge whether a person is lying or not. The number of times and success rate of daily use are related to the relationship between the other party. Strangers have the lowest effect and lovers have the highest effect.

If the other person’s identity is “lover”, the devil merchant can 100% judge whether he is lying and can use it five times a day.

[lie] can make the devil businessman lie to people. Therefore, sincerity. Similarly, the number of times and success rate of “lie” are related to the relationship between the devil businessman and the other party, but this time the effect is reversed.

The success rate of lying to strangers is 100% and can be used three times a day, while the effect of lying to lovers is zero

[ is your love for me true?]

My love for you is true

Sincerity and lies, love and non love, engraved in the soul of the ghost monarch, are the issues that he is still interested in thinking over the long years.

The two functions of sincerity and lie also make the magic mirror the core of the devil merchant’s plan. Of course, if you encounter an enemy whose strength exceeds several times, the magic mirror may not be effective for you. This requires a special trick.

When the strength is highly unequal, involving the lie of love and the sincerity of love, the success rate will be a great bonus!

This is the hidden property of the magic mirror that the devil merchant tried to find out. It is also the “rule” implied in the book.

Before his death, the ghost monarch had great power and high status. He was planted on a man of humble origin. Their status and strength were once the land of heaven. It was love that made everything real.

Therefore, in the weak against the strong, involving love lies and sincerity, the high success rate is terrible. It was with this hidden rule that the devil businessman deceived the two strong men with lies containing “love” elements, so as to try to find out the news he wanted.

The ancestor of Yinshan died together with Bai Lao, just as expected.

Wei Xun’s words are very skillful. He didn’t lie. He made the devil businessman understand as Bai Lao. Therefore, both ancestors of Yinshan were hurt!

The two old demons have been fighting openly and secretly, and it is possible that shanweng has forged a death feud and both lose. Maybe Xiaocui is still stirring up the fire – and it seems that Xiaocui may have finally caught the bottom.

So… Did Xiaocui know what through these two people?

“What a pity, old Bai died suddenly. I wanted to ask her something.”

Wei Xun sighed falsely, with a depressed tone that he didn’t want to say more. Then he observed that the joy value of the devil merchant increased by 10 points.

Xiaocui is telling the truth.

“It’s good to be dead, otherwise we must have to toss about tonight.”

The devil merchant collected his thoughts and comforted him: “the blood dragon soul is still dead. I don’t know if the passengers have prepared sacrifices. I have to be more careful tonight.”

Xiaocui didn’t hide the news that she would be punished again tonight. However, today’s Xiaotangshan is dead. I’m afraid the punishment tonight will be more violent than that night in yangshou town.

Good momentum.

Even if he was almost sure, the devil merchant still wanted to go better.

Zhikui hides deeply, and she may have to use Xiaocui’s natural punishment to achieve her goal.

* *

“I’ll see the coffin.”

The devil merchant sighed: “ the influence of the dead spirit riot before was really great. Now the dead spirit of the whole underground palace is much stronger.”

The devil merchant was worried: “you’re so dead. Don’t be struck by thunder tonight.”

After chatting with the devil merchant for a few more words, Wei Xun stopped talking when he saw that he had an excuse to leave. They returned to the underground palace together and separated again. Yu Huihui looked at Wei Xun and indicated with his eyes that he would no longer follow the devil merchant.

Wei Xun shook his head and went back to his room. Wei Xun held out his hand. Yu Huihui took out the notepad and handed it to Wei Xun.

Wei Xun is a notepad that he carries with him (along with Yu Huishen). He has scattered thoughts and is good at showing clues. When he is free, he will sort out and summarize them and record them in the Notepad. Compared with mobile phones, I am more used to paper records.

This helps you think.

As for the devil merchant line, although most of them are speculations and there is no actual evidence, Wei Xun is more and more convinced.

Because he knows that the devil businessman is by no means a person who can be content with the status quo.

The wild hope of the devil businessman, the pride of the devil, and the freedom view of the devil, which is close to cleanliness, make the devil not feel inferior and give up because of the excellent performance of C250, but will do his best to catch up at all costs and bloom his own light.

And the light will be won by himself, not by the Devourer, or the black widow, or the big western travelers.

Therefore, the devil merchant must go his own way in this journey, and the underground palace, Nezha spirit, Shenjing, white deer and spirit snake are all pierced by Wei Xun.

Although the devil merchant can focus on Mr. Skinner, it is obviously not enough. Wei Xun also has a token of the death of the Ming Dynasty. Mr. Skinner is naturally awed and afraid of “senior officials”, and his natural momentum is weak.

Therefore, the devil businessman will definitely choose a new way when considering both Mr. Skinner and Mr. Skinner.

[grandpa Zhi]

Wei Xun wrote these three words in his notepad and drew a circle.

The devil merchant is the guide of the Taoist camp. It is difficult to make use of the old demons in the underground palace. However, since he entered the underground palace, he has a very low sense of existence and has been almost completely ignored, but he should not be underestimated.

That is the core of our journey, the paper man funeral team, Grandpa Zhi.

Grandpa Zhi is very strong, there is no doubt about it. He once destroyed the whole brigade in Hengdian scenic spot, and he didn’t even do it himself. The brigade of qianhengdian scenic spot is the fourth largest brigade in the hotel. Youdu brigade is the elite and its strength is definitely not weak. And now grandpa Zhi, who has made all the preparations, will only be stronger than when he is.

Can grandpa Zhi see the difference between Zhi and Kui?

Zhikui is the granddaughter of the project and may be a very important part of the project, so the possibility of the project is very high.

But grandpa Zhi is now in the coffin and can’t do it. He must need someone to help him explore and deal with it.

Maybe this is the time when the devil merchant and the devil hit it off.

But Zhikui kept a low profile, low-key to almost no sense of existence. If you test her without revealing your identity?

Build a chaos that will definitely involve her, so that Zhikui must come out – the old housekeeper of Zhijia is the best choice.

“The devil merchant can ‘make up gossip’ or spread lies.”

Wei Xun sighed, “it’s terrible.”

The props that can affect this strong person, if not disposable, are really strong.

The first deception was aimed at shanweng. How did the devil businessman contact shanweng who tried to escape and avenge his brother? This is unknown for the moment. Maybe it’s the help of others, or the role of a prop. However, he succeeded in making shanweng, who was eager for revenge, mistakenly think that the old housekeeper of Zhi family is very important to C250.

Shanweng himself is seriously injured. Even if he wants to have a “fair duel” with C 250, it will definitely be a one-on-one duel. It is most appropriate to use the old housekeeper of Zhi family to lead C 250 out.

The old man ran away and kidnapped the old housekeeper of Zhi family. Who can think of the devil merchant?

But the devil merchant probably didn’t expect that there was a disturbing Yinshan ancestor in HengDi, which made Zhikui hide again.

The ancestor of Yinshan is like a □□. If you want to see the truth under the smoke, you must first let the smoke dissipate.

The devil merchant handled it well. Maybe he thought of using Bai Laozi to deal with Yinshan Laozu from the beginning of the great war of Bai Laozi. But in that battle, Bai Laoxiang lost a chip. I’m afraid Bai Laoxiang alone can’t defeat the ancestors of Yinshan.

During the rehearsal, the devil merchant saw that Bing 250 was called to the front by the ancestor of Yinshan.

If the ancestors of Yinshan join hands, it will definitely interfere with the plan of Yinshan. However, if you join hands with Bing 250 and Bai Lao, you may be able to deal with Yinshan Laozu.

Why did Wei Xun happen to meet the devil merchant at the entrance of the east side hall in the dead riot after the rehearsal? And because there would be no more dead spirits in the crack, Wei Xun went deeper into the east side hall, which just created an opportunity for Bai Laoxiang to take advantage of the chaos and take away him?

Why does Bai Laoxiang mistakenly think that the old housekeeper of Zhi family is very important to C250 and threaten C250 with her whereabouts to cooperate with her to deal with the ancestors of Yinshan?

This should be the second shot of the devil merchant.

Moreover, the devil merchant believes that even C 250 is not afraid of being threatened, but as long as he hears the news of the whereabouts of the old housekeeper of Zhi family, his curiosity is very likely to drive him to cooperate with Bai Lao.

“It seems that he has great confidence in me.”

Wei Xun smiled subtly, so after learning the news of the death of Yinshan’s ancestor, the devil merchant’s mind didn’t fluctuate greatly. However, the next test was’ are you really dead ‘,’ Ming ‘still cared about the death of the ancestor of Yinshan.

When Wei Xun deliberately said “what a pity, old Bai died” suddenly, I wanted to ask her something “, and the joy of the devil merchant increased by 10 points.

It’s just that Yao Ming and Bai Lao have been in contact with each other. Wei Xun doesn’t want to know about this contact. After a series of inferences, linked to each other, Wei Xun concluded that the devil merchant’s goal should be Zhikui.

The ancestor of Yinshan is gone. The devil merchant wants to see the coffin and observe the movement of Zhikui.

When the old ancestor of Yinshan died, Zhikui should have a quick reaction, which can better confirm her abnormality.

Grandpa Zhi won’t let other people stay with him. Zhi Kui will definitely be removed.

The devil merchant marks the dead spirit and collects the dead spirit. Before leaving, “the dead spirit is so heavy, don’t be hit by the sky thunder tonight”, which makes Wei Xun think that he should start tonight and use the sky thunder to remove Zhikui.

“Should, may, are all uncertain numbers.”

Yu Huineng followed Wei Xun’s train of thought and frowned: “there is no evidence of certainty. It can be a devil merchant or a man.”

“Anyway, Zhi Kui must die.”

Wei Xun picked up the corner of his mouth and said carelessly, “no matter who it is.”

He killed the ancestor of Yinshan and offended the puppet master. Will Zhikui come to trouble him?

The other half of shanweng’s body was touched by the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain. Who knows if it will be affected by the puppet line. Zhi Kui and Wei Xun don’t trust Tong to integrate this song.

If the devil merchant starts to eradicate Zhikui – it’s a great help. He killed the ancestor of Yinshan and tried to find out her strength. Wei Xun is not interested in dealing with another Zhikui.

That’s not the point.

“What paper sunflower, brother, brother!”

During the conversation, a red shadow rushed into the underground palace. Nezhaling, who had been unwilling to go to the ground, rarely entered the underground palace this time, fell on Wei Xun’s shoulder and jumped. I can’t believe it contains a little expectation. He is eager to cry:

“Brother, how can you smell the dragon vein?”

“I have to ask my brother to help me.”

Yes, the focus of attention now is Tong’s song recovery and rebirth.

Wei Xun smiled and explained the life on the fifth floor of the underground palace.

* *

Wei Xun, the devil merchants are busy for their own business. At this moment, there is an ominous death in the underground palace, and it seems that there is a layer of ominous black fog in the place where the naked eye can reach. But in the dead black fog, there was a trace of fierce and bloody gas.

“No wonder this blood gas and dead gas can fuse.”

After hearing the story about the fifth floor of the underground palace told by half life Taoist, Zhou Xiyang took a deep breath and his mind was complicated.


Half life Taoist walked to the underground palace while he was walking. He wanted to find Bai Xiaotian: “is Xiaotian okay?”

In the previous Yin Qi riot, the half life Taoist was absent. Although Zhou Xiyang cut off the tentacles of the giant dead and poked out the crack, he had no time to distract himself, so that Augustus and others in the monster camp put a lot of blood food offerings into the crack, so that they became what they are now.

However, after the emergence of blood gas, Zhou Xiyang was also keen to see the difference. This blood and death are not complementary, but a sense of mutual integration and mutual restraint.

In essence, the blood gas is also full of strong vitality. As the saying goes, the blood stained blade is close to the gods and ghosts. After the blood gas rises, it suppresses the dead spirit and kills the dead spirit.

Although I don’t know the changes of the fifth floor of the underground palace, I don’t know the true identity and purpose of the blood dragon soul. However, Zhou Xiyang never let go of any clues.

After collecting a piece of dead gas and blood gas together and confirming that blood gas and dead gas can really suppress and integrate with each other, Zhou Xiyang had to activate the advanced task – underground palace maze.

[why can blood gas and dead gas merge with each other? Is it true or false that the death keel collapses and pollutes Xiaotang mountain and the blood dragon soul escapes?]

[there are many mysteries and mysteries in the underground palace. Sacrifice more blood food and more dead Qi to the underground seam. When the balance between blood and dead Qi is reached, maybe you and your friends will be able to get more underground palace truth]

The task issued by the hotel is never to solve the puzzle directly. It tests the travelers’ exploration ability, adventure spirit, hard core strength and luck. Only if you go on step by step, you can finally reveal the truth.

Just like Wang pengpai’s journey in Western Hunan before, when the story tells about the past journey experience, it is a journey in which a male ghost who got on the passenger asked the passengers for help to help him marry his wife who committed suicide, so that the loving couple can get married again in the underworld.

However, with the gradual deepening of exploration, Wang pengpai and others said that there was something wrong with the male ghost. It turned out that the ghost was manipulated by a weasel spirit. When Huang Daxian abducted Huang Hua’s eldest daughter, who was born in Yinyue, and forced others to conceive evil seeds, he ate both of them and increased their skills.

Although the woman’s house invited this girl from the White Horse Temple, she saved the girl back. Unfortunately, the girl couldn’t stand humiliation and hanged herself. But the weasel is still a thief and tries to eat the girl’s ghost again. He is still stared at by the White Horse Temple and has no way to start. He manipulated the male ghost to lure the passengers to summon souls.

So in the initial task of helping male ghosts get married, the white horse temple that has been obstructing them is still like a villain. However, later, it became the spirit of killing yellow rats and wolves, and the former hostile White Horse Temple became a helper.

The task of the hotel is exactly like this. Veteran tourists are used to keeping an eye on it and don’t believe anything in the hotel. Now Zhou Xiyang has received a new task, which is obviously a new variation. There may be another hidden difference between the blood dragon soul and the death keel.

The task mentioned ‘you are your friend’. Obviously, this is a sharing task. Zhou Xiyang can share the task with the passengers in his camp. In this way, if there is no confrontation between death Qi and Yin Qi in the demon beast camp, and there is no such step, the demons will seize the first opportunity.

Confrontation requires brains. It is difficult for a reckless man who relies on brute force to maintain it even if he gets the upper hand.

Zhou Xiyang is really not interested in further excavating this task. He just thinks that if blood gas and dead gas can integrate with each other and eliminate the influence, there is no need to participate in essence and must integrate into the earth. Tonight’s performance should also go smoothly!

The rebirth of Tong’s song is a glimmer of vitality, not completely without solution, which has satisfied Zhou Xiyang.

“Advanced task.”

After returning to the underground palace, Zhou Xiyang shared the task with half life Taoist Bai Xiaotian first. In this regard, half life Taoist Bai Xiaotian was elated and preached his great achievements to Bai Xiaotian. Zhou Xiyang gave Bai Xiaotian a deep look and said:

“OK, I’ll have a hard battle in the evening.”

“I know, I know.”

Half life road head did not respond, and he was in high spirits to show Bai Xiaotian his mobile phone.

“See, do you know what this is?”

In the mobile phone photo, a tall tour guide in a crimson cloak took a selfie of the half life Taoist, who was even better than him.

This was taken by Wei Xun in cooperation with half life Taoist priest – half life Taoist priest recited the “clothes” for so long along the way. Wei Xun still met this little request.

“How’s it going?”

Half life Taoist lowered his voice and coughed modestly: “what does it look like?”

Bai Xiaotian:.

Bai Xiaotian said, “deputy regiment, it’s like a posthumous photo.”


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