TTG Chapter 229

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 229: Nutrient solution 500000 Jiageng

At six o’clock in the evening, the death did not break out normally. Except for the underground palace, the heavier death and blood, everything was quiet, just as everyone expected. But in this quiet illusion, there are waves hidden.

The passengers got busy one by one. Even if there was no death, Zhou Xiyang still played with a half life at six o’clock in the evening. He spared no mercy to prevent Augustus and others from sewing and offering blood food to the ground. The two sides even fought and turned the world upside down.

But now there are too many ground fissures. The ground fissure in the East Hall is supported by the tentacles of the giant dead spirit. Even if Zhou Xiyang can’t protect all of them, some blood food still falls down and inspires strong blood.

For a time, the underground palace was dignified, trembling and tense. Old lady Bai, the ancestor of Yinshan died, and the demons had no owner. The demons were terrified. Meckel and the other two old demons took the opportunity to compete again. After a contest, they cleared up their new territory, plundered old lady Bai’s wealth and gathered forces.

But everything seems to be behind the scenes, but the two old demons who have been together have made contradictions. One wants to go and one wants to stay. In the end, the owl and the old demon went away and left Tangshan, the land of right and wrong. The six winged centipede essence stayed and shared the underground palace and the world with meike’er, but it was as high-profile as old lady Bai, and even sent a few benefits to Zhou Xiyang, Wei Xun and others.

Most importantly, meike’er found the old housekeeper of the Zhi family when searching for the legacy of old lady Bai!

The old housekeeper of Zhi family is in a bad state. Although he is not dead, he has maintained his body and changed into a paper state. The pale paper sticks in the gloomy underground palace. It looks really scary.

Yu Yuhui checked and found that old lady Bai had cursed the old housekeeper of Zhi’s house. Only she could untie it. In this way, even if Wei Xun steals to save the old housekeeper of Zhi family, it is useless.

But who would have thought that old lady Bai was dead? This spell has been solved – of course, it can be solved by violence, but it takes time and strength to crush old lady Bai.

“What a pity.”

Seeing Yu Yuhui’s regret, Wei Xun wanted to open: “the old housekeeper of Zhi family must know something.”

It was directly tied away by shanweng. I have never seen the behind the scenes. Later, he fell into the hands of old lady Bai, the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain, and was tossed into this shape.

“Send it to Bai Tiantian. Does he keep paper? Maybe he will repair it.”

Wei Xun said casually that he had never thought of seeing Zhi Kui under the pretext of the old housekeeper of Zhi family – it’s still time.

“Meckel may have inspired other tasks.”

Yu Jianhui looked aside and saw that shanweng had no reaction to the old housekeeper of Zhi family. He knew that he had not recovered his memory and that his incomplete memory was still in the other half of shanweng, so he had to put it down with regret.


Shan Weng looked at Yu Jianhui suspiciously. Yu Jianhui picked up a Zhu fruit and threw it at him. Shanweng raised his hand to catch it. After thanking Zhu Guo, he divided Zhu Guo into two and a half. Taisui Jindan opened his mouth happily beside him. The two spirits seemed to be happy.

However, Taisui Jindan has often shouted pain since this afternoon. Shanweng just coaxed him more. Yu Yu, Hui Jue, maybe something happened to Shenjing. He was sensed by Taisui Jindan. He was a little worried.

However, after listening to Wei Xun’s story about the fifth floor of the underground palace, Yu Yuhui also realized that the situation was dangerous and Tong Gefu was difficult. The more difficult it is, the more he can step in. Yu Yu has a lot of marks on his way home than Wei Xun.

No matter how anxious, Yu Yuhui changed the topic:

“In this gap, if he wants to compete with Zhou team, he can only make up for the loss through other tasks.”

Event based mission attractions, both sides of the two camps can only win. It is MIA who inspires the alienation of events in the west side. Even if she wins, Mia will take the lead. On October 10, yuntianhe river had their own thoughts. Meckel simply put out his mind and began to paddle. He took care of the sacrifice of blood food and turned to the development of monster forces.

Now, old lady Bai and the ancestors of Yinshan are dead, and the forces of Meckel demons and beasts are stirring up the wind and water. In front of Yu Yuhui, there are only six winged centipede essence and Meckel filial piety.

“The blood dragon soul is integrated with the death keel and is the enemy. Nowadays, the dispute between death and blood is an additional danger that will affect their eventualized scenic spot.”

Yu huidao. If there is a balance between death and blood, passengers will encounter additional risks. If which side surpasses, the excess dead blood or blood should turn into a death keel or blood dragon soul – the death keel on the fifth floor of the underground palace has nothing to do with the blood dragon soul, but the excess dead blood.

Just like the extra boss, you can pass the customs even if you play, and you will get extra rewards if you play.

“Zhou team should try its best to promote the balance of blood and death.”

Yu Yuhui speculated that the performance was at 8:00 p.m. If one party becomes unbalanced, passengers can only kill it, and this part of the dead or blood will disappear.

However, if the dead blood is balanced and does not change into shape, there will be additional losses if the two sides are integrated, and the underground palace will always be shrouded in a rich fusion of dead blood.

So as to attract a lot of thunder.

“The ginseng essence will be shaped in the Tang mountain. If the underground palace can share the multi day punishment, it should be reduced…”

But even if the underground palace can attract fire, how much can it absorb. Wei Xun, who participated in the refinement of the scene, must have noticed that he was also punished by heaven. At that time, the momentum on the Shenjing side will be absolutely great.

Yu Xiaohui still held back. He looked at Wei Xun, but seeing Wei Xun’s situation at the moment, Yu Xiaohui swallowed the rest of his words, frowned and asked:

“What’s the matter? Where is it comfortable?”


Wei Xun replied that some people came to print. He was like this when he came from the underground palace. He would print when he came. Yu Yuhui was worried when he saw it, and asked, “how about Phoenix Fire?”

Is it because the San value is too low and the fine print pollution is too much, which affects the mood?

You should use Fengyu to relieve yourself while you still have time.


Wei Xun received the copy and ate a drop of royal jelly, which showed that he was lazy.

“The lotus seed is going bad.”

When the dead lotus on the fourth floor of the underground palace broke out, he had too many dead lotus in his body, polluting the lotus seeds. Although nezhaling cared about it, he didn’t have any new lotus seeds for him. Wei Xun’s state of mud was almost maintained.

In order to keep the lotus seeds alive for a long time, Wei Xun has been sucking the dead lotus seeds into his body. If a person dies more in his body and his yin becomes heavier, he will naturally become sluggish and sleepy. From the outside, he looks like lazily lifting his fine print.

“I’ll sleep.”

Wei Xun said, “Nezha spirit came to call me.”

After listening to Wei Xun about the current situation of the fifth floor of the underground palace, nezhaling entered the fifth floor of the underground palace. Although Wei Xun wants to know how the fifth floor of the underground palace has changed, now the Yin array is sealed, and the corn shoots can’t be dug down. It’s important to reply to Tong’s song. Under multiple weighing, Wei Xun didn’t go down, but slept for a while.

Wei Xun’s brain is still active. He is deliberating carefully. It seems that there is still a hidden secret in the series of dark plans of the devil business.

How did he know that shanweng had a “grudge” against him? How did you know when shanweng ran away? How can we meet shanweng and deceive him with lies?

Of course, this may be all done by the devil’s business plan alone. He has deep loopholes. However, Wei Xun believes that there may be a deep hidden problem lies in the devil’s business combination.

And their goal may also be Zhikui.

Seeing that Wei Xun was in a normal state, Yu Yuhui was very worried. He went to Bai Luling to borrow some deer blood. The White Deer still stayed beside the spirit snake skull. There was a new snake spirit in the skull. After hearing Yu Huihui’s intention, the White Deer spirit was happy to give blood directly, but it looked a little worried. A pair of deer eyes seemed to have something on his mind.

In the face of Yu Yuhui, he wanted to talk and stopped, but he didn’t make a sound in the end.

“What’s the matter?”

Yu Yuhui asked.

Bai Luling planed his hooves and hesitated for a long time. Finally, he said in a voice: “Tianhu, I always think snake boy is strange.”

He looked at the skull, the sleeping slender snake and muttered, “sometimes I even feel that he is a real snake boy…”

* *

“The blood coagulates. It’s really like a dragon, and it’s a dragon.”

Meckel mews sadly and looks at a wisp of red blood controlled by special means in front of her.

“Trouble, trouble.”

Meckel always wanted to find another way. Before, Bai Luling had a good relationship and received the wrong task. Experienced travelers are very tactful and have many means to avoid direct confrontation.

Moreover, they are the monster camp. Meckel can never be wrong in developing monster forces. In a few more words, even if the camp confrontation fails, he will have too many losses.

But this task made Meckel regret.

[the White Deer spirit always feels like an old friend, and the snake spirit revived from the white snake spirit bone is like an old friend. On the contrary, the blood that spreads the underground palace contains a familiar breath. It entrusts you to investigate this matter]

Upon receiving the task, Meckel knew that there was something strange about the task of the event scenic spot, and there was definitely a further task. They all think that the dragon soul keel is one and comes from the same dragon, but now he draws blood to imitate the state, and blood turns into Jiao state.

It seems that there is only one order difference between the dragon and the dragon, but the actual gap is very different. There are a lot of tourists with the title of monster in the crimson brigade. The crimson brigade is really a passenger who can turn into a dragon. Meckel is clear about this.

Dragons and Jiaos are reversible. Even if dragons are black and blue and break their horns, they may become Jiaos.

Therefore, the Jiao soul is the degradation of the dragon soul, which can only be the advanced level of the snake soul. The real white snake soul turns into a blood Jiao under the underground palace.

It was only after this that Meckel found it troublesome.

The final task of the White Deer spirit must be to revive the White Snake, but now the situation is so, it seems that the task is finished. Unless they collude with Augustus and contribute a lot of blood food, there is still a possibility if they can lead the soul of the blood dragon to the gap.

“Call -”

Grow a mouth, put out the blood, and Meckel turns the black cat into a black cat and jumps out to patrol the ‘territory’. When he passed yuntianhe’s room, he paid more attention.

Yuntianhe’s performance is very strange. Since he entered the underground palace, he has not been so enthusiastic about Cuidao. He is completely active and even indifferent. There’s definitely a problem here. Meikel keeps an extra copy every time and pays attention to it.

He couldn’t find anything different several times before, but this time the transportation came. Meckel was seeing a clever red shadow flying out of the “seam” of yuntianhe and disappearing into the darkness in the blink of an eye.

Afraid of luring the tiger away from the mountain, he didn’t chase it in person. Instead, he bit off a handful of cat hair and spit it out. The cat hair became a very beautiful cat, but it was very fast. He chased the red shadow and left.

Meckel still hid in the shadow next to yuntianhe’s residence, but failed to keep it until yuntianhe came out. On the contrary, his cat hairy cat chased the red bird all the way to the cave where the bat spirits lived outside the underground palace!

cave? Is there anything there?

Is it yuntianhe? What’s the deal with the bat spirits? He controls the bat spirit?

Meckel murmured in his heart and carefully asked him to command the cat to continue to watch. Seeing that there was no more movement at yuntianhe, yuntianhe also delayed. He went to Bailu to report the situation. After taking over the next stage of tasks, he went to prepare for his performance.

Time flies. It’s eight o’clock in the evening when you see the horse. Meckel had already adjusted to the best state and was fully armed to leave for the east side hall.

But just then, the cat, who had been guarding the bat cave, came the news.

The devil merchant went to that cave!

Mei Ke’er’s heart clicked.

Is it a coincidence or a plot? Or in the old cloth maze?

Does it mean that yuntianhe has taken refuge in the devil merchant?

Devil dealer, are you finally going to start on C250? collaborate from within with forces from outside?

Confrontation mission?

This… Yuntianhe is really a Western hybrid

This is a big deal! It’s better to be overly vigilant than to let go of any clues!!

Meckel sat still, and the alarm went off. He contacted the cat again. The cat startled the snake. Hurried to the east side hall and finally met Zhou Xiyang before the performance began.

“Yuntianhe is suspected to be a devil dealer. They may start against director C tonight!”

Taking advantage of the team leader’s assessment to complete the confrontation task, this is really an excellent opportunity! After all, the strength of devil business has been growing. After the performance at 8 o’clock tonight, the team leader’s assessment is completed, and his strength will reach the peak, which will far exceed C250!

It’s the best time to take advantage of my strength and his weakness before C 250 is the team leader assessment task!

“Don’t worry.”

Zhou Xiyang nodded calmly: “I have plans for a long time.”

At 7:50 p.m., when the tour guide entered and sat down, the devil merchant did not enter together with C250, and did not stick to him, but rarely entered separately. This falls on the intentional eye, but it shows that he has ulterior motives!

So the devil merchant suffered the most severe test of his ordinary business! Almost every step has unexpected danger, ground crack, falling stone, earthquake, fantasy – it’s amazing step by step!

Who’s targeting me?!

When he arrived at his seat, the devil dealer was already in a mess. He was surprised that he was determined. From the corner of his eye, he looked at the figure of Zhi Kui in the front row – Zhi Kui Kui was also the audience of tonight’s performance.

Did Zhi Kui do it!


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