TTG Chapter 23

Driving corpses in Xiangxi (23)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 23: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

The live picture on the left is fixed when all the passengers arrive at the destination. They are afraid to sit down after they reach the destination. Yu Guoan’s pious head is against the C-9 vamp, like a believer worshipping.
The live picture on the right is fixed on the face full of blood. The huge white fox body like a calf is silent, but there are only four passengers left.
Moreover, none of the four passengers had not been smoked for most of their lives by B 49. They were as thin as wood, and their eyes were numb and silent.
On the one hand, the whole staff survived, on the other hand, there was only half left, and they paid a painful price.
Obviously, this time, Bingjiu won completely. However, Shi Xiao did not smile at all when he looked at the faces of other onlookers.
“The probability of the two drunken trips to Western Hunan is more than 70 percent.”
The tone is as calm as ever, without any emotion: “Bingjiu regiment, when Bingjiu falls into madness, it will go to regiment extinction.”
“In group B 49, 85% will be destroyed in the second scenic spot.”
“In other words, as long as Bingjiu doesn’t go crazy, the people in his regiment can survive?”
Shi Xiao quickly grabbed the spot, his breathing was a little short, and his eyes stared: “right.”
He said decisively: “Bingjiu’s qualification is extremely high. When he is out of San, he remains so rational. If the C-9 regiment can survive to the end of the year, the survival rate of the C-9 regiment will reach 75 percent, and even 5 percent of the members of the C-9 regiment can survive. ”
“All… Survive…”
When Shi Xiao heard this word, his eyes showed a trace of awe, and the onlookers couldn’t help shouting in a low voice. Let alone the survival of all the people in drunk Western Hunan, even if it was a normal dangerous journey, it was almost impossible for all the people to survive. If Bingjiu really does this, he will definitely be robbed by major brigades after this journey!
“What a pity.”
Shook his head, put away the parchment, and looked at the C-9 on the live broadcast screen.
“If you don’t have connected teammates, the San value is at least less than 60… Bingjiu has gone crazy.”
* *
Crazy, crazy!
Wei Xun took a deep breath and tried to calm down, but actually he clenched his teeth. His voice was almost forced out of his teeth:
“You mean, a bamboo basket costs me 800 points?”
“After discount, 800.”
Wu Laoliu didn’t give in and hissed. He stared at Wei Xun in front of him, as if he was afraid that he would rob the bamboo basket as a robber.
“Just such a garbage basket, 800?”
Wei Xun smiled, carrying the rotten, moldy and dark dirty basket in front of him, and replied, “one, 800?”
[Name: moldy baby bamboo basket]
[quality: ragged]
[function:  pretend to be a child, of course, even a kid]
[Note: what? How much is this basket? Give me 800 for nothing. I won’t buy it! Even children who are easy to fool, kids, will never like this kind of back Basket!]
After Wu Laoliu nodded vigilantly, Wei Xun calmly put down the bamboo basket, moved his wrist, and said in a kind and deliberative way:
“I think you should give me this basket for nothing and beg me to take it.”
“What do you think?”
Wei Xun thinks that he has more than 1800 points now, so he is finally called a big family.
But who would have thought that in Wu Laoliu, this score was only enough to buy two bamboo baskets!
One hundred points for one day’s life. If you convert it, a bamboo basket is enough for Wei Xun’s eight days’ life.
The sharp black claws pierced the counter in front of Wu Laoliu. The black rotten wood was more brittle than paper. There are dense white maggots like bran in the broken rotten wood, countless maggots are crushed, and the rotten wood is covered with thick slurry between yellow and white.
This disgusting sight makes people want to vomit, but Wei Xun, who has always been obsessed with cleanliness, is indifferent this time. The cold eyes descended from behind the bronze mask to the black old six body. The old man’s eyebrows trembled and his face was ugly.
When Wei Xun was about to take another step forward, he spoke a string of local dialect with a calm face and a very fast speed. At the end, he reluctantly changed his Mandarin: “a bamboo basket is a price, and  noodles…  noodles are purchased and ordered.”
Wei Xun slowly raised his eyebrows: “ noodles?”
Wu Laoliu stared at him warily, and his pupils narrowed suddenly. “Even if you kill me, it’s the same price. You have to do it -”
“Why are you so useless?”
Wu Laoliu was confused. Before he could react, he was sprayed by Wei Xun:
“ fixed price?  you won’t bargain if the price is set in person? ”
Eight hundred points is a ragged basket. Wei Xun can’t afford the whole brigade.
If he buys two first, increases the price and sells them to passengers for blood return, and then goes back to Wu Laoliu to continue buying. It is feasible to go back and forth.
But the hotel doesn’t allow it! At the point of purchase, Wei Xun has only one chance to purchase the products, and he can buy as many as he can. When he left the shop, he was not allowed to come in for shopping for the second time.
Like some sort of screening.
Only a tour guide with enough points and strong enough can buy enough products in the shopping shop to protect passengers. As far as the avant-garde thought, in this journey, letting people live is a hundred times more difficult than letting people die.
To tell you the truth, Wei Xun can’t see the 300 points gained by passengers’ accidental death.
Such a difficult goal… Will there be a hundredfold reward after completing the project?
Wu Laoliu’s eyes looked at Wei Xun in an instant. They were gloomy and seemed to be poisoned.
“Stare at me? Does staring at me work? ”
Wei Xun’s eyes turned and he had an idea. He sneered: “why, you tell me, how many points do you earn by selling a bamboo basket?”
Wu Laoliu was silent.
“Can’t make money at all, and even paste it back inside? Ah? You lost a lot by selling my bamboo basket at a 20% discount. Did you want to sell me several times the purchase price to make a difference? ”
Wei Xun took a shot of blood. Wu Laoliu took two mouthfuls of hookah, but he showed a bluff and said, “anyway, if you want to go there, you have to buy a bamboo basket.”
This sentence clearly implies that the bamboo basket is the key to overcome the next difficulties. He needs props, but Wei Xun is still unmoved. He turns around with his hands on his back, slowly walks to a bamboo basket leaning against the side of the house, picks it up with his fingernails:
“Is this the bamboo basket found by the stream? I think it’s better than the cock you sell. ”
[Name: moldy green bamboo basket]
[quality: ragged]
[function:  children]
[Note: Oh, this broken thing that is about to fall apart. The smell will suffocate children!]
The only difference between the two kinds of back baskets is the material. One is the “baby bamboo” back basket and the other is the “green bamboo” back basket. One is a kid, the other is a kid.
Wei Xun picked his eyebrows. Originally, he thought Wu Laoliu, who would bargain, was very interesting, and Wu Laoliu’s performance confirmed his conjecture.
It’s not like the kind of NPC who issues tasks and is controlled by the hotel – his words and deeds are more like a real person with his own ideas.
“A broken bamboo basket is so expensive. Is there a talisman hidden in the basket? The bamboo piece is engraved with a spell? Or is the material expensive? Who will be slaughtered as a fat pig? ”
Wei Xun pretended to be dismissive and threw away his bamboo basket: “I can make this kind of garbage. It’s not a million profits to sell it to passengers at that time.”
Wu Laoliu sneered. His withered cheeks smoked like an old monkey with only bones left: “you still need me to sell things to passengers?”
Wu Laoliu knows that the tour guide does not follow the rules of passenger transactions at will.
Wei Xun pretended to be angry and snorted, and his face became cold: “the bamboo basket is too expensive to buy. Anyway, the passenger died, and I didn’t kill him. ”
After saying that, he turned and left. The corner of his eye swept Wu Laoliu’s face, but he found that his eyes were even more fierce, resentful and somewhat impatient.
If Qian Wu Lao Liu looked at him with the kind of eyes that he wanted to beat him up, now his eyes seem to have a blade and want to cut Wei Xun meat and bones one by one.
Wu Laoliu was angry, not because of the quarrel, but because of what he just said.
Bamboo baskets are too expensive? Passengers die? Or
Why don’t you buy a bamboo basket yourself?
When Wei Xun came to the door, he pulled his collar with one hand and gasped carelessly. His hand with sharp nails could not rub his body as usual. He inadvertently left several red marks on the clavicle, such as red plum in the snow, which was dazzling and confusing.
When the Yellow value exceeds 10 and the live broadcasting room is shielded again, Wei Xun closes his clothes and turns back.
Seeing his action, Wei Xun was more sure, and his face was still cold:
“Wu Laoliu, I want you to do business.”
Bamboo baskets are really expensive… But this kind of bamboo basket should be made up by you.
“I only do the business of noodles, not my own business.”
Wu Laoliu was unmoved and smoked. If it weren’t for the maggots jumping like beans in his eyes, Wei Xun would really be indifferent to the old dog. With a low smile, he said lazily:
“It’s up to you. If you don’t do it, others will do it with me. It’s you… There’s no shop after this village. ”
Sure enough.
Wei Xun saw a deep hidden eagerness in Wu Laoliu’s eyes. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to speak, but closed his mouth tightly, as if he had a civil stone statue that respected his words. Once his eyes were closed, he seemed to ignore Wei Xun.
“I don’t care whether the passengers die or not.”
Wei Xun strolled slowly in his small store. He seemed to concentrate on measuring the things at the counter and whispered to himself: “I took them all to live through the first scenic spot. Even if the whole army is destroyed now, they can’t blame me.”
Wu Laoliu suddenly opened his eyes, as if surprised or stunned, as if he didn’t dare to take all the passengers alive. He looked at something strange like Liang Weixun, sneered, closed his eyes after he looked over, and didn’t hear anything.
“I also saved their lives. Of course, I have to make a lot of money – but I don’t like it when someone makes more than me.”
Wei Xun’s lips flashed a fierce arc, like true or false: “points are life. Whoever dares to kill me, I dare to play with him.”
Wu Laoliu opened his eyes again.
Wei Xun is just like a scientist observing small movements. At the same time, he is also interested in observing Wu Laoliu and analyzing his emotions.
It’s identification.
Wu Laoliu agreed with him.
Integral is life? He also needs points?
Wu Laoliu buys goods from the noodles… Wu Laoliu buys goods from the hotel, and then sells them to him at an increased price to earn money from the tour guide. The tour guide will increase the price and sell it to passengers to earn passengers’ money.
Is this the chain of exploitation?
What is black six?
Wei Xun thought of asking the hotel before he came. At that time, the hotel’s reply was very ambiguous——
[non staff personnel]
Wu Laoliu is a non staff member of the hotel. The tour guide is a regular worker of the hotel. Tourists are the “precious wealth” of the hotel. The treatment of them by the hotel is also different.
Wu Laoliu can’t tell how much money he can deduct from the finger of the hotel. He has more restrictions than the tour guide. He is at the bottom of the chain of exploitation.
He didn’t want to die, or he wouldn’t shrink back when he bargained.
He longed for points and / or the hotel gave him the low sales index, otherwise he wouldn’t show such a resentful look when Wei Xun pretended to turn around and leave.
What on earth is Wu Laoliu? Is it human? Is it strange? What exactly are the so-called “aborigines”?
Wei Xun has a strong interest in him, and the crazy factors in his blood can’t be restrained. Maybe it’s the strange things that make his nature more exposed. Wei Xun wants to make more excessive death temptation.
Wu Laoliu still didn’t speak. He looked calm and took two puffs of hookah. Suddenly he glanced at his head as if his eyes were cramped.
Sure enough.
“It’s cloudy today.”
Wei Xun said slowly, “even if there is a jade emperor in the clouds, I don’t think we can see the world.”
The live broadcast of the hotel was blocked. Wu Laoliu should want to be accurate.
How interesting it is. I not only know the hotel, but also know that the hotel “supervises” their communication at all times.
Wei Xun licked the itchy canine teeth, pressed the tip of his teeth on his lower lip, and pressed the pale lip out of the blood color, like the vampire Duke hidden in the night, carelessly exuding an unknown charm.
Even Wu Laoliu stopped for a moment. Suddenly, he seemed to have made up his mind. Finally, he whispered, “you must buy at least one bamboo basket, or the whole army will be destroyed.”
“This kind of broken bamboo basket is made up by a person.”
Ignoring Wu Laoliu’s sneering and mocking eyes, Wei Xun said slowly: “I think the material of this bamboo basket is special, but this kind of bamboo should be full of cocks outside, right?”
Baby bamboo basket and baby bamboo Miao village are definitely related.
Wu Laoliu didn’t refute, but the maggots under the black wrinkled skin wriggled badly and rustled like a meeting. Wei Xun is reminding him that the bamboo baskets sold by the hotel are only made of special materials. He is also warning him that he should not think about fooling him when he sees the properties of the bamboo baskets.
If Wu Laoliu makes a bamboo basket like a bamboo basket——
Wei Xun said slowly, “as for that kind of wastebasket, I’m too lazy to spend money on it. I’d better buy it from the aborigines at a low price.”
When he said this, Wu Laoliu was as stiff as a stone statue, with muddy eyes staring at Wei Xun. When he looked carefully, he found that his rigid body was trembling slightly, all kinds of cracks collapsed in his skin, and there were some maggots crawling wildly among them.
I see. Aboriginal tour guides don’t trade privately.
“Of course, the hospitable aborigines certainly won’t ask me for money.”
As soon as Wei Xun’s voice turned, Wu Laoliu’s cracked skin closed. Seeing this scene, Wei Xun had a number in his heart.
“You want me to buy this wastebasket, but it’s OK.”
Wei Xun said lazily, “unless you buy a bamboo basket, give me ten more.”
For a moment, Wu Laoliu’s body tightened again, as if he was afraid of something, and as if he was tense and wary of something.
For a long time, the things he feared, the things he was wary of, did not come.
Not for sale, but for free.
Even though Wu Laoliu’s face was stiff and had no expression, he danced desperately in his eyes. He was like a maggot dancing a break dance, which exposed his excitement.
“But the present bamboo basket is not so shabby.”
Wei Xun said, “if you come to Xiangxi for a visit, you must always bring some high-quality and specialty products back.”
Wei Xun remembers the remark description of the baby bamboo basket [what? How much is this basket? Give me 800 for nothing. I won’t buy it! Even children who are easy to fool, kids, will never like this kind of back Basket!]
Kids don’t like it. This kind of bamboo basket made of ragged material should not be good.
Also, hotels should not make it too convenient for passengers to buy something to reduce the difficulty.
Maybe the best solution this time is not to buy a bamboo basket from Wu Laoliu, but to buy one back. Passengers cut bamboo according to the shape of the bamboo basket and weave it by themselves.
From the processing of corpses, Wei Xun can see that the hotel seems to like doing this kind of “old craft” work.
Wu Laoliu smoked on his face and smoked hookah in silence. I don’t know how long later, he suddenly said hoarsely:
“It’s too much to give ten. I’ve never done such a loss making business.”
“You buy two bamboo baskets and I’ll give you four. But I want to sell one of those two bamboo baskets for eighteen. ”
In this regard, Wei Xun turned and left without hesitation. When he walked to the door in three or two steps, he heard Wu Laoliu’s hoarse and slightly eager voice: “what are you going to do! Bargain, bargain, and pay back. How can you just leave! ”
“Buy two bamboo baskets and I’ll give you six. It’s good!”
“Buy a bamboo basket and give me nine. That bamboo basket, I pay a thousand points ”
Wei Xun turned back and leaned lazily against the door frame. Wu Laoliu stood up, crawling and undulating like maggots. He was vigilant and gathered around the door: “I warn you, don’t play dirty again, or you won’t talk directly!”
“You, you –”
Wu Laoliu danced with maggots in his angry eyes. He was so angry that he folded the hookah cock, wheezed and gasped, and his pupils shrank. He was a little bit as big as the tip of the needle. He was vicious and looked terrible. The invisible momentum is filled with cold, depressing and creepy.
“Why, buy it or not? I’m leaving if I don’t do this business. ”
Wei Xun was unmoved, but felt that Wu Laoliu had the sign of “cracking” again. He was alert and retreated, almost half of his body was outside. Wu Laoliu angrily patted the counter. The counter that had been poked a big hole by Wei Xun completely collapsed and flowed out white insect bodies like white rice.
“A bamboo basket, give you seven, the same price!”
Wu Laoliu finally said fiercely, “I’ll sell you fifteen thousand for that bamboo basket, otherwise I won’t talk.”
“Give me eight bamboo baskets.”
Wei Xun was clever and hypocritical and said, “as soon as I got married, big brother Wu felt that I fell in love with him. Adding another one would be regarded as a face gift for the younger generation.”
He’s younger than Wu Laoliu. He’s not embarrassed to be a junior.
“Eight passengers in all! What’s the use of nine bamboo baskets! ”
Wu Laoliu was furious: “people who are too greedy will go to the 18th prison after death!”
“The prison is not fun. I want to see it.”
Wei Xun smiled and said, “there are only eight people there. I’m also human. Don’t I look at the bamboo basket?”
“You, you –”
“Well, it hurts to be angry, it hurts to be angry.”
Wei Xun made a difficult decision. He hesitated and cut his flesh with pain: “this is it. I am also it. Brother Wu, you hit it off. Add 55, 1555 to buy you a broken bamboo basket. You give me eight. How can you be a brother?”
“Get out, get out!”
Wu Laoliu was furious. His angry fingers trembled and pointed to the door.
“Get out!”
Wei Xun followed suit: “OK, OK, I’ll get out.”
Just as he went out and was about to close the door, a broken bamboo basket was thrown out and hit him.
“Take your bamboo basket and go!”
“Don’t forget to come to dinner at noon!”
Before the dirty bamboo basket hit his body, Wei Xun hooked it with the tip of his claws and saw that Wu Laoliu threw out a “moldy baby bamboo basket”, which aroused a funny smile on the corner of Wei Xun’s lips.
It depends on noon whether he can do good business or not.
With a basket on his back, Wei Xun went back to the house to take a bath and sleep without psychological pressure. He didn’t wake up until noon.
When Wei Xun wandered to Wu Laoliu’s stilted building for dinner, he saw a pile of things covered with dry thatch under the corner of the table. He smiled tacitly.
On the contrary, Wu Laoliu seemed guilty of being a thief. After Wei Xun entered the door, he immediately closed the door and looked at the sky with fear of hands and feet. As soon as Wei Xun squatted in the thatch, he was about to lift the thatch to see what was inside. Wu Laoliu’s eyebrow cocked, knocked with bamboo chopsticks on the back of Wei Xun’s hand and roared:
“What are you doing!”
Wei Xun smiled lazily. When his fingers touched the pile of things just now, the information jumped out to let him know that there was a play.
[Name: exquisite baby bamboo basket]
[quality: ordinary]
[function:  pretend to be a child, of course, even a kid]
[Note: Xiangxi is a strong and durable basket woven by native people. Children like it very much]
I didn’t expect Wu Laoliu to move so fast. He really prepared the basket one afternoon.
“What test? Don’t move around here!”
The black old six bluff, the maggots in his eyes tremble nervously.
“Take the bamboo basket and get out!”
After checking that the bamboo basket made up by Wu Laoliu was indeed a prop, Wei Xun picked his eyebrow, glanced thoughtfully at Wu Laoliu’s hand, and noticed that a string of Buddha beads were twisted in his hand.
The red light of the Buddha bead quilt plate shines. It looks good, but it doesn’t look like something that should be in Western Hunan.
Wu Laoliu’s sense of violation is even stronger.
Did he compile so many bamboo baskets in one afternoon, or did he have this idea long ago?
So smart – so smart. aborigines? Were you born as an Aboriginal or——
“Let’s go, let’s go.”
Wei Xun lazily dragged his voice, picked up the bamboo basket worn with hemp rope under the thatch pile, threw it on his shoulder, turned to Wu Laoliu and blinked when he went out: “brother Wu, do you still believe in Buddhism?”
“It’s none of your business.”
Wu Laoliu replied hard, and Wei Xun didn’t care.
“But let me say –”
Wei Xun lowered his voice and stared at Wu Laoliu without blinking for a moment: “if I say, Buddha ferry is also a ferry, I won’t blame you.”
The strange rustling and buzzing occupy the whole space, such as the rustling and wriggling of millions of maggots. At this moment, mottled white spots float on the walls, roofs, and even panels, as if the whole stilted building was piled up by maggots. The thin, mildew like black spots are actually countless pairs of eyes.
Wei Xun’s words just now touched the deep taboo.
Wu Laoliu sat in his chair, his eyes as indifferent and numb as glass, and his whole person was like a stone wax statue, but the sense of terror and pressure from him was getting stronger and stronger.
He stared at Wei Xun. The whole “stilted building” was staring at Wei Xun. Under the insidious malice like an abyss, any disguised calm cocks would be stripped away and reveal their real emotions.
“It’s too cold here. It’s cold and dirty.”
Wei Xun just shivered and complained, “I said, old man, although you can’t be young, at least you have to be a clean old man and be nice to yourself.”
“If I were old with you, I wouldn’t live in such a small place.”
The countless eyes coagulated, and then fell on Wei Xun holding his arm. Although it was trimmed neatly, it still didn’t look like human’s long black nails.
He has never been the only one here.
The strong and deep malice gradually converged and hid. Wu Laoliu trembled all over and blinked slowly as if he had recovered. Seeing Wei Xun still standing by the door, he even walked back for two steps. He tilted his head and observed his expression with interest. Wu Laoliu slapped the table fiercely and threw out his chopsticks:
“Get out, get out!”
Wei Xun retreated to the door: “really, you obviously gave me something. Why is your attitude so bad?”
“Brother Wu, I find you very congenial -”
“Get out!”
The door patted Wei Xun hard in front of him. It was only one centimeter away from the tip of Wei Xun’s nose. If he hadn’t leaned back in time, he would have photographed his face. Wei Xun was not angry, but rather quite happy. Humming a minor, he went down the stilted building and went to his residence.
In the stilted building, Wu Laoliu sat in a chair. His eyes were as muddy as broken glass and like an earth rock sculpture. A bunch of maggots came out of his seven orifices and fell on the table. Gradually, Wu Laoliu’s body gradually shriveled down, and a human skin collapsed and fell down behind him.
The white maggots occupy the whole table. They wriggle and touch each other. They circle around the golden light point in the center of the table, which is as light as a firefly and eager as human beings can’t understand language communication.
That was the 1550 points Wei Xun gave him for trading, but now, this point does not belong to him.
[strange No. 38, finished the basic transaction and sold the moldy baby bamboo basket X1]
When the elegant and low voice suddenly sounded in the stilted building, all maggots stopped crawling at this moment and stretched ‘crawling’ on the table like a group of rice, as if they were afraid to surrender.
[the moldy baby bamboo basket costs 500 points and 1555 points. No. 38 deserves 1055 points. Will all points be used for atonement?]
Wu Laoliu lied after all. The purchase price of bamboo basket is 500, not 1000. The maggots nodded together, and the jumping golden light spots were less than half out of thin air. The remaining golden light spots were integrated into the maggots. The original gray bodies of the maggots were plated with a layer of light golden light. They couldn’t help wriggling and seemed to be satisfied.
But when the sound sounded again, all the insects froze.
[on the 38th, he committed the crime of ‘deception’ by privately raising the purchase price to 1000, and this is the 33rd crime]
There seems to be a thunderclap in the sky. The snow and lightning cut through the sky. The white light is bright and dark. At the moment, all maggots are struggling desperately. The lightning falls one after another. The whole stilted building is crumbling and almost collapses. The struggling maggots are sometimes integrated and sometimes separated, and the confusion is almost strange.
Why did the principal punish him this time?!
Maggots go crazy in pain. They don’t understand that raising prices privately will not attract the attention of the principal as long as it doesn’t exceed twice the purchase price. This is the conclusion that it has tried countless times. It did so before, but it suffered retribution this time!
When half of the maggots on the table were ashes, the thunder and lightning finally stopped, and the smell of burnt protein filled the stilted building. The remaining maggots collapsed on the table, convulsed and convulsed, and did not recover from the pain.
[you have committed more than ten crimes in total. On the 38th, you should have been punished by depriving you of the amount and expelled to 30 degrees north latitude]
Hearing this, the maggots trembled and were even more frightened than they had been tortured before. They wriggled desperately, as if begging for mercy and kowtowing.
Suddenly, the maggots seemed to make up their mind. The white and fat maggots suddenly became shriveled and weak, stripped out a faint golden light, spit out the points, hurt their vitality, and don’t want to be punished like this!
But as soon as the golden light floated, it was suppressed into the maggots by the invisible amount. The maggots were frightened at first, and then seemed to be aware of something. They tried to suppress their fear and crawl quietly on the table.
Maggots are right. Because the mysterious and elegant male voice sounded again, indifferent and profound.
[tourists are the precious wealth of the hotel,  the tour guide who brings the tourists back completely is the precious wealth of the host of the hotel]
[I hope this guide will come back to me as soon as possible and unharmed]
The pressure that only maggots could perceive gradually disappeared.
[maybe it’s not far away when you get your name back]
After this sentence, the terrible amount of maggots completely disappeared, leaving only maggots spread out on the table.
After a long time, the maggots relaxed, and their small black eyes showed a thoughtful look.
Why didn’t you get the final punishment? Even the integral cock was not taken away, but half of your body was killed. All the answers are in the words after the male voice.
Maggots think of the too handsome white haired tour guide, which makes all tourists live through the powerful reality of the first scenic spot. It is hidden under the pale skin. Even if it is covered by the bronze mask, the abstinence and cold temperament makes people torture his desire and hope, and makes people want to hide him as a forbidden person.
Even by the principal.
Lucky, unlucky?
The precious wealth of the hotel owner?
The maggots shivered fiercely, which was not what he thought. The sound of rustling sounded, and the maggots slowly got into their skin bags. Wu Laoliu stood up tremblingly and sat in front of the table. His whole body was shrunk, thin like a piece of paper, and his eyes turned for a long time.
Name, name, his name.
Since he became a monster, he has forgotten his real name. He only knows that he can get his name back only by playing the “Aboriginal” to atone for his sins.
Back to human.
But the road is so long that there is no hope.
The hostel owner who has everything to say will never be wrong.
Picking up chopsticks from  Wu Laoliu’s face was stiff and numb. He took the rotten and moldy food on the table and ate it in his mouth.
He knows what to do.
* *
Wei Xun went back to his room and put the string of bamboo baskets by the door. He went to the bathroom to take a bath again.
Take a bath three times a day. There’s no one but him. Soaking in the bathtub, Wei Xun casually lifted up a string of water spray with his fingers and summarized the information obtained this afternoon.
He should have made a great contribution to the business of Wu Laoliu.
Wu Laoliu, a “non staff member” of the hotel, bought a bamboo back basket for 1000 points from the hotel, sold it to Wei Xun for 1550, and gave him eight bamboo back baskets he made.
From beginning to end, the goods he bought and sold were just a “broken” baby bamboo basket. Other exquisite baby bamboo baskets were made up by Wu Laoliu himself and “sent” to Wei Xun.
Although Wei Xun still doubted whether Wu Laoliu’s “purchase price” was true, in any case, Wei Xun finally got nine bamboo baskets for only 1550. Not only did he get all the brigade, but he also wanted to play with one.
It’s more than 170. It’s a white wolf with empty hands. In any case, Wei Xun’s cock won’t lose.
He looked at the bamboo basket and put it down. Wei Xun was thoughtful.
Wu Laoliu needs points very much. This is one of them.
What does he need points to do? The mission of the hotel, or something else?
Wei Xun didn’t know whether there was any tour guide trying to do this with the aborigines before himself. Even if there is, it should not be much. This should be a loophole in the hotel. Wei Xun did this because he blocked the live broadcast, pursued excitement and liked to die.
The premise of all this is that Wei Xun is not afraid of the pressure of Wu Laoliu. Wu Laoliu is afraid of the Maria butterfly tattoo on his hand, which makes Wei Xun cut a 20% discount.
Wu Laoliu, who desperately needs points, is also “in cahoots” with Wei Xun.
The second reason is that hotels limit the ways in which “aborigines” can get points.
If the aborigines only stay here and earn the difference by acting as middlemen, not to mention how much time it will take and how much principal it will cost to socialize with the tourists, even the tour guide can’t buy too much goods if the price of these goods is so high.
There are a few abnormal people like Wei Xun who ignore any negative emotions. For most tour guides, points are life. The more points in their hands, the better. Tourists die unexpectedly, and they earn points instead. In that case, why buy goods at the purchase point.
As for the third, it is one of the concerns of Wei Xun.
In the steaming bathroom, Wei Xun lifted up water and poured it on himself, feeling comfortable and relieved.
What is Wu Laoliu?
In the conversation just now, Wei Xun had a bold idea in his heart because of the temptation behind him.
If the countdown to the death of the tour guide returns to zero, it will become “strange”.
Where are those freaks?
“I’m not sure it’s a colleague.”
In the sound of clattering water, Wei Xun walked out of the bathtub naked and allowed the Yellow value to grow wildly, and the live broadcast was blocked again.
“Next, let’s look at those bamboo baskets. They don’t work.”
If you don’t use it, you can’t help it. If you really press 800 points for a bamboo basket, Wei Xun will only buy two. It’s better to fight now. If you win all passengers, you can use a bamboo basket. If you lose, you can at least have a bamboo basket.
* *
No matter how strong the passengers are, they are not iron. They drive the corpses across the plank road and fight with the rotten corpses. Their spirit is tense all night. Even if they are afraid of Bingjiu, they will go back to the stilted building to rest all day.
After lunch, the energetic tourists spontaneously divided into two teams to explore the surrounding areas of Yingzhu Miao village. They know that the hotel will not give too much rest time, and the project of the second scenic spot will appear tonight.
Get more clues before that, which will be more helpful for completing the next project.
Perhaps no one said it directly, but the atmosphere of the whole brigade is indeed changing subtly.
Miao Fangfei, the captain of the team, has a deep understanding of this. After driving the corpse, they really look like a team, a group, rather than a random combination, falling apart at any time.
If she was attacked by a flying fox when she met Wuluo mountain at this time, most people would not escape, but stay and fight side by side.
This feeling is really good. People always live in groups. When they survive in a desperate situation, a little warmth of the group and a little encouragement of their teammates make passengers unable to extricate themselves like a warm and burning lamp to lure moths.
All this is due to tour guide Bingjiu.
Miao Fangfei sincerely appreciates Bingjiu. No matter how crazy and terrible his previous rumors are, Miao Fangfei firmly believes in her eyes.
Bingjiu is a very, very good guide.
 guided by the tour guide, she was lucky in her life and the luck of all passengers.
It’s time to thank him.
As a team leader, Miao Fangfei did not participate in the afternoon search, but went to Bingjiu’s residence. Wang pengpai gave her the points, and Miao Fangfei shouldered the trust of the team members to buy the key products this time.
After completing the project of the first scenic spot, the tourists are not poor, but Miao Fangfei knows why Yu Guoan gave her so many points.
I want to give more points to C 9.
They are infinitely grateful to Bingjiu, but they are still afraid to approach. At the same time, they are still worried about how to thank the guide. Tour guides always like points, which seems to be a common feature of all tour guides.
They don’t have much to do, they just use these meager points to express their gratitude. With a huge sum of money in hand, Miao Fangfei came all the way, thinking about buying props.
The price of props sold in the dangerous journey shopping shop is about 1000, and the tour guide usually sells 3000 after the price increases. This is also the case when the tour guide says that the aborigines are equal and do not raise prices too much by the aborigines.
Drunk beauty Xiangxi is a super dangerous journey. It is unclear whether the things sold in the store will be more expensive. According to the previous judgment, the price of the props will be very high if the third guide is not pressed down, and the price of the props will be very high.
Although guide C is not a tour guide for raising pigs, he must not do business at a loss.
Miao Fangfei’s reserve price for the props is 5000 yuan, which is recognized by everyone and affordable. No problem rising again.
Shi Tao has few points, only about 4000. Miao Fangfei thinks that she has more points in her hand. If the price of props is lower than 6000, she can borrow Shi Tao’s points.
With props, the next project is always better.
“Come on.”
When Wei Xun heard the knock on the door, he invited Miao Fangfei, who was divided into two groups. They knew what they were going to do. Miao Fangfei stared at her hand and dared not look into Wei Xun’s eyes. It was rare that Wei Xun didn’t make a sound immediately.
Just now he was thinking about what price to set for the basket.
Before that, the important question is whether the bamboo basket made by Wu Laoliu is used as a key prop?
“Look at this.”
Wei Xun simply didn’t want to. He took a bamboo basket and stuffed it into Miao Fangfei’s arms.
Seeing that she was in a hurry and didn’t respond, the next moment her eyes were shining and she held the bamboo basket tightly, Wei Xun had a spectrum in her heart.
There’s a play.
“This bamboo basket sells for 1000.”
Wei Xun spoke slowly, always paying attention to Miao Fangfei’s expression. He got nine bamboo baskets in 1550, and calculated more than 170 points. Wei Xun really dared to increase the price ten times to take out.
However, when buying and selling, you always have to bargain. If he sets the price down directly, where can he bargain at that time?
Wei Xun is very conscientious. His psychological price is 500 points a bamboo basket.
Sure enough, is 1000 points too expensive?
Wei Xun didn’t feel strange looking at Miao Fangfei’s dazed expression.
Wei Xun knew the stingy nature of the hotel. It was so difficult for him to finish the task. He only gave one or two hundred points, and the passengers estimated that they got even less. Even Shi Tao, who had an expert brother, had only 1562 points at that time.
1000 points is a difficult price for passengers.
But it’s all right. He’s not a devil. He can’t be broken!
“Discount -”
“Discount -”
Wei Xun asked Miao Fangfei to speak at the same time. Wei Xun picked his eyebrow and motioned Miao Fangfei to say first.
Miao Fangfei is a sincere person. The price she said should be borne by the passengers. If it’s not too much, Wei Xun doesn’t accept it——
Miao Fangfei was still in a state of unconsciousness. She opened her mouth several times without making a sound. Under the “encouraging” eyes of Bingjiu, she clenched her fist, took a deep breath, shed a cold sweat on her forehead, and carefully:
“You see, how about 50% off?”
“Not 50% off.”
Wei Xun didn’t want to refuse: “50% off -”
His voice stopped suddenly. He looked at Miao Fangfei like a fool and didn’t dare to believe his ears.
“How much discount do you say?”


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