TTG Chapter 230

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 230: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (54)

Is the plan exposed? Are you trying? Or is there something wrong with yuntianhe?

The devil merchant set off a storm in his heart, but the more critical the moment is, the more calm he is. He knows that he must not reveal any flaws.

“Xiao Cui, come on.”

The devil merchant didn’t move his face and said hello to Wei Xun who just came to the east side hall: “come and sit here. Don’t get caught in the rain.”

During the riots on the fourth floor of the underground palace, although the whole underground palace did not completely collapse, the bottom of the underground palace was damaged. Especially in the east side hall where the dead gas crack is located, the top of the hall is directly poked into a big hole by the tentacles of the giant dead spirit, through which you can see the cloudy sky.

It began to rain again at night. The intermittent rain could not even hold down the music when preparing on the stage. there may be winding lightning tearing the sky. Wei Xun raised his eyes and saw that most of the buildings in the east side hall were in the open air, and the top of the building was covered by the guide’s seat.

But with the wind, the rain tilted, and there was no dry place in the East Hall. It was wet and rainy.


Wei Xun held the ferret in his arms. As soon as he came in, a thunderbolt exploded at the top of the hall. The thunderbolt was huge and deafening. The snow light suddenly fell, and the east side hall was white. The originally lit lights were blown out, the white cloth on the stage suddenly faded, and the oil cleaning lamp had to be lit again.

“Hey! Get out of the way, dwarf!”

Yun Lianghan dodged back and hid from Augustus’s fist. The red werewolf was very irritable tonight, and he was angry all over. He waved his fist at Yun Lianghan, almost beating him in the face.

“Just light the light, don’t move your manual feet!”

Fortunately, a wooden sword came obliquely, across Yun Lianghan and Augustus, and hit Augustus’ muscles like a wooden ruler.


The wooden sword broke with a crisp sound, and Augustus’s left arm was as painful as a fracture, leaving a deep red and purple silt mark. Fine blood beads seeped out, and a blood smell filled the air.

Augustus glanced at the half life Taoist who played wooden sword, and his fierce eyes were like a bloody wolf. After that, Yun Lianghan, who was no longer valued, took the opportunity to leave. He was silent and low-key. He reached the extreme. His low eyes redrawed a trace of fierce light, but pressed it down.

 lit the oil cleaning lamp, and when the light was on  Yun Lianghan looked at the place where the tour guides sat from a distance. The devil merchant sat with C 250 again. In the dark East Hall, the dark blue cloak and light blue cloak were not clear, but Yun Lianghan could still see that the one sitting on the left was C 250.

Why didn’t Yu Hehui sit with you?

There is a worry in Yun Lianghan’s heart – he has always been a lone wolf, worried about tour guides and teammates. Yun Lianghan has not experienced this emotion for a long time. It’s like a tight heart soaked in vinegar water, heavy and sour mixed with a few strains of tension and anxiety.

Tonight is a good time for the people in the west to fight against C 250.

Yun Lianghan knows that even if he has been outside the core of the camp and doesn’t know the discussion between Zhou Xiyang and Meckel, he can judge.

Time, place and people are in harmony. If you change your positions, you will also appear here.

Even if you can’t kill C250, you have to take advantage of the opportunity that the devil businessman passed the team leader’s assessment and his strength soared to kill several people in the East.

Yun Lianghan looked at the white sky and took back his eyes gloomily.

Tonight is a hard battle, but also a dead battle. Bai Xiaotian is guarded by half a life Taoist priest. Except Bai Xiaotian, Yun Lianghan is the best one to start with. Just now Augustus was just trying. Fortunately, the half life Taoist showed his intention to protect and fought back hard. But the situation is still not optimistic.


Yun Lianghan glanced at olaine.

And I don’t want to avoid it and I want to go to war. Show your strength and loyalty. Tonight is a good battlefield!

 I’ve chosen an opponent with equal strength, super class two-star olaine!

Although Mia’s strength is weaker, she is under the care of Augustus and the core figure of the exciting event alienation in the monster camp. In contrast, olaine is isolated in the Taoist camp.

Yun Lianghan is confident to kill him alone!

“The camp has been determined. What’s the point of hiding?”

Meckel mews and stands beside yuntianhe. Although the passengers of the same camp are still standing together, there are bright and dark tides in the East and west areas on the stage. But Meckel is actually on guard against yuntianhe.

“People from the monster camp are coming.”

Zhou Xiyang took his shadow puppet and ignored the devil merchant. Attacking people must attack their hearts first. Those small hands located in the east side hall will not cause fatal danger to the devil merchant, but they will make you feel that everything is not going well and suspicious – once you are upset, there will be flaws.

On weekdays, Zhou Xiyang disdains to use this means for such a small tour guide, but tonight——

Zhou Xiyang’s stern warning eyes fell on Augustus, but the rest of his eyes swept Mia and olaine.

There’s a silver moon killer on the west side!

Zhou Xiyang, who learned the news from the half life Taoist population, was nervous. All three wolves in the West are suspected, but Zhou Xiyang suspects Mia and olaine’s sister and brother!

Moreover, the strong people who hide their strength are like cockroaches. Every one has a nest. If olaine or MIA is a silver moon killer, as a sibling, can another person be nothing special?

There are some examples of the strong and the weak in siblings, such as Yu Hehui and Yu Hean, Shi Xiao and Shi Tao. But Zhou Xiyang has always made bad plans.

If there are two strong people hiding their strength in the west, it will no longer make any sense that the number of people in the East is superior to that in the West!

Unless we also have two strong people hiding strength. And

When he came in, Zhou Xiyang was full of worry about the thunder and lightning in the cloudy sky. Different from his passengers, Zhou Xiyang still has the thoughts of Tong hegefu in his heart.

C 250 must have brought Taisui and shanweng, which is why it attracted lightning. Now the damaged east side hall is no longer as closed as it used to be, and can no longer hide all its breath like the underground palace. At the beginning of the performance, if something really happens

I’m afraid heaven will punish me.

“Xiao Tian.”

Zhou Xiyang said with deep meaning, “pay more attention later.”

Pay more attention to yourself, or pay more attention to protecting C 250. Zhou Xiyang puns.

“Yes, Xiao Tian, please pay attention.”

Half life Taoist pinched Bai Xiaotian’s shoulder, which was rare to frown. Bai Xiaotian’s strength is weak and is likely to become the target of public criticism. However, after a while, if you really make a move, you have a chance to win against the silver moon killer with Zhou Xiyang and Mei Ke’er. After that, you have no time to take Bai Xiaotian into account.

“When it’s dangerous, I’ll call heaven’s punishment. Remember.”

Half life Taoist priest gave Bai Xiaotian all the thunder guiding symbols, lowered the sound and made a bad move.

When heaven’s punishment comes, the enemy will either subconsciously avoid it, or his attention will fall on C250. Bai Xiaotian can take the opportunity to get out.

“How wonderful.”

She sat on the edge of the row. The rain soaked her clothes and veil, but it made the person look more beautiful and pitiful – unfortunately, she was the only one sitting in the first row of the row.

It’s a pity that C 250 doesn’t sit here.

Zhi Kui was slender, her legs overlapped, her hands on her knees, clapped gently as the white cloth screen lit up again, a gentle and virtuous appearance.

Yinshan’s ancestor died, but Zhikui’s interest in C250 became stronger.

She would not be mistaken. The move eventually used by C 250 was similar to the unique move of playing life in the abyss, but it seemed different. The abyss of bing250 disappeared too quickly, and the ancestor of Yinshan was not calm and could not observe clearly.

Want to see it again.

Half of Zhi Kui’s face is hidden under the veil, and her eyes are as beautiful as those painted by a pen, but they are godless.

To kill her is worthy of being a blood relative of life playing people, but I’m afraid C250 has exhausted all means to kill her, and even the appearance of the abyss has been taken out.

When a person has all his cards, he will no longer be feared. Is there any other move hidden in C 250?

Tonight, I’m afraid those people in the West will attack C250, and the tourists in the East will probably attack the devil businessmen. Her rebellious sheep seemed to have caught up with the devil merchant. Zhikui had already appeared, but she didn’t stop it.

She is now bent on C 250, and is going to explore the bottom through tonight’s farce.

Let’s mess up. We should mess up more and more!


“Tick -”

The sound of viscous liquid falling suddenly sounded, which was not loud. It was particularly eye-catching in rain and music, as if it came from another empty space. At this moment, everyone seemed to see the sticky and dirty huge blood drops falling slowly from a high place. The plasma is mixed with viscera, eyeballs, yellow and red fat and broken meat.


A large pool of blood drops fell to the ground, and a strong suffocating and disgusting smell of blood came to his face. The whole world was stained with scarlet blood. Fat particles bounced and rolled on the ground like marbles, an eye rolled over and gurgled at Wei Xun’s feet.

The whites of the eyes were purulent yellow, and the pupils seemed to be rotten and deeply concave holes. It stared at Wei Xun, and the blood wrapped around his eyes trembled like a nematode, as if to break free——


Pus splashed everywhere, and his eyes suddenly burst when he was inserted by a sharp knife! The intermittent rain rang in Wei Xun’s ears again, and the world of the rain returned to normal. There was no blood color, no internal organs, and the east hall was clean, with nothing but rain.

Only a huge blood red figure appeared in the east side hall out of thin air. It was extremely tall and almost passed through the gap in the top of the east side hall.

Peeling first appeared! Everything just now is an illusion caused by the heavy spiritual pollution when it came!

“You’ve soiled my cloak.”

Wei Xun looked around, and the devil merchant held a skinning knife in his hand. I was cheated by the knife. I didn’t have any eyes, but the knife was bleeding. Pus and blood crossed the blade, as if it had been soaked for a long time. The blade tip had the sign of a layer, as if it was bonded by countless skins.


The devil merchant made a meaningless mistake and turned around very slowly and rigidly, which was as dull as a newly unearthed zombie.

“Yes… No…”


A dull, tender and weak “sound” sounded at the same time. Wei Xun looked into the arms of the devil merchant, and the illusion of “sound” appeared again. The deformed child held his other arm, and his eyes, which had been closed, were now half open.

She stared at Wei Xun numbly. What was supposed to be a spiritual illusion harmful to the whole brigade is now protecting the devil merchant.

However, Wei Xun noticed that the child’s thin, translucent legs are merging with the devil merchant.

It’s both protection and danger. Fortunately, the devil merchant shook his head and finally woke up. Clench your teeth, take out two badges and stop your chest.

One is the badge of the Mutual Aid Association, and the other is the Pearl badge of the “envoy of the dead”. All kinds of props and potions were drunk without money, maintaining the precarious San value, but the body of the devil merchant has been completely alienated into a ghost.

 ready for the rest! At the same time, the devil merchant felt that he was looking at this side from a very high place. Even if he could not see it with his own eyes, the devil merchant knew that the owner of this vision should be devouring him.

Without lifting his eyes, the devil merchant turned and looked around. Xiaocui’s eyes fell on her, just as she expected. Xiaocui, who has always been dazzling and wantonly powerful, has always been a figure followed by his eyes.

Now, the team leader is responsible for the assessment task and the scenic spot project after. From the beginning of the journey to now, the devil merchant has become the core of everyone’s attention for the first time!


The thunder exploded and the rain began to rain heavily. From intermittent moderate rain to pouring rain! In the lightning, thunder, wind and rain, the huge scarlet figure sat down and occupied most of the audience, just like the audience.

Take your seat before peeling, and the performance officially begins!

When the music sounds, the light shadow on the white cloth screen shakes. Green pines and emerald mountains, murmuring rivers, are also the shadow puppets of various monsters and animals, but at the top of the white cloth screen, it is like a plaque, showing a line of ink words.

Deqing class

Wei Xun’s home in yangshou town is Deqing class B & B, which was once the name of the legendary Shadow Puppet Troupe. It rose in the countryside, was loved by the emperor at that time, and was the only troupe qualified to die for the emperor!

The great idea of peeling is to perform for the emperor and be appreciated by the emperor. Then in my heart, Deqing class is definitely a top and excellent troupe! Only by performing a shadow play comparable to the past level of Deqing class can we be satisfied with peeling first!

“Cultivate Xiaotang mountain for thousands of years and protect the holy mountain year after year. Today, the earth sinks into the Dragon pulse. Be careful to treat the teacher!”

After the warm-up, the same set word sounded. The monsters left one after another, leaving only white deer and white snake behind the white cloth screen. This time there was no trouble with corn shoots. The White Deer shadow play was controlled by Yun Lianghan, and the White Snake shadow play was controlled by half life Taoist.


However, these two skinners, who had just appeared and sat in the middle of the audience, angrily hammered the ground. It had great power. The whole east side hall seemed to shake, and the plasma splashed, just like what living creatures the earth was hammered by it, and the blood viscera were hit by this circle.

“Roar -!”

The strange and twisted roar of the skinning first rang through the east side hall, almost over the sound of drum music. After the white cloth screen, the performance continues, but the white deer’s action is slightly stagnant. Yun Lianghan’s heart beat wildly. He just felt that his brain was covered like a heavy hammer, full of unknown and thick blood color, and there was a noise and buzzing in his ears.

Only a tour guide can understand what skinning is yelling at!

“Not enough – not enough!!”

It’s angry and roaring. The White Deer shadow puppet doesn’t meet the standard! When making the White Snake shadow puppet of half life Taoist priest, the spirit snake bone powder was mixed in the paint, which can confuse the fake with the real. But the White Deer spirit is still there. The White Deer shadow in Yun Lianghan’s hand is different from it.

If you can’t satisfy it, you can’t pass the examination of the devil merchant. Only the tour guide can understand the sound, which makes the people respond in time!

The devil merchant suddenly got up and looked at Xiaocui. Needless to say, he didn’t discuss it, but Wei Xun understood what he meant, whether to give or not? Wei Xun didn’t bother about this problem at all. He threw a cloth bag to the devil merchant, which was the hair of the White Deer spirit.

White Deer spirit is up and down. Wei Xun basically has everything that can be used without fatal injury to it.

I also want to see how far the devil merchant can go.



The devil merchant suddenly burst out a bright smile, not as cold and silent as before. The smile was almost hot and full of unspeakable joy. Needless to say, when the fingers of the cloth bag moved, a mass of deer hair flew out and fell on the white cloth screen like a magnet, the position of the White Deer shadow.

“Hoo –!”

Take a breath before peeling, and the blood stinks. It seems that it is still not very satisfied. The blood color is diffuse, which brings disgusting spiritual pollution. It probes in the direction of the White Deer spirit – but the blood color only probes an inch and is afraid to take it back. There is Wei Xun around the White Deer spirit!

At this moment, Wei Xun stroked the white deer’s smooth fur with one hand and played with the mutated dead Ming token with the other. With the dragon soul keel, the dead Ming token is more imperial! Let Wei Xun no longer look like a senior official, but like a real emperor.

No, no!

The blood color that was originally filled with skin was quickly recovered, and the shoulders and backs of the skinned skin seemed to be more bent, just like worship. The performance is as like as two peas in dream. It is a performance of the emperor.

The more humble and pious the posture of peeling first, the more harsh the criticism is. Perfect, must be perfect, only the perfect performance can be presented in the face of the emperor!

Not only was the quality of the shadow puppets picky, but the performance of the shadow puppets was difficult, and the passengers were also made difficult by the peeling first. The devil businessman is busy like a fireman. He can’t sit in the audience to watch the performance for a long time. Instead, he runs to the stage and is ready to help at any time.

And the preparations made by you are indeed quite extensive.

The skins, flesh and blood bodies and souls of various monsters were successively put into the performance. The shadow puppets behind the white cloth screen seem to gradually have souls. They run and jump on the white cloth screen and make a difficult action. When the White Snake reached the underground palace, those who vowed to follow it and find the spirit animal shadow puppets of the mountain god were very touching.

Drum music roared sharply, accompanied by thunder and rain. The white cloth screen trembles violently and the shadow of the lamp flickers, indicating the shaking earth and storm. In reality, there are also storms! I don’t know what setting the devil merchant made, and the earth vibrated again.

This performance has simply changed from an ordinary shadow play to a feast for scene reproduction, but even this level of performance can not satisfy the picky Skinner first!

It sometimes roared and sometimes beat the ground, and the pus and blood on its body would be scattered with each action. The scarlet gradually polluted the white screen and blocked the parts it thought were too ugly to be watched by the “emperor”.

If the white cloth screen is covered by scarlet, the performance will definitely fail! Even if it’s half covered, it’s unqualified! This pus and blood is also a terrible mental pollution. Under this intensity of mental pollution, the normal tourist guide itself will be greatly affected by the rules and can no longer perform normally.

But the passengers hold on! Only Mia and Bai Xiaotian were too weak to withstand the impact of mental pollution, so they stepped back, but their shadow puppets were not taken over by Augustus and Zhou Xiyang, which did not delay the next performance!

Augustus panted like an ox, his pupils were like the tip of a needle, and his whole body was werewolf. The red werewolf is like a flaming flame, tenaciously resisting spiritual pollution.

Zhou Xiyang’s eyes were black, and there was no light in his pure black pupil, as if he had lost all the light. Even the light around his body was dim, as if he were absorbing those light.

How difficult it is for one person to control two shadow puppets, but Bai Xiaotian’s retreat was tacitly approved by Zhou Xiyang. Right now, it’s going to be the plot point. Someone must spare his hand and be on alert early.

“Clang buzz -”

The drum music roared and made a rapid sound. Just listen to a bang, and an oil cleaning lamp suddenly went out! The bang became more and more urgent and dense. In an instant, the oil cleaning lamp went out, and the whole white screen fell into darkness, indicating that the shadow play had been performed. The White Snake and the spirit beasts following it entered the underground palace.

Next, when the oil cleaning lamp lights up again, it’s time for the ‘keel’ to appear! At the beginning of the performance, the keel was performed by a complete spirit snake bone. When meike’er searched old lady Bai’s heritage, she found her hidden spirit snake bone. There were some spirit snake bones in meike’er’s hands, half life Taoist hands, Zhou Xiyang and others.

Although not enough, it can support!

However, the drum music was exhausted, but Zhou Xiyang and others did not throw out the spirit snake bone.

Ruin the show!

If the performance fails, all the travel attractions will fail. Although the loss was great, it was worth it.

If you can’t appease the Skinner and kill the Skinner, the devil merchant will fail in the team leader assessment this time.  if you can’t become a tour leader first, you won’t pose a threat to C250!

The people in the west side don’t have any spirit snake bones. This is the only performance point that the devil merchant can’t control! Unable to control and command passengers, this is undoubtedly a failed tour guide.

But the next moment, someone threw a snake bone!


Meckel, who had been staring at the cat, started directly. The roar in his throat was like the roar of a cat, cold and fierce: “traitor!”

The man who threw out the spirit snake bone is yuntianhe, who has always been very low-key?

“Traitor? No, I’m not a traitor.”

Yuntianhe’s chuckles avoided Meckel’s attack. Although he retreated step by step and was almost forced out of the stage, he still looked calm. His low eyelashes showed a compassionate temperament, and a gentle smile arose from the corners of his lips.

“I will present a perfect performance for director Cui. He won’t like to destroy his opponents by this means. They can’t understand what a great mind and confidence it is.”


That’s a nice lick.

Sitting in the first row, Zhikui smiled. She was just a small passenger. She never took it to heart. If it comes to licking, her puppets will lick even more.

But yuntianhe’s fanatical and pious posture still made her feel a little unhappy – just a little unhappy. Put the puppet master beside the puppet master.

How interesting it would be if Bing 250 could become a pig guide instead of a butcher guide.

While Zhikui was imagining, there was a sudden upheaval on the stage! Augustus only laughed wildly. Suddenly he turned into a werewolf and threw a lot of blood food after resisting Zhou Xiyang’s shooting!

Werewolf’s blood is full of werewolf toxin and can infect ordinary people into werewolves! It’s a toxin, but why not some extremely infectious energy that can make people evolve? Werewolves can easily kill hundreds of unarmed ordinary people, and their muscles can resist bullets. This is not some kind of evolution!

Werewolf’s blood, full of powerful energy, is a good blood food sacrifice! A large amount of wolf blood poured into the east side hall, and the original balance of blood gas and dead gas was destroyed. The incomparably rich blood gas condensed from it, like the fallen leaves rolled into a line by the wind, and the swaying blood line gradually took the rudiment of a dragon.

Blood gas is turning into blood dragon soul! Once it is successful, it will represent the “keel” in shadow play, and the Taoist camp will fall into the disadvantage!

“If it’s werewolf blood, sniff, the little wolf won’t play something new.”

Half life Taoist is a cold man. Hum, he was prepared long ago. It’s just to force out the backhand of the monster camp! Now that the disciples are out, the half life Taoist doesn’t keep it anymore. They take out a bag of heaven and earth and pour it out. Suddenly, more than ten dead souls are poured out!

Dead Qi and blood gas intertwine again and gradually restore balance. Augustus was furious and roared at the half life Taoist, but his roar was louder than that of skinning first!

“Roar -!”

“Stopped – too long – when !”

It’s time to play the dragon bone of the White Snake underground palace, but the white screen is still dark and there is no movement to continue the performance. Even in the fierce fight, the white cloth screen broke a huge crack in the theater. After a violent shaking, it finally fell down and exposed the passengers fighting behind the stage.

How to perform without the screen!

The show has almost failed!

The devil merchant took a breath of air-conditioning, which looked like he was burning with anxiety. In fact, his expression was very calm.

If the performance on the white screen can’t be performed, perform in reality. Everyone is a shadow puppet actor. As long as the performance is wonderful and logical, that’s enough! Release the dead gas collected secretly. In an instant, the blood gas in the East Hall is out of balance again!

The dead Qi is surrounded and gradually condenses into the virtual shadow of the death keel. It seems to be a huge shadow from heaven to earth. It is more arrogant than the white snake spirit bone playing the keel, but it is gloomy and terrible because of its death.


Thunder roared into the sky, and lightning tore through the sky, shining the originally dark east side hall! The lightning fell very close, almost like Wei Xun’s first heavenly punishment.

No, it’s not just the result of dead Qi. There is also a Yin Qi mixed in the dead Qi. The Yin Qi is extremely hidden and cleverly hidden under the cover of dead Qi. However, at least three people still pay attention to it!

Wei Xun sat up straight and looked at Zhi Kui if he had any problems. Zhikui seemed to be aware of his gaze, turned back and smiled at Wei xunyan.

End  no intention of hiding your identity !

Yes, it’s her Yin Qi. Whether the performance can be successful or not, she is not interested at all. Zhikui’s attention is on C250.

The entanglement of Yin Qi and death Qi attracts more and more lightning and thunder, and the lightning and thunder part is attracted by death Qi, and some parts fall to the peeling first, but some also fall to Wei Xun!

When he was punished by heaven, he had not been punished yet, but Wei Xun, who had been punished twice by heaven, would take extra care of him as if he had been marked by heaven as “a person who does not do good deeds”!

So, what will you do?

Zhikui smiled, and her slender fingers overlapped on her jaw. Without that quiet feeling, she was as beautiful and dangerous as a poppy.

When Wei Xun was split, he lost his wings, and the lightning flowed on the devil’s wings, like a silver pattern. The white deer jumped beside anxiously, but did not dare to approach. It can be said that the death keel intertwined with dead Qi and Yin Qi attracted more lightning, which put Wei Xun in danger!

Those who want to fight Wei Xun will not miss the opportunity to fall into crisis after finishing. Augustus roared with ecstasy and fiercely earned his opponent. He rushed to C250 regardless of lightning and Yin Qi!

Is it important whether the performance is successful? Is it important that the devil businessman can pass the assessment task? Is it important that even the weak Mia and olaine will die after leaving the protection of the family?

unimportance! In the eyes of Augustus, there is no important task of confrontation, nor is it as important as the keepsake of scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude!

Augustus swallowed the Moonstone that had been in his mouth, and the whole werewolf expanded like a circle. Zhou Xiyang’s bullet hit him. If it hit an iron plate, it only made a crisp sound, but it could not cause any damage to him. Even most bullets are more hidden than Augustus!

That’s it? That’s it?

With a high degree of concentration, Augustus felt unusually good. When he was running, he grinned, showed his white teeth, and looked back at him almost ridiculed. The tender and tender C250 is on the surface, while Zhou Xiyang’s people even have no time——

Too late——


Augustus was stunned. Why didn’t Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist catch up with Mia and olaine?

Augustus doesn’t understand. Are these people stupid?


The scarlet light suddenly hit and hit hard. Augustus didn’t hide at all. He hit him hard. The werewolf copper box failed to break the other party, and the two sides were evenly matched. Augustus shook his head and looked at October 10, which was blocked in his face. He suddenly became angry.

Don’t I deserve your attention?

Augustus fought by physical instinct, and he was deeply confused in his small mind. Especially when he did not even see or even attracted by the fierce battle, and looked beyond him and landed on the square stage, Augustus was angry and roared and showed his teeth at C250 on October 10.

“Cowardly boy, I want □□, I want -”

“Roar -!”

Augustus’ roar was suppressed by the roar of skinning first. Looking at this chaotic performance scene, skinning first is crazy! Big drops of pus and blood flew around with its roar, and the mental pollution began to erode the whole east side hall. The “keel” was there, but the “White Snake” was no longer there. The half life Taoist who controlled the White Snake shadow puppet was punching olaine.

O’lain didn’t fight back after he finished, only ran away, but was beaten like a sack, which perfectly showed the strength of the super star. But half life Taoist priest seemed to fight with wisdom and courage in the air. He retreated sharply with a punch, and retreated sharply with a punch, as if olaine would become a super Saiya at any time.

Why? Why does a performer dare not do his job in front of the emperor!

I don’t understand before peeling. It’s just a strange anger. This anger spread to the devil merchant. It stretched out its giant arm and grabbed the devil merchant. It caught him like a chick. He was going to kill him!

But the devil merchant still didn’t do it, so he was skinned and caught in his hand first. Others can’t see the figure of the devil, but the fingers full of pus and blood and the blood-colored shadow are drilling into the devil’s body regardless of the endurance of the devil merchant.

I can’t stand peeling first! It’s going to get into this man’s body, control, control. If you can’t command those actors (passengers) to complete the performance, it’s under its control!

“Hiss – I can still play like this

Wei Xun murmured that when the devil merchant was caught, only Wei Xun appeared. At that moment, a dead spirit appeared around the devil merchant. It was no longer the dissimilation state of the ghost, but restored to the human state as much as possible. The dead spirit directly integrated into the devil merchant’s body, making the devil merchant grow old in an instant – it was false to zero, and the devil merchant used it again!

The devil businessman had long expected that the performance would never succeed and fail, so he planned to devour the skin first and die.

As long as the skin is peeled and the tourists die first, they will not die. Even if the completion of the scenic spot is not high, they can pass the team leader assessment!

How bold, how adventurous, how absurd, how——

“I like it.”

Wei Xun smiled and held the ferret in his hand. This is the ferret transformed by Yu Hehui. Shanweng and Taisui golden elixir are hidden in the body. As a person who refined Taisui and shanweng and signed a contract with them, Wei Xun also has some feelings about Shenjing.

Because of the dense lightning and thunder, the participants were restless – it was very likely to change shape and could not support 0:00 a.m. in the morning!

Well, since you are in such a mess, let heaven punish you.

Wei Xun’s secret is that it only takes three steps to trigger heaven’s punishment!


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