TTG Chapter 231

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 231: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (55)


As soon as Wei Xun took out the dead Ming token, a bolt of lightning as thick as his arm burst into the darkness and hit him. Most of the east side hall was illuminated by the bright electric light. The electric arc leaped, the electric light was bright, and the momentum was amazing!

The stoat who stayed with the White Deer spirit trembled. He couldn’t help thinking of his past when Wei Xun carried the electricity on his head. He couldn’t help shaking all over.

But now Wei Xun doesn’t need a stoat to carry electricity. Two huge demon bones and wings overlap to block the top of the head, and the electric arc runs on the demon wings like bright silver snakes. It blocked most of the thunder and lightning. Even if the fish that escaped the net fell on Wei Xun, it also fell on the earth, and didn’t hurt him at all.

Just take out a dead Ming token, and the power leading capacity is comparable to the death keel of dead Qi and Yin Qi condensation.

But it’s not enough.

This is just a warning, lightning. It’s over with one chop. It’s far from the point of heaven’s punishment, and it’s not even worse than the lightning that hit Mr. Skinner one after another.

In just a few seconds, the devil merchant was completely invisible, and he was submerged by the scarlet slurry. A large number of scarlet thick slurry full of essence pollution still poured into the direction of the devil merchant, and a terrible momentum came faintly, frightening all the fields – originally, Mr. Skinner didn’t have a specific form of essence pollution, it was just essence pollution, a period of obsession.

But now, once it is integrated into the devil merchant, this terrible thing will completely come to the world! In order to prevent it from coming, lightning mercilessly chopped it down, and the momentum was startling, completely overriding the movement on Wei Xun’s side – that’s what he wanted!

Wei Xun chose to take action at this time, not only because Shenjing was about to be born in advance. The birth of Shenjing will inevitably lead to rough waves. In this battle, there are dangerous people such as Zhikui and silver moon killer. How difficult it is to revive Tong Hege, Wei Xun expected early.

Just now the devil merchant is making trouble. Mr. skinning has not only attracted a lot of lightning and thunder, but also attracted most of his attention. Wei Xun wants to take this opportunity to fish in troubled waters!


Wei Xun looked up at the sky with pouring rain, but his face didn’t turn into mud because of the wet rain. The lotus seed Sutra eroded by the dead breath can’t keep him in a perfect clay figurine state, and may even be damaged tonight, but Wei Xun doesn’t care.

His back seemed to pass a stimulating current, which excited him. Facing the invincible powerful existence, people will shrink back, people will be afraid, and people will be loyal.

But Wei Xun likes provocation!

Just like the puppet who fought the corpse of the flying fox king, fought with an Xuefeng and * *, pretended to play with life and planned to kill the puppet master in the past, the excitement and pleasure like walking the death wire made the strong change his face and lose his attitude. It was so happy that Wei Xun shuddered!

How to attract heavenly punishment in advance?

Just provoke the sky!

“See the dragon soul keel?”

He shook the death order card, specially showed the dragon soul keel dragged in the token, and smiled: “I prepared it for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.”



Another lightning bolt fell, but it failed to hit Wei Xun. Nezha spirit carried the lightning for him.

“Brother, brother knows your mind.”

Nezha’s spirit was still in the form of a strange bird, but the moment he was struck by lightning, he showed a virtual shadow of human form. He looked at Wei Xun and persuaded him:

“But the oath can’t be made randomly!”

Although the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum was Nezha’s obsession, he knew more about the importance of the resurrection dragon soul keel to Wei Xun! If he gave the dragon soul keel to the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty to help him transform the dragon, what can Wei Xun do himself?

Nezhaling would rather find a way by himself than Wei Xun make such a great sacrifice!

“Don’t worry, brother. I’m in line.”

Wei xunxiao, who said he would consume the dragon soul keel to help the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty transform the dragon? This kind of injustice will not go.

Nezha Ling’s concern is chaos. This is clearly a win-win possibility.

“You… Alas!”

Nezhaling didn’t say more at last. He looked at Wei Xun deeply and hid his body again. In the short seconds of their conversation, they counted the lightning, and all the front lights fell on Nezha’s spirit. Finally, the lights fell in front of Wei Xun.

Wei Xun received the lightning, and the devil’s bones and wings couldn’t bear it. They turned black, and his body collapsed. The dead breath originally absorbed into the body was cut clean by lightning before it spilled. The scars were deep. You could almost see the lotus seeds hidden in the depths.

His body was at the end of a powerful crossbow, but Wei Xun played the death order card with his finger in the electric light. Before the lightning finished, he laughed again in a low voice:

“With this real dragon soul, the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty are afraid that they can’t turn into dragons?”


“Chop me? Come on, chop me.”


“Evil dragon? Joke!”

Wei Xun approached Mr. Skinner while being split. At the moment, even if the lightning and thunder on his side became more and more urgent, the momentum was not the largest, and more lightning poured down on Mr. Skinner and the death keel! In particular, Mr. Skinner, perhaps the integration of Mr. Skinner has reached the key. In the end, the rainstorm is pouring and the electric light is like a waterfall.

There was only a vast white light on the other side of the snow and lightning. Even Augustus, who was fighting fiercely with October 10, couldn’t help looking at it, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

The devil merchant is over.

Even if he can carry the lightning, he can never carry the fine pollution of Mr. Skinner. Even if he doesn’t die, he can only be reduced to the part recycled by the hotel. Thinking of this, Augustus did not have the idea of helping in the past, but launched a fierce attack on October 10 again.

He wants to grab the letter from C 250 before the devil merchant dies!

After carrying the umbrella of October 10, Augustus stepped back and showed his teeth fiercely to rush at October 10. In fact, when he jumped close, he turned the wolf’s waist, swept the wolf’s tail and rushed at C 250. But October 10 suddenly flashed like a prophet, standing between him and C250.

Get in the way!

“Ouch –”

Augustus gave a long roar, and the wolf howl was so penetrating that even the roar and lightning could not cover it up‘ “Sound wave” was originally a title for vampires, but it is also very useful for werewolves.

The wolves of many werewolf groups howl together, which can frighten the soul of the werewolf, and the howling of a wolf can also play the role of sound waves. The wolf howl didn’t get a response from olaine and Mia, but Augustus didn’t care. His powerful body seemed to turn into a wisp of invisible moonlight, and suddenly appeared around C 250 along the direction of wolf howling.

“As long as you can’t kill me, it will become a real dragon.”

“More strength, it’s not enough.”

At such a close distance, Augustus keenly heard C 250 and seemed to be whispering, but he didn’t care what the man was saying, even if he was cursed. Facing the unprepared back of C 250, Augustus opened his mouth, and his ferocious and twisted wolf face seemed to be laughing wildly.

As long as he can bite C250, wolf venom can turn him into a werewolf in an instant! Wolf blood toxin will make him unable to disobey the orders of the transformants. Yes, there is no need to kill him. At this moment, Augustus thought about many things, such as “turning C250 into werewolves and joining their werewolf alliance in the west district”——


Before Augustus’ Wolf teeth got to the Cape of C 250, a whip hit him in the air and kicked his wolf face!

“Come on, chop me.”

Wei Xun secretly took back the magic insect ball held in his hand. Even if he knew that he would guard by his side on October 10, he would never let Augustus interfere with him, but Wei Xun would not completely hand over his life to others.

As long as Augustus is one step closer, he will summon the dead devil merchant to a wave of death explosion. Fortunately, October 10 is reliable enough.

“Can you chop me to death?”

Holding the dead Ming token in his hand, Wei Xun continued to provoke God. Now he was close to Mr. Skinner and was even affected by the lightning splitting at him. But it also made him hide under the majestic lightning, so that others could not realize that the punishment was coming ahead of time!

“You can’t kill me, ha ha ha -”

Wei Xun smiled wantonly and looked up at the night sky. The lightning left a snow-white shadow in his pupil. He seemed to see the giant Skinner in the raging lightning. The plasma originally flowing on its body was cut clean by lightning. In the electric light, its huge body was still standing, but it began to shake, its body bent and retracted.

Should we run away? If it goes on like this, it will be split alive and dissipated!

The thunder and lightning are more and more dense than expected. It’s the strong Yin Qi secretly added by Zhi Kui! With Zhi Kui’s wisdom, who can’t find that she is a small devil businessman behind the scenes?

Since you want to integrate Mr. Skinner and live to death, I’ll let you be chopped alive by lightning!

No matter what the devil merchant thinks, once Mr. Skinner is really dissipated by lightning, or runs away, he will die!

But the turn came when Wei Xun approached!

“Stand up.”

Wei Xun brushed the dead Ming token with his thumb. The golden dragon soul on the token seemed to float around his fingertips, making his voice more dignified and kind.

“I’m looking forward to your performance – if you fail, I don’t have to look forward to your performance.”

“Stand up.”

“Roar –!”

The thunder and lightning seemed to hear the excited roar of Mr. Skinner! Look forward, the emperor with the spirit of real dragon is looking forward to its performance! This is not only its lifelong desire, but also its morbid obsession after turning into fine pollution! It has long lost its memory when it was a human being. It only stubbornly remembers performance, performance, honor ancestors, honor ancestors.

It will perform in front of the emperor. It will honor its ancestors!

If you can perform in front of the emperor, even if death dissipates, what can you fear, and lightning is terrible. Now the supreme real dragon is standing beside it.

“Stand up.”

“Roar –!”

Carrying lightning and thunder, Mr. Skinner straightened up inch by inch and stood upright again. The huge scarlet body, like a giant from heaven to earth, stood in the middle of the east side hall. It seems to feel its disobedience, the lightning chop is more urgent and fierce, and the fine pollution on it is scattered and blasted, but even if the lightning is more urgent and fierce, it can’t bend down!

Stand up, stand up straight and stand right next to me.

Facing the lightning, Wei Xun’s mouth was slightly hooked.

So I can revive Tong Hege.

“Heaven’s punishment? You can’t even chop it to death. Do you still want to kill me?”

He smiled with disdain in his tone: “but so.”


A flash of lightning suddenly fell, which was thinner and more concise than the previous lightning, such as a purple snake. The power of the lightning was completely different from that before. The snow-white lightning blocking the way was scattered by it, with the spirit of destroying the sky and the earth!

God’s punishment is coming!

This was Wei Xun’s first round of natural punishment after he entered the hotel. The first lightning alone far exceeded the accumulated power of natural punishment lightning before. Finally, in the face of this powerful and terrible lightning, Wei Xun did not hesitate to throw out the “year-old golden pill”.


Zhou Xiyang, who was fighting with olaine, suddenly had a palpitation in his heart, as if he were wondering what was going to happen. But in the fierce battle, he showed his flaws here once and was surrounded by Zhou Xiyang and half life people. Olaine wanted to take this opportunity to break through!

How could a super class two-star passenger persist for such a long time under the joint efforts of Zhou Xiyang and half life people? Even if o’lain has been avoiding the war, his uniqueness has been exposed.

“Want to run? Come back!”

Zhou Xiyang immediately converged his attention and angrily scolded. Luo Li shook his hands violently. Unexpectedly, like a strong invisible suction, he pulled o’lain back into the encirclement.

No matter what the C 250 side is doing, the only thing he Zhou Xiyang can do at the moment is to try his best to hold down o’lain.


Bai Xiaotian stands behind the stage. This is a wonderful position that can look at the overall situation but is not easy to be found. It seems that he is avoiding the war, but standing here, he can observe olaine, Mia and Zhikui at the same time. But Rao Shi is an instant loss of Bai Xiaotiandu.

He seemed to hear a childish cry, but the cry stopped suddenly, and was covered with thunder in the twinkling of an eye, like an illusion.

No, it’s not auditory hallucination.

Since the beginning of chaos, Zhikui has moved to the door of the East Hall. After all, she is a paper man and is afraid of thunder and fire. The entrance of the east side hall is the safest here, and you won’t miss the wonderful picture.

At the moment, she leaned forward and looked in the direction of C 250 with interest. She also heard the baby cry.

Shall we start? The rebirth of Tong Hege is about to begin?

Can you do more work this time?

She looked at the direction of being bombarded by thousands of lightning with great interest. However, at the next moment, Zhikui had a sense of crisis in her heart.


A bolt of lightning fell. The lightning couldn’t attract extra attention in the east side hall of the ruins, but it was Zhikui!

Why? Why does lightning strike me?

Even if she had been on guard early and avoided being hit by lightning in time, Zhikui still looked very embarrassed. Lightning flashed through her sleeves and completely scorched the cuffs, revealing the appearance of paper.

Yin Qi? The identity of the paper man? Taboo of helping paper people turn people into people?

Even though Zhikui may have been made by the devil merchant, Zhikui knew that being split was definitely the point where she was split for herself. Yin Qi surrounded her and faintly condensed into a black chain. No, it was not Yin Qi. It was full of strong resentment and more like a curse.

Zhi Kui pulled it off, and the thunder came again before it was torn off.

It is this curse that brings lightning!

But so what?

Can you kill her?

Another lightning bolt fell, but Zhikui still easily avoided it. The sky thunder is falling, so she doesn’t have time to clear the curse. However, she can choose to withdraw from the east side hall and return to the depths of the underground palace. But Zhikui is not going to leave,

It’s just lightning. It’s a pity to miss the big play of Tong Hege’s resurrection!

What’s more, it’s just a puppet, even if it’s broken and scrapped. Besides, it’s just lightning. How can you really chop her to death?

The ancestor of Yinshan was killed by C 250. It’s hard. What little tour guide will she die in again?

She is Zhikui, the puppet of the puppet master!

The lightning was sharp and fierce, but Zhikui walked like a stroll in the thunder and rainstorm. She was no longer far away from the East Hall, but went back to the East Hall. This is calm, but also the confidence and pride of the strong. The lightning is chopping more and more quickly. This is because she is closer to the central C 250 and Mr. Skinner.

She even wants to take a close look at the means of C 250!


One day, the natural punishment was struck by lightning, and the cry of the old golden elixir stopped abruptly as soon as it came out. In fact, he was stubborn and didn’t cry when he resisted the first lightning. Wei Xun promised that as long as he could resist the third lightning, his previous kindness would be written off, and he would set him free with brother shanweng from now on (the reason why he was three years old is that he saved the two halves of Polygonum multiflorum, a total of three times)

Jin Dan agreed. He knew how terrible the punishment was. This was his private agreement with Wei Xun. If he was known by his second brother, he would definitely stop him. But it still survived.

Although he doesn’t really want to go, he feels very comfortable around this man and Tianhu. But brother Lingshen is in a desperate situation tonight. He and brother shanweng must go to help!

But, but——

It hurts. It really hurts to be split by thunder!

Even though it was refined into a golden elixir and no longer looked like a spiritual elixir, it still felt pain in the bone marrow when it was penetrated by the sky thunder. It was in a trance and almost fainted. The first day, the thunder struck his child’s shape and turned back into a round golden pill. The golden elixir was split by lightning and burst into flames, which was a shameful cry.

But before it cried, the next day the thunder came down again. Even though he was afraid again and again, he resolutely welcomed him. They are the three brothers of Shanling. They promise to do what they promise!

But the punishment was so terrible that it almost broke it with only one chop. If you chop it again, I’m afraid the golden elixir will be broken from it. So when the old golden elixir faced the punishment, it suddenly swelled – it opened its’ mouth ‘and tried to swallow the thunder into the inner space of the golden elixir!


The moment when the sky thunder fell, it was really swallowed by the old golden pill, but it regretted the moment it was swallowed. The powerful and terrible sky thunder expanded and erupted in its body, making the surface of the golden elixir crack like a spider’s web, and each crack glittered with terrorist lightning.

The fear of being burst from the inside made the old golden elixir dare not support any more. He suddenly spit out Tianlei again. At the same time, he also spat out all the white snake spirit bones in his body!


Wei Xun carried the heavenly punishment that was weakened by half of the power of the aged golden elixir. It was expected that the aged golden elixir could not bear the second heavenly punishment, but Wei Xun didn’t expect it to swallow Tianlei.

Wei Xun turned his eyebrows and looked at the white snake spirit bone vomited to the center of the east side hall by the year-old golden elixir. The little snake, which had been kept by the year-old spirit, now had a head and tail. It was confused and shrank in the snake bone. It was not afraid of the thunder and lightning, but even the snake bone could not stop the punishment.

After being afraid to let it feel some familiar breath, it climbed forward desperately in the gap of lightning – and was climbing in front of the phantom of death keel.

At the moment, Yun Lianghan, who is only idle next to the death keel, can’t imagine how he was excluded and completely unable to intervene after the battle began.

Both sides were high-risk areas, and he could not bear the terrible thunder. He hid and hid next to the dead keel.

It is their mission to contribute to the death spirit. The death keel turned into a shape and didn’t attack him, so that Yun Lianghan could avoid it again. He even thought about how long the keel of the dead gas congealed box would last. Although the hotel didn’t inform him that “the experience of scenic spot projects failed”, the performance was basically over. Without the White Snake, even if the keel was there, it didn’t make sense——

White, white snake?

Yun Lianghan was stunned when he saw a white snake trying to climb towards the keel of the dead gas condensate. Where did the White Snake come from?

“I was a thousand year old white snake. I hope the immortal will do good deeds and win thousands of worship.”

Subconsciously, Yun Lianghan voiced the white snake. Although he manipulated the deer boy, the White Snake was the protagonist of the shadow play, and he also remembered the lines of the white snake.

The hotel didn’t give any warning!

This, can this continue?

Yun Lianghan was in a trance. He saw the little white snake snuggling up next to the keel of the dead gas congealed. The keel of the broken sign that had been split by the lightning was solidified again. Yun Lianghan was inspired and simply continued to play with the play – the last play was only the performance of the white snake.

Now we have the White Snake, maybe the show will be finished, so that the Skinner won’t riot – the thunder and lightning it caused is really terrible, and it’s better to calm down early!


Wei Xun noticed what happened there and knew clearly in his heart that the big snake was fifty and the sky was forty-nine. He intercepted a glimmer of life. I’m afraid this is the glimmer of life of the white snake! Only a small part of its soul remains in the snake bones. According to the usual rules, it should be a fool all his life, and there is no possibility of refinement.

But the white snake is willing to sacrifice itself to become a soul and integrate with the dragon vein. It has not only delayed the pollution process of the dragon vein, but also sealed the mountain corpse to prevent it from harming the natural earth. What merit is this.

The stimulation of the dead spirit keel, after this performance, it may be able to restore part of the memory. In addition, the spirit of Sanshan integrates the aura of Tong Hege’s rebirth, maybe it can restore most of the records. At that time, even if the blood Jiao soul in the underground palace is sacrificed, the white snake will not be dead, and there will be no rebirth forever.

That’s good.

He took back his eyes after only one look, and a new day was struck by thunder. The golden elixir sutra was completely split. Even if it struggled to resist the punishment, it was pressed down by Wei Xun. As soon as Wei Xun raised his hand, a wooden box was thrown out by him and hit Tianlei.

In the electric light, the wooden box was broken and disappeared the slag, revealing half of the Polygonum multiflorum essence inside! This terrible thunder and lightning wrapped Polygonum multiflorum Thunb like a long snake. In the fierce electric light, filaments and threads appeared on its surface.

This is the puppet line. The ancestor of Yinshan moved his hands and feet on this half of the mountain!

However, the puppet silk was stained with a touch of Yin Qi, which was targeted by Tianlei. Instead, it broke the protective layer of the mountain Weng, and the root was broken.

In fact, Wei Xun’s third punishment was intended to be picked up by the half of the mountain Weng he refined. It was refined by samadhi real fire. At least it won’t die with a split.

By refining the age-old golden elixir and mountain Weng with Tianlei, they were half disabled or even nearly dead. It’s just to kill and regenerate, just like the regeneration of Nezha in the past, otherwise they will be difficult to integrate once!

However, Wei Xun temporarily changed his choice and threw out half of the mountain Weng who had been manipulated by the ancestors of Yinshan.

Tianlei cut the puppet line just to warn! Wei Xun faintly looked to the left of his eyes. Zhikui didn’t know when the sutra was close to him within ten meters. The electric light, like a spotlight, fell at her feet, but could not chop Zhi Kui.

Feeling the gaze of C 250, Zhi Kui smiled and stopped coming forward. She only avoided lightning at a distance of about ten meters. Her eyes fell on him. It was blatant to see his rebirth Tong Hege.

But whether Zhikui wants to help or watch a good play, Wei Xun is not interested in performing anything in front of her.

The devil merchant doesn’t do it yet? It won’t be so bad. The Skinner next to him was obviously excited when the white snake appeared. Wei Xun didn’t believe that the devil merchant would not seize this opportunity.

Half of the mountain Weng who was cut off the puppet line fell on his hand. The spirit was still in its original state and could not even change the human form. It was obvious that he was seriously injured and weak to the extreme and could no longer resist even a sky thunder.

“Boom -!”

Without the slightest chance to breathe, the fourth “sky punishment and lightning robbery” brewed out of the thunder cloud and fell down. But at the moment when the thunder landed, Wei Xun slightly hooked the corner of his mouth!

“Do you love me?”

Without warning, a strange low male voice sounded behind Zhikui! This male voice is very powerful, like a king, but it is full of deep feelings that people can’t ignore in its majesty.

At the moment when the sound sounded, Zhikui knew something was wrong and was about to leave immediately. But the curse chain on her turned into a pair of arms around her waist. The man behind her smiled and declared his determination.

“You love me.”

Ivy’s divination mirror, lie! The lie to the strong involves love, and the power will soar several times!

Do I love him?

The lie confused Zhikui’s heart and made her hesitate to break away from this embrace, but as a puppet, she was determined and almost woke up after a second of hesitation. But in such a critical moment, a second of hesitation is fatal. The Tianlei who originally attacked Wei Xun turned a corner and hit the man and Zhi Kui.

Because the Yin Qi on this man is really strong, even more than the giant dead on the fourth floor of the underground palace.

“Ghost Lord? Devil merchant? Is he crazy?!”

Augustus didn’t know when he was beaten by October 10, but he was still trying to look in this direction because of his shock and fear!

How can he release the ghost monarch?? That’s a terrible and powerful devil! No one here can stop it.

Even the electric light could not cover up the terrible Yin, and the powerful power of the ghost turned into a pearl colored single cloak on the shoulders of the tall and thin king. Even though the gorgeous Cape edge is damaged, the color is dim and no longer luxurious, it still does not damage the majesty of the king!

The ghost monarch hugged the petite woman, as if he were affectionately shielding her from the thunder and lightning. But in fact, the woman was bound by him and was severely hit by a lightning bolt.

“Ha ha ha –”

When the lightning struck Zhi Kui, some of the black Qi on her immediately disappeared. This black gas is a grievance. Wei Xun saw a similar one when he took the necklace on his journey to northern Tibet. But when the resentment was split, Wei Xun heard a small but wild smile.

The laughter was very familiar. When he listened carefully, Wei Xun felt that the laughter sounded like Bai Laogu!

“Lies are transmitted.”

The serious male voice sounded, and Wei Xun looked at Zhi Kui. Zhi Kui was suddenly hit by the thunder, and half of her body was burnt. She was struggling to leave the arms of the ghost king. But the tall and thin man lied in her ear. He made Zhikui stay where she was. In the twinkling of an eye, he was struck by lightning. Together with the fifth Tianlei, which was supposed to hit Wei Xun, he also fell on Zhikui and the ghost monarch.

Yu Hehui suddenly appeared and stood guard between Wei Xun and the man. But his Yin was really strong. Even if he was struck by thunder countless times, he was still deep and powerful, like a sea of dead people. Rao Shiwei Xun felt great pressure, even worse than when facing thousands of papers.

However, his words made Wei Xun more convinced of his guess! Wei Xun understood the grievances of Bai Laogui and the lies he passed on!

The devil merchant has a powerful “lie” function. The source is this powerful ghost. The power of lies involving love may be higher. The devil merchant once deceived Bai Laogui with lies, and after Bai Laogui died, he should have collected some unwilling Yin Qi or resentment of Bai Laogui.

Who do you hate most?

Bai Jiao, C 250, the silver moon killer who killed her, and she didn’t dare to hate them.

Either the background is strong, or the strength is strong. She can’t hate it, and she doesn’t dare to hate it at all. What Bai Laogui hates most is the Yinshan ancestor who robbed her half of the mountain Weng, fought with her and made her lose face among the demons!

She will die, and so will the ancestors of Yinshan. Bai Laogui, who was sacrificed to Shangui, should have been relieved. She didn’t even die completely – perhaps because she was once Bai Jiao’s most trusted subordinate and also served Guo Shan. Wei Xun guessed that she might still retain a sense and attach herself to the dead spirit.

For example, after a hundred or thousands of years, by chance, she is not without the possibility of rebirth. But the devil merchant had already laid out the layout on the fourth floor of the underground palace. He was not only the dead spirit he controlled, but also had been “collecting” dead Qi.

Bai Laogui was deceived by his lies, which were branded in the. The devil merchant caught Bai Laogui’s consciousness and lied to her that the ancestor of Yinshan was not dead, but turned into Zhi Kui Kui, thus transforming Yin Qi into resentment.

The devil merchant had laid out the layout in the east side hall. In the chaos, this wisp of resentment entangled Zhi Kui and attracted lightning. However, with Zhi Kui’s skill, he is not afraid at all, but his real killing move is not that this resentment leads to lightning, but “a transmitted lie”.

The brand of lies on Bai Laogui, such as Wei Xun’s correct guess, is that the ghost monarch can be silent. The ghost monarch is the lie itself. He can pass it to the location of Bai Laogui, which is the final reason why he can appear behind Zhi Kui Kui Kui!

Fortunately, the devil merchant wanted to kill Zhi Kui, which Wei Xun learned in advance.

Shanweng has also been deceived by lies! If his conjecture is correct, the ghost monarch can also appear around shanweng in an instant! Yu Hehui has always been carrying shanweng, but now it is taken by Wei Xun.

This ghost monarch can assassinate him!

“You’re smart.”

A deep and serious male voice sounded, and the ghost monarch hugged the angelica sunflower that had been cut to half coke, as if hugging a loved one. He leaned down and put his chin on Zhikui’s shoulder, as if whispering gently in her ear, but his dark gray eyes stared at Wei Xun.

“I asked him to kill you, but he refused.”

In the lightning and thunder, the ghost monarch looked like he wanted to chat with him. Those dark gray eyes are slightly narrow and affectionate, but they are indifferent and ruthless when looking at the depths.

“Love, ah.”

The next day, the thunder is about to fall, but the ghost monarch let go of Zhikui. Lies can only be used three times a day. He doesn’t intend to consume his strength to trap Zhi Kui.

Zhikui, who got out of trouble, was split so many times by Tianlei that she didn’t die! Even if she was blackened and full of paper scraps, even the puppet silk was exposed. But she was still smart. She didn’t want to fight the ghost monarch at all. She turned and ran away.

Her puppet can’t beat!

But Zhikui’s escape was stopped.


She was so angry that she couldn’t believe her voice. It was like a roaring battle not far away, but Wei Xun couldn’t pay attention to Zhi Kui at the moment. All his attention was on the ghost monarch.

The ghost didn’t disappear. He even approached Wei Xun. With the strength of the ghost, he is definitely not controlled by the devil merchant, that is to say, the ghost monarch is out of control!

“I’ll kill you.”

The ghost monarch whispered, “one person and one ghost are very close at the moment, just like a face ceremony in the West. Wei Xun was in a trance for a moment and felt that the ghost seemed to see something from his brain. This kind of peeping made him unhappy, but Wei Xun smiled. He smiled at the ghost monarch, opened his thin lips and said calmly: “kill.”

The ghost monarch wanted to kill him. Wei Xun knew what was going on in an instant. He remembered the rule related to the [ancient man] that the devil merchant kept krypton gold. I’m afraid the ghost monarch had suffered from it.

Can the ghost Lord kill him? Yes, of course.

But Wei Xun is not afraid of death.

Death is nothing but returning to zero. If it’s more shabby, it can be recycled by the hotel at most. It’s no big deal like Wu Laoliu.

“But I want to live.”

Ghost monarch, pun. Wei Xun subtly raised his eyebrows and understood the implication of the ghost monarch – if he killed Wei Xun, someone would kill him regardless of everything.

The person who did it may be his brother, but it is more likely to be an Xuefeng. After all, they are connected tour guides and tourists. But even if they didn’t do it, Wei Xun believed that he would eventually take revenge, even death.

“But you really hate it.”

The ghost monarch said coldly. When the next day’s punishment fell, his figure suddenly disappeared – his Yin Qi was heavy. If he stayed here, he would help C250 carry the punishment. He didn’t want to do this for nothing.

But at the moment when the ghost monarch disappeared, his voice was extremely loud and resounded through the east side hall of the ruins.

“C 250 was involved in a love triangle.”

“Two powerful men, * * * love him deeply, and an Xuefeng wants to monopolize him.”

“But C 250 doesn’t love anyone.”

The voice fell and the ghost monarch simply disappeared. The thunder continued, but all the people in the east side hall, even those in the fierce battle, couldn’t help pausing.

Yu Hehui suddenly turned around and hugged Wei Xun. He carried the “heavenly punishment”. He was split out of the body of the heavenly fox. However, when the next day’s thunder was about to fall, Yu Hehui couldn’t help looking at Wei Xun, who was still calm. His eyes were complex and murmured:

“Yes, really?”


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