TTG Chapter 232

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 232: Nutrient solution 500000

In such a fierce battle, Yu Hehui can be distracted, not to mention the audience who heard the ghost monarch in other live broadcasts!


[brothers, did I hear something? I heard something terrible just now?]

[no sir, I don’t know which side to pay attention to, my God!]

[come on! This is not the time to lose your mind!]

[it’s a crucial moment in the scenic spot. Damn it, why am I paying attention to gossip!]

[because the tujuan team has never had an affair, my God, I watched the live broadcast tonight]


However, when the audience in the eastern district was shocked that only a small number of people sent barrages to express their shock, the audience in the Western District quarreled. The ghost Lord is leaving now? Are you leaving now??

[shit! Is it a scandal for the ghost Lord to come here? I’ve been expecting him to kill C 250 for a long time!]

[my pants are off. Can you show me this?]

[laughing to death, brothers, the devil merchant released a gossip paparazzi (this is not the ghost monarch!)

[don’t you just talk hard, I can do it too]

[a piece of shit! Devil merchants and ghost monarchs are all a piece of shit!]

[Oh, my old man, 58

[he’s just a B125 tour guide. He’s really a man. I’m very satisfied]

[I can only expect lightning to kill C250. God bless]

[if you don’t want to die, dare you curse C 250? The life playing people will kill you!]

[but now he’s fighting against C 250! He’s the younger brother of the playful man, with an Xuefeng and a lord’s beloved C 250!]

[he can be killed by lightning, and the ghost monarch can be killed by lightning]

While the audience on the west side complained, the audience on the east side didn’t like it.

[I’m not serious. Is what the ghost monarch said true?]

[stop spreading rumors! The journey home has long said that An DUI and Wei Xun on the new star list are married!]

[yes, C250 is a tour guide connected by the security team. It’s normal to have an exclusive desire!]

[it’s normal for the tour guide and the tour leader to have an exclusive desire! Don’t you tourists want to monopolize the tour guide in the team? What’s the love relationship]

[it’s the relationship between normal tour guides and tourists!]

[it’s not our fantasy, it’s the phantom monarch’s love triangle!]

[love triangle, understand? An Xuefeng and * * love c 250, which is called love triangle!]

There was a quarrel over the live broadcast bullet screen. As a result, someone said not to broadcast the live broadcast bullet screen again, so it would not affect the journey. Therefore, the battlefield of the quarrel was transferred to the forum.

It was full of [half life vice regiment is really strong!]

[Click to see the highlights of the wonderful operation of the half life Deputy Group!] the eastern forum was immediately killed by the gossip gossip of love triangle.

[what is * * anyway? I can’t read it. It sounds like shielding noise.]

[yes, I recorded that part of the speech. The voice turns into a word, and the word turns out to be * * * *]

[I just want to know who * * is! What’s the strange word? He dares to rob a man with an team?!]

[laughing to death, with the strength of an team, who dares to rob an team]

[horizontal groove! Horizontal groove! Horizontal groove!]

[this, shit, brothers, big news!]

[* * * this, this person looks like a hostel owner!]

[ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

[there’s no mistake. How can a hostel owner do this?]

[what magic is this, my God]

[he is worthy of being the brother of a hippie!]

[laughing to death, C250 doesn’t love anyone. Do you pay attention to this sentence]

[no, you really believe it. Isn’t the ghost monarch an old liar! What this guy is good at is lying!]

[yes, why are you all serious? The ghost monarch is clearly lying!]

[ah, this, ah, this, but this is a lie. In turn, is it the truth?]

[‘* *’ has love ‘,’ an Xuefeng has exclusive desire ‘,’ C250 is crazy about this person’s love ‘, what the fuck does that mean?]

[yes, an Duyu is married to Wei Xun. Don’t spread rumors]

[fool, who doesn’t love c 250?! let me put it here. What the ghost monarch said is true!]

[hehe, rumor mongers can’t see the sun tomorrow morning, I said]

[C250 whoever wants to be the one! Even if an Xuefeng is liked by him, it must be his person!]

[Wei Xun is nothing. He dares to argue with us for C 250!]

[… Is there anything strange in this forum?]

[‘we, C 250’? Shit, who dares to call us C 250? -]

[brother wocao, run quickly. Maybe the tour guide of the butcher alliance sneaked in!]

A group of crazy fans of C 250 poured into all posts of the forum almost at the same time. They were catching up with the front. The butcher alliance had just announced its responsibility for C 250. The slightest association directly scared away the original posts.

The visitors on the forum dare not discuss this again, and the tour guides don’t dare to talk about it. However, the tourists at the top of the hotel and the tour guide were temporarily free to discuss gossip. They all looked serious and stared at the live broadcast.

The tourist guide of the western region hopes to see the ghost monarch kill C250. He is concerned about whether the devil businessman will die and whether he can pass the team leader assessment.

The big passengers in the eastern district are even more nervous, especially those who have been handed down for a long time and have seen the first generation of return brigade. They all vaguely guessed what C 250 was doing.

Taisui, Polygonum multiflorum, plus ginseng essence.

Quench them with the help of the power of heaven’s punishment, chop them to the verge of death, and the spirits almost collapse and then merge.

This, this is a reply to Tong Hege!

For a moment, whether it’s the leader assessment of the devil merchant or the difference between olaine and Zhikui, or even the gossip of the ghost monarch, they can’t divert their attention. Whether it’s the return journey or the return journey, everyone wants to know whether C250 can succeed this time!

“If you succeed… That’s great.”

The metaphysical brigade, Wan’an poverty, murmured.

C 250 is still a newcomer! On this trip, in the suburbs of Western Hunan and Beijing, I returned to an old returnee.

“Maybe it’s because he’s the brother of a hippie.”

Yu Xiangyang said in a deep voice.

Homecoming and the butcher alliance are mortal enemies. It is even more impossible for the younger brother of the playful man to recover the homecoming than the playful man to recover the homecoming. After all, people who play life do have this strength, while C250 is still a new tour guide, and the strength is very weak.

The hotel is really stingy and harsh on the reply. The more impossible it is, the more chance it has to meet the opportunity to reply to others – if you grasp it, you may succeed!

Can C250 succeed?

“Boom -!”

The seventh thunder fell and Wei Xun threw out the mountain Weng. Looking at the lightning with the power of poverty, he immediately cracked the mountain Weng into powder, and Yu Hehui turned white. Wei Xun’s expression did not change.

Wei Xun just focused on whether what the ghost monarch said would affect his “lies”. When he found that the ghost monarch lied, guard Xun paid more attention to the content of his words.

From beginning to end, Wei Xun was calm. When shanweng was just chopped, he threw out the Phoenix flame and caught the powder of Polygonum multiflorum – shanweng was on the verge of death and was bitten by several evil insects and brought back. Even if it was refined and re integrated into one place, there was a gap after all.

That day, the thunder completely cut off the dead spirit in the gap of the mountain Weng and cut him into powder. There were only half of the weak mountain Weng who was almost killed. Fortunately, there was a Phoenix Fire to support the bottom.

After the seventh thunder fell, the eighth came as promised. Seven is a key number. After seven, Tianlei will be even more terrible and its power will almost double. It’s hard to bear whether shanweng or Taisui Jindan.

Now, Wei Xun’s face is also dignified. Just now, the sixth punishment came down. He should have thrown the mountain Weng. After splitting it, he can throw all the mountain Weng on the seventh punishment and let them merge.

But on the sixth day, he paused. This mistake was not only because of the ghost monarch, but also because of the broken lotus seeds in his body.

“Yu Hehui, give me aura.”

Yu Hehui did not hesitate to hold Wei Xun’s hand and continuously transmitted his aura to him. Wei Xun directly transferred all these auras to the lotus seed, which was on the verge of breaking. There were several cracks on it, and the lotus core was almost visible. If it weren’t for the supplement of these auras, I’m afraid the lotus seeds would be broken immediately.

But Wei Xun still needs the body of earth!

Seeing that the eighth sky thunder was about to fall, Wei Xun stood over there again. At the moment, the Skinner is the big one in the field. When the ghost monarch came back, he did not hide it. He returned to the devil merchant under the eyes of God.

For a moment, the sky was angry, and the quality of the Tianlei cleaved on the skinning side was faster than that of Wei Xun. The devil merchant is also very hard and cruel to himself. When Tianlei split the lower guard Xun, he directly felt that there was a strong breath on his side – it was not clear whether it was false or true, but the devil merchant was definitely out of it!

After carrying the wave of Tianlei, he directly threw out the skinning knife in his hand, and the bloody knife went straight to the feet of Zhikui, who was entangled by Yuntian river. The bloody pollution caused Tianlei to chop again, but Zhikui was held by Yuntian River and couldn’t move!

Rao Shizhi can’t hold up after being split so many times. But yuntianhe was obviously worse than her. The puppet’s silk was like an iron thread deep into his flesh and bones. The puppet silk in his body was implanted by the ancestor of Yinshan. Zhi Kui completely controlled it, but he could strangle him.

The flesh and blood covered with scars was split by Tianlei, and he was blackened and miserable, but yuntianhe was laughing! His eyes were as bright as a jewel.

Sharp pain, numbness, but also cut the puppet line! Baptized by thunder and lightning, all the traces of the past can be removed by electricity. Only in the pain of death, can we return to true purity and usher in a new era!

“Why did you do it to me?”

Zhi Kui really doesn’t understand. She’s just a puppet, not a puppet master. Maybe the devil merchant killed her because grandpa Zhi found her strange and took some task. Moreover, the emperor of Tiangao in the western district is far away. After this journey, the devil merchant will fly away. He is not afraid at all!

But what about yuntianhe?

Puppet master can not mind betrayal (only can bring higher benefits), but will never tolerate this kind of offense! Dare to kill her, dare to fight against her, and the shepherd alliance will definitely retaliate against him in the future!

“Hate me?”

The voice of yuntianhe was intermittent, with a light cough. Another thunder was about to fall, but he still tried his best to lock Zhi Kui, coughing and gasping and laughing:

“Please hate me.”

Only betrayal is not enough. Only by completely offending the old lord, breaking with him, and then any possibility of being re accepted. If he can survive this time, he will have a chance to be accepted by C 250.

After all, the shepherd he chose for himself is a suspicious man.

“Paper people turn people into people. It’s hard for heaven to tolerate!”


The thunder fell, and the thunder and lightning flooded yuntianhe’s expectant smile. This time, Zhikui was doomed! At the same time, Wei Xun threw out Taisui golden elixir and a mountain Weng at the same time! With aura protection and heaven’s punishment, their broken spirits and spirits finally showed signs of merging together.

Just then——

“Boom -!”

At the moment of the integration of Taisui Jindan and shanweng, the unprecedented thunder exploded in the sky, completely better than all the thunder before! In the East Hall, the death keel shrank, the White Snake trembled, and the skinned man almost knelt down. Wei Xun and Yu Hehui lifted the man at the same time and looked into the distance.

The thunder did not ring in the east side hall, but at the top of Xiaotang mountain!

Thunder, Xiaotang mountain, Lingshen is finally born!


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