TTG Chapter 233

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 233: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (56)

“More than two hours earlier…”

Yu Hehui murmured that it was almost ten o’clock in the evening. It was two hours away from the early morning, but Shenjing was born at this moment!

On the one hand, Shenjing was restless because of the too dense lightning and thunder. On the other hand, he knew that Taisui and shanweng were integrated, and Lingshen felt himself. He was worried about the safety of his brother.

I don’t know, because the performance in the east side hall has reached the most critical time!

 when the keel was seen in the underground palace under the snake, it was found that the keel was polluted by . From here on, the play is no longer like the first day of performance. The snake covets the keel and knows that it starts according to the real history.

Yun Lianghan doesn’t know how to read his lines when the plot changes, but even without his lines, the performance of snake alone is enough to move people’s heartstrings!

This tiny snake is anxiously wound around the keel, and the snake’s signal is fluffy. It points at the place where the snake is soaked, but it can’t eliminate the snake – it knows that the snake filled with the corpse of the mountain god can’t purify the dragon vein naturally. How can it be solved by a small snake?

Even if you know the snake who has practiced for thousands of years, you don’t know the dragon. I don’t even know the dragon soul. It was completely corroded when I was young. Only the remaining keel can’t last long. The snake hesitated and finally made up its mind – it would take off its body, turn into a dragon soul, and merge with the keel, so that the dragon vein could continue.

The little snake curled up and grew thin horns on its head. It began to turn into a dragon!

However, the half life Taoist who went down to the fifth floor of the underground palace knew that the snake could not turn into a dragon soul in the end, and he knew that the snake fell short and only became a dragon, which could not remove the pollution of the snake.

After hundreds of years of torture and pain, the situation became more and more serious. In the end, it even had to use blood food to pollute the body of Qing Dynasty, so as to reluctantly turn into a blood dragon soul.

Go on, you know what a game it is. This knows the snake’s memory and its obsession. It must be relieved. I’m afraid the only snake spirit left has to go on the old road and have no turning back.

Half life Tao is very anxious. He keeps counting. He doesn’t know that he is for the snake, but for the newly born ginseng essence!

Shen Jingyao knows how to integrate into the earth and release the spirit. The crisis of snake in the performance will naturally be relieved. Ginseng essence is born at the moment. It seems just right, but there are many calculations between heaven and earth.

Saving the snake is the only obsession of the deer spirit for hundreds of years. And if you don’t know that without the help of Lu Ling, the three brothers of Shanling can’t fall on Xiaotang mountain.

It is said that the deer spirit is kind to the ginseng essence. If you want to turn into a form, you must repay the kindness first.

Wei Xun also expected this earlier! He looked at Yu Hehui. Yu Hehui gave him a deep look. His eyes were like a thousand words of advice. In the end, they only became a heavy nod. Then Yu Hehui left Wei Xun and went to the battlefield on the stage.

“Team Zhou, I’ll leave it to you.”

He picked up meike’er, who fought with olaine, nodded at Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist, and took him directly to the stage.

“Yu Hehui? What are you doing?”

Meckel meowed, and the cat’s ear turned into an airplane’s ear. She said nervously, “I have nothing to do -”

“Unseal your paint bucket.”

Yu Hehui said bluntly, “you color, I’ll protect the Dharma for you.”

“Do your job.”

Meckel has received many tasks from Lu Ling, which Wei Xun knew earlier. He went on all the way and definitely received the link of “rebirth snake”!

Passengers know the variables, the insertion of Meckel, and the resurrection of the spirit snake will no longer need the “reference spirit”! However, she was so anxious because of the performance that she couldn’t help looking at the top of Xiaotang mountain. Lu Ling turned her head, opened her deer eyes and looked forward to Meckel in the field.

“Meow, don’t know, for the sake of brothers.”

Meckel complained, meow, but did not hesitate. He conjured up six cat tails, and then Meckel trembled. Two of the six cat tails were directly broken!

The black cat suddenly became depressed and lost her spirit. Then it threw out a paint bucket and two cat tails fell directly into the paint bucket. If you are close at the moment, you can see that there are only three basic colors of red, yellow and blue in the paint bucket, which are incompatible with each other.

When the cat’s tail fell, a strange situation happened. The two black cat tails turned into pure energy, such as invisible big hands stirring the paint bucket. It’s hard to stir the outside, and most of the paint doesn’t move at all, except a small point in the center of the paint. In the agitation, its color became lighter and lighter, and gradually changed into “color”, while Meckel knew that she was sweating and almost collapsed.

This seemingly ordinary paint bucket is actually a legendary prop. The paint inside can not only change the color, for example, after pouring a lot of energy for color matching, the paint can even change the shape!

In the mutual election at the end of the journey to northern Tibet in the past, Feihong brigade heard the moon and knew that it was a green dragon, but it jumped into the golden paint and came out again. It temporarily became a golden dragon.

From dragon to dragon, you know Yu Hehui’s plan!

The mountain god is extremely difficult to remove, and the spirit is not enough. He simply doesn’t take this road. The snake spirit is bitter because it didn’t change into a dragon in the future. I only know that it became a dragon and couldn’t hold it down after it was combined with the keel.

In that case, let it become a dragon in this performance!

“There are too many of them. I really can’t have more.”

Meckel finally gasped and stopped. After all, his strength was not top, and he was reluctant to use the paint bucket. After adjusting for a long time, only a small piece of “frozen” paint was brought out.

Is this enough paint?

Of course, it’s not enough to paint the Jing Jiao. He didn’t know that he wanted to turn the Jiao under the fifth floor of the underground palace into a dragon. I only know that it is used in this performance to make the little snake that turns Jiao into a dragon temporarily to end my obsession and complete the performance!


Bian Yu and Hui restrained the performance, and another thunder fell on Wei Xun’s head. The devil’s wing can’t completely block the heavenly punishment. The silver magic pattern can’t bear so many electric lights and is split directly. Wei Xun was numb all over and his thinking stagnated for a moment.

In the bitterness, he could not even control his body well. Holding the fusion of Taisui and shanweng, his fingers were stiff and trembling. The electric arc jumped on him, and the electric arc was vaguely anxious – no, there were too many thunder and lightning, and even the Skinner next to him was not strong enough.

Wei Xun is trying to communicate with Taisui shanweng and lure Shenjing to him. But now the terrible posture of heavenly punishment, not only Shen Jing can’t come over, but he’s afraid he can’t hold it any longer!

I also know that there are too many ghosts here. The sky is crazy.

Do you want to use the giant spirit now? Use it to attract punishment?

For a short time, Wei Xun frowned and thought, but the giant ghost was also one of his backhands. Now it’s too wasteful to use it. Moreover, the control of Linghe must integrate Xiaocui. Without the devil’s dissimilated lightning protection, the next Tianlei——


Another heaven punishing thunder is about to break down. Wei Xun’s eyes are fierce, but he knows that he threw something out by taking advantage of the falling machine of Tianlei, and he still goes in the direction of yuntianhe – the old housekeeper of the Zhi family thrown by Wei Xun!

At the same time, Wei Xun is always ready to integrate Xiaocui to control the giant spirit. Hearing the thunder, the heavenly punishment fell again, but before Wei Xun started, the heavenly punishment turned a corner out of thin air and split to the edge of yuntianhe river.

Even without communication, yuntianhe is smart enough to understand the meaning of C250! He directly pulled out his cross and strung the old housekeeper of Zhi family and the burnt corpse of Zhi Kui together.

Zhikui and Zhijia’s old housekeeper come to know the homologous paper man. Under the series connection of the holy light cross, it’s like Zhijia’s old housekeeper wants to pass her vitality to Zhikui and bring her back to life! Of course, the heaven who just cut her can’t tolerate this. Yuntianhe knows how to use Zhikui to the extreme!

Heaven’s punishment was struck by lightning, which completely cut Zhi’s old housekeeper and Zhi Kui into ashes, and there was no possibility of rebirth. Even though yuntianhe retreated in time, the cross was aware of his exclusive weapon. It was cracked by the robbed thunder, and the holy light was dim.


Yuntianhe vomited a mouthful of blood and his face was very sad, but regardless of his injury, his eyes looked brightly in the direction of C 250. He was glad that his heart was connected at this moment. He was happy that C250 could choose to let him help at this critical moment, and he was satisfied that he could really help him solve his worries.

But Wei Xun didn’t have time to see yuntianhe. It’s good not to use the giant spirit now. After the thunder, Wei Xun had a chance to catch his breath again. Not only did Wei Xun know that he had a chance to breathe, but Wei Xun keenly looked towards the almost destroyed wall of the east side hall and saw a tender and slender young man who looked 17 or 18 years old.

The young man’s forehead and heart are a little red, his hair reaches his waist, and his red lips SIP gently, just like the boy serving next to the Bodhisattva, but his body is still illusory, as if it were scattered all the time.

The spirit ginseng appears!

The spirit ginseng hesitated. He was too scared to show his head just now. Now, taking advantage of the gap between heaven and punishment, he looked into it, but he couldn’t decide which side to go for a while.

It is reasonable to say that he should repay the kindness first and use the spirit to resolve the problem, but he doesn’t know——


The little dragon rolled all over the paint, gave out an excited and tender scream, and the Dragon horns on both sides of his head completely grew out – it turned into a dragon!

“Yo Yo!”

᠕. Lu Ling and Xiao Long are happy to post, and then they meet the dead keel transformed by Lu Ling – it seems that he doesn’t need him anymore.

Lingshen looked in the direction of Wei Xun and at the Taisui golden pill and shanweng in his hand. Originally, I was worried about my brother’s safety, but now it seems that he is not dangerous. The man who holds him seems to have average strength, but he seems to have countless cards. Although Lingshen didn’t show up before, he also saw everything in his eyes.

His brother didn’t need him to save him. He even said that if he was like him in the past, he might bring him greater disaster.

Lingshen knows that the strongest of the three brothers of Shanling can feel the heaven and earth more clearly. Heaven and earth don’t want to let him turn into a human body. Not only that, there seemed to be a force staring at him, making him unable to get close to his three brothers.

Close to the toilet will lead to a life-threatening crisis, and you can only drive safely. Yu Mingming knows that he has spiritual intelligence at the same time. For spiritual objects, he should be born at the same time as three brothers, but he can only open.

No reunion! No reunion!

It seemed that the prohibition engraved in the depths of his soul bound his three brothers and made them never see each other again in the past ten years.

If you don’t know that you are too old to be caught by the old lady, shanweng won’t come to the rescue. Otherwise, shanweng was also caught, and he didn’t come to Xiaotangshan at this important juncture of transformation.

But in the dark, Lingshen was also aware of an opportunity, which made his three brothers get together again! Seeing the Taisui and shanweng fused in the hands of C 250, Lingshen seemed to know what had happened, but the dusty memory could not emerge. Put him in a dilemma.

Do you know how to advance or retreat? Do you know how to continue? Do you know how to take this opportunity to integrate together?

“Roar -!”

When the situation was deadlocked, Mr. Skinner roared first! Its roar was heard by the passengers, and the passengers were almost aware of the loud and harsh noise. They were all on alert. They didn’t know what kind of moth Mr. Skinner would do again. In particular, Mei Ke’er, Yun Lianghan and Yu Hehui at the performance site are even more nervous.

But Wei Xun could understand what Mr. Skinner was talking about.

“Show, show –”

It roared, joyful, excited, kept murmuring, like madness.

“Perfect, perfect — Performance –”

If you don’t know the perfect performance?

Not only should the performance be unique and perfectly restored, but also his own soul, which can affect people’s emotions and immerse people.

That’s a good show!

The Dragon turns into a dragon, integrates the keel, neutralizes the dragon of the dead keel with the deer spirit, and makes the idea come true – for hundreds of years, I know what it hopes, expects and has the best ending.

There is no need to be tortured and struggling for a hundred years, and there is no need to finally despair. We can only choose to be polluted by blood and turn into a blood dragon soul. There is no need to insist on protecting the mountain and forest nature for hundreds of years. In the end, we can only get the cruel ending of the disappearance of the spirit and no rebirth forever.

Even now the east side hall only knows the performance, the real reality cannot be reversed. In the fifth floor of the underground palace, Jiaozao turned into a blood dragon soul and merged with the dead keel. However, this comparison shows that the performance is extremely excellent.

From reality, higher than reality, this is the performance!

Mr. Skinner is very satisfied!

He leaned over slightly, as if he wanted to see the emperor, and whether he was satisfied with the performance. At the same time, Mr. Skinner’s huge scarlet body became illusory, spilled countless scarlet spiritual pollution, and attracted a big wave of lightning.

But this does not know what it will do, but knows that Mr. Skinner is dissipating and returning to nothingness. Like when thousands of papers were burned by Wei Xun, some mental pollution in the lightning and thunder seemed to be involved by invisible forces and floated upward – it was absorbed and integrated by devil merchants.

Rao knows that the devil merchant didn’t expect that the show could be completed and even got the satisfaction of Mr. Skinner! The original King sighed and returned to the magic mirror while the devil merchant was eroded by spiritual pollution to eat the ghost king who occupied his body. Now he has no chance.

Because the power belonging to the hotel has fallen on the devil merchant!

At the end of the performance, the customs clearance of the funeral palace scenic spot in yangshou town also means that the assessment task of the leader of the devil merchant is completed.

The devil merchant is still peeling the scarlet spiritual pollution from Mr. Zhang, but it has fallen to the ground. The tour guide badge on his chest glittered, and the strength of the hotel burst out, like a circle of silver gray moonlight, and gradually solidified into a ring like a Quan ring – this is the “tour guide card” of the tour guide.

If the tour guide certificate is condensed and the ring is worn, the strength of the tour guide will be greatly improved and will become a real tour guide!

It takes time to condense the leader’s ring. At this moment, the devil merchant has completely revealed his alienation. He absorbed the scarlet spiritual pollution of the Skinner and covered the silver gray gauze cage with blood light. The collision between mental pollution and ghost Yin has attracted more terrible lightning.

However, most of the lightning was resisted by the hotel, and only a few fell on the devil merchant – a purple gray lightning was resisted.

[the show is over!]

At the moment when the prompt sound of the hotel sounded in the ears of every passenger and guide, Wei Xun had stood under Mr. Skinner’s skin, and he even took the devil merchant’s arm directly.

The devil merchant turned his face and looked at him. He didn’t push it away. The ghost’s pupils were deep and almost dark. Even if countless lightning falls, the ruins are almost bright in the day, but they still can’t shine his eyes. The devil merchant is taller than Wei Xun. Their posture at this time seems to be condescending.

But Wei Xun smiled wantonly and immediately became highly alienated. The devil’s body was tall and thin. With the sharp corners of the devil, he immediately surpassed the devil merchant. At the same time, his sharp claws completely cracked his sneakers and fell to the ground.

The body of the earth, the earth of the earth, the devil merchant attracted and resisted the thunder and lightning. Wei Xun didn’t waste this opportunity at all!


He whispered to Lingshen, and Wei Xun’s voice reached Lingshen’s ears through the fused Taisui golden pill and shanweng. Before the thunderstorm came, Lingshen had fled into the ground and came towards the east side hall.

Countless people are involved with blood and want to lead it into the fifth floor of the underground palace, but the call of brother and Wei Xun makes it resolutely choose his direction!

No reunion, no reunion!

The voice in the depths of the soul is still screaming and scolding severely, almost knowing the innate ability.

But I know that Taisui and shanweng are reunited and integrated. My three brothers should be together.

Lingshen calmly refutes his inner voice.

If you reunite, your three spirits will go and go!

Go… Lingshen’s heart suddenly twitched. He reacted greatly to the word,  as if,  as if he had been .

But Lingshen soon calmed down. In fact, he was not afraid of death, but he didn’t want his brother to die because of him.

“Does he have any questions?”

He finally responded to the personal questions and asked the questions he was most concerned about.

At the moment of hearing Lingshen’s words, Wei Xun smiled. Holding the fusion of Taisui golden pill and shanweng in his index finger and thumb, he knew that he opened his mouth and swallowed it.

“I let you live”

In a simple word, there is no promise next to you or other vows. The language is even plain, but it seems to have a strong power.

Lingshen trembled. He recognized that the key point of this sentence was not ‘you’, nor ‘living’, but ‘I’.

‘I’ let you live.

Only by loving me can you live.

Why is he so confident? How dare he speak wildly? Can he really do it?

However, when Wei Xun merged the two spirits into the entrance, Lingshen had no other choice! He no longer hesitated, from the earth to another earth, from the soles of his feet in contact with the earth, drilled into his body!

“Boom –!”

When the thunder exploded, heaven seemed to notice something. The thunder was hidden, but the terrible lightning that could frustrate people’s bones and ashes was not directly cut down – in its judgment, the spiritual ginseng was still in the soil.

For those who know, choose the spiritual objects that disperse their spiritual power and integrate into the natural earth. Heaven knows that they are tolerant. Even the heavenly punishment and thunder robbery on Wei Xun’s head were slowed down – it’s not beautiful to know how to chop the spirit ginseng that melts the spirit into the earth and make it change its mind.

However, the reality is different from what God has detected. Yes, Lingshen knows that the spirit melts into the earth. At the moment it enters Wei Xun’s body, it actively collapses, and the surging spirit fills the soil in Wei Xun’s body at the moment. The spirit even suppresses his alienation and forcibly presses Wei Xun back to the state of human beings!

Pure, a large number of spiritual objects from Lingshen filled Wei Xun’s body and wrapped the Taisui gold pill and shanweng he swallowed. Ten years later, the three spiritual objects finally gathered again, just like the moment when it gave birth to wisdom in this mountain forest.

The spirits mingled and intertwined. The nearly collapsed spirits of Taisui Jindan and shanweng were gently cured by Lingshen and gradually melted in the healing. Yes, the voice in the soul is right.

He said that the three are indeed “gone”. Without self, they are integrated together, but death also means rebirth! At this moment, Wei Xun’s body is like the earth and his body is like a furnace. While the three spirits melt, some memory fragments belonging to it flash into Wei Xun’s mind.

Gradually, these fragmented memory pictures are more and more, and the flow rate is faster and faster, which is dazzling and almost invisible.

But Wei Xun has a deeper understanding of Sanling and Tong Hege.

A future that can no longer be experienced.

Taisui, Lingshen, shanweng; Childhood, adolescence, middle age.

Tong Hege was 19 years old. His childhood was no different from that of other ordinary people. He was too young and naive.

He has no future, no chance to grow into middle age, and he is melancholy.

When he was a teenager, he knew the days and nights he worked hard for a living after joining the hotel. He represented the strongest and most knowledgeable spiritual participation in his youth. He is gentle and strong, tolerant of carefree childhood and melancholy and helpless middle age.

As soon as Lingshen entered the body, Wei Xun overturned the original idea. Tong Hege’s rebirth is different from Nezha’s rebirth, and is completely different from lotus leaf and lotus root. He is an extremely powerful teenager, with a tender and weak childhood and middle age.

Teenagers know the present, childhood and middle age know the past and future. Taisui golden elixir is the smallest, and knowledge is the core. The spirit ginseng is the strongest and wrapped outside. The past and present blend and develop, and the ethereal future is born in the Taisui golden elixir and Lingshen.

The three spirits merged, and the soil in Wei Xun’s body was twisted into a small ball as big as a lotus seed, just like a newborn fetus. The majestic spirit even infected the lotus seeds. Under the deliberate control of Wei Xun, even the lotus seeds were infected with the breath of Shanling.

Resurrection Tong Hege has reached the most critical moment!

At the end of the performance, the right and precepts of the leader of the devil merchant’s team had almost completely condensed, and the eyes of the people present fell on C250.


When the three spirits merged in Wei Xun’s body, the deafening thunder exploded in the sky, which was as loud as the deceived heaven roared angrily!

Without further hesitation, the thunder was smashed down without knowing one, but the three thunder were smashed down at the same time, and the bright electric light was condensed to the extreme, just like a bright silver God’s javelin, killing Wei Xun with the silent power. The horror lightning even made the veteran passengers present tremble and unable to breathe.

Seeing the crisis approaching, the devil businessman did not push Wei Xun away. On the contrary, he took the initiative to force his arm, but he knew that he seemed to want to bring Wei Xun closer to himself, as if to help him block heaven’s punishment and thunder.

However, Wei Xun released the devil merchant’s hand at the same time, avoided his arm and fell back. While falling, Wei Xun threw out the ball of the mutant devil bug, and 20000 devil bugs full of  appeared instantly and exploded in mid air.


The surging and frightening “thunder robbing” directly counteracts the killing moves formed by these three thunder robbing! The powerful energy swept through, and the passengers in the east side hall almost fell down. Even the pouring rain was pushed in all directions by the powerful energy of the explosion, such as a huge water curtain in mid air.

But the shadow of purple lightning is reflected on the water curtain – the first three lightning robbers have not dispersed, and new lightning robbers will come again! This robbery is not as powerful as the former. It is very thin and like a willow branch. But the seemingly weak mine robbery hides the power of powerful terror.

However, I also know that when I first arrived in mid air, the mine was stopped, and a huge tentacle full of mine blocked the way of mine! At the moment of using the magic insect ball, Wei Xun and Xiaocui’s spirit merged and controlled the giant spirit. At the critical moment, the giant spirit blocked the thunder.

But I don’t know——


Yu Hehui exclaimed, because at the moment of contact with the giant spirit tentacle, the thunder suddenly broke into eight paths, and the giant spirit blocked five of them. The tentacle was blown out, but the remaining three paths fell to Wei Xun in an instant! While he is still in the fragile demon insect fusion state, he is not aware of the demon alienation state.

The three lightning robbers locked three directions and were extremely fast. Wei Xun couldn’t dodge at all. In an instant, Yu Hehui sent all the spirits into Wei Xun to save his life.

However, in fact, the three lightning attacks did not hit Wei Xun.

“Hiss -”

At the critical moment, he knew that the devil merchant grabbed Wei Xun’s waist and blocked him. The thrown power ring blocked the three lightning robbers, and the rest of the lightning was completely blocked by the devil merchant!

No one expected the devil businessman to do this. Even Augustus and Zhou Xiyang were shocked.

But at the same time, Xiao Tian stood up and left Augustus quietly on October 10. Only Yu Hehui, who was connected with Wei Xun’s spirit, knew what had happened.

“I haven’t seen it for a long time. It hurts.”

In the thunder and lightning, the devil merchant whispered. Their gestures were very close, like a pair of close friends who can give birth to the trust. But who knows that at this moment, the devil merchant’s hand pierced Wei Xun’s chest like a sharp blade. His eyes were deep and dark dark green, his tone was elegant, and the devil merchant was very different.


When he grabbed something, the devil merchant’s hand suddenly pulled away. Wei Xun stretched out his hand with his last strength, but only caught the devil merchant’s hair. Then he couldn’t fall back with inertia. Everyone saw the blood hole in his chest, and the devil merchant flew back with something round in his hand!

He returned in time, otherwise the red umbrella on October 10 might split him in half head-on! Wei Xun was picked up with one arm on October 10, stuffed with a life-saving medicine, and then pushed back into Yu Hehui’s arms.

Then on October 10, he tore the night like lightning and chased the devil merchant!

“How are you now? Are you okay?”

Yu Hehui held Wei Xun’s hands trembling, took out a bottle of hemostatic and immediately sprinkled it on Wei Xun’s chest, but the blood that kept flowing out could not be stopped. Not only that, Yu Hehui felt that in Wei Xun’s body, the spirit representing the three spirits had disappeared!

Did the devil merchant dig the three spirit fusion from Wei Xun’s chest?

Thinking of this, Yu Hehui almost suffocated, clenched his fist tightly, and his fingernails almost pierced the palm of his hand. But instead of leaving Wei Xun to chase the devil merchant, he tried to carry him on his back and go to a safe place.

“Hey boy, your opponent knows me!”

But without the restraint of October 10, the red werewolf Augustus showed his tusks and rushed up with a grim smile. Even if his legs were broken on October 10, he was hurt all over, but the werewolf’s combat effectiveness and endurance were far beyond ordinary people.

Yu Hehui had to put down Wei Xun and fight Augustus. At this time, he was no longer calm. Endless worry, pain, despair, sadness and irritability turned into killing moves!

Augustus can’t kill the three wolves in the West. He’d better not kill the three wolves in the West. He knows the decision he made during the discussion. When it comes to the competition between the East and the west, the hotel should weigh many influencing factors.

In this brigade, there are many people in the East and few in the West. For example, kill all the three wolves in the west, leaving the devil businessman in a helpless state. I’m afraid the assessment of the leader of C250 is extremely difficult, even double the assessment difficulty of the leader of the devil businessman!

And the most undesirable situation is that the black widow, the guardian of the devil merchant, will have more mobile phones.

In a word, if you don’t kill the three wolves in the Western District, you will get the maximum benefit. You know why you have been holding Augustus down since October 10, and you don’t really have a killer.

But now Yu Hehui knows that he really wants to kill!

At the same time, the devil businessman was caught up by October 10, and the two sides fought fiercely – no, not fiercely, because he always knew that he would fight on October 10, and the devil businessman was always avoiding.

But even if he only knew how to avoid, all his moves to avoid October 10 were incredible. I just passed the team leader assessment. His strength should be far less than that of October 10.

“Know the Devourer.”

“Yes, yes, know the Devourer.”

Half life Taoist anxiously clenched his hands and subconsciously answered. Yes, the Devourer who currently occupies the body of the devil merchant knows the duties of the examiner! Completing the team leader assessment does not know the end point. The examiner also has to judge the current status of the ‘examinee’ in all aspects and give a comprehensive evaluation.

This comprehensive evaluation will appear in the guide’s file and accompany him all his life. Of course, this “all-round evaluation” can only be a simple inspection, or it can be more in-depth and detailed. It’s illegal to control the examinee’s body, but it’s not too illegal. It all depends on the judgment of the hotel.

“Tong Hege is reborn… I’m afraid…”

I’m afraid Tong Hege’s resurrection is still not allowed by the hotel. The hotel only tacitly allows the Devourer who occupies the body of the devil merchant to attack C250.

Zhou Xiyang’s eyes were red and his fists were clenched. He wanted to catch up with her and fight with her on October 10. He also wanted to immediately pick up C250 to see if his injury was serious, but he could not act rashly. He had to stare at olaine with half life Taoist and Meckel.

Because it’s not over yet!


Thunder sounded again in the cloudy sky. Yes, the sky punishment is not over yet, and the sky thunder is still falling.

Go. Half life Taoist priest winked at the little angel. At this time, C250 was helpless, spitting blood at his mouth and sitting on the ground. I’m afraid he knew that he was unable to carry the next thunder.

The seriously injured Yun Tianhe and Yun Lianghan have begun to approach him. At present, only three of them can protect C 250. Even if he is seriously injured, he is not strong, but now the ball of mountain spirit fusion has been taken away by the devil merchant. They only know that it is an ordinary punishment. He should be able to carry it.


Xiao Tian pretended to walk in the direction of C 250, but his speed was not fast. Bleeding, C250 spit blood at the mouth, bleeding on the chest. Bleeding, C250, you know the clay body, how to bleed.

In the middle of the journey, Xiao Tian met with Bing 250’s eyes, and they knew everything with only one touch. Xiao Tian still walked in the direction of C 250, but he was a little biased, faintly blocking between Mia and C 250.


The next moment, God punished the thunder again, but half of the Taoist priest almost jumped up. Why, why is this thunder even more terrifying than before?

The ball of the fusion of the three spirits is already in the hands of the devil merchant.

“I know you!”

The thunder that blew up in the sky and Zhou Xiyang’s angry scolding sound sounded at the same time, and the bright silver light flashed through. You don’t know clearly. The knife light also knows the electric light. Sharp senhan’s power swept past. Even if the deputy heads of the three brigades blocked at the same time and knew that they were ready early, they almost let the other party break through.

Olaine knows the silver moon killer!

Zhou Xiyang tried his best to stop the silver moon killer. He had no time to attend to him. The only thing he noticed was Yu Hehui, who beat Augustus wildly. The terrible power made him subconsciously turn back, and then he saw a scene that made him heartbroken!

The falling thunder unexpectedly broke away from the air in sixteen ways, eight of which split at the devil merchant, while the other eight split at Wei Xun! Why, don’t you know that the three spirit fusion ball has been taken away by the devil merchant? Why is this last mine robbery still so terrible?!


The devil merchant who escaped the attack on October 10 suddenly chuckled and threw out his things without warning.

“If you want, here you are.”

After saying that, he quickly retreated and hid from the range of the sky thunder. On October 10, he didn’t chase him again, but he caught the ball thrown by the devil merchant directly, but he was slightly stunned on October 10 when he got it. It was wrapped with a spirit. Indeed, he knew the spirit of the fusion of the three spirits, but he knew that a broken lotus seed was on his body!

“Can only lead away eight robbing mines.”

Wei Xun coughs up blood. Without lotus seeds, the clay figurine state is relieved, and he becomes a □□ foetus again. His body seemed to be on the verge of collapse. Even if he didn’t stop the countdown of accumulation and supplement, he couldn’t make his body better.

Deliberately make the core of the fusion of the three spirits as big as the lotus seed, so that the lotus seed can be infected with the spirit of the fusion of the three spirits. I know Wei Xun’s plan is good. He really didn’t expect the devil merchant to kill him, but he fell in his arms. The devil merchant took away a lotus seed and didn’t know the fusion of the three spirits.

Wei Xun coughed up a mouthful of blood. His rapidly collapsed body couldn’t sit still and fell back. Both Yun Lianghan and the seriously injured Yun Tianhe were frightened by the terrible thunder and couldn’t help, but Wei Xun didn’t fall down.

“Is it almost zero?”

A pair of unreal hands held his body. The unreal figure appeared behind Wei Xun. He frowned, his forehead was a little scarlet, his dark long hair was tied up, and he was dressed in red clothes like a Mountain Ghost. He was as gorgeous as peaches and plums, but his face was like frost. He looked very difficult to approach.

But his action of holding Wei Xun seemed particularly gentle.


Wei Xun coughed, “I have a lot of money.”

Eight pieces of lightning crashed down and suddenly reached the top of my head. This is the last heavenly punishment. As long as it can survive, Tong Hege will be reborn, and everything will be vast. Once it doesn’t hold——

Tong Hege didn’t say much, but the silver needle turned by Lingyu quickly appeared at his fingertips and pierced Wei Xun. Wei Xun, who was seriously injured and unable to move, was like a reflection. He threw a lot of things quickly. Scarlet cloak, light blue cloak pierced by the return knife, all kinds of props.

But even if he exhausted his means, Tianlei only knew that the eight ways had become seven! During this process, Tong Hege held him for several times, and his spirit almost collapsed, but Tianlei always chased him, and his infinite terror was going to completely split him!

“I –”

Seeing this, Tong Hege’s eyes were sharp. For the last time, he wanted to throw Wei Xun in the direction of October 10. He led Tianlei away in the opposite direction. But Wei Xun, who was perceived by fangruo, held his hand first, and the dice of twenty gamblers were held in the overlapping hands of Wei Xun and Tong Hege.

“Doomsday carnival.”

When Tianlei was near, Wei Xun started gambling without warning. The attention of countless viewers in the live broadcasting room made his gambling luck reach the peak in an instant. At the moment, the audience is more than the last time when he started gambling, and Wei Xun’s gambling luck is stronger.

The next moment his life suddenly disappeared. From Wei Xun’s death countdown when he didn’t use his savings to exchange his death countdown just now, the serious injury on the verge of collapse made his death countdown almost zero in an instant.

What are you betting on? What does Wei Xun want to bet on?

Do you know that you want to bet on him? No, you don’t want to bet on Tianlei?

“C 250!”

At the most critical moment, even Bruce Lee appeared. The machine he shot hasn’t been used up yet. He can help bing250 once!

But from a certain point of view, he also knows that it is related to Tong Hege. For example, the dream chaser can resist the lightning robbery. It is very likely that he doesn’t know that the last lightning robbery is coming, and the lightning will come again, and the dream chaser knows that he can only do it once.

What should I do!

The thunder light was close at hand, and the bright electric light was reflected in Wei Xun’s eyes. This makes people unable to look directly. The dazzling light makes him think of an existence that can’t look directly.

“I bet – I know how the devoured kill.”

Wei Xun did not hesitate to clench his fist and stabbed himself in the heart. He could vaguely see a handful of hair in his hand – the hair that Wei Xun pulled from the devil merchant’s head when the Devourer occupied the devil merchant’s body and attacked him! The hair infused with strength pierced Wei Xun’s heart like a sword.

At the same time when the sky punishment thunder fell, his “death countdown” was almost zero – there was only a few seconds left. Is this “death”? If you only have a few seconds left in your life span, you can already know that you are dead!

But the countdown to death in the last few seconds is like a stop, and it will not decrease any more. The thunder exploded, but it didn’t hit Wei Xun.

A tall, black figure stood in front of Wei Xun. The terrible thunder struck him, but he couldn’t shake his standing posture.

[it is considered illegal for the Devourer to attack the participants of the confrontation mission in the East and West, the examinee and the deputy director of the journey C 250 and almost kill them]

The indifferent and cold voice sounded in the ears of every passenger present, dignified and terrible, like an echo. He picked up Wei Xun and covered his eyes when Wei Xun looked at him.

The broad palm almost covered Wei Xun’s face, and he could feel his lips moving under his palm.

“I won the bet”

Wei Xun said with a smile.

The Devourer did it to him, absolutely against the law. And He Wei Xun doesn’t know what he has no backers, and he also knows his own examiner.

This scenic spot is over, but it’s the last scenic spot. It’s time to know the home of him and his examiner. As long as the Devourer wants to put him on the ground, his examiner can do justice for him!

The injury was too serious, and the San value and the “death countdown” were almost reduced to an extremely dangerous level. Even though Wei Xun struggled to wake up, he finally fell asleep in the arms of * *.

Therefore, Wei Xun, who was picked up by * * and covered his eyes, and then fell asleep, couldn’t see it.  a tall figure in a star moon cloak appeared almost at the same time as * *. He appeared directly next to the devil merchant and caught the Devourer out of thin air.

The Devourer smiled and disappeared, but the golden slim didn’t have time to go. This time, I only heard a loud pop.

Golden slim was crushed by life.


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