TTG Chapter 234

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 234: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (57)

No one dared to speak, only Lei Xiang, who split on * *. All the veteran tourists present had backgrounds, but none of them had met the host of the hotel, even Zhou Xiyang.

Even if they have been sliced by tourists or tour guides, they have become indescribable horrors from the moment they become the principal. Invisible, inaudible, and untouchable.

Even the words are echoed in everyone’s mind like a notice through the hotel – it is precisely because of this that the passengers present can confirm that at this moment, the two who are holding c-50 and those who have found the Devourer are the principals of the hotel!

[it is considered illegal for the Devourer to attack the participants in the confrontation task, candidates and the deputy director C of the journey and almost kill them]

This sound is directly in the minds of all passengers!

For a time, except for thunder and rainstorm, the whole audience was silent. Some people keep their eyes closed while others stare at them. This is the first time I have seen the figure of the principal for the first time, and they are not crazy!

Because they are the main examiner, they have actually been affected by the spirit?

Otherwise, how can you see two figures? There should be only one examiner.

Which is the illusion and which is the reality?


If the frost falls, the golden shrem crushed by the tall man in the black robe embroidered with star and moon patterns will flow like bright gold, and the dots will disappear in the night – shrem will not die easily, and only a few fragments can be reborn.

But not many people paid attention to shrem, because at the moment when shrem disappeared, the principal also disappeared. The stars and moon on his black robe disappeared, like the night sky covered by thick clouds. One second after he disappeared, he seemed to turn around and look in the direction of c-50.

It was only five seconds from the time of coming out to disappearing. It was so short at the critical moment of tension and excitement, but the principal who was in dark robe and without any color stayed for a few more seconds. He stood in the thunder with C250 in his arms, his face like a thick shadow deeper than the night.

When he arrived, he bowed his head and whispered as if he were doing something intimate. Thick black and the figure of C 250 completely intertwined and overlapped, and then he also disappeared into the night.


The principal disappeared, and Wei Xun fell directly from the state of being held. He was completely unconscious and completely unprepared. If you don’t see a red figure nearby, Tong Hege reaches out his hand to catch it in time. I’m afraid Wei Xun will fall directly into the mud pit.

“Danger, danger!”

But at the moment when Tong Hege caught Wei Xun, there was another lightning attack on them. The punishment has not stopped!

However, the lightning struck the C250, but was blocked by an invisible black fog. The black fog seems light, but in fact it is indestructible. It reminds people of the principal who came out just now, as if he took off his black robe representing authority and put it on the body of C-face 50.

The thunder finally went away, and the lightning no longer tore the sky. When the ruins of the east side hall are only the water spray from the heavy rain, we can only hear the continuous rain.

The punishment is finally over.

* *

Wei Xun is very tired.

He hasn’t been so tired for a long time. He can’t control his body, can’t wake up, and his consciousness is dark, as if he was swallowed by the deep sea. The skin was as heavy as a weight and could not be opened.

“Silver needle stabbing acupoint… Excessive blood loss…”


Occasionally, he could hear intermittent words, but they could not attract Wei Xun’s attention in any words. He was really tired, which seemed to diffuse from the depths of every inch of flesh, tendon, nerve and bone.

Even though he didn’t die after the gamble, he almost died to zero.

No pain doesn’t mean the body won’t get hurt. On the contrary, it’s dangerous. Like the mountain eroded and dug through by Chinese medicine, it’s too late to feel wrong at the moment when it’s on the verge of collapse, and it’s impossible to recover at that time.

Suo Weixun has not reached the limit state.

[guide C250, please restrain your illusion]

[guide C250, please restrain your illusion!]

So noisy

Wei Xun frowned in his sleep and buried his head in the depths of his mind. He didn’t want to wake up, not only physically tired, but also mentally tired. His real illness made him almost unable to feel any negative emotions, but the positive emotions seemed to disappear.

Excitement, expectation, positivity, excitement – all disappeared, leaving only a boring description.

But Hotel tips are not like alarm clocks. They don’t ring after a while. Among the endless tips of the hotel, Wei Xun finally returned to China and barely opened his door.

“Wake up!”

“What do you think?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, a cup of water with the right temperature was handed to his mouth. Wei Xun opened his mouth and drank it. The familiar sweet taste of purified magic honey added the fragrance of plants. Some unique flavors of Chinese herbal medicine are not heavy. Sweetness naturally makes people happy, and those positive emotions that almost disappeared are back.

Tong Hege finally came back to life!

Wei Xun hooked his lips, squinted lazily and looked at the people around him. Tong Hege holds him in his arms. The crimson robe is like the superposition of yarn and silk, which is very comfortable in front of his face.

Wei Xun also wore a fluffy long tail around his waist to block the dripping rain and autumn cold wind for him.

They sat on Yu Hehui’s back, and Yu Hehui, who was in a fox state, was carrying them.

“How do you feel?”

When Wei Xun woke up, he just looked at him and didn’t speak. Tong Hege worried, frowned, touched Wei Xun’s forehead, touched himself, and said to himself, “if you don’t burn, you won’t have the spirit.”

“If you feel uncomfortable, don’t talk like a mute – hiss.”

Suddenly aware of something, Tong Hege lowered his voice, and his tone implied a little tension: “it won’t be really dumb.”

Last night, guard Xun used the doomsday carnival. Gamblers after the carnival will naturally be punished, which he learned from Yu Hehui. Wei Xun couldn’t wake up. Even Tong Hege fed him a ginseng and a piece of Taisui. After Wei Xun’s body was completely cured, he didn’t wake up.

Yu Hehui guessed whether Wei Xun’s punishment would be like “sleeping forever”. If so, it would be terrible news to receive the assessment of Wei Xun’s team leader at the final scenic spot!

Fortunately, Wei Xun woke up soon after the brigade set out this morning. But he didn’t speak after waking up, which made Tong Hege worry again.

But Wei Xun has no time at the moment. He said more, because Wei Xun’s brain is almost crowded by the tips accumulated by the hotel!

[warning! Warning! Your death countdown will be reset to zero, and you will be reset to zero!]

[warning, warning, guide C 50, your opponent’s strength in the confrontation task in the East and west areas has far exceeded you. Please improve your strength as soon as possible to ensure the excellence of the confrontation!]

[the gambling carnival is over and your doomsday punishment is being settled!]

[your gambling successfully made 42598 spectators fear and dislike ‘gambling’ and 9796 spectators have the idea of ‘never gambling’! Because you have a large audience for ‘gambling’, the doomsday punishment is judged by the percentage of the audience who are tired of gambling in the total audience.]

[unfortunately, you failed to persuade people to quit gambling this time. The audience with the tendency to quit gambling only accounts for 10% of the total audience!]

[your doomsday punishment will be reduced by 10%.]

Wei Xun was not surprised. Although the gambling game last night was breathtaking, the gambling rate was never as high as when it was used last time. After all, the last time heaven punished me for robbing thunder, I was about to split it. In order to bet on strengthening me, Wei Xun led me to split it again, and even provoked me to swear after I got there, so the effect was so good.

Almost 90% of the audience don’t want him to gamble, so the punishment can be reduced to 90%.

But not this time. This time, he was in a desperate situation. Any means that could make him live, even if he risked all his gambling, there were all kinds of life-saving moves among the audience who cared about him and him, and the Jedi fought back!

And Wei Xun finally gambled. He really attracted the examiner and lived. Then his gambling was positive and successful. How could the audience resist.

I’m afraid those who resisted wanted him to die, part of the audience on the west side. In fact, even some viewers in the Western District appreciate the practice of C’s post-50s – when he is dying, he is gambling with S1 devourer with his own life.

That’s the S1 devourer!

And won the bet!

Next, there are two principals for the “five zero out” of face C!

Cool! It’s really cool. It’s really poked into the high point of those passengers on the west side!

On the contrary, Wei Xun failed to “quit gambling” for the audience, and he was severely punished. If it is reduced by 10%, he will have to bear 90% of the doomsday punishment, which is almost non decaying.

It’s really bad.

Thinking of his feeling in his sleep, Wei Xun had a faint premonition in his heart. The smile on his lips disappeared and he was eager to prompt the hotel.

Your doomsday Punishment —

[your positive feelings and emotions gradually disappear!]

[warning! Tour guide c-50, your pleasure has disappeared! The hotel regrets to remind you that if you don’t find a way to relieve the punishment as soon as possible, you will never be happy again!]

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you say something?”

Tong Hege got anxious. He saw Wei Xun’s face collapse. The whole person was weak, as if he would never laugh again.

It’s worthy of 90% of the doomsday punishment, and it’s directly possible for Wei Xun to take a head-on blow! There was a time limit for the clay man before, and it will be automatically released when the face is fourteen years old, but if the punishment is not found, the negative state will never disappear!

Am I really not happy?

Wei Xun is dying to try, but this is really not a good place to try.

“Director C, how are you feeling? Are you ready?!”

Everyone in the whole brigade was paying attention to the side of c-50. When there was news, Zhou Xiyang came first. He was still wearing his filial son’s linen clothes. He was nervous and looked from head to foot. Compared with when he first joined the brigade, his attitude towards c-50 was much more convincing and admirable.

Last night’s game was so thrilling that Zhou Xiyang really took c-50 completely!

When convinced, he also had many doubts to ask.

Are there really two examiners in c-50? Two principals?

It can be seen from the fact that after the black robed principal hugged C’s 50, the thunder didn’t stop, but split for a while. It can be seen that the principal should be involved with C’s 50 and Tong Hege – the possibility of Internet * * is high!

If you are in a bad state and split into two, that’s OK. But the other principal is wearing a black robe embroidered with star and moon patterns, and his momentum and * * are not good!

Are, are they really two? But last night, they went out too fast and disappeared too quickly. Zhou Xiyang was in a bad mental state. He suspected that he didn’t see hallucinations. Even half life Taoist couldn’t have a definite statement.

“The brigade started at seven this morning. It will arrive at Tianshou mountain at eight thirty and another half.”

When Zhou Xiyang arrived, he didn’t ask about C’s 50. C guide’s weakness was visible in his whole state. Let him have a rest.

Anyway, when we get to Tianshou mountain, the examiner of face C 50 will come out again. Then we’ll know what’s going on.

Thinking of Zhou Xiyang’s anxiety, the hotel rules are here, and the two examiners obviously don’t conform to the rules. If there are two people, it will not only be bad for face C 50, but also for * * and that person.

“Relax, it’s okay.”

But he was worried, but he didn’t show it on his face. Zhou Xiyang comforted bingmian’s 501. After that, he hesitated for a while and said tactfully: “there’s another thing, just your illusion…”

[guide C250, please restrain your illusion!]

Tips from the hotel resounded through my mind. Wei Xun, who was originally absent-minded, suddenly looked aside if he felt something.

But his eyes were bumping into a pair of animal pupils staring at him.


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