TTG Chapter 235

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 235: Nutrient solution 520000 Jiageng

“How do you feel?”

Seeing the movement of C 250 for the first time, he stretched out his hand to support his body. He sat up and paid close attention to Tong Heyu Hehui, Zhou Xiyang and others. Then they watched C 250 reach out.


 a golden brown animal came from nowhere and jumped in front of Wei Xun. It has lynx-like sharp ears and a cluster of slightly long hair on the top of the ears. It is pure white from the kiss to the chest. The fluffy white hair extends straight to the abdomen. Its four claws are like stepping on the snow. Its long golden brown hair covers its cheeks and back, like a thick and gorgeous cloak.

The long golden brown tail gracefully bent in front of the body, covered the snow-white claws, and the tip of the tail swayed gently, which seemed impatient and vigilant.

The most striking thing is the eyes. The cat’s illusion is very similar to the Maine cat nine cakes raised by Wei Xun at home. The only difference is its eyes. This is a pair of mandarin duck eyes! The left eye is crimson and the right eye is blue and purple. It is as beautiful and bright as two gemstones. It really puzzles people’s heartstrings.

Wei Xun held out his hand, which was like a cat but bigger than a cat. The animal in the circle looked at him, and finally perfunctorily stretched out his front paw and only touched his fingertip.

There is no touch, such as touching the cold fog.

The Maine cat is not a physical object, but an illusion.


Seeing the scene of the contact between C 250 and the illusion, Zhou Xiyang looked like something. He couldn’t help but speak, but his words were interrupted immediately.

“Where have you been? Where have you been?”

“I’ll kill you!”

Nezha’s angry roar rang through the mountains and forests in the morning, and the heat surged. Nezha’s spirit, who turned into a strange bird, stepped on the samadhi real fire like a red bullet and rushed to Wei Xun’s side. He deliberately slowed down his speed, as if it was considerate and did not disturb him to rest.

“Brother, you’re awake!”

But Nezha Ling saw that Wei Xun woke up in a twinkling of an eye. He immediately stopped happily and looked closer. But in the next few seconds, no one will be able to see what happened.

The golden brown figure was silent, like a wily hunter. He rushed over and grabbed Nezha Ling’s tail hair directly!

“Well, here you are.”

Nezhaling was furious on the spot.


“That’s the situation.”

Fifteen minutes later, the chaos finally subsided, and Wei Xun learned the cause from Zhou Xiyang. The cat appeared early this morning and wandered around the yard where C250 was resting.

At first, everyone thought that Meckel had soaked the paint bucket again and had a new form. When everyone’s attention is on C250, pay attention to whether he can wake up this morning. No one pays too much attention to the cat.

But the devil merchant came and found that the cat was a spiritual illusion!

“It’s a strong fighter.”

Zhou Xiyang said tactfully, looking at the cat lying in the arms of C 250 and licking its paws carelessly. Nezha’s spirit turned into a strange bird, which fell on Wei Xun’s shoulder and stared at it angrily. But the cat completely ignored it, and even the tail was wrapped around the wrist of C 250 – which made nezhaling even more angry.

After discovering that the cat was a spiritual illusion of C 250, it caused a crowd of onlookers. After all, C250 hasn’t woken up yet. We may be able to analyze some situations from this illusion.

But the cat is really bad-tempered.

Last morning, it beat all the people in the brigade (although everyone didn’t fight back, they all hid). The most tricky thing is that it likes to sneak into people and always ambush in the shadow that no one can find.

And it hurts when a cat beats someone. Yun Lianghan, who got the highest score and many benefits in the performance scenic spots before, was beaten the hardest. He touched the cat and was almost beaten to tears.

It’s a real evil. Even if he turns into a shadow, he can’t avoid cat boxing. Just seeing that the cat dared to chase Nezha’s spirit and provoke, we can see how brave it is.

Nezhaling didn’t care about the cat, but he did too much!

“I don’t care about it. It bit off my three tail hairs.”

Nezha was full of spirit and complained a little wronged: “brother, it’s not the relationship between tail hair. I’ll give you as many as you want.”

Nezha was inspired and frustrated that the cat was his brother’s spiritual illusion. He should also show his brother’s attitude to some extent – the cat always targeted him, even more than others.

Don’t, don’t my brother actually like him very much.

Wei Xun comforted and touched the strange bird’s head, smiled at him, and even rubbed the strange bird’s feathers with his cheek. Nezha Ling was immediately happy and posted cordially with his brother. Rear——

“Tear -”

The sound of cloth tearing sounded, Zhou Xiyang’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he gasped for cold air.

The cat tore a hole in the cloak of C 250!

This is the guide’s cloak!

What kind of measure can tear up the tour guide’s cloak??

Looking at the cat squatting on the knees of C 250, Zhou Xiyang was like watching a dangerous big bomb. He wanted to throw it out immediately.

“Visions don’t all listen to you and are under your control.”

The voice of the devil merchant sounded. In fact, he paid more attention to the situation of Xiaocui. When Xiaocui woke up, the devil merchant immediately came over, but when he saw the people around Tianhu, he hesitated and didn’t come near immediately.

He didn’t come until he saw that the illusion on Xiaocui’s knee was out of control. As expected, Yu Hehui, Tong Hege, Zhou Xiyang and others all raised their vigilance when he approached.

Not welcome.

The unwelcome attitude was not concealed at all, and Chi naked showed it. Who made the devil businessman almost pay for C 250 last night. what? It’s devouring him seriously. It has nothing to do with the devil merchant?

They are all local people. They are all raccoon dogs. What’s the difference.

Here’s the confrontation task in the East District. Now the devil businessman is the leader and guide. On the face of it, he is much better than C250. Who knows if he has any bad intentions.

If Zhou Xiyang wanted to put up a sign saying ‘devil merchants and cats’ are not allowed to approach.

“But it can sense your emotions.”

In the face of these basic hostility, the devil merchant had a thick skin, pretended not to see it, and whispered to C 250 about the tips to control the illusion.

“You can calm it with emotion if your relationship is close enough.”

Just like him and Eve, if the devil merchant’s mental state is very stable and her mood does not fluctuate greatly, Eve will go to sleep – although the illusion in sleep is also dangerous, such as making the whole brigade passengers gradually fall into sleep and dying in sleep, the risk is lower than that of waking up.

And Xiaocui’s illusion… Is too bellicose and grumpy. And it seems to have deep hostility to the whole brigade. There are only two people who can be allowed to get close to Bing 250 – carrying his Tianhu Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, who is healing for him.

It seems that Ming Xiaocui’s state is really bad, so the mental illusion is so alert.

“By the way, I passed the team leader’s assessment.”

The devil merchant’s mood was unclear and complex. He coughed and revealed the power ring on his finger to Xiaocui. The ring fits perfectly on his middle finger.

The platinum gold men’s ring is inlaid with fragments shining like yunmu, emitting a pearl halo. In the middle, there is gold wire to outline the crown, and the middle is inlaid with three pink crystal like gemstones.

It’s beautiful, and it matches the devil merchant. The tour guide’s right ring and the tour guide’s Brooch are the same. You can get more money from the hotel. However, the tour guide’s right to quit is more “private”. Each tour guide’s leader’s right to quit is unique and has very personal characteristics. With the promotion of the tour guide’s real name and the improvement of the title, the appearance of Quan Jie will change accordingly.

When a tour leader joins a tour guide alliance or a tour team, Quan Jie will change subtly. Especially after joining the brigade, the brigade captain will also get the corresponding ring.

If the brigade leader dies, this ring will be passed on to the replacement passengers. Until the whole brigade group dies and the guide dies, this pair of right rings will eventually be destroyed.

“Guide, you need to lead the way.”

Zhou Xiyang was not a guest. He was vaguely angry. He thought the devil merchant was coming to provoke. The man even raised his middle finger at C 250! (although it only shows the ring on the middle finger)

However, Wei Xun knew that the devil businessman could have some strange “guilt” psychology, and showed him the guide’s right and precepts. The details of the guide also leaked to him some of the details of the guide after he had passed the team leader’s assessment.

In fact, it’s not necessary, because Wei Xun knows the guide Quan Jie. He even saw the dreamer’s ring.

That is a very beautiful power ring, which is much more complicated than that of the devil merchant. The base color of the ring is pure black, inlaid with light blue topaz, dark blue Tanzanite and blue diamond, or inlaid with fine Amethyst, such as Star River in the night sky.

In the middle of the ring is an orange red flame opal, which has warm and gorgeous colors, such as a burning flame. The dreamer once said that the hope devil bug is of this color. It extends from the ring with three thin chains of pure gold. In the left and right, a triangle separated by a vertical line is outlined on the back of the dreamer’s hand. Behind the triangle, a circle is wrapped around his wrist with a dragon shaped diamond on the bracelet.

Starry sky, dream, flame, hope, and controlling the dragon shaped alienation are the power precepts of dream seekers. Normally, Zhang xingzang also has a corresponding one, but he once regretted that his ring had been burned out by the solar flame of the Inca Sun Gate.

It was burned by the sun. In fact, it was lost by the playful people. It’s just that I know that C 250 has something to do with the playful man. It’s hard to speak ill of him.

“Tianshou mountain is not far away.”

Dream chasing Bruce Lee appears next to Wei Xun. Unlike Xinjiang or Tibet, which is sparsely populated, the boundary scenic spots of eight arm Nezha city are not far away. From Tangshan to the Ming Tombs, if you take a bus, you can get there in half an hour. Although they are walking now, the walking speed of passengers is not comparable to that of ordinary walking.

Even if there is a “funeral” drag, from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., three hours are enough to reach the destination.

From Wei Xun’s awakening to now, it’s nine o’clock, and Xiao Xiao is about to arrive at Tianshou mountain – which means that dreamers have to “go offline” temporarily.

The guardian was unable to participate in the team leader assessment of C250, just like the black widow who was temporarily offline.

But Tianshou mountain is the last scenic spot. This is the only time that the mobile phone meeting is useless. The dreamer doesn’t waste. He looks at him and sits up. He’s not good at staring at his big cat and frowns slightly.

He likes small animals very much, but he doesn’t like the phantom cat – it’s subconscious vigilance and vigilance. The illusion of C 250 made him feel very bad, even worse than Eve of the devil merchant.

The enemy is very strong. Even if the dreamer is not here, he can still feel that the power ring is slightly hot.

This illusion is too dangerous.

“Let me help you kill the illusion.”

The dreamer said seriously.


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