TTG Chapter 236

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 236: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (58)

“Your illusion is dangerous.”

“Chasing dreams?”

The dreamer’s words made Zhou Xiyang frown and look at the phantom cat in the arms of C 250. Zhou Xiyang has always focused most of his attention on C 250, and naturally will not ignore his illusion.

The fourth scenic spot will be the examination of C 250. During the examination of the team leader, he will be judged by the hotel as a “quasi team leader” tour guide, which is the same as that of the devil businessman.

As a prospective tour guide, once there is an illusion, the whole team can see it. So Zhou Xiyang was not surprised by the appearance of the phantom cat. His surprise was that the cat really looked too normal.

In addition to eye color and strength, only by appearance, it is really like a normal brown tiger spotted and white faced Maine cat. It is still a standard and good-looking, large and fluffy race cat.

But “normal” is its most abnormal place.

As we all know, people’s inner views on things are mixed with their own thoughts and preferences, so even if they look at the same thing, everyone’s impression is different. There are highlighted parts and some parts that ignore weak ones. The illusion is exaggerated again.

For example, Eve’s illusion of the devil merchant is completely different from the appearance of children in reality. She looks more weird and scary. Her swollen abdomen and too thin limbs even make her look like some kind of strange insect.

It is conceivable that passengers will recognize the cat as a new image of Meckel at the first sight.

It’s really a normal cat. Even the strange bird of Nezha’s spirit is more like an illusion than it!

However, there is still a controversial view about the illusion of tour guides – whether the more distorted, the more dangerous, or the more real, the more dangerous?

It is also the top three tour guides. The illusion of A-3 dreamers is said to be distorted, terrible and extremely dangerous. Unless they are on the verge of extinction, they will not appear easily.

It is said that many years ago, the most likely action to rescue Zhang xingzang failed. In despair, the dreamer returned to zero. He released an illusion outside the journey. It took a few minutes to beat the playful man!

But the price is that the dreamer almost went crazy and was recycled by the hotel. The most important thing is that an Xuefeng and the playful people joined hands, which temporarily stopped his violent illusion and sealed it in the death Sahara of the scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude.

Only a few people know about it, and the most widely known dangerous illusion is “George of the black widow”.

As for the most dangerous illusion in the hotel, the black widow’s George illusion can definitely rank in the top three. Her illusion is famous for its authenticity and is very confusing. His appearance in the brigade will even make the whole brigade subconsciously think that he is a normal member!

Even because of George’s profound knowledge, unique leadership temperament and strong strength, he died many times in the former captain of the brigade and was promoted as a new captain by other passengers!

It is conceivable that with this “Captain George” leading the brigade, the whole brigade will fall into a tragic situation – the number of brigades destroyed by the black widow regiment is even more than that of the real butcher.

It is said that whenever a black widow is selected as a tour guide, passengers will meet offline first. There is even a ‘bog’ club on the west side, which is set up by the end passengers.

‘bog’, bewareghosts, beware of ghosts.

George is like a terrible ghost in the brigade, and his delegation is very frank!

The vast majority of top tour guides will not have illusions except for the “zero” journey at 30 degrees north latitude, which is forced to the extreme. He has good self-control.

Only George accompanied the black widow in every journey.

It is said that the devil merchant was appreciated by the A5 little witch under the black widow, which is also related to his “ghost” number.

Back now, only from the current point of view, the illusion of C 250 will obviously be classified as the illusion of authenticity. It is better to say that an illusion is a cat than an illusion is someone. To tell you the truth, Zhou Xiyang was really worried privately about whether C250 would come out as an Xuefeng or a playful man.

However, the dreamer’s attitude is very serious, which makes Zhou Xiyang dignified. He looked at the devil merchant. The devil merchant shrugged and walked away wisely, indicating that he had the intention to test Xiaocui’s secret.

“Director C, what do you think?”

Zhou Xiyang asked and looked to C 250. If he had said that before, he should have stood beside the dreamer and persuaded C 250 together. After all, it’s always good to kill the illusion.

But now, after last night, Tong Hege successfully resurrected, which made Zhou Xiyang have more respect for C 250. He prefers to listen to C 250’s own ideas.

Wei Xun made a noise. He reached out and scratched the Maine cat’s chin. However, the Maine cat only let him scratch. With his long and powerful fluffy cat tail, he pressed Wei Xun’s hand down. It seems that he doesn’t like being touched. He is very lonely and arrogant.

“I’ll kill it.”

From waking up to now, Wei Xun finally said the first sentence. After drinking purified magic honey water, his voice was not hoarse and dry, and his tone was calm.

“If it has a problem, I will kill it.”

He repeated.

The meaning is very clear.

If he has a problem, he will kill the phantom cat. But in the same way, only he can kill the cat.

“Hey, have some more water.”

Tong Hege directly blocked Wei Xun’s mouth with a water cup and stared at the dreamer. He thought the dreamer was too direct and provoked the topic.

He shouldn’t have said it directly!

Illusion is not stupid! To know the illusion of some tour guides, the original intention is to protect the tour guides, such as Eve of the devil merchant. It is not his intention to indirectly hurt passengers or even tour guides.

But the more such an illusion, listen to the guide and others discuss whether to kill or not, I’m afraid the illusion will get black first!

As long as you are not determined to kill, don’t say kill to the illusion!

The posture of Hou Tong Hege, who delivers water to Wei Xun, is also the best to protect him, but strangely, this grumpy and powerful Maine cat has no hands, and it is looking at Wei Xun.

Wei Xun looks at the cat in his arms. It is also looking at him. The Maine cat turns its head and seems to understand Wei Xun.

“Meow ~”

The cry of Maine cat is very soft, which is in sharp contrast to its powerful appearance. In fact, the cat was as silent as Wei Xun. He only called when he just woke up. This was the second sound. Unexpectedly, he was not angry at Wei Xun’s words, but took the initiative to lower his head and lick his fingers.

Very similar, not like.

Wei Xun thought.

Looks like, but doesn’t have a temper. Pancake is a relative and likes to play with him. Wei Xun can even play catch and throw with it. It never grabs or bites, and it will put away its claws when shaking hands.

But the phantom cat is very fierce. Wei Xun has heard nezhaling complain about how much trouble it is.

This character is not like cake, nor… Very much like my brother.

At the sight of the Maine cat, Wei Xun thought of his brother. But in fact, it is reasonable to say that pancake should have nothing to do with his brother.

Wei Xun keeps a Maine cat in reality. The small one is called pancake and the big one is called nine pancake. Pancake is a kind of cake that Wei Xun is in bad health. It is no longer suitable for all kinds of extreme sports. Most of them can only stay at home. They are now more than two years old and can’t reach the age of three until October this year.

It is conceivable that the three-year-old cat was raised after his brother disappeared for many years. Originally, Wei Xun wanted to call it nine. A cat has nine lives. I hope it can live long. It’s also called nine at home on weekdays.

However, when he went to the pet hospital for sterilization, the doctor recorded the pet’s last name. What’s more, Wei Xun said it was called “nine cakes”.

When Wei Xun thinks it’s wrong, it seems that the cat should call it. But now think about it, the cat doesn’t think it’s right. As soon as he calls “pancake”, the cat will run to him. Obviously, it will respond to the word “pancake” – which is the most strange.

Jiubing, Bingjiu, and the night when he decided to break into the butcher alliance to rescue Zhang xingzang, Wei xunlin came home wearing a scarlet cloak of life playing people, and pancake was very close to the cloak, which was completely strange.

It’s really weird.

My brother came home quietly. Have you ever touched it?

But three years ago, the hippies should have been sealed at the Inca Sun Gate.

The pancake was picked up by Wei Xun from the cat house. There are all kinds of birth certificates, blood certificates, and even its blood of five generations. Its origin is also very clear.

What is the problem?

Wei Xun looked at the phantom cat in his arms, dipped his fingers with honey water and nodded at the tip of the cat’s nose.

The phantom cat disliked Luo Yang and avoided Wei Xun’s fingers, but the sweet smell in the air made it subconsciously lick the tip of its nose with its tongue.

Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing.

Although not, there are similarities. Wei Xun occasionally eats such sticky and sweet things, but his brother never eats them. Before, Wei Xun thought he didn’t like sweets.

But by chance, Wei Xun took the wrong cup and drank his brother’s tea. I found out how much rock sugar was put in the tea. It’s not sweet.

The habit of drinking water and putting sugar (honey) was also secretly imitated by Wei Xun after discovering his brother’s little secret Luo. Luo became used to it.

Maybe this time he can get to the truth.

Wei Xun thought.

The dark red left eye of the phantom cat is very similar to the color of the scarlet cloak, and a little like the red of the crazy sun. The blue and purple right eye is like the color of Wei Xun’s eyes and the wings of Maria butterfly.

Does it really have anything to do with my brother?

Wei Xun touched the cat’s long hair, but it was an illusion after all. Wei Xun only touched the cold air. But the cat seemed impatient and stayed with people. He licked Wei Xun’s fingers, and then had close contact with him. He avoided touching Wei Xun and turned his ears back to him – but Wei Xun’s treatment was fairly good.

At the next moment, I saw the Maine cat huffing like a deterrent, and ha the dreamer, Zhou Xiyang, and the half life Taoist one by one. However, without hesitation, he jumped down and disappeared into the forest.

“What am I doing?”

Just strolled over and even called, the half life Taoist doubted. He glanced at the phantom cat before it completely disappeared and concluded, “it’s public.”

“If the cat can kill, kill it in the middle of the night.”

Tong Hege said angrily, “I’ve seen you for many years, but you don’t keep the door?”

“You have just come back to life. I won’t argue with you.”

Half life Taoist hummed and made a face at Tong Hege from an angle invisible in the live studio. He is also happy with his old friend’s rebirth, but he is much more active than before.

But half life Taoist came to talk about business.

“Next, why don’t I carry the coffin.”

Half life Taoist said seriously, “I don’t trust olaine.”


Wei Xun was stunned and asked the dreamer with his eyes.

“O’laine, go.”

The dreamer shook his head and didn’t look good: “he has split personality.”

Olaine’s condition is very special. He is not completely hidden – the super two-star white werewolf olaine is his master, and the silver moon killer is his deputy personality.

In other words, he has two passenger identities recognized by the hotel.

“This is also the good reason why the real identity of the silver moon killer has been hidden.”

Zhou Xiyang said seriously. When a passenger enters the hotel, unlike the guide who has a code, he will reveal his true identity and last name. However, the silver moon killer is an exception. It is clearly on the passenger list, but he only has the title of “silver moon killer”. He has a real surname.

Before, some people even doubted whether the silver moon killer was actually a tour guide, just a puppet of top tourists, so there was this strange situation.

Now, I’m afraid it’s because “true” is counted in the master grid.

“Entering the journey, the hotel has a seal on his deputy personality.”

Zhou Xiyang’s face was also black, but he still said the judgment of the hotel. You know, as the captain of this brigade, he is also qualified to complain to the hotel.

“But olaine was dying last night and was deeply in a dead situation, so the most silver moon killer came out – this is a reasonable category in the hotel’s judgment.”

I really don’t know where to reason. He knew that olaine was afraid to hide his identity, so he besieged him. The silver moon killer came out again.

However, if he wants to speak, why will he come out on the fifth floor of the underground palace?

But if you correct this, I’m afraid October 10, which revealed some of its real strength last night, will also be reported by the west side!

“Don’t worry, I fed back to the hotel. The silver moon killer will never appear again in the next journey.”

Zhou Xiyang comforted that dual personality was really disgraceful, but who let him do it on October 10.

Tacit understanding is also a compromise.

If olaine leaves, there will be only two passengers left in the west, and the strength of the East and the west is seriously unbalanced. Who knows what the tourism society will do.

When Wei Xun fell asleep last night, countless people in the East and west areas stayed awake all night. Up to now, the silver moon killer’s personality has been banned. On October 10, the hotel only sealed the red oil paper umbrella, which is acceptable.

“Let’s play acrobatics here. Who knows if he still has 108 personalities.”

Half life Taoist priest was obviously not satisfied with this knot. He was unhappy with Leng hum, but he could only do so.

“The werewolf alliance and the butcher alliance have to break up.”

I’m afraid the west side will be in chaos for a while in order to belong to the silver moon killer. This is the first time a big girl has been in a sedan chair.

Wei Xun knows why the devil merchant just now has a complex and somewhat guilty face. I’m afraid it’s because of olaine.

“If the number of people is too small, there is no way.”

Zhou Xiyang said rationally.

He said that the number was too small, referring to the current Taoist camp. Before, it was not obvious that the soul was stopped in the underground palace, but many inconveniences from the funeral to the funeral appeared.

Zhou Xiyang is the most important filial son and cannot be absent. Next, I’m going to Tianshou mountain. Mr. Yin and Yang, half life Taoist, can’t be few. But after Augustus, Mia and October 10, all the people carrying the coffin were killed, and the bar was also killed, which could only be topped by olaine, Bai Xiaotian and Yun Lianghan respectively.

It is absolutely impossible to let o’lain be a lever. At the end of the day, he can only carry the coffin with Yun Lianghan.

“This scenic spot is very difficult.”

Zhou Xiyang’s emphasis is not only because it involves Bing 250, who accepted the entrustment of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum, but also because Bing 250 is still a partial guide in the “monster” camp.

The Taoist camp finally won the last scenic spot, not only because the dead spirit condensed the death keel, but also because Yun Lianghan, the most complete person in the scenic spot, was also the person in the Taoist camp who activated the event scenic spot.

I’m afraid the assessment of the leader of the devil businessman is very poor, which is related to his being a guide biased by the Taoist camp and the most complete degree of tourists here.

But it’s difficult to put it on the C 250 side.

  1. his team leader assessment task related to sacrifice is absolutely positive. It is related to the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum and the tomb keepers, that is, on the side of the Taoist camp.

The monster camp did not have an accident, but still did damage.

This dislocation will make C250 more difficult. It will be his passengers who hinder him, but it is the camp led by the devil merchant that helps him to pass the customs.

Moreover, if the Taoist camp wins again this time, the monster camp loses twice in a row. As a biased tour guide, I’m afraid the hidden score will be reduced accordingly.


Zhou Xiyang’s eyes are a little free.

If the examiner is * *, should the scoring situation not exist?

He really doesn’t want the examiner of C 250 to be???, Even if it is said that he is controlled by the hippos, he can be regarded as the principal of the hippos, but after all, he is cut out from the right side of astrology and can be regarded as the principal of the west side.

“Dear passengers, please look. The front convenience is the end of my trip – Tianshou mountain.”

Half an hour later, after Wei Xun had rested, he stepped down the fox and led the way in front of the team with the guide flag. Even the devil businessman lives in Luo for a while. He is an assistant director. After all, this scenic spot is the assessment place for the team leader of C 250 and his home.

“The original character of Tianshou mountain is very common. That is’ loess mountain ‘. Zhu Di, the emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, planned to move the capital to Beijing. He called a large number of Feng Shui gentlemen and local scholars to find’ auspicious land for thousands of years’ for him. He chose loess mountain in Changping, so he changed it to Tianshou mountain.”

Because tourists are still “experiencing funeral”, Wei Xun didn’t say much, but just gave a brief introduction. For example, the Ming Tombs are actually surrounded by mountains. The northernmost Tianshou mountain is the main peak, surrounded by mountains on both sides, and the main gate of the mausoleum area is opened at the southernmost.

“I can see ‘Mang Mountain’ and ‘Hu mountain’ right away. They are located in the East and west of dahongmen, just in line with the Feng Shui terrain of ‘East Green Dragon and West White Tiger’. There is also a large stone archway built in the Jiajing period in the south of dahongmen, which is very towering and exquisite *”

“From the stone archway to the dahongmen, and then to the Beiting, many scenic spots are all built on the ‘Shinto’.”

Shinto, taking into account the meaning of thinking, is not the path taken by “people”, but the way to guide the souls of the dead. All the burial procession of Ming emperors will pass through the Shinto. The end of Shinto is the Ming Changling, located at the south foot of the main peak of Tianshou mountain.

“The Changling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty is the first of the Ming Tombs. Zhu Di, the emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, and the Xu family, the emperor Luo, are buried on the surface.”

This gate leads to the Shinto of the Ming Changling mausoleum, which is called the main Shinto, while other mausoleums are built on the Shinto extending from the main Shinto to the left and right. It’s like a big tree with a trunk and outward branches.

Changling mausoleum is one of the few mausoleums open for tourists to visit. For example, if you travel as a normal passenger, take the bus all the way from the gate to Changling in the northernmost part, which is completely problematic.

But the brigade encountered problems.

“So heavy.”

Yun Lianghan clenched his teeth and was sweating. As early as a quarter of an hour ago, he had a piece of blood pilose antler (he finished the performance “White Deer spirit” last night), but even if he could replenish his energy, he still has difficulty step by step.

It seems that at this moment, the coffin becomes iron, and the earth is like a magnet. The coffin was incredibly heavy. The red bar carrying the coffin made a clicking sound of breaking. Even if Yun Lianghan tried his best, he couldn’t control the coffin sinking gradually.

“Call -”

O’lain beside grew a breath, sweat dripping on the ground, printing dots.

Very heavy, really heavy.

“Stop first.”

Zhou Xiyang is on the important road. Not far ahead is the stone memorial archway. Then he goes to the dahongmen gate, but now he can’t go any further.

It was the mountains, the land, that refused him access.

This is the Ming Tombs. How can a paper man funeral team be allowed to enter the mausoleum from the Shinto?


She also went to Zhi Kui and Zhi’s old housekeeper. The rest of the paper people, who are the main business, all listened to the arrangements of the passengers and stopped whenever they said. Zhou Xiyang took out a portable laptop and released a special UAV.

The UAV took off smoothly and flew forward. Soon, the processed picture was revealed on the laptop screen.

“Hiss -”

The devil merchant sucked a cold air, and Wei Xun’s face changed slightly. He saw that the sacred road from the stone archway to dahongmen and then to the stele tower was full of Yin troops!

The Yin army that seemed to have all disappeared in Xiaotang mountain has now appeared. Black and white are impermanent. Under the stone archway, cattle heads and horses guard the dahongmen, and gold and silver generals garrison the stele tower. There is a little space to drill. This road is blocked!

It seems that under the influence of invisible Yin Qi, the UAV flies more and more slowly and crooked, which is really dangerous. When it finally flew over the boundary of the stele tower and went to the hell army, the UAV flew smoothly again——

“Roar –!”

An earth shaking beast roared, the next second the picture turned black, and the drone was destroyed!

“It’s a stone statue student.”

Zhou Xiyang frowned and intercepted the picture of the most important moment. He could clearly see an image that would definitely be regarded as a P-picture by others when released – a huge stone lion jumped out of thin air. It was terrible. It jumped more than 100 meters into the air and smashed the drone with a slap!

“The stone statue is a stone man and stone beast installed in front of the emperor’s mausoleum.”

Wei Xun whispered, actually talking about the devil merchant.

There are 24 Stone Beasts and 12 stone men * on both sides of the Shinto from the stele tower of the Ming Tombs to the dragon and Phoenix gate. In other words, there are thirty-six stone statues as terrible as the stone lion that smashed the UAV, or even more terrible!

In other words, even if he just lifted the coffin and broke through the difference between thousands of Yin troops and six ghosts, there were 36 terrible stone statues.

Dead End!

The other party clearly means that.

“Take a detour.”

After much hesitation, Zhou Xiyang looked at C 250. It’s almost impossible to break in directly from the straight road. It’s so strict to guard against it. Even if Nezha spirit makes a move, C250 takes out a happy bomb, dead bomb and bomb, and even the silver moon killer makes full efforts, it’s impossible to break in.

What’s more, this is the place where the imperial tombs of the whole dynasty are located!

On the premise that the other party refuses, if he breaks in again, he is likely to completely offend all the existence in the Ming Tombs, and even the dead Ming token in the hands of C 250 will no longer recognize him.

Even the most reckless traveler would not do such a stupid thing.

“If you take a detour, you’ll be late.”

Now there are only more than 40 minutes left. If he takes the main Shinto and has a smooth way, he can reach Tianshou mountain where Changling is located in up to 20 minutes.

But if you detour

Half life Taoist fiddled with his Sanmao token and tried to send a message to him, but he failed.

“It’s hard to deal with the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum.”

Wei Xun touched the Ming token in his hand. It was burning and felt like an induction. But this reaction is also a reaction of “warning” and “Prohibition”.

To tell the truth, the tomb keeper of the Ming mausoleum is still only a “minister”. If he dares to “commit the following crimes”, his “black hat” will not be guaranteed on the spot, and the team leader’s assessment task will directly fail.

Originally, I wanted to sneak in and slowly map it, but now it seems that there are “people” preparing in advance in the Ming Tombs.

“If you make a detour, you can’t press the key to Tianshou mountain, that is to say, the road of ‘Changling’ is impassable.”

Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist are discussing in a low voice.

“It seems that some ‘people’ stopped it and broke the road of asking Ming Chengzu to preside over justice.”

Veteran travelers take one step at a time and see a hundred steps. From a “impassable road”, we can infer a lot.

At the end of the sacred Road, on Tianshou mountain is the Changling mausoleum and the ancestral mausoleum.

The simplest way for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum is to be recognized by their ancestors. Emperor Yongle has this identity and status. This is also the simplest way.

But now this road is blocked, and the rest is more and more difficult.

“Take the Dragon Mountain and go around from the East, take the tiger mountain and go around from the West.”

Half life Taoist God nagged and calculated for a while, hesitated and said, “if the two dragons don’t meet, it’s more dangerous to take the dragon mountain than the tiger mountain.”

“But there is Yuling on the way from Hushan to Tianshou mountain.”

Zhou Xiyang hit the nail on the head: “it’s even harder to go.”

The emperor Yingzong, the sixth emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was buried in the Yuling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty. He was the brother of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty. He personally gave the posthumous title of “Li” to the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, destroyed the tomb of the seventh emperor Tianshou mountain, and buried him in Yuquan mountain as a prince.

The resentment between the two emperors was entangled. For example, when the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty returned to the imperial mausoleum, Yingzong was definitely the first to refuse!

“It’s not easy to go over Longshan.”

Half life Taoist shook his head. From Longshan in the east to Tianshou mountain, there is a big loop in the East. There are fewer Mausoleums in the east of the main Shinto than in the West. There are only three mausoleums, namely Yongling, jingling and de mausoleum.

Emperor Jiajing, the eleventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was buried in Yongling, which was far away. It was directly related to the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, so there was no need to think about it.

Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty was buried in Jingling mausoleum. He was the fifth emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the father of the sixth and seventh emperors. Although I don’t know what the attitude of Xuanzong is, it’s not easy to take the road of ancestors now. Getting the approval of my father is also a way out!

“The problem is in Deling.”

The half life Taoist sighed, “the 15th emperor of the Ming Dynasty is buried in the de mausoleum. Zhu Youxiao.”

“Fifteen is far from sixty-seven.”

The devil merchant wondered.

The emperor Jiajing of the 11th platoon could not take care of it. How could the 15th emperor come out? Seniority and inferiority are the most important. The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty are his elders… Elders.

You can’t manage it anyway!

“The problem is not him, it’s his father.”

Zhou Xiyang sighed deeply: “the problem is the 14th emperor of the Ming Dynasty.”

“If the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty want to return to the imperial mausoleum, they must have a mausoleum for him to stay.”

Half life Taoist’s embarrassed molar: “he had a mausoleum here.”

Although the mausoleum of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty was destroyed, it is at least a geomantic treasure land, which is very suitable for burial. It is estimated that the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty will no longer engage in any face project. It would be good to live with land.

The problem is that the place originally belonging to the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty has now been occupied by other emperors and built into his mausoleum!

“The 14th emperor of the Ming Dynasty was a short-lived emperor who came out of the throne. He died after only 29 days.”

Half life said humanely: “so I’m fully prepared for the mausoleum.”

When the capital of the 13th emperor of the Ming Dynasty was buried, the 14th emperor was honged again. In fact, there was a mausoleum. At the end of the year, he occupied the place of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty and built it into his mausoleum.

“So, if the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty returned to the imperial mausoleum, would it be ‘seizing territory’ in the eyes of the fourteen emperors?”

The half life Taoist had no choice but to stand up and say, “I’m going to lose my grave. Can the 15th emperor, who is a son, still do it?”

“The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty will definitely negotiate with him when they return to the imperial mausoleum.”

Wei Xun, who had been listening before, just opened now.

“Let’s go east.”

First take a look at the attitude of the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty, then meet the fifteen emperors for a while, and make plans from easy to difficult.

At least it’s better than meeting Yingzong directly.

Wei Xun made a decision, and the funeral team immediately changed its way and decided to go up Longshan and drive around from the East. The scenic spots of the hotel also changed immediately. The calculation of the fourth scenic spot began when he reached the foot of Longshan mountain.

So he arrived at Longshan and the passenger saw a man.

He wore a pure black robe and a hood to cover his face. His slightly long black hair was scattered at will, almost integrated with the black robe. A minimalist dress, but a cloak that changes from dark purple to dark blue.

This cloak, which is very similar to the color matching of the starry sky, is embroidered with not the stars and the moon, but the ripples of the waves. The tentacles of the indistinctly visible monster quietly stretched out from the waves. A little white was embroidered in the waves. It was a white boat. But the ship is as small as a grain of sand in comparison with its tentacles.

Wei Xun subconsciously narrowed his eyes, but soon he realized that he could look directly at the man wearing the cloak.

“My examiner.”

There is only one person, and you have a second.

“My examiner…”

Wei Xun’s voice was very light and almost sighed.

“* * *”


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