TTG Chapter 237

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 237: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (59)

** * except Wei Xun, other tour guides and tourists lowered their heads when they appeared.

It’s not only respect for the host of the hotel, but also because it’s a matter of dying to see the host with your eyes. Even if you were crazy at that time, your spirit would collapse. Maybe you’ll be dead at that time.

Although the vast majority of passengers saw the two principals at the east side hall performance last night, it was a sudden incident. The principals came and went quickly, and it was too late for everyone to close their eyes. Later, I looked at it, and I was nervous again.

However, as soon as they return to life and get familiar with each other, as soon as they make a detour, the veteran tourists know that the judgment of this fourth scenic spot will start before Tianshou mountain, and the examiner will come out in advance. Therefore, when they arrive at Longshan pass, it seems that there is a personal shadow standing there, and the passengers close their eyes and don’t see much at all.

Listening to C 250 saying: “* * *”, Zhou Xiyang’s heart, which he had been carrying, finally relaxed a little and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily it’s him.

C 250 the team leader assessment was originally sad. If the examiner is no longer on their side and can’t take care of the water, it would be too fucked.

How could it be him??!

Yun Lianghan almost threw the bar in his hand. It was like being struck by a thunder in his heart. The whole person almost turned into a shadow.

Isn’t it said that the examiner of director Cui is Lord Xi Ming? How has it changed?!

Even if Lord Xi Ming is still studying in the Inca sun, he should be the puppet or principal of Lord Xi Ming.

How could it be * * *? Isn’t he an Xuefeng’s Slicer!

From Xi Ming to an Xuefeng, this huge gap makes Yun Lianghan feel like a heavy blow. I thought I had been living through hardships during this journey, but now I can finally get ahead. I need to be covered by the boss. As a result, as a result

You should know when Yun Lianghan fell into this situation! In particular, the sudden change of the silver moon killer in o’lain last night was a great blow to him – he always regarded o’lain as an opponent, but he hid it!

When Yun Lianghan thought about it, he felt very frightened. Olaine hid his hand. Can his sister still be an ordinary person? In this way, if he can play in this brigade, I’m afraid there is a super one-star Bai Xiaotian, but Bai Xiaotian is also covered by half life Taoist.


Yun Lianghan didn’t even want to look up to see if it was * * – alas, no matter who it was, he couldn’t recognize it. After all, he had seen it with his own eyes.

“Call -”

However, just when Yun Lianghan was sad and felt that the future was bleak, a deep voice suddenly sounded on the coffin he was carrying, such as the roar of cats from his throat. The coffin was carried by olaine in front and Yun Lianghan in the back. So Yun Lianghan could see the coffin in front of him as soon as he raised his eyes.

After thinking about it, he still opened his eyes – not to see the examiner in front anyway. The coffin has been carried to the last level, but you can’t drop the chain here. So Yun Lianghan opened his eyes, but as soon as he opened his eyes, his heart almost mentioned his throat.


On this luxurious coffin cover, I don’t know when to squat a cat!

“Mei -”

Meckel’s calling!

Yun Lianghan almost screamed out to remind others. Those people in the monster camp hide their heads all the way, and it’s normal to come out now. But Yun Lianghan shouted out, and the cat glanced at him. He seemed to be stuck in his mouth by something and couldn’t speak.

Meckel is so strong.

After the initial panic and vigilance, Yun Lianghan was a little relieved.

Such a strong cat should be Cui Dao’s illusion.

Yes, take a closer look. The cat looks like a lynx and is a circle larger than other cats. Even if Meckel becomes a cat, how can she be so handsome? It is worthy of being a cat.

Yun Lianghan doesn’t hate that the cat beat him up in the morning. Please come here. He must keep up with Cui Dao in this scenic spot. In Yun Lianghan’s eyes, people like Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist are all people with ulterior motives! Can they do their best to help guide Cui?

There has been a long-standing resentment with the butcher Alliance on the way home. Director Cui is the elder brother of the Lord. He doesn’t believe there can be any kindness on the way home.

In addition to the strong news released by the ghost monarch last night,  * * AI Cuidao, an Xuefeng wants to monopolize Cui Dao. Yun Lianghan even thinks that an Xuefeng depends on addiction to control him. He has a bad intention!

The devil merchant is not a good bird for allowing the ghost monarch to spread such lies in the brigade.

The sheep of yuntianhe betrayed the Lord and betrayed him. He was cruel and treacherous, and the devil merchant didn’t believe it. Not to mention those things on the west side.

On such a thought, Cui Dao and Yun Lianghan are simply fighting alone. Such a big journey is a trustworthy person. When he was alone, even a phantom cat looked so good in Yun Lianghan’s eyes.

But when Yun Lianghan looked again, the phantom cat disappeared.

“Python mountain is ahead.”

** * also how long he appeared. When his figure disappeared, Wei Xun looked back at the coffin, that is, when he saw it, he still realized that something had come just now.

Is it a phantom cat?

Should be.

The examiner had * *, which was unexpected and expected by Wei Xun. It can be said that from seeing that his illusion is a cake cat, isn’t it a snow leopard, a white wolf, tentacles and so on, Wei Xun felt that the examiner who will appear later might have * *.

“There has always been one examiner”

Wei Xun remembered what the dreamer said to him this morning.

He asked the dream chaser to kill the illusion, and the dream chaser also had a shot. I was about to go to the fourth scenic spot, thinking that I was about to disappear. Did the dreamer turn into a man, and told him all the main points I could think of.

Among them is the examiner.

The dreamer has also been the examiner. I think the psychic media supervised the examination under him.

“The examiner is fair and just, so either choose the absolutely fair principal or choose the involved director.”

The four words “fairness and justice” are deeply cherished by dreamers.

“You see, the examiner of the devil merchant is phagocytosis, because phagocytosis is related to the werewolf alliance and the black widow.”

Even he himself is powerful (the power belonging to the extradited person has been destroyed). Being alone is the most suitable examiner.

“But I have a grudge against the butcher alliance.”

When the dreamer said this, he had scruples about C 250, which was easy to hide. He said bluntly, “the hotel chose me to supervise the examination for the psychic media, but I don’t want to see the butcher’s Guide.”

It is reasonable to say that being the examiner should be the kind of sleek pig raising tour guide under the puppet master who does not offend either side. In fact, once the “candidate” is a butcher tour guide, the examiner is likely to be a tour guide of dreamers.

As for the dreamer, he has supervised the examination of the butcher guide several times this year. If the situation had not become worse and worse, he would have been an examiner more often if he was worried about Zhang xingzang and refused to supervise the examination more than a dozen times.

“You will be fair and just.”

Wei Xun smiled and gave the dreamer the words “fairness and justice”. After listening to his words, the dreamer also smiled. His originally cold look was like melting ice and snow, and suddenly became warm.

“No, I’m not.”

The dreamer joked and said, “the butcher and guide kill people, but I will give them a hard deduction.”

“If you want to deduct more than half of your money, you won’t want to get the right ring.”

“They all know this, so when the team leader examines, there are many tourists who like to meet butchers and tour guides.”

Because I know that the examiner is likely to be a dreamer, every butcher guide will converge and then converge during the team leader’s assessment, which is also a rare concern for passengers. After all, dreamers are unreasonable, whether you killed the passengers or the passengers themselves.

Therefore, the death rate of tourists is the lowest in the assessment tour of the tour guide of the butcher flow.

“You see, they can do it.”

When saying this, the dreamer was a little sarcastic, but there was helplessness in his deep tone.

“But they don’t.”

Butcher flow tour guides basically have alienation and can return to zero. Even because they maintain alienation for a long time, have more experience, have more abyss nodes within the alliance, and their comprehensive strength is stronger than that of tour guides of other schools.

It’s like taking a group. If you want to take it well, there are definitely more passengers who can survive in the butcher guide than in the pig flow guide.

The more you are the examiner, the more you can see this. The more you can see it, the more powerless you are.

The butcher alliance is fundamentally crooked.

Alienation brings unparalleled strength, but it also makes people “inhuman”. Spiritual pollution makes people stronger, but it also breeds negative emotions in the heart.

Few people are sober, and more people are “drunk now”.

However, because of people’s bad nature, they will not attack the strong, but will vent on the weak.

Tear them up, watch them die, watch them curry favor by all means, and watch the passengers kill each other, which can make them feel distorted happiness.

“But you are different.”

The dreamer looked deeply at C 250. This man is different.

The dreamer can see that there are many emotions in C 250’s heart that he wants to vent, but he never starts with the weak. He will challenge the stronger and the danger.

It can be said that the level of C250 is higher, or it can be said that the threshold of C250 is higher. There is no need to start with the weak, so that he can enjoy more happiness.

How can we imperceptibly influence others to change like this? Is it possible to “mass produce” C250.

Even the dreamer knows that to lead a group and help other tourists is more to meet his pursuit of hope. He wants to see light in the dark, so that he has the confidence to continue in the hotel.

Help passengers happy?

Killing too many tour guides distorts and frightens the dreamer’s illusion. Occasionally, the dreamer will get bored and get out of control. He wants to destroy everything.

But the emergence of C 250 seems to turn everything around.

“The examiner’s comments are comprehensive.”

Dream chaser mentions other chores. At present, the assessment of the team leader of C 250 is important.

“The number of brigade survivors, the completion of scenic spot tasks, the depth of scenic spot excavation, the mental state of passengers and whether the natural environment has been damaged are all items that will be judged. Among them, 60% of the items are judged automatically by the hotel, and the other 40% are the personal items of the examiner.”

The dreamer looked deeply at C 250: “if you get 100 yuan, you will get 50 yuan, even if you pass.”

The key is on the examiner’s side. If you can get a full score from the examiner, you have to get another ten scores, and you can absolutely pass the customs.


Wei Xun nodded to show understanding. But the dreamer was puzzled. After looking at him for a while, he couldn’t help saying, “don’t you ask?”


“Ask… Ask if there are additional items or the like.”

The dreamer frowned and thought something was wrong. According to the character of C 250, after knowing that it is not difficult to pass the team leader’s assessment task, he should be sorry, disappointed and take the initiative to add difficulty to himself.

However, there was a question from C250.

Is the injury too serious? Or are you thinking about something else? But anyway

“Oh, do you have an additional guide?”

Wei Xun followed suit and asked, “for example, kill the devil merchant.”

He also found himself not in high spirits. The things that used to make him stimulate happiness and take the initiative to pursue now seem to be covered with a film.

“Shuang” is not only physical, but also psychological. It can be said that all excitement, excitement, pleasure and even stimulation will lead to “Shuang” in the end.

Wei Xun himself has some negative emotions. Now he won’t be happy anymore, which is equivalent to many positive emotions.

If it’s not cool, what’s the meaning of looking for stimulation?

It is worthy of 90% of the doomsday punishment. To be exact, Wei Xun is losing interest in everything now.

It seems that we must find a solution as soon as possible – or at least try to alleviate it first.

Otherwise, in this difficult journey, becoming ‘negative’ is fatal.

“There will be no additional rules for killing devil merchants.”

The dreamer’s original doubts were interrupted by the words of C 250. Because it involved the confrontation task between the East and the west, he even recognized the words of C 250, and then changed the secret chat. The “sound” sounded directly in C 250’s mind.

“The suggestion is not to kill the tour guide — if you must kill him, make sure to destroy his illusion before killing him.”

The dreamer warned seriously, “otherwise you will be like me.”

* *

“Mangshan Mountain is a part of Jundu mountain and belongs to the branch of Yanshan mountain.”

The devil merchant talked to Wei Xun. He didn’t know that Wei Xun had discussed with the dreamer about killing him not long ago.

“Mangshan is the largest national forest park in Beijing, with the longest climbing steps in Beijing.”

The tourist guide brooch has the function of “foreign guests”, and the devil businessman will get some additional information about tourist attractions.

“We won’t take the steps this time.”

Half life Taoist priest didn’t give face. Zhou Xiyang and Jing released a UAV over there, overlooking Mangshan from a high altitude. Nezha Ling had long been interested in this gadget. He took off with the UAV, and even flew around with it.

Zhou Xiyang stopped Nezha Ling and knew that Nezha Ling didn’t do this for fun. With Nezha spirit nearby, even if there are some sneaky ghosts in the mountain, they will never dare to attack the UAV.

This kind of UAV that can detect ghosts and ghosts is special and expensive. Even Zhou Xiyang brought two to the fourth scenic spot. Using the UAV to explore the way, the party quickly planned the route and took an unopened mountain forest opposite to the tourist channel.

The mountain road is rugged and difficult to walk. The devil merchant can turn into a ghost, and Wei Xun gets on the sky Fox and is carried forward by Yu Hehui.

“This is Yuanbaofeng. In autumn, the maple leaves are like gold ingots.”

Tong Hege moved to a golden maple tree and carefully picked it from the branches. It’s late autumn. Mangshan Mountain is golden and red. There are red leaves, yellow trees and torch trees everywhere, which will turn red in autumn. The autumn wind is rustling and red leaves are falling. Tong Hege is dressed in red and perfectly integrated into the autumn scenery.

He put Yuanbao maple leaf into Wei Xun’s hand. Wei Xun looked carefully and found that this maple leaf was unusual, but it was half the size of his palm, but it was crystal clear. .

The most strange thing is that it doesn’t look old. It’s as fresh and tender as the newborn tender leaves. The golden orange veins look like golden sugar silk, and the golden mesophyll looks like soaked honey.

“Try it. It’s sweet.”

Wei Xun obeyed the good advice and put the leaf into his mouth. He was surprised to open his eyes. The leaf was melted at the entrance. At first, it was not very sweet. It was like a tender grass root. When he tasted it slowly, the sweet mouth would slowly emerge. It was more sweet than honey. It was a unique fragrance of plants.

“This is the essence of wood. It’s good to eat.”

Yu Hehui said, “but this Yuanbaofeng tree is of average age.”

After the rebirth, Tong and song are mountain spirits and mountain spirits. It is natural for him to absorb the essence of nature, but this is not something that can be done easily. I got a piece of Yuanbao maple leaf from him so quickly. It can show that the maple leaf is not a miraculous medicine. At most, it tastes good.

“Just eat it as a candy. Isn’t it a tonic?”

Tong Hege said, “sweet mouth.”

Wei Xun is not in the right state and is not interested. Even if the dreamer continued to ask, Yu Hehui and Tong Hege also found problems.

Yu Hehui wondered if Wei Xun should be relieved. Now that * * is the examiner, it should be very convenient to relieve him?

I want to find a good place to stay tonight.

Tong Hege didn’t know about relief. Seeing that Wei Xun often drank sugar water, he found him something sweet.

This cream is very sweet, not cavities, and it’s good for eating.

“Your clothes will change color with nature?”

In fact, Wei Xun didn’t show it. It’s too big to get it, but Tong Hege and Yu Hehui were born again, and many things can’t be hidden from them. Simply changed the topic by Tong Hege’s words.

He thought the Mountain Ghost was wearing red, but when he saw Tong Hege standing on the top of the golden treasure tree just now, he dressed in red and changed a little to golden.

“Yes, I have kept a chameleon for many years.”

Tong Hege said regretfully, “it’s a pity to die.”

An Xuefeng has the top orange title of the great Druid. After the people around him have the title of wild soul, it will be faster and easier to become animals. Tong Hege also had the title of wild soul. As a doctor in the team, his safety is the most important, and he should learn to protect himself.

So Tong he chose the chameleon, combined with his Mountain Ghost title, he can hide in the natural environment at any time.

Now Tong Hege is back to life. Theoretically speaking, he is not a passenger at present. He is a ‘Mountain Ghost’. Naturally, those titles have been saved, but many of them have been preserved, and most of them have become his talent.

For example, this dress will change color with nature.

Not only Tong Hege, but also the funeral paper people picked up a lot of maple leaves of Yuanbaofeng. Paper money has long been used up. Preparing paper money is the job of the old housekeeper of Zhi family. He and Zhi Kui are both dead. It can be said that the paper man funeral team is poor.

But you can’t do without paper money. Seeing that there is no one there, the thousands of Yin soldiers on the Shinto side will certainly think of their detour. It’s also a matter of seconds to find them at that time.

However, the Ming Tombs are not the ones that they can come and go if they want. Even the ghost army can’t search the mountain with great potential. Half life Taoist said that the fastest kid should come to them. Find the trace first, then go back and report it to the police, and the ghost will lead the soldiers to hunt down.

“Kids are greedy for money. If we throw them all the way, they will pick them up all the way.”

Half life said humanely: “they don’t want to give up the money, and naturally they won’t go back and report immediately.”

Then you won’t find the money.

“Yuanbaofeng has a trace of wealth, but he can fake paper money.”

In the past, Yuanbaofeng could only be planted by a large family. Its name is nice and its leaves are beautiful. It has the meaning of attracting wealth. Not just a yellow leaf can pretend to be paper money.

“But fake is fake.”

Zhou Xiyang said solemnly, “go to the Ming Tombs reservoir at 12 noon.  after the reservoir, the Yin army will not be easy to chase.”

Twelve o’clock is the node of the day when Yang Qi changes from prosperity to decline. It is the most Yin time. In the morning, the sun was so strong that the kids were dizzy and couldn’t distinguish the fake paper money.

But after 12:00, it’s hard to say.

Their destination is still Tianshou mountain. They go round from the East and take the line of Mangshan – Ming Tombs Reservoir – xiaomangshan.

If everything goes well as expected, they will be able to stay in the village of Deling tonight.

The 15th emperor was buried in the de mausoleum, the youngest of the three Mausoleums in the East. They would meet first when they took this line.

Go to Deling to find out the bottom first.

“Do you like maple leaves?”

The passengers over there had a serious discussion. The devil businessman came over and praised, “I like it too. It’s very nice.”

As he spoke, he showed his hand and a handful of bright red and golden maple leaves. It turned out that the devil merchant seemed happier when he saw that Tong Hege ‘picked up maple leaves’ gave C 250, so he subconsciously picked up some.

He doesn’t have any superfluous thoughts. He just wants to talk to C 250 more. After all, once you enter the mausoleum area, I’m afraid the relaxed atmosphere will disappear.

“Where did you pick up this maple leaf?”

Wei Xun looked up and at first thought that the devil merchant had a hand of scarlet flesh!

Those pieces of meat, like life, are constantly twitching and wriggling. The red ones are meat and the yellow ones are sticky fat. They look scary.

His left eye was slightly painful. Wei Xun closed his eyes and then opened it. The devil merchant had a normal maple leaf in his hand.

“It’s the forest behind.”

The devil merchant frowned and felt abnormal. Shaking his hand, he threw down all the red maple leaves.

“What’s the matter?”

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes slightly and looked behind him. The mountain road they take is a wild road. On weekdays, when people walk by, the trees are particularly lush, especially the red maple trees, which are tall and lush, with overlapping branches and leaves. Even the sky is blocked, and the ground is covered with red and yellow maple leaves.

… at first glance, they seem to be walking in the red and yellow pipeline.

Like, like the belly of a living creature.

If these red maple leaves are flesh and blood and yellow leaves are fat, they are more like.

The funeral team walked very fast in order to get on the road. Now she has come to the middle of Mangshan Mountain, which is a lot where she evacuated quickly and walked out immediately.

Best for hands-on.

Wei Xun’s lips moved slightly, but the tour guide words spoken by him rang in the ears of another group of passengers.

The tourists of the monster camp visited Mangshan Mountain and followed behind the brigade. Along the way, the “C 250” sound sounded in their ears through the headset.

“Around this Python mountain, there is a very interesting legend.”

“It is said that in the early years of the Ming Dynasty, a 100 meter Python appeared in the mountain, devouring the living and harming all living beings. It made the people miserable here. Even the repair of the imperial mausoleum was affected. No one can do anything about this python.”

“Later, there was a young man of Hui nationality named Shahai Baba. He decided to kill the python for the people.”

When Wei Xun spoke the tour guide, the devil businessman also said it. However, their stories are similar, but they are not.

The devil merchant said, “Shay haibaba took the initiative to expose himself to the python with two sharp knives and covered with rosin. The smell of the pine was so strong that the python bit him and swallowed him directly. Shay haibaba stabbed the python in the belly and killed the python. But the snake’s venom poisoned him.”

However, Wei Xun said, “Shay haibaba wore clothes made of thick cowhide and inlaid with a sharp knife. The python swallowed him and directly cut open his stomach. So the python died, but Shay haibaba survived and became a hero. In memory of him, this mountain is also called Mang Mountain.”

What kind of protagonist, similar legends and stories, is not the end!

Isn’t the red and yellow leaves that cover the sky and block out the sun just like the belly of a python? The passengers walking in the Python’s belly are “sieve sea Baba”.

How can we ‘kill’ a Python and survive from its belly? Rosin sharp knife and cowhide sharp knife are two choices that are not accessible, but they die all their lives.

The Taoist camp knows the “dead end”, while the monster camp knows the “living end”! This essential difference is not only caused by the strength gap between the two camps and the impact of the team leader’s assessment, but also because the little Bai Jiao is now with Meckel!

Last night, Mei Ke’er helped Xiaobai Jiao to become a dragon with a paint bucket, which fulfilled his wish and saved the spirit of the white snake. It’s kind to him!

That is, Bai Lu and Bai Jiao will eventually follow Wei Xun who revives the dragon vein and investigates the cause of the mountain god’s death, but in the fourth scenic spot, they will follow Meckel to report their kindness first.

The white snake spirit is the ancestor of the snakes in the Yanshan Mountains. It’s a boa constrictor. How dare you hurt the person it protects? So what the monster camp gets is a living game. But the Taoist camp is in trouble! As the voice of the guide fell, there was a sudden silence around. Some insects and birds disappeared.

… it’s like a monster hiding in the dark who finds himself exposed.

So no longer hide.

“Hiss -”

Like the long hiss of gas leakage, the earth shook violently. Those red and yellow maple leaves stacked on the ground stick together in a strange form and wriggle.


It is a loud sound, just like the beating of a strong heart. The light on the top of the passengers’ heads suddenly dimmed. The maple branches and leaves on the passengers’ heads strangely elongated and adhered. The trunk looked like the bones of a snake, and the maple leaves adhered together looked like flesh and blood.

Pulse, peristalsis and faint sweet smell diffuse. If there is no smell, it makes people dizzy and out of breath.

Highly toxic.


Tong Hege said disgustedly, wrapped his clothes tightly and sat on Yu Hehui’s back, making his clothes white with the color of Tianhu and red and yellow with flesh and fat.

He couldn’t help opening his hand and clenching his fist. The ten years since his death seemed like a dream to him. When he woke up, he was still a passenger or a doctor, but in fact he was different.

He is a reborn man. In this situation, he can’t do it without a shot.

“So dirty.”

Wei Xun said, covering his nose. Mangshan’s crisis aroused his slightest interest.

“Get out quickly.”


Mingming was far away, but Zhou Xiyang heard it. He looked back and nodded at C 250. Then he shouted seriously, “you hear me, hurry up and don’t delay here!”

“There are only five people in the whole team. Do you shout so loudly?”

Half life Taoist whispered in his heart, but he changed his original plan. They were a little frightened by the change of Mangshan Mountain, and they were very calm and calm. For them, this difficulty is just to spend more time or less time, and each has its own solution.

The two legends of Shai haibaba, banming and Zhou Xiyang also know that they have made a detailed investigation on the scenic spots that may be involved in the whole journey of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing.

Like the legend that Shay haibaba was poisoned, what the devil merchant said is not complete. After Shay haibaba’s death, there was a short passage in the legend, which said that Shay haibaba had a psychic white camel. After the owner died, the camel didn’t eat or drink, and finally died.

The legend omitted by the tour guide is the key to get through the crisis!

White camel channeling shows that it is very likely to have a soul after death. In various legends, the white camel is a spirit, which can guide people to escape from the sandstorm and lead the lost people back to the right path.

The white camel is kind-hearted. Its owner died in the mouth of a python. It has been wandering in Mangshan for a hundred years. It certainly doesn’t want other tourists to do the same.

Therefore, it is necessary for the half life Taoist priest to open the eyes of yin and Yang, find the soul of the white camel, and the brigade can follow it, and then pass Mangshan smoothly.

But I’m afraid it will take a little longer to do so.

Since director C said hurry up, come as fast as you can.

“You give me strength, or I can’t support it.”

Knowing what Zhou Xiyang meant, half life Taoist was a little excited. He coughed a little, and then took out a volume of well preserved ancient books.

“Is it Tianwen?”

Tong Hege sat up straight and said in surprise, “cenqin, is he going to use this?”

“Heaven asked” and “Mountain Ghost” are both from “Chu Ci”. Many years ago, on his way home, he joined hands with metaphysics. During a five stage extremely dangerous journey in the Miluo River, he encountered the alienation of event scenic spots.

Tong Hege and Cen Qin were the ones who activated “Chu Ci” and participated in it most deeply. Then they both successfully fulfilled “Qu Yuan’s last wish” and got the opportunity to listen to Qu Yuan’s soul tell “Chu Ci” personally.

Later, Tong Hege understood the Mountain Ghost and won the corresponding orange title after a series of tasks. CEN Qin’s comprehension is Tianwen.

But what happened to the half life Taoist later, Tong Hege learned from Yu Hehui. I’m afraid the most important impact of the decline of strength is to use those top orange titles, because people can’t bear that powerful and terrible power.

The title of Tianwen is rarely known now.

“Thinking of Cen Qin, he would copy Tianwen… This can be regarded as his exclusive prop.”

The title is useless, but the exclusive props can be used. ᜍᜍᜍ.

If it’s all up to half life Taoist, I’m afraid his strength will be exhausted as soon as he asks. But Zhou Xiyang’s support will change this dilemma.

Why they did this, Yu Hehui vaguely understood.

Although everything was successful last night, Wei Xun survived, which can be said to be the best result. But in contrast, Zhou Xiyang realized that he could not reach.

He worked together with half life Taoist priest and Meckel to trap the silver moon killer, but no amount of them could do it.

He’s fighting, and he’s not helping C 250 after swallowing him.

Who could have thought that in this journey, they, the powerful old travelers, who are second only to the peak travelers, were powerless.

But in that case, there is a greater need for change.

This “combination skill” that worked with half life Taoist was the change that Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist tried to make. To use it on Mangshan Mountain is to try.

If you can give full play to the power of “heaven”, even if you play half of it, you can be a killer mace in the imperial mausoleum.

“Look, this is one of the top orange titles.”

Yu Hehui said seriously. Tong Hege sat next to Wei Xun. They looked at half life Taoist and Zhou Xiyang.

“Cen Qin was the second most powerful passenger after an.”

He saw Zhou Xiyang’s hand Sutra on the shoulder of the half life Taoist. His pupils were dark and his anger was rising.

The Taoist robe of the half life Taoist seemed to be stirred by the invisible wind. His face was pale, his hands were trembling, and he seemed to bear a huge force. Suddenly, a stream of blood overflowed from the corners of the mouth of the half life Taoist, which was the reverse bite caused by the overpowering force filling the body.

But when the blood overflowed, the half life Taoist clenched his teeth, and the scroll in his hand was windless and automatic. It was as if hundreds of golden words flew out and twinkled and danced in the dark space. Mingming’s half life Taoist priest also came out, but the Mangshan earth shook, and those scarlet flesh and blood trembled, as if he had been under strong pressure, but he was a little timid.

However, in the next second, those golden words were flying and changing, and a golden word “ask” was formed in mid air!

 there are questions,  there are days, because half life Taoist represents heaven at the moment!

“God, ask!”

Half life Taoist finally opened his mouth and his tongue burst with spring thunder. Just two words were like roaring thunder. The incomparably huge and magnificent “sound” came from the sky and looked down at him!

“Python is non-toxic. Why does it harm people?”

Half life Taoist Li asked, pointing directly at the loophole in the legend. Man swallowing Python is non-toxic. How could it be poisoned?

From this point, half life Taoist directly determined the nature of the whole Legend – the legend is wrong!

Then, without any excuse from mangling, he said the second sentence directly.

“It’s said that it’s empty. Python doesn’t exist.”

Since the legend is wrong, the content of the legend is naturally unreliable. Man swallowing Python may not exist.

It is said that Python does not exist. Of course, python mountain will not change now.

In a word, half life Taoist directly denied the existence of Python!


After two words, Mangshan Mountain shook violently, and the red and yellow maple leaves rustled and fell in panic. Then he heard a loud noise, and everyone suddenly saw a bright light. The red and yellow maple leaves that melted the belly of the python withered and disappeared in an instant. The maple leaves were removed, and the bare maple trees were left, as if they were entering winter in an instant.

The spirit of Python in Mang Mountain was completely cracked and dissipated by him!

Rao Shiwei Xun opened his eyes in amazement and sat up straight. There was an earth shaking battle. In two words, the python spirit disappeared and collapsed. For the first time, Wei Xun really had a lot of interest in facing the powerful orange title at close range. The fusion flame burned at his fingertips, and the color seemed to become deeper, as if some power had been drawn from Tianwen.


Before the roar stopped, Tong Hege sighed: “you can’t let cenqin speak. Tianwen was so powerful in those years.”


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