TTG Chapter 238

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 238: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (60)

“Deputy regiment, you are great!”

Python spirit died so fast that most passengers didn’t react. Yun Lianghan’s eyes widened in horror. Olaine tightened his mouth and the first one to move was Bai Xiaotian.

For the first time, the dumb young Taoist made a move in line with his age. He left the funeral team and ran to the half life Taoist’s head in one breath. He was shocked and worshipped. He held the half life Taoist’s sleeve with admiration, but in fact, he supported the half life Taoist’s body.

The golden light spot of Tianwen dispersed, and the half life Taoist who was still losing his mind was called back to God by Bai Xiaotian. His body shook and almost fell.

Also, Zhou Xiyang pressed his shoulder, Bai Xiaotian supported on his right side, and the half life Taoist stabilized.

“When I was a Taoist, I was also a famous figure.”

The half life Taoist’s face became more pale. His spirit was very strong. He couldn’t help but tilt his mouth. He pretended to be calm and light: “it’s just two words. It’s not enough to be afraid of a little Python spirit.”

“When I traveled 30 degrees north latitude, even if I said dozens of words to the sky level monsters, I would die on the spot.”

Half life Taoist Ao Dao:

“I still remember that day when I had a duel with an Xuefeng you, if I didn’t deal with Xiao Yu first, I wouldn’t know the victory or defeat -”

“OK, OK, it’s the old yellow calendar many years ago.”

Zhou Xiyang speechless pinched the shoulder of the Taoist priest in the second half of his life: “in those days, we really just entered the hotel. Who bullied the small with the big?”

“Hahaha, I was young and frivolous.”

The half life Taoist smiled and said, “Xing patted Zhou Xiyang on the shoulder and asked in a low voice,” how can you hold it? ”

“No problem.”

Compared with the half life Taoist, Zhou Xiyang’s situation is fairly good. His orange title “sunset Yuyuan” is very strong, but it is because of its strength that it gets out of control. This title is biased towards evil. If it is used too much, it will even distort people’s original character.

That is, there is a connecting tour guide, which has a fatal impact on the character. At the beginning, Zhou Xiyang even had a very serious and bad thing. There was no solution. He didn’t want to become completely different. Therefore, Zhou Xiyang rarely used this title and basically only used the matching purple title “sunset”.

Therefore, although his strength is strong, he can’t perfectly match the title and can’t give full play to his full strength.

However, without using the title, only the problem of simply passing power on to the half life Taoist is not found

When he found a solution, Zhou Xiyang was also happy and calm, and wrote softly: “enough for you to say a few dozen words.”

If you don’t say dozens of words, you can say dead sky level monsters. Then I can support you to say dozens of words, which means that this day level monsters don’t care about me, right!

“Really? If you say so, I really believe it.”

The half life Taoist was so happy that he swallowed several pills through Bai Xiaotian’s medicine. Although he was still ill, he was like this at ordinary times.

“Cui Dao, do you think I’m fast?”

Half life Taoist even turned back to Wei Xun and said, “think about metaphysics”. Before he said it, Zhou Xiyang, who was aware of his intention, pressed his neck and turned around with a smile.

The funeral team continued to move forward, and there was only Python spirit in this Mangshan Mountain. In addition to its rapid forward speed, the rear brigade is expected to reach the Ming Tombs Reservoir in an hour at most, not until 12 noon.

“How much do you know about this title?”

The leaping flame of Wei Xun’s fingertips came out of their rare self when half life Taoist spoke, and they are very active until now. They seem to have absorbed something when asked by heaven, but Wei Xun feels it carefully and feels that they have no additional changes except that the flame is more active.

“What half life Taoist said was not the original sentence of heaven’s question. He asked questions directly as’ heaven ‘according to his title and exclusive weapons.”

When it comes to other people’s titles, Yu Hehui keeps silent and talks to Wei xunmi. It’s just that in the past, they had a secret chat. This time, there are more Tong Hege in the “secret chat group”.

As long as Wei Xun allows, they can hear each other and discuss each other.

“That’s great, but I’m afraid half life Taoist can’t use it.”

Tong Hege exclaimed, “that’s terrible. As long as he asked,” who preached at the beginning of ancient times? “, Then unless you tell the whole story of your title and all your allusions and experiences from beginning to end, your title will be banned for five minutes. ”

In five minutes, the battle between you and me will be won long ago.

In particular, during the war, the regiment was even more deadly. As long as the half-life Taoist came next to Leng Buding in the rear, he said, “who preached in the beginning of ancient times?” Can directly make people collapse.

“You flame… Say the original sentence of Tianwen that you don’t want to hear.”

Yu Hehui mused: “the birth of civilization and preaching have a feeling of reaching the same goal by different paths.”

“At the beginning of ancient times, who preached?”, Tianwen has a total of more than 170 questions, which is the first question. Since ancient times, the first sentence of countless articles has always been very important, which will lay a foundation for the full text.

“But if Heaven asks only questions and doesn’t answer them, it won’t be useful.”

I asked him. He looked aggressive, but he didn’t have any answers, which could make the excited flame wither on the spot.

Yes, I didn’t.

Tong Hege sighed: “if you want to listen to Mountain Ghost, it’s useful. I can read it to you.”

“It’s not just the half life Taoist who will” Tianwen ”

Yu Hehui thought more: “actually, he has covered the whole book of Chu Ci.”

“What do you say?”

Wei Xun asked, and he felt his emotions all the time during the conversation. It is found that those who are interested in folk culture have not lost their thirst for knowledge.

For the unknown and the exploration of the past, these things do not need to have results, nor will they feel good, but only the process of exploration can make people feel amazing and satisfied.

The loss of Shuang didn’t affect this  but compared with Wei Xun who would take the initiative to ask before, Yu Hehui really interested in this  when he said it. It seems that  has lost some initiative.

And whether some positive emotions can disappear completely, only the “threshold” is mentioned.

In order to test more, Wei Xun continued to ask.

“It happened many years ago, and it also involves a lot of past events.”

Feeling that Wei Xun’s mood was finally mobilized, Yu Hehui also wanted to say more. At least one hour, Wei Xun can stay in this state when he reaches the Ming Tombs reservoir. Yu Hehui racked his brains and turned out the old yellow calendar ten years ago.

“Just now the half life Taoist said that he had fought with an team for at least ten years.”

Yu Hehui said: “when an Xuefeng first entered the hotel, he soon became famous and won the” man’s exclusive weapon return knife “. Moreover, the score of team an on the first journey surpassed the half life Taoist and became the first new star passenger. I don’t know how to spread it. His knife became “the first knife in a hotel.”

“Have you finished?”

When it comes to an Xuefeng’s past, Wei Xun is more interested. Ten years can change a lot of people. When an Xuefeng first entered the hotel, was he as calm and restrained as he is now?


Tong Hege added: “at that time, the brigade ranked No. 1 in metaphysics would not bother new people because of this, but would just want to attract him.”

An Xuefeng remembers the friends he brought into the hotel under his influence. Instead of joining the old hotel, he formed a new brigade, which Wei Xun had heard before.

“Cen Chin has been in the hotel for two years. He was recognized as the strongest tourist of the new generation at that time.”

Yu Hehui briefly mentioned: “the title of the strongest tourist and tour guide awarded by the hotel is actually different every decade, which is closely related to the leaders in this decade. Usually, one or two years before the next decade, such excellent people will be selected into the hotel like a blowout, and then choose the best among the best. ”

“We all call this” the son of travel. ”

Tong Hege laughed, and there was a sarcasm in his laughter.

The hotel has no plans to raise poisonous insects, but if you want to live, you can only be the strongest one among the “poisonous insects”.

“At the beginning, the strongest passengers in the East and West were basically true. Jane in the West and Cen Qin in the East did not expect an army to emerge.”

There was unspeakable admiration and admiration in Yu Hehui’s tone: “it’s not uncommon that there are many powerful tourists. But an Xuefeng is really courageous because he can bring up a whole brigade from the newcomers. ”

In those days, the “grassroots rise” was regarded as an important part of an’s team. As soon as Cen Qin entered the hotel, he was favored by metaphysics and absorbed into the old team. It was considered that he was born in a “famous family”.

“At that time, the first brigade was awarded the title of” metaphysics “and the title of” sword out of the cold mountain “to the strongest passenger. Chen Cheng, the old captain of metaphysics, won the title.”

“But no one should remember this title now”

Yu Hehui sighed and said objectively, “there is a cycle of reincarnation every ten years. Moreover, at that time, the ruling power of old captain Chen was not as strong as that of an team. He won the title of” sword out of cold mountain “almost in turn as the first demon swordsman in the western region at that time. He won the title in almost six years of celebration at the end of the decade.”

Unlike an Xuefeng, he has been with him for ten years.

“The eastern and western regions will have different translations when they get this title”

Tong Hege added: “the year I entered the hotel, when the demon swordsman won the title, he was the sword of winter.”

“Yes, that year, old captain Chen was seriously injured, and his strength declined sharply.”

Yu Hehui said, “he wants to hand over the position of captain to cenqin, and has been secretly building momentum and paving the way for him. At that time, regardless of the metaphysics of Laoshan, they were extremely convinced and worshipped cenqin. ”

So when I heard that an Xuefeng’s returning knife was called “the first knife in the hotel”, some people said that an Xuefeng was the first new passenger. Some people were not happy and wanted to find a place for cenqin.

“At the beginning, there was a newcomer named Yu Xiangyang in the Laoshan brigade. He almost joined the brigade at the same time as an DUI. As soon as he came in, he was called purple [non bone].”

Non ossifying zombie is a kind of “level” form of zombie. It will have a bone as black as a rock, extremely hard and invulnerable. Do not turn bones and then go to the toilet.

“At that time, Yu Xiangyang went to the safety team and said he wanted to try his knife.”

After all, the first return knife of the hotel is sharper, and his unchanging bone is harder?

“Yu Xiangyang also had a violent temper in those days, which made the an team unable, so he promised to” compete with each other. ”

As a result, Yu Xiangyang was lost in this competition.

“The safety team rarely used knives. At that time, he was not in control, so he couldn’t control his way back.”

Yu Hehui said politely, “if you want to keep the current safety team, you will never make a knife. But then… ”

At that time, an Dui didn’t have a good temper. After persuading Yu Xiangyang several times not to listen, he simply gave a knife.

Yu Xiangyang can hold up after the first knife, but his bones will break after the second knife. An Xuefeng wanted to close the knife, but on his way home, the knife was eager to see blood, so he lost control and wanted to cut down the third knife.

“What’s next?”

Even Tong Hege, who joined on his way home, didn’t know about it and asked with great interest.

“At that time, the situation was very dangerous. The security team planned to withdraw the knife, but in this way, he would be eaten back, and he would be ready for a new journey in another week.”

Yu Hehui felt that he had a headache. Tianhu shook his tail and said, “return, cen Qin secretly looked nearby. Seeing the situation, he jumped out and directly asked,” the Lord wants to take back the knife. Does the knife betray the Lord? ”

The master wants to accept the knife, but you still don’t do it. Do you want to betray the master?

“When the exclusive weapon can’t betray the Lord, his sentence directly withered the return knife”

Yu Hehui said that he was afraid that Wei Xun might misunderstand the half life Taoist. At that time, he was watching the play and said a few more words to help explain.

CEN Qin didn’t expect Yu Xiangyang to go straight to an Xuefeng. He learned from others that it was too late. When he rushed over, both of them handed in Yu Xiangyang.

In fact, cen Qin also wondered how strong Qi’an Xuefeng was. He looked at it secretly and didn’t stop it directly. As a result, it was bad. Later, cen Qin couldn’t resist and had two moves with an Xuefeng, but an team knew that to fight with this man, they had to seal his mouth first.

In the end, an Xuefeng won. Metaphysics is like the villains here.

“That’s what happened”

Tong Hege suddenly realized: “no wonder they were preaching metaphysics and were going to destroy the eagle team.”

“The eagles?”

Wei Xun couldn’t help asking, and then heard Yu Hehui and Tong Hege silence, filled with a faint embarrassment of leaking.

It was called the eagles before returning home.

This, this is really

Wei Xun looked unpredictable. His face looked very serious from the outside. He was so serious that the devil merchant hesitated and didn’t dare to talk to him again.

“Later, when the Miluo River was in the scenic spot, metaphysics took the initiative to cooperate with the way home. Captain Chen took a rest and Cen chin led the team. ”

Yu Hehui coughed and skipped over the topic: “Chu Ci is actually the opportunity of cenqin to activate the alienation of events in the Miluo River. It mainly depends on him. But he shared this opportunity with the way home. ”

Half life Taoist can use all kinds of famous articles in Chu Ci before, just like the Tianwen he used when he stopped an Xuefeng. Just like Wei Xun chose a “bias” from searching for fire, stealing fire and extinguishing fire, half life Taoist has also completed all the pre tasks, and it is time to choose bias.

He finally chose Tianwen and won a series of titles related to it. At that time, Tong Hege, who had just joined the journey home, had an affinity with this “scenery” and won the title and task of “Mountain Ghost”.

After this incident, cenqin was greatly improved on the whole way home, and the relationship between the way home and metaphysics became closer and closer.

“Cen Qin was supposed to be the leader of metaphysics in this decade,” he said

Yu Hehui frowned: “sorry… I don’t remember.”

Anyway, in the end, Chen Cheng, who was seriously ill, chose the most low-key Wan’an poverty as the captain. And Wan’an poor fruit retained most of the people of metaphysics and Laoshan in the battlefield.

With the growth of Wei Xun’s strength, some of the memories originally sealed by Yu Hehui have been unsealed, just like the anecdotes said today. But when it comes to more core secrets, the past is still locked in memory.

Wei Xun didn’t force him. After listening to the past, he could almost confirm his state.

He remains interested in the unknown and in the past of the strong. Even when I heard words such as “an Xuefeng has dominated the title for ten years” and “an Xuefeng is out of control”, if there is an electric current passing through the spine, I shudder for a moment and am excited.

Is it cool or exciting?

Although it was only for a moment, Wei Xun was already confident.

His happiness did not completely disappear, only the threshold value reached a very high level. Only by breaking the threshold can he find his pleasure again.

He was not sure how fast his emotions disappeared in the doomsday punishment. He would not be happy again this morning. He said that he would not feel happy or satisfied again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

We must determine whether his idea is right or not as soon as possible, and whether he is right or not.

Wei Xun thought.

Let’s talk about the time tonight.

“The first one is the Ming Tombs Reservoir!”

At 11 noon, the funeral team crossed Mangshan Mountain and reached the Ming Tombs reservoir. Out of the mountains and forests, there is a vast expanse of sunshine in front of me. The water is blue and reflects the mountains. Today, there is neither wind nor rain in the afternoon. It looks very quiet.

“At the 2008 Olympic Games, the triathlon was compared here.”

After finishing this sentence, the Taoist priest frowned and said, “no, kid, I think the Yin soldiers are afraid that Ma Yu will come. Let’s cross the dam first!”

The Ming Tombs Reservoir Dam connects Mang Mountain and Baotou mountain. Baotou mountain, also known as Xiaomang mountain, belongs to Mang Mountain range. Deling is in the Mangshan Mountain range.

So apart from mangling, the funeral team should be unobstructed from the Ming Tombs reservoir to Deling. But before the dam, something strange happened.

The funeral paper people cowered and trembled, and a simple paper face showed great fear and fear.

A faint mist diffused around the paper man. The devil merchant saw that the sidewalk was bad.

“Those ghosts are all out!”

When I went out of the drum beating alley a few days ago, every paper was filled with ghosts. Although he lost a lot in the follow-up, there were more or less ghosts in the rest of the human body.

These ghosts can be temporarily blocked when the Yin soldiers seduce the soul, but now the ghosts are like fleeing, and they all leave the paper human body! For a time, the white fog was heavy, the Yin Qi rose sharply, the sky suddenly became gloomy, the cold wind suddenly rose, and the water surged. In the sound of water waves, you can hear a hissing sound like a monster panting.

“Call -”

“Call -”

Yun Lianghan was sweating with white hair. Among all the passengers, he was the most backward in the funeral team. He could clearly hear the sound of breathing coming from behind. No, it’s not the breath sound of one person, but the breath sound of thousands of ghosts.

The Yin troops of the Yin difference are catching up at a fast speed. Yun Lianghan’s cold hair stands upright and can’t help but want to move forward, but the road ahead is blocked by the stiff paper people!

“ the dam, the hell army can’t chase the dam!”

Zhou Xiyang made a quick decision and half ordered the Taoist priest to wave the thatch and force a paper man to the dam.

“Ah –!”

But as soon as the paper man stepped on the dam, he was sent out a shrill scream, and then his body immediately turned into black ash and dissipated, as if it had been burned to ashes by some invisible flame.

Wei Xun is at the head of the funeral team now. He saw the tragedy of the paper man, but there is no movement in the fusion flame. No, burn the paper man’s flame.


The sky is gloomy and cloudy. Where does the sun come from?

Zhou Xiyang’s face was dignified. Without hesitation, he directly asked half life Taoist priest to call out more than a dozen special “paper people” – when he was in Zhi’s courtyard, the passengers made two batches of paper people. The largest number of paper men are made of willow. They are suitable for dealing with Yin army. Zhou Xiyang lined them up to the end of the funeral team.

“There’s no time. It’s better.”

Zhou Xiyang said decisively, “I let the sun set. You take the opportunity to drive the paper man over the dam.”


Half life Taoist retorted and glanced behind him: “those werewolves are right behind. There is a ‘moon’. I’m afraid the werewolf’s strength will increase. I want them to move at this time.”

Just wanted to speak about the guide’s words and allusions, but the devil businessman robbed:

He felt strange. How can these people remember so many stories? Will they really come to the Ming Tombs reservoir?

It’s really strange to be robbed by passengers, but the guide’s words can’t be ignored. The devil merchant pretended not to hear anything and said, “ha ha, tourists, the scenery of the Ming Tombs reservoir is not very beautiful?”

“It is said that the Ming Tombs reservoir has a big strange thing. The strange thing is that you can see the sun and the moon at the same time. But how can you see the sun and the moon at the same time? Do you have any friends who know -”

“I know, Lord Chai left the sun and moon here.”

Half life Taoist said impatiently, “be quiet and don’t make noise!”

Devil merchant:

“It is said that Luban built the Dashi bridge in Zhaozhou, which is very famous. Some people don’t believe it. They want to see if the Dashi bridge is really so stable.”

Different from the devil merchant’s situation, no one in the monster camp dared to interrupt Bing 250. In this gloomy and ghostly environment, Zhang Guo rode a donkey, carried the sun and moon, Lord Chai’s cart and carried the five famous mountains.

As a result, old Zhang Guo crossed the bridge first, and the bridge didn’t even shake. Unwilling, he threw the sun and moon to Lord Chai. Lord Chai loaded the sun, the moon and the five famous mountains in his car and wheeled them over the Dashiqiao. As a result, Luban supported under the bridge, the Lord Chai passed, and the stone bridge was still safe.

As a result, Zhang Guo lost the battle. He felt ashamed and traveled around the world. I left this day and January to Lord Chai. Lord Chai was worried about how to deal with this day and January and the five mountains. Grandma Chai gave an idea. The old couple went all the way north. After passing through Youzhou in the bitter sea, they came to this boundary and felt that it was right to place the mountains here.

“Lord Chai made a gesture to the southeast and said, ‘let the Dragon lie here,’ and pointed to the northwest and said, ‘let the tiger squat here.'”

Wei Xun said through the guide Mai: “Lord Chai felt that the mountain was not enough, so he turned the sun and moon into a mountain and put it in the north.”

The north side is the land where the brigade is going to move forward, that is, the two mountains of the sun and moon in the legend are blocking in front of them! With the sun shining, the ghost has nowhere to hide, and the paper man can only shrink behind and stop!

“If there was a moon, I would have felt it for a long time!”

Augustus, who was very silent all the way, was excited when he heard the moon. He glanced at the Yin army next to him – the people of their demon and beast camp followed him behind, and thousands of Yin armies had come and were overtaking them quickly.

“My wolf claws want to tear people’s throat and soak hot blood.”

Augustus deliberately provoked loudly: “the luck along the way has come to an end. I think there will definitely be dead here.”

“You’re wrong, damn wolf.”

The black cat leaned over the bark, sharpened its claws and said mercilessly, “it’s sunny and the rain has stopped. Do you think you can do it again?”

Augustus was too quiet all the way. It was obvious that he was greatly stimulated last night and fell into a rare confusion.

Oren’s death in the silver moon?

Can you chase the Devourer (inside the devil merchant) on October 10?

The world has changed. What’s the matter? Why is it like this?

Augustus and Yun Lianghan also doubted people’s intelligence, but the red werewolf was nervous and had extraordinary psychological quality. He had almost no half intelligence, and soon got up again.

These easterners dare not kill him!

Werewolves are cunning and figure out the key.

Ming Yu is the strongest passenger in the central and western regions of the brigade. If he dies, even in order to fight against the East-West balance of the mission, olaine and Mia will definitely change.


Mia stopped talking as if she wanted to persuade, but Augustus was too lazy to listen to her.

Although the silver moon kill was sealed, Mia hasn’t revealed her real strength yet! Say no, she’s also a dog of the butcher alliance.

Augustus’s eyes showed his ferocity, and his teeth itched at the thought of a man who had sneaked into the butcher alliance among the werewolves.

It’s the fourth scene. I haven’t killed anyone. I haven’t died yet. This journey is really boring.

“I’m right.”

Augustus grinned and the wolf’s eyes were fierce: “I’m going to kill.”

After that, his figure disappeared, and the running red werewolf broke away from the team and disappeared in the mountains. Mia looks like she can’t stop and has no choice. But no one paid attention to him.

“Hey, yuntianhe, don’t you stop him?”

The lazy black cat finished grinding its claws lazily. Seeing that yuntianhe was still standing here, she asked suspiciously.

“Why should I stop it?”

Yuntianhe said gently, “Augustus will not lead Cui.”

“He’s a crazy wolf.”

Meckel muttered and looked at yuntianhe deeply: “you don’t have a good relationship with Yun Lianghan? Don’t you save him?”

Yes, what Augustus just said is not true. His killing intention is almost solid. It’s Augustus’ best chance to get out while the passengers in the east side don’t intend to touch him for the time being.

But who in the Taoist camp can be killed by him?

Zhou Xiyang’s half life Taoist couldn’t do it, nor could olaine – that is, Augustus showed that he hated him, but the red werewolf didn’t want to die.

Bai Xiaotian and Yun Lianghan are the only ones left in Yu’s life – but killing Bai Xiaotian will definitely annoy half life Taoist priest. Just now, the scene of half life Taoist performing Tianwen instant killing Python spirit is still close at hand. Augustus has very low ability to kill him.

The latest choice of the cloud Lianghan society.

Not to mention the tourists trained by Yun Lianghan’s butcher alliance.

Although he hid very well when he first entered the journey, the old passengers are not stupid in these days. In addition, the dreamers can communicate with foreign dreamers. They know the real identity of Yun Lianghan.

Don’t touch him, because the butcher alliance is related to C 250. Even if he can, Zhou Xiyang and they don’t want to make Cuidao unhappy because of Yun Lianghan.

But Augustus had no such scruples.

It is a great disgrace to the werewolves who claim to be the most united and completely innocent werewolves.

You can’t kill olaine and Mia. You can also kill Yun Lianghan.

“Do we have a relationship?”

Yun Tianhe asked with a smile.

“Ah, aren’t you… Colleagues?”

One was born in the shepherd alliance, the other was born in the butcher alliance, and they all wanted to join C 250. As the only two tourists from the tour guide alliance, shouldn’t yuntianhe form an alliance with yunlianghan? Just like they started.

“If you can survive, you will call your colleagues.”

Yuntianhe sighed, distressed and gently said, “and I really… Envy that yunlianghan can be with Cuidao.”

Very jealous.

Yun Lianghan from the butcher alliance is like a foreign black sheep in the eyes of Yun Tianhe. Obviously, he was grazed by a shepherd. He also wanted to see the grass and butterflies outside.

How can the lamb think of other shepherds?

But a gentle lamb should not be jealous, should be tolerant, gentle and tolerant, and should not kill each other.

So the black sheep was bitten to death by the wolf.

* *


Yun Lianghan sneezed, feeling colder and impatient. However, after stopping for a few minutes, the Yin army was like chasing him, making his spine cold.

“Are you really a pig?”

In particular, the half life Taoist also looked at him with a critical look and confirmed it again and again, which made Yun Lianghan feel impatient.

But if he can talk back, Yun Lianghan still wants to live. “Yes, I’m a pig,” he replied again

“All right, seven little pigs.”

Half life Taoist sighed with relief. He was so happy that he didn’t like to hear what he said.

Just now, the half life Taoist asked Zhou Xiyang to stand alone in front of the “Dharma”. His mind turned and came up with an idea. He recruited the “meat paper men” who had been personally tied up in Zhi’s courtyard. These “paper men” had pig bones inside and chicken feathers outside. They were originally used as “sacrifices”, but they were never used.

Half life Taoist asked Zhou Xiyang to pluck all the chicken feathers of the meat paper man. After counting, he found that there were only six pigs. He asked urgently if anyone in the team was a pig.

Also, Yun Lianghan was a pig and gathered seven heads with the meat paper people.

Now, olaine and Bai Xiaotian carry the coffin, and Yun Lianghan and the other six meat paper men are called to the front.

“What do you want seven pigs for?”

Wei Xun looked behind him and could see the shadow of the Yin army. Time is pressing. The Yin army will chase you in half a minute at most!

But the half life Taoist has a clear mind.

“Seven pigs…”

Yu Hehui hesitated and thought carefully: “like the allusions in Youyang Zazu?”

“Remember, you are the Big Dipper. Do you understand?”

The former half life Taoist gave the final training. The meat and paper people bowed their heads gently and believed whatever he said. Only Yun Lianghan was full of doubts.

Ah, this, this, how can a pig be a Big Dipper!

But now he can’t help it. He can only try his best to hypnotize me, the stars. I, the stars, the back and the front six meat paper people together.


As soon as the six meat and paper man came to the dam, he learned to bark like a pig. Yun Lianghan’s whole body was stiff. He immediately felt that Zhou Xiyang’s eyes were scraping behind him like a knife. Yun Lianghan couldn’t and humiliated, but also learned the cry of a pig.


Strange to say, after the dam, all of their seven pigs were finished, and none of them were burned by the sun. And the funeral team that followed them was safe!

“The results are as follows.”

Yu Hehui breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly carried Wei Xun with the team. At the same time, he said to him, “there is a story about the monks and their entourage in the sky of Youyang miscellaneous group. It is said that the monks and their entourage had been rescued by a woman surnamed Wang in the past. When they became famous, the son of the woman surnamed Wang committed a crime. She cried and asked the monks and their entourage for help.”

The monk and his entourage thought of a way and asked two slaves to stay in a deserted garden at dusk and catch what came in.

The slaves listened to the order and saw seven pigs coming at dusk. They quickly grabbed them into sacks and handed them to the monks and their party. The monk and his entourage sealed up the pigs. The next morning, the emperor’s collector hurriedly said that the emperor would summon him.

It turned out that the Big Dipper star in the sky was missing. The emperor asked the monks and their entourage how to eliminate the disaster and pray for blessings. The monk and his party took the opportunity to persuade the emperor to grant amnesty to the world. The emperor agreed and Mrs. Wang’s son was saved.

“The seven pigs are the Big Dipper.”

Tong Hege suddenly said, “the sun and moon are blocked by the mountains. Only the stars can pass this pass.”

The sun, the moon and the stars are inseparable. At this moment, the “Big Dipper” is close to the sun and the moon. Will the sun and the moon stop it?

The stars represent the night. The funeral team behind the Big Dipper will not be found by the sun and moon.

“Yun Lianghan can have an accident.”

On the other side, Zhou Xiyang whispered with the half life Taoist.

“Even if you are out of trouble, you must leave some strength!”

Half life Taoist controlled the “Big Dipper seven stars” and lowered his voice: “it’s not until Deling village.”

After the Ming Tombs reservoir, Deling village is near. From here, we can see the real scenery of the Ming Tombs!

As a brigade captain, Zhou Xiyang has great power. He is the only one in the Taoist camp who can match the hotel except the devil businessman. Even if he wants to help C 250, he can’t fall down.

If they didn’t expect it, three-quarters of the dam was damaged, and there was a problem on Yun Lianghan’s side. After all, he was only a pig, not a real pig. He was discovered by the sun and the moon. Augustus took the opportunity to kill Yun Lianghan.

The half life Taoist made a quick decision and forced him to ask questions from heaven. Augustus was frightened by only asking questions.

But even so, he used the “heavenly question” twice in a short time, and the half life Taoist sent him to pout. Next, he was almost carried down by a paper man from Xiaomang mountain to Deling village.

* *

“Half life Taoist, he works too hard.”

On the way home, in an Xuefeng’s study, the voice of metaphysics Wanan poverty came from the electricity. After the half life Taoist cooperated with Zhou Xiyang and used Tianwen, Wan’an poverty called an Xuefeng. The communication between them has not been hung up.

“He’s gambling.”

An Xuefeng said mercilessly, tapping the table with a slender and powerful finger.

“Indeed, he does have the element of gambling.”

Wan’an poor sighed: “the year-end celebration is coming. He really wants to restore his strength.”

“So… Can you do it?”

Wan Anfu asked. An Xuefeng knew what he was asking.

The reason why the half life Taoist gambled was that he had seen too much along the way. He saw that C 250 was cleared again and again, used heaven’s punishment to provoke the sky, and even went down to the fifth floor of the underground palace to contact those terrorist things beyond class, and really restored Tong Hege.

In his eyes, C 250 is a man of great luck. Around such people, everything will be smooth, so half life Taoist is rare and wants to take risks.

Forcibly use heaven to ask, use the old title, and use extremely dangerous things. But with C 250 around, in his team, the half life Taoist has a strange intuition – he thinks he won’t die if he says no?

Standing after breaking, he didn’t die. He had this kind of consciousness in order to restore his strength.

Wan’an poverty knew when he asked with heaven, so he called an Xuefeng.

In his eyes, an Xuefeng, who is connected with C250, will be the person who knows the state of C250 best.

“I’m not sure.”

An Xuefeng described with his eyes that the guide, wearing a light blue cloak, was sitting on the back of the heavenly fox, and his eyebrows were frowning unknowingly.


He can feel that Wei Xun’s state is actually very bad, but an Xuefeng didn’t say. People like Wei Xun seldom expose their weaknesses to others. He never attracts others’ pity by this. Pain doesn’t matter, dying doesn’t matter. He always smiles.

But now an Xuefeng can clearly see that Wei Xun doesn’t laugh.

After the end of the carnival.

There will be serious restrictions on such regular weapons. Just watch Wei Xun use this move to kill * * and??? All of them were called out. I’m afraid he was badly bitten this time.

How can we destroy Wei Xun?

After seeing those icebergs and snow peaks condensed by pain and negative emotions in his spiritual fantasy, an Xuefeng understood that Wei Xun could not normally perceive negative emotions and feel pain.

But his positive emotions and feelings are still normal.

What if even these positive emotions disappear?

An Xuefeng’s finger is inching, like tracing Wei Xun’s tight mouth in the void.

Anxiety, unprecedented restlessness, this is an Xuefeng’s rare emotion – at least he rarely had this feeling after ten years in the hotel.

No matter how serious the difficulties, no matter how critical the danger is, or even his companions are in danger, an Xuefeng is still calm. Calmness comes from confidence in their own strength and the belief that they can finally lead them through difficulties.

But connecting with the tour guide is really an unprecedented thing.

This made an Xuefeng feel nervous and worried deeply in his heart. About the loss of emotion, an Xuefeng had an idea almost instantly.

If the hotel is not God, how can it erase people’s positive and negative emotions for no reason? Even the title of “cold-blooded person” is only equivalent to shielding negative emotions and pain. Like the iceberg in Weixun’s spiritual fantasy, there are still things that should be.

Therefore, the problem of the “Hotel” is either that the hotel blocks it, or that the hotel unplugs the “threshold” of the “Hotel”.

An Xuefeng thinks the latter. After all, he doesn’t feel anything more in Wei Xun’s spiritual fantasy, such as a happy hill.

If you want to crack the threshold, the easiest way is to crack it.

Then give a lot of corresponding emotions that can break through the threshold. As long as you break through the threshold once, the obstacles of the hotel will be weak.

When  there are other ways, but now an Xuefeng can’t send the props to Wei Xun, nor can he take him to find some corresponding titles that can solve the problem.

The more simple and rude the practice is, the more useful it is. Now it’s the fourth scene. Wei Xun must keep at his best.

“Can’t you be sure?”

Wan’an’s poor voice was filled with worry: “you…”

“Yes, I’m his connecting passenger.”

An Xuefeng responded and made a decision. He was very calm and frank.

** * Wei Xun cannot be relieved, and the identity, status and imprisonment of the principal are also limited. He can’t be regarded as a normal person, he can only be regarded as the soul of an Xuefeng.

He longed for Wei Xun’s relief and acceptance, but he couldn’t help Wei Xun much.

An Xuefeng thought that he would fulfill the responsibility of connecting passengers. Looking at Wei Xun’s tight lips, an Xuefeng guessed that he lacked happiness.

Happiness is a good mood to deal with, but if you want to break the threshold, you have to make Wei Xun ‘ecstatic’. He has experience. After all, Wang Yushu often loses control of his emotions.

An Xuefeng hung up wan’anfu’s electric book, turned up a complete book of laughing books with it, and kept an eye on the progress of live pictures.

When Wei Xun blocked the live broadcast, an Xuefeng also closed his eyes. Look for the connection between tourists and tour guides.

During the journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the passengers finally checked into Deling village at 2 p.m. We must be polite when communicating with the tomb owner. We will definitely be shut down during the day. At least we have to wait for the night.

Half life Taoist was placed in the village for a temporary rest, while others went out to explore clues. Zhou Xiyang was relieved to leave the half life Taoist because bing250 also stayed in Deling village.

With Bing 250, Yu Hehui and Tong Hege, Zhou Xiyang was relieved.

But staying outside, Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are not at ease.

“Just now he was swearing and letting people go?”

Tong Hege is not sure.

Yu Hehui nodded, more worried in his heart. Wei Xun’s situation is far worse than he thought. Yu Hehui thought that relief would be helpful. It’s really convenient to be an examiner.

From * * to now, Wei Xun’s state has not changed.

In fact, this is true. As soon as he settled safely, Wei Xun blocked the live broadcast and wanted to try to break through the threshold of “cool”.

But obviously, after trying, he found that he couldn’t do it, so he called * * for help.

But when * * came, Wei Xun felt something wrong.

He suspected that the hotel did not prohibit the close contact between the examiner and the examiner. Otherwise, why could he not be half interested in the movement of * *?

After waiting impatiently for a while, Wei Xun suddenly realized his great enlightenment. He found that * * longed for him and took, not the ‘giving’ of the spirit. Just like the previous relief, he instinctively stimulated an Xuefeng through * * to get pain and happiness.

It’s hard to do now.

Wei Xun thought that he was absent-minded and waved away the touch of * *.

For him, in fact, an Xuefeng’s self-control is too strong and more principled. They also have more confrontation than trust each other. Wei Xun is not sure whether an Xuefeng will believe him or not. He will only think that this is another excuse for him to seek stimulation?

After all, actually, Wei Xun did this twice before. He has a criminal record in an Xuefeng’s heart.

This time, to Wei Xun’s surprise, an Xuefeng took the initiative to come. From the * * in front of him, he no longer entangled the touch with him, but he seriously put it away and took his shoulder seriously. Wei Xun felt that there was something wrong with the “person” in front of him.

“The momentum is wrong.”

Can an Xuefeng replace * * remotely? Also borrow the identity of the principal?

Wei Xun suddenly became interested, and he found a little secret about an Xuefeng.

“I can stay three hours.”

Different from the previous relief through Fengyu, an Xuefeng thought that Wei Xun’s situation was more serious this time. He rarely suppressed * * and stood by Wei Xun as the principal.

In addition, there are also “life playing people” in this journey. When the hotel detects the problem, it will also think that he has a problem.

An Xuefeng thought seriously, but he had to hurry.

“I’ll let you –”

I’ll make you laugh——

“You’ll make me happy, won’t you?”

Wei Xun said with a smile, grabbed his cloak and said in a declarative and calm tone, “I can’t feel better. You make me feel better.”


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