TTG Chapter 239

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 239: Nutrient solution 530000 Jiageng

It was a mistake.

An Xuefeng thought, it seems that Wei Xun’s lack of water supply is not happiness.

They are all adult men. It’s easy to think about the sentence “you make me happy”. Rao Shi An Xuefeng also held his breath for a moment, and then he quickly calmed down.

First check the condition of Wei Xun’s air supply to confirm the specific condition of his current air supply.

“You can’t be cool?”

Seizing Wei Xun’s hand on his cheek when he didn’t know what to do, an Xuefeng stared at him, as if he could see the essence of Wei Xun through his body. He is looking for Wei Xun to be ‘punished’.

Obviously, he can’t see the * * * face, but Wei Xun instinctively feels that an Xuefeng is “looking” at him. This kind of look has a strong sense of existence and is very aggressive. For example, a sharp water supply knife cuts the shell inch by inch, leaving the deep water supply soul nowhere to hide and exposed to the blue sky and day.

But Wei Xun didn’t curl up or refuse to stop. Instead, he straightened up and stretched out in front of an Xuefeng, like a wanton flower. He even took off his half broken air supply mask and revealed his true face in front of an Xuefeng. The corners of his mouth were still gentle, but there was a little more smile in his blue eyes.

“It’s up to you.”

It’s up to you whether I’m happy or not.

Wei Xun knew that an Xuefeng understood and that he had guessed right. Just an Xuefeng’s eyes made his body a little hot. That kind of excitement, no suppression, stimulation, like an electric current flowing from the blood to the whole body. The unlimited air supply threshold appears to be loose.

“Call -”

The airtight cloak came down, and when Wei Xun took off his mask. Even if an Xuefeng strengthened the shielding again at the moment when he came with * * identity, it was like instinct to help Wei Xun hide his real identity.

The cloak is very wide and long, and it won’t shine. But even so, an Xuefeng bent down at the same time when he wanted to cover Wei Xun who lay directly on the title. He can’t get rid of his cloak, otherwise the existence of the man himself is a spiritual burden for Wei Xun.

The cloth of the cloak was smooth, and the water supply was incredible. It flowed like mercury from an Xuefeng’s back, followed by the name on the left and right, and shrouded him and Wei Xun in the dark like a fence. The distance between them was so close that an Xuefeng disagreed. He looked at Wei Xun and took off his mask carelessly.

But Wei Xun didn’t look at him. Wei Xun was busy pressing a corner of his cloak. When he saw that there was no problem, he took an inch and rolled with the trend and moved himself to the cloak. The right side corner of the cloak is bent inward, and the Wei Xun is pressed under the body.

Dirty on the paper.

The cloak pulled, and they were close to the cloak. However, with only one punch, an Xuefeng supported him with one hand and his body was very stable, but his cloak was not an ordinary sheet. Choosing this cloak with water marks was his tacit understanding with * * reservoir, so an Xuefeng could temporarily borrow his identity as a reservoir.

The water lines on the cloak flow as if they were real, with light water vapor diffuse, as if they had sunk the ocean of Western Europe. But now Wei Xun should be the same. The floating water vapor vaguely absorbs a drop of water and the crow badge. This tiny resonance made an Xuefeng’s breath stagnate.

It seemed as if he had suddenly returned to the dead and cold deep sea. The sun did not shine on the water supply. It was dark and depressed without any light.

But there is a butterfly in the deep sea.

Wei Xun is resting on the wavy water supply cloak. His soft water supply and white hair shine like butterfly scale powder. This soft and beautiful white butterfly fluttered in the deep sea and shook off a soft white light, which attracted the attention of the monster hidden in the deep sea.

The butterfly shouldn’t be in the deep sea, but the monster wants to keep it.

Want to hide it in the deep sea.

Hiding in the deep sea that only he can see.

“You won’t feel good… It’s a threshold problem.”

An Xuefeng’s voice was still calm, but his possessiveness showed a trace from his dark eyes. The more serious and calm he was, the more contrast his possessiveness became and the more exciting Wei Xun felt.

Butterflies are really ignorant. Don’t you know that monsters are watching?

Not at all.

It looks like it is flying freely. It seems that it inadvertently shakes off the scale powder of the water supply, which is a bait to attract monsters.

It looks so fragile, but it’s so cunning.

Who is the prey and who is the hunter?

Wei Xun wanted to talk, but an Xuefeng covered his mouth one step in advance. An Xuefeng pressed him firmly on the title with a big finger, and his fingers made red marks on Wei Xun’s face.

This kind of powerful air supply has no resistance, no doubt, and suppression. People feel almost suffocating and oppressive, as if they are an object that can play with the air supply at will in the other party’s hands, like a newborn.

But he likes it very much.

Wei Xun’s breathing was a little shaky. He felt it.

The stronger the hunter is, the more he likes it.

But it’s not enough. He hasn’t reached the designated place yet. This feeling of no air supply is really painful. Although he covers his mouth and presses his body, his legs can still supply air. Wei Xun couldn’t bear to kick his legs. If he was hurried, he didn’t know what name Fang he rubbed. An Xuefeng’s body stiffened.

** * some things are missing, which have been supplemented after his intervention, or even an unprecedented response. After all, they are one, and only after real integration can they be considered complete.

Ordinary people’s joys and sorrows, seven emotions and six desires, were originally as blurred as a layer of gauze, and the air supply things were like suddenly adding rich and gorgeous air supply colors, which became clear in an instant.

So that an Xuefeng must take a deep breath secretly in order to maintain a stable sound line.

“Cool is divided into spiritual cool, psychological cool, and physical cool.”

Listening to the sound line alone, you can’t notice the ups and downs of any work. It’s like reading a work report in earnest.

“If only one side breaks the threshold, the hotel’s air supply blockade in this regard can be weakened.”

“Whine –”

I’m all here!

Wei Xun gave instructions, but an Xuefeng didn’t listen and said to himself, “if this will relieve your pain, you may not be able to bear it until you reach the threshold.”

Release the pain and negative emotions in the spiritual dreamland, so as to make Wei xunsong, which is spiritual. However, Wei Xun has accumulated too much pain, and there will be no other positive feedback before breaking the threshold, and he will not even feel comfortable psychologically.

It hurt him too much.

“So I will choose to solve your problem quickly – I will make you feel better later.”

An Xuefeng comforted: “don’t worry, relax. We’re serious help. You don’t have to have too much pressure, nor do you have any psychological shadow -”

“Woo woo!”

Wei Xun listened to him impatiently and straightened himself up. An Xuefeng’s words suddenly stopped. He felt a change in the management of Weixun reservoir.

This makes the string of water supply in his mind tense for a moment, but he still keeps calm and controls the overall situation. Only in this way can he observe whether he has broken the threshold of Wei Xun’s water supply.

But without restraint, his action was a little more rough and fierce. Without hesitation, an Xuefeng directly extended his hand.

“Well -”

Did an Xuefeng really do it?

Wei Xun was surprised and snorted. He even felt uncomfortable because of the strong feeling of air supply and wanted to hide aside. But this time he was suppressed by an Xuefeng and had nowhere to hide.

“Well, well -”

He covered the air supply, the hum was more vague and deep, and the nasal sound was deeper. Wei Xun quickly adapted and narrowed his eyes and began to enjoy it. An Xuefeng, an Xuefeng——

The person who “serves” him now is an Xuefeng.

Just this understanding gave Wei Xun a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction both physically and psychologically. Even if the cool feeling hasn’t completely recovered, this stimulation makes him want to release at once.


But on the eve of the release of the air supply, he choked it and stopped it.

This feeling is really bad. Wei Xun groaned in doubt and protest, but an Xuefeng whispered:

“You haven’t reached the comfort threshold yet.”

“Three hours… Too many times. It’s bad for your health.”

Wei Xun:???

Is this a human officer??

But before he could protest, an Xuefeng moved again. Wei Xun tightened his body, like a small water supply boat in the waves of the sea. He grabbed it carelessly, then hugged an Xuefeng’s neck and fixed his body. But this time, it stopped abruptly when he was approaching the peak. Wei Xun wanted to directly lift an Xuefeng and move by himself.

But no, he completely suppressed it, fell into a kind of disobedience and was at the mercy of others. Again and again, the peak suddenly stopped, and Wei Xun’s resistance became more and more intense. When he found that no matter how he resisted, an Xuefeng was as firm as a rock to suppress him and did not waver at all, he felt a secret happiness in his heart.

Too strong, strong enough to challenge him, but strong enough to reassure him. Knowing that under the control of an Xuefeng, no matter if he is released wantonly or even out of control, there will be no problem. This person can hold him down. The tour guide and passengers are connected, which makes Wei Xun feel at ease.

The water supply accumulated again and again, and the water supply was interrupted again and again. When it was time, Wei Xun was almost in a trance, sweating all over, and his face was full of uncontrollable tears. As soon as an Xuefeng put his hand on it, he trembled subconsciously and couldn’t touch it. As for when he finally allowed the release of the water supply, his mind was white.

An unprecedented air supply, accumulated from the air supply, the cool feeling rushed to him and drowned him. His reason, psychology and spirit have reached a climax. He is full of energy and can’t help himself.

The cool air supply threshold is broken.

Wei Xun’s chest fluctuated violently and his body stretched into a bow. He gasped for breath. At this time, he found that an Xuefeng’s hand moved away from his face and no longer covered his mouth.

It’s so happy, it’s so cool – Wei Xun can’t help but close his arms, and he still holds an Xuefeng’s neck. An Xuefeng seemed to be distracted, but he pulled him down like this.

Then Wei Xun kissed him.


The sound of air supply came from the house, which surprised Yu Hehui and Tong Hege to look at it in an instant.

“What fell on the name?”

Yu Hehui couldn’t help but take two steps forward. He was forced back by his power and could only listen.

“It seems so. Is everything okay inside?”

Tong Hege was also worried. He couldn’t help looking at his eyes and squatting at the door. The phantom cat.

“The cat is fine… Cui Dao should be fine, too.”

* *

“Bang -”

It was the sound of an Xuefeng’s fist hitting the water supply, which almost shook the water supply. Wei Xun didn’t expect that he would have such a big reaction. After kissing, an Xuefeng pushed back. Fortunately, an Xuefeng put his palm behind his head in time, so that Wei Xun didn’t knock his head on the name.

“Don’t, move, me.”

An Xuefeng’s voice is dumb, and he can’t bear it. He is hot and angry. Like a violent beast, he is no longer calm – Wei Xun kisses, breaking his precarious reason. Is the rock really as hard as it looks? Who knows how many cracks there are in it.

Do you really think I won’t do anything to you??

This sentence was pressed down by an Xuefeng. He closed his eyes, but there was no pressure to hold the rising water supply, strong water supply, and the words were almost forced out of his teeth: “are we this kind of water supply system?”

Can I kiss the air supply system?

“Don’t play with me.”

I can’t afford to play.

It was repressed to the extreme, like a fierce beast warning and roaring. It drew the boundary, and the bomb was alert to crouching outside the boundary. However, Wei Xun slowly recovered after he was surprised, and then he smiled.

The smile became more and more brilliant. Wei Xun didn’t make a sound, but he raised his legs and wanted to wrap it around an Xuefeng. An Xuefeng just wanted to avoid it, but he found that Wei Xun’s legs were unnaturally tight – he had cramps. Too much air pressure and one-time air release made his legs cramp. Wei Xun felt no pain, but an Xuefeng felt it.

The action of stepping back was to grasp Wei Xun’s feet, take off his shoes, break his toes and let him pass the cramp as soon as possible.

“Pay more attention to your body.”

An Xuefeng still had a black face, but the momentum eased after he said this. Wei Xun put his legs on his knees recklessly. An Xuefeng just glanced at him and then rubbed his lower legs with professional hands to dredge his muscles.

He has a strong hand, but Wei Xun doesn’t feel pain. He can only feel comfortable after relief.

“Hello, Ann team.”

Wei Xun opened his mouth lazily, his voice was a little hoarse, and said with a smile: “you are very disciplined.”

An Xuefeng glanced at him.

“I’m sorry to bother you so much.”

Despite this, Wei Xun was not embarrassed at all.

“Let’s develop a kissing system, shall we?”

Wei Xun said briskly.

When the cramp passed, an Xuefeng put on his shoes again. He didn’t reveal that his heart throbbed just now, but he didn’t raise his head and said, “don’t be a bed companion.”

This blocked Wei Xun back. He frowned and wanted to pull an Xuefeng’s water supply cloak, but at this time.

“Meow -”

With a faint sound, the cat screamed like a ghost asking for his life. An Xuefeng used his cloak to cover Wei Xun, then looked up and saw a crack in the top of the old-fashioned air supply door.

A pair of cat eyes stared at them from the door.


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