TTG Chapter 24

Driving Corpses in Xiangxi (24)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 24: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

“What? How much is this bamboo basket prop? ”

Xu Chen was shocked and lost his voice. Hou Feihu and others were surprised to stand up and surrounded Miao Fangfei. They had just returned from exploring the surroundings of Yingzhu Miao village when they heard such a burst of news.

“3000 points a!”

Miao Fangfei didn’t know how many times she repeated it, but the smile in her eyes was still unabated: “come and have a look first.”

The impatient Zhao Hongtu couldn’t wait to pick up a bamboo basket and was shocked by the sound of the hotel in his mind.

[you get key props]

“Good guy, the Miao team’s eyes are really fierce.”

The fat man smiled and thumbed up. After listening to his praise, Miao Fangfei smiled and shook her head: “it’s not my sharp eyes. Guide him. He doesn’t sell any confusing items.

Passengers will not know whether this is a key prop before they touch the prop. And most tour guides sell key props tied to other junk——

Although the hotel stipulates that the maximum price increase of tour guides can not exceed three times the purchase price, people have humanity and rats have rat tricks. Many tour guides take advantage of the loophole of “shopping spots can make transactions with passengers” and casually pick up some stones and weeds to sell to passengers. After the passengers have bought enough garbage, they will be allowed to buy props.

The original intention of the hotel was to sell key props and other props to test the eyes of tourists, but it was used by the tour guide. Some tour guides do everything to make money.

Miao Fangfei has met a pig breeding guide by any means. Compared with the guide, guide C looks a little cute.

“You, you mean, director C sold us the bamboo basket directly?”

Yu he’an is stumbling and can’t believe it

“Yes, old cow, take a closer look at the bamboo basket.”

Hou Feihu handed Yu he’an a bamboo basket, sighed with emotion and repeated, “this is an ordinary prop.” When he spoke, Lin Xi just held a bamboo basket in her arms, narrowed her eyes and smiled, looking full of happiness. For a moment, he was shocked and opened his eyes:

“Exquisite baby bamboo basket, ordinary level?”

“Lying trough!”


The people present noticed this and were shocked one after another.

“What happened to the ordinary one?”

Yu Hehui, beside Yu he’an, took the bamboo basket, looked around and whispered curiously, “it’s just an ordinary bamboo basket.”

“Well, little brother, you don’t take part in many trips.”

Yu Hean slapped Yu Hehui’s head with a rough palm and said with a simple and honest smile: “the hotel won’t give us too much convenience.”

“Yes, all the things I bought at the shopping mall were ‘junk’.”

Miao Fangfei smiled and nodded: “the worst can’t be used directly. We can only buy it as a reference. The help of docking projects is limited.”

“But this bamboo basket is directly ‘ordinary’… It can save us a lot of time.”

In the past, even at a high price, you could only buy ragged props. This is the common sense of passengers. Most of them buy props to please the guide, or guess the next project according to the props and make preparations in advance. As for how much role props can really play in the project, we can only do our best to listen to fate.

So now, Miao Fangfei, who got the exquisite baby bamboo basket, will be laughing all the time!

This prop can be used. In this way, we will be more confident in the next trip, don’t waste time guessing, and can search around more carefully!

“Shit, damn guide.”

Zhao Hongtu suddenly clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth. His face was fierce. What he thought was also thought of by other passengers.

Before, they thought that shopping spots could only buy ragged props, which is common sense.

But now looking at the bamboo basket in his hand, it is obviously unreasonable! It’s those greedy garbage guides who charge them so many points, but only sell them the most garbage!

“Damn guide, damn –”

Zhao Hongtu’s eyes were red and he bowed his head. His mood was obviously wrong. Hou Feihu comforted and patted him on the shoulder and explained in a low voice to everyone: “Hongtu had a friend on the previous trip who spent all his points to buy props at the shopping point. As a result…”

Props are not omnipotent. How much can ragged props play. In the end, there can only be no points and no life.

“It was only half a minute before wansberg could get out of the circus. It was only half a minute.”

Their project is to play a clown in the monster circus and not be found by the monster for 30 minutes. At that time, the props sold at the shopping mall were clown clothes.

The ragged clown’s clothes were very light and fragile. Wangsberg lasted 29 minutes. As a result, the clothes were hung by iron wire at the last minute and cracked directly from the middle, leaving him completely exposed in front of the monsters.

Give hope first, then despair finally. No one has time to save Wang Sibo. The scene of a friend being torn and swallowed by a monster is Zhao Hongtu’s eternal nightmare.

“Well, the grand plan is over.”

Wang pengpai comforted and wanted to pass a cigarette, but suddenly remembered that Zhao Hongtu didn’t know whether he was an adult. The cigarette turned around and stuffed back into his mouth. Muttered: “this fucking world, fucking guide.”

“Fuck, other tour guides except director C.”

Yu he’an added that he held the bamboo basket in his big hand, and his hands were trembling. He was moved by Mo: “such a good prop, such a good basket, only 3000 ah, 3000 points can be bought. Miao team, you won’t bargain with director C.”

“Yes, Miao team, how can this basket be sold so cheap?”

Yu he’an said that everyone’s attention turned back to money. Hou Feihu was also worried and whispered: “tour guides like points. Guide C is so strong and takes care of us. It’s right to give more points.”

“Yes, Miao team, everyone leads you, but it’s true to want to give more points to director C. you, you won’t really bargain for director C.”

Looking at everyone’s worried and disapproving eyes, Miao Fangfei sighed. Yes, she thought so, not to mention that the bamboo basket is an ordinary prop. It’s not too much to double 3000 points.


“No way, I have to bargain.”

Miao Fangfei shook her head reluctantly: “do you know how much the export price of C?”

“How much, how much?”

Yu and an kowtow: “I, I still have some points here. Miao team listens to me. Sometimes this point can’t be saved.”

“Is it ten thousand points?”

Shi Tao guessed. He felt the bamboo basket and put it back carefully. He looked serious: “team Miao, I know you are for everyone’s good. I hope everyone can have props. But when driving the corpse, there were no props. Didn’t everyone come too. With director C, I believe that as long as we work hard, we have great hope of survival. ”

“Yes, yes.”

“Miao team is like this”

“Why don’t you talk to director C again? This is really not the time to bargain.”

“Who said I cut it at a low price.”

Seeing everyone like this, Miao Fangfei also sighed. She knew how terrible the price mentioned by Bingjiu was. Even when she first heard it, she was shocked for a long time and didn’t play well when bargaining.

She also didn’t sell off and said, “guide C bid 1000 points.”

As soon as he said this, the whole audience was silent for a long time. Wang pengpai almost dropped his bamboo basket to the ground and was stunned:

“More, how much?”

“1000 points”

Miao Fangfei repeated with a wry smile: “you say the price, can I not cut it?”

“Do you really buy 1000 points from director C?”

“Ho! That’s impossible! ”

Everyone was startled. Yu he’an quickly waved his hand: “no, that can’t be used.”

“Guide C will test you!”

“Yes, I think so.”

Miao Fangfei breathed out with lingering fear: “so I cut 50% off directly.”

“Not atmospheric, or not atmospheric.”

Xu Chen shook his head and gave an idea: “even if this prop sells 5000 points, it is also a normal price. If you want to make director C happy, you should directly cut a 100% discount.”

If you put the bamboo basket in another guide’s place, you’ll get at least 10000-15000 points. Even if you cut a 100% discount, it’s a little less.

“Do you think I haven’t thought about it, but our guide C is not the kind of guide who raises pigs.”

Miao Fangfei glanced at Xu Chen angrily and said sadly, “he is… Well, how can he think with ordinary people’s thinking. He is not satisfied with the 50% discount. He has to cut 20% off with me. How can I promise that? ”

Although Bingjiu didn’t go crazy on the last trip, it was the butcher’s guide, which can be seen from his physical changes.

If the tour guide doesn’t go crazy on the passengers, it’s enough for them to burn high incense. It’s normal to go crazy in other places. Moreover, the butcher flow guide itself doesn’t care much about points, and it’s understandable to be extravagant in selling props.

It’s more like “testing” Miao Fangfei than bargaining.

Miao Fangfei seemed to think of something. She looked slightly cold and observed others silently.

“Brother nine loves to test people.”

Lin Xi muttered a little jealous, as if he was jealous that the person being tested was not him, but Miao Fangfei and others nodded in agreement after listening to his words.

“Director C really tests what I do. I said I wanted to buy it at a 50% discount. I must be sincere.”

Miao Fangfei half complained and half sighed. Unexpectedly, her words reached the ears of the passengers watching the live broadcast. It was like showing off.

“I cut with director C for ten minutes and finally let him agree to sell at a 30% discount.”

Miao Fangfei was not very satisfied with the result, but she couldn’t help worrying: “how dare I bargain with director C all the time. C guide’s pressure… Alas. ”


After listening to Miao Fangfei’s test pressure in Bingjiu for a quarter of an hour, we don’t blame her. Even looking at Miao Fangfei, we have a little respect.

It’s really the Miao team that can hold for ten minutes under the pressure of guide C!

“Guide C is very good.”

Yu he’an was silent for a long time. When he spoke again, he was moved to sob.

“3000 points ah, only 3000 points to buy ah.”

Shi Tao looked complex and stroked the bamboo basket in his arms back and forth.

“Director C, alas, it’s too generous.”

Wang pengpai took a hard cigarette. Unlike other passengers, he was a little worried:

“It’s just not like director C. alas, I don’t know why, I’m very empty… Xiao Lin, what do you think?”

“Brother nine is brother nine.”

Lin Xi whispered, but her tone was very firm: “I will always follow brother nine.”

“Yes, it’s no use thinking about this now.”

Miao Fangfei also felt that Bingjiu was different from the rumor, but the rumor could not be trusted. She never doubted Bingjiu in her heart.

“It’s almost dinner time. Let’s talk about it first.”

Miao Fangfei glanced at the members of the brigade and looked serious.

When Miao Fangfei went shopping for Bingjiu, the other passengers were not idle, but divided into two groups. One group was led by Wang pengpai and the other by Zhao Hongtu to explore the area around Yingzhu Miao village.

We are all old passengers, not as aimless as novice passengers. Our eyes are sharp one by one, and the clues we find are the key.

When he said that, the others turned positive. When Wang pengpai was humble, Zhao Hongtu spoke first. The young man looked a little dignified:

“We first swam from the broken waterwheel all the way along the Xiaolong River to  and then…”

“We found a wild grave in the high grass by the stream.”

* *

“This is a day of sudden wealth!”

After Miao Fangfei left, Wei Xun, who sold eight bamboo back baskets, happily lay on the soft big bed and counted the points. One bamboo back basket sold for 3000, and Miao Fangfei bought eight, which made Wei Xun take 24000 directly.

Instant wealth!

This is Wei Xun’s current information——

[guide information]

[Code: Bingjiu (only in this journey)]

[rank: Silver five stars (rank of C 9) 60]

[death countdown 16:38:26]

【 points: 24300 】

[mental pollution value (SAN): 53]

“This Miao Fangfei has a lot of heart.”

Recalling the exchange just now, Wei Xun snorted with a smile: “want to test me?”

When he doesn’t know what the tour guide sells to tourists, can he only turn over the price three times the purchase price at most? Miao Fangfei offered five times the price to fool who?

The so-called purchase price is the price Wei Xun purchases from Wu Laoliu. It is reasonable to say that Wei Xun can sell three times as much as 1555 for a bamboo basket, but he still begged for stability.

“You have to knock one.”

Although he said so, lazy Wei Xun still lay in bed and didn’t get up. From beginning to end, he didn’t deliberately fit the personal design of Bingjiu. He didn’t have to put chains on himself on the road of pursuing stimulation.

If Miao Fangfei really has enough ability, it doesn’t hurt to give her more power, because Wei Xun is more interested in things at present.

“Let me see who is the ghost who sneaked in.”

Wei Xun talked to himself, his eyes shining with excitement, his fingers were not matched, and he lit a soft pillow.

The beginning of the journey showed that it was an exquisite group of eight passengers.


Zhao Hongtu, Hou Feihu, Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, Wang pengpai, Lin Xi, Xu Chen, Yu he’an, Yu He Hui.

These are nine people.

I don’t know when, Wei Xun found that there was an extra person in the brigade.


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