TTG Chapter 240

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 240: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (61)

An Xuefeng:

This is a rare embarrassing node in an Xuefeng’s people. Facing the deep eyes of the phantom cat, he is rarely speechless, and even feels a little unjustified.

“Call -”

Seeing that he was still standing here, the phantom cat breathed heavily like a deterrent. Wei Xun, trapped in his cloak, seemed to feel something and immediately struggled. But when he put his head out, he saw an Xuefeng stand up.

An Xuefeng’s tall figure blocked Wei Xun’s sight, making Wei Xun unable to clear what was at the crack of the door. But he knows his own illusion.

Here comes the phantom cat.

There was silence in the field. An Xuefeng didn’t make a sound again, and the phantom cat didn’t move. Wei Xun wanted to stand up, but he was pressed by an Xuefeng and covered by a cloak. He hasn’t put on his clothes yet. It doesn’t fit.

At the same time, silent communication between an Xuefeng and the cat.

“His problem has been solved for the time being. I should go.”

An Xuefeng made a long story short. Although it’s not the limit time for him to leave now, the phantom cat comes and he doesn’t want to stay here.

“The punishment is still there, and there may be new changes in a few days.”

Although this point has been solved, guard Xun may lose other positive emotions such as happiness in a few days. He has borrowed his * * identity this time. It’s inconvenient to come again.

“Here you are”

An Xuefeng handed over the useless joke book to phantom cat. It was a good prop. Wang Yushu thought it was too embarrassing to cry every time he released his emotions and tried to release his emotions with laughter. It can bring people great happiness.


When the book was handed in, the space shook, and no one knew when the cat moved its paws. An Xuefeng’s head deviated and subconsciously wanted to fight back. But thinking of Wei Xun who was covered by his cloak behind him and those things just now, an Xuefeng was caught in the face.

Although he caught * *, he was one in the end. I’m afraid there were claw marks on an Xuefeng’s face after he went out.

Then he only felt that his shoulder was heavy. As soon as the jumping phantom cat wanted to crush his shoulder, he jumped off his shoulder and fell directly to Wei Xun. An Xuefeng subconsciously wanted to turn back, but he didn’t turn back in the end. He could feel the phantom cat grinding its claws with the principal’s cloak impatiently and deterrently.

It’s time to go, too. After all, he’s a brother.

An Xuefeng sighed, a little ridiculed and confused.

What am I.

“Just now was the first time I took the initiative to kiss someone else.”

But at the moment he left, an Xuefeng went to Wei Xun and said with a smile: “… My first kiss.”

When his heart beat disorderly, an Xuefeng couldn’t help rubbing his fingers. It was very chaotic just now. The kiss touched a minute, but the hot temperature still seemed to stay at the corner of his lips, which was the place Wei Xun had touched.

First kiss, first touch, first hand work for others——

These are full of ritual and special feelings, as if they can mark each other’s own brand, which can unexpectedly stir an Xuefeng’s heartstrings.

“But -”

Under the cloak, Wei Xun lengthened his voice: “you say, is it yours or * *?”


An Xuefeng’s back seemed to stumble, and then disappeared into the dark. Half of the cloak is still on Wei Xun’s body – an Xuefeng cuts off the cloak and only wears half of it. After leaving his body, the other half of the cloak becomes the purest black. Without water lines, it can cover Wei Xun’s body.

An Xuefeng left, and the cloak’s imprisonment for Wei Xun disappeared. He could lift his cloak at any time, but Wei Xun didn’t move. He could feel the phantom cat standing on his face and stepping on the edge of his cloak. He even heard the sound of grinding his claws just now.

Quiet, silent, as if some kind of confrontation, but also like examination.

Mingzhi touched the phantom cat and even hugged it, but now Wei Xun feels different.

As a result, the phantom cat has a smell similar to his brother, which makes him feel familiar and close, but this is very important. It may also be the illusion of Wei Xun’s body.

But now outside, the momentum of the other party is different from it.

Familiar and unfamiliar, strong but introverted.

And Wei Xun’s breath from his scarlet cloak was also very different.

This made Wei Xun hesitate a little – the cloak was like a wall, separating time and space. Half of what he said just now was about an Xuefeng, but the other half was about testing the phantom cat.

Test it… Will it have the action he expected after being stimulated?

Can you really see the person you want to see when you lift your cloak?


Just when Wei Xun decided to lift his cloak, he was knocked on the head. It’s like someone knocked him on the head with a heavy object. It’s neither light nor heavy.

It was like in the past, on a warm afternoon, when Wei Xun was not seriously injured to himself again, Wei Xuechen used an Oxford dictionary to let Wei Xun remember what degree of impact would hurt him.


With his heart beating wildly, Wei Xun suddenly pulled off his cloak and opened his eyes. But the house was empty and there was not half a cat. On the corner of the crumpled cloak, there was only a “joke” thicker than the Oxford dictionary.


Staring at the joke book, Wei Xun gradually collapsed.

“Yu Hehui.”

After a while, he put on his broken mask again, wrapped his cloak and stood up: “I want to take a bath.”

After Tong Hege’s reply, Yu Hehui put a large part of the items in Tong Hege with the consent of Wei Xun. Including Wei Xun’s change of laundry, it is also intended to let Tong Hege cultivate feelings with Wei Xun.

Yu Hehui went out to explore the map and left tong Hege and Wei Xun in the room. His temporary rest house in Deling village is very simple, such as the mud brick house in the 80th generation countryside. He doesn’t have any shower, but Yu Hehui was prepared. He brought a bath bucket and enough water when he came.

Samadhi’s real fire heated slowly, and Wei Xun took a comfortable bath. No one spoke. Tong Hege was still a little stiff. He didn’t say a word. He was throwing some flowers and plants to people’s body into the bath bucket. The steaming steam with the fragrance of flowers and plants came to his face. He was very comfortable. Wei Xun closed his eyes slightly and was a little tired. He suddenly said in silence:

“Tong Hege, do you have a brother?”


Tong Hege rolled up his sleeves. He is thin and not taller than Wei Xun, but he is very angry.

Those flowers and herbs were squeezed out of juice by him. Even the residue was not wasted. They were rubbed into a ball by Tong Hege and received in the medicine bag.

“How old is it?”

“It’s only two years away.”

Seeing that Wei Xun wanted to chat, Tong Hege took a stool and sat on the edge of the bath bucket. When Wei Xun saw that he was about to get up, his shoulders were exposed, and his eyebrows frowned: “go down numbly, and the whole bubble will be strong.”


Of course, the doctor had to be careful. Wei Xun soaked again from the stream of good medicine and only showed his head on the water.

“Then you must be very close?”

“That must be. I knew what the boy wanted in the blink of an eye.”

“That –”

Wei Xun thought deeply: “guo, I meanguo. if you suddenly find that your brother is engaged with a man, this man is still your enemy -”

“What man dares to fuck my brother? If I want to see him, I have to cut him hard first!”

Before the enemy finished the two words, Tong Hege stood up. His face was angry and his knuckles were pinched. He was very scary: “when you get rid of the man, take Xiaole back.”


Wei Xun was not surprised by him, but took a breath and murmured, “I think so.”

He said that phantom cats have some special reactions and different performances. In fact, until now, Wei Xun just wanted to make sure that  – cats are worse than people after all.

But what can I do? In fact, the slices of the principal are far from real people. * * and an Xuefeng are examples of eye.


Take your time, Wei Xun warned you.

It’s not enough now. Even if you touch something, it’s useless. It’s like that he covers his eyes every time he comes. It’s very important that he can’t reach it now.


Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing at the thought that the phantom cat had been guarding the door. As soon as he smiled, there was a small fluffy ball whining, and he was happy. He stood up and licked Wei Xun’s chin.

“Where’s the leopard cub?”

Tong Hege was surprised that it was a black leopard cub in the barrel with Wei Xun! It’s all black. It’s like a coal ball. It was just like a wound on his face. When he was immersed in water, he whined and groaned.


Wei Xun didn’t say it was the cloak of the principal, so he rubbed the black leopard cub casually.

“Oh, oh…”

Tong Hege didn’t ask. He hesitated for a while and tried to talk to Wei Xun:

“Well, then, who, the jokers don’t agree with you?”

Tong Hege is not stupid. Wei Xun suddenly asked what his brother likes men. Thinking of just now, Tong Hege suddenly felt that he understood.

After understanding it, he was a little tangled, but in the end, he advised Wei Xun: “my brother has no overnight revenge. Just say it. Although, although your brother, ah!”

I really don’t know about it.

“Your brother can’t kill an team, and an team can’t kill your brother, so you still have a bright future.”

Wei Xun tried hard to comfort Tong Hege when he came out, but his angle of speaking was really strange. Wei Xun couldn’t help laughing and deliberately teased him: “what if he didn’t respond?”

“No response?”

Tong Hege obviously didn’t believe it, but he thought about it, hesitated, and didn’t even believe what he said: “then, should he have made psychological preparation? Is he still not willing to accept it for the time being? Or want to hold a big one? No, no, I mean, it’s not that bad, really.”

Tong and Ge take his own example: “if Xiao Le’er really likes it and the man is reliable, he is determined to be together. In the end, I can only bless him.”

While Wei Xun was meditating, Tong Hege said, “Xiao Le is tall, angry and hot tempered. She won’t be bullied.”

Although Wei Xun is really close now, he has just entered the hotel for a long time. What’s more, he is a tour guide. If you really want to be with team an, you can’t lose.

“How high is it?”

Instead of mentioning this, Wei Xun casually changed the topic. Tong Hege was as tall as him, less than one meter eight. Tong hele is two years younger than Tong hele, and can be tall.

“Xiaole plays basketball. At the age of 17, it will be 1.9 meters.”

Wei Xun:???

Ah, this?? What is one meter nine? Is it Chinese cabbage stored in winter??

“Harm, now he is tall, I really don’t know.”

Tong Hege was a little melancholy: “when I was 18, I would enter the hotel. At that time, Xiaole was training and playing games outside. I couldn’t see it many times in the end. I died in less than 20. Finally, I saw Xiaole at his 17-year-old meeting.”

“Who thought…”

Who would have thought that he died a few years ago, Tong hele was also elected to the hotel. Just like Yu he’an’s persistent pursuit of the missing Yu He Hui, he looked for it until he entered the hotel. Tong hele is no different.

“Xiao Le’er, he is also on his way home. He said that an team saved him.”

Tong Hege scolded, “this little fool is a silly roe deer. He always likes to believe people blindly. Everyone thinks he is a man in the world. If it weren’t for an team, he would have been killed in this hotel.”

Tong hele did die early.

After Tong Hege’s reply, he didn’t expect his brother to come into the hotel, so he wanted to follow Wei Xun’s work and recover as soon as possible. Then the vengeance, the vengeance.

When Yu Hehui said Tong hele was gone, he had no sense of reality.

To him, these ten models were like sleeping. When he opened his eyes, everything was normal. Yu Hehui was still Yu Hehui, and his brother was a little fool who played basketball when he was 17.

But in fact, everything has changed since the tenth model.

“Tong hele is not available in four models.”

Tong Hege was depressed. After Wei Xun took a bath, he became a root ginseng and buried himself in the ground. Wei Xun took a drop of purified royal jelly, mixed it with magic honey and soaked it in water. He drank two mouthfuls, poured a mouthful of Tong Heshen, and then fed the little panther.

But the little panther was very lively, and soon ran away. Wei Xunyi: it’s back to * *. After all, it’s part of the cloak. I don’t care about it. Yu Hehui happened to be back at this moment. As soon as he saw that Tong Hege had changed, Shen guessed what had happened.

“I don’t know about it. Wang pengpai told me.”

At that time, Yu Hehui returned home after returning to the tomb. Wang pengpai took him to “sweep the tomb” and brought back Yu Hehui’s “relics” by the way. Ten types are missing. There are more than a hundred steles in the cemetery. Most of them belong to the sunset brigade and people on their way home.

Yu Hehui went one by one and saw a monument with the name “Tong hele” next to Tong Hege. She didn’t know until she asked Wang pengpai.

“Although the hotel has people every month, they are also uneven, some are poor and some are poor.”

Yu Hehui said: “usually, when a large number of talented newcomers blowout, they only appear in two time periods.”

“One is the middle of the ten models in this round, that is, around the fifth model, and the other is the end of the ten models.”

The end of the ten models is like the Wei Xun of an Xuefeng and his party.

When the tenth model is in the middle and the fifth model is around, it is like Tong hele and deer Book orange in the past.

“He calls it big ten and small five.”

Yu Hehui’s life is short, and he has never experienced a wave of excellent newcomers to the “Little Five”. He only knows that Lu Shucheng, Wang Yushu and WAN Xiangchun, who have died, are all newcomers to the little five.

When he entered the hotel, he was less than five from the end of the ten.

“Lieutenant Wang secretly told me that he was likely to stay.”

At that time, Wang pengpai took his hand and sighed. His fat face was full of sadness. He said that even if sister orange, shu’er and Xiao Peng can stay, there are not enough people on the way home and they can’t accept new people, they have to leave.

I didn’t say anything about the battlefield. I’m afraid Yu Hehui can’t do this. But Yu Hehui is smart. You can understand Wang pengpai’s words. Wei Xun understood Yu Hehui’s words.

The hotel has a cycle of ten models, of which five models are another node. Tourists and tour guides who come in after the model 5 and the model 5 may not be screened out, but it is estimated that there will be no more tour guide tourists who come in.

Go, go where?

“Go to war”?

Wei Xun suppressed the problems that appeared in his mind and continued to pour out Yu Hehui’s words.

He said that Tong hele was a passenger of the small five. If he had lived to this day, he might have lived the next ten in the hotel.

But his life was not good, and the second type disappeared on his way home.

Wang pengpai said, “life is gone, people are gone.”. He looked light, but when he said this, Wang pengpai smoked a lot, and his face hung like a dog kicked hard. There must have been something wrong at that time.

The deceased is dead. At that time, Yu Hehui didn’t think that Wei Xun could reply to Tong Hege so soon, so he didn’t continue to ask these sad things.

So that now Tong Hege doesn’t know how Tong hele died when the model is changed.

“I don’t need to know how my brother died. I’ll just know how he lived later.”

Tong Hege was poured with honey. He was really depressed. He jumped out again and muttered.

He can live ten models again. Can’t he live the four models that Tong hele just died.

No matter the hope is slim, at least there is hope. Tong Hege has never been a pessimist.

“Ten models can live, and four models are really not necessarily.”

As a result, some people pour cold water on their mouths here.

“The four models are not dead enough. I may have to wait for the next ten models.”

I like talking so much that I have to count half my life as a Taoist. This afternoon, there were two people in Deling village, C 250 and half life Taoist. Half life Taoist was lying idle in bed. After thinking for a long time, he limped with a crutch. He was badly hurt. He was out of breath after such a short road. His face was as white as Wei Xun’s.

“You’re quite lively here – eh?”

Half life Taoist sensed something wrong as soon as he reached C250 and pinched his fingers subconsciously. Yu Hehui immediately felt bad, but he didn’t have time to cover the mouth of half life Taoist.

“You’re out!”

The half life Taoist said happily, and his face smiled with flowers. He was as happy as he had recovered.

“Yes, yes, I knew that guide C is good for you. It’s absolutely no problem!”

For regular props, half life Taoist can have subtle induction. Along the way, he felt that C250 was covered with dark clouds. One was some punishment in the rules.

But now, the “trend” of punishment seems to be broken, and the fortune of C250 has become more and more serious.

The half life Taoist was really happy. He said a lot of things, but he didn’t say anything: “Hey, what’s the matter with your red face? Did the mosquito bite?” Like stepping on Thunder (in fact, it’s a finger mark left by an Xuefeng, and there’s still a little red left)

Then the half life Taoist began to sigh: “Alas, if you want to say that Deling is the best place for heaven to wave. It’s a pity that my bones are useless.”

“What’s more, I feel a headache when I think deeply. You say the headache will last. It hurts and I can’t die, but when it hurts, I can’t think of anything, so it’s useless to ask.”

“If it doesn’t hurt – you’re right, Cui Dao.”

Half life Taoist looked eagerly at C 250 and winked at him. Then he sighed and turned around and said, “I’m too hurt this time”, “Alas, what if someone sneaks at me behind my back? I can’t see it now”, “I have to go quickly, or I’ll be controlled.”

In fact, the half life Taoist was as slow as an old lady with small feet. Behind him, Wei Xun smiled and flashed a light green light on his finger tip.

* *

“Hey, half life is a real traitor.”

On the way back to the cinema, Wang pengpai patted his thigh and laughed happily.

“I think this C 250 should be a means to hide pain. People over there are good at it.”

Mao xiaoledao.

The meaning revealed by half life Taoist is very clear, but he can’t directly say, ‘Guide Cui, help me’. Because although this is the team leader assessment of C250, it is still a scenic spot for tourists.

The tour guide can’t help tourists on the scenic spot task. This judgment has a scope. For example, when he was in Hunan, Wei Xun was punished by the hotel for this.

It can also be said that he took the task entrusted by Nezha Ling when he started in the eight armed Nezha City, and he won’t manage the hotel outside the scenic spot project (on the fifth floor of the underground palace). But now he has arrived at Deling village.

It’s too risky to brazenly help half life Taoist, but it’s feasible to “sneak attack” half life Taoist from behind.

“Half life, he wants to persuade the 15th emperor? But it’s useless. The 15th emperor is a son. Dare he persuade his father?”

It was the 14th emperor who occupied the mausoleum of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, but when it comes to land, he didn’t mean to occupy it – who would like to have the bad reputation of a dove occupying a magpie’s nest on his back. It’s too early and too fast to die.

“It’s a mess of accounts. I don’t want to take care of the 15th emperor.”

Wang pengpai shook his head: “after all, he doesn’t care about political affairs.”

Zhu Youxiao, the 15th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, was a famous “Carpenter emperor” in history. He was meticulous in carpentry and ignored the government. During his reign, Wei Zhongxian and other crafty men were in power and castrated the party.

He didn’t take much care of the affairs of the government, and he was not strong. I’m afraid there won’t be much change after his death. To tell the truth, the distance between de mausoleum and Qing Mausoleum (the mausoleum of the 14th emperor) is still far away. One east and one south are irrelevant. If the brigade hadn’t chosen to go around from the East, I’m afraid the whole scenic spot would have nothing to do with the 15th emperor.

“Zhou Xiyang thought of knocking at the imperial mausoleum to see the 15th emperor. It’s hard for me.”

At the funeral palace in the suburb of Beijing, in Deling village, half life Taoist walks around with Wei Xun on crutches. In fact, after pulling the wire, he immediately had no pain in his waist and legs. He could say 600 words at a time.

But you still have to install some.

The lead wire on the fifth floor of the underground palace broke after leaving the underground palace. After experiencing the silk pulling, only half life Taoist can better understand its location and the cunning hidden in the depths.

But that’s what he needs most.

Half life Taoist wants to use heaven to find an opportunity to restore reality. Wei Xun wanted to use heaven to make the fusion flame resonate. The two hit it off immediately.

Half life Taoist didn’t go out, so he followed Bing 250 around in Deling village.

“, there are no living people in this village, only some wooden bumps.”

“The 15th emperor was meticulous in wood carving. If he could carve some things, he might be able to attract him to take the initiative – but it’s unlikely.”

Half life Taoist looked at Wei Xun. There was a dead Ming token and Nezha spirit flying in the sky. As long as the emperor was not stupid, everyone knew what he was doing here.

“The 15th emperor was in a dilemma. Closing the mausoleum is the most important choice.”

It really doesn’t matter. The seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty is his ancestor and the fourteenth emperor is his father. He fights for the mausoleum. The British Pope stirs up trouble here. Each has his own father and son. The first big son is here. It’s difficult to do anything.

But when everyone comes, it’s impossible to ignore it.

“If the fifteen emperors were smart, they would not use the affairs of their own dynasty to trip our brigade.”

During the reign of the 15th emperor, the most famous was the “Apocalypse explosion”. It was said that tens of thousands of houses were damaged and more than 20000 people were killed and injured in the explosion, which was more terrible than the earthquake.

Some people say that the powder magazine exploded, but the strange thing is that the center of the explosion “does not burn an inch of wood, there is no trace of burning”, which is not like a powder explosion.

“The 15th Emperor may be able to repeat the big bang again. Let me explore the real reason.”

The words of half life Taoist revealed a lot of information. Compared with the “emperor”, Wei Xun kept it in mind that he could repeat the major events during his reign.

“But it’s not necessary, and he won’t believe me.”

Half life is humane.

Not all major events can be repeated. First, they should be well-known enough and still be widely spread today. Second, in this kind of incident, the emperor issued an “imperial edict to sin himself”.

After the apocalyptic explosion, Zhu Youxiao, the 15th emperor, had to issue an edict to forgive the world. The emperor admitted that he was guilty, but was he really guilty?

In the event of such an event, the traveler’s life is equivalent to crossing time and space to find out the truth. If the real reason can be found out, the emperor’s “sin” will be more serious.

This is also very important. The scenic spots related to the mausoleum will involve Dongluo.

If his destination is Deling, the big bang that day will definitely be the focus of his trip.

But this is not the case now.

“It’s not the Apocalypse explosion, but also mainly related to the 14th emperor. That’s the three major mysteries in the late Ming Dynasty.”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

Just as he was talking, Wei Xun saw that the little black leopard cub ran back again with a red pill in his mouth. He stuffed the red pill into Wei Xun’s hand and shook his tail happily, as if he wanted to play a ball throwing game with him.

Half life Taoist pointed to the red pill in the mouth of the little Leopard: “one of them is the mystery of the death of the 14th emperor and the succession of the 15th emperor, the red pill case – ah, ancestors? Don’t take this!!”

Half life Taoist suddenly regained consciousness and screamed to dig the red pill out of the leopard cub’s mouth.

“This red pill is highly toxic!”


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