TTG Chapter 241

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 241: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (62)

There are two red pills. One is a black leopard cub, which is stuffed to Wei Xun. It still has one in its mouth.

The leopard cub is so unruly and irritable that the half life Taoist just stretched out his hand and said, “ah woo!” He almost bit the half life Taoist’s hand. But as soon as Wei Xun made a noise, he immediately ran around the half life Taoist to Wei Xun and obediently gave him the red pill in his mouth.

“The little leopard is very good.”

Half life Taoist tut Tut was surprised. He didn’t see this little leopard around C 250 before – but to tell the truth, if there were more animal monsters around C 250, it would be normal. Before I went to Xiaotangshan, I had a ferret and a white deer, and it was strange to have a little black leopard on Shoushan that day.

“It seems that you are at most three months old.”

Half life Taoist stared at the little black leopard like a horse. He saw that he was only a little bit self-conscious. He only turned around C 250 and took a step closer. He turned fiercely and stretched out his claws at him. He was very angry. Half life Taoist was happy in his heart and deliberately teased him.

“Ah, I let you take the red pill. It’s harmful to you. Do you know what it’s made of?”

“Cinnabar? Lead and mercury?”

Wei Xun looked at the two red pills in his hand. They were excellent in appearance, round and ruddy, and the one with the big little finger was without any defects.

Such a red color should have cinnabar.

“Hey, the so-called red pill is the ‘red lead golden pill’, also known as the ‘three yuan pill’.”

Half life Taoist shook his head like an old alchemist and read out a long list of recipes.

“Take congenital red lead, add the first drop of dew and dark plum in the middle of the night and cook it seven times. Then add Qiushi, human milk, cinnabar, rosin and other drugs to the slurry, and finally process it.”

After listening, Wei Xun felt fine. There is nothing particularly poisonous. Such a small red pill will be hard to eat. In the final analysis, the ten emperors were already very weak at that time. The red pill clashed with the drugs he took, which was even better for him.

So two red pills went down and died.

“Cui Dao, I’ll take it.”

On the contrary, Tong Hege, who was followed by him, heard that he was wonderful, secretly took two red pills from Wei Xun’s hand and winked at the half life Taoist.

Is the half life Taoist the kind of person who looks at you? He saw the little Panther stick to the cloak of C250 and hang it on the swing. After the straight stick C250 couldn’t hold it up, he broke it on the spot and lowered his voice: “it’s rare to refine red pills.”

“This’ congenital red lead ‘is a woman’s anemone.”

Wei Xun:?

“And ‘Autumn stone’, it’s human urine.”

Wei Xun:???

The little Panther nestled in his arms. The little guy was much more lively and energetic than the cat. He pulled Wei Xun’s hands, stood up on his two legs, rubbed intimately and wanted to lick Wei Xun’s chin.

Then Wei Xun, the leopard cub without warning, pushed it away with one hand. Wei Xun grabbed its back neck skin, straightened his arms and carried it far away.


The little leopard cub said what happened. When he picked up the leopard cub, he subconsciously retracted his claws and hooked his tail. He looked very clever.

“Why are you so childish? Why bother with a leopard cub.”

Tong Hege glanced at the Taoist priest half his life. He was really like a child. He was very happy to see the little Panther eat shriveled ha ha.

“Director Cui is fine. This may be the red pill at that time. It is estimated that Zhou Xiyang got the task prop.”

Tong Hege comforted and saw that Wei Xun took off the gloves of the hand touching the red pill and said, “if you want me to wash it, the black leopard is the dirtiest. I saw that he rolled all over the mud in the forest.”

But although Wei Xun disliked carrying it, he didn’t really hand over the leopard cub.

“Yu Hehui?”

Yu Hehui doesn’t have much water either. She’s going to replenish some. There is an ancient well in the farmland outside Deling village, which is used to provide drinking water for the workers who built Deling in the past. Wei Xun takes the black leopard cub to wash his mouth and happens to meet Zhou Xiyang and Bai Xiaotian who are investigated here.

“Originally, this black leopard cub is led by Cui.”

Zhou Xiyang saw the black leopard cub in the arms of C 250 and said that he had found a secret passage at the bottom of the well. A porcelain vase is hidden in the secret passage.

As a result, the black leopard cub suddenly appeared, grabbed the porcelain bottle and ran away.

“It’s dark. Bai Xiaotian says it’s Meckel’s change.”

Zhou Xiyang said happily that the black leopard cub didn’t have half a stray hair. Once his eyes were closed, it was a shadow. When it was dark, he must have seen it completely. Bai Xiaotian ignored him and silently looked at the little leopard cub.

“I want to choose an underground burial place for Grandpa Zhi.”

Zhou Xiyang chatted with Yu Hehui. When C 250 was adjusted, the devil merchant had promulgated the project of the “scenic spot”.


It’s the funeral. It’s going to be buried in the funeral palace.

It’s supposed to be this stage. The cemetery should have been selected long ago, but grandpa Zhi asked the passengers to find a piece of land, which still satisfied him.

“The Ming Tombs are all auspicious soil.”

Zhou Xiyang went up, stamped the land under his feet and said casually, “even a piece of crop land is enough to bury a paper man.”

you bet.

Wei Xun agrees that there is some truth in Ji soil’s statement. There is more energy in this land than on Xiaotang mountain!

Obviously, it is not only a place of dragon veins, but also buried so many “real dragons and heavenly sons”, which can fully represent a dynasty.

“Happy – father, bamboo shoots are so happy”

Corn shoots are much happier to eat in this land!

It is Wei Xun’s new habit to release insects first when he comes to a place. It’s a pity that the evil spirit insects who were bred before can’t adapt to the land here and can’t survive.

Wei Xun takes some soil samples for Xiaocui, but even if Xiaocui is strong, she is not strong enough to cultivate the next generation of mutation by eating soil.

It happened that the corn shoot wanted to go out. It wanted to stay in the magic bug ball all the time. It was boring.

After arriving at Deling village, Wei Xun first released the corn shoots in his own room. It could drill into the ground silently. Speaking of the corn shoots, thanks to the cover of * *, AI Xun and his bamboo shoots fed the corn shoots a few mouthfuls of abyss gas and made them fat.

As for his solution of Wei Xun’s problem and replacement of an Xuefeng’s problem, that is later.

Corn shoots are thick and can live in this field. Wei Xun asked him to bring some local insects back to Xiaocui for research. As for the corn shoots, uh huh, they still eat soil secretly while agreeing, Wei Xun didn’t care much.

If the corn shoots eat the earth, they can eat the master of Deling – this is just what he wants.

“That’s OK. The master agrees.”

The journey made it clear that Grandpa Zhi would be buried in Tianshou mountain. However, there are masters everywhere in Tianshou mountain. Even if Grandpa Zhi just “borrows the land to reincarnate”, the “master” agrees.

“He is quite satisfied with the land here.”

As a filial son, Grandpa Zhi can give Zhou Xiyang a dream. As a brigade captain, Zhou Xiyang is very important in this scenic spot.

Being able to “communicate” with Grandpa Zhi is extremely useful not only for completing the scenic spots, but also for the team leader assessment task of C 250.

Since Grandpa Zhi is satisfied with the vicinity of Deling, it is natural for him to communicate with the landlords.

“The word ‘Apocalypse’ is engraved on the inner wall of the dry well.”

Bai Xiaotian said, “I thought it was the clue of the Apocalypse explosion.”

“The little black leopard has two red pills in his mouth.”

Yu Hehui coughed softly and saw that the little leopard cub was flexible with his body. How did he do it? He just twisted his claws and hugged Wei Xun’s arm like a sloth. But Wei Xun’s patience is almost to the limit. He pulls Zhou Xiyang aside and asks Wei Xun to wash the mouth of the leopard cub.

He went to one side and muttered that he was far away. Wei Xun could still hear his voice talking.

“… sure enough, the 15th emperor wants us to stay here for a long time.”

The clue in the dry well is the red pill. First, it can be said that the 15th emperor respected and cared about his father, hoping to find out the red pill case that led to the death of his father by passengers.

But it is also tantamount to implying to passengers, “don’t bother me, who should you go to and who should you go to.”

“September 29 is a good day for sacrifice, that is to say, at least you should be buried on September 28.”

“No more projects?”

“Well, open scenic spots…”

Open scenic spots are almost “free travel”, but in fact they are the most difficult. It’s good to have direct goals, such as shadow puppets and performances in the third scenic spot. But at present, there are only a few points that ‘find a good soil to Grandpa Zhi’s satisfaction, bury it before September 28, and offer sacrifices on September 29’.

The passengers in front are all aware that what can satisfy grandpa Zhi is that this land is a auspicious land that can turn paper people into people.

But in fact, the only place that can satisfy grandpa Zhi is the place related to the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum.

However, the higher the degree of freedom, the more difficult it is actually. Because this shows that the hotel did not discuss with the “NPC” of the scenic spot. When discussing such matters, the tourists should do it by themselves.

But there is no way. People can discuss it with you! Like the two red pills in the porcelain vase in the dry well, it is proof.

It’s totally saving face, and it’s not polite at all.

The phrase “I’ll tell you what you want to do” was almost pasted on the passenger’s face.

Moreover, because there is no direct arrangement, passengers must make their own decisions.

Some people want to stay in Deling for one night, while others want to go directly to Tianshou mountain. They have their own ideas. Of course, now all kinds of decisions in the Taoist camp are discussed by Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist. He has no differences and made a decision.

The knife sharpener mistakenly cut firewood. He stayed in the German mausoleum for one night to see how the mausoleum changed at night. Then decide whether to go to the jingling Mausoleum of the five emperors of the Ming dynasty or directly to the Changling Mausoleum of Tianshou mountain tomorrow, and let Emperor Yongle help make the decision.

From Zhou Xiyang’s dignified and serious tone, it’s really difficult for him to recognize this scenic spot.

But Wei Xun was not nervous at all. He even had leisure to wash the leopard.

“You said, did he give you face?”

“Whine –”

Wei Xun is washing the leopard cub’s mouth – together with a bath. During the washing process, he was afraid of water and muttered in a low voice. His semicircular ears turned back for fear of trembling, but he avoided. Instead, he pasted it on Wei Xun. He looked really poor and lovely.

Wei Xun’s breath became more and more gentle, which didn’t stop the leopard cub from getting close to him.

If an Xuefeng leads the team, I’m afraid there are two red pills in the well.

Wei Xun thought and rubbed the leopard in his hand.

Although it was changed from the cloak of the principal to the cloak, which was supposed to be a little dirty, it was really sticky and licking, and Wei Xun stopped it again – in fact, he wanted to stop it very much.

An Xuefeng left this half cloak just to cover him up and “consolidate” the effect.

It’s just a breakthrough in the cool feeling threshold, but it doesn’t relieve the doomsday punishment. Later, it’s said that the cool feeling will be lost again. It’s OK that an Xuefeng is around. He can take care of it at any time and personally consolidate the effect, but it’s difficult for him to do it again in a short time.

He left this half of his cloak.

After washing the leopard, Wei Xun was looking for a towel to dry it. He was careful but let it rub it. Wei Xun didn’t push it away. He couldn’t help holding the leopard in his arms, took a deep breath and slowly spit it out.

It’s convenient for Wei Xun to live broadcast and screen where there are leopard cubs.

The leopard cub smells of sea water.

It is the deep sea that drowns the western continent. It is the sea of mysterious, powerful, silent and crazy ‘monsters’.

Wei Xun wears a crow badge under his cloak. The tiny ocean water vapor resonates with it, making Wei Xun seem to return to the ocean that bound the “white butterfly” an hour ago.

Absolute control, absolute out of control, pleasure and control, relief and calm

The soul seems to tremble because of it, and the nerve endings are surging with small current. It is a top-level gluttonous feast. Once you enjoy it, other things can no longer be seen in your eyes, but feel boring.

If the threshold is exceeded, why does the threshold increase again?

At the thought of never being able to be cool again, it changed. Before the doomsday punishment was solved, no one could make him cool again except an Xuefeng, Wei Xun——

It’s exciting!

It’s a pity——

“Team an is really a serious man.”

Wei Xun regretted to think that an Xuefeng has strong self-control, and seems to be unusually persistent and really serious about the matter of “points”.

Even * *, the snow leopard in northern Tibet, the killer whale in the spiritual fantasy and even the little black leopard in front of him showed great closeness and desire to Wei Xun, representing an Xuefeng’s instinctive and real attitude in his heart.

But he can still restrain himself and take half a step over the minefield.


After exchanging information there, Zhou Xiyang and others, who watched C 250 and washed the Panther, just heard him.

Why did Zhou Xiyang suddenly have this feeling. What does he mean when he suddenly says this sentence? Do you think the safety team is serious and boring?

Hiss – although there has never been a tour guide, Zhou Xiyang also said that some tour guides choose tourists to see the edge of their eyes, and some people in the Western District jokingly say that they are choosing “soul partners”. If the souls fit, how can they enter the spiritual illusion and comfort each other?

However, Zhou Xiyang never believed that he dared to point out to the security team.

But if the guide is C 250——

“Team an also likes to find exciting.”

Zhou Xiyang thought carefully and said, “every time he rushes to the front and fights the most fiercely. Keep your hand at all, especially -”

Especially when killing tour guides.

Zhou Xiyang couldn’t help thinking.

When he first entered the hotel, because of his talent, the random tour guides were all Ding Yi. Zhou Xiyang could not bear it at that time – of course, he couldn’t help it in the end, but when the guide bullied other passengers, he still beat them up and beat them up. He dared to be a demon again.

He entered the hotel not much later than an Xuefeng, but the sound of an Xuefeng had spread. Only because his first journey opened up new scenic spots, he ranked first among the new star tourists. And because he killed the tour guide in the brigade.

What a sensation can a newcomer kill a tour guide in a difficult journey.

But Zhou Xiyang was even more shocked when he said that an team killed people.

Later, an Xuefeng found him, but he didn’t say much about the situation at that time, or he would encounter more things in the future. Zhou Xiyang gradually said that the tour guide killed by an Xuefeng at that time was a rookie of the butcher alliance. He said he was gifted. Within a few months after entering the hotel, he had a alienated “fire ant”. His character was abnormal and distorted, and his means were cruel. He took pleasure in torturing men and raping women.

Then an Xuefeng shot through the heart.

After returning to zero alienation, an Xuefeng fought hard again.

But after the incident, Zhou Xiyang settled down. He lost those hesitations and realized the current situation completely.

There are no “police” in hotels.

To be polite, he is all murderers.

Without this awareness, you can live in a hotel.

Ah, that’s good to talk to C250. Kill a tour guide or something, and love to kill the tour guide of the butcher alliance. Although at that time, the butcher alliance was also dominated by hippies, and even hippies kept a low profile in the early stage, this number was launched on the battlefield in those ten years.

“It’s better to be more rational.”

“Ha ha, yes.”

Zhou Xiyang responded twice, but at the same time, he also felt that the tone of Cui guide sounded pretty good

Appreciate it?

Indeed, aside from other suggestions, Wei Xun quite appreciates an Xuefeng. He is very similar in some places.

That is self-control out of control. While pursuing strong power like walking a tightrope on a cliff, you can still remain calm and rational.

An Xuefeng is obviously more tolerant than him, and he hasn’t been crazy for ten years. Wei Xun was lucky. Within a few months of entering the hotel, he found an Xuefeng who could suppress him out of control and let him completely relax.

But it also made him want to see what it was like for an Xuefeng to really lose control of him, restrain again, forbear again, and vent his anger.

That must be beautiful.

Wei Xun thought. The leopard cub in his arms yawned and went to sleep. It’s a real life. Wei Xun can receive it into the storage props when he is asleep – it’s OK to forcibly collect it when he is awake, but it’s a little strange.

What’s more, Wei Xun then took out the complete collection of Shanghua, which was stained with the smell of phantom cat. Wei Xun was afraid of leopard cubs biting the book. On the way back, Wei Xun casually opened a page. He was worried. He didn’t see anything on the page. He just seemed to see that the page was full of the word “boundary”.

The power of the phantom cat to take pictures of the book made him hurt a little more, which was the boundary point that Wei Xun remembered at that time.

It’s reminding him that he has to go back to the world.

Do you want to explore your brother’s identity and those secrets early?

Wei Xun was modest, but he also wanted to get stronger quickly.

In that case, joining the journey home is indeed a wrong choice. Fight alone in the end if there are a group of top teammates, for Wei Xun, the direct test of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing is much better than the previous two times. At least his teammates are strong and able to exercise. They are all good anyway.

Now that you have decided to join the homecoming team, you should consider the relationship with the safety team.

“All right! Something big has happened!”

Before Wei Xun came up with a reason, he heard a loud noise at the entrance of Deling village. The earth trembled violently like an earthquake. Then he heard Yun Lianghan shouting in panic.

“The village collapsed!”

what the fuck??

This is a big deal! Zhou Xiyang was so worried that he immediately came to Yun Lianghan as quickly as possible: “when did it happen? Which side collapsed

“This is where we live!”

Yun Lianghan loaded a pig before. The dam was first discovered at Riyue mountain, and then attacked by Augustus. He was seriously injured. However, Yun Lianghan realized that Cuidao was the only one left in his family. He didn’t rest with the half life Taoist in Deling village. After taking some medicine and taking some props, he insisted on going out to find clues.

Fortunately, his caution turned into a shadow and slipped into the corner to explore out first. After this exploration, Yun Lianghan is seeing Augustus!

Now he dared to show off his strength again. He simply went back to the house to recuperate himself and restore his strength.

“The house collapsed without warning!”

Yun Lianghan was a little collapsed: “in the blink of an eye, after I escaped, I saw that the whole village collapsed!”

The foothold of the hotel arrangement is safe, which is extremely rare!

Indeed, people stood in front of Deling village, which is now in ruins. Looking around, they saw a complete house, a mess, full of collapsed bricks, stones and mud tiles. But the remains of these buildings did not pile a hill on the ground. It seems that the earth has sunk several meters and a huge pit has sunk.

“Augustus can’t do that with his strength.”

Yun Lianghan calmed down. When he said this, he looked at the half life Taoist. He felt that if the half life Taoist used the words of heaven, he would be able to do it.

But why? It’s totally meaningless! Deling village is gone. Is he going to camp outside? Or go to the jingling Mausoleum of the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty in advance?



Yun Lianghan suddenly thought of something and hesitated: “yes, the Apocalypse big bang?”

The whole Deling village suddenly collapsed and the houses collapsed. There was no sign at all, which really made him think!

“Before the Apocalypse explosion, there were all kinds of wonders. You should be like an earthquake.”

Half life Taoist retorted, but his face was beautiful. He jumped into the deep pit like a white crane and said he would go down and have a look first. Then Zhou Xiyang jumped down and carried a coffin.

The whole village collapsed, and grandpa Zhi’s coffin was certainly buried in the pit. Fortunately, the quality of the coffin was hard and the lid was not opened. Putting down the coffin, Zhou Xiyang jumped down again. He and half life Taoist, left and right, looking for something in the ruins.

But Wei Xun seldom paid much attention to the collapse of the village.

He calmly stood by the huge pit and was busy collecting the corn shoots into the magic bug ball. The corn shoots scared him to cry. He didn’t expect that the soil here was so delicious and had so much energy. As a result, he fell asleep eating the corn shoots.

In fact, when the energy is accumulated to a certain extent, the corn shoots enter a new growth stage – after the abyss worm is fat enough, its energy in the “compression and purification” is pressed to the limit. On the outside, it becomes thinner quickly.

The corn shoots are now more than 100 meters long and more than 10 meters in diameter. They fill the underground of Deling village, especially the one where Wei Xun lives, which is also the rest area for tourists.

It eats earth underground and supports itself in an empty place. The underground smell is terrible. The corn shoots dare to drill deep underground. The soil they eat is closer to the surface, and even the foundation of the house is less.

As a result, as soon as it grows and the internal energy is compressed, it immediately thins the noodles from more than ten meters wide.  it emptied this piece of land, causing a chain reaction.

The whole Deling village collapsed.

“What’s the matter?”

The devil businessman Shanshan was late, and the tragedy in front of him completely attracted attention.

Wei Xun looked at his nose, nose and heart, took out the stunned leopard cub and held it in his arms.

“What’s the matter? Can you tell me what’s the matter?”

There was a scold from the bottom of the pit, and half the Taoist jumped onto the pit. Then he heard a loud crack, and a bright yellow object big enough to be a brick was thrown directly in front of the devil merchant.

“Tell me what happened!”

“This –”

The devil merchant’s eyes were straight. It was clear that the jelly fell in front of him——

Jelly powder works well.

“Can the examiner stay for the next scenic spot?”

Wei Xun took the opportunity to ask questions. The devil merchant was obviously a little confused. He subconsciously replied: “I…”

“The Devourer’s shrem king is very expensive. I said,” he just threw his body around. ”

The girl’s voice sounded from the devil merchant’s shoulder, and the spider’s limbs stepped lightly, hanging a silk to float down. Impressively, she is the black widow who has just been on the whole journey!

“If it’s true, it’s really valuable for collection.”

“I want you to go through it yourself, but I found it back.”

Half life Taoist priest took away the jelly directly. He asked him if he was confident enough and directly mocked: “the devil businessman is a tour leader and a baby who has not been weaned. Do you still use a guardian?”

“Compared with you, of course he’s just a baby.”

The black widow said, swinging her silk back to the other shoulder of the devil merchant. The snow-white spider silk wound half a circle in front of his neck, like a necklace.

“In front of the unsolved mysteries of the world…  even I am just a little girl.”

“The situation is good.”

Zhou Xiyang jumped on the black widow and ignored the black widow. He was carrying a piece of wood in his hand and his face was dignified.

“The wooden men were destroyed.”

Deling village is the same as Deling village, which has become a popular scenic spot in reality. There are only lifelike wood carvings in the village. From these wood carvings, we can see that the carvers are skilled.

Zhou Xiyang threw the wooden carving head on the ground. The wooden carving head fell to pieces, and a pile of “five senses” rolled out of it!

Bloody ears, broken noses, broken eyes, broken skulls and even hair attached to the scalp.

It’s like the broken meat from the violent explosion, but it’s strange that there’s no trace of explosion and burning on these meat pieces.

“I’m afraid the Apocalypse explosion is really coming.”

Zhou Xiyang said in a deep voice. No matter who did the collapse of Deling village, in the view of the 15th emperor, it was like the deliberate noise made by this group of passengers in order to force him out, force him to make a statement.

The emperor has a temper!

OK, since you want me to make a statement, you want to see me.

Let’s see if you can survive the Apocalypse explosion!

“Shh -”

Strange boos sounded like dull whistles. Wei Xun looked up, but saw a black gray strange bird with a dustpan on a crooked neck next to the ruins! The bird has a cluster of heads, nine heads! It has scarlet eyes and a bright red beak:

“Shh -”

“It’s a ghost car bird!”

In the sound of ghost car birds, thick black clouds quickly occupied the whole sky like splash ink. The lower part of the sky suddenly became dark. The black leopard cubs in Wei Xun’s arms could only see two orange eyes.

[please pay attention! Please pay attention! The journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing shows the mystery of the world’s nature not recorded by the hotel, and the journey to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing shows the mystery of the world’s nature not recorded by the hotel!]

The voice of the hotel suddenly rang in the minds of Wei Xun, the devil merchant and other tourists.

[the Apocalypse explosion, together with the “Yuqiu incident” in ancient India and the “Tunguska explosion” in Siberia, Russia, are called the three mysteries of nature in the world! *]

It’s a world-class mystery that hasn’t even been recorded by the hotel! The faces of the veteran travelers suddenly changed one by one, but the next moment Augustus threw his clothes around him like a blink, and the whole brigade was all together.

Wei Xun and the devil merchant also knew the importance of the hotel announcement, but at the moment when the announcement sounded, the phantom cat and * * appeared at the same time. The phantom cat stood at Wei Xun’s feet, while the * * wearing a wave cloak floated up and over the ruins!

“Hiss -”

A cold air, who sent it. Only listen to the explosion like rolling thunder in the sky. In the sound of thunder, the thick black clouds are torn open by a pair of big and strange claws. A huge eye came out of the crack and stared at the earth.

Even if it is far from the ground, everyone can clearly see that whether it is claws or giant eyes, it looks like wooden!

“Buzz -”

If the dead Ming token felt a shock, the giant eye that was staring at * * suddenly looked in the direction of Wei Xun. Wei Xun held the token tightly. He could clearly feel the alarm and emotional agitation of the dead Ming consciousness in the token. He was crying and questioning. No one could hear what he was talking about. He was like the last consciousness collection of a dynasty on the verge of extinction.

But the monster in the dark cloud heard it. He’s a monster. The thick cloud seemed to disperse in an instant, allowing people to see more of its shape. It is so huge that it can only see a small half, but this small half is scary enough.

It was a wooden dragon!

Its scales are like wood, and its dragon horn is like wood carving, but it is strange, flexible, lifelike and real.

“It’s the 15th emperor!”

The carpenter Emperor Zhu Youxiao, who reflected in the sky, was a long dragon as exquisite as wood carving!

Just for a moment, the dark clouds covered the Dragon again and could only see its eyes – compared with before, it was originally cold, and there was a little more sadness and guilt in her impatient eyes.

The 15th emperor, the penultimate emperor of the Ming Dynasty, died young at the age of 23. Then a few years later, the Ming Dynasty perished.

Wei Xun had a clear understanding. The closer he was to the demise of the Ming Dynasty, the greater his response to the dead Ming token!

In fact, this is good news. After all, the sixth and seventh emperors of the Ming Dynasty are early from the demise of the Ming Dynasty, but if Wei Xun can grasp the opportunity, he can benefit less from the Apocalypse explosion!

Go to Deling first. That’s right!

“If you can survive the Apocalypse explosion -”

The rumbling sound like thunder rang in the ears of every passenger. The existence of the dead Ming token made the 15th emperor change some ideas.

He sighed and said to himself, “if I had fewer sins, I would have some faces to see my father.”

His meaning is very clear! If the passenger can survive the repeat of the Apocalypse explosion, the 15th emperor agrees to go to the 10th emperor. He says that being a lobbyist can at least serve as a bridge for his communication!

Zhou Xiyang’s eyes lit up. It was really an unexpected joy. The devil merchant also looked slightly thoughtful. Then a thick cloud fell on his face and swallowed him up like ink.

[tour guide C 250, tour guide B125, please record the Apocalypse big bang as detailed as possible and fully participate in it! Record first, passenger safety second, the hotel looks forward to your performance!]

After a whirl, Wei Xun opened his eyes again and found himself in an antique temple.

Repeat the scene!

Only  compared with the replay of the scene of qiebi village in Western Hunan, this is a world-class unsolved mystery!

He stood up, and the light blue cloak fell down to join the dynasty.

He didn’t get the corresponding identity. He decided what was going on outside. So he went out and said that he would take it directly. Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are also around him, so they can’t contact him. Wei Xunzhou thinks of a way by himself.

After a little thought, Wei Xun had an idea.

He first released the Panther cub and blocked the live broadcast. Then——


The clothes fell to the ground in an instant, and a long strip of things struggled and twisted under the cloak. After a week, a small head drilled out.

It was a beautiful young white ferret that got out of its cloak and sneezed.


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