TTG Chapter 242

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 242: 540000 Jiageng of nutrient solution

[tomorrow starts the sixth year, the sixth day of May, Maoshi]

[Code: Apocalypse big bang]

[recorder: tour guide C 250]

[current participation: Zero]

[currently recorded events: none]

Wei Xun sneezed and heard the sound of “travel” in his mind. He quickly climbed over the clothes accumulated during the change of wild mind and collected them all at once. It’s very easy for people to move, but it’s a little difficult for a little ferret.

The pile of clothes looks like a hill, and there are more “beasts” nearby.


But the lovely little ferret gave a bluff warning. The black leopard cub was too big for him. The ferret had to stand. Two short front paws barely pressed against the big head of the black leopard cub and bit the tip of its nose.


He didn’t bite, but it was the tip of his fragile nose after all. The black leopard cub couldn’t help but step back and shake his head, but he didn’t give birth to a dog and wanted to get together again. However, Wei Xun has now begun to investigate the surrounding environment.

The ferret stands upright and measures around. It looks like he is in a main hall of a temple. The wooden buildings are antique. There are no electronic candles or radios to play Buddhist music, but there is a strong smell of incense.

There was no one in the temple and the door was closed. Through the crack of the board, you can see that the sky is just shining outside.

Wei Xun didn’t let go of any dead corner. He walked around carefully.

[please record the Apocalypse explosion as detailed as possible and fully participate in it!]

This time, the hint is very subtle. It doesn’t have any specified task, nor does it let you find anything, or rewrite it into another ending, just record it.

Moreover, this is the first time Wei Xun heard the “record first, passengers’ safety second” from the brigade. It can be imagined that the Apocalypse explosion is far more important to the brigade than those passengers.

Wei Xun secretly calculated that the sixth day of May of the sixth year of the apocalypse, which was prompted by the brigade when he first came, was the day of the Apocalypse explosion, and the prime time was from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. The Apocalypse explosion occurred around 9:00.

In other words, there are at least two hours and at most only four hours.

It’s too short. It’s said that the omen of the Apocalypse explosion began two years ago, and the omens were more frequent one month before the disaster. The nine strange birds that stayed on the ruins of Deling village before were called ghost car birds by half life Taoist.

It is said that one month before the Apocalypse explosion, these countless ghost car birds flew over the capital, like dark clouds gathering. They stopped in the capital and moaned day and night, making people panic.

To tell you the truth, Wei Xun is quite interested in the strange birds in the mountain and sea Sutra, but now it is a few hours away from the disaster. Even if there were ghost car birds before, they have already flown away.

What can you do at this point?

Beijing city around the apocalyptic year? unrealistic.

What’s more, Wei Xun didn’t just want to experience the worst explosion – the dead Ming token responded to the 15th emperor. For example, he could see that the energy in the dead Ming token was gradually increasing. When Wei Xun came to the scene, the countless consciousness in the dead Ming token was even more excited!

That is, they may not have lived in the year of apocalypse, that is, they have long had no complete consciousness and memory, but this sense of “return”, such as the unique breath related to Ming, makes them excited and excited, and even the dragon soul keel sent in the token is slightly active.

For example, if Wei Xun can get more involved and even get the recognition of “wise people” in the scene, instead of dodging and just watching, the death warrant may change!

Not only for the command of the brigade, but also for yourself.

But the question is, how can a ferret participate in this event, be recognized by the “Ming people” in this scene, and even be included in the book?

Wei Xun returned to the center of the main hall. When he explored before, he used the title of “archaeological expert”.

[build Huode Zhenjun Temple]

This is the name of the temple.

When Wei Xun looked around, he always felt that a faint sight fell on him – even when he just landed and was still in human shape, Wei Xun, for example, had a great crisis.

But when it becomes a ferret, the crisis is much smaller, but the sight has not dissipated.

I’m afraid that if I have a pair of eyes with each other, I’ll “start the plot”. So Wei Xun has been turning around the hall. When his participation reaches 2%, he stops growing.

Wei Xun calmed down. As soon as the little ferret looked up, he saw the feet of the statue enshrined in the hall.

It’s really too small. If he had no scruples, Wei Xun could climb up to the supply table, but now people are staring at him. It’s not good to do so again.

“Goo Goo.”

The ferret’s cry changed a lot. Wei Xun made a urging sound that a young ferret could make, and called the leopard cub in front of him. However, he climbed to the head of the leopard cub and stood on it. He could see the whole picture of the statue.

This is a golden statue of God. It is very dignified. He puts one hand on his lap and holds a gourd in the other hand. The red beard dropped from his chest, his eyes were wide open, and he stared at the little ferret who dared to look at him.

[Huode Zhenjun]

When the name appeared in Wei Xun’s mind because of the title of archaeological expert, the eyes of the statue moved! It seems to have found Wei Xun’s peeping. The next second, the title of “archaeological expert” went black and automatically fell out of the title column!

Wei Xun’s expression changed slightly. His title was banned!

Even in northern Tibet, when he met the devil, his title was not banned.

But this statue can do it!

The first experience of this “forbidden title” can really frighten people, but Wei Xun is still calm, because he found that the statue of huodezhenjun banned the title of archaeological expert, and he didn’t do anything more, but continued to stare at him.

He found ‘peeping’, but there was no punishment.

It’s him, okay?

No, no, just looking at the statue with angry eyes and evil spirits, the fire De Zhen Jun should be a burst of spleen.


The ferret’s eyes turned and suddenly thought of something. The next moment a flame appeared in front of him.

It’s not the fusion flame, but the samadhi true fire carried out alone!

In this “eight armed Nezha city”, of course, samadhi true fire derived from Nezha’s spirit should be used. There is still a devil’s flame in his fusion flame. Who knows if he will provoke Huode Zhenjun Sheng, the gain is not worth the loss.

“Buzz -”

Sure enough, Wei Xun guessed right. When samadhi’s true fire burned, huodezhen Jun’s eyes suddenly widened. The low hum sounds like the sound of gongs and drums!

In the music, Wei Xun saw a faint shadow on the back of the statue of Huode Zhenjun. Unexpectedly, two more heads and two pairs of arms grew.

You have three heads and six arms, too?

At the sight of these three heads and six arms, Wei Xun’s heart moved. The next moment he manipulated samadhi true fire and wrapped his body. Seeing that the ferret didn’t hurt himself at all when he manipulated the samadhi fire, he could be called a perfect fire. The fire god Zhenjun’s eyes widened again. With the sound of gongs and drums in Wei Xun’s ears, he turned into a powerful and dignified male voice.

“The world… Will be in chaos…”

“The third prince… Take care of himself…”

Did you recognize him as the incarnation of Nezha’s spirit!

Indeed, gods have spirits, and they do not recognize people only by their appearance. The unique “breath” derived from samadhi true fire is more like an “ID card”.

Huodezhen Jun was able to talk to Nezha’s spirit, and their relationship should be good – huodezhen Jun is one of the most qualified gods in the Chinese people’s belief. This fire god temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, and there is a saying that “there is a fire temple first, and then Beijing city”.

The Ming Dynasty belonged to Huode, and Nezha Ling had three heads and six arms with Huode Zhenjun. It seems that it has a lot to do with you. To tell the truth, Nezha Ling is just the condensation of consciousness and cognition of countless generations over hundreds of years. He can really cultivate samadhi true fire, which has surprised Wei Xun, for example.

Now it seems that it should have something to do with Huode Zhenjun.

“Goo Goo!”

When his mind turned, the ferret made a serious voice. Wei Xun imitated the language of Nezha Ling, which means “I want to save people!”

“It’s too late…”

Huode Zhenjun sighed. His voice became lower and lower, no longer like gongs and drums. Others felt more like string music. He said that it was too late not only to avoid the disaster, but also the coming Ming Dynasty.

Water conquers fire and can extinguish the Ming Dynasty. The next Dynasty is shuide. With the decline of the Ming Dynasty, the power of this statue of Huode Zhenjun began to decline. Even when only the true fire of samadhi burns, he can communicate with Nezha spirit for a short time.

Compared with him, the spirit born in this dynasty is too small, just like a doll. In the next disaster of the Ming Dynasty, I’m afraid he will fall into a deep sleep.

It’s a doll, but it’s also a doll who is not afraid of heaven and earth. He would say, “I want to save people.” Huode Zhenjun is not surprised at all.

“Save people…”

Save people. With the change of dynasties, human life is cheaper than grass mustard. Who can you save.

“We… Can only foretell…”

They can’t really save people. Huodezhenjun warned Nezha spirit once. They are “spirits” and are not real gods. Who can participate in the human situation and save who?

At most, it just shows some wonders and gives people omens.

When the mood is different, it is like the music of high and low changes. The word “omen” he said moved Wei Xun’s heart. The next moment, the little ferret turned his head slightly and looked warily outside the hall.

He keenly captured the noisy voice outside the temple – the music from the fire temple, which was discovered by outsiders!

Hiss – wait.

As soon as Wei Xun’s eyes lit up, he finally understood which event node he was at!

It is recorded in the book: “on the sixth day of may in the sixth year of the apocalypse, the attendants in Bei’an gate suddenly heard the sound of thick and thin music. The first three passed, and the people were surprised and left the temple of fire. When I opened the hall to examine it, suddenly the fire rolled like a ball into the air. ”

Four hours before the Apocalypse explosion, there was music in the fire temple. Someone opened the door to see what happened, and saw a fireball rolling out of the temple and flying into the sky!

This is one of the omens of the Apocalypse big bang that has been spread to the world. It is recorded in Baidu Encyclopedia!

Wei Xun understands!

“Zhenjun, help me!”

Seeing the illusion of Huode Zhenjun gradually disappear, it seems that he is going to fall into a deep sleep. Wei Xun opened his mouth directly, and the ferret lay down as if kneeling down. When the regiment came, it was like a fireball.

Even if it is doomed to decline, the spirit of a city kneels down and tries its best to save people.

How naive and sincere this is.

Rao is a stone statue will be moved by it.

Huodezhen Jun didn’t speak any more. He seemed to become an ordinary statue again. But Wei Xun noticed, for example, that a stream of heat gushed out of the statue and poured into the flames around him.


The flame suddenly burns more vigorously. Come on, samadhi is really burning. It is wrapped outside the ferret and can even cover all the leopard cubs!

The flame was so powerful that Wei Xun even thought he could fly into the air for a short time by using the flame!

The voice was getting closer and closer, and it had reached the door of the temple. Without hesitation, Wei Xun directly let the flame extend and wrap the leopard cub, and shrank himself in the arms of the leopard cub. At the moment when the door of the temple was opened, he manipulated the samadhi true fire, and the fireball rolled out directly.


People outside were so frightened that they knelt down that no one dared to open their eyes to see it. But throughout the capital, countless people saw the vision of the fireball taking off!

[current participation: 10%]

[currently recorded event: Fire Temple vision!]

ferret? no

If you want to participate, He Wei Xun will do this vision directly!


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