TTG Chapter 243

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 243: 1 Change

“Eh, is it samadhi true fire?”

Just as the mink fireball took off, the half life man dressed as a soldier hurried to the door of the fire temple. Obviously, his speed is already fast, and the land is also near the fire temple, but he is still a step slow.

I didn’t hear strange music, only fireballs.

[current participation: 5%]

“Alas! Unfortunately, it’s a step late.”

Half life people sigh with a sigh.

Obviously, the fireball almost wiped his face and flew out!

You might have it earlier!

The original plan to enter the fire temple in advance, control the fire and disguise the fireball to take off, so as to get more participation failed.

“Not enough. We have to participate in more things.”

The man next to him either knelt down and kowtowed in horror, or stared at the sky. Dressed as a gentleman, it’s not too abrupt to mix in.

“Forget it, go to the next place.”

Without staying here for a long time, half life people left the fire temple in three or two steps and joined the crowd. After he left, quickly, several more people came to the fire temple. They rub shoulders with half life people, but they don’t meet double life people.

“No, where did Xiao Tian go?”

After they entered the dreamland of scene replay, they all separated, and some communication means were blocked and completely useless. The lead wire is still there. There should be no problem with c-50. Half life people are most worried about Bai Xiaotian.

As soon as the hotel said, “there is a mystery about the nature of the world that has not been recorded by the hotel in the funeral palace journey in the suburbs of Beijing!”, half-life people will lose no time. It is not recorded by the hotel, which means that everything is not recorded. There are no scenic projects, no tourist routes, and no NPC such as guides.

This thing is just like land reclamation. It’s extremely dangerous. If you believe it [passengers, please don’t panic and protect yourself, the guides will find you!], it’s a fool!

You wear a modern assault suit, a short hair appears in the ancient scene, standing still, waiting to catch it?

What’s more, this is a disaster that killed and injured more than 20000 people!

Moreover, the experienced tourists know that the tour guides will never find them – even if they want to find them. Because usually this kind of scenery appears, the tour guides receive a reminder from the hotel. The first purpose is definitely to “explore the record” and record this scenery in the hotel!

Can only rely on self-help. In this case, the best choice is to hide before the disaster comes. The farther you hide, the better. The hotel still has some bottom lines. These “undeveloped scenery” will not have any mission requirements. Just protect yourself.

But half life people can’t hide out! Because in this “unrecorded” scene, the rules of the hotel will be greatly weakened!

In other words, Augustus, they can fight against C 50 here!

“This silk is not as good as a dog rope.”

Avoid the hasty and chaotic crowd and hide the half life people in one place for the time being. He and Bai Xiaotian are not wearing modern assault clothes and travel shoes, but a robe and cloth shoes, so half life people can start to take action as soon as they set foot. He hooked his fingers, and the light green light flashed, but the lead wire could not lead him to the c-50 like a dog rope.

The lead wire is one-way. C-50 can feel the emotion of half-life people, but half-life people can’t look in the opposite direction – no, I shouldn’t feel it now.

The rules of hotels were suppressed and weakened, but they signed contracts with hotels, and the strength of tourists and tour guides was weakened. Like being blinded by five senses, the power of those titles will decline.

In particular, the scene is still a natural mystery that has not been decrypted so far, and the hotel restrictions are even more. If you want to give full play to your strength, tourists or tour guides have to let the scene ‘accept’ them.

It is the participation of the landscape. The higher the participation, the more power you can use.

“Dog rope, bah.”

Just now I complained and scolded myself. The half life man booed twice and comforted himself: “I started early. Like those stupid wolves, I’m afraid they were all put into the tiger city and the wolf house.”

The hotel also has a sense of propriety in putting people into the scene. For example, half life people wearing robes and long hair and Bai Xiaotian may directly appear in important places, while Zhou Xiyang and others with inch travel clothes will put them in remote corners where no one is waiting for them to change their clothes.

And Augustus, the West man, could really become a wolf. Meckel could also be a black cat raised by a pet princess.

“Hiss – maybe.”

Half life people suddenly thought that people from the monster camp might appear in the Forbidden City. In exploring and recording the scenery, the hotel will never want passengers to engage in infighting at this time. Separating the two camps is the best choice.

For example, this scene will really become a scene in the future, so it is definitely an important scenic spot outside and inside the Forbidden City. All need to be recorded.

The problem is that C’s 50 is a guide for devils!

The half life man picked a blade of grass and calculated seriously, but he was not sure about the natural disaster.

“That’s terrible.”

What’s more, there are Yu Hehui and the black leopard cub around C’s 50. It’s too possible to be assigned there!

“We must restore our strength as soon as possible.”

The half life man threw away the grass leaves. He didn’t want to break into the Forbidden City – laugh to death. He couldn’t break in at all. He didn’t mean to say it again. Before the natural disaster really came, most of the visions recorded in historical books were outside the Forbidden City.

Four hours before the disaster, music came from the fire temple and the amazing scene of fireballs flying into the sky. The next hour was a quarter of an hour before the disaster began. Temple Zhu of hadmen fire temple was surprised to see the God of fire moving, as if he was going to walk down the hall.

“Ming belongs to fire virtue, and all signs come from the God of fire.”

Half life people say that there are more than three hours between now and the next omen Festival.

We must make use of these more than three hours. It is best to find others, find c-50, and then leave Xicheng District before the Apocalypse explosion.

Because the explosion was really strange!

* *

With the blessing of huodezhen Jun’s flame, the mink’s fireball continued to burn and fly in the sky, but the fireball that was not too big did not look conspicuous after flying high, because there were countless strange clouds flying in the air, or thick black or red clouds completely covered the fireball. Even if passers-by with sharp eyes saw it, they just thought it was a vision.

Moreover, when flying in the sky, Wei Xun’s participation is still increasing, indicating that the vision of “fireball rolling” is also a part of the disaster!

The black leopard cub doesn’t like the feeling of fire. After all, it comes from a wave cloak, and water and fire naturally collide. For example, in reality, it must have blown up, but in fact, the black leopard cub hugged the mink cub in his arms and didn’t even make a coquettish hum.

It’s protection.

When Wei Xun curled up in the arms of the Panther cub, he clearly conveyed the idea of “protection” to it.

Even though huodezhen Jun seemed to have a friendship with Nezha Ling, Wei Xun kept an eye on him. The cloak of the principal can protect him, and surrounded by this “cloak”, Wei Xun’s sense suddenly became sharp.

“It seems that there are restrictions on the use of hotel power here.”

When Wei Xun woke up, he found that he could not feel Yu Hehui and them, and his sense of self became weaker. After becoming a mink and putting away all the items related to the hotel (cloak, badge, etc.), the pressure decreased a little.

The way to reduce exclusion is to integrate and participate in the world as much as possible. Now his participation has slowly increased to 15%, but it is still far from enough.

The most important thing is because the sable cub is with him.

The repetition of the scene excludes everything that the hotel has, but it can’t hold down the principal.

Wei Xun thought.

An Xuefeng’s strength is strong. The cloak disguised as a leopard cub doesn’t have the breath of the master, but it still has such power. Other passengers without the cloak of the principal may be more suppressed.

But the hotel rules don’t work, which leads to one thing.

Wei Xun took out the necklace against the task and found that he could not sense the position of the devil merchant.

The balance of confrontation tasks – has also been broken.

In other words, Augustus and even the black widow on the shoulder of the devil merchant are likely to fight him in the replay of this scene!

“Go to the Forbidden City.”

He manipulated the flame and hid 611#. The fireball in the clouds flew straight to the forbidden city like a meteor. The place where the Dragon Qi is located is the place where the 15th emperor is. He is the safest who holds the token of the death of the Ming Dynasty and is “canonized” by the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty!

And Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are probably there, too. Wei Xun feels it.

No, in a few minutes, Wei Xun flew over the Forbidden City, but just then——

“I found you.”

The ambiguous female voice sounded from her ear, and a delicate and small black spider fell quietly on the neck of the mink cub.

For a moment, if a basin of ice water splashes down, Wei Xun is cold-blooded – this is a warning issued by the title of “cold-blooded”! Even if he doesn’t feel any negative emotions, the title of “cold-blooded” is like an indicator. When Wei Xun “will” feel fear and tension, it will release boundless cold.

This is the first time that the title of “cold-blooded” has reacted so well.

Here comes the black widow!

“You’re smart.”

She is not afraid of samadhi true fire or power suppression. She falls here gently and skillfully, but Wei Xun’s thinking is almost frozen and can’t think at all. Her brain is white and seems to be entangled by dense spider silk.

Different from the puppet master’s puppet, even if the puppet master is a 2 and the black widow is S3, the black widow can do her best once.

When the hotel rules are limited, Wei Xun can’t even alienate!

“So don’t think about it.”

The black widow hummed softly, like a moving lullaby: “come on, baby, sleep in your arms…”


But her voice was interrupted by an angry roar of the beast! The Panther cub who thought he had been hypnotized opened his mouth and bit the black widow with his tusks.

At the same time, on the way home, an Xuefeng’s study.

An Xuefeng standing by the window had a dark face, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his fingers pinched fiercely.



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