TTG Chapter 244

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 244: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (63)

At the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, during the replay of the big bang scene, the black widow who was about to invade C250 consciousness and control him suddenly shuddered.

 subconsciously wanted to avoid the bite of the Panther and dragged a silk to the side. But the little leopard cub suddenly became an adult black leopard, and the black widow’s avoidance was like giving it to the leopard.


With a light sound, the mechanical spider was completely bitten by the black leopard cub in an instant!


During the short fight, they had been falling. When the Panther bit the black spider, it fell on a roof in the palace. It heard a light sound, and the flame dispersed. The Panther carried the fainting white sable on its shoulder. The next moment, it was vigorous and fierce, and the Panther’s tail was like an iron whip, sweeping across one place mercilessly.


The space swept by the leopard tail seemed to vibrate like water waves, and the air made a sharp hiss. The virtual shadow of the spider that had just emerged was swept by the leopard tail again and disappeared!

But the black widow did not disappear completely!

“Hiss… You are so rude that you don’t look like a gentleman.”

The black widow’s body is far away in the west side, where is only the guardian of spiritual consciousness. As long as the black widow didn’t use the real mobile phone meeting, she couldn’t get rid of it.

Yes, the black widow didn’t really do it. The strength she just showed was the greatest strength she showed after the hotel rules weakened.

It’s troublesome to weaken the rules of the hotel. All the newly discovered scenic spots are in a chaotic state of rules. Whoever has a big fist will win.

Fortunately, the Panther has bigger fists. It cruelly tore up his spiritual consciousness and brought great pain to the black widow. It was a sharp pain in which the spirit was torn apart, far better than the pain in which the flesh was torn.

Not everyone regards pain or pain as happiness.

There are even many high-level tour guides who hate pain. Even if they return to zero, they choose to take poison and never do anything like piercing the heart.

This is a warning.

“I didn’t expect you to protect him with the power of the principal.”


The Panther snorted coldly and shrugged her shoulder blades so that the ferret on her shoulder wouldn’t fall down. A pair of Golden Leopard eyes are not good at staring at the front, and their eyes are full of hostility.

A spider emerged and sighed, “it’s so romantic. It seems that what the ghost monarch said is true.”

Compared with the Panther, spiders are so small. Even when she stood up and swayed her limbs gracefully, she was still like a pebble, which was easily broken by the Panther. However, this time, the spider was strange and stuck with a snow-white owl feather.

It looks funny, like some kind of clumsy bird hair decoration. But the Panther who noticed the feather let out a low roar of anger in its throat. No one could see how it did it, but the power of shape came and crushed the black spider again.

“Well, it seems that I am really an unwelcome guest, which is really sad.”

The shadow of the black widow no longer appeared, only a slightly weak voice still sounded, and there was a smile in the voice: “but… I really like to see these beautiful feelings.”

“It will make my venom… Excited.”

The voice fell, and the smell of the black widow dissipated completely. The pain caused by tearing the spirit made him unable to come back in the next few hours, but the hidden danger was not solved.

The black leopard carrying the mink sneaked into the garden. The palace people couldn’t see it clearly. They just thought it was a black cloud falling and filled with black fog, but they couldn’t care about it under many visions outside. After looking for a man’s garden, the black leopard lay on his side on the flowers and plants and placed the small white sable on his ventral side.

Soil, nature, is more conducive to contact someone outside the journey.

On the way home, an Xuefeng pressed his temples and frowned. From the beginning of the big bang, they couldn’t see the live broadcast again – this is a new scene, just like a new movie. The hotel has always been confidential.

Confidentiality is also to prevent outsiders from fishing in troubled waters during the period of chaotic rules.

But the guardian black widow and the examiner * * are not outsiders.

As the main examiner, * * * is not suitable to have too much contact with C 250, but an Xuefeng can. After slicing out the principal, the original body and the principal are different individuals in the eyes of the hotel.

Since ancient times, there are few examples of principals, such as an Xuefeng and * *, who have maintained a good system in private. It’s more like astrologers.

So an Xuefeng made that half of the principal’s cloak turn into a panther, and he divided part of his spirit on the Panther.

The appearance of the black widow triggered a warning, and an Xuefeng instantly controlled the Panther’s consciousness. At the moment, he shared a feeling with the Panther. An Xuefeng felt how small, soft and smooth the ferret sleeping on his belly. He has no memory of northern Tibet, but the video also shows how cute Wei Xun was when he turned into a leopard cub.

Mink cubs are more lovely.

The black leopard thought deeply. He turned his head, put the tip of his wet nose against the small head of the mink, and smelled its breath.

In the warm smell of mink cubs, there is a trace of disgusting bird hair.

It’s the owl in the babbitton tower, the smell of mental pollution.

The Panther turned sideways and sneezed. An Xuefeng is convinced that the black widow’s dirty hands didn’t move Wei Xun in time. Even if she had a letter from Babel’s tower with her, she shouldn’t have infected Wei Xun so quickly.

After all, Wei Xun wears the cloak of the power of the principal.

Unless — Wei Xun once received something similar to Babel’s Tower letter, and the black widow led it out.

“Call -”

The Panther arched the ferret’s head, but the little ferret still didn’t wake up. An Xuefeng thought, then the Panther licked the ferret’s cerebellum, closed her eyes and touched her forehead.

Spiritual connection is very dangerous, especially when the two sides are not in the same space, but an Xuefeng can do it.

He went into Wei Xun’s spiritual space and saw that Wei Xun was dreaming. An Xuefeng knew what Wei Xun was dreaming.

Rotten feathers stained with reddish brown blood fell from the air, like a gray snow.

The feathers are stained with dirty powder with spiritual pollution. They are full of space, just like the dark sky in the abyss. Nearly ten thousand strange birds fly in the air. They only have skeletons wrapped with chains. Black and purulent blood and flesh grow on the skeleton’s stumps, and then the newly grown blood and flesh wither and fall into rotten feathers.

The strange birds screamed and wailed:


“Chatter -”

The strange birds are singing day and night, bleak and fanatical. Behind the counting of feathers, there is a huge tower, which is surrounded by thick fog. But suddenly, the purple red lightning struck down and fiercely hit the feathers of the strange birds. They howled miserably, but they still screamed miserably,

Obviously I don’t understand what they are called again. If I listen to them several times, I just feel like a magic spell, bewitching people’s hearts.

An Xuefeng saw Wei Xun. He saw Wei Xun listening to those voices. The form of anger is almost condensed into substance.

The black widow is seducing him!

Once the hint is condensed, Wei Xun must go to Babel Tong tower, otherwise he will be in the pain of spiritual pollution all his life!

 how dare —  this is death!

An Xuefeng enters Wei Xun’s dream, which has no defense against him. He went behind Wei Xun and covered his eyes.

“Safety team?”

The familiar breath made Wei Xun not dodge. He closed his eyes, and the scene just now remained on his retina. At the moment an Xuefeng appeared, Wei Xun remembered and the black widow began to fight him.

But when he first dreamed, Wei Xun didn’t remember anything. His brain was blank and his face was full of snow-white feathers. It was pure white, like snow flakes. Falling from the snow owl flying high in the sky.

These snow owls are as big as people, but they fly light and beautiful. Their white feathers seem to be shrouded in the halo of rainbow, and their claws grasp gold bricks and blue glazed tiles. Their songs are as sweet as fairy music.

“The tower of Babel has been built!”

“The tower of Babel has been built -”

There seems to be a golden tower in the distance, which reflects dazzling golden light in the sun. It’s brilliant and sacred. It’s hard to imagine that human beings have built such a high tower, which is like a miracle condensed by divine power.

People can’t help but want to climb the tower. Go closer and see how magnificent the tower is.

“Do you like this tower?”

Suddenly, a sunny male voice sounded. His English was not as authentic as the Devourer, with an American accent. But it sounds more approachable and friendly, especially when he sincerely pleads.

“Would you please help me?”

But I haven’t waited for Wei Xun to say anything——

“Get out!”

The Mandarin with a round cavity is full of fierce and evil spirit, like a beast that wants to choose people. Wei Xun felt his arms suddenly tightened, which seemed to embed him into his body. The momentum even made him unable to breathe for a moment.

But Wei Xun smiled.

Team an has endured really hard.

He relaxed, leaned back, and the tall man in his arms suddenly tightened up, as if to reflect how close their posture was.

“Unfortunately, I’m not your guide.”

Wei Xun smiled softly and said slowly, “I have no obligation to be responsible for you.”

As soon as this sentence came out, Wei Xun felt that the breath of an Xuefeng behind him suddenly eased down, even a little happy. Is it because of the word ‘responsible’?

That’s nice.

“This is the illusion of the black widow.”

The dream is almost over. An Xuefeng seizes the time and wants to have a word with Wei Xun. He doesn’t know what to say. Wei Xun doesn’t need some advice such as “pay more attention”, “pay more attention” and “don’t be careless”. An Xuefeng knows that Wei Xun has discretion in mind.

In the last half minute, he finally said:

“George was a relatively conservative man with strong strength. He built the Babel Tower. Then he died in the tower.”

George speaking in the illusion is not himself.

“The letter is inherited by his wife.”

“I see.”

Wei Xun knows clearly that the person who sounded very enthusiastic just now should be George.

Before, the black widow joined the mutual aid association and directly gave Wei Xun a White Owl feather for krypton to the knight, which is similar to Babel’s tower. Wei Xun didn’t touch it easily, but kept it in the organization warehouse he bought from the hotel.

Unexpectedly, through the hotel, the black widow still moved the feather and dragged him into this strange dream.


“What does the black widow want to do?”

Lead him to the babbitton tower? To tell you the truth, this is a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. Wei Xun really wants to go if he has a chance.

But on second thought, Wei Xun had a subtle idea in his heart.

“ uneasy and kind.”

An Xuefeng warned: “if this kind of mental pollution exists in the heart of the child, it will constantly disturb the mind of the child and make the child suffer from mental pollution. If this kind of disturbance appears at the key moment of the child, the child knows what will happen.”

This is not only the scene of the replay of the big bang, but also the scenic spot where the team leader’s assessment task is located. It is still in the replay of the big bang. In such a dangerous environment, if something keeps disturbing people’s spirit, it’s very dangerous!

Once he really leaves his mark, Wei Xun can’t be relieved if he doesn’t go to Babel Tong tower.

Taking advantage of the last few seconds, an Xuefeng sped up and said seriously, “Wei Xun, you are now reborn. I’m afraid you have been noticed by the hotel.”

“Do not revive passengers in a short time, otherwise you will be in danger.”

Black widow… You can see Wei Xun’s Fu of “rebirth”.

It’s really difficult for a reborn passenger. It needs chance and coincidence. It’s not necessary to be strong. Now in the Eastern District, only puppet master and Wei Xun are known to have revived peak tourists.

The puppet master’s enmity with the black widow seems to have something to do with this. But an Xuefeng doesn’t care about this.

He was worried that the black widow would do so to try to let Wei Xun revive George.

“What a madman.”

Finally, an Xuefeng still couldn’t help scolding.

How young is Wei Xun? How long have you been in the hotel? You just want to turn Wei Xun to 30 degrees north latitude? Where do you want him to be reborn?

This is killing!

“I said, Ann team.”

“What do you think?”

Just as an Xuefeng was thinking about how to teach the black widow a painful lesson, Wei Xun suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

“What have you been thinking about before?”

Before? How long ago? If it’s the latest one

“As I said.”

Pao friend, bed companion, he doesn’t do such things.

An Xuefeng said calmly.

Everything around becomes illusory, as if the long night is coming, and the dream is about to end. An Xuefeng is an outsider. His figure disappears faster than Wei Xun. But just as he was about to quit Wei Xun’s dream, he heard Wei Xun chuckling and dragging out his voice:

“So, change the system?”

Change it? Which one?

Without waiting for another sound, an Xuefeng’s figure suddenly disappeared. Then, when he opened his eyes in his room on his way home, Wei Xun’s words still echoed in his ears.

There was water at the table. An Xuefeng drank it all at once. The dryness of the throat was relieved, but the accelerated heartbeat could not be calmed.


Wei Xun is a model who likes to watch his gaffe. An Xuefeng has found it.

He said this at the last second to make him think more.

But an Xuefeng did think more.

He stood by the window for a while, like thinking, but actually in a daze. Finally, an Xuefeng returned to the table, pulled the drawer and took out a vivid little snow leopard.

It was made by Wang Yushu. It was said to be a Q version modeled on the shape of his snow leopard.

But an Xuefeng felt that the little snow leopard became more like Wei Xun.

Little snow leopard, ferret, small, soft, warm, full of vitality, cunning

Unconsciously, an Xuefeng’s lips and smiles. He took out the feather of the Phoenix corresponding to the feather in Wei Xun’s hand and let the feather rotate at his fingertips.

Will he become a bird?

If he is a bird, he must be a very beautiful bird and likes flying very much. If he is not tired, he will never fly on it.

This bird is not caged. Even the most expensive cage can’t – No.

An Xuefeng suddenly felt that Wei Xun might like the bird cage.


He coughed and sat up straight. But the hand unconsciously took a pen and drew out a piece of white paper to draw on it.

I’m afraid Wei Xun’s mental state will not be very good when he comes back this time. The accumulated pain must be released more – at least cut the iceberg in half.

An Xuefeng thought of drawing a bird cage on the paper. In fact, it’s not much like a bird cage. It’s Square. It’s like a dog cage. An Xuefeng’s Falcon “small cannon” never lives in a cage, but the police dog gun likes to sleep in a dog cage every night.

The cage is painted, but there is still a bird left.

When an Xuefeng wrote a picture, he suddenly saw the model of Nezha Ling becoming a strange bird in his mind.


The paper was pierced into a hole, and the pen was broken under the strong force of an Xuefeng.

* *


Wei Xun woke up and heard a strange clang, like someone beating gongs and drums in the distance.

“Oh, finally wake up!”

The fragrance of plants smells like someone sent tender fragrant plants and trees to him, but Wei Xun hates turning his head – ferrets lack cecum and are pure carnivorous animals. No plants attract him at all.

Not even Lingshen.

“The mink is very energetic.”

With the familiar voice and breath, Wei Xun put down his heart and opened his eyes to see a ginseng doll squatting in front of him. The black leopard cub looked very tired. After he woke up, he couldn’t support himself and went to sleep. Wei Xun received it in the props.

“I’m in the emperor’s private Treasury.”

Tong Hege was a little depressed. Anyone who became a ginseng in the emperor’s private library felt that he was speaking. Fortunately, he felt Wei Xun in contact with the earth in the process of hiding.

Wei Xun is restricted, and Tong Hege and his colleagues are also restricted. If Wei Xun was outside the Forbidden City or on some stone floor, it would be difficult to find him.

“You’d better not approach the palace.”

Tong Hege said seriously, “Augustus, they are here, and they have a lot of power to unseal.”

As half life Taoist speculated before, the imperial palace is also an important place to be recorded. But it was not long since Wei Xun fainted. Even when they arrived at the palace, Augustus was afraid that they would not see the emperor.

“Where is Yu Hehui?”

“Yu Hehui is also in the palace.”

Tong Hege said that he and Yu Hehui are equivalent to Wei Xun’s eyes. What they see and record is also Wei Xun’s participation.

Up to now, Wei Xun’s participation has risen to 18%.

“The palace is not the point, but the big bang.”

Tong and Ge Ning said again, “there are restrictions on the rules of hotels here. Augustus, they do it.”

Even if they kill Wei Xun here, Yu Hehui is enough in the palace. Tong Hege wants to send Wei Xun out.


Wei Xun refused: “I want to see the 15th emperor.”

It was important to participate in the big bang, but for Wei Xun, the Emperor himself was more important.

He had seen the long dragon as huge as wood carving, which was the incarnation of the 15th emperor. Only the 15th emperor, very close to the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, had such an illusion, and the illusion of other emperors can be imagined.

The Ming Tombs are a dragon’s nest.

It is too difficult for the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to return to the imperial mausoleum.

But hard is interesting.

Wei Xun wanted to see if the dead Ming token would have any new reaction to the real emperor. For the next plan to go smoothly, he must increase his chips.

Tong and Ge couldn’t beat Wei Xun. He took Wei Xun to the ground and thought of an idea on the way: “let’s pretend to be the land later.”

With that, he changed his model, changed his beard into a snow-white beard, and became a pudgy little old man.

“It is recorded in the copy of changing residence. It is said that on the sixth day of May, the soldiers on patrol saw an old man with white beard drilling in and out of the ground and knew that it was the Lord of the land.”

Tong Hege said, “although it’s not a rumor in the palace, it’s also a rumor about the big bang.”

“Land? No.”

Wei Xun didn’t use Tong Hege’s method: “do land, I have an identity.”

“Have identity?”

What’s your status?

Tong Hege was surprised to see that Wei Xun’s body lit a flame and the ferret wrapped in the flame, just like a fire group.

“I am the God of fire.”

Wei Xun wrapped the dead Ming token in the flame this time. The flame of huodezhenjun and the Dragon Qi of the Imperial Palace startled the dead Ming consciousness in the token and made them excited. This movement even startled the incomplete dragon soul. The golden dragon appears outside, and the golden light is as beautiful and majestic as flying in the flame.

“Ah, this, this…”

That’s really good.

Tong Hege thought, so he went to the lower part of the palace where the emperor was. Even if he sensed a lot of strong breath, he realized that Augustus and olaine were outside the palace. He was not afraid at all.

Tong Hege took the lead and went out into the ground, up and down, waiting for the people in the hall to scream “land!” After that, he retired and gave the underground cave to Wei Xun.

A fireball rolled out of the underground cave, which was really frightening. Especially when the flame roared and condensed into the shape of Huode Zhenjun, it scared the palace people to kneel and kowtow, and even the emperor stood up.

Wei Xun, who was wrapped in the flame, did not speak. He glanced and saw the surrounding scenes. Then look at the emperor.

When he saw the emperor, his participation increased by ten points!

“Dare you ask, sir, but is Huode Zhenjun?”

When he was silent, the emperor asked with a trace of eagerness. This morning, the visions of the fire temple came to his ears. The visions of the sky were also over. The Dharma was ignored. There were many kinds of visions in the palace, which made emperor Qi have to care about.

Now, the first mock exam is the land, and the fireball appears. The God of the fire is just like a statue of the inner fire of the fire temple.

Wei Xun opened his mouth. He wanted to speak, but he found that he didn’t speak.

Fire de Zhenjun’s flame is stopping him. If he really talks to the emperor, the flame will disperse on the spot.

Only warning signs, not your own words.

This is the last warning from huodezhen Jun. If Wei Xun really dares to cover the fire of Dezhen Jun to warn the emperor, I’m afraid he will disperse the fire directly.

It seems that this catastrophe is inevitable.

Wei Xun thought that he stood in the perspective of building scenic spots in hotels and thought with the most rational thinking.

It is too late to evacuate the residents of the Forbidden City. It’s too short to participate in the world. It’s only four hours before the big bang. By conventional means, he entered the Imperial Palace in such a short time, persuaded the emperor and organized the people to evacuate.

Wei Xun suspects that it’s almost impossible to see him directly. Even if he doesn’t speak and just stands, the flame of huodezhen Jun is decreasing sharply – he must leave him for five minutes at most, otherwise he won’t be able to maintain his vision.

What does he do?


Wei Xun didn’t speak. He directly threw the dead Ming token in front of emperor Qi. No need for him to do more, the group consciousness of the Ming Dynasty in the token of the death of the Ming Dynasty surged up and wrapped around the emperor Qi with the dragon soul.

The emperor’s pupils contracted suddenly and he was sweating all over. This strange situation made the hall panic and chaos. The loyal eunuchs tried hard to protect the emperor, but he waved them back.

The consciousness in the dead Ming token surged out. Wei Xun vaguely saw a thin figure wearing a big red Python suit and embroidered spring knife on his waist. He is like a skeleton, or a zombie standing up from a coffin. His skin without any water clings to his bones. The pattern on the robe was made of white bones, but the red was soaked in blood.

But even so, he still held the knife in his hand, like a soldier and a general, and refused to let go.



The blood fell on the ground, but there was not much bloody evil spirit, but there was a sense of killing and cutting that was determined to fight to the end.

This reminds Wei Xun of the corpse of the veteran who died in the battle when he was driving the corpse in Western Hunan.

This is the spiritual pollution condensed by consciousness in the dead Ming token, which Wei Xun will not see until now. It’s not as scary and frightening as a thousand pieces of paper or peeling paper. It’s not so shocking that everyone is afraid.

But it’s more scary.

The sleeping Panther cub woke up and scratched in the stored props. He was anxious to come out.

But Wei Xun didn’t let it out. The spiritual polluter stood and looked at the emperor as if he were communicating.

However, Emperor Qi did not scold him for being “bold”. He seemed to be shocked by the consciousness of the dead Ming token and the things contained therein. Even for a moment, the emperor’s eyes changed. The solemn and sad eyes were more like the wooden dragon.

The Ming Dynasty is dead.

Wei Xun tasted it carefully and found it difficult.

Although the passengers’ attention was focused on the return of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum, Wei Xun deeply remembered that the key point of his team leader’s assessment was not the return of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum, but the spiritual pollution in the token of the death of the Ming Dynasty!

What on earth did it wish for? How to solve it?

Qianjia paper’s dream is to be burned and skinned. Sheng wants to have a perfect shadow play performance praised by the emperor. What does this spiritual pollution want?

Wei Xun basically thought of what he wanted. But what he wants is basically something that can’t be done.

Because it will die tomorrow morning, this is the most difficult point in the team leader assessment!

Will a grand sacrifice really satisfy the wish of the dead Ming token?

Wei Xun doesn’t think so!

Just look at it from the first scenic spot to now, whether it was when Nezha spirit appeared, or when the evil dragon of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty appeared, or when he saw the mountain god and the real dragon on the fifth floor of the underground palace, or even when the wooden dragon came out, he never came out!

Wei Xun doesn’t want to drag this variable to the end, to the Dragon Nest war.

If you don’t want to tell me, just tell the emperor face to face!

Sure enough, when I met the “real” emperor, the spiritual pollution came out obediently.

“Daming… Died…”

Wei Xun heard the emperor Qi murmuring to himself. He was tired and lost his mind and sat down on the Dragon chair. He looked very young. He was just 22 years old. At the age of modern life, he was pale, with tears running down his cheeks. His face was like death gray. He held the dead Ming token tightly, but he didn’t dare to look at it again.

“Daming… Dead…”

He turned upside down and muttered this sentence again and again. For a time, he couldn’t get back to his senses.

And the one who had been standing, with the mental pollution like a general, finally knelt down.

“Minister, died in battle, wrapped up in a horse’s clothes.”

He is really like a general who died in battle and can never return to his hometown, or thousands of soldiers. When the dynasty is gone and the country is dead, where is the hometown.

“Get up…”

The emperor stood up and helped him with his own hands, but he shook and was supported by the general. Monarchs and ministers looked at each other and burst into tears. Even Wei Xun’s crow badge was moved, and the dead Ming token sounded like thousands of people crying.

The country is dead, there is no homeland, no root.

Even now, in the dreamland of this scene repetition, the Ming Dynasty is still there, but when I think of reality, I feel more sad.

Seeing this scene, Wei Xun understood something. He understood what the general wanted and what the final “sacrifice” meant.

It is not a sacrifice for the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

But sacrifice the dead Ming Dynasty, the distant Dynasty, and the soldiers who died in the battlefield and returned to their hometown.

They deserve a grand sacrifice.


Wei Xun wanted to hear what they were talking about, but he suddenly felt a faint sense of death. His heart moved slightly. The next moment, Wei Xun only kept the false shadow of the flame on it, but the mink went back to the ground and asked Tong Hege to fill in the ground.


Tong Hege whispered to Wei Xun. Sure enough, he felt right just now.

The virtual shadow of the flame is mixed with samadhi real fire. Even if Wei Xun is not on the ground, he can sense the movement outside. Sure enough, after a while, he “saw” a dead soul floating in the hall.

Good guy, it has also become the mold of the 15th emperor. It is very lifelike. It is almost carved in the same mold as the emperor.

Wei Xun knew whose pen it was at a glance – the devil merchant shot it! This is not his real body, but a undead he controls to test.

Wei Xun suddenly became interested. What did the devil businessman do at this time? Participating attractions? No.

But what about it——


The bright light of the sword fell, and the evil Chong of the dead was cut away by the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming token before he approached the emperor!

No, it’s not splitting. Wei Xun was acutely aware that the dead died too fast, just like deliberately disintegrating himself.

But what does the devil businessman want to do——


The fire of Tao Qi is ignited. The fire of huodezhen Jun and samadhi fire completely burn the dead spirit of the dead!

* *

“The palace is really dangerous.”

In a deserted cold palace, the crystals of the dead in the hands of the devil merchant were broken into powder, and then the powder turned white after the fire. After that, there was no smell of the dead.

His face was dignified and he stopped. Instead of letting another undead out immediately, he thought about countermeasures.

The devil merchant’s “birthplace” is very good. When he was involved in the scene replay, he directly alienated, entered as a dead man, and then appeared in the cold palace where many people died.

This time, he is a good boy. After all, the identity of Westerners in this scenic spot is almost impossible. The devil businessman simply doesn’t behave. He pretends that the dead have collected a lot of information. After his participation rose to 5%, he regained some strength. He doesn’t have to go out in person, but controls the dead.

There are too many people in the Middle East of the brigade. Now it’s back to ancient oriental times. To tell the truth, the devil merchant doesn’t intend to compete with Xiaocui for participation. On the contrary, it’s not useful for the next journey.

What he really wanted to do was to solve the entrusted task of “looking for sweet water”!

At the beginning, he and Xiaocui took the task entrusted by nezhaling, but Xiaocui finished it, but he didn’t. Now Nezha spirit seems to be no different from brother Xiaocui. This is the last scenic spot. If he can’t complete the task of finding sweet water, the devil merchant thinks Nezha spirit may embarrass him at the most critical moment!

The task of confrontation is imminent, and the devil merchant must solve this problem.

He was possessed by several palace people before. In addition to finding out the information about the big bang, he also found a lot of news about Yuquan mountain.

It is said that the tea the emperor drank was made of sweet water from Yuquan mountain! The water in Yuquan mountain is the best water. Of course, it is for the most distinguished people in the capital to drink.

The devil merchant couldn’t make sure that the water was for the emperor to drink. The palace was too big and the time was too short. He didn’t have time to explore more.

Just steal a cup of emperor’s tea!

Although it is a replay of the scene, it is reasonable to say that everything in it is brought out by the law. But the emperor of the dead has a way. He can ‘bring’ some things in his memory to reality.

Of course, it takes a lot of power. The undead monarch took the opportunity to want more freedom and power. The devil merchant agreed.

This is trying to hide from the tiger, but it is also preparing for the final battle in advance! The black widow leaves again, which makes the devil businessman worry about Xiaocui, and her heart strings are tense.

If at last many powerful people take part in the war, not to mention the half life Taoists asked by the powerful people, just mia, Oren and October 10, these powerful people’s strength will be unsealed, it will definitely be an extremely terrible existence. Nezhaling, the black widow may also do it, as well as their examiner, those adults who stand at the top of the hotel

The devil merchant wanted to compete with Xiaocui Zhenzhen. He didn’t want the competition between himself and Xiaocui to become a competition against the powerful forces, but he couldn’t think of any way for a moment.

The house leak happened to rain at night. The ghost he sent to steal tea was completely wiped out!

Sure enough, there were people around the emperor! The task of finding sweet water is not easy to complete.

The devil merchant took a deep breath, restrained his heart and prepared to put another ghost – he won’t rob the emperor. Can’t he rob the eunuch who changed the water for the emperor later!

* *

In the main hall, in the underground cave, the mink nestled together. After thinking for a long time, they suddenly smiled.

 Qiao Huo Dezhen Jun’s flame was approaching the time limit. At the last minute and a half, the mink crawled out again and floated in the flame. This time he directly dispersed the flame of Dezhen Jun, and only the samadhi true fire was burning. And he had initially won the trust of the emperor, and this change did not surprise the emperor.

The reason why Wei Xun received the flame of fire de Zhenjun was that Wei Xun wanted to start talking.

“I’ve seen Huode Zhenjun.”

Once again, when the tears of emperor Qi were wiped dry, the general’s virtual shadow still stood beside him.

“Your Majesty, don’t say much.”

Looking at what else emperor Qi wanted to say, Wei Xun directly blocked his words and said faintly: “disaster is coming. It belongs to fire virtue and collides with the water. The water of Yuquan mountain is a dragon. Rao is difficult for us.”

Wei Xun thought again and again. Finally, he suspected that the devil merchant wanted to complete the task of “looking for sweet water” while the scene was repeated!

“What Zhenjun said is very true.”

The 15th emperor solemnly replied, “I’ll order them to dump the jade spring landscape in the palace.”

But Wei Xun shook his head and said, “when water goes into the soil, it is still water.”


Wei Xun carried his hand back, and then handed out ginseng doll Tong Hege: “give it all the water.”


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