TTG Chapter 245

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 245: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (64)

Yuquan landscape is a good thing, not only to prevent devil businessmen from completing the task of finding sweet water.

Wei Xun also wants to try whether the things in the scene can be taken out.

It’s best to take it out. It’s also good to be drunk by Tong Hege if you can’t take it out. He is a vegetable now. The three things he needs most are good water, good soil and good fertilizer. The soil of the Ming Tombs is auspicious soil, mixed with strong dragon spirit. If it’s good, it can’t. this has been recognized by the senior soil appraiser corn shoots.

The best water here is the Yuquan landscape.

It’s risky to let Tong Hege leave his side. Go to get water. Tong Hege wants to talk and stops. He looks at Wei Xun and wants to take him away, but Wei Xun doesn’t go.

Being alone is not only dangerous, but also… Bait.

The black widow can’t do it for the time being. Augustus and others are watching. Wei Xun wants to see what big fish he can catch.

Of course, fishing has to leave the palace. The wooden dragon carved by the 15th emperor is too scary. They may not dare to come near here.

“Zhenjun, this token -”

Emperor Tianqi has calmed down. He returns the dead Ming token to Wei Xun. The general like mental pollution did not disappear. It stood beside the apocalypse, as if protecting him.

“Go to Zhenjun.”

The apocalyptic emperor gently shook his hands and calmly said, “I won’t be here.”

Indeed, the imperial palace is the edge of the Apocalypse explosion. The Apocalypse emperor was lucky enough to survive the disaster unscathed.

However, there are many people in the palace, especially the crown prince under the age of one year, who was also frightened by the big bang.

“You go to protect the emperor.”

Wei Xun felt that this could also be a future task point. He generously sent out the spiritual polluter of the dead Ming token – in fact, he could not control each other. Mr. qianjiazhi and Mr. skinning, who do not have much IQ and only have instinct, can be used well, but the one who died in the Ming Dynasty makes Wei Xun feel dangerous.

No, let him do what he wants to do. Wei Xun seems very reasonable.

Sure enough, hearing what he said, the general in red nodded at him as if he were saluting. Then his figure disappeared. Meanwhile, Wei Xun looked at the token.

[list of general Ming’s last wishes!]

This is the task prompt that Wei Xun played after he saw the dead Ming token to the emperor. At the fifth floor of the Imperial Palace, the Ming death token becomes a “task prop”. As long as the corresponding task is completed, it can be taken out of the journey.

And this task just appears now. It’s really good to venture to the imperial palace to see the emperor.

[list of last wishes: (if you complete any five items, you can get the ownership of the token – of course, the more you complete, the more ‘things’ you can take away]

[1. Meet your majesty (completed)]

[2. Continuous work (continuous work)]

[3. Take another look at the hometown (completed)]

[4. Try a glass of old wine]

[5. Chat with the people in your hometown]


There are many wishes in the list of wishes, but most of them could not have been completed without the performance of the Apocalypse big bang.

What about looking at his hometown again? Wei Xun didn’t activate this task in the eight armed Nezha city. It can be imagined that the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming token was extremely paranoid. His hometown was only the Ming Dynasty, and those wine and hometown people could only be completed in the scene of the Ming Dynasty.

It’s really difficult to complete the five items, but it also proves how powerful the dead Ming token can be when taken out. Just let Wei Xun kill the “spiritual pollution of the dead Mountain God” of the puppet master puppet, let him never let go of this token.

Now it depends on how many last wishes can be fulfilled. Wei Xun guessed that the “things” that can be taken away should refer to the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming token.

This is really a strange keepsake. It is clear that the “general” has left, but there are still countless spiritual pollution in this token. They are not only a whole token, but also countless tokens, which are different from thousands of papers and skinners.

“Zhenjun… Is this too risky?”

Quiet. The emperor considered and asked. Tong Hege and the general had left. There was no one around Wei Xun to protect him. Hearing the emperor’s concern, Wei Xun was over. He realized what he was aware of and looked at the emperor with interest.

How could the emperor be worried about “fire De Zhen Jun”?

Unless he sees through Wei Xun’s identity.

The emperor’s expression changed slightly when he got the death token of the Ming Dynasty. However, Wei Xun smiled and said, “if the 15th emperor is worried about him, he won’t help him.”

He called himself the 15th emperor, but actually he meant the 15th emperor of the Ming Tombs!

Yes, the emperor with eyes was replaced by the fifteen emperors made by wooden dragon when he got the token of the Ming Dynasty. It is impossible for the emperor to get the token of the Ming Dynasty, and it is impossible to mention the token to predict the end of the Ming Dynasty.

Although it’s just a scene, and the real history can’t be changed, it also implies some rules. Even the crown prince will play, Wei Xun is not sure whether the “general” can be changed.

If you can keep it, the mission of “lasting” on the last wish list will succeed, otherwise you will fail. But whether you succeed or fail, there is no big problem. The crown prince himself is very weak. Even if he is no longer frightened by the big bang, a random wind and cold can end his fragile life.

Even if he survives, the 15th emperor in history will die next year. It is more likely to inherit the throne than his brother, the last Emperor Zhu Youjian.

No matter what impact it will have on the future, it is possible to succeed in “saving the Prince”. Perhaps after it becomes a scenic spot, it will also become a task.

The fifteen emperors who brought the emperor with eyes into the outside world. In this way, he asked whether it was too risky. He didn’t ask Wei Xun whether it was risky to stay alone, but to help the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum!

Wei Xun simply hit a straight ball.

Since you feel risky, please help me.

“You are really smart.”

The emperor sighed. He didn’t call me “the emperor”, and his tone was even quite calm: “you know, the problem lies in the imperial mausoleum.”

If the mausoleum of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty had not been occupied by the 14th emperor, he would not have been so difficult.

This is the fundamental contradiction between the two.

“The seven emperors just want orthodoxy.”

Wei Xun smiled and said calmly, “the seven emperors are not willing to occupy the tombs of future generations. You know, this token hides a real dragon soul.”

Although the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty has not said anything, Wei Xun said it for him.

Both the tourists and the old paper people felt that they and the 14th emperor would become rivals according to the mausoleum, but Wei Xun didn’t think so.

Is the mausoleum really like this?

It belongs to the imperial mausoleum. The bones have long been buried in the Jingtai Mausoleum of Yuquan mountain. After a hundred years, where do the bones belong to the imperial mausoleum?

Returning to the imperial mausoleum has become an obsession, but what the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty wanted most was the word “orthodoxy”.

“Even if they are not buried in the Ming Tombs, the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty are still the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.”

Wei Xun said.

History will never forget him. Whether in history books or on the Internet, Zhu Qiyu was not recorded as “Prince” by historians because he was buried as a prince.

He was one of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, which is also true in the eyes of modern people. From the shape of the long dragon carved by the 15th emperor, Wei Xun guessed that the shape of the emperor was not much different from that of Nezha Ling in essence.

They are all composed of human cognition! At least they will be influenced by human cognition!

Even if there is no real dragon in the world, the symbol of the emperor is the dragon, which has long been deeply branded in the hearts of the people.

Since the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty were not dragons, Wei Xun felt that his heart could not come out and the road was narrow.

This is a psychological problem. As long as the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty are relieved and really put down the past, he will be able to see the dragon! Do you want the imperial mausoleum? Yes, as long as you see the imperial mausoleum, it will directly liberate him. He is an emperor, not a prince.

But it’s not necessary!

“This is very good.”

The 15th emperor slowly said, “my father doesn’t want to be involved in the incident.”

If it’s not about the ownership of the imperial mausoleum, their younger generation really don’t want to get involved in the affairs of their elders. It’s important for the elders to be superior and inferior.

“Father, I’m willing to make peace, but…”

The 15th emperor was about to stop talking, and finally shook his head with a bitter smile.

In fact, he was not the favorite child of the fourteenth emperor. It was just that the fourteenth emperor was accidentally born to a palace maid. The fourteenth emperor was very taboo about it and even unwilling to admit it. Finally, he was forced to admit it. Later, he was reluctant to establish the crown prince.

The 15th emperor dared not guarantee whether he could persuade or how much he could persuade.

“No harm.”

Wei Xun said, but he was not very worried about it.

In his opinion, the only thing that the fourteenth emperor can do is the passengers. He can never do anything to the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

As long as the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty said that he would not occupy the imperial mausoleum, the fourteenth emperor would never be involved in it.

In contrast, the six emperors of the Ming Dynasty are more difficult to solve. He is the brother of the seven emperors and accounts for the word “long”. The hatred between the two brothers is so deep that it is difficult to understand.

“Your Majesty thinks that the heavenly family can have brothers?”

Wei Xun asked.

“That’s nature.”

The 15th emperor did not hesitate, as if he thought of something, and his face became gentle.

“I have a good relationship with Adie.”

In the history of the Ming Dynasty, there were only two pairs of brothers emperors with different parents. One pair was six emperors and seven emperors, and the other pair was fifteen emperors and sixteen emperors. However, the relationship between the two brothers was very different.

The enemy turned against each other, but the latter had an unusually good relationship.

“I heard that emperor Chongzhen was young and wanted to sit in the Dragon chair with you?”

Wei Xun said that it was a legend that the 15th emperor had just ascended the throne, and the young Zhu Youjian followed him out of curiosity. Then he stumbled and walked to the Dragon chair, took his brother’s hand and said naively: “I also want to sit in the Dragon chair.”

When the ministers were shocked, the 15th emperor was not angry. Instead, he took his brother’s hand and sat on the Dragon chair with him. He gently said, “you are still young. When you grow up, your brother will give you the seat.”

I don’t know whether the story is true or false, but I can see from the expression of the 15th emperor when he mentioned his brother. The relationship between them is really good.

This made Wei XunXin suddenly come up with an idea.

“The workshop is approaching.”

The 15th emperor was ready to leave and no longer attached to the emperor in the scene. However, Wei Xun stopped him:

“Your Majesty is a good brother.”

Wei Xun said as he took out the scarlet cloak from the storage props and sighed: “I also have a good brother.”

The cloak was filled with a strong and terrible atmosphere, which made the 15th emperor frown slightly, but Wei Xun’s next words made him stretch his eyebrows.

“This was taught by another good brother.”

When samadhi’s true fire was ignited, Wei Xun put the flame on his cloak and showed the ferret’s body in the eyes of the 15th emperor. Thinking about it, he turned into a young snow leopard and said implicitly, “this… Was also learned from a ‘good brother’.”

“How many good brothers do you have?”

His book made the 15th emperor laugh.

“Good brothers are always enough, aren’t they?”

The leopard cub winked at him, took the cloak of burning samadhi true fire and went to the 15th emperor’s face and whispered with him. The 15th emperor frowned and hesitated. Finally, Wei Xun persuaded him to nod slightly.

“I hope there are more good brothers in the world.”

“Dong -”

The gambler’s dice fall, rotate, and the leopard cub wears a crown necklace to reverse misfortune. Finally, the twenty dice fell to the ‘six’ point.

He still failed to throw higher points. Except that he spent a piece of Mao Xiaole lucky charm in yangshou town. After throwing seven, Wei Xun never threw more than six numbers.

But those are unknown, good and bad. Wei Xun doesn’t want to take risks.

What he needs now is “six times” strength.

“Offend me.”

The leopard cub with a scarlet cloak jumped on the leg of the 15th emperor and shouted:



* *

The devil merchant left the palace and went outside the Forbidden City. After discovering the existence of Tong Hege and learning that he took all the sweet water, the devil merchant smiled bitterly.

“Sure enough, it was all expected by Xiaocui.”

With the dead monarch, of course he can rob Tong Hege. But the devil merchant can’t even be sure whether Tong Hege took real sweet water.

Maybe Xiaocui was directly “born” in the Imperial Palace and had already changed all the sweet water. This will make a big fuss about “taking sweet water” just to get him on the hook?

The devil merchant believes that Xiaocui has this strength and means.

If he gets false sweet water, he won’t take it.

But he left quickly because he saw a black cat.

Meckel is here, too! Now the rules of the hotel are weakened, and the people on the east side can kill him. And the devil merchant didn’t believe Augustus, so he left quickly.

But at this moment, many people are staring at the palace.


With a shriek, the devil businessman turned and ran on the spot, but he seemed to be trapped in the asphalt mud and slowed down countless times!

Fortunately, although his works are slow, his thinking is not slow. The ghost spirit is heavy. The dead monarch will appear on the spot, but——

“Shang! This is the capital of the East. Where are the Western ghosts!”


With a balloon piercing sound, the dead monarch disappeared before he appeared. This power makes the devil merchant’s eyes full of despair. His eyes glittered with pink light, and he was in a critical moment. The devil merchant still didn’t give up. He tried his best to use the purple title “devil merchant” to trade with some ghosts and spirits to get a chance of life.

But no, none. The ancient city is so clean that there are no dead!

“See? Xiao Tian, even if you don’t have to ask, your deputy regiment is so strong.”

The devil merchant didn’t know the rest, because he was knocked unconscious by half life Taoist with one hand.

Such an event at the gate of the Forbidden City would have definitely attracted the attention of the Ming people, but as soon as the half life Taoist was holding a Sanmao token and Bai Xiaotian’s hand behind him was holding several small black flags, the two people were invisible and were not noticed by the crowd.

It happened that the devil merchant came out and hid his body. Invisible to invisible, this arrest is really convenient.

“Invisibility looks good. You can run everywhere, but you can’t communicate with Ming people.”

Half life Taoist picked up the devil merchant and took Bai Xiaotian to the direction outside the city.

“For a new scenic spot, ‘participation’ is more important than looking with your eyes, okay?”

“But invisibility is also good. How can I catch this big fish without invisibility.”

The half life Taoist priest was very happy, and the devil merchant tucked his cloak in again, like wrapping wrapping wrapping paper.

Bai Xiaotian asked, “vice regiment, don’t you go to the palace?”

“If you don’t go, there is a ‘Dragon’ in the palace. Cuidao won’t have an accident.”

The half life Taoist waved his hand, and Bai Xiaotian changed his question from the good one: “what are you going to do to him?”

“Search the soul first, and then kill him.”

Half life said humanely: “soul searching, find the keepsake of his confrontation task and take it out. This confrontation task will surely win.”

“Kill him. Director Cui is the only leader. We can all help him under director Cui… Alas, he wants to do so.”

“Oh, that’s good. What don’t you do?”

Bai Xiaotian asked modestly.

“Of course it’s because…”

Of course, there are black widows in this scenic spot.

Half life Taoist is not sure whether she has entered the scene “performance” or whether she will hold hands on Bing 250 – although she is still holding the silk and half life Taoist does not feel any problems, she is sure that Bing 250 has fallen into the hands of the black widow.

If he kills the devil merchant, the black widow will definitely feel it. It’s hard to say what she will do.

“Of course it’s because of you. This is Cui Dao’s opponent.”

Half life Taoist Yizheng said, “listen, Xiaotian, you don’t have any talent for refining corpses, and you can’t develop a zombie tourist with the same heart as you, so you probably have to connect with the guide in the future.”

“So you have to learn how to get along with the guide!”

“Although most of the tour guides in this hotel are fools, there are also several good tour guides. There are few tour guides with good heart and high strength. Why do people like you?”

“What? Just stay in a tour team with a tour guide? That’s too cowardly! If you want to say that there are tour guides, don’t you earn a chance to connect? Even if you’re not a tour leader and can’t get a ring, it’s all right. As long as you can connect.”

“Let me tell you, the passengers in this brigade are also divided into 369 classes. The tour guide has limited energy. At most, he takes care of a few carefully. The rest are just the simplest mental relief. Shoot the ash. Ah, you know, just shoot the mental pollution on you and shoot the ash casually.”

“Whether mental pollution distorts your spirit or not, and whether there is a big problem with your spiritual Fantasy – he has no time to control, you know.”

Half life Taoist taught Bai Xiaotian the secret of coaxing the tour guide through this matter:

“Do you think Cuidao would be happy to know that he killed the devil merchant?”


“If you tell him that you really care about you, is it good for you?”


Bai Xiaotian said, “Cui Dao doesn’t eat hard and soft.”

The half life Taoist praised, “that’s right, young man. The road is wide. The guide is like a cat. You have to follow the hair.”

“No matter what you do, as long as you are making decisions for the tour guide, the vast majority of tour guides will be angry – who are you? It’s your business, not yours. Don’t worry about it. Understand?”


Bai Xiaotian asked, “so you want to give the devil merchant to Cui Dao?”

“Let’s check first.”

Yes, they have come to the hard door, where someone has been waiting for them.

“Team Zhou!”

“Come on, let’s go into the temple.”

Zhou Xiyang nodded and the party quietly entered the hadmen fire temple. The sky is covered with thick clouds. It is obviously day, but it is as dark as night. The fireball above the sky was gone, but the haze and depression did not ease at all.

It seems that the torrential rain is coming, but this disaster is more terrible than the torrential rain.

How small is it now before the Apocalypse explosion? The scene seems to pass faster than normal. Originally, they thought that the four hours were short, but now it seems that the time for them to explore is probably only half of what they expected.

After knowing this, Zhou Xiyang briefly visited Wang Gong’s factory and went directly to the fire temple – there was an arsenal near Wang Gong’s factory to store a lot of gunpowder. Some people believe that the Apocalypse explosion is an arsenal explosion, but it is impossible to cause such an explosion in the Ming Dynasty.

Moreover, this is even more inconsistent with “not burning an inch of wood” and “no trace of burning and burning” after the Apocalypse explosion.

According to historical records, there is not even much difference in Wanggong factory, not this fire temple.

In history, during the quarter hour of the disaster, the fire god temple fair was different, as if the fire God appeared and walked down the hall. It’s more useful to participate in this matter than to stroll around the street for a while.

“I wasn’t with you on October 10?”

“She went to protect the green guide.”

Zhou Xiyang took over the half life Taoist’s shoulder and the unconscious devil merchant: “the black widow is also playing in the scene.”

“Just right.”

The half life Taoist was hard spoken: “ I was thinking of meeting her for a while.”

“If they want to buy their hands, I’m afraid they will choose the time of the Apocalypse big bang.”

With the Apocalypse explosion, I’m afraid the rules of the hotel will be weakened to the extreme. This will kill people with the lowest restrictions.

“Yun Tianhe and Yun Lianghan?”

“They are exploring the city.”

Zhou Xiyang gave the passengers’ instructions.

“Did you find C250?”

“A message came from Meckel. Half an hour ago, he saw Tong Hege in the palace.”

The three wolves in the western district outside the palace were stopped by meike’er and Yu Hehui on October 10. There were 15 emperors in the palace. Half life Taoist priest listened and put his heart into it.

“The palace is on the edge of the big bang. It won’t affect much. As long as it survives the explosion, the people will leave here soon.”

Although he said so, the half life Taoist was still worried and couldn’t help nagging: “three unsolved mysteries of nature – remember that” dead valley “is a fifth order extreme danger.”

At the bottom of the valley is the site of the ancient Indian ‘mohenzodaro’, that is, the hill.

“That one has nuclear radiation, this one doesn’t.”

Zhou Xiyang said.

The surface of the mound site, including the remaining bones, detected enough nuclear radiation to be comparable to those of the victims of a nuclear attack, and the site is very much like the scene after the atomic bomb explosion.

But this happened more than 4000 years ago. How could there be an atomic bomb in 4000 years ago.

“The Tunguska explosion is more terrible.”

Half life Taoist nagged: “it’s pretty good.”

Indeed, the Tunguska explosion is equivalent to a thousand times the explosion energy of the atomic bomb, and it also brings serious radiation, and even leads to the variation of many objects. That scenic spot is really scary. Even the peak tourists go there, it’s a lifetime.

In contrast, the Apocalypse explosion was good. The explosion range is not too large. Although there are many injuries, there is no radiation.

The most distinctive thing is that all the survivors are “naked”, and the clothes of many survivors have disappeared.

But if it is at the center of the big bang, it is inevitable.

“All right, get down to business.”

Half life Taoist picked up the devil merchant, lit a soul inducing incense and began soul searching. Zhou Xiyang was armed and on alert. The wind buzzed the doors and windows, like a giant hand pounding on the door. There was no rain, but the strong wind had a crimson light, like lightning and some kind of flame.

The crimson seemed to be reflected on the statue of Vulcan, which made the eyes of Vulcan look slightly. Bai Xiaotian, if he carries it at will, is seeing the statue of fire.

“The boy is still in trouble.”

A quarter of an hour later, the Taoist priest opened his eyes, began to sweat a thin layer of sweat on his forehead and panted: “the impact of the hotel is still there, but I only see a rough idea.”

“Pocket watch, the task item is a pocket watch.”

“There is hotel interference, which may not be accurate.”

Zhou Xiyang is very calm.

The pocket watch is too broad. It can be a watch needle, a number on a watch, or even something hidden in the watch. It may have been taken out by the devil merchant long ago.

Moreover, the half life Taoist actually found the relevant information, which made Zhou Xiyang deep in thought.

He found that the strength of the two sides in the East and west regions was too different.

He always thought that this disparity would bring more difficulties to C 250, so he never killed the three wolves in the West.

But now think about it…  what can’t be the setting of confrontation mission, which itself is extremely unfavorable to C250, which leads to the imbalance of power between the East and the West during the funeral palace trip in the suburbs of Beijing?

The confrontation task itself is unfavorable to C 250

“Well, I know that people like tour guides have money.”

Half life Taoist priest had touched the devil merchant from top to bottom, but he didn’t find anything. He regretted to stop: “without a little common sense, how can you hide good things in storage props? What if you are banned by the hotel.”

Veteran travelers like them don’t put all their eggs in one basket. Some of the things they want are brought with them, not all of them in storage props.

For hotels, they are more vigilant.

“Try to kill him.”

Zhou Xiyang suddenly said.

“Ah? What are you talking about? Kill him?”

Half life Taoist was surprised and said, “this guy is not easy to kill.”

The death of the tour guide is to return to zero. The difference of the devil businessman is the ghost state. To kill him completely, unless all the ghosts are eliminated, it will take more time.

There are many fees. As long as we can’t kill every second, the black widow is very likely to do it.


Zhou Xiyang shook his head and frowned: “I doubt…”

He wondered if the devil merchant could not be killed when he was fighting against the mission?

“Don’t kill him.”

Right here, the God of fire behind them suddenly opened his mouth and said !

Vulcan wake up? This was the reaction of half life Taoist. Then he felt wrong.

“A quarter of an hour? No, half an hour!”

The God of fire will have a vision in a quarter of an hour from the disaster, and it is still far from the disaster.

“Are you not in the palace?”

Zhou Xiyang reacted faster than him and uttered his amazement.

Why is C 250 here?!

“Wouldn’t it be better for them to recognize you in the palace?”

The half life Taoist also reacted. They saw a fireball rolling out from the statue of the God of fire, and the flame dispersed, revealing the figure of C 250.

“Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are still in the palace?”

Zhou Xiyang frowned: “you come out alone?”

“Yes, I’m looking for the devil merchant.”

Wei Xun should say that he left the Forbidden City after he found that the people in the western region were restrained and Mia, who was hiding her strength, did not intend to take action. After completing the list of last wishes such as “drinking” and “talking” and confirming that the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming token could be the first step under his control, Wei Xun wanted to go to the devil merchant, But I just found that he was robbed by half life Taoist.

He should have the highest participation and the greatest strength recovery. What’s more, the flame was mixed with the flame of huodezhenjun, caught his breath, and integrated into the scene at the moment.

Half life Taoist didn’t find him, nor did Zhou Xiyang. Bai Xiaotian should have noticed him, but it’s all right.

“You can’t kill him.”

Wei Xun said again that the two words “no” and “no” had a biased meaning, but they were completely different. At this meeting, even the half life Taoist looked serious and asked cautiously, “no matter what?”


Wei Xun went to the devil merchant, squatted down and touched his abdomen through his cloak.

Flat belly, but Wei Xun seemed to feel another faint heartbeat.

[King Zhang Xiong’s expectation: the purest blood of the king is in the princess’s belly, which is the future of King Zhang Xiong. You will not be able to attack the pregnant princess!]

This is one of his two restrictions after taking up the confrontation task. Knowing that the devil merchant was a male defender, Xun wondered, “pregnant” princess, what is pregnancy?

Ghost babies, ghost fetuses, and even as long as something in the stomach is conscious, I’m afraid it will be counted as “pregnancy.”

This restriction, which has not been activated, was activated after the devil businessman became a tour leader last night.

Is it some kind of deal between him and grandpa Zhi?

Or is there any calculation between him and the dead monarch?

Or maybe it’s some variation after absorbing Mr. Skinner’s mental pollution?

But no matter what, the devil merchant can’t kill. Otherwise, once the things in his abdomen get out of control, it will be extremely dangerous.

“And he didn’t intend to kill him.”

Wei Xun smiled: “it’s a pity that you’re not ‘brother’. So…”

The devil merchant is really nice to Eve.

To complete the next plan, Wei Xun needs a good brother.

* *

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up——


The devil merchant suddenly woke up with a cold sweat, like an extremely terrible nightmare. The moment he woke up, he changed into a strange state. The ghost state can be immune to most injuries.

“You’re awake.”

Xiaocui’s voice made the devil merchant gradually lose his God, and he looked at him in a daze.

There are no half life Taoist and no other people from the east side. There are only him and Xiaocui in this temple.

“The black widow almost killed you, half life Taoist. They gave you a hand, and you cleared it.”

Black widow’s hand to Xiaocui??

The devil merchant’s brain almost boils again before he calms down. He opens his mouth as if he hadn’t said “you” for a long time. His voice is difficult and hoarse: “you… Didn’t you?”

“Yes, you don’t have it either.”

Can this be the same! Can black widow and half life Taoist be the same?!

But when the voice came out, the devil merchant swallowed it, and his heart was a little bitter – indeed, for them, whether they were black widows or half life Taoist, they were the same, and they could easily pinch them.

Especially when the hotel rules do not work.

“… then you’ll miss a good chance.”

The devil merchant sighed at last.

Xiaocui and his restrictions should not be limited, but as a princess, the devil merchant did take the lead in this confrontation task.

[King Zhang Xiong’s guilt: the king will not hurt you and cannot attack you]

With this alone, he can stand invincible, and the restrictions are not interlinked. He doesn’t know what Xiaocui’s restrictions are, and Xiaocui doesn’t know his.

Of course – maybe Xiaocui has long speculated that she can’t give him a hand. After all, he is so smart.

“What good chance? Kill you?”

Wei Xun smiled: “or do you find that you have children in your stomach?”

“What child? What are you talking about???”

The devil merchant jumped up and patted on his stomach like a straight man: “see clearly, he is a man! Although he is a princess, he is a man!”

“You don’t always think you’re a woman, do you?”

He seems to be acting very real, but Wei Xun doesn’t believe he doesn’t know. But the devil businessman should not be a “child” in a narrow sense.

“You are a very cautious person.”

Wei Xun made a pun: “but now it seems that you are really good at taking risks.”

“How can I catch up with you without taking risks.”

There was a cold sweat behind the devil merchant. He put down his hand covering his stomach: “tell the truth, even if he is now the leader and guide, he is not 100% better than you.”

Real, fake?

Wei Xun doesn’t care about this.

He stood in front of the devil merchant, and they were very close. So close that the devil merchant can see Xiaocui’s dark blue and black eyes through the mask.

“I’m also looking forward to the final duel with you.”

Xiaocui said he was looking forward to it.

The devil merchant subconsciously held his breath, and countless emotions emerged in his heart, but those emotions were finally suppressed by reason. He sighed: “yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

But what’s the use of expectation?

Their duel will definitely be disturbed by the strong ones.

Just like the black widow shot Xiaocui this time, and he was robbed by half life Taoist priest. Even the devil merchant can’t feel whether the half life Taoist is hiding in the dark and eavesdropping on the relationship between him and Xiaocui.

“… let them go away.”


The devil businessman who was lost in thought didn’t hear Xiaocui’s half sentence, and subconsciously asked for a voice.


Wei Xun smiled and repeated it. Only the devil merchant could hear his voice: “let those strong people roll aside. They are really annoyed sometimes.”

Wei Xun’s tone was very calm. He was telling the truth that normal people know: “they will be the past, and our mutual aid association will be the future.”

Guys, mutual aid.

The devil merchant’s pupils contracted suddenly and his heart beat disorderly. It’s not just a sentence from Xiao Cui, but also what he revealed.

Throw the strong aside? How is that possible. The black widow is his guardian. She can’t get rid of it at all. The Devourer is his examiner. There is already a connection between them, even if the team leader’s assessment is over.

“What are you going to do?”


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