TTG Chapter 246

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 246: Nutrient solution: 550000 Jiageng

In fact, the devil merchant doesn’t believe that Xiaocui really wants to fight him. After all, Xiaocui is really strong.

But the devil’s dealer still asked.

Because he is really looking forward to the final duel with Xiaocui.

“It’s simple. Let’s work together… That’s it.”

Wei Xun and devil Shang whispered, only they could hear. When he heard his plan, even if there was a mask to hide his expression, the violent changing emotions of the devil quotient still couldn’t be suppressed and revealed.

“It’s too risky -”

“You and I are on this journey. When are you not taking risks?”

Wei Xun chuckled: “well, do you want to bet with me?”

“Are you sure…”

The devil merchant still hesitated. He took a deep look at Xiaocui, finally clenched his teeth and made up his mind.


As soon as this sentence came out, his heart seemed to have a big stone falling. He was very happy. He said that he was also light and full of ambition:

“Let the strong bow their heads and look at us.”

“Why let them bow their heads.”

Wei Xun said faintly, “we should stand up and look at them face to face.”

“Speaking of it, I didn’t expect Xiaocui that you have the same idea as me.”

The Apocalypse Big Bang is coming, and the last communication time is not wasted. He is very curious and exploratory.

After all, Xiaocui’s family is in a superior position, supported by both homecoming and butcher alliance, and those Oriental tourists also obey him. It’s reasonable to say that they shouldn’t sympathize with him.

Moreover, he now has… In his stomach. Xiaocui’s temptation just now has made the devil merchant sweat in a cold sweat. Now he has to confirm it carefully.

Wei Xun didn’t say anything. He just shook his head, but the devil’s business suddenly realized and made up a lot of money.

Yes, the butcher alliance is cruel. What brother’s name does the butcher guide have? It’s said that alienation can devour each other. Xiaocui is more likely to be imprisoned and devoured by Xi life.

On the way home, an Xuefeng is not a good bird. What the emperor of the dead said at that time was true. I’m afraid he was robbing Xiaocui!

Coupled with the coercion of the principal – how can that existence have love? Even if there is, they can’t afford it. I’m afraid they will completely pollute Xiaocui!

In this way, Xiaocui is in a tiger’s den! It is said that the mutual aid association is the future, but the mutual aid association is not under the control of the strong. Xiaocui is just a chess game.

Without really strong strength, even if it is good, they are not blessed to receive it.

“I’m leaving.”

A thousand words pressed on his heart. It was not early. The devil merchant was ready to leave. He finally took a look at Xiaocui and said, “whether the confrontation mission is win or lose, it will not affect our cooperation.”

“If, if you are forced…”

Those thoughts in my mind float. Compared with the terrible butcher alliance, the devil merchant now cares more about what the dead monarch said yesterday. What love and exclusive desire, he opened his mouth and wanted to say more, but he didn’t want to poke Xiaocui’s pain.


Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and didn’t know what was wrong with the devil’s business plan. But looking at his eyes, Wei Xun knew.

“I was not forced.”

It’s time for the devil merchant to realize that they are in the same danger. As for his misunderstanding of coercion, Wei Xun explained a little.

“I do.”

Can there be such a good thing? If an Xuefeng can force him, he will laugh on the spot.


The devil turned into a ghost and went away. Wei Xun took back his mind and turned into a ferret again. He lit samadhi fire all over his body and melted it into the statue of Huode Zhenjun.

He could feel that there was an inexplicable breath on samadhi’s true fire just now when he was in contact with the fire of Huode Zhenjun. This kind of fire is invisible. Maybe it’s because it’s just the original fire that repeats the scene. However, Wei Xun pays more attention to the orange Title task of “god fire in world civilization”!

The true king of fire virtue, the God of fire, is not only a part of civilization, but also a god!

What is God?

It’s not as clear as you can say, but just looking at Nezha Lingwei Xun, you can understand that if you are God in countless recognition, you can be God! However, this “countless” volume is very large, and it will take hundreds of years, even thousands of years, to achieve this effect.

But now, due to the favorable climate and location, Wei Xun has a chance!

The consciousness of countless Ming in the dead Ming token is comparable to that of a dynasty. As long as Wei Xun can be recognized by them, Huode Zhenjun has countless origins with the Ming Dynasty. In addition, with the existence of samadhi true fire, and the orange Title task, he thinks he can have a try.

He can play the God of fire. Now he can pretend to be the God of fire!

“I want to be the God of fire.”

With a smile, the flame attached to the statue of Vulcan floats and burns, as if the eyes of Vulcan blink. When the temple squeaks, the temple wishes come in with the temple wishes, and the disaster is coming. He is terrified. He comes to pray, but he is surprised to see that the God of fire is “alive!”

For a moment, the temple of the God of fire was in chaos. Some people knelt down and kowtowed, while others hurried to get incense. Temple Zhu cried bitterly and wanted to hold the God of fire – but he only held the cold statue.

The flame condenses into the virtual shadow of the God of fire. Wei Xun has been very skilled in the face of the 15th emperor. No one could stop him. He could only see the crimson fire passing through the fire temple, passing through the temple and going outside.

“God of fire – lower hall!!”

The shrill and mournful cry sounded from the chaotic Vulcan temple. The temple wished Beatles scattered. If he was crazy, he laughed and cried. He chased out, but just saw the Vulcan turn into a giant fireball and rise in the air. This vision startled countless people. They were stunned and panicked. The next moment, they heard Temple Zhu pointing to the sky like crazy and shouting:

“Disaster is coming, disaster -”


An earth shaking earthquake came from Dongcheng District and rang through the whole capital!

“Go away, if you want to die, don’t stop me!”

I’m afraid anyone who hears this roar will be frightened to the heart, but the battle of the travelers in the capital has not been affected by half a year – laughter. After so many thunderstorms, who is afraid of a sound except his ears can’t stand it.

But although Augustus was hard spoken, he was actually being beaten again. It was Yu Hehui who beat him. Facing the heavenly fox again, Augustus fell into a weak position.

East view is so unfriendly to them! Especially in this Rausch palace, Augustus could not even become a wolf!

It’s either a wolf or a pure wolf. Don’t even think about becoming a wolf.

Then why can the fox beat him with its tail while beating him?

Augustus couldn’t understand. He just felt it was too unfair.

“The Apocalypse explosion is coming soon. Let me go. I won’t do C 250!”

He choked and roared, but Tong Hege ignored him. While beating Augustus, Yu Hehui looked at the sky. The deafening noise was like the roar of monsters, and even the earth trembled slightly. The strong wind roared and blinded my mind. It seemed that the five senses were completely out of control for a moment.

The Apocalypse explosion is coming!


At the moment when he was distracted, Augustus became a wolf. The moment of the Apocalypse explosion not only reduced the pressure of the hotel to the lowest, but also reduced the imperial power of the imperial city to the lowest!

This disaster is a catastrophe with more than 20000 deaths and injuries!

Instead of attacking Yu Hehui, Augustus turned and ran away. But Yu Hehui ignored him, but stared at the direction of Xicheng District, where he felt a powerful force exploding instantaneously.


On October 10, Augustus and he were confined to the capital, but MIA left first as if she had a hunch. It was obvious that C250 had already appeared and was not in the imperial city.

This step was very dangerous, but they expected that MIA would never miss the Apocalypse explosion and would do it at this moment!

You must first determine what Mia’s hidden identity is before you can be targeted!

“Fortunately -”

Yu Hehui stared at the sky and saw a big fireball gradually moving from the northeast sky of the city to the direction of Xicheng District. In the dark sky, the fireball was extremely dazzling and dazzling. It attracted the attention of all people, but it was “ignored” by all people.

The vision perfectly integrated into the scene, who could have thought that there was a ferret hidden in this face?

Being able to see Wei Xun’s situation “at any time” made Yu Hehui feel at ease and worried – he was so bold!


Xicheng District, the area most affected by the Apocalypse explosion, a thin shadow threw out a young man in a light blue cloak and was caught by half life path.

“You are too bold to pretend to be a tour guide.”

The voice of male and female model debate came from the shadow mouth, but he was like a real shadow and couldn’t distinguish the real face at all.

“If you dare to disguise Yun Lianghan to sneak into Cuidao, I think you are also bold.”

The afterglow of the sunset brightened the sky, but the shadow disappeared like ice and snow.

“Ran away?”

Half life Dao hurriedly took off his cloak for the young man in his arms. Seeing that Bai Xiaotian’s skin was burned, he blew it painfully – the guide’s cloak can be touched and taken, but passengers must not wear it to pretend to be a guide, otherwise it will be the same as touching the guide’s flag.

Zhou Xiyang wanted to disguise Cui Dao in his cloak. He was the captain of the brigade and had more power. But he’s so stupid.

“Run away, not from the butcher alliance.”

This time, Zhou Xiyang even took out an extremely precious prop “an Xuefeng’s handcuffs”, which was specially designed to arrest the butcher alliance, whether tour guides or tourists. But because of his strength, the handcuffs can only be used once. Even when the silver moon killer appeared, he didn’t use it.

It’s for MIA.

But I let it go.

“Not a butcher?”


“I suspect that it is very likely to be a ‘Dutch official’.”

The three of them hurried away from Xicheng District. Zhou Xiyang spoke solemnly as he ran. After hearing him say the name, his face changed slightly: “the charge official of the Parliament? This, this, this, won’t it?”

“It’s very similar. The move of leaving here just now is like the Dutch official’s heart 4.”

“Grass, are you crazy for a C 250?”

Half a life, he thought carefully and was very afraid. As soon as he was nervous, he habitually began to nag: “it’s hard enough for a few tour guides to appear. How can even the parliament come in now?”

“Are all the weak leaders in this brigade actually? Xiaotian, if you fight for them, maybe you are an Xuefeng.”

“Fire, fireball…”

Bai Xiaotian coughed hoarsely and weakly. Listening to his voice, Zhou Xiyang and half life looked at the sky at the same time. At the moment, they had run out of the deadly Xicheng District. They only heard the roar and loud noise. It was getting louder and louder. In the thick black sky, like filamentous chaotic clouds, they were illuminated by the bright red fire like the last one.

The giant fireball in the air that day could not be seen, only the flames in the sky, such as miracles! In the middle of the fire, in Xicheng District, there was a huge black cloud like Ganoderma lucidum.


Suddenly, Zhou Xiyang and others fell down, and the deafening roar was as terrible as the collapse of the sky and the earth, as if they were coming to the end. Tens of thousands of houses collapsed directly, and the broken stone, wood and even the bodies fried into powder and meat mud were drawn into the air and fell like rain!

The most terrible thing is the explosion center, where the thick black cloud column and fire light are intertwined. The one who is still alive in one second disappears directly in the next second, and is directly blown into powder. The whole building is directly razed to the ground, which is extremely terrible!

However, no one can imagine that there is another heaven and earth in the place shrouded by this thick black cloud column! Thick black clouds and huge energy are like the best protective cover to completely cover this space. No one can see it. Obviously, it should have been dead, but in fact, dozens of people are still alive!

They knelt down in fear, did not dare to look up, and trembled all over. They did not know whether they were living or dying. In great panic, they only dared to silently recite the blessing of the God of fire in their hearts.

If it hadn’t been for the arrival of the God of fire, they would have died!

They can’t forget that when the fireball fell from the sky and came out of the fireball, the huge, tender yellow beast like a dragon and the fire shadow standing on the top of the beast. Even now they are all covered by thick clouds and fire, the towering figure is still branded in their hearts.

God of fire bless!

There are countless shadows kneeling down beside these ghosts, which is the spiritual pollution of Ming consciousness in the death token of Ming Dynasty! The real “Ming Dynasty” first believed and then believed. These spiritual polluters gradually believed that it was the God of fire who could ensure the safety of one people in this disaster.

Only God can do this!

“God” did not dare to look up at the Apocalypse explosion. Wei Xun wanted to find out what the real origin of this natural mystery was. However, even though he wore a scarlet cloak and hugged the leopard, he still felt a great sense of crisis.

You can’t look directly, you can’t probe.

It’s a near death near the explosion core. If you look up again, you don’t want to live at all!

Wei Xun is very open. Since he can’t see it, he won’t see it first. But you have to make a profit. In addition to protecting the Ming Dynasty, letting them trigger the spiritual pollution in the dead Ming Dynasty token and let them recognize him as the God of fire, Wei Xun also had an idea and released corn shoots.

After swallowing so much of the original power of the abyss and eating in Jirang, where the Ming Tombs are located, the corn shoots that have been transformed for a round should be able to resist the big explosion.

What’s more, explosion is energy!

Wei Xun smiled when he saw that a bamboo shoot, which was as thin as noodles, immediately expanded into a fat bamboo shoot after it came out.

“Corn shoots, dad gave you an energy buffet.”


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