TTG Chapter 247

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 247: 1 more + 2 more

Woo woo——

In the big bang, there seemed to be a cry as if there were no tears, and the gruesome horror was like a ghost, but they were all overwhelmed by the roar. The corn shoot cried sadly. It choked and cried while eating. Its huge body was slightly convulsed by the explosion – in fact, its body was nearly half shorter than the long shoot hundreds of meters before.

Not because of metamorphosis, metamorphosis only makes it thinner, not shorter.

Its body was broken by the Apocalypse explosion!

In the final analysis, its father wanted it to swallow the energy of the explosion. But where is the middle of the mushroom cloud column so easy to stay?

The instant expansion of the corn shoot is not due to swallowing energy. The violent explosion directly broke the outer body of the corn shoot plate. Fortunately, it is long enough and the inner circle is barely stable.

Sobbing, but worms can eat earth and small animals and monsters. How can we swallow this “energy” without real objects?

The corn shoot pretended to cry with fear, but it didn’t feel pain – it was dull in pain, and it became even more dull after metamorphosis. It felt pain at least half an hour later.

He cried for fear that his father was dissatisfied, because he really didn’t eat air. Even if the corn shoots have tried to swallow them, the energy in the air can’t be seen or eaten. It was so anxious that it waved its tentacles and began to swallow its broken body in anger – showing that it was “eating” and “I was eating!” Action of.


The corn shoots were stunned.

He found himself eating well.

There is a lot of energy left in the blasted body, which is the aftereffect of the explosion. If the corn shoots eat the body, they will eat this wave of energy.

It smells good!

‘father! The bamboo shoots are eating, and the bamboo shoots have done it! ”

The corn shoots shouted with joy, and the big one ate himself. Wei Xun scratched the tentacles hanging around him. He felt that the corn shoots were as happy as the dog scratched to his chin, and he couldn’t help lifting the corners of his mouth.

“If it’s delicious, eat more.”

It’s not just a spur of the moment to call in corn shoots. Next, Wei Xun really needs corn shoots. Watching him eat hard, after eating his stump, there was a new long snake at the end of the new tail, and then it was covered by corn shoots. It was like a mythical tail snake. Wei Xun didn’t care about it for the time being. He was thoughtful and looked at the people trembling and kneeling in front of him.

The people under the shelter of corn shoots are still alive, but their clothes are all gone. As the record says, “both men and women are naked,” but they themselves were not injured.

Wei Xun had an idea when he thought that he didn’t swallow any energy at that moment, but the body of corn shoots expanded violently.

[proven theory of ‘high vacuum and negative pressure environment’]

In the “Apocalypse Big Bang” summary report to be submitted to the hotel, Wei Xun wrote with ideas.

“High vacuum and negative pressure environment” was proposed by researchers as an explanation for why people “strip” in the Apocalypse explosion. It is said that a very short high vacuum and negative pressure environment was produced at the moment of explosion. In this environment, the air between human body and clothes suddenly expands violently*

This expansion can break people’s clothes and wash them away from the human body.  at this time, the weather is hot, and people wear thin clothes, which is more likely to be cracked.

This negative pressure environment produces and disappears in an instant. The time interval is so short that people can’t even feel it, and it’s too late to cause damage to people*


But this kind of instant disappearance leads to the rapid supplement of the surrounding air to this side, resulting in a terrible gale! The strong wind roared, and the masonry beams flew in the sky like fallen leaves. There was a loud noise. People in the disaster center area could not bear this terrible shock. They fainted one after another, but people in the corn shoot protection area survived!


The red flame burns fiercely and surrounds the corn shoots, making it look like a fire dragon. No matter how strong the wind is outside and how terrible the falling objects like rain are, the fiery figure is as motionless as a rock, standing on the “fire dragon” to protect the people.

It’s Vulcan!

But Wei Xun could not stop some things falling from the sky – those bricks, stones, plants and trees could be caught and swallowed by hundreds of tentacles of corn shoots in advance, but Wei Xun prohibited them from eating people. Even if there are no complete bodies in the central disaster area, there are only crushed flesh and blood and incomplete limbs.

You can’t eat people. Even if the other party is fragrant, you can’t steal them. This is Wei Xun’s rule for corn shoots.



A bloody ear fell in front of the kneeling people. Some people were brave and looked at it subconsciously, but then they were scared into a blank.

Not only the ears, but also more flesh and blood stumps fell down like a rainstorm. The big dog was blood red, as if it had been a blood rain. The more we encounter this terrible and totally irresistible disaster, the more helpless people are, the more they turn to the gods.

Vulcan manifestation——



At this moment, Wei Xun could almost hear the prayers in the hearts of the people. No, it wasn’t the people. He couldn’t hear the hearts of others. What Wei Xun noticed was the sound of spiritual pollution condensed from the consciousness in the death token! Especially when Wei Xun threw the death token into the field wrapped in fire.

Wei Xun intended to burn the flesh and blood of those stumps and let them be purified by samadhi true fire. This is Wei Xun’s inspiration from the half life Taoist sanmaoling card.

It takes an extremely long time and a huge mass base to become a new God of fire in the cognition of the people, which is basically impossible. The ready-made “God” has the fire De Zhen Jun. Wei Xun imagined that the half life Taoist could represent the Sanmao Zhen Jun and use the power of the fire De Zhen Jun through the recognition of the dead.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the death token absorbed those flesh and blood stumps without the fire!

Not only flesh and blood, but also samadhi true fire surrounding the token. He felt that Samadhi’s true fire was being pulled into the token, and Wei Xun didn’t stop it. With one move, the token flew back to Wei Xun. The token originally turned dark gold after being incorporated into the dragon soul is wrapped with a layer of sticky and slippery flesh, such as the body of a monster.

 and this flesh and blood was immediately attached to Wei Xun’s hand holding the token!

Wei Xun’s wet, sticky and slippery hand made his expression stiff, but he resisted the impulse to throw the token away and let the flesh and blood gradually climb and cover his arms and spread to his chest like a living vine.


When his heart beat hard and he sounded like a drum, Wei Xun felt alienated, but this alienation was different from the devil! The death token that absorbed the true fire of samadhi suddenly became hot, like ruby, and the flesh and blood meridians ignited red and black flames.

The flame burned to Wei Xun along the flesh and blood. It should be a majestic and straight flame, but it showed an evil and cold meaning.

[your token has changed!]

The San value dropped sharply, and the alienation of Wei Xun became more and more serious. Not only the flesh and blood in this small area attached to him, but also the surrounding flesh and blood stumps flew to him and condensed and adhered to his body, which made him look like a terrible flesh and blood monster!

But soon these flesh and blood were burned clean by the black and red flame and burned into black and red scales. His arm, which originally held the death token, has been corroded, leaving only bones. the flame burned on the bone, turning the bone into black like jet jade.

Without the sharp corners as long as the devil, the snow-white hair turned dark, hard and towering as coke, and the light of fire reflected in it like a ruby. At first glance, it looked like a dark official hat. This is already highly variable, and the San value is close to zero.

“Come on!”

A touch of green light flew down from Wei Xun’s hair and turned into Tong Hege. Yu Hehui controls the people in the Western District in the palace, but Tong Hege follows Wei Xun! Seeing the situation, he immediately switched to Taisui state. The amber semi transparent clot was about to cover Wei Xun and forcibly disperse alienation.


However, Wei Xun stopped him!

He didn’t lose control, nor did he lose his mind. Even the San value did not drop to the lowest, and there was no need to use the surname brand. All this was under his control.

Because this change was caused by the death token!

[Name: Dead token (variation) for the dragon soul keel]

[quality: task (after completing the corresponding task, you can take it on the journey) (the task has been completed)]

[ use: mental pollution]


[1. Spiritual pollution of the dead: you will strive to revive the dead until you die!]

[2. Spiritual pollution of the God of death mountain: the strength of the God of death depends on his power in people’s hearts. His strength comes from the fear in people’s hearts – when the enemy thinks you can kill him, you can kill him!]

[3. Spiritual pollution of the God of fire: you are recognized as the God of fire by countless consciousness of spiritual pollution. Of course, you are also the God of fire of spiritual pollution! If the consciousness of death token remains, you can have the change of the “God of fire”

Wei Xun failed to become the spokesman of the God of fire, but unexpectedly became the God of fire with spiritual pollution and had a new form of change!  and this change is completely different from the change of the devil.

Wei Xun only needs to improve his strength to explore the abyss, devour the breath of the abyss or devour demons. However, if he wants to go further, he needs to use the identity of the God of fire more, develop the reputation of the God of fire and get more recognition.

This recognition is not the recognition of normal people, but the recognition of spiritual monsters.

Why is it difficult? Wei Xun saw many spiritual monsters on this journey alone. The little paper people sent by thousands of papers have not even run out.

What really made him pause was that Wei Xun seemed to feel pain at the moment of Vulcan alienation!

The pain was fleeting. It was unclear whether it was an illusion or a real one. Wei Xun tried to pierce his finger with his fingernail, but there was no pain anymore.

“I’m fine.”

True pain or false pain? It should not be the impact of the lack of positive emotions, so is the problem caused by the second alienation?

Put this down for the time being. The Apocalypse explosion is coming to an end. Wei Xun asks Tong Hege to return to himself, then knocks a few times to purify royal jelly, forcibly increases San value and receives alienation.

He’s leaving.

* *

“What did you send over there?”

Meckel rode on an elephant and looked at Xicheng District in amazement. Under the gloomy sky, countless pieces of flesh and blood flew to the other side as if lifted by the strong wind. It’s like there’s a black hole with super suction.

“Is the black hole the cause of the Apocalypse explosion?”

Meckel thought strangely, but the elephant under him began to panic again.

“Moo -”

“Well, well, not afraid!”

The terrible scene frightened the elephants again. They paced back and forth restlessly, trying to rush to the line. But Meckel is best at taming animals. He uses a black cat to ride on the shoulder of the leader elephant, and the cat’s tail taps the elephant’s head according to a certain rhythm to calm the elephants again.

These elephants were prepared for the emperor’s honor guard and kept in the elephant room. The book records that in the Apocalypse explosion, elephant houses collapsed, elephants fled in fear, trampled on people in the streets, resulting in countless deaths and injuries.

But Meckel was involved in the event and stopped the elephants.

“I don’t know where Cuidao is.”

Meckel was worried: “I’m afraid it’s hard for him to surpass the devil businessman this time.”

Tourists have no tasks such as opening up new scenic spots and participation in new scenic spots. They participate in the event in order to better integrate themselves into the scene and restore their strength.

 the scenic spot events they participated in are counted on the corresponding tour guides in the final settlement.

You don’t have to think about it. This scenic spot still has many restrictions on tourists in the Western District, and the lines of month, day and day contain the strong enemy.

Meckel roughly calculated that he and yuntianhe are the only ones who can gain from the monster camp.

But yuntianhe is also a foreign monk. In this scene, it is not as convenient as half life Taoist and Bai Xiaotian. Even if they don’t want to increase the participation of devil businessmen, in order to restore their strength, they are bound to take the initiative to experience some events.

“Forget it, it’s all small things.”

Meckel soon stopped thinking about this. The Apocalypse explosion was about to end. He began to think about the next thing.

Surviving the Apocalypse explosion, they are equivalent to passing the test of the five emperors. In this way, there will be no waste tonight. They can explore the Yongling mausoleum where the five emperors are located and see if they can start from the “father emperor” of the seven emperors. If they can persuade him, it will be easy to say that they will be orthodox and return to the imperial mausoleum at that time.

The problem is that they want to help the seven emperors return to the imperial mausoleum, which has obviously been known by the emperors in the three mausoleums, especially the six emperors Yingzong. He is likely to convince his father first, or set them up in advance on the way to Yongling!

After all, the Yuling of the sixth emperor and the Qingling of the sixth emperor are very close. They don’t want the seven emperors to return, so they are very likely to work together. The brigade is now in the assessment of the five emperors. If the five emperors do not disobey their father, the six emperors are likely to obtain relevant information from the five emperors through the five emperors in advance.

“It’s hard to do anyway.”

Meckel’s worried beard dropped: “go step by step.”

The roar gradually weakened, and the blood and flesh of the residual corpses falling like a shower in the sky still remained, but the Apocalypse explosion was indeed coming to an end. When Meckel found the flesh and blood vision in Xicheng District, a figure was rapidly approaching there.

No one could enter the disaster center. Even Zhou Xiyang had to retreat, but this man was completely unaffected! She wore a bow tie with hearts printed on it. The hearts on the bow tie were like hearts, resisting the powerful pressure and terrible wind.

But she’s still a little late! With the gradual weakening of the explosion, the pillar like black cloud began to collapse, but there was no one under the pillar except a few trembling and healthy people!


No, the Dutch officer peeped into it again, as if he could tear everything apart. The wind suddenly came, and the powerful momentum condensed to the extreme even stirred the wind and cloud again. The Dutch official was about to turn into a shadow, but she slowed down a step. The red peach hair on the bow tie screamed bitterly and disappeared in an instant!

The claw sleeve forged with special alloy is extremely sharp and invincible. It holds the lotus official’s neck immediately after tearing up the hearts. However, the charge officer smiled and leaned back as if to lean into the arms of the enemy. At this moment, she became extremely charming. She couldn’t see her face clearly, but this charm could bewitch people, both men and women!

However, whether she is beautiful or ugly, she is just a piece of meat in each other’s eyes. Charm only worked for one second, and the next second she crushed the neck of the lotus officer. However——

“Woo -”

The deep and long dragon chant sounded again, just like the current long chant of the giant wooden dragon transformed by the five emperors. The Apocalypse explosion is over, and they are about to break away from the scene and return to Deling village!

The repressed hotel rules have been revised again. Now, the Dutch officials have taken back their power first. It’s olaine in my arms now!

Is it that olaine has another personality, or is this his sister Mia’s disguise? “Month” and “day” were not deceived by disguise, but now they can only stop and seal their power again.

The surrounding scene quickly turned into nothingness. In the sound of the dragon, the disaster scene like the end of the world gradually disappeared and became virtual. The scene changed. The passengers either stood or fell down, and finally returned to Deling village, which had become ruins before.

At the moment, the sky is dark. Although time seems to pass quickly in the scene replay, it is actually a solid hour outside. At more than six o’clock, the sky darkened. In this place without any lights, it darkened very quickly once it was evening.

Most of the passengers were disheartened and even covered with a layer of flesh and blood mud. Some people were injured and frightened. Although they all survived, the Apocalypse explosion should not be underestimated.

 this is just normal, the Apocalypse big bang in history. After it was really included in the tourist attractions of the hotel, I don’t know what a terrible change it made. For a time, it was very quiet around, and only the rough gasp of passengers could be heard. The passengers of monster camp and Taoist camp sat together and quickly used various potions and props to treat injuries and supplement their physical strength.

“Where’s the C 250 line?!”


The one who broke the peace first was a bullet! Augustus was embarrassed. A lazy donkey rolled to avoid bullets, but he couldn’t avoid the next heavy punch! Zhou Xiyang rode on him like crazy, hammering his iron fist directly on Augustus’ head. He was hammered into a concussion.


Zhou Xiyang slammed Augustus’s head on his head and shouted, “what did you do to him?”


In response to him, an angry wolf howled. Augustus turned into a red Werewolf in an instant, and the hard wolf head hit Zhou Xiyang directly. The howl is not exactly like anger, but more like grief and anger.

I’ve been beaten all the time. Where else is my hand? Kill C 250?? Don’t you think about it first?!

No, what’s he talking about?

C 250 is missing??

Augustus’ wolf eyes shrank suddenly and he was so surprised that he wanted to get up. But this time, Zhou Xiyang didn’t do it like before. He went straight to the killer!

augustus, who was used to being beaten but never died, didn’t react this time.

“Bang bang -”

The barrel of the gun directly penetrated into the wolf’s mouth. Zhou Xiyang was calm and opened the gun directly. Even if the werewolf has the most powerful body, it can’t bear the bullet burning the sunset flame directly from the fragile body to the brain.

After several shots, Augustus’s head was burnt black and completely lost his machine.

Augustus is dead!

what the fuck?? It’s really Zhou Xiyang. He’s really quick and cruel!

Half life Taoist didn’t expect that 57. Zhou Xiyang resolutely asked for a loan and killed Augustus.

But he still stepped up to Zhou Xiyang, watched the direction of MIA and olaine, and was ready to ask with heaven at any time. “Yes, I told Augustus I wanted to kill Cuidao! You people in the West are very bad. Who knows if Cuidao is missing…”


Half life Taoist fiercely closed his mouth and looked quickly around the scene – no, there was really no figure of C250.

Isn’t this a loan? Is C250 really missing??  as the brigade captain, Zhou Xiyang was first notified by the hotel?!

Half life Taoist who thinks of this is bad for the whole person!


“It’s not just director Cui who’s missing.”

O’lain directly blocked the white Werewolf in front of MIA, wary of hostility, but MIA behind him was extremely calm.

“The devil merchant is gone.”

It’s unprecedented that two tour guides disappeared when they arrived! Zhou Xiyang’s suspicious eyes swept over them. It was true that he took the opportunity to kill Augustus. It was also true to observe the changes in the faces of MIA and olaine.

C 250 and the devil merchant disappeared when they were real. He was informed by the hotel of [guide leaving the team]!  there is no hint of completing the confrontation task, and neither C250 nor the devil merchant died.

There was something strange about their disappearance everywhere. Zhou Xiyang remembered that before, Cuidao said mysteriously that he had his own plan, and even thought that they might have planned this “disappearance”.

But how did they do it? How did they leave directly from the scene replay?

“It’s definitely your hands and feet!”

When meike’er blew up his hair, Yun Lianghan was anxious and angry. When they interrogated Mia and olaine, Zhou Xiyang looked at the center of the ruins of Deling village, and countless thoughts crossed his mind.

Only the five emperors can do this in the replay of the Apocalypse big bang!

But the figure of the five emperors is not here. In the middle of the ruins, there is only a Maine cat squatting.

“He didn’t even take the cat!”

Half life Taoist priest joined the war and advocated soul searching for MIA and olaine, which is to make sure that they dare not release their strength here.


“It’s too late.”

Zhou Xiyang said again, “I can feel that they are not close to us… We must find them as soon as possible!”

If the tour guide leaves the team for more than a quarter of an hour, he will be punished by the hotel!  the longer you leave the team, the heavier the punishment.

The original plan was completely disrupted. They must find two guides as soon as possible!

Where did Cui Dao and the devil merchant go?


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