TTG Chapter 248

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 248: Three Watch

[tour guide C 250, please return to the team within 15 minutes, otherwise the salary of this trip will be deducted!]

[tour guide B125, please return to the team within 15 minutes, otherwise the salary of this trip will be deducted!]

“Oh, my God, it’s terrible to deduct all your salary in fifteen minutes.”

The devil businessman was a little sore. It was too difficult for the tour guide to earn points. It really made him feel that the air around him was thin.

“The first order is extremely dangerous. The whole salary is only 5000.”

Wei Xun said casually and looked around. When he was drunk in Western Hunan, he was a super difficult dangerous group. The salary of that group was only 3000. Moreover, as a temporary tour guide, he could only get half of his salary, that is, 1500.

In this trip, Mingming asked about the difficulty of the journey when he first entered the journey. The team leader mentioned the third-order extreme danger in the assessment, and the difficulty of a certain scene was close to the fifth-order extreme danger.

But they can only get the salary of the first-class extremely dangerous level. They really deserve to be a hotel:)

“And I don’t think all your income comes from pure salary.”

Tour guides have their own means of making money, whether it’s exploiting tourists or opening up / recording new scenic spots, just like this time——

[guide C 250, congratulations on your perfect recording of the three unsolved mysteries of nature – the Apocalypse explosion!]

[your participation has reached 75%, which is the highest participation of the whole brigade!]

[the events you recorded include: Fire Temple vision, palace shock, saving the crown prince, hard’s Fire God vision, out of control elephant group… A total of 12!]

[congratulations, you have done the best this time! The hotel likes the best employees, for which you will receive additional rewards!]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 10000 bonus points!]

[you get an additional ten chances to extract the hotel blind box!]

[you get a VIP monthly card!]

[you get a ‘next time definitely’ experience card!]

[VIP monthly membership card – you will enjoy the best accommodation and the best food in all the projects of our hotel!]

[time limit of experience coupon: one month… Of course, you can choose to renew it automatically!]

[Name: ‘next time definitely’ experience card]

[quality: special]

[function: when you visit a region / scenic spot / city you have been to for the second time, you will get special preferential treatment if you use it! (you can’t use it in one trip)]

[Note: it will be next time, what a beautiful sentence! The hotel also wants to say that your salary… It will be next time!]

[your boldness and meticulousness are recognized by the hotel. The hotel looks forward to your work report after your return!]

“Speaking of it, I suddenly found out.”

Wei Xun blinked subtly: “the hotel is really stingy.”

The hotel generously gave 10000 points for recording new scenic spots this time. However, it reminds Wei Xun that when he first opened up a new scenic spot and opened up the tomb of the chieftain at 30 degrees north latitude, it seemed that the hotel did not give him additional points.

Only calculated the tour guide score, but did not give him the corresponding points! The hotel paid him only 1500 points, not counting Wei Xun’s own income from selling baskets!

[I’m sorry, the scenic spot of chieftain King’s tomb has not been developed ~]

Wei Xun asked the hotel about this, and the answer was really silent.

“Indeed, the hotel is indeed…”

Halfway through, the devil merchant was suddenly stunned. After a few seconds of silence, he said, “Augustus is dead.”

Not only did the hotel inform them that they received Augustus’s death allowance, which is derived from the rule in the supplementary regulations that “for each accidental death of a passenger during a trip of risk level and above, the tour guide will get 300 points”.

Augustus’ accidental death ‘gave them 300 points each.

How could Augustus die suddenly and unexpectedly? Anyway, he is a powerful passenger of super Samsung, and at this node, the passengers should have left the scene and returned to reality. Unless

Unless he was murdered by an east side passenger.

The devil merchant just wants more. If this is the case, the people in the eastern region should find that the forces in the eastern and western regions of the brigade are extremely unbalanced. It is for them that the anti mission itself is in a completely different situation. You don’t have to stay. Passengers on the west side won’t be killed.

Mia and olaine have hidden strength, so Augustus will die.


Wei Xun also got the news of Augustus’ death. He guessed that it was Zhou Xiyang’s hand. This man is really decisive. He deserves to be brought out by an Xuefeng.

“Why, you like him?”

Wei xunzhuang asked casually. If the devil merchant really had different feelings from Augustus, the cooperation between them should be carefully considered.

“That’s not true. To tell the truth, I thought a man like Yun Lianghan would die the first day. Sorry, I’m not discriminating against him.”

The devil merchant doesn’t feel sad. The death of passengers is normal for him. It’s abnormal for people who don’t die on the first day. The journey is almost at the end. It’s almost full. It’s a fantasy.

He just sighed: “the powerful passengers of super three stars… Are worth 300 points in the hotel department.”

“More than that.”

Wei Xun said calmly, “if you are liked by the hotel, I’m afraid Augustus will have to work in the scenic spot after his death. Maybe he will be able to find him in places such as the mutation zoo in five years.”

“Good traveler. If our tour guide dies, let alone the pension, I’m afraid all the flesh and bones will have to be broken down and recycled by the hotel.”

“Forget it.”

The devil merchant shuddered, smiled bitterly and shook his head: “don’t waste time. Only deduct the salary for this quarter of an hour. If you overtime, there will be new punishment. Let’s make a quick decision.

They have long been away from Deling village and appear near Qingling!

In the replay of the Apocalypse explosion, Wei Xun and the 15th emperor built a bridge and successfully persuaded Gu Fang to send him and the devil merchant near his father’s mausoleum.

Qingling is the mausoleum originally belonging to the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty and now occupied by the 14th emperor!

As Wei Xun had expected, the Ming Tombs were like their home in the underworld for the emperors living here. The mimicry of the dragon and the stone statue blocking the way in the Shinto at the beginning showed that they had great authority and strength in this area!

Father and son can “visit each other”. Of course, the big filial son, the 15th emperor, can also send Wei Xun to his father’s Mausoleum!

And this is a time difference.

Not only let them temporarily get rid of the influence of passengers, but also

“There are really no ‘people’ in this mausoleum.”

After successfully entering the ground buildings of Qingling, Wei Xun smiled.

“How can you guess that the 14th emperor is not in the mausoleum now?”

The devil merchant was very cautious. He let out a ghost to circle around. Then he was relieved and asked curiously.

“The 15th emperor is a filial son. I’m afraid the 14th emperor will know what happened in Deling village.”

Wei Xun led the devil merchant through the buildings modeled after the Forbidden City. Xiangming tower, the black leopard cub followed at his feet.

“Today is September 26, September 28. We will choose underground burial and sacrifice on September 29. That is to say, tomorrow we are very likely to visit many tombs, including the Changling Mausoleum of Tianshou mountain. So tonight is the best time for them to act.”

For example, persuade the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty not to take care of this matter in advance, and then serve the Emperor Yongle and let their younger generation solve it by themselves.

The six emperors of the Ming Dynasty deprived the seven emperors of their imperial status and demolished their mausoleum. In fact, it was not kind. Of course, it was not “brotherhood and brotherhood”. He might use the excuse that “there is no position for the seven emperors in the Ming Tombs today”, and this kind of thing is the most persuasive when it comes to the 14 emperors who occupied the seven emperors’ Mausoleum.

The fourteenth emperor certainly didn’t like the identity of the dove occupying the magpie’s nest, and he had to fight. But he would hesitate to disturb his ancestors for such a thing.

Therefore, after confirming that the brigade settled in Deling village and that they really came to the imperial mausoleum for the return of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, he would really make up his mind to join hands with the sixth emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

So tonight.

“You are speculating. What if the fourteenth emperor lived in the mausoleum?”

The devil merchant deliberately asked him. He thought Xiaocui should have other means of judgment.

“It would be better if he were here, which means that he was not moved by the six emperors of the Ming Dynasty.”

Wei Xun answered lightly. At this moment, the two had already reached the Ming tower. Under the Ming tower was the tombstone of the emperor. Looking back over the Ming tower, you could vaguely see a large mound built by a man, which was the “Baoding”, that is, the tomb of the emperor.

Under the mound is the underground palace.

“Buzz -”

Near the minglou building, the original normal tombstone completely changed its shape in front of their department. The word seemed to beat like a golden butterfly jumping down the tombstone and flying in front of them. For a time, there was a golden scene in front of their department, and their ears seemed to be filled with strong sadness and music, as well as countless vague sounds.

The voices of men and women, old and young, seem to be close to your ears, but you can’t hear them clearly. People want to hold their breath and listen carefully to what they are saying.

“Call -”

The devil merchant breathed out and opened his double department. Behind him was a cold sweat.

that was close!

He whispered and found that his San value had not decreased at all, and he was more vigilant.

Don’t listen to what you shouldn’t listen to, don’t look at what you shouldn’t see. The devil merchant has learned this in advance with Xiaocui!

That nagging sound is clearly an alternative kind of spiritual pollution! If you really hear it, there is no cure. People will be transformed into fanatical Ming Dynasty elements. The San value will not decline, which is even more impossible to prevent, and there is no chance of change.

“It is worthy of being the Ming Tombs. Indeed, there are many crises.”

The devil merchant sighed. When his hand turned over, he had two more red pills in his hand, which was the test of the 14th emperor. But the devil merchant didn’t take care of the red pills first, but worried about looking at Xiaocui.

He’s awake. Why hasn’t Xiaocui moved?

At the moment, Wei Xun is listening to the voice from the tombstone. The devil merchant wakes up in time. He immerses himself deeper and hears what the voice is talking about.

“Ming, Ming, Ming…”

“Ming, Ming, Ming -”

The sound is almost the same as that in the token of the dead Ming Dynasty! Wei Xun knows that the spiritual pollution is not exclusive to an emperor, but belongs to the whole Ming Tombs and the whole dead Ming Dynasty.

After confirming this point, Wei Xun didn’t wake up immediately and withdraw his consciousness. With a flash of inspiration, he took out the dead Ming token, tentatively, found the right rhythm, and joined the spiritual pollution of Ming consciousness in the tombstone. First he read the sentence Ming together, and then began to take private goods in a low voice:

“Ming, Ming, Huoshen, Ming…”

“Ming, God of fire, Ming, God of fire…”

“God of fire, God of fire, God of fire…”

Gradually, not only did Wei Xun talk about the “consciousness of dying Ming” in the token of dying Ming, but also began to whisper “God of fire, God of fire, God of fire” together

When the duet of Wei Xun and the dead Ming token sounded, the voice of the spirit pollution of the dead Ming from the tombstone stopped blankly.

Spiritual pollution in tombstone:?


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