TTG Chapter 249

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 249: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (65)

Mental pollution can be transmitted to each other and has a strong infectivity. This was said as early as Wei Xun ate demons in northern Tibet.

He thought it was unique among the demons. The bright side swallowed each other, but the energy source polluted each other. But now, looking at the opposite sex incarnated by the God of fire, Wei Xun is called “spiritual pollution” by the dead Ming token. Wei Xun can’t connect with his demon opposite sex. Is it also a state of “spiritual pollution” in the abyss?

Maybe this is the real answer. Otherwise, why does it show alienation when the San value drops.

Since this is true, it shows that what really has strong infectivity is spiritual pollution itself. So Wei Xun tried to pollute the consciousness of Ming death in the tombstone – if others heard it, it would definitely be regarded as Arabian Nights!

This is the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming Dynasty existing in the tombstone of an emperor! If you want to deal with it, the premise is to be stronger than the other party! The particularity of the Ming Tombs makes this spiritual pollution not from an emperor, but from the broad sense of the consciousness of dying the Ming Dynasty!

It can be said that all the tombstones of the emperor, and even the Ming Tombs, are all spiritual pollution of the consciousness of the death of the Ming Dynasty! This pure, connected spiritual pollution, to some extent, is far more terrible than thousands of papers or Mr. Skinner.

The strong can kill thousands of papers, but who can eliminate the spiritual pollution of a whole past dynasty?

No one can do it!

However, Wei Xun didn’t come to hurt them. He came to join them.

The consciousness of the Ming Dynasty is connected? Isn’t that a coincidence? There is also a lot of awareness of the death of Ming in his death token.

They have no difference at all. The only small difference is that they are talking about “Ming” and “God of fire”. What’s the problem with this situation.

Everyone is the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming consciousness. Of course, we should tolerate each other and pass on consciousness to each other.

So Wei Xun successfully introduced the consciousness of the dead Ming in the dead Ming token to the tombstone by saying “God of fire, God of fire”. After talking about the God of fire with him, Wei Xun had nothing to do next.

After a short pause, the consciousness of the dead Ming in the tombstone said again. This is what they have done for hundreds of years, but

“Ming, Ming, Ming, Huoshen, Ming -”

In the chanting of “Ming Dynasty”, a small number of parts mixed with spiritual pollution in the dead Ming Dynasty token finally began to have subtle changes!

The change is really small, but if you let it go——

It is very likely that it will spread like a virus until it “infects” all the consciousness of the Ming Dynasty in the Ming Tombs.

In this way, the identity of “God of fire” of first Wei Xun has been recognized by more spiritual pollution, and his strength will definitely be enhanced. Second

If you can draw the attention of Yongling through this.

Wei Xun arrived.

That’s even more important.

“I’m fine.”

Take back his consciousness and let the spiritual pollution in the dead Ming token communicate with the tombstone. Wei Xun looked into his hand. Like the devil merchant, he also had two red pills in his hand.

Behind the Ming tower is the Baoding. The underground palace under the Baoding has the coffins of the emperor and the queen. It is the residence of the emperor in the underworld. Even if the emperor is not at home now, no one can visit him at will.

When you pass the Ming tower, you first pass the test of the emperor.

“Some tests are not difficult. They are equivalent to some kind of worship.”

Wei Xun remembered what the 15th emperor said.

“If you really go to the minglou and meet me in the underground palace, you must make a wood carving to my satisfaction.”

The 15th emperor’s way, Wei Xun’s way. When it comes to paying homage, it’s actually “making things difficult.”. In other words, even if they were recognized by the 15th emperor through the Apocalypse explosion, they still need to make wood carvings to his satisfaction before they can really go to the underground palace to visit him.

In the final analysis, it is the lack of “identity” of passengers, who have to go through more tests.

“But the father’s test is not enough.”

The 15th emperor said seriously, “if you want to visit your father, you must go through the test of death.”

What is the test of death? He was still in Deling village before. The two red pills rolled out and Wei Xun said. Now we are really in the Ming tower of the 14th emperor. Sure enough, everything is as he expected.

“One of these two red pills should make people die, and the other should make people live?”

The devil merchant speculated that the 14th emperor of history felt “warm and comfortable” after eating the first red pill. Originally, he was extremely weak and almost exhausted. As a result, after eating the red pill, he was in a state of spirit!

So in the evening, the 14th emperor insisted on taking another red pill. However, shortly after taking the second red pill, the 14th emperor died.

Taking the red pill case of the three major cases in the late Ming Dynasty, which led to his death, as a test, it is enough to show how much the 14th emperor did not welcome foreign guests.

Indeed, whether it was the shortest reigning emperor who died within a month, or “the dove occupied the magpie’s nest”, which occupied the original Mausoleum of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and the past of being humble and not loved by his father, all made the 14th emperor very autistic after he died… This is Wei Xun’s conjecture.

But it doesn’t work for other undead. After all, the red pill is actually anti living.

As like as two peas, the devil’s businessman did not have much speculation about the fourteen emperors’ feelings. On the other side, they were born with a two choice one, and the devil merchants saw more. The two pills with the same appearance were apparently one of the first and the second.

He just checked the two red pills carefully and even used some props to detect them. He didn’t find anything different. Then this time is obviously a game of gambling.

If you win the bet, if you eat a red pill, you can enter the underground palace.

Although I have seen many times, the devil businessman has not taken such risks himself many times. After all, it is reasonable for tourists to pass this test. Their guide can just watch the play next to them.

“If you bet wrong on this difficulty, there must be no solution.”

The devil merchant looked at Xiaocui and joked, “you guessed it in advance, so you let me come with you?”

The tour guide is not afraid of going to zero, but returning to zero every time is also very dangerous. In particular, returning to zero for the first time is a test between students. Even a tour guide who can find his reason in half an hour is a talent.

The devil merchant has other means and is not afraid of this. But Xiaocui admits that she has bad luck. If she really wants to lose her life and delay her life, the difference will be useless.

So he persuaded the devil merchant to cooperate with him on the condition that he let the devil merchant hide his vitality, disguise him as a “man” and take him down to the underground palace in return for sweet water.

“As long as I go down with you and find the entrusted task of sweet water, I can finish it?”

Before eating the red pill, the devil merchant confirmed again.

“Take me to the underground palace and come out of the underground palace.”

Wei Xun said, as soon as he raised his hand, a thermos cup appeared out of thin air.

“Here is the sweet water of Yuquan mountain.”

Wei xunman said: “besides, I signed a soul contract with you, don’t you believe me?”

This time, the devil merchant will be willing to get rid of the passengers with him and join hands in advance. That’s why!

It is meaningless for Wei Xun to get rid of the passengers and decide the outcome of the confrontation mission in advance. Unless he is ready to kill the devil merchant – as long as the devil merchant is not involved, they are still on a journey. Even if he temporarily grabs the other half of the pendant and combines the pendant into one, the confrontation mission will not be over.

The hotel will not settle until the end of the journey, which is what the dreamer warned him before (of course, the dreamer’s potential meaning is to kill the devil merchant is the safest)

“If I am your ally, I absolutely believe you.”

The devil merchant swallowed the red pill without saying much more. He was unlucky. The red pill was a “pill”. The devil merchant’s “death countdown” returned directly to zero and alienated in an instant. But in contrast, scarlet mental pollution gushed from his body and covered his body.

Returning to zero alienation is extremely dangerous, and the guide is far more likely to lose all his reason than to remain calm. However, the gift of “satisfaction” from Mr. Skinner still exists in the devil businessman. These mental pollution are temporarily ghostly, and he still has reason!

“Come on…”

The devil merchant was like a huge scarlet monster, gasping and struggling to speak, his voice was hoarse, mixed with several uncontrollable, monster like hoarseness. A green gray ghost was thrown out by him and covered Wei Xun. The feeling of the ghost was not very good, and the devil merchant’s actions were a little rough, but Wei Xun’s face was still calm.

The ghost completely isolated all his vitality and made Wei Xun look like a pure man. The next second, they passed through the minglou and went to the underground palace without any obstruction, which further confirmed Wei Xun’s guess!

The 15th emperor said “death test”, not “life test”, and the setting of these two red pills was obviously aimed at the “living people” and their passengers.

Wei Xun suspected that the two red pills were the medicine of “death”. No matter how lucky he was, he would die if he took them. So he brought the devil businessman here. He was an expert in pretending to be dead.

The two “people” walked to the top as fast as possible, but in the next second——

[tour guide C 250 has left the team for 15 minutes, deducting all wages for this trip!]

[the tour guide B125 has left the team for 15 minutes. Deduct all the salary for this trip!]

The imperial mausoleum is very large. From the entrance of the mausoleum to the Ming tower and then to the Baoding, there are also the influence of the spiritual pollution of the dead Ming Dynasty in the tombstone and the red pill test. Fifteen minutes are fleeting!

[yellow card warning!]

Yellow patches appear on the guide brooch of Wei Xun and the devil merchant, and the butterfly brooch becomes bright and alert yellow! This macula is extremely dazzling and attractive to some negative and terrible existence!

[tour guide C 250, your tour guide ability will be sealed. Repeat, your tour guide ability will be sealed!]

[please return to the Tour team immediately, or your tour guide ability will be completely sealed. Countdown, 10, 9, 8 -]

“That’s right, shit!”

The devil businessman’s Scarlet spiritual pollution has dispersed. He cursed. He didn’t go to the hotel and fucked like this! He didn’t give them any response at all! The seal of tour guide ability means that they will be alienated and can’t use it to zero again! In this way, let alone sneak into the underground palace, they will completely hide the breath of living people.

Originally, they are equivalent to passing the test of red pill. If they don’t use the strength of any brigade, the consequences can’t be set!

The worst thing is that after a quarter of an hour, there is only a countdown of ten seconds. Ten seconds, how can we find passengers and return to the brigade?

“Let’s get out of here at once!”

The devil merchant made a quick decision to go out. The two people who lost their strength had no chance to stay in the Qingling. However, the next second, his hand was caught by Xiaocui.

“Keep going.”

Xiaocui’s voice is hoarse and deep, and there is a subtle difference with the previous voice line. However, the devil merchant has no time to recognize the crisis. Moving forward, is Xiaocui crazy? Without power and alienation, how can they survive with their already sick and weak body!


The devil merchant said in a hurry. He clenched his teeth and didn’t hesitate. He really kept moving forward as Xiao Cui said! Meanwhile, the devil merchant was nervous and kept paying attention to the countdown of the hotel… And so on!

The countdown of the hotel didn’t stop! Why, obviously they didn’t return to the team, and they didn’t even have any passengers around them——

“Carry me.”

Wei Xun fell directly to the devil merchant’s back and was subconsciously carried by him. The broken guide mask almost fell just now, and Wei Xun held the mask with his hand.

At the moment when the countdown was almost zero, he used the title of ‘passenger’!

This makes the hotel’s calculation stuck!


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