TTG Chapter 25

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (25)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 25: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

After noticing that there were many people in the brigade, Wei Xun looked at the passenger list, but found that there were nine people on it.

He believed that his memory would not forget the original eight people now, but looking at these nine names, Wei Xun did not violate the peace at all.

When Miao Fangfei came to buy a bamboo basket, Wei Xun was watching her while bargaining. Miao Fangfei had no problem. She didn’t find that there was one more “person” in the team. She also bought eight baskets.

But she noticed the ninth bamboo basket put out by Wei Xun. She looked a little dignified when she left the basket.

“What are the more effective people? Or “an Aboriginal?”

Wei Xun talked to himself, but thought of killing the corpse flying fox commander in Xiaolong Yizhuang. When he got Pingping’s blood resenting dagger, the remarks of the dagger suggested that the spirit of resentment could be found in the economic production, but Wei Xun did not notice any resentment on the dagger.

It seems to work. Since then, there has been one more “person” in the brigade.

It seems that this extra “person” can be one of the items in the second scene, or a special existence to test passengers.

“Blame the soul?”

Wei Xun chuckled and said with great interest, “I haven’t seen a real soul… I really want to see it.”

It’s just that the tour guide certainly doesn’t intervene in this kind of thing. Although it’s a pity, Wei Xun is just waiting to see a good play.

“What can I do with so many points?”

Wei Xun’s attention changed after a while. He looked at the hotel’s product list happily and wanted to make a big purchase. He lingered on the three projects of [experience natural birth], [experience caesarean section] and [experience dystocia].

Although the price is high, the body is real and the time is real, which is much more cost-effective than 10 minutes of dysmenorrhea experience. But it’s a pity that it seems to make people understand the hardships of pregnant women. Even if it takes six to eight hours to get pregnant, Wei Xun’s “first child” takes even more time. He can’t afford to spend so much time on the journey.

“What a pity.”

Wei Xun smacked his mouth and said regretfully that he had no imagined regret. Because this journey has brought him spiritual stimulation up to now, he has gone beyond his pursuit of pain.

“Cluck, cluck…”

“Babbling –”

The baby’s pure laughter echoed in the room, ethereal and frightening. Just listen to the sound of Zila, the current rings, the bright ceiling light flickers, and suddenly darkens. It was already gloomy outside, and the room suddenly darkened, as if covered with an ominous mist.

The baby’s laughter sounded like nothing, and finally sounded under Wei Xun’s bed. The original soft and warm big bed was cold and wet. It looked like he was soaked in the cold stream water. The cold Wei Xun shivered and didn’t concentrate on looking at the shopping list.

“Hey, I said, baby, you are annoying.”

Wei Xun complained, “well, come out. I heard you laugh.”

When talking to Miao Fangfei about the price, Wei Xun heard the faint baby laughter. At first, he had the illusion of hearing the decline of San value, but now the laughter still exists, and it is getting bigger and louder.

Gee, isn’t it effective? Auditory hallucination?

Wei Xun sat up and his ankle suddenly cooled, like a lump of ice tied up. When he looked down, he saw a bluish gray, crawling mass of meat around his ankle.

“Hee hee, cluck cluck”

The turquoise meat ball raised its head, revealing a deformed, twisted, underdeveloped face. There are five holes in the image plane. It has no eyebrows, no eyelids, no nose and lips. The skin is so thin that you can almost see the capillaries hidden below.

The umbilical cord is attached to the protruding belly of the ghost baby. This gray rope like thing is very strong and extends behind Wei Xun. Wei Xun wants to turn his head and look behind him, but his neck is strangled and suffocation comes.

The umbilical cord of the ghost baby wrapped around his neck at some time.

“Play with us…”

“Come and play…”

“Hee hee, cluck cluck”

The umbilical cord around his neck became tighter and tighter, almost making people unable to breathe. Wei Xun didn’t have any strange emotions, and even touched the head of the ghost baby.

There is no unknown sticky liquid, no maggots, no rot, mildew and stink.

Like the baby soaked in formalin for a long time, his skin was smooth and tender, and fragile. Without toughness, Wei Xun accidentally used it a little and cracked the skin.

“Sorry, baby.”

Wei Xun made no sincere apology, but he was quite satisfied. This ghost baby is much easier to accept than the rotten corpse illusion.

“Call out your little friends. If you want to play, of course, you have to play together.”

There are so many kids laughing under the bed. Wei Xun doesn’t believe there is only a ghost baby on his foot. Although he doesn’t have much experience with children, I think Wei Xun was an effective child king in their courtyard. He was good at playing with children.

Hearing that he was so straightforward, he agreed to play with Wei Xun. The umbilical cord of the ghost baby wrapped around Wei Xun’s neck was loose, and his dark eyes stared at Wei Xun. In addition to malicious resentment, there was a loss. Wei Xun ignored it, took the opportunity to get up in bed, squatted to the bedside, and suddenly lifted the falling sheets.

“Ula, surprise!”

The ghost babies crowded under the bed like rats:?

“I’ve always wanted to have a brother.”

Thinking of his limited time with his brother in childhood, Wei Xun missed it and said with a smile: “I know you want to find mom and dad. It’s a pity that you don’t have a good father like me, but you can be my brother.”

“Brother, come and play with you.”

“How about losing the ball? My brother used to play like this with me.”

Wei Xun pulled the ghost babies out under the bed one by one, like catching a cat, and piled them by the bed. I got out of bed and turned around. I didn’t find anything to take advantage of, so I just picked a ball from the hotel shopping list.

[Name: Ziheche tunica ball]

[quality: unique]

[price: 1000 points]

[function: Ghost baby’s favorite ball, let them return to the warmth of womb.]

[Note: This is valid for the placenta of pregnant women who have given birth to ghost babies. Be careful. Pregnant women’s grievances are entangled in it. If you don’t use this ball properly, she will be angry]

For Wei Xun, who is extremely rich, a thousand points is not enough. Sprinkle water. He soon confirmed, and then a purple red ball, one bigger than table tennis, appeared in Wei Xun’s hand.

It seems soft and light, but in fact it is as heavy as an iron ball, with a deep chill. Looking carefully, I vaguely found that there seemed to be a sad and pale ghost face on the ball.

At the moment Wei Xun took out the ball, all the ghost babies looked over and were stared at by so many black eyes, but Wei Xun was not afraid. He threw the ball, and the eyes of the ghost babies followed up and down.

“It’s very simple. I throw the ball out and you pick it up.”

Wei Xun was in high spirits. He drew a circle in the air with his hand holding the ball, looked at the ghost babies’ eyes, turned around, smiled and threw the ball out.


* *

“You said the grave you saw should be an effective fetal meat grave.”

On the passenger’s side, after hearing Zhao Hongtu’s description, Miao Fangfei frowned slightly, rubbed her temples and said slowly, “I seem to have heard that in the mountains of Western Hunan, some stockaded villages are very closed and follow various ancient traditions.”

“In their opinion, babies don’t have a soul until they get out of the house. Babies who get out of the house only have ‘fetal flesh’, which is a mass of meat with unknown good and evil. It’s OK to say that if the pregnant woman is old and the fetus has a shape, if it is not handled well, it will be very easy to be disturbed by insects and wild ghosts in the mountains. ”

“So they will eat this kind of fetal meat.”

As she spoke, Miao Fangfei looked at the faces of her teammates. Director C won’t do meaningless things. When she found that he put out nine bamboo baskets, Miao Fangfei vaguely realized that it was wrong. But at that time, her calf was cold, like a cold wind, which disturbed Miao Fangfei’s thinking.

Now she came back to count the number of her teammates, and her heart was cold.

When did one more person come out of the eight member brigade? The most terrible effect is that Miao Fangfei has not found any violation!

Taking the opportunity of discussion, Miao Fangfei observed everyone. Her face was still calm. No one knew what a storm was turning up in her heart. But at the same time, Miao Fangfei always felt in a trance – like she hadn’t slept for three days and nights. Her body was very tired, and her original clear thoughts turned into a mess.


Her heart was full of warning signs, but she didn’t remind her companions, and her eyes were black.

“Eat, eat?”

Zhao Hongtu couldn’t stand it. He looked shocked and disgusted. He couldn’t believe it: “it’s effective for children. Can they really eat?”

“They recognize that effective and tonic ‘fetal meat'”

Miao Fangfei said lightly, “a fetus without a soul is not human. In their opinion, this kind of “fetal meat” is effective and tonic. It contains the purest “Qi” of the new spirit. After eating it, it will prolong life. Therefore, once there is fetal meat, the stockade will even hold a celebration banquet to eat fetal meat. The clan in the stockade gets a lot from the old secretary. The parents of fetal meat can get a small piece of meat, and others can drink a bowl of soup at most. ”

“Miao team, how do you know so clearly?”

Yu Hean shivered and said, “is this kind of thing really effective? Does reality exist?”

“My grandmother told me. She said that there was such a thing in my aunt’s stockade.”

Miao Fangfei: “it has been effective for a long time. It should not be effective now.”

“Hongtu, do you think the wild grave is effective? It is 133 meters away from the river. It is made of a kind of black soil. There is no sacrifice in the grave. There is a red stone slab on the grave bag?”

“I didn’t measure the distance, but it was 100 meters away from the stream.”

Zhao Hongtu’s head. Miao Fangfei said it in too much detail. He looked at her. He was suspicious. He retreated secretly and helped Hou Feihu.

“That’s the ‘fetal meat’ tomb.”

Miao Fangfei ignored the tense atmosphere in the room and spoke quickly:

“It all works. My grandmother told me. When the chieftain emperor was still there, there was a stronghold in the mountains that died overnight for no reason. Who doesn’t know why. Later, the rumors gradually came out. ”

“This stronghold has got a piece of good fetal meat and will hold a grand banquet. It also invited people from other nearby strongholds. Xiangxi mountain was dangerous. In the summer, a mountain road collapsed. People who went to dinner in a stockade only took a detour. As a result, they arrived a day late. ”

“But when he arrived at the stronghold gate, there was no one to greet him. The people at the banquet felt strange, so they looked carefully. As a result, they didn’t see any shadow all the way to the stronghold. The man was afraid and hesitated, but at this time he went to the fire pond, the largest and most extensive venue in the stronghold, where the banquet was held.”

Miao Fangfei’s tone was gloomy. At this time, it seemed that there was a cold wind. I didn’t know where it came from, which startled others with goose bumps.

“There are all dead people on the edge of the fire pond. They are stacked closely. All the people in the stockade and those who come to the banquet are dead. Only one baby in the stockade is still alive – do you know what they are dead?”

“They all drank ‘fetal meat’ soup.”

Miao Fangfei sneered:

“But it doesn’t work. It’s a baby who has passed out but is not full-term. The people in the stockade are seriously ill and in urgent need of medical treatment. It is said that they ate the fetal meat to prolong their life. They killed their own daughter’s fetus just out of the stockade, lied about the fetal meat, did such evil deeds, but also felt guilty and gave a big banquet. They invited guests from all stockaded villages in an attempt to suppress the fetus’s resentment with Yang – what a pity. ”

Miao Fangfei looked indifferent and numb and said to herself, “everyone is dead. Everyone who has eaten fetal meat and drunk soup is dead.”

“After that, when other stockaded villages eat fetal meat again, they will set up fetal meat graves by the stream.”

Miao Fangfei said faintly, with a little disgust in her expression: “the placenta of the mother of fetal meat is buried in the tomb, the soil is mixed with animal feces, the grave is piled, and the cinnabar stone slab is pressed. In this way, even if the fetal flesh has a spirit, it will be put in the fetal flesh grave. Finally, it will only go to the underworld along the water flow. It can no longer report revenge and harm the world. ”

Miao Fangfei’s indifferent eyes swept everyone. At this time, all the other passengers noticed that they were wrong. They stood up and took out their weapons on guard against Miao Fangfei.

Miao Fangfei was not annoyed. She seemed to look at other things through the passengers. Her red lips were aroused and Yingying showed a charming, gloomy and ghost like smile.

Then she closed her eyes and fainted.

* *

A splitting headache.

Abdominal pain is unbearable.

Miao Fangfei woke up with jet lag. She was confused and didn’t know where she was. The light in the room is on, and the old light bulb is dim. It’s dark in the room. It’s hard to tell whether it works day or night.

Where is she?

Secretly summoned spots and clenched the dagger around her waist. Miao Fangfei calmed down, endured the pain, and the memory returned quickly.

She went to Bingjiu’s room to buy props and bargain. She found that Bingjiu had put out nine bamboo baskets. She was feeling strange. Then, then

Then a cold wind seemed to blow across her ankle. When she came back for discussion, she fainted——

Miao Fangfei’s face looked ugly for a moment. She turned over and rolled up her trouser legs to see that there was a dark blue handprint on her white skin at her left ankle.

It’s like a baby once held her ankle!

“Sister Miao, you finally wake up!”

There was a surprise male voice at the door. Miao Fangfei looked up and saw that Shi Tao had left with a bag of bread and a box of milk. Her originally frowned eyebrows soothed after seeing her wake up.

“It’s getting dark.”

Seeing that Miao Fangfei wanted to stand up, Shi Tao hurriedly came to help.

“I’m being watched.”

Miao Fangfei whispered in a hoarse voice. Her left leg was cold, headache and abdominal pain. She only stood up with amazing perseverance.

In the process of her relaxation, Shi Tao briefly told Miao Fangfei the news about “fetal meat” that Miao Fangfei said at that time.

“There are mature seedlings in my hometown, but there are no relatives in the mountains.”

Miao Fangfei sneered and directed Shi Tao to take out a box of ibuprofen from the side pocket of her travel bag. Miao Fangfei swallowed one, closed her eyes and looked better with a pale face.

“What time is it now? Where are the others?”

With the help of Shi Tao, Miao Fangfei walked out with a serious look: “I know what this project is about.”

“Team Miao, you’re awake!”

At the restaurant where they met in the morning, all the passengers were waiting there. Seeing that Shi Tao helped Miao Fangfei over, Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu welcomed them.

“Are you okay?”

Zhao Hongtu glanced at Miao Fangfei’s pale face, frowned, and wanted to stop. Wang pengpai stuffed the thermos cup into Miao Fangfei’s hand and told him, “Miao team, drink more hot water. You have too much Yin Qi.”

“Thank you.”

Miao Fangfei thanked silently, sat down at the table holding a thermos cup and drank some hot water. It was really more comfortable.

“When I came back today, it was time to get on my body.”

Miao Fangfei’s mouth, others’ expressions are not unexpected. It’s an old tourist. Seeing Miao Fangfei’s performance at that time, I realized something was wrong.

In the journey with supernatural elements, it is common to be possessed by ghosts. Especially when there are women, children and the elderly in the brigade, they are the easiest targets.

Some experienced travelers summed up their experience and roughly divided the supernatural travel items into three categories: easy to difficult. Quite simply, like the project of their first journey, the tour guide issued materials and explained the mission objectives. There were not many accidents except the dangers encountered in the project.

The ghost upper body is more troublesome.

“Ghost babies, wild graves, bamboo baskets.”

Miao Fangfei showed the cyan bruises on her ankles to others: “it’s effective to revive the ghost baby, or help the ghost baby realize its wishes.”

Miao Fangfei was “selected” and a ghost was attached to her. All the legends about “fetal meat” and the story of the village were valid information related to the project.

“Is there a ghost in the second scene project?”

Xu Chen smiled bitterly: “it’s really difficult to get drunk in Western Hunan.”

“The ghost’s upper body can’t be well adjusted. When I was traveling over the white mountain, there was a scene of the ‘Wong Tai Sin Temple’, the old Yin man.”

Wang pengpai scolded “fuck”:

“That’s an effective ghost task. A male ghost got on my brother’s body and cried miserably. He said that he and his wife got married in Wong Tai Sin Temple. As a result, the marriage family disagreed. His wife was robbed by her family and committed suicide. He wanted to see someone, but he heard the old woman commit suicide and simply committed suicide himself, Now I hope to marry my wife and meet her underground. ”

“Good guy, at that time, everyone had a project to get married. Guess what?”

“This male ghost is actually controlled by a yellow mouse wolf spirit! In those years, the weasel abducted the eldest daughter of the yellow flower who came out in a cloudy month, forced her to conceive evil seeds, and planned to eat them all. Fortunately, the woman’s family invited the monk of the White Horse Temple and saved the girl. It’s a pity that the girl couldn’t stand the humiliation and hanged herself. The weasel still wanted to dig up the body to eat. He was caught and killed by the monk. ”

“The damn animal’s soul hasn’t dispersed and still wants to do bad things. It’s fucking effective. We really listen to him and call back the girl’s soul. The weasel ate the ghost skill and had to kill us all.”

“His grandmother’s, she capsized in the gutter. Real projects don’t work. What’s a ghost marriage? Kill the yellow mouse wolf spirit. ”

“Yes, that’s the difficulty of ghost upper body projects.”

Hou Feihu said coldly, “what the ghost said is effective. It’s good for you. You don’t believe it all. Sometimes the task is even effective. It’s the opposite.”

“The ghost who got on the Miao team is effective. The baby was killed by eating meat and turned into a ghost baby to revenge the village, but there is only one exact clue.”

“Those who ate fetal meat died.”

“As for the effective ghost baby of slaughtering village, the effective ghost baby, and other righteous people, I’m not sure now.”


Miao Fangfei rubbed her forehead wearily, tore at the bread and swallowed it with hot water. She barely cheered up: “there are two directions to go.”

“First, destroy the seal of the ghost baby tomb, release the ghost baby, resolve the grievances of the ghost baby, and send them to reincarnation.”

“Second, ghost babies are effective, evil ghosts, slaughtered villages are effective, good people, kill ghost babies.”

“For the purpose, the first situation is more acceptable.”

Xu Chen pondered: “do you remember the brief introduction of our trip? We want to experience the part of ‘corpse chaser Pingping’. She is the only female corpse chaser, you say… ”

Xu Chen paused and suddenly felt numb on his scalp. It seemed that he was staring at him coldly. But when he noticed, the sight disappeared.

Keeping this in mind, Xu Chen continued, saying something euphemistic: “do you think the ‘fetal meat’ eaten has anything to do with Pingping?”

“There are some options, but I think this time it’s a choice.”

Wang pengpai interrupted: “at that time, the Miao team fainted. I don’t know. Our team found a grave, a baby’s grave, and it was just in the direction of swimming down.”

The fetal meat grave moves up and the baby grave moves down. It is obvious that this project must involve selection.

“For example, if the story told by the ghost is true, the child who was eaten will not have a miscarriage. In fact, the child who came out alive should not be in the fetal meat grave, but in the baby grave.”

Yu and an kowtow to join the discussion. He is not used to rubbing his hands and smiling.

“However, since the effective food is eaten as fetal meat, there is a way to choose the direction of fetal meat grave.”

“It’s valid. It makes sense, but it’s still valid. Let’s see what director C says.”

Miao Fangfei thought: “it’s almost time for eight… It’s almost time for the first name.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, all passengers stood in the stilted building, waiting for the third nine. Although the project won’t start until tomorrow, they took the bamboo basket with them for the sake of insurance.

Sure enough.

After the arrival of C 9, the faint and cold songs came from nowhere and surrounded every passenger’s ears.

“A small basket, dangling”

“With laughter, my mother carried me down the stilted building”

“The first time I tasted wild fruit in the secluded mountains”

“The first time I washed my hands by the Qingxi River”


“The years of childhood are unforgettable. My mother’s little basket is full of joy and love.”

“How much I miss and how much I love, my mother’s smiling face is still sweet in my heart.”

It was a childish and happy song, but it was inexplicably gloomy and cold in the deep mountains. Hou Feihu said solemnly, “I have an ominous sign.” Zhao Hongtu was wary of holding the bow in his hand. Xu Chen opened his eyes and closed them one day, rubbing his eyes painfully. Lin Xi’s face was ugly and covered her ears, but the song still sounded at the bottom of each passenger’s heart.

Under the song of the very underworld, Wei Xun calmly finished his name. Then he clapped his hands and attracted the attention of all passengers:

“Everyone should have a good rest. It’s good and energetic.”

“Now we’re going to start the hotel gift project – I’m sure you’ve heard that Yingzhu Miao village has three wonders: natural beauty, Miao village beauty, and the most beautiful one is the firefly by Xiaolong stream. This is a free welfare program for the journey. Next, we’ll take an SUV around Xiaolong River to watch the elves perching on the Bank of the river. ”

Wei Xun smiled. His smile was a little gloomy against the dim yellow light: “it is said that the pure soul of a dead baby will turn into a firefly. It’s really effective and beautiful.”

“I’m sure you’ll see a lot of fireflies later.”

After his words, the singing around everyone’s ears suddenly stopped. In the suddenly quiet environment, countless babies’ laughter rang out.

“Hee hee, giggle”

“Hee hee –”

As if in a place where the passengers could not see, countless ghost babies surrounded them. Everyone’s cold hair stood upright and cold sweat flowed all over their backs.

“Let’s go.”

If Wei Xun glanced at the passengers carelessly, he saw a gray meat ball like ghost baby lying on one of them’s shoulders, with a thin monster like little hand holding a purplish red ball and grinning at him. On the fetal ball, there was a smile on the sad and pale ghost face, which showed the kindness of maternal love.

The ghost baby played very hard. The ghost of the mother who lost her son in the placenta ball played with the children. Wei Xun was in a good mood.

It’s a triple win.

Wei Xun smiled at them. Facing the passenger’s blank and afraid look back, he moved his eyes.

“By the way, I’m very sorry. Our driver has something wrong and can’t accompany us during this journey.”

Wei Xun directly throws the problem to the passengers:

“Who knows the car?”

As soon as the question of Bingjiu came out, the passengers were silent. Most modern people will take the driver’s license test and the car, especially effective. Tourists like them who often encounter “self driving tours” naturally have the skills of driving.

But the difficulty of driving on a normal road is definitely different from that of driving on a supernatural journey. No one is absolutely sure. I’m not sure. When I got in the car, I got on huangquan road and hurt all my companions.

Moreover, if the tour guide wants to get on the bus, the important position of the driver will naturally be left to the people he trusts most. Only in the past, there were similar things. Some tourists who hated a tour guide buried their hatred in their hearts. They flattered and flattered the tour guide during the journey. They were designated as the “driver”. When they drove, they became cruel, took the tour guide down the ice gap and died in the icy water.

Even if the driver trusted by the tour guide is effective, he will be controlled by the tour guide in various ways. Butcher flow is more effective, suspicious and crazy, and the means of controlling passengers are extremely cruel.

It doesn’t work. It’s not a good job.

Usually, this kind of thing will not be controlled by anyone, but it works——

“I’ll do it.”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m good at it.”

“I’ll come.”

A moment later, the four people stood up almost at the same time and spoke in unison.

The voice fell, and several people looked at each other in surprise.

For a moment, the scene fell into a strange silence.

As we all know, Bingjiu asked “who will buy a car”. If it doesn’t work, it really makes them decide to buy a car. The final choice is still valid in Bingjiu.

Although being a driver is not a good job, a tour guide is effective——

It’s different.

Miao Fangfei thought that Xu Chen, Hou Feihu and Lin Xi who stood up thought so.

But they didn’t expect that so many people stood up this time!

The four people’s eyes touched, with subtlety in their eyes, difficulty in speaking and similar discomfort.

“I’ve been possessed by ghosts. I’ve been engaged in real projects. The possibility of ghosts hurting people is not high. After all, the wish of ghosts has not been realized.”

Miao Fangfei took the lead in opening the door. After all, as a member of the team, it’s not good to see everyone freeze: “even ghosts are very likely. They will give us some illusion of convenience and friendship first. If I drive, I have a great chance to choose a safe route all the way, and even get unexpected opportunities.”

Coupled with the rugged mountain roads in Western Hunan, Miao Fangfei was born in the mountains and is more familiar with the road conditions. Her car is very stable.

This is exactly what Miao Fangfei originally wanted, but in the face of the eyes of his teammates, Miao Fangfei, who was originally justified and confident, was embarrassed to speak out. Like the most secret idea in his heart, his thoughts couldn’t help being biased.

The selected driver… Must be the most trusted person… Hey.

Miao Fangfei’s wheat colored cheeks are slightly red. I’m sorry. Fortunately, they don’t show much in the dark night.

Bingjiu said he trusted her when he was on the fierce bone plank road. That kind of feeling was really good. She wants to continue to be trusted by C 9 and become a better team.

Moreover, as a team, it’s natural that when you encounter problems, you should stand up.

Thinking of this, Miao Fangfei was calm.

“That’s true, but it’s too risky.”

Hou Feihu frowned, disagreed and said, “we should be prepared for the worst. We should be effective in the evil spirit attached to you of the Miao team. The irrational, ferocious and cruel type, everyone will be in danger.”

He has always had a calm and reliable personality and is used to thinking more about everything: “it is very difficult to get drunk in Western Hunan. The second major project has not been determined. At this time, there is a risk. The gains outweigh the losses.”

Although this is true, Hou Feihu always feels that the atmosphere is not subtle. Hou Feihu always showed a slight loss in his firm eyes, but Hou Feihu also said seriously:

“My car has been in the army for five years. My car has the title of ‘I have an ominous forecast’. I have the safest chance as a car company.”


Hou Feihu paused and said tactfully, “I’m in good shape.”

Miao Fangfei, who had abdominal pain and headache, took an arrow in her heart and was helpless to retreat.

Why do you have the feeling of competitive employment now?

Xu Chen, an elite in the workplace, was bewildered by absurd ideas and even felt that they had a master’s plan.

However, if you really want to have a good relationship with C 9, it will definitely be beneficial and harmless. Never miss the opportunity to express yourself in the third and ninth aspects.

“Everyone is dead now.”

Xu Chen pushed his glasses: “although it’s not very heavy, it shows that there will be danger on the next road.”

Seeing that his words attracted everyone’s attention, Xu Chen continued:

“Elder brother Hou has the strongest physical fitness. What he said is reasonable. There can be no absolutely safe path for a dangerous journey, but it’s only effective to seek in dangerous situations. Although the title of brother Hou is easy to use, it will be very promising at that time. There will be such a problem – every road will give you an ominous prediction. ”

Hou Feihu nodded calmly and agreed with Xu Chen’s statement. What he said is indeed true.

“My real life is not as good as the Miao team. My physical quality is not as good as brother Hou, but the title is still useful.”

Xu Chen began to sell himself: “the title of resentment makes me see whether there are resentments on the road and whether ghosts will hit the wall. The resentment on that road is heavier, and the resentment on that road is lighter. ”

“Xu Chen, your eyes…”

Hou Feihu worried and pondered. After all, in the last project, Xu Chen used his eyes excessively and collapsed all over yesterday.

“Have a rest.”

Xu Chen smiled.

“Your title is really more suitable than me.”

Hou Feihu admitted that the smile on Xu Chen’s face was more sincere, and his eyes subconsciously looked at Bingjiu. No matter how hard they try to sell themselves, the final decision is still valid.

And the person that C 9 is watching now is effective——

Xu Chen’s smile converged.

Bingjiu is watching Lin Xi.

Lin Xihong, who has been watched by Bingjiu, has a feeling of joy and anxiety on her cheek.

Although Bingjiu used to let him take the car on every journey, Bingjiu has changed now. When she saw Hou Feihu and them stand up, Lin Xi was really very upset.

Until he found that Bingjiu had been watching himself, his uneasy mood was slightly relieved.

Sure enough, Bingjiu still liked him. Compared with Xiaoxiang, who was forced by Bingjiu to take the controlled pills with fear and unwilling to be a driver, Lin Xi’s heart was a little excited and urgent this time.

It was as exciting as his first chance on the stage.

No longer a waste beauty, he wants to be useful and get more attention.

“Brother Jiu, is my car still valid this time?”

Lin Xi smiled softly and walked closer to Bing Jiu. Xu Chen and others knew this in an instant.

I see. It turns out that Lin Xi is an effective Royal driver.

Xu Chen pushed his glasses. The master stepped back and gave up. He knows current affairs very well. For suspicious tour guides, it’s never better to be familiar with them than to use them. He won’t argue with Lin Xi. If Bing Jiu is dissatisfied, the gain is not worth the loss.

Hou Feihu and others didn’t speak any more. Obviously, they tacitly accepted that C Jiu would choose Lin Xi. But in fact, the smile on Lin Xi’s face became more and more stiff.

Because he found that Bingjiu’s eyes did not move with him. When Lin Xi walked towards Bingjiu, the guide’s eyes still fell where he stood – he didn’t see Lin Xi effectively, but the man behind Lin Xi.

“Wang pengpai, I remember you have the title of ‘driver’.”

Bingjiu really ignored Lin Xi walking towards him and looked at the fat man behind him. He seemed curious: “why didn’t you stand up?”

“Do you mean –”

Wei xunla’s voice was like a joke, but his tone was somewhat unpredictable and dangerous: “don’t you want to drive?”

“Oh, director C, brother 9, that’s not true. I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this opportunity. I’ve wanted to show you for a long time! ”

In the face of everyone’s confused eyes, Wang surging bitterly pointed to the sky and the ground. His fat face was full of regret and chagrin: “Alas, it’s a pity that I’m old fat and don’t have this blessing! No, I chopped my fingers when I was cooking this noon. ”

The fat man Zhang Zhuo’s hand, his right thumb and index finger were wrapped in a thick circle of gauze, with faint blood stains.

“Yes, I remember, at noon.”

Zhao Hongtu suddenly said, “the food provided by Yingzhu Miao village is moldy and rancid. Brother Wang and I went to the back kitchen to find the food made by ourselves. But the kitchen knife was too dull and rusty. Brother Wang went to the stream to grind the knife, and his hand was injured when he came back. ”

“So careless!”

Miao Fangfei had just learned about it, but he turned a tiger’s face and said, “how can you get hurt in such a small thing!”

The journey of the supernatural must be careful everywhere. Blood, clothing and even hair can be used as a medium to complain, curse and even the upper body. This gloomy Miao village kitchen knife didn’t know what it had cut. When Wang pengpai was cut by the kitchen knife, Miao Fangfei’s scalp was cold.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. My old Wang is still a virgin. He has strong Yang in his blood. He’s not afraid of this.”

Wang pengpai made a gag, patted his chest and promised. In the twinkling of an eye, he bowed his head to Wei Xun, worried and said, “director C, look…”

“Keep it well.”

Wei Xun glanced at him with great interest and found no flaw in his sincere fat face.

From the beginning of the journey to the present, Wei Xun has almost understood the character of the passengers in his team. Only Wang pengpai can’t see through it.

This man knows too much.

Wang pengpai has the title of “little driver”. Wei Xun wanted to test, but unexpectedly, Wang pengpai happened to hurt his hand… Is it really a coincidence.

“Lin Xi, go to the car.”


Lin Xi, who was nervous and nervous, immediately responded and smiled into flowers. Without Wei Xun saying more, he happily swallowed the pill – Bingjiu was effective in the past journey. Seeing that Lin Xi was obedient, he simply gave him a bottle and let him swallow it himself.

Although the real Bingjiu is not on the journey, and the pill actually has no constraints, the psychological self-discipline is exactly what Wei Xun wants.

“Let’s go.”

They stayed here for ten minutes and the rain stopped outside. The mountain wind with the cool smell of rain, without the smell of the corpse in Xiaolong Yizhuang, is purely like washing the soul, like a really effective homestay in the mountains, serious travel, without those dangerous tasks.

But looking back, Wu Laoliu appeared quietly at the door like a dead man, half of his wrinkled face was hidden in the dark, and his dark eyes made him cold behind.

“Eleven, the homestay is locked.”

Wu Laoliu’s voice was hoarse and dry, like a piece of dead tree skin rubbing, and people unconsciously frowned.

Wei Xun looked at him more and always felt that the man seemed to have changed when he met at noon. But Wu Laoliu’s eyes were numb and indifferent. It seemed that he only came to tell the rules: “you must come back here.”

Everyone kept Wu Laoliu’s words firmly in mind.

Now they have three hours from eight to eleven, including the round-trip journey.

A half old but not new military green off-road vehicle stopped outside Yingzhu Miao village. With seats in the row and the front and co drivers, it barely sat down in the whole brigade. Wei Xun sat comfortably in the co pilot’s seat, and the rest of the people had to squeeze.

Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, Wang pengpai, Xu Chen sit in the row, Hou Feihu, Zhao Hongtu, Yu he’an, Yu He Hui sit in the back row.

Miao Fangfei specially assigned it like this. There is still a ghost in the team. She is possessed by a ghost and is in low spirits. Miao Fangfei had to pick the most trusted team member to tell her that there were ghosts in the team. But now the time was too short. She fainted for a long time. She was going to Xiaolong river view so soon, and many temptations were not completed.

Not to scare the snake, Miao Fangfei only arranged this way to ensure that every platoon has a fight against ghosts as much as possible. Let’s put this small scene next to it first.

Through the rearview mirror, Wei Xun sees Miao Fangfei talking to Shi Tao and Wang pengpai chatting with Xu Chen. Hou Feihu, Zhao Hongtu, people naturally get together, and the brothers Yu he’an and Yu He Hui talk in a low voice.

Everything seems so normal. The ghost baby seen on someone’s shoulder can’t be seen now.

Lin Xi caught fire and started the car. His whole body was tense. He didn’t know what to do. Obviously, he had carried C-9 many times, but he was particularly nervous this time. From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of Bingjiu’s pale porcelain chin. Lin Xi hurriedly took back her eyes as if she had been scalded. Her heart beat surprisingly fast.

Is the skin so white?

Lin Xi doesn’t remember. The image of Bingjiu in his mind has completely become the people around him. He leaned carelessly against the window, as if he was tired. The snow-white curly hair cast a shadow on his cheeks, and the light and shadow of the lamp reflected on the porcelain white jaw and neck. The beautiful lines were blocked by the collar.

Elegant, mysterious, noble and beautiful are not like human beings.

Lin Xi’s ears were sharp. After noticing the shallow and regular breathing sound of Bingjiu, he subconsciously stabilized the car.

I want Bingjiu to rest better.

Wei Xun Yan closed his eyes and thought about the scene he had just seen. Miao Fangfei’s face is pale, like the sequelae of abdominal pain and headache, but Wei Xun finds that she doesn’t look well during the conversation and observes the people around her.

Miao Fangfei was aware of the difference. She joined the ninth person on the journey of eight people. People crowded in SUVs have an effective ghost.

What judgment will Miao Fangfei make?

In the past, Wei Xun might be interested in participating in reasoning, but now he is different.

The reduced San value affected him. The destructive desire and mania aroused during the battle with the corpse flying fox commander was only pressed by Wei Xun at the bottom of his heart. The San did not disappear and was still expanding.

Wei Xun urgently needs new stimulation. Everything is good. He deliberately angered Wu Laoliu and kept a tightrope deal with him from the hotel. The Lord played with the ghost babies.

After a long illness, Wei Xun had a thorough grasp of his own situation. After finding that he was not good at reasoning and analysis, he realized that there was a problem – Wei Xun did not refuse dangerous stimulation, but did not like to get out of control.

Close your eyes, no one found the blood light floating on Wei Xun’s eyes. The dark nails were on the pale hands, beating to the beat.

Come on, new excitement.

Wei Xun thought.

Come on, this backlog of emotions… Must be released.

“There is no road!”

A quarter of an hour later, the car that had been running smoothly was suddenly stopped by Lin Xi. His nervous voice came from the driver’s seat: “grave, grave! “Effective cemetery!”


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