TTG Chapter 250

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 250: 1 more

The devil merchant hurried to the top of the emperor’s tomb with Wei Xun on his back. He felt that Xiaocui on his shoulder seemed to have undergone subtle changes, but the devil merchant did not turn back, but accelerated again.

Wei Xun is very weak now. He cut the passenger title for a few seconds and took it off immediately after the countdown at the hotel stopped. At the beginning of Nezha’s night training, Wei Xun used the title of passenger in order to use the maniac’s knife.

It can be forcibly used in a short time. However, the passenger form completely coexists with the alienation state. Before, he still had clay figurine state, which makes him collapse in the alienation state. Now the situation is even more dangerous.

So Wei Xun didn’t use this method when he came. He didn’t trust the devil merchant.

Up to now, after the return of the devil merchant to zero, he can still keep his reason and help him hide his identity. Moreover, he still obeys his orders and continues to move forward in such a critical time, without retreating. In addition, the impact of the yellow card warning was so terrible that Wei Xun cut the title.

He’s gambling!

The judgment of the gambling hotel is based on .

During the first trip, there were passengers around the guide. Is that like returning to the team?

For this reason, Wei Xun also hugged the leopard cub! With the concealment of the principal and his luck, Wei Xun succeeded in gambling!

[tour guide C 250, please return to the team within 15 minutes, otherwise you will deduct points from the salary of this trip!]

[tour guide B125, please return to the team within 15 minutes, otherwise the points related to the salary of this trip will be deducted!]

After Wei Xun took off the passenger title, a few seconds later, the hotel reacted and judged that they left the team again, but the punishment was calculated from the beginning.

Wei xunka has a bug!


Even the devil merchant was shocked and couldn’t believe it, but he didn’t say a word. It’s still live now, and the devil merchant deeply remembers it. The warning of the hotel rang in their minds, which means that the audience outside the passengers were not aware of the punishment of the hotel and what happened to them.

The recalculation of the hotel’s punishment shows that at the moment just now, the hotel judged that they had “returned to the team”!

Who can do this?

 Xiaocui can do it!

The devil merchant suddenly thought that the code name of the founder of the chieftain King’s tomb was “passenger”. Can it be said that Xiaocui became a passenger just a moment ago? And confused the judgment of the hotel? So a bug got stuck?

How is this possible!

But this is the reality!

The devil merchant didn’t make a sound, as if it hadn’t happened in China. This satisfied Wei Xun. The emerald green vine branches and leaves trembled in his hair. Up to now, Wei Xun still has a backhand. Tong’s song can turn into the form of various plants and keep close to him.

At the moment, Wei Xun is extremely weak, and his alienation state is on the verge of collapse, making his skin crack everywhere, just like a broken porcelain doll. The leopard cub worried about licking his cheek. Tong Jingge wanted to do it urgently, but Wei Xun asked him to stand still.

“Here comes the top!”

The devil merchant hurried along and turned the retaining wall in front of the treasure city. The treasure city was close in front of him. Baoding is called “Baocheng”. The city is filled with loess and is a cylindrical mound with small top and large bottom.

“Can you stand ghosts now?”

The devil merchant asked hurriedly, “the ghost of the package is attached to you, and the packages go down through the earth!”

Digging graves is absolutely impossible. It is very likely to get into big trouble. The devil merchant took a journey in the area before. It can be said that he grew up in the cemetery and usually sent ghosts to the grave.

I wonder if I can wear the earth and bring Xiaocui. In fact, the devil merchant doesn’t hold it. But now the time is urgent. Although the judgment of the hotel is reset, who will react to the hotel and increase the punishment.

The devil merchant is under great pressure!

“Go to this yard.”

Wei Xun slowed down for five minutes, pressing the reference film of Tong’s song under his tongue. He recovered faster than last time, but his voice still sounded very empty. He directed the devil merchant into a crescent shaped courtyard, a small courtyard surrounded by retaining wall, Baocheng wall and walls on both sides.

As soon as he entered the yard, the devil merchant’s pupils shrank – he found that he couldn’t speak!

Not only can’t speak, his eyesight is declining rapidly. The normal eye soon disappeared. Only the devil’s left eye with the variant title of “devil merchant” can still see things.

[live broadcast is blocked!]

You can’t, you can’t say. Even the live broadcast is shielded by the power of “shape”. What is the place in the yard!

“This is crescent city. It’s called the mute yard.”

The flame of the star spread and burned on the shoulders of the devil merchant, which is Xiaocui’s spiritual pollution. The devil merchant was tense, but he didn’t resist. He let the “flame” burn to his ear and pollute his left ear. Then he could hear Xiaocui’s voice again. Although there was a murmur and nonsense, it seemed to say “God of fire”, the impact was not great.

At the time of peace of mind, the devil businessman was surprised. How can Xiaocui control mental pollution?!

No, no, is this really mental pollution? Why didn’t he lose San value?

Is this another backhand of Xiaocui?

On the back of the devil businessman, Wei Xun has quietly transformed into the alienation of the “God of fire”. Demon mutation is on the verge of collapse. The method is used, but the next is the most dangerous place!

Wei Xun tried to take out the dead Ming token for conversion. Unexpectedly, it was really successful. The alienated state of “God of fire” can still be used! And this alienation is really very special. In the Ming Tombs, in addition to infecting people as Ming fanatics, it won’t make people lose San!

No wonder there is not even a mental pollution monster in the mausoleum.

“Go to that movie wall.”

Wei Xun ordered briefly that the screen wall he said was in the middle of the courtyard. Between the gray brick walls, the yellow glazed tile was the top, and the red screen wall was very conspicuous.

The imperial mausoleum of the Ming and Qing Dynasties was built according to regulations. Under the shadow wall in the Crescent City to the north of Baoding, it is the entrance to the underground palace!

The coffin of the former Emperor and empress was sent to the underground palace from here. Tonight, Wei Xun, the devil merchant, wants to enter the underground palace from here!

* *


At the moment when Wei Xun’s devil merchant entered, outside the Changling Mausoleum of Tianshou mountain, there stood two virtual shadows disguised as human figures and dressed up as emperors. They were about to enter Changling, but at this time, the younger one was stunned and changed his face!


“What’s wrong?”

The one nearby twisted his eyebrows and asked, but the one who screamed badly converged in an instant and said, “Xizong is not sensible. He is eager to see me at night. He can’t afford to kneel outside the underground palace. What’s the matter!”

Xizong was the 15th emperor. The emperors in the Ming Tombs met mostly with temple names.

“Yingzong, I’ll go first.”

After saying that, without waiting for the other party’s reaction, the virtual shadow disappeared out of thin air, and the eye went directly back to the home mausoleum. The one who was left had a bad face and a sharp light in his eyes.

“Cowardice is useless.”

He said angrily that he hesitated before the Guangzong, and there were many excuses for the joint hands. Now they had just visited the five emperors and persuaded him not to intervene in the matter. Now  if you want to visit Changling again, you can persuade Taizong not to intervene and prevent the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty from returning to the mausoleum.

 it was good to see his father. In the face of Emperor Yongle, Guangzong hesitated again and wasted the good opportunity. Yingzong was unwilling to look at Changling. He calmed down and pondered carefully. He felt that Guangzong suddenly left. There was something wrong.

He wanted to catch up with them, but Changling had been opened to them. It would be outrageous for him to leave just because he ran away.

Think about this one in the Changling mausoleum. Rao Shiying Zong is worried. For a while, he doesn’t want to leave Guangzong suddenly. He honestly goes to the mausoleum to meet him.

* *


“Go to Qingling!”

In the sound of thunder, Zhou Xiyang opened his eyes from a moment of false sleep and jumped up like a vigorous panther. After the two guides disappeared, the passengers hurried to jingling from Deling village in a quarter of an hour!

Zhou Xiyang has a handful of fox hair in his hand, which is left to him by Yu Chuhui in the replay of the Apocalypse big bang scene. He can sense the position of C 250 ( Wei Xun can stop this feeling at any time). That’s why he found Cuidao missing at the beginning, because he sensed that C250 was in the direction of Qingling!

It is said that the direction of the Qingling mausoleum is not determined, because there are Yuling mausoleums around the Qingling mausoleum. Moreover, they can’t cross directly, because crossing must pass through the main Shinto. Who doesn’t know if there are Yin troops and Yin differences blocking the way on the main Shinto.

 can continue to surround from the outside!

Jingling is the mausoleum of the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty. They originally planned to visit jingling to persuade the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty to give the seven emperors an orthodoxy as their father, but now they have no time to stop. In order to save time, Zhou Xiyang simply carried grandpa Zhi’s coffin alone.

At present, he is surrounded by half life Taoist makur, and the others have disappeared. Even Bai Xiaotian was not taken by half life Taoist.

The journey project, scenery, mission and camp competition are all disrupted now. The strength of the passengers is strong or weak, and the speed is fast or slow. Now who can find the departing guide first can take the lead!

“Are you sure? In Qingling?”

Half life Taoist asked urgently. Under his seat was a big demon like a lynx. The monster ran with him, very fast, like a wind, but Mei Ke’er’s voice: “team Zhou just pretended to sleep, Grandpa Zhi must have passed him a dream!”

“That’s right.”

Zhou Xiyang’s tone is extremely dignified. He is shrouded in the afterglow of the sunset. The whole person is like a touch of light, and the speed is fast to the extreme.

“He’s in a hurry!”

Grandpa Zhi is very anxious. He can make him so anxious. He even directly shows that “Qingling is the best place to enter Tibet”. He doesn’t pack it at all. There’s a showdown. There’s a possibility!

There were thick clouds all over the sky, and there was a sound of thunder. Zhou Xiyang’s heart was heavy. He felt that the current situation was inexplicably familiar. The whole brigade and even the journey tasks are completely chaotic, and in this chaos, director Cui must be doing something big.

I hope he didn’t get the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to Qingling. It would be too rude!

* *

At this moment, at the underground palace of Qingling, Wei Xun’s devil merchant has encountered the biggest crisis so far in this journey!



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