TTG Chapter 251

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 251: 2 more + 3 more

He was so angry and oppressed that he could not breathe. The devil merchant’s heart, which was originally semi ghostly, was terrified. At the moment just now, his ghost state disappeared!

The San value is still about 40, but there is no alienation, which shows that his alienation is completely suppressed – even from the hotel level, the hotel is suppressed by the other party’s potential. A translucent sleeping girl is on the shoulder of the devil merchant. The power is even so terrible that his vision is out!

Wei Xun looked at the illusion on his shoulder and at the belly of the devil merchant.

Not by the other side, but by the prestige of the Ming Tombs.

Wei Xun analyzed calmly.

And this repression is not as terrible as you think.

Wei Xun still kept the fire god dissimilation. If they are excluded by the Ming Tombs, the identity recognized by the consciousness of the dead Ming Dynasty will definitely be suppressed. But not really!

No, it means that the other party’s position in the whole Ming Tombs company is not very high, and the right to control is not very great, and——

And the whole Ming Tombs, which seemed to be threatening but did not stir up, were noisy. This oppressive oppression is also limited to their Mausoleum – the spiritual polluters of the late Ming Dynasty who have begun to move from the tombstone of the Qingling mausoleum to the surrounding mausoleum can testify.

The consciousness of Ming death in other mausoleums did not feel any abnormality.

In other words, it is only sealed off in their mausoleum. The other party doesn’t want to make things big.

“What are you going to do?”

The devil merchant is rare, and subconsciously looks at Xiaocui. Standing there was a tall, thin black and red figure. He looked like a person, but he was haunted with a thick bloody ghost.

In fact, they didn’t stop for long or go too deep into the underground palace. Just entering the front hall, Xiaocui stopped and called out this spiritual pollution from the dead Ming token company – it should be spiritual pollution. In addition to being more powerful and terrible, it is not much different from thousands of paper and Mr. Skinner in essence.

Xiaocui said that this was just to meet its last wish. After all, sacrifice was on September 29, which was also the last day of their journey. At that time, it will be absolutely chaotic, and it may even be the chaotic struggle of the strong. Xiaocui is not sure to complete the sacrifice and meet the spiritual pollution. It’s better to fulfill her little wishes first.

In this way, you can just scrape together and almost pass the team leader’s assessment.

Xiaocui is not sure to finish the sacrifice? Devil merchants don’t believe it – devil merchants actually believe it! Without him, from the last day, the strong people who hide the real world will absolutely expose the real world.

Olaine can be a silver moon killer. Can others be worse than him?

It is normal for Xiaocui to be cautious and take precautions. But he just summoned this mental pollution soon, only five minutes at best. They were blocked!

Say it’s okay on both sides. Devil businessmen don’t believe it!

“Eve didn’t let him sleep.”

Without questioning, the devil merchant first thought about how to get out of danger.

This is really too tricky, because it was no one else who blocked their door. It was the 14th emperor, the owner of the mausoleum!

They seem to sneak in and steal while the head of household is out, but they happen to be blocked by the returning head of household! And the head of the household is a strong man who can crush them with a finger.

I’m really flustered, afraid and a little guilty.

When I was exploring outside, I felt the power of the outside. At the moment, the devil merchant subconsciously withdrew. Now they are trapped in this mausoleum.

“Is there another way to go?”

The devil merchant, who was not in his mind, held the translucent girl on his shoulder and lowered his voice: “I heard them say, do tombs like this have stolen holes or backhands left by craftsmen?”

“There’s no other way.”

However, Wei Xun crushed his luck from which tomb robbing novel he didn’t know.

“Moreover, it is still within the scope of the Ming Tombs, which is basically the same as not escaping.”

Xiaocui was right, but the devil merchant didn’t despair. Instead, he calmed down.

Xiaocui didn’t panic at all. He was willing to think of something to do.

The devil merchant thought.

Since he can think of it, it doesn’t make sense. I can’t think of it. It’s just that the amount of alienation is suppressed, which really makes him sweat and calm all over.

“The black widow doesn’t know what happened. I can’t contact her.”

The devil merchant whose reason returned frowned: “but Mia and olaine should come soon – including the strong ones on your side.”

But it’s not like Xiaocui’s character to ask the passengers to save her. Can it be said that Yu Hehui and Tong Hege are by his side? But even if these two are in the tomb of the 14th emperor, it is not easy to resist the angry emperor.


The devil merchant suddenly had a blind spot.

“It’s strange that the fourteenth emperor couldn’t come down because of the emperor.”

Indeed, as soon as he sensed the other party’s terror, he hurried back to the underground palace company and found that he was there. Anyway, two minutes passed. He could feel the terror and anger still hovering at the entrance of the underground palace, but he didn’t catch up and run them over.

Is the 14th emperor hesitating?

They were in the underground palace and outside the underground palace. It was like a confrontation, but in fact, the 14th Emperor didn’t have to delay at all. They dare not go out. It’s like the 14th emperor doesn’t dare to come in


afraid to?

Suddenly, the devil merchant closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his pupils shrank suddenly, and his voice trembled: “you…”

His Adam’s Apple moved and his eyes nervously swept around. There was no shadow around except them. The devil merchant’s eyes were fixed on the general’s mental pollution. His sharp eyes were like a scalpel, almost trying to dissect him from the outside.

Of course, only this spiritual illusion can he dare to look recklessly, because the illusion is covered with a golden mask, which doesn’t make people crazy.

“Who the hell is he?”

The devil merchant’s voice was so loud that he almost whispered, “is he really the spiritual illusion of the dead Ming token company?”

His words made Wei Xun smile: “guess?”

Is it the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty?!!

The devil merchant almost blurted out that just now, Grandpa Zhi suddenly contacted him urgently and made a profit, just to ask them to stick to the plan again and protect his majesty. It will arrive immediately. Hearing this, the devil merchant was full of question marks, and his heart was creepy.

Grandpa Zhi said “protect your majesty”, absolutely only the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty!

But where are the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty? Except for them, there is only the spiritual illusion called by Xiaocui.

Is this spiritual illusion really a spiritual illusion?

No, Xiaocui, no, take the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the mausoleum!

No, no, according to Xiaocui’s character, it’s really possible!

The devil merchant wanted to ask, but he didn’t want to expose his relationship with Grandpa Zhi.

“Since you say it’s mental pollution, isn’t it?”

He said reluctantly and simply skipped the topic: “how do we leave?”

However, the devil businessman skipped this topic and let Wei Xun know from his heart.

Sure enough, the devil merchant had contact with Grandpa Zhi.

He should have sensed that Grandpa Zhi was coming to the mausoleum quickly, so he speculated this point. Or Grandpa Zhi told the devil merchant through a special office to let him support more.

“We rely on him to get out.”

Wei Xun walked to the underground palace tomb path and walked side by side with him. What even surpassed him was the general’s spiritual illusion. And the devil businessman lags behind.

Closer to the entrance of the underground palace, the terror became more and more powerful, and the fluctuation of the power of the fourteenth emperor was becoming more and more obvious. He was about to sink!

“As you guessed, he is not mental pollution.”

Wei Xun looked like a fake and bowed his hand to the ‘general’ around him: “this is the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty – I have welcomed him back. Let’s hide around him and watch. If the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty succeeds in returning to the imperial mausoleum this time, I’ll tell Nezha Ling it’s your credit.”

“You’re kidding!”

Xiaocui said so clearly, but the devil merchant didn’t believe it.

“Oh? Why? Impossible?”

Wei Xun wondered and unknowingly turned his back on the guest.

“You can’t summon the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty here. In his form, he was absolutely blasted by the thunder.”

The devil merchant looked at the ‘general’, and the other party was silent, numb and shriveled, like a ghost who had died for thousands of years.

“And it doesn’t make sense. Even if you card the time difference when the 14th emperor leaves and directly call the seventh emperor back to the mausoleum, he can’t directly occupy the tombs of his descendants.”

The Qingling tomb is the joint burial tomb of the emperor and empress. Even if the 14th emperor is not here for the time being, there are still three Empresses of the Guo family, the Wang family and the Liu family buried in the tomb. Even if there are no dead after their death, in order to avoid suspicion, the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty can’t live directly in the tomb!

However, despite this analysis, Grandpa Zhi’s emergency contact just now can’t be fake. The devil merchant’s thoughts are confused.

Is it that the spirit of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty has been bad and crazy enough to be completely reckless?

Thinking of the night when he and xiaocuizhen were assessing the team leader, the devil merchant felt that he could not tell the truth.

“Your analysis makes sense.”

However, the next second, Xiaocui changed again and nodded in agreement.

“Listen to the emperor’s words, such as listening to the emperor’s words… He is really not the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty.”

“You know, I have a broken dragon soul.”

Wei Xun holds the dead Ming token and lets the devil merchant see the Dragon shadow on the token. Smile to death. The devil merchant never knew that there was a crippled dragon soul in Xiaocui’s hand!

But he heard Xiaocui continue: “this broken dragon soul keel is kept in the token of the dead Ming Dynasty, contaminated with the breath of the dead Ming Dynasty, and unexpectedly coincides with the ‘general’. So I released some dragon spirits a little, which led to mistakes outside the token.”

A strange dragon stained with the breath of the dead Ming Dynasty. It was only then that he instantly surprised the suspicious 14th emperor of Ben.

Then he said, “the 14th Emperor didn’t pay attention to it because it attracted us. We went into the underground palace and attracted the attention of the 14th emperor.”

This kind of saying is more likely, but if it is a fake seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, how can grandpa Zhi be attracted?

The spiritual illusion, the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, was infected with the dragon soul of the dead Ming Dynasty. Three kinds of words, Xiao Cui, which is true and which is false?

The devil merchant wanted to use the magic mirror to judge the truth and falsehood of the emperor, to divine who was unlucky in the end, or to ask the emperor of the dead, but

“But he is not really the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty after all. He may be seen through.”

Wei Xun said first, “so I need your help.”


Close to the entrance, they no longer communicate in words, but through the devil merchant’s ear polluted by Wei Xun’s spirit.

“You’re a great liar.”

Wei Xun whispered like the hiss of a snake, “I want you to help me deceive the 14th Emperor… Lie to him.”


“The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty had no intention of robbing the mausoleum, nor did they want to compete with the younger generation.”

“Injustice has its head, and debt has its owner. What he wants to rob is actually the tomb of Yingzong.”

The devil merchant’s eyes suddenly widened, and he even felt that Xiaocui’s voice was like a devil’s whisper. His breathing was sluggish, and when Xiaocui’s voice fell behind for a few seconds, he suddenly said, “I can’t do it.”

Lying to the 14th emperor? Cheated the 14th emperor? How is that possible!

This is not a lie about love!

But before the voice fell, he was caught by Xiaocui’s wrist. In an instant, they both walked out of the underground palace together, and there was no way back!

“If you can’t…”

A black, tall and thin shadow with a translucent tombstone is standing at the gate of the underground palace. Expressionless, he looked down at them.

At this moment, the devil merchant’s thinking almost stopped, and only Xiaocui’s voice echoed in his mind.

“If we can’t, we’ll have to die”


The night sky was covered with thick clouds, the thunder rolled, and the drizzle fell on the devil merchant’s face. The rain was as cool as his mood at the moment.

He thought he was so intimidated that he didn’t move or even say a word. But strangely, there is no pressure outside the underground palace.

The tall and thin figure in the imperial robe closed his mouth and looked seriously at them. To be exact, he looked at the “general” wearing the Golden Dragon mask. After noticing this, the devil merchant’s heart was relieved.

No matter how many lies Xiaocui tells, one thing is true. It is that the ‘general’ can really attract the attention of the whole of the 14th emperor, and he is regarded as the ‘seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty’.

Even in order to show respect for the “ancestors” and elders, the 14th emperor restrained his authority behind them.

But the devil merchant’s heart is not relaxed at all. They are not out of crisis at all!

The fourteenth Emperor didn’t speak, as if he were a mute – in fact, I’m afraid I don’t know how to call this “seven Emperors”.



So he didn’t speak at all. He just pursed his mouth and looked serious. He raised the translucent tombstone of juhuai company – the one the devil businessman had seen, the one standing in the minglou company, engraved with “the mausoleum of emperor guangzongzhen of the Ming Dynasty”.

This is my tomb.

The 14th emperor said nothing, but in fact he was euphemistically expressing this point.

But if the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty were a little rational, they would not directly rob the tombs of their descendants.

Of course, if the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty are really crazy and their six relatives refuse to recognize him and want to destroy him to return to the mausoleum, holding the tombstone can also be interpreted as “I’m going, I’m going,” so as not to suffer unwarranted disasters.

The 14th emperor stared at the ‘general’ and paid attention to his lifting and moving. He didn’t call Yingzong because he knew how deep the hatred between the six or seven emperors was.

The fourteenth emperor is not stupid. The sixth emperor ostensibly wants to support him. In fact, he wants the seventh emperor to come to his mausoleum. The more intense the fight, the better. It’s best to destroy the mausoleum – in this way, the seventh emperor will never be forgiven by his ancestors. There will be no place for him in the Ming Tombs.

The fourteenth Emperor didn’t want this to happen. If the seven emperors are really crazy, it’s okay for him to go first. Anyway, the other party is absolutely suppressed by his ancestors.

Why make such a mess.


He coughed and broke the silent gaze between them, which attracted the 14th emperor to look over.

The devil merchant is an inspiration. In fact, he doesn’t want to speak. But after Xiaocui coughed, she stepped back and let him go ahead. With the deep eyes of the fourteenth emperor, the devil merchant can only be reckless.

“Well, the seven emperors will not occupy your mausoleum.”

The devil merchant said that when the 14th emperor received the pressure, he could show his alienation again. At this moment, he has completely become a ghost state – but compared with the original, his ghost state is darker, close to dark gray, and his spirit body is more stable.

In particular, his voice makes people involuntarily calm down and listen to his voice.

When he said this, the 14th emperor looked at the ‘general’ and saw that he had no objection. His face obviously looked much better. Then the 14th emperor looked at the devil merchant again, took him as the spokesman of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and asked coldly:

“Why are you here?”

Of course, your good son sent us directly.

But the devil merchant couldn’t say so. He took a thankless job and began to make up nonsense: “you know, someone prevented the seven emperors from returning to the imperial mausoleum. This is where his former mausoleum was… If he wants to enter the Ming Tombs and ask for a way, he can only enter from here. I’m really sorry to disturb you.”

When the devil merchant said, “this is his former mausoleum,” the fourteenth emperor’s eyes were sharp. The devil merchant’s spirit was like being hit by the devil, his brain was buzzing and his head was splitting. The 14th emperor should have thought his explanation was reasonable.

But the devil merchant did not want to say any more. Being a “talker” was too dangerous, and he was always afraid of being trapped by Xiaocui.

“I can’t… the 14th emperor is too strong…”

Spread this to Xiaocui with the ears of spiritual pollution. The devil merchant simply closed his eyes and legs and pretended to pass out. Anyway, as long as you want to be dead at any time.

The devil merchant fell back directly. He believed that Xiaocui caught him – Wei Xun did catch him.

He caught it, held it with his hand, and then laid the devil merchant flat on the cold rain ground.

Devil merchant:???

fine,thank you:)

But in fact, the fainting devil merchant watched their movements nervously and was ready to escape at any time – after all, he didn’t use the magic mirror to the 14th emperor!

“Lying” depends on the undead monarch. However, the undead monarch is not in the magic mirror company, so it is not used for the time being. The devil merchant was willing to use it. At that time, the situation was too critical, and he had no excuse at all.

If Xiaocui doesn’t tell him the truth, he can help.

Although he thought so, the devil merchant was still worried and listened carefully to what was happening outside.

Seeing him fall, the 14th emperor frowned, a little embarrassed. He didn’t expect that the man was so weak that he could faint after being stared at.

Then his eyes fell on Wei Xun.

There may be various reasons for the silence of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty. When a speaker falls down, of course another speaker should speak.

To tell the truth, he felt more serious and even kind when he saw Wei Xun. This should be their good minister of the Ming Dynasty. You can hear his “Ming” in your ears! Ming! Ming! ” How many times do you shout God of fire indirectly? Maybe I believe in the God of fire.

This is much more reliable than that foreigner.

However, Wei Xun, who was “reliable”, spoke and made the 14th emperor’s face black.

“As you can see, although the seven emperors are obsessed with their thoughts to the bone and are very cruel, they don’t want to bully the younger generation and rob the mausoleum.”

Compared with the caution of the devil merchant, Wei Xun said, “but Yingzong doesn’t care about these. If I didn’t expect it, you should have joined hands with Yingzong.”

However, although he was not a guest, the 14th emperor did not stare at him. On the contrary, the 14th emperor’s face turned black and then white, and carefully looked at the eyes of the ‘general’.

“You must have been to jingling and Changling.”

When he said this, the 14th emperor finally opened his mouth:


However, after a “bold” reprimand, his next words were not reprimand, but rather an excuse.

“I… Rank low, and I seldom walk with my ancestors on weekdays.”


If Wei Xun was careless, he said casually, “whether it is or not, Yingzong doesn’t want the seven emperors to return to the mausoleum. No matter what the seven emperors think, the Qingling will be in chaos.”

What he said was really the concern of the 14th emperor. His face became darker and darker, but he didn’t dare to say whether his ancestors were right. He said, “I haven’t seen the Taizong for a long time, but the Taizong often taught me to be kind to my father, filial to my son and respectful to my brothers and sisters. The Ming Dynasty is dead, and I’m dead. I just want peace after death.”

Looking at the eyes of the 14th emperor, Wei Xun smiled slightly, and talking to smart people was simple.

“I haven’t seen Taizong for a long time,” which means that the 14th emperor hasn’t had time to visit Changling. But he didn’t refute Wei Xun’s words before, indicating that they did visit jingling Changling, and jingling should have visited it.

Of course, although he did not visit Changling, Yingzong may be in Changling. In particular, there was no movement at Yuling (Yingzong’s Mausoleum), and there were only people from the 14th emperor’s mausoleum, indicating that Yingzong couldn’t get away for the time being and didn’t come here.

The possibility of Yingzong in Changling is very high.

The phrase “Taizong Education…” shows that Taizong does not actually support Yingzong’s actions.

But even if they do not support Yingzong’s action, if someone dares to make trouble and disturb peace in the Ming mausoleum, they will never tolerate it.

“We don’t want to disturb this place.”

Wei Xun apologized: “but if this matter is not solved, I’m afraid there will be no peace in the Ming mausoleum. He, the seven emperors, alas.”

I want to stop talking, but I say a lot. Seeing that the “general” was almost frozen, even the 14th emperor was shocked.

The seven emperors have obviously reached the extreme… Next, either the seven emperors fall or return to the imperial mausoleum. But when they returned to the imperial mausoleum, Yingzong made trouble again.

They died in the morning of the Ming Dynasty, and the emperor died, but there were completely fewer. In contrast, the six emperors only for personal gratitude and resentment

Think deeply, the balance of the 14th Dixin company is slightly tilted. At this time, he heard Wei Xun say:

“I have something to do. Today I can finish it completely.”

“Your Majesty, please listen.”

Are they talking about? What do you have?

The devil businessman lying in Lengyu company listened to it, but he couldn’t hear it at all. Didn’t Xiaocui lie to him when she said she wanted to return to the imperial mausoleum and didn’t rob the mausoleum of the 14th emperor? What’s the matter? What’s the matter with you again?

Is it a plan to slow down, or is there another one? He scratched his heart and liver, really curious. The heart company secretly counted more than a hundred times. After two or three minutes, it was still quiet. The quiet made the devil businessman from curious to dim sum.

Do you want to “wake up”?

The devil merchant hesitated to calculate the pros and cons.

However, at the next moment, the devil merchant hesitated.

“An outsider wants to break into my mausoleum!”

The 14th emperor suddenly opened his mouth, his voice was like thunder, full of anger.

An outsider is coming? Who is it? Which passenger arrived so soon?

* *

In front of the emperor’s tombstone at the Ming tower of the Qingling mausoleum stood a petite figure. She stroked the tombstone, and the tombstone became translucent in the rain.

It is said that the 14th emperor died of red pill and was unwilling. So every rainy night, when the rain falls on the tombstone, the tombstone becomes translucent and becomes the eyes of the 14th emperor, looking for the murderer who killed him.

In, the eyes of the 14th emperor fell on the woman through the tombstone.

The first passenger was Mia!

No, in the next few seconds, Mia took out the bow tie with plum blossom printed on it.

Mia, it’s the Dutch officer!

“Now that you’re here, you don’t have to hide.”

Put on the bow tie and straighten it a little. MIA smiled and looked at the dark corner:

“Come out.”


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