TTG Chapter 252

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 252: Fourth shift

Mia’s voice was backward, and there was not much movement in the dark, as if there was no one there at all. I don’t mind, but I look in the other direction.

Dada dada——

The sound of hooves falling on the ground is getting closer and closer. In the dark, you can see that a white deer flashing silver is running here. There is a small white Jiao on the left antler of the white deer, and a strange bird anxiously stretching its neck is stopping on the antler.

Nezha’s spirit was so powerful that he was more restricted in the Ming Tombs than the tourists. At present, he and Bai Jiaomin didn’t fly up. They were “carried” by the white deer, just to avoid disturbing the important existence in the Ming mausoleum.

The White Deer hurried past Mia and completely ignored her. Even the strange bird didn’t have much eyes.

“The big ones are coming soon.”

Mia smiled, “that’s what’s on purpose, isn’t it?”

Step forward, as if to enter Crescent City. However, in the next second, he flashed back. One foot, step on the position just now. As the rain grew denser and denser, the Department rustled on the hat. The falling black yarn covered his face. This time, on October 10, he had no department umbrella and held a thin bamboo pole in his hand.

Ming Ming’s Tang Dao is on his waist, but he didn’t draw it. In the mausoleum, you are not allowed to see the handle of the knife, fight, or disturb the peace of the dead. After arriving at Qingling, they felt that they had a pair of dignified eyes staring at them from a distance. The eyes… Came from Tianshou mountain.

Whoever starts first is out.

“Are you going to stare at me here?”

“In that case, you can’t go in.”

Mia whispered, “aren’t you afraid of something wrong with director Cui?”

Just now, the White Deer rushed in with Nezha spirit on their back. The white deer and the white Jiao were so anxious, indicating that the dragon soul was involved.

Nezha Ling was in a hurry, indicating that the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty were involved.

These two are closely related to C250 at present.

However, he did not speak on October 10, and silence was his response.

“So you’re really boring. You don’t know what Augustus wants.”

Mia sighed and fiddled with her neck bow tie. He did not untie the seal, but completely changed into a scene to repeat the appearance of the Chinese Dutch official – now there is no chaos here, and the eyes of the hotel can still look here. Even if the live broadcast is blocked, they can’t hide their powerful power.

Only wait for some chaos, and then some chaos… It’s best to get up in the Department.

Those terrorist beings in the Ming Mausoleum of the Department appeared one after another, completely masking the attention of the hotel. At that time, it was the wonderful time that you expected and could really play.

Soon, Mia looked forward to the chaos.

One man carried the coffin and turned it into the sunset. A man riding a huge lynx, Feng Xu guards the wind and approaches here quickly at a speed that ordinary people can’t contain an elephant!

Zhou Xiyang, banming Renhe and meike’er, three deputy leaders, arrived at Qingling in the third echelon!

[grandpa Zhi finds the right soil!]

When they arrived at Qingling, the prompt of the hotel rang through everyone’s ears. It was clearly an electronic sound, but it strongly twisted the cheerful tone. Listening to the plain words made people feel creepy and strange.

[please choose an auspicious day to bury grandpa Zhi!]

Grandpa Zhi, who had been picky before, quickly selected Jirang, but Zhou Xiyang was not happy. When he saw the confrontation between Mia and October 10, he swept his eyes. He didn’t see olaine and Bai Xiaotian. His heart was heavy——

Not only for these strong men who hide their strength, but also for Zhou Xiyang who has seen from the clues that the trip will not be smooth.

When they took a detour with coffins tonight, they clearly passed Wanshou mountain, which should be the attention area of the one who entered Changling. Now Zhou Xiyang can feel serious eyes on them.

Knowing that Grandpa Zhi’s coming will inevitably lead to the escalation of the conflict, but the party did not stop them!

For the best, perhaps the one in Changling also acquiesced in the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum.

But if you agree, why didn’t the renewal party come forward and let them solve it by themselves?

Is it inconvenient, or… Can’t come forward?

The couplet contains the polluted dragon veins in Xiaotangshan underground palace and the mountain god who turned into a strange corpse after death. Zhou Xiyang had a bad hunch in his heart.

Maybe there are some very serious problems hidden in the Ming mausoleum. When the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty appeared when Cui Dao selected the team leader assessment task, they were already resentful and obsessive, almost degenerated into evil dragons and evil spirits, and even attracted heaven punishment as soon as they appeared. Then maybe he really can’t meet the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

So… It’s bad.

Zhou Xiyang’s tongue is bitter. If the one in Changling cannot come forward, they may have to face the contradiction between the six emperors, the seven emperors and the fourteen emperors. But the “gaze” of the one in Changling was also warning them not to use force.

Do not disturb the peace of the Ming Tombs.

However, it is not up to them to decide whether they can ‘convince people with reason’!

“You deceive people too much!”

With a sharp sound, the situation suddenly changed with the thunder in the sky! Originally, the fine rain fell suddenly, and a huge figure suddenly appeared in the pouring rain. At first, it was a tornado from heaven to earth, but when you look carefully, you can find that it was actually a dragon!

The dragon is smaller than the one made by the 15th emperor and hidden in the clouds, but it is also a giant. It has a bright red coral dragon horn. The bright blood red spreads from the Dragon horn to the scales next to the dragon’s cheek, and then extends to the fundus of the eyes. It looks like two lines of blood and tears.

This is exactly the shape of the 14th emperor of the emperor who died young and only made one month!

Just listening to its roar of grief and anger, the Dragon singing and roaring thunder merged into one  and he suddenly dived forward, as if to expel something. However, at the next moment, a huge, black and gold dragon claw suddenly grabbed his dragon horn!

“Woo -”

Just listen to a whine, the red dragon horn makes an overburdened click, almost breaking at any time. Before the Dragon horn was broken, the black gold dragon claw directly threw the Dragon transformed by the 14th emperor out!

“This is… My… Mausoleum.”

The thick, intermittent male voice was extremely hoarse, as if madness and reason were on the line. His words suddenly changed everyone’s face.

The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty came to seize the imperial mausoleum!

There is a wide gap in strength, and there is no semi comparability between the two sides. The seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty only revealed a dragon claw, but the fourteenth emperor has retreated! There was no suspense about the battle, but Zhou Xiyang and others who fell to the ground to avoid the oppression of Long Wei were not good.

The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty forcibly seized the imperial mausoleum. This is the worst case!

Why did the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty come at this time? Is it too sudden?

However, the question was broken by the roar of thunder before Zhou Xiyang thought it over again!


Thunder and lightning tore through the night sky and made the night bright. In the day, thunder and lightning beat and fell on the huge dragon’s claws. This is just like the disaster of director Cui! However, the next thing was lightning, splitting dozens of times, making the Qingling like a pool of bright lightning.

“Roar -”

The deafening roar is not like a dragon, but more like an ugly and cruel beast. The giant dragon’s claws were split and ignited a fire. The red fire burned fiercely on the dragon’s claws. The rain could not extinguish it. It could burn through the dragon’s scales, flesh and bones!

“No, no amount of heaven, not only thunder and punishment, but also fire?”

Half life people’s eyes are straight. I’m afraid the momentum can only be withstood by heaven during his complete victory! Even Mia and October 10th stopped outside and didn’t rush inside.

It’s really not good now. He and Zhou Xiyang joined hands to get the chance to be a top passenger, but now it’s a natural punishment and a dragon’s struggle. They can’t get involved!

“Injustice — injustice –”

The Dragon roared and the earth trembled like an earthquake. The sky seemed to break a huge hole. For a moment, lightning was even denser than rain. However, the giant dragon was really powerful. Even if the huge black gold dragon claw was severely chopped by lightning and burned by fire, it did not dissipate completely.

Grandpa Zhi’s coffin trembled and kept telling the passengers that “now is the auspicious time for burial!”‘ Now is the message of “auspicious burial time”, but now no one has time to understand it!

Everyone is immersed in horror and fear, listening to its unwilling, struggling and roaring——

This scene was noticed by someone who was visiting Changling, but it was really very happy.

“Taizong, this, this, this, although his brother is not decent, he is… Alas.”

Although he was laughing in his heart, the six emperors still made a worried appearance of a good brother. They tried to persuade him on the surface, but in fact they arched fire.

“My brother is just eager to return to the mausoleum. This punishment… He doesn’t include it. Alas, even if it’s not for my brother, but for Qingling, he can’t go on.”


With a faint hum, the Department broke the words of the six emperors. He immediately frowned and bowed his head and stopped making a sound. Clearly, there was only a dragon chair in front of him, and there was no one on it, but he was as respectful and respectful as his elders.


The next second, it seemed that someone sighed, but the sigh rang through the Ming Tombs, and even overwhelmed the heaven’s punishment lightning for a moment!

At the same time, all passengers heard the sound of “nonsense” when the Dragon claws were burned by thunder!


And the following sentence ‘enough’.

There is no side word, only these four words. Heaven’s punishment continued, but the giant dragon claw did not resist and avoid. It let the sky thunder chop on it, as if stunned. For a long time, the hoarse and broken dragon chant sounded again, but this time it looked like madness.

“Haha, haha… Mischief… Originally, originally, this is waiting for you. Come on, it’s just mischief, it’s just mischief…”

It’s obviously laughing, but it seems to be crying. It seems that these four words can break people’s hearts more than lightning, thunder and robbery.

Thunder robbery and natural punishment continued, and the painful and penetrating laughter continued. Everywhere in the Ming Tombs, several strong breath rose and looked here like a cloud column. They didn’t say anything at all. Some people couldn’t help but say something. However, after the sound of “nonsense” and “enough” in Changling, they kept silent.


Only the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty in Jingling couldn’t get rid of it. The punishment from heaven became more and more terrible, and the whole Qingling mausoleum was almost submerged by lightning. The giant black and Golden Dragon claws twitched in pain… Even though he had a faint sense of strength before, he was infected by the strong emotion and grief in the words of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

When people die, everything is empty. Who knows that after their death, their children should make such a thing?

“OK, don’t make trouble.”

He was serious, and the thunder punishment could not continue, and he did not let his son end up bored by Changling. Opening to stop, but also contains the future slowly.

However, when he said, “the father is in charge of you and didn’t say it out”, he was interrupted by a sad laugh.

“Noisy? Noisy – good, good!”

When the dark clouds gathered, a black dragon was about to appear, but the next moment the lightning was denser and completely flooded the sky. No one can clear the dragon’s body, but can only hear the sad and crazy laughter.

“Then I’ll make trouble for you!”

Before the words fell, the black gold Giant Claw fiercely explored to the 14 emperors who were unable to resist!

He wanted to destroy the soul of the 14th emperor!


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