TTG Chapter 253

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 253: 560000 Jiageng of nutrient solution


“Stop –!”

“You are crazy!”


The roar of thunder was deafening. The seventh emperor was really crazy. He wanted to kill the souls of the 14th emperor in the Ming mausoleum! No one can sit back and watch this happen! Suddenly, the wind thundered, and countless powerful forces rose up. Unexpectedly, they tore up the wind and cloud and broke through the rain curtain.

However, even if the thick cloud is torn, the lightning still falls, such as hundreds of terrorist electric spears falling out of thin air, natural punishment, dragons, and the targets of the strong are the huge black and gold dragon claws!

The terrible roar was unbearable. Blood flowed from the ears of Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist. Their eyes were almost blind by the sudden electric light. Their hearts jumped wildly as if they were going to die suddenly. Half life Taoist almost buried his head in the soil, and meike’er regiment shivered between Zhou Xiyang and half life Taoist.

Zhou Xiyang clenched his teeth, leaving only the faintest halo of the sunset in his eyes. All the dragons in Jiaming mausoleum appeared, except for mental pollution, which is close to the difficulty of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude! In addition to the three of them lying down long ago, the man still standing was unlucky.

A flash of lightning fell on Mia’s shoulder, and the air was filled with a burning smell. Finally, there was a fearful look in her always calm eyes. Even the peak passengers might not be able to participate in this kind of battlefield. One dragon is strong enough. If you are a separate 15th emperor, even the 14th emperor, even the Ming mausoleum plus, she will turn on her to deal with it.

But now almost all the dragons in the Ming Tombs have appeared! Even if you do it, or even show your dragon body, others can only see more than a dozen terrorist cloud pillars connecting the sky.

But you can run over the dead alive if you are powerful!

However, in one second, the huge black gold dragon claws and the roar of grief, anger and pain could not be heard. It was struggling in pain, but it could not get rid of the pressure at all.

The energy gathered by the powerful dragon power makes it impossible for outsiders to peep into the scene inside. Even if they can’t see what’s going on inside, the failure of the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty is a certainty.

This is not what MIA wants!

The chaos began, but it will soon end.

Why don’t you add a fire!

While avoiding thunder and lightning, Mia suddenly took a step towards you, as if you were going to take the opportunity to burst into Crescent City. However, when the bamboo pole stood in her way on October 10, Mia suddenly retreated and jumped back to the coffin next to Zhou Xiyang.

At the moment, the coffin was rumbling, like something inside, desperately trying to get out. But now heaven punishes Long Wei. He’s too quiet. He’s completely ignored.

“Grandpa Zhi, let me bury you.”

Light laughter sounded, accompanied by the bamboo pole and the afterglow of the sunset. However, when the two came, Mia kicked the coffin into a pit that had just been knocked by lightning.

What torture is it to bury the dead in a pit full of the power of lightning?

But for Grandpa Zhi at the moment, as long as “burial” is enough! This is the item stipulated in its transaction with the hotel to test the passengers.

After the burial, the transaction between grandpa Zhi and the hotel will be closed, and will not be affected!

“Your majesty!!”

Obviously, the lid of the coffin was still nailed by the coffin, but a black figure broke out of the coffin! The shrill voice of cuckoo crying blood came from the paper population dressed in black Qin shroud. Grandpa Zhi didn’t pack it and opened his mouth to his majesty. He was obviously so small, but at the moment of his appearance, one third of the thunder and sky punishment to the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty was attracted by him.


At the moment when the natural punishment weakened, the huge black and gold dragon claws that had been suppressed turned out to be unstable and violent! This almost surprised all the Dragons – as long as they were with the Ming people and the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, they could not bear the pressure of their joint suppression in the Ming Tombs.

But on the black and gold dragon’s claw, it is clear that it is the breath of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty. However, from the beginning to the end, he never had a complete dragon body. All the time, he only had this dragon claw and the thick black fog full of yin and death. Just like the body was polluted and corroded by resentment, what could be realized in the Ming mausoleum was only this dragon claw – their claw was really what they thought.

But now

“If some dragons think,” the dragons frown and don’t speak, they are still only “intimidated” and “forced”. It is only appropriate for the father to teach his son such a lesson.


In a torrent of energy like a cloud column, just listen to a big sigh, the cloud column collapses, and another dragon finally takes shape.

This is a huge dragon like ink painting, with thick ink as the angle and light ink as the beard. The dragon scale is like drawing mountains and rivers, insects, fish, birds and animals with Meticulous Brushwork, and a dragon is like a mountain and river. The only bright red is printed on the center of the eyebrow, like a seal of calligraphy and painting handed down from generation to generation.

Five emperors of the Ming Dynasty, show up!

“Don’t make trouble.”

The prestige of the ink dragon is very different from that of the seven emperors and the fourteen emperors! When he was in office, the more prosperous the national strength was, the more powerful the emperor who remained famous in history was. In addition to the suppression of the father against the son, the growth rate in the Ming mausoleum is much higher than that of the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

With one claw down, the black and gold dragon claws will be completely subdued. At the same time, when the ink dragon’s tail is swept lightly, it is necessary to erase grandpa Zhi – a paper man is not afraid, but the black shroud on it makes the ink dragon feel something wrong.

“Ha ha…”

Grandpa Zhi could not avoid the dragon tail and could not return to heaven. Seeing that the situation could not be reversed, he laughed bleakly and was crazy. Sometimes he talked about “Your Majesty” and sometimes “Ming, Ming”. When he read Ming, it was no different from those who died in Ming.

Every emperor is buried in the Ming mausoleum, which represents his dynasty. The knowledge of the Ming Dynasty will be integrated into the Ming mausoleum with him. The dead Ming Dynasty only recognized a certain emperor.

However, it was buried in the Ming Tombs, so that the Ming Tombs of the generation of the seven emperors can understand the integration of the Ming Tombs and the Ming Tombs! It is still absolutely loyal to the seven emperors, taking the seven emperors’ obsession as his obsession and his wishes as his wishes, so it planned so much and even died bravely in the end.

The next second, Grandpa Zhi did not hesitate and took the initiative to meet the dragon tail!

“Your Majesty…”

Be a king and minister in the afterlife.

It seemed that countless sounds came from the paper man, but they couldn’t come out after all. Grandpa Zhi was torn apart by the dragon tail and scattered all over the sky. It was very tiny and would be swallowed by the darkness in the twinkling of an eye.

However, in the second when it was completely broken, a burning paper man came out of thin air and caught it!

At this moment, if the passengers look up at the sky, they can find that the paper man is like thousands of pieces of paper. When Wei Xun helped thousands of pieces of paper, the gratitude of thousands of pieces of paper can make thousands of pieces of paper sell for free three times.

It has been used for the first time, but it’s worse than the first time. Even Qianjia paper couldn’t bear Longwei. This paper man helped grandpa Zhi bear Longwei and dissipated, but the next second it appeared again.

Without hesitation, Wei Xun directly used the last chance to sell thousands of pieces of paper.

This time it saved grandpa Zhi’s fragments, but it took action against it. Because it’s right here, outside!

Grandpa Zhi was crushed, but the black Qin made shroud disappeared. On the contrary, it turned into a thick black water flow, which entangled the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

The dragon power of the five emperors was completely suppressed by this shroud!

At this moment, the rain became bigger and it was like crazy sprinkling water from the sky. In the thick heavy water vapor, the thick black water flow became stronger and stronger, and it was like turning into a black dragon.

The appearance of the Dragon shows that it is absolutely related to a royal servant of the Qin Dynasty, but it is only a shroud of the Qin Dynasty. The emperor’s knowledge is also attached to other powers, but it can completely suppress the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

The things of the Qin Dynasty are so powerful that they infect the emperor and are more exclusive to the emperors of other dynasties. In addition, Qin’s Shui De, Ming’s Naihuo de and water conquering fire, it is obvious that this is an article carefully prepared by grandpa Zhi to restrain an emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

If the seventh emperor wants to rob the mausoleum of the fourteenth emperor, this shroud will be used on the fourteenth emperor. If he wants to kill the six emperors, this shroud will be used on the six emperors. However, now, it falls on the five emperors of the Ming Dynasty!

The strength of the five emperors was far stronger than that of the fourteen emperors and the six emperors. They were only temporarily suppressed and trapped, and their lives were in danger. However, after seeing the power of the shroud, no matter the fourteen emperors, the six emperors, they were shocked.

If, if you are trapped at the moment——

What people said was really wrong. The 14th emperor did not hesitate and winked at some place. In the tomb, Yingzong was cold all over, and the fierce color in his eyes could not be hidden.

Great, his good brother really hides a lot of good means.

This Qin made shroud that even the five emperors could trap made the six emperors kill! If he is on the scene, if he is at this time, he can directly take him down on the grounds of “offending his father”.

Turn on


The dignified and unhappy male voice sounded, and the six emperors shivered and suddenly recovered from their hatred.

“What do I teach you on weekdays?”


Seven emperors are unfilial!

Yingzong shouted in his heart, almost ecstatic for a moment.

The old ancestors can’t see it anymore! The seven emperors dare to trap their father and emperor with Qin Shouyi. It’s like beating the face of the people they love!

Crazy. It seems that he is really crazy. Originally, I thought the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty were too crazy. It seemed strange. After seeing the performance of Qin Shouyi and the seven emperors one after another, the six emperors finally put down their hearts.

Ha ha, trapped the father and queen, the seven emperors lost their heart and went crazy. They wanted to fight the fourteen emperors again.

The sixth emperor opened his eyes wide and his expression was almost distorted. He didn’t want to miss the scene of the seventh emperor killing the fourteenth emperor – of course, he would never make a contribution, because he angered the Yongle Emperor, and the emperor would definitely do it.

However, when the black gold dragon’s claw was about to fall on the 14th emperor, Wai Dousheng!


With a nervous and anxious roar, the 14th emperor suddenly disappeared, and a wooden dragon changed its position with him – the 15th emperor of the Ming Dynasty!

The fifteenth emperor was eager to save his father. He took such a risk. The six emperors were surprised at first, and then happy again. The seventh emperor used the excuse of robbing the mausoleum to the fourteenth emperor, but if he injured the fifteenth emperor, he would not be guilty for no reason!


The ink dragon trapped by the Qin made shroud roared and struggled to break free from the shackles of the shroud, but it was too late to rush. The black gold dragon claw fell on the 15th emperor with irresistible power. The eyes of all the people and dragons can’t be removed. The phantom cat appears quietly and * * appears.

However, Mia was concerned about the unsealing power. It was clear that everything was almost a foregone conclusion, but she always felt that there was something wrong with it. How did the Nezha spirit who broke in appear? C 250 and the devil merchant, why are they completely quiet?

When she snatched grandpa Zhi’s coffin, it seemed too easy. She really couldn’t stop her on October 10? only ?

Be careful to let her unseal the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, and when she unsealed the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, she could not look directly at the scene of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

So she also saw that at the moment when the black gold dragon claw fell with terror, the wood carved dragon couldn’t bear the pressure and scattered its body into human form.

The human emperor of the 15th Ming Dynasty was strangely dressed in a scarlet cloak.

In the replay of the original Apocalypse big bang scene, Diao Xun put on a life playing cloak, lit the true fire of Nezha spirit samadhi, held the leopard cub, wore Tong Hege, sat on the legs of the 15th emperor, surrounded by countless “good brothers”, and took risks under the blessing of lucky charms, necklaces, dice and other lucky things.

[Name: good brother cloak!]

[quality: disposable (it will become a normal tour guide cloak after one time)]

[function: 1. It is a good brother

  1. Summon ‘good brother’]

[Note: good brothers all over the world should unite and help each other. When a good brother faces an irresistible danger, if he wears a good brother cloak, he will randomly recruit a brother who can help you through the difficulties to help you bear the danger!]

The seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, the “good brother cloak” worked and attracted the brother who was the best able to get through the danger. Naturally, the emergence of the seven emperors will attract all the resentments of the seven emperors, and the brother who has the deepest resentment with him!

“What is this?”

Although Yingzong did not know what the cloak was, when an invisible and strong suction came. He was so resistant that he didn’t want to go over.

Good brother?

Laugh to death, he can’t be a good brother!

But the attraction is really too strong. Yingzong clenched his teeth and just wanted to ask Taizong for help. However, when he opened his mouth, Taizong even opened his mouth first.

“… brothers and sisters, remember.”

Just now, the focus of this paragraph is not on the kindness of the father and filial piety of the son, but on the respect of brothers and sisters!

Yingzong was speechless for a moment. Should he admit it in Taizong’s face that he hated his brother and didn’t want to be a ‘good brother’??

Fame is greater than heaven! Even if he really showed no mercy to the seven emperors in history, he can’t admit it now in Yingling and under the gaze of Emperor Yongle!

“I… understand.”

Do not resist the suction force under bending stress. In the Qingling mausoleum, the fifteen emperors in the cloak suddenly disappeared and were replaced by the six emperors of the Ming Dynasty!

The black and gold dragon claws were hammered on the six emperors.

All this happened in an instant, and no one could see what had happened. The black gold dragon claw only tried its best to hammer the sixth emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and it was hit aside by the ink dragon rushed in fury!


The ink dragon roared: “look what you’ve done, to Xizong… Huh?”

The ink dragon suddenly got stuck. He was shocked to find that the one who was hammered was not the 15th emperor, but Yingzong!

Ah, this, this

“Father, it’s all your fault.”

The ink dragons, such as the dragon, reacted and were nearly dispersed by the blow of anger. Thanks to the cloak, the six emperors who were seriously injured stood up and spoke first. They were all guilty in their words.

“Don’t blame your brother… Blame it all.”

He was filled with anger and resentment and thought he was arch fire. An angry remark was out of control and blurted out:

“ may you give the mausoleum to your brother!”


The sixth emperor was stunned.

What am I talking about??


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