TTG Chapter 254

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 254: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (66)

“No, no, no, I mean…”

The sixth emperor trembled with pain, and his soul was light. Even the dragon shape could not be changed. The seventh emperor did his best with a practical fist. Just now he was punched hard and his soul almost collapsed. Fortunately, he was protected by his cloak.

After the six emperors said the wrong words, their first reaction was to immediately throw away their strange cloak.

There is a problem with the cloak!

He stared at the cloak and saw that it was like a sign of life. Instead of falling, it flew to a man in a light blue cloak.

The six emperors deeply remember people, but they dare not do more, because this is a critical moment!

“What did you say?”

The ink dragon asked in a deep voice, with a very severe tone: “stupid, I don’t know what it means!”

Being reprimanded by his father, the six emperors blushed, but they didn’t dare to defend any more. There are cloud pillars all around. No matter the elder or the younger generation, except the one in Changling, the Ming emperor is all in the field. And he even said in front of everyone that he was willing to give up the mausoleum to his brother!

All Ming emperors are witnesses!

How could he say it was a cloak? How can we say that he is really unwilling to let the seven emperors come back? If so, he will be completely defeated!


The sixth emperor clenched his teeth and, with the glare of the ink dragon, said word by word: “♪ I’m willing to give the mausoleum to my brother.”

It’s better to retreat!

Did he say that the seven emperors could really live in his mausoleum?

That’s a mess. What’s his name? In what capacity? Why is he?

And give it to the seven emperors. Where does he live? Another problem!

In this way, the problem is directly pushed out. Anyway, he is not the most face-to-face person, nor is he a talker. He took a step back. If the seven emperors really wanted to live in his mausoleum, it would be that the seven emperors didn’t understand the rules.

Brother Youdi Gong, brother Youdi Gong, well, he’s brother friendly.

What about you, brother? Are you obedient?

Yingzong sneered in his heart and paid attention to his surroundings. Sure enough, after hearing his words, some of the dragons frowned, some nodded, but some disagreed – each had his own opinion.

If someone comes to stop it, it’s not his pot.


The ink dragon saw his mind at a glance, and his angry breath came to the six emperors and directly sprayed him staggering. It’s really a headache, and

The ink dragon looked at the black and gold dragon claws that he had caught. Thunder and lightning were still chopping down, but the ink dragon resisted it. From a close look, the dragon’s claws are filled with strong pollution and evil spirit. Rao is a long ink dragon.

Is it true that my son is back?

The Dragon claws do have a bright smell. The smell of the seven emperors is hidden in the Dragon claws. It is very vague and not clear.

Why do you have a claw? Is his body really corrupt and polluted, unable to turn into a dragon…  is there a claw left?

“The matter of moving to the mausoleum should be decided by the ancestors!”

The ink dragon was silent for a long time and opened a rebuke.

Yingzong didn’t make a good start, but he set it up secretly. If the seven emperors go around and really open up, whether he doesn’t agree to enter the mausoleum or really agrees to occupy his brother’s mausoleum, it’s all his fault.

Unwilling to enter the mausoleum, I have resentment. Willing to enter the mausoleum, my brother is disrespectful.

How can the younger generation make a decision easily?

Ink Changlong simply played down the words of the six emperors and directly handed over the matter to his ancestors for judgment. He believed that Yongle and emperor made the right decision.

The next second, the powerful eyes of the ink dragon fell on the man wearing a light blue cloak, hostile.

We solve our own problems. No matter how much trouble we make, we are all our own people.

As for him, he fanned the flames and dared to plot against their outsiders——

“I’ve seen Xuanzong.”

Under the oppressive eyes of the ink dragon, normal people can’t speak, and even (are scared out of their minds. At the next moment, a black, red and thin figure blocked Wei Xun’s face and helped him block the gaze of the ink dragon. It was the ‘general’

The ink dragon’s eyes fell on the “general” and suddenly solidified.

People… The breath of people is more like the seven emperors than that of black and gold dragon claws!

“Xuanzong, let the lightning continue. Don’t help stop it.”

Wei Xun smiled, but unexpectedly, he didn’t mention any words belonging to the imperial mausoleum!

“The thunder punishment comes at the right time and can break the bad luck of pollution in the Ming mausoleum.”


The six emperors kept staring at the man. Seeing that he was talking wildly, they unexpectedly said that there was bad luck in pollution in the Ming mausoleum. They immediately grabbed him and became angry and scolded him on the spot!

“Guarded by the Emperor Taizong and protected by your ancestors, how can there be any pollution and bad luck in the Ming mausoleum!”

The six emperors even felt that the two were in connotation and satirizing him. After all, the two were in company with the seven emperors. So his words were even more merciless: “we all feel sad that my brother’s body is damaged and polluted. It’s nonsense to talk about pollution in the Ming mausoleum!”

If there is pollution in the Ming mausoleum, why are their dragon bodies all right? But what happened to the seven emperors outside the Ming mausoleum?

It just shows that the seven emperors are narrow-minded and their resentment becomes obsession! He not only hated him, but also resented the emperors in the whole Ming mausoleum. He even sent someone directly to slander, indicating that there was pollution in the mausoleum!

The six emperors were worried that they had no handle. At present, the other party directly sent the handle to him). Suddenly, they came to the spirit and had to say more. However, the next second, he was unprepared and scattered by the tail of the ink dragon!

There was a moment of silence. He couldn’t hear his voice except the sound of lightning and thunder. The onlookers were shocked. They didn’t expect the five emperors to be so cruel.

“Go back and think about it!”

You’re merciless! Even in the Ming mausoleum, if you want to recuperate and come back, I’m afraid it will take more than ten hundred years! The ink painting dragon showed no mercy. He didn’t give Yingzong face at all in front of many younger generations, and even gave him a hard hand directly. It shocked everyone.

His abnormal behavior was seen by Emperor Yu, who was shocked and made them think deeply.

The move of the five emperors is to vent their anger on the seven emperors.

It seems that the seven emperors have really returned.


Is it true what the light blue cloak said?

Is the Ming mausoleum polluted? How is it possible! The dragons looked at the ink dragon and hoped that he would refute. However, the ink dragon looked at the “general” and sighed when he saw that he had no response to the six emperors of the Ming Dynasty being dispersed.

He threw out the black gold dragon claw and let the dragon claw continue to be fiercely split by the lightning. The dirty black gas and the heavy pollution destroyed and crushed by the lightning attracted the attention of all dragons.


But the sight of the ink painting dragon fell on Wei Xun again, and there was more fear in his eyes. The sound of the ink dragon is like rolling thunder. You are not polite: “the Ming mausoleum is the tomb of the pure saints. We are sleeping in the tomb for a long time. Outsiders are not allowed to enter without permission. Please leave quickly!”

Although he said “please”, the meaning of “ink painting dragon” clearly means “get out of here!”

Yes, he didn’t refute the Ming mausoleum pollution!

The younger generation of the sixth emperor was shocked one by one, and couldn’t help looking at the elders. However, the elders couldn’t touch their heads. Finally, their eyes fell on the fourth emperor and the fifth emperor.

Is there really pollution in the Ming mausoleum?? Emperor Yongle didn’t leave Changling for a hundred years. Is it because of this??


“That is, outsiders shouldn’t stay in ).”

Unexpectedly, Wei Xun nodded in favor of the words of ink painting Changlong, and even filled with righteous indignation: “ it’s our household chores, and others have no right to participate!”

Pooh! Shameless, who is’ we ‘with you?

The ink and wash dragon didn’t care about him. It came with great force. It was not only the ink and wash dragon, but also the exclusion of the whole Ming mausoleum! Zhou Xiyang and others felt a whirl. The next second they were thrown out of the Ming mausoleum and into Xiaomang mountain! Even Yun Xianghe and Yun Lianghan, who had been in a hurry and had not yet reached Qingling, threw them out together.


However, the next second, he was surprised. Because Wei Xun is still there! He was not excluded from the Ming mausoleum!

What does it mean? It shows that he was actually recognized by Ming Ling, who admitted that he was “his own man”.

How is it possible!

“The seven emperors have lived outside for hundreds of years. They are both emperors of the Ming Dynasty. Pollution will not (let him go.”

The flame burns and is particularly dazzling in the dark. Even the bright electric light can’t completely suppress the . Because the scattered flames not only burned from Wei Xun, but also from the tombstone of Qingling, Yuling, the tombstone of the top ten tombs in the Ming Tombs, and the consciousness of dying Ming throughout the Ming mausoleum!

“God of fire, God of fire, God of fire -”

All the dragons heard the whispers of the consciousness of the dead Ming and their whispers from the depths of their hearts. Even though the voice is still very weak, the voice of “Ming” occupies thousands of people, and even tens of thousands of people.

The word “Ming” has been used for hundreds of years. Suddenly, the word “God of fire” is added, but it is particularly eye-catching! Vulcan! They recognized Wei Xun as the God of fire and the God of fire of the Ming Dynasty.

Because of this, he was not expelled from the Ming mausoleum!

“You are protected by the Ming mausoleum, suppressed by your ancestors, and even many people are completely unaware of the existence of pollution.”

When the flame lit up, Wei Xun’s voice became more and more low and serious:

“The seven emperors have nothing.”

“You regard him as a resentful brother, resenting that he was demoted as a prince, that the mausoleum was destroyed, that he was given the posthumous title of ‘Li’, and that he was buried in Jingtai mausoleum with remote, narrow and poor Qi. Moreover, the mausoleums of later generations were also destroyed, that the tombs were destroyed, and that the tombs and monuments were pushed down, but no one was the master for him, and that’s why he degenerated so quickly?”

Isn’t it?

The face of the ink painting dragon is ugly. He has different moods. Some are surprised and some can’t believe that they have been in the Ming Tombs. Many don’t know that the seven emperors had such an experience!

If it were them

In any case, it should not

The ‘general’ was also touched, and his whole body was filled with evil spirit. He opened his mouth and wanted to open — PA!

The general’s mouth was covered by Nezha spirit.

“No, of course not!”

Wei Xun threw a voice, and Zhang came: “the real reason why he was polluted so quickly and almost fell into evil spirits is that he is the emperor of Ming Dynasty! The pollution in the dragon vein can’t help you. You hiding in the Ming mausoleum all fell on him!”

“He fought so much for you that you didn’t admit that he was the emperor!”

“I never denied him!”

The ink painting dragon couldn’t bear it and directly refuted it. He never denied that he had a son! He knows the events after the civil war and the decline of Ming Dynasty. At that time, the sixth emperor Hong was buried. After the spirit came out, he was severely beaten by him.

But it doesn’t help.

What can a man do?

Later, when Xiao Ba came, he heard that he had restored the title of the seven emperors during his reign. The ink painting Changlong was also pleased to hear that. He also thought about whether the seven emperors would move their tombs to return to the Ming Tombs, but in the end, it was a fantasy.

“Qi Yu, he’s fine.”

The ink dragon sighed, “I… Have been missing him.”

Yingzong came to him with 14 and persuaded him not to do it. It was just zhanqingling. Fourteen of the incidents can be said to be the most innocent, and the ink painting dragon is also in a dilemma.

After listening to his words, the “general” stood still, like being struck by lightning, but his body was trembling slightly.

“Qi Yu is a good boy.”

Just when I was in Shoushan, a slightly tired but dignified male voice came from Shoushan. After hearing the voice, all the emperors stood solemnly and respectfully, because it was not others who opened the voice.

It is the head of the Ming Tombs and the Emperor Yongle in the Changling mausoleum!

“For hundreds of years, Emperor Jing has helped me bear many responsibilities.”

Yongle, emperor and pro, said ‘Jingdi’, and pro acknowledged his achievements!

The “general” was stunned. He dared not believe it for a while. He was full of mixed feelings in his heart.

It turned out that he was full of pollution and almost fell into evil spirits. Is it really, really because of the impact of pollution?

He is a wisp of soul in his life. Without the influence of pollution and the stimulation of strong emotions, he can think more rationally.

…  the answer to this question is meaningless.

It’s resentment, hate and pollution. It doesn’t matter whether he really undertook some pollution.

Father said he had been missing him.

The great grandfather called him “Jingdi”. He is not a generation sect. He has never been a substitute for anyone!

He is himself, he is the seventh emperor of the Ming Dynasty!

For many years, all he wanted was one!

Do you want to rob the tombs of future generations?

No, he never wanted to do that.

Want to kill the six emperors and crush his soul?

In the past, after Yingzong was released by vara, someone secretly advised him to kill Yingzong. There should be no two emperors in the country. He couldn’t do it at that time.

He beat Yingzong hard with his own hands, and saw his father vent his anger and scatter his soul, so that he was seriously injured. It’s enough.

that’s enough.

Even if he is not the complete seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty, he is a wisp of his soul. He can feel that those resentments on his original body are gradually dispersing in the outside world.

The broken dragon horn grows new, and the four toes on the claws become five toes. He has always been a dragon, not a Jiao. He is trapped in obsession and seriously affected by pollution.

“The seven emperors were heavily polluted, so he didn’t come in.”

Nezha’s spirit is open. The emperors are more familiar with the city spirit from the eight armed Nezha city.

Then Nezha Ling said a few words and explained what happened.

After staying with Wei Xun for so long, the upright Nezha spirit also learned bad. In his book, it is natural that the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty returned to the imperial mausoleum. The reason is that the seven emperors can’t bear the pollution and will soon fall into evil spirits. If the seven emperors are polluted, the neighboring emperors and others will definitely be better.

He can’t handle it alone, so hurry to bring him back for help. Is it all right.

What’s the noise, the momentum, bringing you all together? I’m really sorry, but the seven emperors are sincere. Even if they are polluted, his obsession is only recognized by his ancestors. No, no, you don’t argue with a child. The child is almost crazy because of pollution.

what? Is the black golden dragon claw the seventh emperor? 58. You see, such a precious’ good brother ‘cloak is used to protect the 15th emperor!

Lightning and thunder split Qingling? The fourteenth emperor is really sorry, but it is also the pollution under your mausoleum. It will help you split the lightning in advance. Otherwise, who knows when you will become the seventh emperor.

“Is it… The pollution under my mausoleum?”

The fourteenth emperor was shocked and looked at the broken black gold dragon claw split by thunder. He couldn’t help but open it anxiously.

It is the pollution under the mausoleum of the 14th emperor, mixed with some pollution of the 7th emperor, and some pollution of the dragon soul, the God of fire and the devil.

Wei Xun thought.

It’s not easy to play a play.

There was mental pollution under the Ming mausoleum, which was speculated by Wei Xun. The soul of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty was seriously polluted, and the dragon vein of Xiaotangshan was also polluted. Is it a coincidence?

No, in the final analysis, it is the “corpse” of the mountain god. The mountain god is in charge of the whole Yanshan Mountains. Can the Ming mausoleum escape its pollution?

Thinking of the fact that Emperor Yongle had not left Changling for a hundred years, Wei Xun guessed. After nezhaling and Bai Lu and Bai Jiao came over, Bai Jiao confirmed that there was also pollution under the Qingling mausoleum and that he was suppressed!

The Emperor Yongle of Changling suppressed the pollution of the Ming Tombs and the surrounding mountains with his own strength!

His strength is unfathomable and so strong. Did the seven emperors really help him bear a lot of pollution? It’s not necessarily true. It’s just the statement of Emperor Yongle. There are also factors that love the seven emperors.

Since the Ming Dynasty moved its capital to Beijing, the seven emperors are the only emperor who has not been buried in the Ming Tombs. It is a crack in perfection!

After all, they are all long people. They can’t leave the Ming mausoleum. Naturally, they can’t communicate with the seven emperors, and so can the seven emperors. Even if there had not been Nezha spirit and Wei Xun, a “fire god of the Ming Dynasty” holding a token of the death of the Ming Dynasty, as the connection point, a trace of the spirit of the seven emperors could not have come to .

If we could communicate early, it would have been all right.

Emperor Yongle acted vigorously and decided in a few words that the remnant soul of the seven emperors would live in Jingling with his father for the time being, and Yingzong was punished.

The former five emperors asked him to close his mausoleum and think about it. There was no specified time. The emperor of Yongle, however, played it down and set a date.

Yingzong closed his mausoleum and thought about it for 600 years!

The seven emperors have lived outside for more than 500 years. As his brother, you should close your mausoleum and reflect for 600 years.

So far, the return of the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum has come to an end for the time being!

Wei Xun commanded the small Qianjia paper and handed grandpa Zhi’s ghost fragments to the ink dragon. Integrating the Ming consciousness belonging to the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty into the whole system of the Ming Tombs, the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty will definitely belong to the imperial tombs in any way.

Nezha Ling winked at him, and the “general” nodded at him. He would do him no (less good next.

The ink dragon wanted to catch the shroud of the Qin Dynasty, but the shroud turned into black water seemed to recognize the Lord, flexibly got rid of his capture and flew away.

Wei Xun looked at the shroud of the Qin Dynasty. If nothing happens, the shroud should be the benefit grandpa Zhi promised to the devil merchant. However, He Wei Xun also helped grandpa Zhi a lot in the final duel. In particular, he was the important person to let the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty return to the imperial mausoleum and free themselves from obsession. Grandpa Zhi was much more grateful to him than the devil merchant.

Qin Dynasty shroud, also has his one. Let the devil merchant keep it for the time being.

At this moment, Wei Xun is thinking about another thing.

He completed the entrusted task of returning the seven emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the imperial mausoleum, but he didn’t get the prompt from the hotel. Presumably, the Ming Tombs, the emperors nearby, and the hotels are not easy to use.

It can be said that  is not the full control of the hotel. Even the scenic spots of the journey are also written “Shoushan”, not the Ming Tombs.

Wei Xun subconsciously looked at the * * and phantom cat in the air. They always existed and were not expelled by the Ming mausoleum. * ** It’s the principal. It’s normal to stay in . Phantom cat… If you have to say, it’s Wei Xun’s illusion. Wei Xun is there. It’s also there. There’s no problem.

“It flies higher than Wei Xun, even flush with * * top of his head. It has a casual feeling of” no loading “.

Nezha spirit jumped on Wei Xun and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it. He scratched his ears and cheeks anxiously. Wei Xun patted him, but he was thoughtful.

He already has a guess!

The pollution under the Ming Tombs was not completely controlled by the hotel. The two principals went out at the same time, but the hotel did not punish them——

Why can hotels control so many scenic spots? And some scenic spots are all polluted?

The hotel can trade with the “guide”, does it also trade with some scenic spots?

Lightning and thunder gradually disappeared, and the black and gold dragon claws were completely dissipated. His cloud pillars disappeared one after another, and the younger emperors could not participate in the discussion at the three levels. Only the four emperors and the five emperors remained. Qingling was temporarily requisitioned, and the 14th emperor left first with his son.

It’s clear, and then it’s time to get down to business.

Wei Xun guessed that * * and phantom cat kept silent. Maybe they were negotiating with Yongle Dimi.

Although Wei Xun is very curious, he can’t participate in these kinds of things at present. Wei Xun was thinking about the confrontation task and the next thing, but the dead Ming token in his hand was suddenly shocked.

Wei Xun:?

Wei Xun was thoughtful. On the surface, he listened to Nezha spirit nagging, but in fact, he explored a trace of spirit into the death order card. Then he “saw” a golden dragon.

It’s the incomplete dragon soul, not the one. The Golden Dragon’s eyes are smart and dignified. When he looks at him, he has a faint smile and has some fun. Around Jinlong, those spiritual polluters who died of Ming Dynasty were almost like a child. Wei Xun seemed to see the characters of Ming flying around – of course, most of the characters of “Ming” were like children with the words of “God of fire”.

When the Golden Dragon opened, the same voice as Yongle Emperor reflected Wei Xun’s guess!

I don’t know what method the other party used. It seems that Emperor Yongle can communicate with him through the dead Ming token with the help of the dead Ming consciousness and the incomplete dragon soul!

“Vulcan, huh?”

Jin Long chuckled and his burning eyes fell on Wei Xun. His voice was like Hong Zhong and Lu: “since he is the God of fire in the Ming Dynasty, he should be able to solve the danger of the Ming Dynasty.”

“Vulcan” is the identity of the license “I”

Wei Xun smiled: “to be exact, it doesn’t belong to any dynasty. It’s the God of fire.”

“Instead of the God of fire, the hotel is full of people.”

Jin Hong smiled, but her eyes suddenly became sharp and awe inspiring.

“Do you want my tomb to be a place for your outing?”

Sure enough!

Wei Xun’s heart beat rapidly and suddenly lifted his spirit. He felt that he had touched the core of some hotels!

Sure enough, the leaders are contacting Yongle Emperor!

Did the hotel ask to include the Ming Tombs as scenic spots on the grounds of helping to deal with pollution?

It can keep Emperor Yongle from going out of the Changling mausoleum for a hundred years. I’m afraid the pollution in the Ming Tombs has accumulated to an extremely terrible level. Emperor Yongle has to find another way to deal with it. He doesn’t want to accept the conditions of hotels and turn the Ming Tombs into a “scenic spot” for tourists!

That’s why I found him.

I’m afraid the reason why Emperor Yongle came to him was not only his identity as the “God of fire” and his friendship with Nezha Ling, but also his deep relationship with the two masters. Maybe the other party noticed it.

The Ming Tombs were run by Emperor Yongle. As soon as the brigade entered the area of the Ming Tombs, it could not escape the eyes of Emperor Yongle.

“What do you think of the hotel? Don’t you think about it?”

Wei Xun’s heart is itchy and his reason is still there. He wants to try. If he can succeed, he can definitely find out the deeper core of the hotel. He can’t deal with the pollution that Yongle Emperor can’t suppress.


How did the hotel deal with so much pollution?

Suddenly, Wei Xun had a flash in his mind.

“Oh? What do you want?”

“Now that your majesty has admitted his identity as the God of fire, of course you have to give yourself a discount.”

Wei Xun is not ashamed of his words. He directly calls himself “his own person”, and does not say “he is broken”. He directly takes charge of the Tao: “there is a mountain god’s body at the foot of Xiaotang mountain…”

“I can’t do it.”

Jinlong was also very straightforward and laughed angrily: “if I can solve that -”

Are you still afraid of the little pollution in the Ming Tombs?

“What he said is that there is a dragon soul next to the corpse of the God at the foot of Xiaotang mountain.”

Wei Xun obeyed kindness like a stream and changed his way: “as the dragon vein, the dragon soul has protected the Yanshan Mountains for thousands of years, but he ended up like this in China.”

“Your Majesty should be able to sign the dragon soul.”

“The dragon soul can be re signed, making it the dragon vein again. It’s impossible.”

Can’t you countersign the dragon vein.

Wei Xun was a little sorry. He deliberately said something vague just now. Unexpectedly, he was also pointed out by Emperor Yongle.

“Then re sign the dragon soul”

“It’s just a small matter. I can tell you directly. I’ll thank you for your help in removing the pollution under Qingling.”

The Golden Dragon understated: “if you want to bond its spirit bones together, give it a trace of pure dragon spirit and provide sacrifices, you can help it give birth to the dragon body.”

Wei Xun was surprised that Emperor Yongle said directly how to make the dragon soul sign again!

 even if Wei Xun hears it, he may not be able to do it.

How to bond its spirit bones together‘ Where does pure dragon Qi come from? What kind of sacrifice can help the dragon soul to sign the dragon body?

Not relying on Yongle Emperor, but on himself, he doesn’t know how much resources and time it will take.

Sure enough, if you want Yongle Emperor to make a move, you must show your real skills.

After finishing the dragon soul re signing, Jinlong looked calmly at Wei Xun — “let’s finish, let’s let the dragon soul re sign.”.

What can you do… To deal with some pollution?

“Your Majesty, please look”

Wei Xun is not in a hurry. He thinks about his guess just now. He has one hand and one item is out of his hand!

In mid air, the phantom cat suddenly shook its ears, as if it felt something. He can’t look down at the critical moment of negotiation.

Naturally, I didn’t see Wei Xun take out a reduced clock.

It was the abyss clock that Wei Xun took from the butcher alliance!

In addition to the abyss clock, Wei Xun also took out the crow badge.

“The way to allow is on the” side ”

Wei Xun held his hand lightly and was thinking about how to show the abyss clock to Emperor Yongle. At the next moment, the body of the ‘general’ around him shook slightly. Emperor Yongle temporarily occupied the body of the ‘general’ and took over the abyss bell and crow badge. The general’s face was covered by a golden mask, but Wei Xun could see a touch of surprise from the Golden Dragon’s face.

If he guessed right


Wei Xun coughed softly and said deeply, “Taizong, you are well-informed. You must know that there is an Inca Sun Gate on the Andean plateau in Central America and Atlantis in the sea.”

If he’s right.

“This object is called the abyss bell. In the past, the sun gate was also full of pollution. Most of those pollutants were blocked to the surface of the sun gate.”

The pollution of the ball is likely to be “dumped” into the abyss by the hotel!

Wei Xun carefully observed Jin Long’s expression all the time. He had a number in his heart. He continued:

“The energy on the badge comes from Xizhou. In the near future, we are going to clean up the pollution in Xizhou. ”


Wei Xun pretended to be embarrassed and took out the token belonging to his abyss node, half a red stone. In mid air, the * * body moves slightly, if you feel it. He can’t look down at the critical moment of negotiation.

“ however, 

“Of course, you can try to use it to carry the pollution of the Ming Tombs, but you are not sure how much it can carry. And you know, things are really precious. It was originally agreed to use it to carry the pollution on the other side of Xizhou… ”

“Within the scope of my ability and without prejudice to your instructions, I can meet your three wishes.”

For a moment, Wei Xun’s heart beat wildly, not because of Jinlong’s promise, but what he represented behind his promise.

It shows that the abyss node can really carry the pollution from the abyss!


Jin long looked at Wei Xun deeply. His voice was very quiet, but it sounded like thunder in Wei Xun’s heart and set off a storm: “it’s not impossible to help you get rid of the hotel.”


“Taizong’s arrogance”

Wei Xun lamented that he was worthy of being the emperor of Yongle and worthy of the two principals of the hotel, but he didn’t agree:

‘To tell you the truth, I enjoyed my stay at the hotel. And… ”

“Things are really precious. It’s not about money.”

Wei Xun said sincerely, “you know, I promised to help him deal with mental pollution at Xizhou. He’s a very important person… Well, let’s just say it. ”

“If I helped you and left my lover behind, he should divorce me.”


General information?

“He is a person who attaches great importance to his family”

He was stunned for a moment, then pondered and looked at Wei Xun, but he didn’t speak.

No matter what kind of father or mother, not talking about money is the key.

Not talking about money… That’s talking about feelings.

Feelings are more expensive than money.

People are really brave, but if they are timid, they can’t call themselves the ‘God of fire’ as mortals

“You know, the pollution of eight armed Nezha city can also be solved.”

Wei Xun knew that it was impossible to convince Yongle Emperor just by his words. So he added chips and whispered, “nezhaling is your brother. It’s easy to help your relatives solve some small problems.”


Emperor Yongle is interested. Even the Nezha spirit of eight armed Nezha City recognizes him as a brother?

What kind of person is it? But God’s word… Maybe he doesn’t talk about human generation? Jin Longxin, the God of fire, Nezha spirit, the dragon soul, the mountain god, and the mountain spirit in his hair room, the principals of the two hotels outside

Young people, the background is really not small.

“Why, do you want to recognize me as a brother?”

Yongle Emperor smiled and deliberately released a dragon Wei.

But I didn’t expect Wei Xun to be so brazen as to insist on Long Wei:


* *

On the other side, the tourists who were excluded from the Ming Tombs fell back to Xiaomang mountain.

“Fortunately, we don’t have long, we don’t have long.”

Half life Taoist got up with a disheartened face and said fortunately. He was really terrified. I want to put the ancient times aside and spy on the family secrets, but I’m definitely beheaded!

“There is no blood in the royal mausoleum.”

Zhou Xiyang frowned and did not relax at all. He looked around for a week and his heart sank: “Cui Dao, they’re not here.”

“It’s broken, Mia and olaine are not here!”

Half life Taoist took a breath of air conditioning. Cui Dao and the devil merchant were not there. It’s understandable. Mia and Oren, the two hidden powers, didn’t come back. If they stay there, there will be a problem!

“She’s not here on October 10. She’s hiding her strength.”


Zhou Xiyang nodded heavily, quickly ate various drugs to recover, and soon stood up again: “♪ let’s go again.”

He was worried that once the dispute over returning to the imperial mausoleum was over, it was really time to confront the task!

At that time, two people in the eastern and western districts who hide their strength will be two to two. Apart from them, more strength on either side will be more chips. If he and half his life arrive, he can also

“Eh? Why is the little box missing?”

Zhou Xiyang’s thinking was interrupted by the half life Taoist priest. He saw that the half life Taoist priest was stunned and asked Yun Lianghan and Yun Xianghe. He was anxious to run after finding no results everywhere. After Zhou Xiyang grabbed his arm, he shook it violently. After he couldn’t shake it off, he was incoherent:

“Xiao Xiang is missing! What a death! You have to find him right away! You -”


Zhou Xiyang coughed and interrupted the half life Taoist. He paused (♪ seeing that the half life Taoist didn’t understand, he said politely:

“Mia and olaine are missing.”

“On October 10, he and Bai Xiaoxiang also disappeared.”

“Aren’t you talking nonsense!”

Half life Taoist was so angry that he couldn’t be anxious. He got rid of Zhou Xiyang and wanted to go by himself: “♪ of course, I know that Xiao Xiang is missing -”

Half life Taoist:?

Half life Taoist:???

Half life Taoist was suddenly stunned, and his face changed repeatedly, just like a palette.

At last, he showed a look like he had been struck by thunder. It’s like a poor squirrel who has been stolen all the winter food.


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