TTG Chapter 255

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 255: Funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing (67)

“This should not… At least not…”

On the way to Qingling again, the half life Taoist was always listless, with a broken face and occasionally muttering “sentences”, which were also repeated again and again, just like Sister Xianglin.

“Hey, I didn’t expect that the three of us didn’t hide our strength.”

Meckel mews and sighs. He is very generous and allows half life Taoist to hold himself in his arms to appease his spirit. The half life Taoist was obviously in a trance. He actually held the black cat in his arms and rubbed his cat’s head like a zombie.

This strength is not ordinary. Mei Ke’er was angry. He beat him with his tail, but even if he reddened the back of half life Taoist’s hand, there was no reaction on the opposite side.

Alas, it seems that the excitement is still too heavy. ”

Meckel and Zhou Xiyang looked at each other.

The team has seal strength. The strong are here. It’s okay. But the other party is right beside him. He hasn’t found out for so long and has done so many things – it’s embarrassing to think about it a little. He wants to give himself a shot in life.

What’s more, half life Taoist is still such a person who wants face.

“Come on, cheer up.”

Zhou Xiyang saw that he was about to go to the main Shinto and return to the Ming Tombs. The half life Taoist was still a little distracted. He had to drink lightly and remind him, “there is still a hard battle to fight when you take it!”

“Look, there is no Yin army in the Shinto!”

Meckel was surprised. Half life Taoist straightened up in his arms and looked forward. In order to get back to Qingling as quickly as possible, he didn’t take another detour, but with some luck, wanted to see if he could directly cross the main Shinto obliquely, so as to go the fastest.

I didn’t expect that there was really no obstruction!

“Grandpa Zhi disappeared.”

Half life Taoist finally regained his consciousness. He was still a little annoyed and spoke much shorter: “it’s not a real paper man, nor is it reborn. Yin Chai of Yin army didn’t arrest it.”

So I left.

As Mr. Yin and Yang, he and ‘filial son’ Zhou Xiyang can perceive some changes in Grandpa Zhi’s life. Only the monster camp, Meckel, doesn’t know.

“Then I’ll go here? Try it!”

Meckel was relieved, and then worried: “a quarter of an hour has passed, and I don’t know what the situation is now.”

“With Tong Hege and Yu Hehui around, you should…”


Zhou Xiyang shook his head solemnly: “Yu Hehui is not there.”

Before, outside the Crescent City of Qingling, he noticed the smell of Tong Hege, but Yu Hehui disappeared.

In other words, he never saw Yu Hehui again after the replay of the Apocalypse big bang.

Is it hiding as a backhand? Or does director Cui have another plan?

“I hope he’s okay.”

Meckel said that the three tried to go to the Shinto – they were not attacked. The Ming Tombs did not stop him from entering again!

The three hurried to Qingling immediately. The shortest distance was by this road. He could return to Qingling in ten minutes at most!

But at the same time, the three were suspicious. Before Ming Dynasty, the Ming Tombs rejected him, but now they don’t stop him at all. What does this mean?

The brigade did not fully bring the Ming Tombs under control… The principal * * appeared… This is not exclusive. Did the brigade discuss the conditions with the Ming Tombs? Successfully accepted the Ming Tombs as a scenic spot?

But why does the phantom cat hang in the sky with * *

Countless questions and guesses, his heart is heavy.

“Hello, Lao Zhou.”

From a distance, Meike Er saw a figure still hanging in the sky of the Qingling mausoleum, and his tone was dignified: “have you ever thought about…”

 when the confrontation mission is over and the journey is over, where will C250 go?

Does the hippie really have no power to sneak in?

If the journey is over and C250 is directly taken away by the hippie, what can we do?

It’s not that * * can’t beat the other party… But among them, C250 is important.

If you want to return to the butcher alliance, then

“I’ll talk about it later.”

Zhou Xiyang said in a deep voice, “eyes should ensure Cuidao’s safety.”

Bing250 has been connected with an Xuefeng, which is a certainty. No, did you make him feel more about the way home during this journey, and did you promote some of his feelings for an Xuefeng – he can control it.

“The black widow is still there.”

The black widow is here. Even if Cui Dao is guarded by Tong Hege, it is not absolutely safe! I hope the brigade really talked about the Ming Tombs. At least those strong people can’t directly fight Cui Dao.

If you didn’t talk about it, it was in the Ming Tombs——

I’m afraid this rule won’t work.

The three men sank in their hearts and stopped talking. They hurried to Qingling.

* *

The trip did not go smoothly.

Even if a principal came forward, Emperor Yongle still didn’t let go, but he just played extremely. Moreover, the principal is also a little lazy.

Completely different from Zhou Xiyang’s expectation, the rules of the brigade did not stand firm in the Ming Tombs at all.

But Wei Xun, the God of fire, has stood firm.

“It is the God of fire.”

The majestic voice of Emperor Yongle resounded through tombstones everywhere in the ears of all Ming dragons.

“In the future, you will see… If you see me.”

Zhong Minglong:???

Ah, this, this

The first time I saw you, I gave someone great power!


The 14th emperor, who was temporarily living in Deling, opened his eyes in amazement, frowned and chewed this passage carefully. He is the son of heaven and has different views on the theory of gods and ghosts.

God is such a thing. If you believe it, you will have it. If you don’t believe it, you won’t have it. Even if there is a real God coming, it’s nothing to him.

The key lies in the last sentence!

‘seeing him is like seeing me ‘!

This is the first time that you have ever had such treatment, even if you are zongzi, who did not have such treatment in the Ming mausoleum. It can be said that Wei Xun can walk sideways in the Ming mausoleum!

The 14th emperor immediately asked Xiangzi to tell him everything about his relationship with Wei Xun. Including the details of the repeat of the apocalypse, and other Ming emperors unconsciously thought deeply.

There are few fools who can be emperor. Most of them think of the previous “God of fire” saying that the Ming mausoleum is seriously polluted.

Can it be said that the Pope “canonized” the God of fire and gave him the right to be like the God of fire because he could solve this problem?

“There are gods in this world?”

However, when almost all emperors attached importance to the latter sentence, some people were full of imagination and longing for his first sentence.

“God of fire… It must be able to live.”

In the Yongling mausoleum, a tall and thin emperor sighed. He turned into a human figure, but he didn’t dress up as an emperor. Instead, he was dressed in a Taoist robe and had a fairy spirit. The forehead is deliberately transformed into a pair of small dragon horns, white on the left and black on the right, just like the pole of the forehead.

“Then you are the mount of the God of fire?” he sighed

“… that’s right.”

Sitting opposite him, Yu Hehui was “long time no trace”! His expression is calm, his tone is light, and he is easily convincing.

——Although Yu Hehui didn’t know how Wei Xun was recognized by Emperor Yongle.

But this is really very beneficial to complete the things that Wei Xun asked him to do.

“If you have a chance, I’d like to meet such a person.”

However, after Emperor Yongle spoke, he always talked only about supernatural myths with him, not others. Emperor Jiajing finally changed his attitude and became friends.

It’s done.

Yu Hehui thought of it in his heart, but he didn’t say much. He just smiled and cheered, and everything was silent.

* *

On the other hand, the negotiations between the principals have come to an end for the time being. It is obviously impossible to talk about the Ming Tombs in such a short time. * ** He disappeared and looked at Qingling before disappearing. The phantom cat also dispersed, and the cat’s pupils flickered.

But none of them found Wei Xun.

Because Wei Xun and nezhaling were invited to Tianshou mountain as guests.

The reason why the mausoleum is not directly released is that it is the most important place to suppress Ming pollution and the soul of Emperor Yongle.

Wei Xun didn’t mind him. He led the White Deer spirit to walk on Tianshou mountain. Tianshou mountain is the area under the absolute control of Emperor Yongle, and the travel rules are completely useless.

So Wei Xun can also speak directly.

“Brother, there is a lot of pollution in the Ming mausoleum. If you don’t deal with it, you must slowly map it.”

Although he said “brother” to him, the other party just smiled and didn’t answer. However, Emperor Yongle later admitted his identity as the God of fire and gave him great rights in the Ming mausoleum, which is a hint.

Wei Xun beat the snake with the staff and directly called him brother!

“I can control a thunderstorm and clean up the pollution of one of the mausoleums in the future.”

Wei Xun played it down as if it was a small matter to control heaven’s punishment and thunder robbery.

“The thunder disaster in the future will be bigger than today’s, but it can only remove the pollution of the mausoleum in the 10th place.”

“As you said, it’s Yongling of the Qing Dynasty.”

There was a Golden Shadow beside him. I haven’t been away for a long time. However, the pollution of the 14th emperor’s mausoleum was eliminated, which made him a little relieved and he could walk around Tianshou mountain for a while.

Hearing that Wei Xun’s efficiency is so fast that he can clean up another wave of pollution the day after tomorrow, Zong didn’t care about the young man’s thick face and called him brother. It’s not polite.

Since you say you can’t clear the mausoleum within the 10th place, then clear the 11th place.

Emperor Jiajing was buried in Yongling, the 11th emperor of the Ming Dynasty.


Wei Xun promised to come: “I will hold a sacrifice on that day.”

The day after tomorrow is September 29. The sacrifice was held, which was recognized by Emperor Yongle. The sacrifice was absolutely successful. No, whether it is the team leader’s assessment or the last scenic spot task, it is completely completed.

“But heaven’s punishment and thunder splitting are only symptoms, not root causes.”

Wei Xun said, “it’s true that he aroused the interest of Emperor Yongle. He didn’t use heaven’s punishment to cut away the pollution of one mausoleum, but transferred the pollution of the whole Ming Tombs!

“If you want to control the power of pollution, you must first occupy a piece of pollution.”

When Jin cancan frowned, Wei Xun took out something: “brother, please look at this.”

After a lot of preparation, Wei Xun finally saw that he took out the keepsake of the chieftain’s King’s tomb, the picture of human skin!

Wei Xun always takes one step to see a hundred steps. For him, there is no big problem with this journey.

The key is the last!

The phantom cat doesn’t just come to see him.

To tell the truth, he left the team ahead of time, which is not in accordance with common sense. His brother also made it more difficult for him!

It’s really possible to deal with this matter. He was very cautious about the phantom cat and didn’t hesitate to plan with the most serious development, and he thought of the future.

At the end of the journey, will he be able to return to the journey safely, or… Will he be robbed by someone?

Wei Xun doesn’t want to be a weak one, whether it’s the butcher alliance or the way home.

So he thought of the tomb of the chieftain king, a scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude!

The chieftain system in Western Hunan began in the Five Dynasties, developed in the Song Dynasty and reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty.

Maybe he can find some opportunities here!

“Chieftain king?”


Listen to the picture of Xiang Zong, look at the human skin, and directly say the word “chieftain king”. Wei Xun must be in his heart.

“Please help me!”


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