TTG Chapter 256

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 256: Confrontation task (Part I)

My brother has the Inca Sun Gate, an Xuefeng has pyramids, the fallen continent, the black widow has Babel Tongtian tower.

Holding the human skin map, Wei Xun thought of Wu Laoliu hiding in the chieftain’s tomb and maggot.

He also has to have a card in this regard. This is the fundamental means to quickly narrow the distance between them.

Before, every time he asked the hotel about this information, he learned that “I’m sorry, the scenic spot of the chieftain King’s tomb has not been developed yet ~”.

But after the Ming Tombs, Wei Xun had a new idea.

Is each scenic spot really “developed” and “created” by the hotel?

Or is it original, but not fully mastered by the hotel?

Now Wei Xun prefers the latter. The tomb of the chieftain of Guotu is a scenic spot that is not fully mastered by the hotel. Admittedly, it is more dangerous, but maybe——

It is also a greater opportunity.

“The pollution is heavy.”

The golden figure made by Emperor Yongle did not receive the human skin map from Wei Xun, but looked at it with Wei Xun’s hand and saw the key point.

“Only you can hold, but not completely for you.”

“If you control it, you can handle the pollution in the Ming Tombs?”

“More likely.”

Wei Xun didn’t guarantee it. He said sincerely, “but I will be responsible for the Ming mausoleum!”

Responsible for the Ming mausoleum

The golden figure fluctuated for a while. I always think this sentence is strange.

“Can pollution bring you strength?”

They didn’t continue the topic of chieftain King’s tomb, and Wei Xun acquiesced as a new brother. They walked for a while. Suddenly, Wei Xun heard Taizong’s way of silence for a long time.

Can pollution bring me strength?

What brings me strength is pollution? Or some special things contained in pollution?

Wei Xun was stunned for a moment and fell into a deep panic. He didn’t answer immediately. And his silence was tacitly accepted by Taizong as his new brother.

“Your exposure to infection is actually part of the pollution.”

From the consciousness of the Ming Dynasty to the consciousness of the death of the Ming Dynasty, and then to the spiritual pollution of the death of the Ming Dynasty, one is the death of the Ming Dynasty, and the other is the spread of spiritual pollution in the depths of the Ming mausoleum.

“Only when there are people can there be an emperor. If you lose your consciousness, your strength will be greatly reduced.”

Taizong casually told Wei Xun about their weakness! But this doesn’t care, it’s a kind of self-confidence.

If anyone can get rid of the Ming consciousness completely, and their emperor can’t stop it, I’m afraid the Ming Tombs should also be destroyed.

Because even the hotel can’t do that!

“That is to say, now the consciousness of dying Ming has been integrated with pollution and cannot be separated?”

See Taizong’s acquiescence, Wei Xun frowned.

In this way, even if the fundamental pollution in the Ming Tombs is eliminated, as long as the consciousness of dying the Ming Dynasty is not eliminated, the pollution will continue to produce.

“Vulcan pollution, is this pollution?”

With a flash of light in his mind, Wei Xun suddenly wanted to understand Taizong’s meaning. Rao, his heart beat a little faster.

“Yes,  not in the Ming Dynasty.”

Jin cancan’s figure is full of profound meaning, and Wei Xun understood it all at once!

Before the death of the Ming Dynasty, when Taizong came by the dragon soul, Wei Xun was lucky to see the manifestation of the spiritual pollution of the death of the Ming Dynasty. The word “Ming” is flying around, and next to most of the word “Ming”, the word “God of fire” is like taking a child.

It is not the “God of fire” that replaces the “Ming” pollution, but the “God of fire” absorbs the nutrients of “Ming” and grows out of it like a small tumor!

What is this’ nutrient ‘? Wei Xun’s previous guess was recognition, faith and so on.

But now think about it, ‘God of fire’ is not a simple ‘God of fire’, it is’ God of fire’s spiritual pollution ‘!

Where does this pollution come from?

Of course, it comes from “Ming”!

I see. Wei Xun completely understands. Every time the tour guide alienates, it is the result of physical and mental pollution. In fact, the “God of fire” is like a charging treasure. It absorbs enough pollution from the consciousness of the dead Ming and rushes up to Wei Xun when he needs it.

When Taizong first came to him, I’m afraid he sensed that the “God of fire” could absorb spiritual pollution from the consciousness of dying Ming!

As long as no new pollution continues to appear and only the old pollution is suppressed, he can do it easily.

“Brother, I understand.”

Wei Xun and Jin cancan look at each other and smile. Wei Xun’s smile is particularly bright.

That morning, Wei Xun began herding the “God of fire” throughout the Ming Tombs! The goal is to make all the dead Ming mental pollution grow small tumors (?). He did this for the first time. He did it very well, and even he couldn’t get the dead Ming token.

It is enough to start with the tombstone of the 14th emperor of Qingling.

Based on this, Emperor Qing can’t come back for the time being. After Zhou Xiyang and others arrived, the brigade temporarily lived in the front two houses of Qingling.

The hall of grace and the left and right side halls have long been broken and collapsed, leaving only incomplete brick walls. On the ground are thick dry pine needles that have fallen over the years.

Instead of entering the ruins of the main hall, the passengers set up tents in the courtyard. Zhou Xiyang was anxious to find out the situation of C 250. Half life Taoist looked angry, but his eyes were looking for Bai Xiaotian.

But they didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

“Bai Xiaotian and October 10 are ‘missing’?”

Wei Xun was surprised and shook his head: “I didn’t see them either.”

“They are not the only ones missing.”

As the brigade captain, Zhou Xiyang objectively said, “the devil businessman is gone, isn’t he with you?”

No, at present, only passengers from the east side are stopping here. At noon, Yun Lianghan and Yun Tianhe arrived, but the devil merchant and his party still disappeared.

“The hotel didn’t take down the Ming Tombs. They couldn’t find them hiding in the mountains.”

Half life Taoist complained. Without the prompt sound of the hotel and the breathtaking scenic spots, the day seemed too calm and almost plain.

There are no people in the west side, no guys with hidden strength, no scenic spot projects that must be completed, and even no tips from hotels. It seems that they have become simple tourists in a moment. This makes the veteran travelers who are used to adventurous life strange.

“Be careful.”

Zhou Xiyang warned, “the journey is not over yet.”

Even if there is no prompt from the hotel, the team leader of C 250 has not passed the assessment task, which means that they have at least one scenic spot project.

‘sacrifice ‘.

“Do not sacrifice on September 29, that is, from that day.”

The half life Taoist also hesitated: “many trips are said to be ten to nine nights and late. However, most of them are pure return trips the day after, and there are no tourism projects at all.”

“The same is true of this shabby hotel. You should take September 29 as your return trip and prepare for the sacrifice tomorrow.”

It is likely that the sacrifice will begin on September 28, and it can be counted as September 29 in the early morning. They are most likely to return to the hotel before the morning peak at the time of the underworld at three or four o’clock.

Round off, there will be only one day left for this journey tomorrow!


Wei Xun said, “I don’t care about sacrifice at all.”

After the seven emperors and the Emperor Taizong took turns to live in the “Zhuo army” in the dead Ming token, he can say that he has no last wishes. The Emperor Taizong in the Ming Tombs made the decision. He admitted that what is sacrifice is sacrifice. Even if Wei Xun calls for a heavenly punishment to split Yongling, as long as Taizong admits, this is sacrifice!

Without the interference of the hotel, Wei Xun can end on the spot as long as he wants to end, and his score will be very high!

Now in the team leader assessment task, the only thing to worry about is * * scoring here. But Wei Xun believes that * * will make a fair and just judgment.

“Can’t find them on October 10?”


Tong Hege shook his head: “they are hiding from the phantom cat.”

They did not hide from Wei Xun’s phantom cat, but flew to the sky and no longer hid their identity. As the host of the hotel, they negotiated with the Ming Tombs.

Although the hotel can’t control the Ming Tombs now, the main person is the eyes of the hotel. Whether you open or close your eyes or open or close one eye depends on the person in charge.

October 10 or Bai Xiaotian, if he shows his strength under the illusion cat’s eye, he is very likely to be expelled from the brigade!

“Hey, don’t mind. They’re just too cautious.”

Thinking of the unusual relationship between Wei Xun and phantom cat, Tong Hege specially explained a wave. On the way home, I have had a grudge with the butcher Alliance for a long time, especially a playful man.

Their good relationship with Wei Xun does not mean that they will no longer be vigilant against life playing people. On the contrary, they will be more alert.

“Good hiding!”

Ah, this

To Tong Hege’s surprise, Wei Xun agreed! And it’s not a lie. He’s sincere. That’s what he thinks!

“If they don’t hide, they’ll send the phantom cat away.”

Even Wei Xun’s tone is more determined than his own!

“I even think he’s secretly adding buffs to the devil merchants.”


This is my brother?

If so, the phantom cat will obstruct in every way in the next assessment. Why does Wei Xun still show an expression of nostalgia and smile?

Tong Hege can’t understand it.

Bai Xiaotian and October 10 are not here. They are hiding from phantom cats. And Mia and olaine are not here,  they’re hiding from phantom cats and * **

They were afraid of being kicked out of the journey, so they all stopped and hid.

This… Is very good.

“Must wait until September 29 to leave?”

Wei Xun turned away from the guest and said, “can’t you go tomorrow?”

Ah, this

Zhou Xiyang was stunned, but after being stunned, they felt a little relieved, as if they should have been.

“You can walk. Now the hotel here is not fully under control.”

Zhou Xiyang shook his head: “but it’s hard to go back to the hotel.”

“There is no hotel bus. We have to leave the scenic spot by ourselves… Well, this should not be a problem.”

Half life Taoist answered, “but you should hide in a place where the hotel can’t find it until September 29.”

Otherwise, once you return to the hotel on the 28th, the hotel will definitely sentence you for violating the rules.

The tourists will not be punished, and the hotel will even “compensate for the losses”. Where do these compensations come from?

Of course, it has to be doubled and deducted from the guide.

In addition to the penalty, I’m afraid there are other serious penalties. It doesn’t need to meet the hotel at all, and it doesn’t make any sense

“I’ll go back tomorrow.”

Wei Xun decided directly.

Not only this.

“They are afraid of the two principals, aren’t they?”

Seeing Cui guide smiling, the passengers on the east side trembled subconsciously.

I always think he doesn’t want good things.

After this conversation, the veteran passengers who were busy trying to find clues separately got up one by one, recovered their strength and waited for the war in the evening.

Tomorrow is tomorrow. Isn’t it tomorrow in the early morning tonight.

Who knows if director Cui said tomorrow is early tonight?

Leave in the early morning. Will you start the confrontation mission in the middle of the night?

You must restore to a good state!

Wei Xun seldom had a good sleep. With the help of Tong Hege, his injuries healed in the evening. When he woke up, he felt the position of the devil merchant.

I can’t feel it.

As kings and princesses, they can sense each other’s position. But Wei Xun can’t do it at the moment, which is a little interesting.

Wei Xun guessed that this should be the credit of the shroud made by Qin and the devil merchant.

In this way, the only point that can sense the other party’s position is gone. In the confrontation task, in addition to his strength and his brothers, Wei Xun completely fell into a weak position.


That’s interesting.

Wei Xun summoned Xiaocui and touched her tentacles with a smile. Then he gave Xiaocui to the corn shoots and let them hide underground.

Tong Hege stood in front of Wei Xun, with vines winding around him, gradually becoming his appearance, but a little green. But after putting on the guide’s cloak, the green is not obvious.

With both hands ready, Wei Xun quietly left Qingling, tapped the dead Ming token and contacted Taizong.

‘hello? Brother ”

“You are negotiating tonight. This room…”

When it was dark, in the Qingling courtyard, the passengers from the eastern district gathered together and watched the figures of the two principals reappear in mid air, and a round of negotiations with Taizong began. Only this time, a golden figure appeared opposite them.

Taizong’s Avatar appears!

“It doesn’t look good.”

Zhou Xiyang frowned: “it seems that the negotiation is not going well.”

If the negotiations go smoothly, we won’t even have a seat. We have to talk in heaven.

But soon the passengers knew that for this negotiation, “no seat” was pediatrics. It was like a curse——


A thunderbolt tore through the quiet night, and the next second, the electric light containing the power of terror crashed down, splitting Yongling in front of the phantom cat, * * * and Taizong virtual shadow!


Taizong was furious!


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